Play (2011) Script

This is a really nice place.


It didn't use to be this nice.

Really nice.

Come on, let's go downstairs.

You coming?

I get so psyched for Halloween when I see that stuff.

It's, like, my favourite Swedish holiday.


Could you hold this a sec?

Just hold it.

Oh, damn it!

What is it?

I think I lost some money.

Lost some money?

How much?

Like 500 kronor, or something.

500 kronor!

Don't sound like you don't care!

How am I supposed to sound?

Well, like: "Oh, no!".

Show a bit more concern.

I've only got...

Here... This is it.

Half of that money was mine!

Along with the hundred-kronor bills.

350 was mine and 350 was yours.


You always mess up!

Who's up for it?

Let's get them!

Yannick, get over here.

We'll play for it.

Let's do "Zig, Zag, Zug."

Come here...

"Zig, zag, zug“...


It's me and Anas.


Is it in there?

You're kidding me...

We went to Expert...

We bought chargers.

Then we went that way...

We checked out Brothers and then went on to Games.

No, first we went to Games and then to Expert.

The store's name is "Game".

All right, "Game".

Want to, like... go back the same way?

To Expert and then on to Stadium?

Excuse me, what time is it?


Do you know what time it is?


Twelve... Well, 11:55.

What's wrong?

Can I see your phone?

Can I see your phone again?


I just want to take a look at it.


Can I hold it?

No, why?

I just want to take a look at it.

Just let me have a look.

Somebody robbed my kid brother last weekend.

He had a phone exactly like this.

Same cover, same scratches.

Where did you get this?

From my dad.


About a year ago.

Maybe ten months.

Where did he buy it?

I don't know, it was a gift.

So where did this scratch come from?

I was at school...

You just don't get scratches in the exact same places!

Wait here.

No, we have to go.

In a hurry?

We're meeting up with my mum.


In 25 minutes.

You'll make it.

He's just going to call his brother and check something.

It will only take 5 minutes.

We didn't steal it, I swear!

I believe you guys, but we need to settle this, OK?

Yeah, exactly.

The exact same crack?

Yannick, come here!

You've got to hear this.


Those guys have a phone that's exactly like my brother's.

It's true! That iPhone somebody ripped off last weekend.

It's the exact same phone.

Want to check it out?

Can I look at that phone again?

Excuse me.

Welcome aboard this train bound for Göteborg.

Departure from Malmö at 11:15.

We will be stopping in Helsingborg, Ängelholm, and Halmstad.

Arrival in Göteborg at 13:17.

It's very important to keep aisles free from luggage and bags.

Please use the overhead racks or the spaces between seats.

We will be out shortly to check your tickets, so please keep them handy.

We wish you a pleasant trip.

That's not going to work...

Is that Sebastian?

Do you recognize him?

Yes, of course.

How old are you?


So, you're in...?

Sixth grade.

Well, there you go.

Are you going downtown?


I'm the cash machine.

I see!

OK, have fun.

Sure you don't want to use the toilet?

Have fun.

Promise me you'll be careful.

Want me to take your bag, too, Alex?

You can pick it up tonight.

All right.

You won't have to lug it around.

Have a good time. Bye!

We've got sound...


It's hooked up to this.

Yeah, but this is hooked up to that.

Anything happening?


Still no sound...

Hang on.

Now it's working.

Turn it down.



I turn it down?

I can't hear a thing now.

Could you turn it back up a little?

All right, I've turned it up a lot.

I still can't hear...



What did you do?

Seriously, what the hell did you do?

I don't know...

You turned it on full blast!

No, I didn't.

Hey, cool it, guys.

Easy with the ball.

Guess which ones I bought?

The Nike 905.


Coach says they're good.

I had similar ones...

Be quiet!

Go somewhere else!

I'm gonna go with these...

The Nike 905 are special.

I use special soles, you know?

Because of this...

Want inner soles, too?

Yeah. I play forward, you know.

No, those are no good, Yannick!

You need these!

You play defense, you have to tackle.

Those are crap.

You should get these, Sebastian.


Why not?

If you don't like that, you can paint over it.

Bring me the others, too.

It's just different sizes.

Let me see...

Do they have it, too?


Too bad.

I guess you could hide it.

It's not that important...

Hey, cut it out!

We didn't do anything.

We didn't do anything.

We're just little angels.

Just cut it out.

I can ask if they have a size 39 or 38?


OK, I'll check.

Do you have this in a 39?


I'll go check.


They're so flat.

Sebastian? Really flat.

Hey, give me the ball.

We didn't do anything!

Come on.

Take it.

We have a 38.5.


I don't know...

Do you need to think about it?

I might come back later...

You don't want them now?



Come on, Sebastian, let's go.

Zig, zag, zug...

Attention please:

Someone stowed a cradle in the crossing between cars 1 and 2.

This cradle must be removed because it is blocking the doors.

Would the owner of the cradle please contact the staff?

What the hell?!

Were you going to open the doors?

Don't shout.

The tram won't leave if they're open.

How should I know that?

What does it say here?


Read it, you moron!

Why are you shouting?

I'm right here.

Welcome to Voice Mail...


How many are there?

Four or five guys.

What the hell are you looking at?

What are they doing?

I don't know.

Are they just standing there?


They're checking us out.

Here's one...

One of them's coming...

Maybe John could talk to them.

What is it?


Could you go and talk to them?


Go and talk to them.

What are you, stupid?

Then what do you suggest?

Do it yourself!

We have to find out what they want, right?

Go and do it yourself!

Why the hell should I do it?

Hey, tell me!

It was only a suggestion.

Drop it.

Wh'! me?

Let's get off at this stop.

But we won't get up until right before the doors close.

Follow me, and run.

I'll get that.

Do they go out front?

Yeah, up on...

I got some on me!

Did it hurt?

What happened?

I'm OK.

You scared me...

Well, it really hurt!

Use gloves when you handle things like that.

It hurt my leg!


I didn't hear you.

Can you help us?

Some guys are chasing us.

They keep following us.

Along time...

Why are they following you?

And who are they?

Five buys.

A few years older than us.

They threw a ball at us at us at Stadium...

Well, what do you want me to do?

Call the police, or something.

But where are they now?

Probably around the corner.

Are you sure?

Calling the police is pretty serious.

Well, I think they're there.

Why don't you go out and check?

If they are, then come back inside.

And we'll do something about it.

Come back later if they're still out there.


You wimp!

There were these...

Two buys were here and they might be back.

I think they want help but I'll come and get you.

They're back.

Could you come with me?

They're still there!

Tell us again, all right?

From the beginning.

Exactly what happened.

Well, we went to Stadium, and then we took a tram...

And they followed us.

Who are "they"?

These five buys...

He wants us to call the police.

You were followed by five buys?

They shouted nasty things on the tram.

I can't hear what you're saying.

They shouted nasty things and they chased us.

I see.

And he wants us to call the police.

I'm not sure that's a good idea.

You're upset, but I don't think the police will come if we say:

"Some buys were chased."

Because nothing actually happened.

I can see that it was unpleasant.

Have you tried calling an adult?

Yes. My parents.

Your parents...

But no answer.

Well, you're welcome to stay in here.

We'll see soon enough if anyone comes in.

I'd be surprised if they tried anything in here.

So as long as you're in here, you'll feel safe.

And we can try calling your parents again later.

Is that OK with you?

Let me know if you need anything.

Exactly, just relax for a while.

We can't leave John out there.

No, I know.

They want to talk to you, Sebastian.


I don't know.

They want to ask you something.

What do they want to ask?

I don't know...

They want to ask you something and then we can go.

Can't you ask what they want?

Seriously, come on!

Let's get it over with.

And then we'll go.

Here they come now.

They're coming...

Can I look at your phone?

Can I look at your phone?

I want to check something.

If I get it back...

Just let him look at it!

You'll get it back, retard!

Do I look like a thief?

Look, the same scratches...


Where were you last weekend?

At home, why?

Don't lie to me!

My brother was robbed and he had a phone just like this one.

But that one's mine.

Don't lie.

Hey, you don't know he did it.

Prove that it's your phone!

How can he...

You can't ask him to prove it.

Prove it's yours!

I have a receipt...

Got the receipt on you, dummy?

Calm down, Abdi!

It's worthless now, anyway.

You don't know he's guilty.

Don't judge him!


All because it's a similar phone.

Phone your brother.

Yes, I'll go and phone him.

Can I have it?

Got any other proof?


Do you have any other proof?

I don't think so.

The receipt is the only proof?

He wouldn't carry that around.

I didn't say he did!

Take it easy!

I'm just saying...

Go to Abdi instead.


You can't just judge him like this.

There's photos...

Do you think I'm an idiot?

Anybody can take pictures!

Stop it, please!

Sorry about that, our friends have a temper...

I can tell them I was with you.

I was with him when he bought it.

Look, I believe you guys...

But we need to settle this.

Just listen, OK?

I understand your point, and all...

But just do this, OK?

I talked to my brother and we're going to show him the phone.

He'll say if it's his.

I'm not going.

I don't want to go.

Then stay!

I'll take the phone to him.

Your choice!

Abdi... Cool it, OK?

You have a better option?

Cool it!

Is that all you can say?

Shut up.

Is that all you can say?

Shut up, OK?

Don't talk back!

Shut up!

Will shouting get you anywhere?

Do you think he'll do it if you scare him?

Do you think he'll do it if you shout at him?

But he's just saying...

Shut up!

He keeps saying the same thing!

Let him talk!

Kevin, shut up.

Why can't he come here?

He's scared, you idiot!

He was mugged.

Sure, it was a stupid question but that's enough!

Let me talk to him!

What a stupid question!

Shut up!

Sebastian, listen to me.

Your name is Sebastian, isn't it?

It won't take a minute.

None of us wants trouble.

It's really important to him because it's his brother.

I can see that you're scared.

Just show the phone to his brother, and then you can go.

That's it.

Then we never have to speak to each other again.

Where's your brother?

Yannick's checking it out.

Listen, I called Abdi's brother and he couldn't stick around.

He's over at Odin's Square.

Odin's Square?

But we just passed it.

Shouldn't we have seen him?

I said Gamlestad's Square.


You said Odin's Square.

I said Gamlestad's Square, right?

Yeah, he did.

No, you said Odin's Square...

Hey, he said.

Gamlestad's Square!


Are you saying I'm deaf'?

Maybe you misheard him.

You did!

Abdi, cool it!

You think he's coming along if you act like this?

Shit! Cool it!

He didn't say Odin's Square.

Just get off his case!

Where are you going?

What are you laughing at?

He's a retard!

He just got it wrong, all right?

I said Gamlestad's Square!

What's going on?

What are you doing?

Just take the phone.

Put it away.

Do you think we're gonna steal it?

He thinks we're gonna mug him.

My brother was mugged!

Put it away...

Oh, shit!


Hey, what are you doing?

Attention please:

Another reminder about the cradle.

I have moved the cradle to the space between 1st and 2nd class.

But it can't stay there, due to safety reasons.

No luggage or the like is to block passages and vestibules.

So please, whoever owns this cra...

So, whoever owns this CRADLE, please contact the staff.

You guys live around here?


I live pretty far away, too.

What's your name?


And yours?


Do you go to the same school?

We play on the same soccer team.

What team?


IFK Göteborg.


I used to play soccer, but I don't any more.

Look, it's Pippi Longstocking...

Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

What are you listening to?


Like what?

Different stuff...

Pippi Longstocking?

So what...? Excuse me.

What are you listening to?


Ashwood? What the hell is that?

Kind of like Bob Marley.

I see.

Are you from Jamaica?


Where are you from?


I'm from Herrljunga.

He's from Herrljunga.

"Gentlemen's Jungle".

Can I listen?

No. Let go.

Please, I can't afford one of my own.

Poor me! Please...

All right.

Cool... That's good.

What did it sound like?

Like that.

Give me my earphones.

OK, if you sing like this...

Give them to me!

Can you sing like that?


Just give me my earphones...

No, not like that.

With an A, not an O.

Get up, let the whole tram hear you!

Get it?

Your dreads swinging...


Then I get my earphones back?

Yeah. Do it with feeling!

Again, do it again...

Give me my earphones.

Kevin, come here!

What is it?

Three guys with Marcus' sister over there.

Oh, shit!


Let's get off.

No, they're getting off.

Shut up, they're looking at us.

They're coming!

Nobody moves!

Take it easy!

Did you take Marcus' phone?!

I didn't take nothing!!

Did you take his phone?

Did you?!

Not him!

It's the guy in the back.

All of you, down on your knees!

It's that guy!

That guy! Him!

That fucking bastard!

On your knees!

Hands behind your back!

Pull the brakes!

On your knees!

Hands behind your back!

And listen up!

Shut up!

Marcus who? We didn't do anything!

You've been bullying him!

Fucking brats, I'll beat you up!

Get up!

Hands against the window!

Check his pockets!


Stand up! What's this?

Cool it! I'm checking him!

Out! Out!

On your knees!

Hands behind your back!

Have you been bullying Marcus?

Let's take him outside!

Get out! Out!

Fucking kids!

Forget it, let's go!

Where the fuck did they go?

They ran off.

We taught them a lesson.

Damn it...

Got everything?

Think so.

Did you get the phone? Did you?

Em my bag?

I have your bag.

And my gloves?

I've got one.

Just one?

Yeah, so look around.

That's not the phone.

Is this a nicer one?

Yeah, a lot!

Hey, are you all right?


I saw the whole thing.

Here's my name and number if you need me to testify.

Just give me a call.

Have you seen Sebastian?

Have you seen Sebastian?

Who's that?

The guy who took the phone.

What about him?

He's not here, so...

Is it OK if we leave?

Can they leave?

Only if you do 100 push-ups.

Do a hundred push-ups and you can leave.

Have a better idea?

Is it enough if I do 50?

Or do both of us have to?

One's fine.

Check it out!

He's gonna do it.


Pretty confident, isn't he?

Do you really think he'll make it?

All the way down!

He made it to 50.

Halfway, come on!

53, 54, 55...

He can do it!

Go Alex!

76, 77, 78...

Go Alex!

84, 85...

For God's sake, you can do it!


You can do it...

Well, you put up a good fight.

If you want to, you can call your mum or your dad.

If you want...


Welcome to Voice Mail...

Leave a message after the signal.

Hi, Mum. It's me, Sebastian.

Something happened...

I don't know where John and Alex are.

And I'm not sure where I am, either.

Some tram stop...

It's Rymdtorget.

We're at Rymdtorget.

Could you come and get me?

Call me when you hear this.

She didn't pick up?

Why didn't you get that?

I don't know.

What do you mean, you don't know?

Pick up. Answer your phone.


I don't know...



Well, what can I do about that now?



Let me say something...

You know that's not true.

How am I supposed to find you?

Let me talk to him.

Hello, where are you?

Who am I talking to?


Who's he?

The guy in the green jacket.

Give the phone to Abdi.

The tall guy with the cap.

Pass the phone to him.

Come on.

And your announcement mentioned safety reasons?

There's no name on it.


Attention please:

Once again, this is about the cradle.

The owner of the cradle must contact the railway staff, or we will remove it at the next stop.

For safety reasons and according to regulations, passages and vestibules must remain clear.

And the cradle is presently blocking the doors.

If anyone owns this cradle, contact the railway staff immediately.

We are in the middle of the train.

It's not yours, is it?

You are welcome to visit us there.

We will be arriving in Halmstad in approximately...

Excuse me...


Excuse me... Sorry.


Hey... Come on.

Hurry UP.

Hey, what's in the case?




Just nothing.

An empty case?

Just drop it!

Do you, like, have a gun in there?

No, nothing.

There must be something in it.

Nothing? I bet it's a dildo, or something pervy like that.

How the hell do you open it?

Give it... That's upside-down!

Tell me how to open it I'll open it. I promise.


I promise.

Chill, I'm just playing around.

I bet it's noodles.


He's Chinese, isn't he?

What the hell is that?

A clarinet.


Don't you know what that is?

No, is that so strange?

Why else would we ask?

Are you a retard?

Play for us.

No, I don't want to.

You'll break it!

Here, Yannick...

No! You'll break it!


I'll put it together.

Give it to me.

What's this?

I bet this goes here.

I can do this!

Let go!

Please be careful!

Let him do it himself.

How expensive are they?

About 5,000 kronor.

Wow, five grand...


It's an expression in society.

Like I would know about society...

But I do know what "grand" means.

A song from the 305.

Techno from the 305.

Let him play, he's good.

Is this techno?

From the 305.

More like the ice-cream truck.

Be quiet!

Go on! Play some more!

This is our stop.

This is it.

No, it's the next stop.

It's not this one.

This is the right stop.

Shut up!

I go this way every day.

This isn't the right stop.

What's wrong with you?

It isn't.

Come on, Nana.

No, I'm going home.

Come on, Nana!

I'm going home.

Nana, come on!


I promised to help Mum out.

What's wrong with you?

You can't bail out now!

How did you find out?

Mum called.


She tested me.

Show me!

Step away from the doors, please.

The bus driver's getting mad...

Who cares?

Let's see... Hang on.

Where is it?

No. It says Gordy.

Who cares, let the quitter go!

You fucking loser!

Get out of here...

You fucking cunt! Pussy!

Don't you weasel out now!

What's going on?

Mind your own fucking business!

Want me to call the police?

Never talk to us again!

Got that?!

Shut up! Do you hear me?!

Shut up!

You fucking pussy!

You too, you idiot!


Where are you going?

He's running away!

Where are you going?


Run after him!

Where are you going, Sebastian?

Seriously, get back here!

Come on!

What are you up to? Come on!

What are you doing? Come on!

What's wrong with you?

Are you going to run off'?

Come on, damn it!

Are you going to leave me behind, like you did on the tram?

You're only making things worse for us!

Talk to me!

Get up!

You pushed me down.

You've got to come along, damn you!


It's your phone!

He won't...

He won't get up.

Go and talk to him.

Hey. Anas!

Sebastian, please...

What's up?

Are you all right?

Do you have a stomach ache?

Say something.


What's your problem?

If you don't do what they say, you can get into big trouble.


I'm warning you just do what they say, OK?

Come on, I'll help you up.

Come on.

I need to pee.

Where's he going?

He needs to take a piss.

One guy needs to poop and the other needs to pee...

Anybody else need to do business, do it, 'cuz I won't stop again.

Hey, Sebastian, what are you doing?

Look at him!

That kid is weird!

How the hell did he get up there?

Are you like, 5, or what?!

Hey, we're talking to you!

Don't show off!

What are you gonna do up there?

You're gonna fall and break your neck!

Hey, blockhead, we're talking to you!

What's his name?

Talk to him.


Let his friend talk to him.

Sebastian, come on down.


Plan to be up there all day?


I won't come down until they say what they're going to do to us.

Like he's the boss here?

Get down, or else!

Or else, what?

One of us will climb up there.

Go ahead.

Shut your big mouth!

Shut up!

We can call somebody to come and get you, you know!

Fucking monkey!

We'll sit here and wait.

Don't go thinking you're the boss!

Stay there, I don't bloody care!

Chill, OK?

If he wants to be a baby and stay up there, let him.

Get to know that tree.

We'll wait.

What did we ever do to you?

We'd never met you guys before.


Answer me!

Answer me!

Why the hell are you shouting?

You're not listening.

We'll listen if we want to!

Don't be such a big mouth!

It's all your own fault, showing strangers your phone like that!

Anybody dumb enough to do that has only themselves to blame.

How old are you, anyway?

I'm talking to you!

A three-year-old would know better.


OK. Hope you learned something...

So just because he showed you his phone, you get to rob us?

Your dads will buy you new phones anyway.

What the hell are you saying?

We don't rob people.

Then what are you going to do?

Just solve a problem, that's all.

Anyway, we're not gonna rob you.


Wait a second!

We forgot something.


Why not just so up to them?

Let's do it.

Go over and talk to them?

What if others need it in English?

Let's do it straight away, I mean.

Do the announcement straight away?

Well, now we're moving.

We could have done that...

The cradle will reach Göteborg.

They'll have to sign for it there.

They must have seen me lug the cradle around.

You know, I don't think people notice things like that.

Soon we'll be hearing it in German.

"Wir habst eine Kinder..."

What's "bed" in German?


Let's have a contest. A race.

We start over there...

We put all our valuables here and the winner gets it all.

They pick one guy, and so do we.

Let's go for it.

OK, this is what we'll do.

You pick your fastest guy and we'll pick ours.

All our valuables go in a pile and the race starts down there.

The winner and his team get it all.

Doesn't that sound good?

We all have the same chance.

Good. OK?

Let me borrow your jacket.

You run for us.

Could you run for us?

But I did the push-ups.

You do it. What's your name?


What are you laughing at?

Nothing, go on.

All our good stuff goes here:

Phones, wallets...

...MP3s, iPods, whatever.

Hey, Abdi...

Let me race.

Don't forget your cap.

Anything else?


John versus Yannick, let's go!

Come on!

Wait a minute.

It's worth more than all the rest.

Put it in the pile.

Come on.

Listen, I'll throw this in the air.

They start when it hits the ground.

No cheating that way.


I'll throw this in the air.

When it hits the ground, you run.


Yannick, don't let us down.

I put my life in there, a bunch of stuff.

Are you ready?

I'm ready.




Hey. Go back!

False start!

Go back!

I said, when it hits the ground.

What are you doing?

I thought...

Yannick, get on the ball!

Go, Yannick, go!

I was waiting for it to land.

Yeah, it was still in the air!

Everybody got it?

When it hits the ground, run.




Bye-bye, buddy!

The clarinet is mine!

And the wallet!

I get first pick!



Abdi, tell us what you've done?

I played "bad cop".

Well, I played "good cop".

And you, Yannick?

I won the race.

I brought back the guy in the bluejacket.

You hid in the tram.

Without him, no race!

You were chicken and hid when they came in!

I brought him back!

Shut up!

He was leaving!

I'm taking the clarinet.

I deserve the phone, Kevin.



Are you taking the clarinet, too?

The clarinet is mine.

We can split it.

We'll pawn it tomorrow.

We'll split even-steven.

All I got was a fucking wallet!

Poor you!

What should I say?

That we're leaving.

We're going now...

Bye, guys.

Just wanted you to know...

Hey, hang on...

Are you cold?

A little.

Take my stuff...

OK, so...

What brand is that?

Diesel. Why?

Wanna trade?


Please? I'm begging you.


Well, if I get my SIM back.

Your SIM?


He wants his SIM back.

We're trading jeans.

Which phone is his?

Which phone?

A black Sony Ericsson.

A black Sony Ericsson.

It's Yannick's phone.

Give the phone back...

All right! Think I'm like you?

Which one?

That one.

I'll put it here...

Right... Let's make the trade.

I almost fell...

I'd rather change over there.


I'd rather change behind that tree.

What's your problem?

What's the big deal?

It's uncomfortable.

Promise not to screw me over, OK?

Hurry up!

Hi, what's your name?


You don't have a ticket either?

And no phone?

Nothing at all?

No money either?

You do know that a valid ticket is required, don't you?

Please give me your home phone number.

Speak up!




Let's see...

Your address is.

Doktor Linds gata 2?

What's your mum's name?


I'll press this button...

Since you're so young, we won't issue a fine on paper.

It will be sent home to your folks.

Remember to tell them that a fine will be arriving in the mail.

So they know what happened tonight.

It's important.

Then there's this fellow...

Are they together?

Are you friends?

I see you don't have a ticket, either.

That's no good.

That's dishonest!

What's your number?




Let's see...

You live on Doktor Fries gata 18?

What's your dad's name?


Isn't it Per-Erik?

Maybe he just goes by Per, though.

The address is right.

I'll press the button...

The magic button...

You'll be fined

1,200 kronor.

Mum and Dad will have to pay because you've been dishonest.

Are we clear on this?

Tell your parents, because they'll find out anyway.

It's pointless to pretend this didn't happen.

Be honest and tell them what happened.

One more thing:

Go straight home, now.

Don't change trams.

Because if you change and get caught again you will be fined one more time.

And this evening will have cost you 2,400 kronor.

That's a lot of money!

There's no call for that.

Promise to do as I say.

Guys, did you understand what I said?

So what did I say?

That we'll be fined.

You have been fined.

So what do you do?

Go home.

Straight home, no changing trams.

Or you might get fined twice over.

Do you agree that this was a bad thing to do?

Let this be the last time we ever fine you, all right?

You can do a lot of fun things with that kind of money.

Can't you?

Have a nice evening.

Bye, boys.

It's his mum.

Answer it!

Go on, answer it.

No, you do it!

Let me do it. I'll do it.

No, let Kevin do it.

Do it!

Oh, she hung up.

Because you didn't answer.

You didn't do it.

Well, it's funny, isn't it?

You're such a...

What were you gonna say?

Go on and talk to her!

Pretend you're Sebastian.

Hi, Mum.




No, it's Sebastian.

Here, talk to John.


It's John.

But it is John...

OK, I'll come clean:

It's Carl...

Sebastian's boyfriend.

Sebastian's in the bathroom, having a three-way.

Serious? I am serious.

Here, talk to "Muhammed".


What's that?

Let him talk...

Sebastian's back, talk to him.



Hello, Mum.

I have something to confess.

Please let me finish!

This is your son, Sebastian.

Mum, I have a confession to make.

I'm a homosexual.

Mummy, I'm going to have an "eleven-way"...

But this is your son!

Tell her you have to go.

I'm going to have group sex now.


Who ordered the ham pizza?

That's mine.

A kebab pizza?

Thank you very much.

Kebab pizza?


Another kebab pizza...

No, it's not your balloon!

No, it's not yours!

It's mine!


Thank you very much!

Good, put that on...

Got your stuff'?


Are you getting ready?

Are you OK, little man?

Here's the stuff I borrowed, and there's one more thing...

There's some dirt here...

Why is everything in this house dirty?

Give me that...

Leave it to me. You talk too much!

How come everything in this house always gets dirty?

Your children are living here.

Well, don't let it happen again.

I'll just get one more thing.

Even more?

It's not much, just one thing.


OK? Thank you.

It's not too heavy, we're just gonna put this here...

Tell your father we're sorry for keeping it here so long.

Was that all, Samira?

Yes, that's all.

OK, I'll get the door for you.

Now hold your brother's hand, especially on the tram.

Hey, kid...

I want to have a word with you.

Why are you running away?

I want to talk to you.

What's going on?

You run off when I say I want to talk, why is that?

Stop yanking my arm like that!

Why did you run away from me?

Sit down.

You know, don't you?

You know what this is about.

You steal phones from other kids, and that's just not right.

That's made lots of kids feel bloody awful, you know!

Look at me!

I Hm!

Skip the innocent act, you know what I mean.

That's a crime.

You don't want to be a criminal.

Why do You do it?

Me and my seven brothers and sisters live with my mum.

And we barely have enough to eat.

We're starving.

Then what's with the ice cream?

Get rid of that ice cream.

I want to see if you have my son's phone.

This one?

It's not yours, hand it over.


Don't fucking touch me!

There's no need to shout.

No, let go of me!

What are you doing?

What's going on?!

Don't get involved...


We're only talking to him.

Stop, do you hear me?

Help me.

Cool it and sit down.

This is none of your business.

I'm talking to this boy, so could you please leave?

I'm going to watch you, I don't like this!

Give me that, it's not yours.

NO!! Let go!

Stop that screaming!

No, you stop it!

You're screaming like a...

Let me go, mister.

It's for your own good...

Why should I hand over my phone?

Because it's not yours.

It's not your phone.

It's in your best interest, can't you see that?

Let me go.

So, you want to take it? Huh?

Answer me!

Answer me!


MY phone!

Don't get involved in this.

The boy is a thief.

You understand? A thief!

Get out of here!

Change your life.

Listen to me: Change your life!

Stop hurting people.

You need to change your life!

Stop it! Stop it!

Get out of here!

Go on!

It's in your best interest, you need to change your life.

Now beat it.

Take your brother and go.

You're making a fool of yourself.

No, you are!

Poor little bastard.

Let's just move on.

We went too far.

Drop it, just let it go.

Come on.

Come here, guys...

If you want to go swimming.

What else could I do?

He was punching me.

Let's go.

And all you did was hide.

He reacted in a strange way.

Screaming and yelling, and then they left.

Let's just drop it.

You don't need to be scared.

Let's just drop it.

Everything's all right.

Let's just move on.


Wait a minute!

Now what do you want?

I can't just dismiss this.

What do you mean?

Give me your phone number, I'm reporting this to the police.

You attacked two little boys.

Christ! Know what that was?

That boy robs other boys, steals their phones.

I asked for his attention.

Told him he'd better stop.

Then he starts his act...

Yes, but you're bigger than him!

Whose phone is that?

You took it away from him.

It doesn't belong to him.

How do you know that?

Listen to me, he steals other kids' phones.

Are you a police off cer?

Then how do you know?

He robbed my son.

We saw him here.

I told him to stop robbing other kids.

And he went nuts.

What are you, vigilantes?

You're harassing us.

You harassed two young immigrants.

What does being an immigrant have to do with anything?

It matters!

I didn't choose who robbed my son!

A kid and an immigrant?

He's twice as vulnerable.

If you say no one's allowed to criticize what immigrants do, that's just twisted reverse racism.

It's all in your little mind!

No, it is relevant here.

They don't have the same opportunities as your kids.

We've lived in hell for the past six months.

Sol don't care what you think!

You can't go shoving a child like that.

I didn't. I tried to explain...

He might have gotten hurt!

I was actually doing him a favour.