Playing for Time (1980) Script


As you arrive, you leave, No time to nest

we must continue.

I feel that

who knows when, come and see me


A special welcome to all of you tonight,

I hope that those who are far from home Do not feel too sad.

If there is anything I can do, I will do it.

I have another piece of sausage, do you like it?

Oh, yes, thank you. Just a little bit.

I still can not believe I'm sitting so close to you.

Really, all my friends adore his style.

Do you know why they arrested you?

I think it was because of my boyfriend, Is in the resistance.


I adore him, His name is Maurice.

Is in the second year of dental school.

Mine are here, With relatives.

Oh, France, it's beautiful.

I love France.

Mme. Fénelon his music is the soul of Paris.

Yes. Yes.

Thank you.

Someone said we will have to pretend joy when they take us out.

Are you?


You have to.

I never meant anything to me. about me.

You really should not eat so much.

Oh, I can not help it.

I never did until I got arrested.

Since then I have been hungry all the time.

Can you tell the address?

It's to the north.

Some think it will be Munich, perhaps as workers on the farms.


I'm not sure I can work on a farm, might?

Have you lived in the country?

No, no, never. She was a student in my house, my whole life.

He would care, sir.


He turned east.

To the East?

That can not be right, some of us know this, Janet.

He cares if we can stay together.

How old are you?


For real?

If you're so young.

I have to find the shithead.

Why do not you watch what you do?

Come with me.

It's changed.

I almost fainted.

I have to get to the shithead.


Thank you.

Thank you.


No one is watching.

It was not your fault.

Mrs., Mrs., your husband.

Open the door!

There's a dead man in here.

Open the door!

Come, this is where our things will be returned to us.

What did you say?

What if this is where our things will be returned to us?

Take off your coat.

Take off your clothes.

Take off your clothes!

She can keep her hair.

Only shave the Jews.

Look how I look, you Jewish rat.

I'm not a Jewish rat, I'm French.

For talking!

Where are the people with whom we came, The ones on the Red Cross trucks?


The "cook".

Mariane, listen to me.

You have to be careful.

Why did they do that?

What do they get?

What is the purpose?

Neither boyfriend would allow me to enter the resistance because it was too dangerous.

Is that why you did not?

I have been in resistance for a long time.

There's a dead woman here.

The best at night When we are alone, Is to remember everything.

You have to take care of this.

There was once a prince, Called John, And was terribly vain.

And he married Princess Couchonet, Which was very beautiful.

So one day, the prince sent For her, because she wanted children.

So... so They had six children and five daughters...

And every son had a horse, And every daughter had a cow.

And when they grew up...

They always took care of each other.

Does anyone know how to sing Madama Butterfly?

Does anyone know how to sing Madama Butterfly?

She... she can.

Bring it.

I'm Ethanine, I saw her once in Paris at the Melodie, My parents took me for my 17th birthday.

I myself have started to play professionally this year.

She was the one who recognized it, it's Michou.

Yesterday I thought I saw her coming out of her tent.

I begged our custodian to give him an audition.

For whom is this?

For the officers, for us.

Laura, Laura, come and meet Mme. Fénelon.

She is one of our best interpreters.

You can make Brahms solos.

It is an honor for me to meet you.

Is there a Director?

Oh yeah, Mme. Alma Rosé.

His uncle was Gustav Mahler, the great composer.

He is a fantastic talent, - but not a warm heart, take care.

Are you Mlle. Fénelon?

Yes madam

Plays the piano?

Yes madam Let me hear something about Madama Butterfly.

Will he take it?

Yes, lady, her tones are very good.

It's marvelous.

Do you know any German music?


I am the Lagerfuhrerin Maria Amanda, Commander of all the women in this camp.


I forgot to tell Mme. Rosé that...


I can not accept being in the orchestra Unless my friend

6W62 can also join the orchestra.

It has a beautiful voice.

It's in tent B, unless...

That she may enter, I...

I must refuse, I'm sorry.

See that they are cleaned, and sent to the warehouse.

Yes, Mrs. Lagerfuhrerin.

What size?

Number 9, Frau Lagerfuhrerin. Nine.

I want boots.

I'm afraid we do not have it. Find them!

It should be warm and comfortable to take care of your voice.


Sit down.

From the beginning.

Why so strident?

This is not band music, We do not touch the wind.

Why can not they obey my instructions?

Music is the most sacred activity of humanity,

Must be devoted day and night, You must listen to yourself, Should be inspired to achieve some improvement.

They can not just keep repeating the same stupidity.

Rest, Philharmonic.

I think you altered it.

Well, it's been so good.

Who suddenly realized how we really sounded.

Well, it was a big crash.

Do not know why we can not learn that number?

We have to do it as she indicates it.

And you, you're making them worse.

I've only studied music for six months in my entire life.

Surely it was not the worst 6 months you've ever spent.

It's not just that we can not mate, But the teacher has also gotten into this problem.


We were just a band of marches when we started, To touch the prisoners after their work assignments And allowed the band.

Our guards were excited.

Suddenly we found ourselves playing Bach, Brahms, Concerts for high metals.

He is a victim of his own pride, And that's why we have problems now. Will they ever feed us?

The last soup will be served at any time.

I do not want problems.

As soon as the big bosses came and listened to us They began to get bored of hearing the same three numbers.

But we did not have any other orchestration.

It's just that no composer ever wrote anything for a group like this.

You happen to not make instrumentations, do you?

We have performed the same concerts so many times that the commanders...

Fania, you do not have to instrument, But you're good at all sorts of things.

I'll try, I think I can.

Yes Well, it will not be very professional.

We must tell Madame.


We thought you would like to know Which Fania knows how to implement.

Leave us, leave us.

Tell me the truth Fania.

Yes, I can, I can not see why not.

I must suppose that he actually studied it.

Yes, in the conservatory of Paris.


How lucky for you to have Fania.

I've been under terrible pressure to present something new.

That's what they told me.

You can start with...

I have a piano score for "Carmen".

Good yes. I guess I can do "Carmen".

Or something German, For bone, that of the house.

I know, But they have done nothing but Von Suppé.

And we must try to please Fania.

Well, I think that's elementary.

I'd rather believe that I'm saving my life.

Instead of trying to please S.S.

Do you think you can do without the other?

Start immediately.

I will need some people to copy the parts and Some music paper.

It is not possible to get music paper.

It may not require some.

There is a war going on my dear.

Come on, I'll find some paper, you draw the lines themselves.

What did he say?


I can not help but strive for the pursuit of perfection, I was trained that way and I can not change now.

He is hardly in a position to criticize her, and I'm also trying to please her.

Exactly, But we are artists, We can not get away from that.

There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Please try to speed up the work, You will see that they are very temperamental with us.

Do it soon Fania.


And now, ladies and gentlemen, with your permission A little bit of popular music with our new member.

Why do you bother stealing when you know I can not bear to see you eat so much?

I was just looking for a little taste.

I told you that you could take it.

You should think it's good to be a little girl, When are you going to take care of that situation?

You can not keep expecting something fantastic to happen.

You have to accept that this is where you are, And it is much better than most prisons.

I will not do it any more.

Is there anyone else you're doing these things for?

If that's what you want, then we're done.

Is seriously.

You are welcome to take everything I have, I hope you do the same for me if I'm desperate.

Fania very well that we can share everything we have.

I have refused to become an animal for a gram of "something"

Or a piece of potato.

But will not you want to share with the prebostes as well?

You can share with those bitches, not me.

Well they are not all like that.

You, you also had a pet, July, like Fania.

But you are an anti-Semite. No, I'm not.

We had many Jewish friends in the theater.

I am not.

In my opinion Etalina The public thinks that you are going to be...

Oh, can you tell? Darling spells G A S E A D O S.

The point is they want to feel superior because they probably Will have to return to their homes at the end of the war being pagans.

They are more stupid than ever.

Well, then we should try to educate them.

Fania, Fania, Tell us about Paris again, You wore those skirts.

Very elegant, very current, I always liked flowers.

They are also very tall, legs are terrible.

You can not wear stockings because your legs are marked.

My mother would not let me use them.

And her hair, there were women in a convoy the other day, I think of Holland, With loops on top of hair.

Oh yeah, rich girls, All up.

Where are those women?

Oh, they must have burned them already.

And of songs, do you know some new ones?

It's strong to say that.

Why not say it?

It is better to be prepared for when our time comes.

Who sings any of the new songs?

Did you record any record in Paris?

Let's get up.


You do not have to do that, you're in the band now.

I would not want it to be seen that it is not for prisoners.

I'm so hungry Fania.

What can I do?

Try to think of something else.

Can not you ask Alma something?

Do not be silly, because you would give me something.

And what am I going to do?

We are all in the same problem.

Why do you expect me to find food?

I'm not a magician.

Is that all you've done?

At that rate we will wait a hundred years for you to give us another score.

You can stop annoying, instrument It is a difficult job, even for experts.

I have to talk to you.

Why do not you stop...?

Then you lied.

You can not instrument.

I'm very capable of doing it, I'm sure I can.

What is it then?

One of the women... this morning...

He spit on me Yes?

I had not realized how much they should hate us.

Yes, of course, what did he expect?

Well, I...

I had not thought about it.

Perhaps you are too aware of the orchestra's purpose.

No, no, I did not mean...

Do you want to go back to tent B?

Surely that can be fixed.

Master, please, I'm not criticizing you.

It's just that I'm not used to being hated this way.


In this place there is life or death.

There is no possibility for anything else, whatever.

I'm trying to rehearse that piece tomorrow.

I want the parties early.

That, if you can.

You are?

Yes yes I am.

Eat it.

You must go hungry working all night.

Will not you eat it?

Who gave you the right to judge anyone?

I'm just trying to keep myself alive, just like everyone else, just like you.

Or you?

You know what they think of us.

We are no better than the prostitutes who entertain the murderers.

I know, I'm not judging you.

But if you do, I perceive it from you.

And you have no right.

Eat it.

Well, it does not matter.

Either way we'll live until we get out of here.

What if we succeeded?

What if we really live?

Everything that means to me, my dear, is You try to die, and it's hard to see that happen and keep your mouth shut.

I'm trying to survive.

Throwing yourself out.

You treat yourself like a rotten piece of meat.

Shut up.

Do not do that.


Turn around.

You have to look and see everything.

So I can tell when I'm done.


But I am not a believer.

Why did you choose me?

I always know who to choose.


Would you let me?

I just want to ask you about an issue.

What do you know about her?

I see them talking together sometimes.

Well, she's a militant communist, She is also engaged to get married.

It's that kind, since we're here you have plans to survive, why?

I do not know.

It's just... it looks so different from the others.

So full of courage.

She says the same thing about you.

She... She's talked about me.

Rachel too.

Spatially admire your value, And your beauty.

She is... she is so beautiful.

Do not you think so?

I love his smile.

It would be all faster if you tell me what you do not like about it.

I do not understand what's happening to me, Fania.

I think about her all day.

I just adore everything she says and does.

Oh, you're in love with her.

Do you think that...

Why not?

They are very young.

When you are so young, only love matters.

I feel like...

I do not know what it is.

Oh, the human race.

You are laughing at me?

No, for the pure, everything is purity.

Do not despise yourself.

In this place feeling something can be a blessing.

Have you ever had feelings like that Fania?

Never. Never. With nobody.

Go, let me get some sleep.

What a correct young lady you should have been.

Had I ever heard anything more moving, Herr Commander?

Very good, very good, but the musical opinion of Dr. Méngüele Are much more expert, of course.

I've really been totally touched.

You must thank the doctor, Fania.

Thank you Doctor.

I must tell you Fénelon that I originally objected...

Excuse me Herr commander.

I must tell you that my name is not really Fénelon, My mother's last name was Fénelon, My father's was Goldstein.

I'm Fania Goldstein.

Excuse me, I did not intend to interrupt, Herr Commander.

You must learn to sing German songs.

I'll see you begin learning them immediately, Herr Commander.

As I was saying, I was opposed to this idea, On the orchestra.

But now I must say That a song like that It is a comfort that nourishes the spirit and strengthens us For our difficult work. Very good.

Fräulein Goldstein,

Is there anything you need especially?

Good... toothbrush?

Send it to Canada for some things.

With my congratulations.

To Canada?

Ah the things of the Franchute.

Very clean.

Welcome to Canada.

There you have your filth, stupid.

You got a toothbrush, can I see it?

Oh, it looks almost new.

Nothing like having something imported from France, right?

Hey what's up?

What have you got against me?


It's just that I think that's not the way Correct to act with a superior.

But when they are the owners of this place.

You expect me to congratulate you on some of the things What are you doing these days What I am doing?

Oh, let's forget it. All right.

I personally feel much safer Now that Mandel is so hot with you.

Scared, but I'm grateful, Otherwise I would not envy anyone That would wake up so close to that arrogant Nazi.

There is no danger of that.

You never know.

Life does not always leave a girl a lot to choose from.

You were not given any alternative Considering the companies you've been maintaining.

Listen to this skin and bones.

Well, maybe I am but I'll wake up near Mandel Sooner than many of you girls.

That was disgusting, Etalina.

Mandel is just a killer.

Even so it's beautiful, I'm sorry to bother you.

If you had an ounce of Jewish pride You could not call such a monster beautiful.

Do not try to make her look ugly.

Is beautiful.

It is human.

What bothers me is That a woman That is so beautiful Can be doing such things.

We are of the same species.

That's exactly what makes the whole situation so black.

No, there is still hope.

Because when this war is over, Europe will be a communist.

And for that, I want to live.

No, we'll try to go to Palestine.

To raise Jewish children in Palestine.

You do not have any Fania identity.

And that's why you can call such a human and beautiful monster.

I envy you both.

They will not believe that they have solved the problem?

What problem ?, I do not see a problem.

She is human.

Like you, like me.

Do not you think that's a problem?

What does it matter to you?

Your hair comes out lighter.

Go to bed, Maria.

Well that happens, one of us was a doctor from Vienna, He just went to check it out.

And I thought we would never menstruate again.


Because of this fear, every day and night.

And the food can be sterilized.


You know, it's so weird, but I think Maybe you can control your hunger.

If you could share what you get with Some other woman, anyone.

You know, sometimes a person Needs the strength that comes from giving something.


about To endure.

Understand me.

Is a musician.

Tell them that... it should not be sacrificed.

To hospital.

We need it very much.

Well, do you understand me or not?

Wait, wait.

Excuse me, Herr Oberstand fuhrer.

With your permission.

I could instruct these men that this woman should not be hurt.

It's our cellist, you should go to the hospital.

High fever, perhaps typhus.

I do not know what language they speak.

He speaks Italian, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Is not she fantastic?

It is very insistent.

Yes, that is Mala the head of interpreters.

She's Jewish, but she's intimidated.

How is that possible?

Mala has been here longer than anyone else, Since the field was built.

She was supposed to be gassed, But escaped with five other girls.

Did he actually get out?

Yes, it started by opening a ventilation duct, Already had managed to pass the house of the commander, When he saw them out on the road.

Guess what Mala did then, demanded clothes.

When they spoke, they realized that She practically spoke all languages.

He is very high in the Belgian resistance.

He even has a lover here.

No, you have to be kidding.

Is not true.

They save people.

A few, anyway.

And help others.


Come, we must work on Schubert's song.

You have to practice the "HRU" sound again, Dr. Mengele has a sensitive ear for language.

He has required it.

I hope she's never stupid enough to cover up a language.

Well, from the beginning.

Excuse me Madam, meet Mala.

Yes very good.

How did you manage to make yourself respected?

Well, it's extremely useful, of course.

Speak fluently 9 or 10 languages, And with so many nationalities in the camp Makes it possible to communicate.

Is that all?

It even seems...

That overwhelms them. Is incredible.

Mala is one of those people whose superiority is clear.

Even for the ignorant.

Bad is...

Miraculous Raising a shield among those kind of people, Like the cloth around the precious seeds.

It is everyone's hope here.

Even those Nazis perceive that kind of glory in it.

She is a miracle.

Are you trying to destroy us?

That was a high octave. Do you know what is tall or not?

I asked if you know what the octaves are tall or not?

They should try harder.

As things stand, Dr. Mengele hardly bears listening to us, If we come down from a certain level, anything can happen.

He is a vile and variable man.

The truth is...

If it were not for my reputation They would have roasted them long ago.

My father was the first violin of the Vienna Philharmonic, His string quartet played all over the world.

My own "Viennese Waltzing Girls" They played in most of Europe.

I know that.

For I am a Rosé and I am directing...

A group of prisoners.

So, why do they resent me?

You are professional, Knows that strict discipline is required, The director must be respected.

I think it can also be loved.

He can not love what is not respected!

It is perfectly traditional, In Austria, in Germany, when a musician is Repeatedly wrong... Slapping?

Yes of course.

Furtwängler did it very often but his orchestras idolized him.

I need your support, Fania.

I realize that they respect her, Must support what they claim to them.

We must constantly raise the level of our execution, Or, I really do not know how long they will bear us.

Will you help me?

It will?

I'm going to tell you the truth, I really do not know how long I can bear this.

I'm trying the best I can.

And I'll keep trying.

But sometimes I get the impression Of which parts of me are collapsing.

And believe me, I recognize that it is about their strength, probably, That our lives depend on.

So why do they resent me?

I do not know.

I guess... maybe... It is simply that

When a monster keeps something in reserve, We can not, we can not really dedicate ourselves to please them.

But he has to want to please them, And with all his heart.

You are an artist who can only propose to give the best of herself.

But when you look through the window...

That's why I told you not to look out the window.

Fania was wrong, Seems to believe that I have stopped seeing.

I refused to look.

Before they brought me here, Had begun to love,

To a young man, Come as me

He is now a soldier in the Wehrmacht.

The three best months of my life...

The three best months of my life.

Oh. He wanted me, like a coat.

Then I was arrested for being a Jewess.

It still surprises me.

Why is she also German?

Yes, I am, German.

In this place Fania,

You will have to be an artist, And only artist.

You will have to concentrate on one thing only, And it is the creation of all the beauty that it is capable of creating.

Excuse me.


Get Aligned!

Jews on the left.

Aririos on the right.

She and I are only half.

Half what?

Middle Jews.

Our mothers were Aryan, Mestizos are not meant to be gassed, Frau Schmidt.

I am completely sure.

Why, if I may ask, is this selection?

You belong to the Jews.

Get ready to sing.

Nobody wants to end their lives this time.


Half Jews, follow me.

In that case they are allowed to cut the top half of the star.

Was that proposal correct?

It is disgusting to cut the star of David in half.

Why not?

If we can avoid the gas.

Disgusting are you. Jewish nationalists, Since when they are custodians of the principles...

Do not you dare get into your traps.

Your discomfort does not impress me, Because you accepted even greater humiliation, Without a gesture.

We are just a convenience.

The blood of innocent Jews cries out for their betrayal.

Why do not they just shut up?

I'm sick of Jews and heathens, The Westerners, the Orientals, The Germans, the non-Germans, The French, the non-French, I'm tired, I'm tired... I'm sick I am a woman, not a tribe.

And I have been humiliated, That's all I know.

You're all just jealous, Anyway they also educated us as Catholics, After all, our mothers were Catholic.

What are you doing that for?


I do not know.

I'm doing.

That's right, I'm doing it.


In front of you, up at the door.

Thank you.

Fania, they are gassing 12,000 every day now.

12,000 angels, Flying above.

Every day.

Why do you keep telling me these things?

What do you want from me?

Look over your eyes, The air is full of angels.

Two more cigarettes, You took more time this time.

I'm broken, I'll give it to you next time.

At least share some of what you get with others.

For your own good, So that you do not end up becoming a complete animal.


All present, Herr Captain.

Do you know who Mala is?

Bad, not very good, I have seen her, of course, she has accompanied me with With the commander, Herr Captain, As an interpreter.

He has not had any contact with his musicians.

No, Herr Captain, She has visited the barracks for not recently.


Mala escaped.

And he helped two.

They got SS uniforms, Somehow and flew.

What a romance!

Imagine, the two together.

I saw him once, he is a good fighter, Blond with beautiful white teeth.

She is Belgian, like me.

What a Belgian, she is Jewish like all of us.

Eric is Polish, and they are going to tell the world what is going on here.

Imagine, they could have exploded that chimney.

Listen, listen, let's play something for them.

Oh yeah.

Allies land France.

Silence now, I have corrections.

Paulette, on page 5, letter B, you will do it in D sharp instead of...


Those are not Jews, they are Poles.

Hitler said he was going to kill all the Poles To make room for the Germans there.

But there must be thousands, they would never kill so many Aryans.

What are they going to do with them?

I think they're going to put them in these stalls.



It's not beautiful?

What happens to them?

Is nothing.

Frau Lagerfuhrerin.

There is a rumor that these Polish Aryans were going to put them in our barracks.

No way, Madame.

In fact I can tell you that there will be no more selections in our field.

Of course, there is no room for newcomers,

There will be other instances.

Oh, look here.

Check it out.

And now...

Let's get you a nice new suit, some shoes And a sweet little friend. Come with me.

Work hard now.

So he's a human being, after all.

Is she? But where is the mother?

Even so, in a way, I want to say that at least he adores the child.

What is going on here?

Everything she said...

What was that he say? And suddenly it is human.

What is going on here?

From the beginning.

Come on.

We are going to...


The officers have decided to keep the piano in their club for the use of its members.

Can you handle it without him?

Yes, of course, Herr commander.

It was just a little extra sound, but it's not mandatory.

What is Greta, the Dutch girl?

In front!

Open your mouth.

Do you have any illness?

No, no, Herr Commander.

Dr. Mengele told me that he is not a very good musician.

No, not very good, but not very bad either.

But he works very hard...

But could it be handled without it?


Yes, of course, Herr commander.

My wife needs someone to look after our little daughters.

You are coming with me.

He will play in the hospital for the sick and the mental patients, You will have ready to Beethoven.

Yes, Herr Commander, I must ask for your tolerance, if I may.

Our cellist has typhus, And now without the piano too, we may sound rather deficient in the bass records.

I'll send one of the men's orchestra cellists, Have several from the Berlin Philharmonic.

He can train one of his violinists for Sunday.

Well... of course Herr commander I'm sure she can teach one of the girls for Sunday.


It will be very interesting Madame, Dr. Mengele.

Wants to observe the effect of music on the insane.

Ahh. We will really do our best.

And how have you been these days?

I'm quite well.

Of course, we, all of us have been very hungry, most of the time.

And that makes it very difficult.

I offered to send two additional rations, but Mme. Rosé believed that you had to win them, As a reward.

Would not you agree?

It's not me who has to agree or not, without being the director.

Close the door.

How dare he make such a comment?

I do not understand, I just told him we were hungry.

When they can interpret a simple piece Without making a mistake, I will recommend the extra ration, But I'll decide that, you understand?

There can not be two leaders.

Do you agree or not?

Are you upset?

We're hungry, that's what I was saying.

In this situation we lose human feelings, She asked and I told her.

I think we understand each other.

That's all for now.

Yes, whats up?


I'm really trying to decide if I should leave.

Oh, come on, Fania, nobody lets himself die if he can help it.

You should try to be more honest with yourself.

Go away.

It's here.

The cellist of the male orchestra.

Paulette! Paulette!

Good to see you.

Do you want to say something? What is it?

You're going to play on Sunday... At the hospital.

You do not look good... Silence.

They have planned...

Gassing... all patients, After the concert.

How did you know that?

One of the women of the SS She warned me, I met her once.

I used to be a waitress in our house.

So I left.

Paulette, welcome.

We were desperate for you.

We do Beethoven's fifth on Sunday.

Mme. He could lie down for a while.

Do not.

Do not.

I... I... I can.

Let's start.

From the beginning.

I believe...

that I...

I saw my mother yesterday

My three sisters and my father.

What? Where? What are you talking about?


The last convoy of Bucharest...

The mirror, when we played outside, A train arrived, Look...

And... I was not...

I was not sure.

But what could you do?

Does it bother you to wash?

Thank you, Fania, I am tormented, About whether I should have warned the other patients About what was going to happen to them.

What you think?

Except that he would let them know.

I no longer have any anxiety Paulette, I live from minute to minute, My heart beats, so I'm alive, But I'm filling up with dust.

Go to sleep.

American people.

Hope for you Fania.

Maybe it's too late for the whole human race, Varya.

So after all it will end.

Everyone comes to tell you their problems, does not it?

I do not know why they tell me.

You're someone to trust, Fania.

Maybe it's because you have no ideology, And you are satisfied with being a person.

There is so much feeling in you.

It was that way, yes.

But you can not cross my hands with my fingernails, To be able to face me with such strong material.

That's the truth.

I'm dying to pieces.

I know. Very well, I seem to be, too, too, too...

It's making it harder for me to eat anything.

I am one of the most successful actresses in Poland, My father was an earl, I was born in a castle.

I have a husband and...

Narok, my son is 9 years old.

I do not know what will happen to us, Fania, you know, before the end.

I just want a Jewish woman to understand...

When they first brought me here, I was sure that the Pope and the Christian leaders Who did not know.

When they found out they were going to send planes to bomb The incinerators and the trains that bring them here every day.

But the trains kept coming and the incinerators burning.

Do you understand?

Do you understand?

Perhaps there is something more important to them.

So that we are here, in any way, A group of women who can not even menstruate Innocent people who frighten men.

Oh, Fania, please forgive me.



What did you do to me?

Were you in the resistance?

Did you try to fight against this?

Why do you have to feel guilty?

Confide it, or it will destroy us.

If you survive you feel that you are innocent.

Everything is a joke, You do not see it.

Has no sense.

I'm afraid nothing you would have done would have changed that.

I almost feel more sorrow for people like you than for us, And you, you will survive.

All those around you will be in sin,

From one end to the other.

And those with whom you can never speak again.

My memory falls to pieces, Did We Go?

Were we Russian last night? Did we go?

You dropped the milk, Yakovska.

Was mine.

But still.

Our farm is 10 kilometers from here.

They bring it to me.

My sister.

But still. To throw it that way...

Are you saying it's not my milk?

Do not worry.

Do not worry.

You read too many books. They drive you crazy.


I leave for "Baselhauser" on Sunday.

They send me on a tour to play for the troops.

I wanted you to be the first to know.

I'm going to be released, Fania. Can you imagine?

I will touch what I like, and how I like it.

They say that a musician of my talent should not be wasted here.

What is the problem? I thought he would be happy for me.

Well, yes, I am. Of course.

But, while he is playing, he will continue to fight because he does not enslave us. It will?

But that's not the point.

I'll be playing for soldiers, Fania.

And what about us? Will we continue? Will we?

I intend to suggest that you replace me.

Oh well...

I hope that soon we will follow... before ..

Why are you trying to ruin my happiness?

I will be playing for honorable men.

Not for murderers like these here.

Soldiers risk their lives.

Why do you need my approval if you are happy?

Enjoy your happiness.

Not all Germans are Nazis.

You're just a racist if you think so.

I agree.

It is an extraordinary honor, The only Jew who will play the violin for the Germans in the army, my head is going to explode!

Frau Schmidt

Only for...

Just to extend my congratulations.

I just heard the big news.

Thank you.

Thank you, Frau Schmidt.

It is very touching for me, coming from you.

Well, I've never been known to hide my feelings.

He'll join us for dinner tonight.

It's a farewell dinner in his honor.

I'm overwhelmed, Frau Schmidt, of course.

In short, "in a shoe minister"

In my rooms, yes. I will be there. Thank you.

Thank you, Frau Schmidt.

Do not you realize?, really...

That woman, that woman...

He has tried everything to be transferred from here.

Yeah, she's desperate to get out of here.

And he has the kindness to come to wish me well in my departure.

Well, that's certainly something I would never have expected from her.

It is amazing what is in the human heart.

You judge people, Fania, You are terribly strict.

Beware of that charm, maybe they are losing the war.

So... - Why does everything have to have war inside?

Why can not you accept the little hope in life?

I'm all confused.

That Schmidt wants it to go well is really inconceivable.

Alma, she's getting rich in the black market, Has stolen every woman who has come here.

His hand is in everything that moves in this place.

I'm going there Fania.

If I do not have another chance, I would like to thank you for your help.

It is totally wrong about practically everything,

I must say that you probably saved our lives, So I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You can thank him that I refused to despair, Fania.

That's true, is not it?

What happened?

Schmidt poisoned her, at dinner.

But you can not know?

She was shot this morning.


No one was going to leave here unless she could, especially a Jew.

You mean I wanted her dead?

She wrote her epitaph, Why not?

No no no. Order, order Tanya, what are you rehearsing for? Now, move.

No, I'm not leaving. Let me stop the rehearsal.

Come on.

Mariane, Do not touch it like that.

Now, listen to me.

Now I am the director and ordered you to stop interfering.

Fania, Fania...

With the executioner?

Did he kill Mala and Edic?

You know that?

Well, if he did not, someone else would have, you can be sure of that.

I want to tell you that there is something...

On which side do you think they are?

Because if someone is not sure, they are on the side of the executioners.

Come out, ask any prisoners in this camp.

They will be happy to tell you.

So you know where exactly you can put your comments.

You should not have let him do that, Fania.

I answered but nobody heard what I said.

But he is right, And I also think it's a serious thing.

I'm not on your side.

I'm just trying to survive for Jerusalem.

All right.

What do you mean, Fania?

I mean, this is fine.

If you can get away from what war is, so clean.

But we are not responsible for this.

No, of course not. Nothing here is our fault.

What I mean is this, maybe we are innocent, But we have changed.

I want to say that we know something more about the human race, Which we did not know before.

And not good news.

How can you still call them humans?

And what are they?

I do not like the way you connect such monsters with us.


Would Herr doctor like to hear any particular music?



These are the bracelet and the posthumous flag of its director.

They must remain undisturbed.

In memoriam.

If the Herr Doctor allows me to.

The orchestra is determined to Interpret with our greater capacity In the memory of our beloved director.

I can assure you, Dr. We are ready To devote all the necessary time To perfect the way we play.

We believe that our late leader would have wanted us to continue.

Let us move forward, She has inspired us.

... rehearse and rehearse and rehearse, We must not touch until we can do it right.

Yes, we should not do that again...

You should not have...

I had never been... Fania...

Oh, Mandel.

You can play Mme Butterfly,

You and the others.

We are ready to begin, Frau Lagerfuhrerin

We are ready to begin.

Is it something that happened to the boy?

It has always been said that the greatness of the people, Depends on the sacrifices they are willing to make.

I gave him back.

Let's go now, Touch for me.

Play for me.

Musicians, we'll start the rehearsal.

I order you to rehearse.

It is the Russian artillery, I am in charge, and I have not given permission to suspend trials.

Stupid, it's all over. You do not get it!

It's the Russians out there, Olga.

And we probably "gas" Before they can get here.

Relax, we can not rehearse in the dark.

She can in any case carry the baton.

Stop grilling potatoes, What are you thinking?

I order you to come with me.


Sit down.

The Germans leave tonight.

I do not see why.

We'll be released, silly. We survived.

He's trying to get an orchestra to direct, But the war must end.

I was supposed to be free, or something.

I believe that...

I should applaud... he...

I believe that...

Have you seen him?

Do not.

I want you to have this, It's my diary.

I can not do this. I know you'll live, Fania, I know.

I assure you that I want to live, I feel something terrible is happening.

Where are we going?

Where are they taking us?


Fania, I can not go on.

How is every soldier doing?

Can you tell me where they lead us?

Because wherever it is It's like making a guy forget his problems.

Where do we go?

Who knows? Truly?

I think it's so they do not fall into the hands of the Russians.

They would tell them what they did to them.

Are they going to kill us?

Do not ask me.

I make you "Kappo", keep them together, Follow that path and take care of the bombs, The commanders will be in charge later.


Where are you?


Try to keep your eyes Open if you can.

You have to live Fania.

Could it be possible for you to say something to the press?

It is very important to me.

Let us march, children of the country,

That the day of glory has arrived

We have faced tyranny, Our bloody flag Es ized.

Do you understand me comrades?

When you reach men be soldiers They will fall into our arms, To kill, to kill completely!

To arms, comrades!

Form brigades!

On the go, on the go, Do not be afraid.

For a much higher ideal.