Playing God (1997) Script

Sometimes we all wonder how things come to be.

The chain of events.

A leads to "b" leads to "c" leads to "z."

Each life is made up of big decisions, and each day is made up of a million little decisions.

What shirt to wear. What street to walk on.

What to eat for lunch.

And all these seemingly inconsequential choices...

Might change your life forever.

But who can handle that kind of responsibility?

It would paralyze you to think about it.

So you have to trust your instinct.

What the greeks might call "your character."

And you better pray to whatever God you believe in...

That your character knows what the hell it's doing.

I thought I was a man of character...

Good character... Until I made a mistake.

A bad one that changed everything.

That's why I found myself walking into a lousy L.A. bar to buy some fentanyl citrate.

Synthetic heroin.

My personal favorite.

You see, when I got high, the chain of events disappeared.

No past, no future.

Just the sweet, sticky now.

But before I could get home that night with my goodies, something happened.

I did a good thing.

One good deed that started another chain I wasn't ready for.

And a ride I had no business taking.

We're set. Okay. See you later, man.

Hello, my friend. What's your pleasure?

The usual.

Call 911!

Nobody callin' 911!

He's gonna die! Call Raymond.

What's Raymond gonna do? He's dyin'.

What you doin', man?

You gonna call 911? No, man.

Then back off.

His lung is punctured. Get me some rum.

I need a clean knife and clean towels.

I need, like, a plastic water bottle.

Oh, and a wire hanger.

Get a wire hanger and straighten it out.

I need some plastic tube.

A beer pump or a soda pump?

Cut me about three feet, run the wire hanger through it.

Get me some tape.

Like, three or four pieces of tape.

Now, get him up on the table.

Go round it up now.

Help me lift him up.

Turn the music down.

Turn it off!


Get those towels.

Put pressure right here.

Just hold it hard.

Give me that.

Tight. Put it hard.

Put it hard.

Give me the knife.

Lighter. Lighter. Lighter. Sterilize that.

You got it?

If anybody's squeamish, look away. Now, hold him tight.

He's gonna jump.

Hold him!

Run some of the wire through the front of the tubing, like, three inches, and give it to me.


Okay, now pull, pull the wire out.

Pull it out. Pull it out.

Okay, give me some tape. Thank you.

Get the other end of the tubing and put it in the bottle.

Get some tape and make it airtight around the opening.

You with me? You got it?

Yeah. All right.

Squeeze the bottle first. Make it as airtight as you can.

Okay, hold it low.

Now, release the bottle. Release it.

He'll live, but you better get him to a hospital now.

Obviously, I'd seen a lot of awful things done to the body.

I mean, I'd seen the results, but I'd never actually seen shots fired before.

Not at a man. Not two feet from me.

It didn't scare me as much as I thought it might, though.

Maybe because I knew I could repair the damage, undo what had been done.

I guess I should have felt better after saving that man's life, but I didn't.

It just made me miss more what I once was.

Like a prisoner getting one day out in the sun, it just made the prison seem that much more dismal.

On the way home, I said, tonight, I will not get high.

I might just as well have said, tonight, I will not breathe.

There's no one else now.

It's you or no one.

I've been up 28 hours.

There's no one else now.

It's you or no one.

Sometimes I feel like I'm just tuning up a pinto.

Everyone should be such a good mechanic.

When I pray to God, I don't ask him to eradicate disease.

I pray that he sends me something that I haven't seen.

I'm half kidding.

Phil, I been up for 28 hours. There's no one else now.

It's you or no one.

Tell them to continue prepping, and I'll be down.

Let's see if we can save this young lady's life.

Everything copacabana, Dr. sands?

Yes, it is, Dr. frankenstein.


If I forget to do anything, you just let me know.


Pickups, Metz.

Careful of those ducts there, doctor.

No kidding "be careful of those ducts."

Where'd you get your diploma? Granada?

Will you give me some space, here? Cork cannula.

Christ, Fran!

Eugene, is there a problem?

No, there's not a problem.

Come on, Fran.

Just give me the clamp.

How you doin'?

Why is everybody worrying about me?

Let's worry about the patient.

Will you wipe my glasses, please?

How you doin'?

Are you okay?

Some umbilical tape. Please hurry. Hurry up.

Tie it off. Hurry up. Shit! I lost the portal vein!

Goddamn it! I'm blinded.

Give me some suction here.

Help me! She's in v-fib.

No, no. Let me finish! I can save her.

Come on!

Get out of the way! Get the paddles ready.

Oh, God.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

What's up with him?

He's all fucked up, isn't he?

He'll do with the proper thingies.

You know what I mean?

Like a proper game, where the ball is round.

What I don't understand about American football is the huddle.

Whisper, whisper, whisper.

What the hell is all that about, man?

Look, man, they're not talkin' about their mothers.

They're makin' a strategy.

You can't hear 'em at the back of the stadium, can ya?

Hey. Where we goin'?

Then everybody would know what the fuck is goin' on.

Oh. Morning, mate.

Just chill out, relax. Be with you in a sec.

I don't understand rugby shit, man.

Who are you?

Looks just like a football.

They throw it up, run for it and smash into each other.

I hate bleedin' Americans. You think you're so great.

Life is all a matter of perspective.

You really learn that as a doctor.

A man with gangrene thinks he's lucky if he only loses a finger and not an arm.

So if your life was going along well, and you found yourself walking with two guys that look like metallica rejects, you might think it was a bad day.

Mr. blossom will be with you in a minute.

On the other hand, if your life is in the toilet, and you had a nasty fentanyl citrate hangover, you could say...

What the hell. I am at the beach.

Dr. Eugene sands?

How do you know my name? Took an interest.

I'm sorry. You are?

Oh, I'm sorry.

Raymond blossom.

You gonna hurt me?

Are you askin' 'cause you're afraid or 'cause you want me to?

I'm just tryin' to plan my day.

Oh, man, listen. If I'm interfering with your plans, please forgive me.

It's just I was so knocked out by what you did last night, I said, "I gotta meet this guy." That's it.

That's all there is to it. Medical science amazes me.

Is kidnapping the only way you can make new friends?

Well, you know.

Hey, why don't you stick around for a while?

Nah. I should really be getting home.


No, I'm not. What do you want from me?

Nothin', man. You know, just... hang out.

Have a little lunch. That's it.

How's your pill stash holdin' up, doc?


All right. Well, if you start to get low, you sing out.

You wanna be my new drug dealer?

Hello. Say hello to Tammy. You know everybody else.


Hey, Eugene, have you ever thought about the idea...

That everything that happens, every action, causes a reaction?

I mean, no matter how far away or obscure?

A butterfly flaps its wings in Tibet, a car gets a flat in Toronto, a guy gets a blow job in Bangkok.

All connected.

All subject to the linkages of cause and effect, even if comprehensible only in retrospect.

Claire! Look who's here.

The barroom doctor.

Hey, baby. Hi.

Here. What's this?

It's $10,000.

For what?

For stepping into a fray, my friend, and using your considerable medical skill to save one of my special friends.

Oh, man!

A fuckin' plastic bottle and a, and a tube and...

Fuckin' incredible, man.

And Claire was very impressed.

And she was a big help.

Was she?

She's very helpful.

It's been nice to actually meet you, doctor.

It's been nice to actually meet you too.

Hey, doc.

You like basketball? Yeah.

Would you like to go to a laker game with us tonight?

I can't take "no" for an answer, doc.

Where are the seats?

Come on. Take it to the hole!

Baby. I love it when you talk dirty.

Come on.

Yeah. Take it in.

There they are right down there in front.

The hippie in the middle, that's Raymond blossom.

He's a big counterfeiter.

Moves anything from designer clothes, software, cds, videos, whatever.

Those Russian guys, they're his clients.

Now, these guys are straight-out insane.

They think they're still shootin' up stalingrad.

Anyway, blossom is moving up.

Enter the Chinese.

But what I don't know...

Is who the new asshole is.

I mean, how many assholes does one guy need?

Come on. Come on. Pass, pass, pass!

Dive for it!

I never thanked you for what you did for Isaac.

That was really great. How's he doin'?

Oh, he's fine. Raymond's taking care of him.

Is that what Raymond does? He... he takes care of things?

Yeah. Thank you.

You're welcome.


We've got to talk some basics, Raymond.

You know, Dimitri's not happy.

Well, I'm sorry to hear that, vlad.

And what about that last batch of goodies you shipped us?

What the hell was that?

And where did you find those fat, ugly guys?

Yeah, you been watchin' 'em?

You got a lot of time on your hands, there, vlad.

We need some top quality. We're in the '90s, man.

Could... Let me have the armrest.

Funny guy. Don't just fuck with Dimitri, okay?

That'd be a great name of a song.

Don't fuck with Dimitri.

♪ Hot metal through your skin get 'em in, there's no missin' ♪

♪ Bend a couple of corners then be off up in the red ♪

♪ I track down more victims than lojack systems ♪

♪ Been pointin' your position then attack you

♪ when you slippin' up ♪

♪ Go by the pound, nigga going left ♪

♪ To even try to fade Dr. k is playin' with death ♪

♪ 'Cause when I grip, you slept now you forever gon' sleep ♪

♪ Premeditated, execution-style first you bleed... ♪

♪ Three black guns pointed at your ribs ♪

♪ Fill ya fulla holes... ♪

♪ Well, you keep saying ya got a little something for me ♪

♪ Me, me, me ♪ Hey, Ricky.

I'll get it for you.

What do you think of the club? Just had it decorated, man.

This is modern if you're from Bulgaria.

Nothing like Bulgaria, man.

Over here. Sit down.

Relax, vlad. We're just kiddin' around.

Am I laughing?

Hey, it's all right.

Okay, Raymond.

Do you want to dance?

Nancy Sinatra. Yeah, nice lady.

You wanna know what I think?

I think you been cutting us out of the hoop, Raymond.

You've been screwin' us over.

Hey, Dimitri knows you been dealin' with the chinaman.

Do you think we're stupid?

How come we can't go out anymore and have a nice time?

Dimitri's getting angry, man.


He can't cover up your ass anymore.

Ray, we heard you had some kind of trouble in one of your clubs?

Yeah. Don't worry. We took care of it.

I don't know what I'm doing here.

You're dancing.

That's a matter of opinion.


This is not a negotiation. You understand?

You wanna cut us off?

Dump us in the lurch, or what?

It's in the ditch.

The expression is in the ditch.

I don't care about any fuckin' expression.

You got it?

This is the way we do things in the west.

Welcome to the free world.

Fuck motherfucker free world.

Okay, Andre.

Fuck the free world. Yeah, and fuck you.

No, fuck you! No, fuck you!

Fuck you, bitch! Fuck you, motherfucker.

Boys, boys. Shut the fuck up.

How'd you lose your license?

I was operating on a patient, and the patient died.

Was it your fault?

I was under the influence of narcotics and amphetamines at the time, so, yeah, you could say it was my fault.

How long ago was it?

Ten months, five days... What time is it now?

So how come you're still stoned?

Yeah, we'll see who ends up in the ditch, okay?


Yeah, we've been through wars before, Raymond.

Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah. Remember Afghanistan?

Very bohemian. There's no place like home.

Yeah. Listen, doc.

Anything you ever need, you call me, okay?

Anything. I'm a friend.

I mean it. I believe you.

Yeah. Good night, Claire.

Good night.

Cyril check in? Yep.

Is he all right? Better than that.

Is he happy? Extremely fuckin' happy.

What does that mean, extremely fuckin' happy?

Hey, nothin', baby. Nothin'.

What's with the doctor, ray?

What do you mean?

Do you like him, or is he your friend?

Oh, has the doctor inflamed you in some way I should be concerned about?

No. I don't like you telling people what we do.

Do you like the doctor, Claire?

No, I don't, Raymond.

Do you trust him? No.

Why not? Because he's damaged.

But we like that in a person.

A friend. Ray genuinely liked me, but why?

I'm not sure. Maybe he saw that I didn't judge him.

Who was I to judge anybody?

All I know is since I met him, I been kidnapped, taken to a laker game, a Bulgarian go-go bar with Russian gangsters, and danced with Ray's beautiful girlfriend, Claire.

Well, at least I wasn't bored.

Get us to a new hotel, and bring me

we want to talk to you, man!

You weren't supposed to fuckin' shoot him.

What's the point of us runnin' on bleedin' sand, didn't he?

I'm really happy to see you.

I finally found something I can do for you.

What's that?

I can make you a doctor again.

What do you got, a magic wand?

No. But I have a surprise.


Hey, you guys.

This is the doctor.

Hey, doc. What is it?

Gunshot wound to the abdomen. He's in hypovolemic shock.

I'm running saline with a splash of morphine, wide open.

You want me to drape him?

Hell, yeah. Get him to a hospital.

Hey, wait, wait, wait. Eugene. Hey!

Talk to me.

What happens if you take that man to a hospital?

He gets arrested?

He gets deported?

No. He's on parole.

He goes back to prison.

Well, maybe that's where he belongs.

He doesn't deserve to go back to prison.

He's not a bad guy. He had trouble with the American way of doing things, like you.

I am not a doctor.

I no longer have a license to practice medicine.

If I practice medicine, I go to jail.

I'm giving you license.

Eugene, listen to me.

I need you to work with me, here. I am giving you a chance to do some good here.

What would you do if I wasn't here?

Me? I'd probably let him die.

Don't you dare put that responsibility on me.

I won't. I will take full responsibility.

But you are a surgeon.

Now, a man lies in mortal need of your skill.

You can either do what you did in the nightclub, or you can let him die.

If I don't like what I see, he goes to the hospital.

You got it.

You see that bleeder?

I should have been a doctor.

I'd have been a great doctor.

Got it.

Let's get a sponge in here.

Look at the damage to the diaphragm.

Hey, baby. What's up?

Okay, do we have any gortex or mesh?

Yes. Yeah?

You are doing great.

Anybody lose a button? Damn.

How'd that get there?

Bullet fired from a distance of, say, ten or 15 feet...

Is gonna enter into the body and carry bits of debris...

Hair and skin.

We got broad spectrum antibiotics?

We are a full-service store.

Well, we should start.

There's all sorts of nastiness in here.

Hey, hey!

Keep him under.


Sorry, doc.



I need you to do something for me.

Yeah, what?

You ready to do it? Yeah.

I need you to get me some coffee.


It's a choice that's been offered to many men:

Be a slave in heaven or a star in hell.

Of course, I knew this was wrong, but I had been a surgeon, and on a big day, that could be like flying an f-14, only you are the pilot and the plane.

I missed that.

And hell does not always look like hell.

On a good day, it can look a lot like L.A.



Anesthesia. It dries you out. You know.

I remember from when I had my wisdom teeth pulled.

I drank a gallon of water when I woke up.

How do you feel?

Bad? Yeah.

What do you care?

I just saved your life.

I went to considerable expense to save your life.

Doesn't that indicate some kind of genuine concern?

I think you want to know where we put the merchandise.

Vlad, I can't believe you're worrying about merchandise right now.

You're not?

I'm not the one who was just on the other side, vlad.

You died.

I had my eye glued to the monitor.

You went flatline.

Now, you've come back from the dead.

You have miraculously been given a second chance to live, and all you're worried about is merchandise.

Vlad, think about it.

You are alive.

Just think about that for half a minute.

I want you to just let everything go.

Just... Just go, just go.

Let it go.


Now... do you want to continue living?


Then tell me where my fuckin' merchandise is.



Yeah, where in Phoenix?

A warehouse. Apple grove.

Jimmy's warehouse?


Thank you.

Hey, doc.

How's your swim?


How's Vladimir? He's doing very well.

I should really check up on him later this afternoon.

Great, yeah. Yeah, we'll do that.

He's got a 24-hour nurse.

Oh, good.

Yeah. Yeah.

There's your fee right there.

Ray, I didn't do it for the money.

Shy. I know.

That guy is gonna take my place.

That younger man.

Days had passed since I'd sewn Vladimir back together, and this time not a single hour had slipped by...

That I didn't think about how much I missed being a doctor.

I'd gone from hoping ray wouldn't call to wondering if he might...

To wishing he would, and then he did.

He said he had a little day trip planned and that he had another little surprise for me.

I said sure. What the hell?

How bad could that be?

Like the car? It's yours!

I just love it out here.

No buildings, no cars, no people.

It's perfect.

How you feelin', Eugene? Good.

You feel all right?


When I say "China," what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

Rice. No, seriously.

What do you think of when I say "China"?

You thinkin' of somethin'?

Okay. China.

Millions and millions of people.

What do they want?

They want the American dream, right?

The American lifestyle, right?

I wanna give it to 'em. That's what I want.

I'd be emperor blossom.


So you're gonna give China what it wants?

No, not exactly.

I mean, I'm gonna give them, like, versions of the American dream.

You know what I mean?

Like Calvin clone.

Get my drift?

Raymond... be careful. Careful of what, baby?

Just... Don't talk too much.

Oh, come on. It's Eugene. That's all right.

Is Eugene a full partner now?

He's as much a outlaw as we are, baby. Aren't you?

I'm just a replica of Eugene.

You think I'm criminal?

I think you're about as much a criminal as I am a doctor.

Yeah? And you're a very good doctor.

Raymond! Wanted on the blow, mate.

Alone at last.

You must be somebody who is always on the lookout for a new way to fuck up.

What is it about me that you find so objectionable?

Other than the fact that you're a drug addict...

And the only patients you treat are criminals?

You mean your associates.

I'm not a drug addict. I don't take drugs to get high.

I take drugs to feel normal, to get level.

I regulate my drug intake very precisely.

I'm sorry. That's right. You're a trained professional.

You should know.

No. Actually, you were right the first time.

I'm just basically always looking

you have to do me a favor, doc.

Just one thing. For me?

Somebody has been hurt.

I mean, you know, it's just a boy, you know?

I had driven half the night.

It was a nice car, all right, but the radio was shot, so I had a lot of time to think...

About Claire, for instance.

Either she hated my guts and wanted to get rid of me, or she really liked me and wanted to get rid of me.

Anyhow, wondering about Claire stopped me worrying about what I'd find on this house call.

Who was it that said, when a doctor sees a man, he doesn't see good or evil, only sick or healthy"?

Hey, just come on.

Fuck off.

Nice car, man.

Hey, you're the doc, right?


Is he okay?

He's dead.

Don't give me that shit. Fix him.

He's dead.

There's nothing I can do for him.

I say when he's dead.

All right?

All right.

I'll see what I can do.

All right! I'll see what I can do.

Come on.

He wasn't a fucking faggot.

You don't need those gloves.

He doesn't have aids.

Just a precaution.

Fuck that!

There you go.

When was he stabbed?

He wasn't stabbed.

He was fuckin' hatcheted.

It was last night.

It was those fuckin' Russians, man.

They're not fuckin' Russians. I tell you every fuckin' day.

They're fuckin' Estonians. Estonians, yeah.

Guys, he's been dead for hours.

You can fuckin' join him.

Fine, but there's nothing I can do.

He's dead. We gotta bury him.

Where are we gonna bury him, man?

Bury him in the cemetery.

Where do you think?

You are such a fuckin' idiot.

You can't bury him in a cemetery. You gotta call an undertaker, man.

The undertaker's gonna call the cops when he sees him, man.

You want the cops on our ass?

What do you suggest we do?

I don't know, man.

Who cares? Just ditch him.


Guys, do you mind if I let you settle this?

No, no, no, no, no.

Here's what you're gonna do. You're gonna do a skin graft.

It's gonna cover up the wound.

They'll think he died of a heart attack.

The coroner will do an autopsy.

He'll know that he didn't die of a heart attack.

We'll say he's you know... Jews, with the hair and hat.

A Jew?

Yeah. You can't do an autopsy on one of them.

I saw it on L.A. law.

Yeah, but look at him. He's a fuckin' Mick.

Make him a Jew, man. What are you talking about?

Change his fucking nose!

Change his fucking dick!

Make him a Jew!

Do it!

I think you gotta get ahold of yourself.

You can't do that? No. I cannot do that.


Hey, man.

I'm sorry, man.

I think you just better get outta here, man.

Get off the bus! Get the fuck off the bus!

Get the fuck... Quack! Quack! Quack!

What's up, doc? Get the fuck out of my house!

Go back to wherever...

Tell him I'm tired of his bullshit!

I am finished!

Tell Raymond to leave me alone!

I'm Thomas gage.

I'm with the f.B.I.

What the fuck do you want?

I want you to let go of my neck.

Look at this. I mean, look at this.

This is not how a doctor lives.

No. I mean, this is squalor.

I mean, you did go to med school, right?

What, are you gonna arrest me for failure to live up to my potential?

Here. I want to show you something.

Is this good shit? I mean, it looks good.

You know what it looks like?

It looks to me like... Like, ten years.


You know, with your priors, ten years mandatory.

And then there's practicing without a license.

Another five. Maybe eight. Depending, you know?

Tax evasion.

Consorting with known criminals.

What are you trying to tell me?

I'm tryin' to tell you that you're fucked.

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Hey, listen, doc. I understand.

No, I-I do. I'm a cop. I-I love being a cop.

If somebody took my badge away, I-I don't know what I'd do.

So I sympathize. I do. But that doesn't make it right.

Raymond blossom was annoying when he was knocking off Michael Jackson records, but in the last week, I've got a morgue full of dead people, here.

So, I'm sorry for you, but I need this guy.

You want me to get Raymond for you?

Well, I guess I'm not givin' you the full picture here.

What is it you want from me?

It's a big fish-little fish kind of thing.

See, Raymond is done with the Russians.

He's about to get into business with a Chinese national...

Who floods mainland China with stolen U.S. goods and hides behind diplomatic immunity.

Now, understandably, the American government is-is very upset, which means I need you to help me nail them both.

You know, Raymond and the Chinese guy.

Now, you see, I already have one of Ray's people workin' for me, and you're the lucky citizen who is gonna be my material witness.

No. No, no, no, no, no.

That's the wrong answer. No.

By the way, that work you did on vlad was, was really good.

It's too bad that ray shot him two hours after you left.

Yeah. He got what he wanted from him and he...

Right through the sutures.

From respected surgeon to mob doctor to f.B.I. Snitch.

A leads to "b" leads to "c," which you have become.

I needed ray to want to get rid of me.

Then I'd be of no use to anybody, and I'd be left alone.

Keep your hands up.


Hey. Sit down.

Is something the matter? Armed psychopaths?

Oh, well... their friend had just been killed.

They were a little upset.

They were more than just a little upset.

I'm not a pathologist. I don't work on dead people.

Okay, from now on, only in hotels, fully equipped just the way you want it.

No more house calls.

Is there anything else we can do for you?

Would you like some? No.


You know, Eugene, you've got to embrace your criminal self.

Maybe he doesn't have a criminal self.

Well, I would say that whether or not he had one to begin with, events have conspired to give him one now.

It's not my criminal self that I'm worried about.

If you're uncomfortable, why don't you just leave?

So, what the hell happened? The guy had a hatchet in him?

That's not funny, ray. Where's my $10,000?

Eugene, the guy was dead on arrival.

That's not my problem.

I make a house call, I get paid. You hired me.

You pay me.

Whatever you say.

Let's go feed the fish.

Someone to see Mr. blossom.

I'll be back.

Hey, watch this, Eugene.

Winner take all with these guys.

Raymond blossom.

Dimitri. The premier himself.

You are not surprised to see me, I hope.

Don't tell me we had an appointment I forgot about.

You forgot?

You killed two of my people.

I think we can say we have an appointment?

You have a grievance?

Yo, ray. Tell this motherfucker to get this gun outta my face.

You have your colleague... Shut up.

Dimitri... Shut up.

I heard enough. The war between us is over.

Come on. Where's the backup?

I'm not goin' in there without the backup. Come on.

All right, now listen to me, Dimitri.

This is no way businessmen conduct themselves. You see?

This is some leftover gulag trip you're on.

You don't have to do this.

Just take it nice and easy there, dude.

Hey, shut up.

You think you are superman?

Let's see how much pain you can take.

I don't quite follow you, Dimitri.

You don't follow? Follow this.


Okay, okay! Enough! Enough!

Watch this.

Man, all right!

Dimitri, enough!

Dimitri! Enough!

Ray, we gotta get her to a hospital.

We don't fucking do hospitals.

She'll go to jail.

Hey, she could die here. Get to a hospital!

No fuckin' hospitals!

We gotta go to a hospital!

We are not normal people!

Just drop us off, and I'll take care of it!

Look, no hospital, all right?

Cyril, book us at the hotel.

I can't do it that way. I can't do this at the hotel.

We'll take out every last one of these Russians, man.

This is shit, man.

All right, man.

Are you fuckin' crazy?

I'll help you.

Fix it!

Hold on, baby. Hold on!

What the fuck's he doin' back there?

This is a nightmare!

Shut the fuck up, all right?

All right, man.

Doctor, talk to me!

What the... What are you doing?

I'm givin' her something for pain.

All right, all right.

Okay, here we go.

All right. What are you doing now? How is she?

How is she?

Hang in there, baby!

Come on.

Come on, Claire.

Oh, Jesus.

All right, all right...

All right.

It's too late, ray.

What? What the fuck you mean it's too late?

She's dead.

Get outta the car!

What the hell did you do to her?

I didn't do anything to her.

She got shot! What did you do to her?

She lost too much blood!


We've got to get rid of the body, though, ray.


Fuckin' hate people!

Ray, ray, ray.

Get the hell in the car!

We got a dead body in the car we gotta get rid of.

Never asked your opinion.

Just get in the bloody car.

Fuckin' get real, man!

Just calm down for a minute, mate.

You gotta sort out all this shit.

You bring the body to the beach house.


It's all right.

Bye, baby.

Will you take care of him?

I'll find you later.

No, no, no, not here.

Not here.

I did everything I could.

All right. Put the gun down, man.

Get in the car.

♪ It's just your jive talkin' ♪ Oh, I love this. ♪ you're telling me lies ♪

♪ Jive talkin' ♪ Where are we going?

It's right on the beach.

You'll love it.

♪ Jive talkin' so misunderstood, yeah ♪ Is this a place Raymond owns?

I don't know who owns it.

♪ Jive talkin' ♪ ♪ you're tellin' me lies ♪ How long do you think we're going to stay there?

Not long.

What's not long?

Like a few days? A week?

What do you think? Listen, Drake.

This is what you want to call a fluid situation.

I understand, but we have to dispose of the body.

I think it's best not to anticipate too much.

Let's take things as they come.

♪ With all your jive talkin' ♪

♪ I'm tellin' a lie ♪

♪ Good lovin' ♪

♪ Still gets in my eyes ♪

♪ Nobody ♪

♪ Believes what you say ♪

♪ It's just your jive talkin' that gets in the way ♪


♪ Oh, my love you're so good ♪

Thank you.

Where's Raymond? I made him think you were dead.

So you wearin' the wire for gage?


Where's the nearest hospital?

That's more than half an hour away.

What the hell happened to you?

It's my friend. Bring him in.

Don't worry. Nothin' said.

Susan, can you hand me those forceps from the boiling water over there?

Do you need a knife, doc?

No. This'll be fine.

Hey, Jerry, will you do me a favor?

Will you take the stethoscope off?

Put it on.

Put it over her heart.

Every time her heart beats, I want you to tap your foot.

I need to know what her heart's doing.

Okay, doc.

And be real careful. Such a pretty little thing.

Just a little, teeny scar.

Oh, I'll give her a tiny scar.

You're not even gonna know I was here.

Here it comes. Oooh.

Nine millimeter.

Jerry, either her heart stopped, or your foot stopped.

Oh, I'm sorry, doc. It's okay.

Gonna be all right?

I believe she's gonna be fine.

I could use another beer.

All I got in the way of clean clothes.

Thanks. And thanks for helping me.

Oh, you do what good you can, and pass it on.

You're welcome to stay, you know.

We actually have to move on now, but thank you.

Sure is a lot of gloop in there.

Gonna hurt the resale value.

It's true.

Probably have to strip it out for parts.

Actually, I was thinking of trading it in.



You okay?


How's the pain? It's better.

You should take these. I got two left.

No, thanks.

Claire, they're painkillers.

That's actually what they're designed for.

Yeah, I know.


Thank you.

Run and hide, or turn ourselves in to the f.B. I?

Don't you hate those little decisions?

I took the only option any reasonable person would.

I put it on hold.

Where are we? My family's summer house.

When I was a kid, anytime a friend of mine got shot, I'd bring 'em here. Sixteen steps.


You want me to carry you? No.

You wanna carry me?

Is that you?

The wall of shame.

Come on.

What if your parents come home?

They won't come home.

Are you sure? Yeah.

Well, my father's dead, so...


Yeah, he won't be showing up.

And my mom's retired, so she stopped having anything to get away from.

What does she do? She's a doctor.

Of course.

Sit down here.

Now I get to use the line I always wanted to use in medical school.

Take off your clothes and get under the sheets.

Yes, doctor.

Okay. Get some sleep.

I'll be back to take a look at you later.

Okay. All right.

Ray, we gotta get rid of the body.

She was a big help. She was very helpful.

Maybe he doesn't have a criminal self.

Give her something for the pain.

She's dead!

Ray. Howdy, caballeros.

What'd he say?

Spanish for "cowboy." Oh, all right.

Ë que Paso, Raymond?

I wanna hire a couple of maids.

Oh, I don't know, man.

Long hours. The surf's up.

Yeah, the surf's up, ray.

As long as there's an ocean, the surf will always be up.

You see that?

That's the boss.

First thing the boss always wants...

Kiss ass.

How does hawall sound?

Hawai? It sounds good.

What do you need?

One week, maybe two; Clean a little house;

You watch my back until this thing clears up;

And I'll set you up in hawall.

Hula girls? Don ho.

A regular luau.

That's funny. I didn't hear you coughing.

If you do quit, how long 'til you're okay?

Three to four fun-filled days of sweats, dehydration and panic attacks.

If I crash out, you can wake me up if...

If you need me.

You shouldn't go through this alone.

Is that loaded?

I figured if any of the bad guys show up, you could shoot 'em.

Did you like being a doctor?

It's what I did...

Every day...

All day long.

You singin'?

One more.


Hello, gage.

It's Raymond blossom.

Do I know you?

As well as you can know someone you have under 24-hour surveillance.

That Raymond blossom.

What do you want?

My girl.

I want my girl back.

You gotta be kidding me. No.

Your doctor took my girl.

I want her back.

I love her.

Are you still there?


What if she's dead?

Well, call me sentimental, but...

I still want her back.

All right.

Here's what I need.

I will provide you with some merchandise to deliver to your Chinese friend.

It's the real thing. He analyzes it.

The programs are a hundred percent legit.

Now, ray, this is no big bust.

You'll be wired.

You drop the line;

You get your Chinese friend on tape buying, and you leave quietly.

You do that, we'll see what we can do for you and your girl.

I'm your man.


Good morning. Good morning.

How're you feeling?

Fabulous. Don't get up.

I should take a look at that.

No, that's okay.

Besides, I don't have ten grand.

You're not insured? Nope.

Anyway, you look a lot worse than I do.

I'm actually kind of excited.

You're the first patient I've had in a while who's not a sociopath.

Well, I'm not snow white, am I?

I don't think any of us are.

Well, at least you used to be something good.

And I don't know what I've been.

So now I'm probably going to jail with a pretty little hole in my chest, nicely stitched up.

I could ask the f.B.I. For adjoining cells.

I am your doctor.

Did you call them?

No, but we have to.


So, it must've been great growing up always knowing what you wanted to be.

Yeah, it was great. It was.

But when you come from a long line of doctors, it's not good enough to be a doctor.

You know to be the doctor. You know?

Well, it wasn't about being a surgeon anymore.

It was about me.

I mean, when you're a surgeon, people come to you and they say, "you can save my life."

You can save the life of my child."

You know? They look at you with these eyes full of hope, and you want to do it.

You think, "if I go to sleep, who's going to save" all these people?"

That's the way God feels, right?

I needed help to stay up, though, you know.

Started taking drugs.

I'm a doctor, I can handle it.

Some meth to get up, a little fentanyl citrate to come down.

And then one day, I found myself up and down at the same time, and I realized that I wasn't God.

I wasn't even an angel.

And all those lives I saved didn't add up to the one life that I lost.

Well, that's what I've been thinking about anyway...

All night.

Well, you saved me.

Thank you for getting shot.

Any time.

That's a big fish.

Hey, this is nice. This is very nice.

Yeah, I like it a whole lot better than that shithole you were living in.

I mean, you could... You could have a girl back here.

The problem is, even though you get points for calling, you still owe me.

How're you feeling about Raymond these days?

Do you love him?

Do you feel attracted to him?

You know, attracted to him sexually?

Where do you get off?


The fuckin' sea air.

What I need from you is to make Raymond believe...

That you're still in love with him, then we can end this whole thing.

How long?

'Til I say so.


You were dropped off at the emergency room of...

Good samaritan. Good samaritan.

And when you regained consciousness, you went right back into his arms.

As close as you ever were. Closer.

You might want to take a leak before we go.

We got a long drive.

We're not gonna stop at dairy queen?

I thought your pill stash might be running a little low, so I got you these.

This is your brand, I think?

No, thank you.

Oh, so that's it.

Physician, heal thyself.

Nice outfit.

I picked it out just for you.

They're waiting.

So, what happens to you?

I'm a material witness.

I get a five-star vacation in a downtown hotel.

Well, don't do any operations.

No more hotel work for me.

It's been nice to actually meet you, doctor.

It's been nice to actually meet you too.

♪ Anything ♪

♪ Anything's worthwhile ♪

Hi, baby.

Hi, honey.

You look pretty good for someone who was just dead.

Let me see you.


I need to see you, where you got shot, Claire.

Show me where you got shot.

♪ If you can catch me ♪ I'm sorry, baby.

♪ Life is golden ♪

♪ To the gold

♪ you might catch me ♪

I am so sorry, baby.

♪ You can't touch me ♪ ♪ no ♪

♪ But you might ♪ Before we get settled in, anything you want?

No. Just the chocolate, candy, anything with sugar for the next 24 hours.

We got plenty of that here. Anything else?

Gage said to get you whatever you want.

I'll take an uzi.

Relax. You're safe in here with us.


I saw your work at Ruby Ridge.

You want me to get that for you?


What is it?

It's red silk, your favorite.

Happy Birthday, angel.

It's not my birthday.

No, I know it's not your real birthday.

But you were dead, and now you're alive.

It's a new beginning. It's a new day.

You get dressed.

We got some business to finish.

One ball count.

One ball, one strike.

You want some Chinese food?


You're gonna get sick eating that.

It's not good for you.

This is the greasiest Chinese food I have ever eaten.

What are you doing?

You cold?

No, man.

I'm puttin' on my ski mask.


So I don't... We're not fuckin' there yet.

Why don't you get a sandwich sign that says I'm a fuckin' killer?

Can you be more conspicuous?

Gimme my mask. I don't have it.


Well, I told you that when you said get the guns and the...

I said, "get the guns and get the masks."

That's two things.

I thought you meant my mask.

You fuckin' loser!

You didn't bring... You wanna wear mine?

No, I don't want to fuckin' wear yours.

That's ugly.

What am I gonna do, though? I don't know.

I guess we just kill all of 'em, man.

You hungry? No.

You sure? Yes.

What happened to my fortune cookie?

Don't know. Don't care.

Fuck! Perry? Fuck, per!

Just wait here, honey. Doc!

Doc! Get your fuckin' ass in here, doc!

Perry got hit.

Fuck. Doc! Doc!

You fuckin'... You goddamn motherfuckin' bastard federal fuckers!

I'll help you. I'll help you.

Doc! Don't shoot me.

Doc! Right on, man.

Come on out, man!

Perry got hit.

I'm comin' out.

Come on, doc!

You gotta help. Please!

Don't shoot. Calm down.

I'll help you.

Fix him. Fix him.

I'll help you.

Fix his ass!

Fix fuckin' down there!

Fix his ass now! Fix him!

I can't work on your friend if you point that thing in my face!

Sorry, man. Fuck! Is he all right? Perry?

Sorry, honey.

Hang in there, baby.

First, we gotta clean the wound.

I need some hot water and some towels from the bathroom.

Don't light that. Go get it!


Hurry up!

What are you doin'?

Tell me where ray and Claire are.

I thought you were gonna fix my friend.

Just tell me where they are!

First, you fix Perry. He's dead.

You gonna shoot me?

You wouldn't kill me, would ya?

No, I won't kill you.

But I know where to shoot you so you'll be in diapers for the rest of your life.

Let me take a look at you, baby.

Look pretty good.

You know, you and I, we're a really good team.

Just like Bonnie and Clyde.

A little Sonny and Cher.

You know.

Captain and tennille.

Just tighten up.

Anything could happen in the next half hour.

All access backstage.

Let's have a good time.

Our boy just passed me. He's headin' up.

Hey. You can't park your car there.

I'm a doctor.

Watch my car, okay?

This is what it's gonna take to get you back.

I had to do this.

No. Baby, I'm back.

Save it for later?

You got your adrenalin goin', I got mine goin'.

It takes a lot to get my juices flowin', but they're goin'.

They're flowin'.

What the fuck's he talkin' about?

This is just the beginning.

Let's go to work.

I'm with the f.B.I.

What's your name?


You're doin' a good job, Michael. Look, I just...

I need you to stay here, and keep your eyes open, okay?

Gage, it's our doctor. What? You stop him now!

You see, Claire, it's pretty fundamental.

I figured it wasn't the doctor who killed cyril.

It was you.

And then I figured you and the doctor were together.

But you see, none of that really matters anymore because he's dead.

I made sure of that.

What's he talkin' about? The doctor's dead?

Make way.

You lost control of it, gage.

He killed the agents guarding me and he tried to kill me.

Damn it, you son of a bitch! This is not your...

Will you shut up and tell me where they are?

Subject on 12.

Goddamn it!

Oh, come on, Claire.

Just pretend we're gonna go adopt a Chinese baby.

Sands, you go up there, I will reach down your throat...

And pull your balls off through your nose!

Copy that, sir.

Son of a bitch!

I wanna thank you for seeing us.

I know how busy you are.

Well, I appreciate it.

You know, here in the west, the way we like to do business is...

We like to put a face with a voice.

Come on, Raymond.

Just make the deal, and we can all go home.


Silicone valley's greatest hits.

The cash.

I'm sure we can look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

It seems some things below have gotten confusing.

I'm afraid, sir, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Confused? I'm not the least bit confused.

I'm sorry. My English is not so good.

Please, forgive me.

My English is perfect.


Cover all exits!

Get down to the car.

We've been played.

Oh, my God. Hey.

Oh, my!

That could have gone a bit smoother.

What are you doing? What am I doing?

I'm fucking everybody!

Look at that?

Everybody's wired.

Michael! Sit on that guy 'til I get back.

It's Dr. sands. Good.

Follow him.

Tom. Tom. Look at that.

Three cars, all the same.

What a coincidence.

That's amazing. You're amazing.

Can't you see what he's doing?

Fuckin' three-card monte.

The real fucking shame of it is that you have the most beautiful lips...

That utter the filthiest words and caress the dirtiest places.

How could you degrade yourself?

That is the real shame?

How could ya?

Was it good with the doctor?

Does he do it for ya?

No. You're scaring me!

I'm scaring you? Well, things do get scary when you betray the person who loves you most.

♪ Why, why, why, delilah ♪

Pull alongside the doctor. Pull alongside the doctor.

Pull over, stop your engine and wait there!

Pull your ass over and stay there, you...

Raymond, stop the car.

I'm not gonna stop the fuckin' car!

This is a car chase!

I went through considerable expense to set this up.

We can't just stop!

And to the floor! Place your bets, gentlemen!

Go straight ahead. The doctor's goin' left.

Go straight ahead!

All right! All right.

I got him. I got him.

Use the force, Luke.

Here we go!

Against the flow!

Hey, that fuckin' doctor sure is stuck on you.

Shut up.

Tenacious little prick, isn't he?

You know, I might even consider some couple therapy.

Fuck you!

That's right. That's right.

Oh, God!

How boring, this fucking doctor.

Just wait here a second, baby.

I just realized this shouldn't take me more than a moment.

One more detail I have to take care of, missy.

I just gotta go kill your doctor.


All right, doctor boy.

What, are you gonna shoot me, doc?

That'd be so out of character for ya!

Since when are you such a good judge of character?

Come on. Put up your Dukes.

Put 'em up!

Two guys fighting over a girl.

You gotta love it.

Shut up, ray.

I'm so sick of listening to your bullshit.

Let's go, Claire.

Come on, doc! Come on!

Now, where do you think you're goin'?

Hey, get back in the car!

Oh, now you're not talking to me?

Relax, ray. Have a smoke.

Wait for your f.B.I. Friends. They'll be here soon.


Fuck it. I have to kill both of ya.

I'll be right back.

Stay back.

Thanks for comin' back, pal.

I needed the money. Yeah.

H-how's it look?

Not very good.

You got a lot of internal bleeding.

Your spleen's probably ruptured.

So if I... if I shoot ya...

If you shoot me, we could both die on this bridge.

Oh, hello, dear.

You're gonna save me? I can't do that, ray.

I'm only a doctor.

The chain of events had ended where it began, with me leaning over a patient trying to save a life.

Well, ray got his life...

In a state correctional facility.

Claire, she's tryin' to get her life back together, but this time, she's being very responsible.

I made her take out insurance so she can get a really good doctor.

Can't be everywhere, you know?

I may get my license back. I may not. We'll see.

In any case, I guess I learned that if you're in the business of saving lives, you better start with your own.

And, of course, always call 911.

♪ Well, you keep saying you got a little something for me ♪

♪ Something you call love well, confess ♪

♪ And you've been messing ♪

♪ Where you shouldn't have been a-messing ♪

♪ And now someone else is getting all your best ♪

♪ Well, these boots are made for walking ♪

♪ And that's just what they'll do ♪

♪ One of these days these boots are gonna walk ♪

♪ B-b-b-boots are made for talking ♪

♪ And that's just what they'll do ♪

♪ And one of these days these boots are gonna ♪

♪ Walk all over you ♪

♪ Tune in, drop out of love ♪

♪ Pull the trigger ♪

♪ I'm a heavy soothsayer truth in blood ♪

♪ Alive and well ♪

♪ You push the buttons ♪

♪ Standing in line of fire ♪

♪ For the war my soul ♪

♪ Staff chords with drums and singing ♪

♪ Love the children ♪

♪ Learn to live with everything ♪

♪ Love, love, love ♪

♪ On the trigger hippie, yeah ♪

♪ Love, love, love ♪