Pleasure or Pain (2013) Script

Are you ready to do this? Yeah.

Are you scared?


You'll do great.

Just let me know when you're ready.

Five, four, three, two, one. You' re on.

Are you up? Of course you are.

Night owls. Night hawks.

Lovers. Dreamers.

Girls on the run.

Would you like me to tell you a story? Yes.

A story off sexual addiction...

... of giving up control.

A love affair turned... toxic.

Of how I almost lost my leg...

... and nearly lost my life.

Santa Monica by the sea.

On a lazy...

Sunday afternoon.

I was designing jewelry at the time.

Not doing so great, but... good enough.

Making ends meet.

I was at my friend Matthew's shop on Main street, when a wealthy client of his, appeared in the reflection of the mirror I was standing in front of.

I'll take her.

She's not for sale, Jack.

Too bad. I was refering the boat.

Victoria Dupre, this is Jack Thornton, one of my oldest and dearest clients.

Nice choice. This will look great in your house.

He was wearing a dark suit... and a crisp, white shirt.

The woman with him...


Came to find out later was his...

"go-to" girl.

And in that first moment... of eye contact... he made it absolutely clear to me... without even saying a word that he would not disappoint me.

How long have you lived here?


I'll get around to furnishing it one of these days.

It's so empty.

I've never seen anything like it. It's so beautiful.

Do not move, stay there.


Absolutely fuckin' beautiful.

Take off your clothes.


You have a beautiful body.

Show it to me.

It's our first date, Jack.

Don't you think we might be moving... too fast?


But if you want me to stop, tell me... and I will.

That's what you want, Victoria?

Did you want me to stop?

What's it going to be Victoria?

It's up to you.

It will always be up to you.

I'm gonna sit here and watch.

Let me see your breasts.

Perfect body. Perfect smile.

Talented. Smart.

You just take my breath away.

Take off your panties, Victoria.

What I'm going to do now, is open the front of my pants... and wait for you to come over here...

and slowly sink down onto me.

Will you do that for me, Victoria?

That's what I want.


I want you to take me... inch by inch.

Breathing in... and breathing out.

No kissing.

No touching.

Just the feeling of me inside you.

I'm growing bigger... and more insistent by the moment.

Contract the muscles... of your vagina.


Make love to me like that.

Can you do it without moving?

Tell me I want to know.

Can you feel how much I want you?


Breathing in... and breathing out.

No kissing.

No touching.

Truth be told... the first time you touched me...

I came.

A first of many firsts.

Fucked nonstop for a week.




The whole nine yards.

Marry me.

Are you crazy?

Marry me.


So you can turn me into what you want?

You are already exactly what I want.

They say he bought up all the property that he could downtown when he was just a kid.

You know back when downtown was like living in Outer Mongolia and everybody was selling their soul to be on the west side?

Not our Jack.

He was buying Downtown.

I don't know where he got the money, but he got it.

And he has the most beautiful penis.

What? How do you know?

I've been told. By whom?

Oh my God, don't tell me he's gay.

Sorry, trade secret.

Flowers for Miss Dupre. I'm Victoria Dupre.

Ooo! Looks like somebody likes what he saw!

He asked me to marry him.

Already? I'm not surprised.

I was.

What'd you say?

I said he didn't know me well enough.

Wrong answer.

The greatest fuck you've ever had Jack.

Tell me about it.

I want to know.

Where are you taking me?

What's going on?

The greatest fuck I've ever had... that's what you wanted to know right?

Pretend this is an elevator in an office building. Okay?

I'm just about to step onto it... when a woman comes charging at me carrying a huge bouquet of wild flowers. begging me to hold the elevator for her, because she forgot something in her office... and she's in a real hurry.

You'll be the woman, I'll be me.

You alright with that?


Do it.

Oh my God, I completely forgot.

More conviction. Play the role.

I'm such an idiot.

Can you hold the elevatorfor me please?

I'll be back in just a second. I swear.

Better... and before I could answer, she hands me the flowers... runs back to her office,

Grabs a box with a birthday cake in it... and comes running back.

We step on the elevator,

I hand her back the flowers.

Low and behold the elevator stops, between floors.


Greatest fuck I ever had.

Do you want to go on?

Yes? Yeah, just stopped.

Twenty minutes?


Yeah we're fine, we're fine. Thank you.

I'm afraid this is going to take awhile.

I'm dead... completely dead. My husband is going to kill me.

He reach up under your skirt, slide off your panties... and put them in the right coat pocket.

You really said that? I did.

And she did it? Not right away, but eventually, yes.

Twenty minutes till those doors open again... and all I'm asking you to do, is reach up under yours skirt... slide off your panties... and put them in the right coat pocket.

You asked me to describe the greatest fuck I ever had.

That's what you said?

I'll show you.

I'll take this as far as you want to go.

Never done anything like that when I was a kitten. but with Jack... a lot of things that I'd never done before.

Things I, fantasized about doing... over and over again in my mind.

It all seemed so easy.

So... natural.


Marry me.

Yes or no?

Please, make me come.

Yes or no?

Yes, I'll marry you.

The answer is yes.

Yes Jack.

We are gathered here for the most holy of ceremonies.

The union of two individuals who truly love one another..

May I ask you to repeat after me, I, Jack Thorton...

Cheers. Cheers.

I loved today.

Special if my mother and Matthew could have been there.

Then your dad would have had to come... and his new wife who you don't like. and... her kids and their dog... and his wife's mother, and her sister, And what about my Aunt Rose?

... and her nurse?

And Matthew's lover and his lover's lovers.

Just answer me one question.

How did Matthew... know you had a beautiful penis?

Tell me.

I want to know.

Someone must have told him. Who?

Beats me.

Someone I dated I guess.

Who was she?

... and how many "shes" have there been?

That's not important. It is to me.

I want to know how many hearts I've just broken.

All of a sudden...

I started resenting all of Jack's ex lovers..

Blondes with the fake tits, brunettes, the puffy collagen lips.


The question is, "How do you keep a man like Jack faithful?"


Come on, Victoria, this is our wedding night.

Where the hell are you?




Tell me.

All the stories I heard about you...

How every day you'd pick out a different woman.

Take her back to your suite at The Ritz and fuck her brains out.

They are true?

Come on, Victoria, we just got married.

It's true, isn't it?


I bet you didn't even ask them their names.

It had nothing to do with love.

It had nothing to do with you.

Your life growing up Jack, tell me about it.

I want to know every detail.

I liked boxing gyms and the feel of money in my pocket.

I liked coming to this country knowing I could be anything I wanted to be.

I liked reading the real estate ads in the Times, I liked buying new clothes and having my shoes shined.

I liked being alone, eating alone, and waking up alone.



I saw you in Matthew's showroom that day.

You are so full of shit Jack.

I like watching you move. I like the jewelry you make.

I like your hair, your eyes, the music you listen to, your spirit.

I do, really.

I like your energy, your dreams, your laughter, your rage.

I like everything about you. My rager?

Your rage, yeah. Right below the surface, ready to explode.

Good, clean, cherry-pink rage.

I don't have any rage.

Everyone has rage.

Just a question of what comes out and what form it takes.

It's what drives us. Really?


I wish I could protect you from my past... but I can't.

Fuck the past.


Stop it!

Stop it!


Jack this is dangerous. Stop... Stop it!

What the fuck are you doing? Stop.



I hate to think that I was out of control even then, but I was...

I was in love.

... or was it lust?

Had I fallen in love with Jack or... was it just that magnificent dick of his?

I even started to go with him on his dates. At his hotel suite.

I went to a spa and I got a facial and manicure.

I love European boys and I heard you are Greek.

Hi, Jack. I came all the way from Valencia, Spain... because I heard that your dick is amazing. The 100% Greek dick?

And I promised to all my girlfriends that I would take a photo of your dick.

So you gonna let me take a photo of it right?


I've been divorced for about a year now, and I've only been with one man.

One of my friends ways saying what a wonderful lover your are.

I was hoping that you could unlock the passion I know is inside of me.

Would you like to seem make myself squirt, Jack?

Sure why not?

If you don't let me take a photo of your dick, I'm not gonna fuck you.

But, if you let me, maybe I can fuck you... or maybe I can give a blowjob.

You want me to show you how I do the blowjob?

First I take the balls, and lick them from down, up...

Believe it or not, I actually I paid someone to teach me.

It was the most fun I've ever had in my lfe..


... and then I take the dick, and I start to suck it.

Until I can feel here.

I love it, and until I can feel the milk all over me... cuz, I love milk.

It can get a little messy.

So I've heard.

I wanted to look good for you. American boys, they are too controlling.

Sometimes we'd play this game where I'd just show up in the room.

Just to see what the reaction would be.

Who is she? My wife.

Would you like to meet her? Sure.

And most women seemed happy to have me there.

That is how much I sacrifice myself and to fuck you. So what do you say?

You can take a picture of my dick.

Who fuck is this? My wife.

And then there were the ones that just... freaked out and ran out of the room screaming.



Very nice to meet you.

You're very pretty... and tall.

From Slovakia.

So Monica, are you in or out?

I'm in.

You might want to get me a towel.

I brought you your towels Mr. Thorton. I'm sorry was I interrupting something?

And sometimes I'd dress up as a hotel maid... and come into the room with an armful of fresh towels.

Jack would invited me to stay and play.

Come here, Jack.

Jack, what am I supposed to do?

Anything you want.

And through it all, Jack just kept on smiling

He was happy... and so was I.

Two days later...

Jack left on a business trip.

New Orleans this time.

He asked me to go with him, but I had a big jewelry show to get ready for.

So I stayed home.

Alright guys on three. Ready?

One two Three.

Hi, I'm Isabel. We haven't been formally introduced.

Jack asked me to look after you while he was away.

Congratulations on your marriage by the way.

I'm a little jealous that I was't invited to the ceremony, but that's our Jack.

His way or the highway?

I hope you like the dining set I picked out for you.

I like it.

"His Way or the highway."

Thanks for the warning, sister.

Opera gloves and stilettos... in the middle of the day?

Turns out, Isabel had been working for Jack for years.

She was his go-to girl, his assistant... cook, and Chief bottle-washer.

Later, she swore to me that she never fucked him.

Although it was hard for me to believe...

I kinda chose to at the time.

Victoria, this is Rita.

She's going to be helping around the house while Jack's away.

So if there's anything you need or want, don't hesitate to ask.

These are gorgeous.

Can I try one on? Of course.

Turn around and let me see.

It's beautiful.

What do you think?

How about unbutton the rest of your shirt?

Let's see what that looks like.

The bra.

Take off your bra and put it on the floor.

I want to see what this necklace looks like against some skin.

She's a beautiful model. Perfect for your jewelry.

Don't you think?

You know, I brought my camera with me.

Would you mind if I took a few pictures?

Did Jack put you up to this?

Jack didn't put me up to anything.

He told me to keep you amused.

I assume this is amusing you?


It's beautiful. Oh yeah... right there.

Victoria, why don't you stand in the frame? And watch from there.

No, I'm more of a "behind the camera" kinda girl.

I'm not asking you to do anything. Just watch.


Fine, if you're not going to take any pictures, take a look at these.

That's pretty hot, huh?

Here you try.

Put the camera up to your eye.

Poses for her.

Keep shooting, and I have no idea what's going to happen next.

How unexpected was that... right?

And it didn't turn me off... it... excited me.


You've been a bad girl Victoria, haven't you?

This is the first time it's rung since you left?

C'mon Victoria, don't be coy.

Isabel told me about your little photo shoot.

Sounds like a perfect way of selling jewels if you ask me.

And it turned you on didn't it?

Tell me.

Yes. Yes what?

Yes, it turned me on. What did you feel?

Describe it to me, in detail.

I can't. - Of course you can.

Tell me exactly how it made you feel.

Wet, as if you were going down on me.

Your tongue on my clit... doing what you do to get me off.

Do I get you off?

Really... get you off?

Or are you just faking it?

Most women fake it.

That's just common knowledge.

Not this woman.

Good to know. Now I want to wet your fingers... and drop them down between your legs, and make yourself come.

I've got my cock in my hand.

Why doesn't that surprise me.

It shouldn't. It's the effect you have on me.

It is hard? Describe it to me.

It's as hard and big as it's ever been.

Just hearing your voice turns it into a monster.

I'm looking at my body in the mirror as I masturbate.

I can see the juice from my pussy running down the inside of my leg.

Good girl.

- If I were there, I would lick it away. Of course you would.

With you...

I am always ready to play.

Something that's never happened before you.

I love it.


That's about as hot as it gets.

Everything he did excited me.

No matter what he did... or how he did it... or how uncomfortable... it made me feel, in the end...

I would always end up having a massive orgasm.

And I loved it.

You saw me watching you earlier didn't you?

I'm sorry, I just happened to be there, it was an accident.

Was it really?

Did you find everything satisfactory madame?

My name is Victoria.

Is there anything else you'd like me to get for you, Victoria?

Everything is perfect just the way it is.

Perfect? Yes.


Jack hired Antonio to be your driver. He'll take you anywhere you'd like to go.

It's fine, I have my own car. Not anymore.

Jack gave me instructions to sell it for you, buy you a new Range Rover.

All you need to do is pick out the color. It'll be here by the end of the week.

Isabel was put there to pushmy buttons.

I knew that. And Jack had put her up to it.

No doubt, about it.

Victoria, I'm pleased to see you.

Rita and her friend Adelaide are trying out these new sex toys... for some audition for a sex toy company.

I mean, it's not the movies and I know that, but Adelaide and I really want this job...

I mean, you got to start somewhere, right?

Ask Victoria if she'd like join us.

Victoria, would you like join us?

I do not think she's ever used a sex toy before.

Ask her.

Have you ever masturbated with a toy before?

Would you like to?

I'll pick you a good one.

Here, this one is like the perfect beginer's toy.

Just let me know how it works for you in the morning.

You'd be doing me a huge favor.

If you can sell her a vibrator, you have the job made.

I've masturbated before.

Not as a steady diet but from time to time.

But now... once I started...

It was like I couldn't stop.

What do you think? Nice.

Ever since I was a teenager, every time I saw a car like this... all I wanted to do is get inside where no one could see... slide my panties off... and rub my bare ass all over the nice leather seats.

And you know what? Every bit as good as I thought it would be.

C'mon Rita try!

Right? Isn't it amazing?

C'mon Victoria, it's your turn. I think I'll pass.

Why does that not surprise me that Victoria would turn me down?

What about you Antonio, in or out? I'm way ahead of you.

So Victoria, this is your band new car.

You get first dibs on going down on Antonio.

How considerate of you.

I'll take that as a no. I'll do the honor myself.

Don't tell me. It's you, and you think I've been a bad girl again?

Have you been? Not this time. At least, not yet.


How did she manage to call you so fast? I just left her a second ago.

Who? - Don't be coy, Jack... doesn't suit you.

Hold on a sec...

Thank you very much. Just...

Nobody called me, Victoria. I just wanted to talk to you Who's in the room with you?

The chambermaid. I needed some fresh towels.

Of course you did. I wonder why?

You can talk to her if you want, I don't think she speaks any English.

But you can try, if that will make you feel any better.

Is she pretty?


I'm having a hard time controlling myself.

You want to talk to her? I can get her to put her teeth back in.

No really, I've never had a blowjob from a woman with no teeth.

- It could be interesting. Could be.

Why do not you go find out?

I Gotta go. No you don't.

Yes I do.

See you when you get home.

Truth be known...

I was beyond excited...

Hi, Beautiful day huh? Yeah.

Beautiful day, beautiful house, beautiful people.

Not as pretty as you.

You're really really pretty...

"model" pretty.

And you're nice.

I can see why Jack married you.

There's something I need to ask you.

Hope you're not offended by it but I really need to know

Have you ever slept with Jack?

Once. Maybe twice.

Do not get me wrong, it was fine.

Better than fine.

I do not expect anything else.

I think Jack and I are just too much alike if you know what I mean?

You on the other hand.

Now you're the "marrying" kind. Which is a good thing...

I guess.

Shit, especially nowadays when everything's disposable.

No doubt about it.

Jack and his team were... forcing me... to find out things about myself, that...

I had no idea were there.

Is this what you want, Jack?

How was your day?

Interesting. Do you like my dress?

It suits you.

Rita's made us the most wonderful dinner.

Chicken. Just the way you like it.

Thank you.

Don't you feel ridiculous?

I do.


Look at me.

I think you look marvelous.

Who else has Jack done this with?

That's something you should ask Jack.

How much has he told you about me?

He told us he finally found someone he truly loved.

Doesn't it seem odd to you... that he'd leave me here alone like this?

Nothing Jack does surprises me.

Including marrying me?

Are you asking if I'm jealous?

I'm asking... if you're in love with Jack?


I Am.

What about you and Rita?

Are you lovers outside of here?


And Antonio?


And Jack?

No, wait.

Let me guess.

That's something I should ask him.

Would you like to see a really sexy film Ms.Thorton?

It's wonderful, and old.

A classic.

Aren't they beautiful?

And brave?

We're here for your pleasure, Mrs. Thorton.


I can't.

You choose.

Antonio... or me.

I had never experienced such... intense pleasure.

And when it was over... all I wanted was more.

Will you wait for me, Antonio? Of course.

Anonymous sex.


Without guilt... without shame.

Without a seconds hesitation.

Pleasure or pain?


Are you sure?


She's all yours, mistress.

When the cat's away, the mouse will play.

Pleasure or pain, Mrs. Thorton?

It's your choice.

Pleasure. I can't hear you, Mrs. Thorton.


Very good.

What brought you here to our little circle tonight?

My husband.

Your husband?

Tell us about him.

He controls me... manipulates me... from afar.

Never knowing what he's going to do next.

The unspoken,

The unspoken?

What's hidden... deep... inside of us... that we never knew was there.

Until someone brings it out.

Tell us why you came here tonight?

We want to know. We have to know.

I'm so scared.

Of what?

Letting myself go.

There's a man standing behind you, Mrs. Thorton.

What do you want him to do?

Pleasure or pain?


Who are you?

Does it really matter?


You are so beautiful, Mrs. Thorton.

Does seeing me making love to Antonio make you jealous?


I know this might sounds strange, sick even... but seeing you with him reminded me of how much I love you.

He said that, as I neared orgasm...

I suddenly became another person.

I wish I was.

An insatiable, sex crazed, orgasm, obsessed, creature.

That night changed me.

But the changed him too.

It got to the point where...

Jack no longer wanted to make love to me.

And it made me crazy.

I became obsessed with... trying to think of things to please him... to turn him on.

As much as we tried... there was nothing I could do.

It was humiliating.

But, I didn't care.

I just wanted him back.

I'd do anything... to get him back.

And every time I did what he wanted...

He just pushed me further away.

You look good in red, Victoria.

Have I ever told you... how I came the first time you touched me?

The question is, why don't you want me anymore?

Have you used me up...


Do you want me to move out?

If you do, I will.

Just tell me what you want.

And I'll do it.

Have you met someone else? Is that it?

Someone pretty... and innocent?

Like I was?

Does it hurt you... to see me desperate like this...


Because I... am certainly... in pain.



Hello, Victoria.

I've heard so many wonderful things about you.

Eve's from Oklahoma.

She's here in L.A. hoping to become a porn star.

I'm meeting with the people from Vivid next week.

I'm really excited. You should keep your fingers crossed for me.

Isabel has kindly agreed... to shoot some footage of Eve doing here thing.

Like a screen test.

I'll be the director... and you... will be the movie star.

Eve, if it's okay with Victoria...

I want you to seduce her... in the most provocative wayyou can think of.

Are you okay with that, Victoria?

How long have you two been seeing each other?

About a month, come Saturday night.

Does that offend you?


It might have before I met Jack... but now...

not at all.

So it's okay?

Whatever Jack wants, Jack gets. I bought into it.

Why shouldn't you?

That, made him feel alive.

Is there anything else that I can get you, Mr. Thornton?

No, Rita. Thank you very much.

You can go home if you like.

Did you ever love me, Jack?

Truly love me?

I still do.

It's simple really...

If I don't force you to leave, you will come to your senses soon enough and abandon me.

Some day, soon... it will become too much for you.

It's you that's doing this to us. Not me.

Don't be naive, Victoria.

You're too smart for that.

Look at you. This is not who you really are.

This whole sex thing is a passing thing for you.

A phase.

A little excitement and then it's done.

For me, it's who I am.

I'm way too far gone.

But you're not.

Not yet.

So what I'm doing is really for your own good.

Go away some place.

Get over this, and go on with your life.

Without me.

You deserve better.

But I want you.

It's over, Victoria.

Leave before I destroy you.


This is absolute, fucking bullshit!

Stop it.

Fuck off, Jack. What are you gonna do?

We were on our way home, just Jack and me.

And my new best friend, Eve.

I'm horny as hell.

Every since I started doing porn, I can masturbate at least five times a day... or I get real grumpy.

You should start thinking about doing porn, Victoria.

Sex all day, and you're getting paid? It's a fucking dream come true.

I need some dick.

Fuck me harder, harder motherfucker!

Eve died.

I injured my leg... badly.

And Jack... poor Jack.

He was in ICU for over a week.

They tried everything.

But there was nothing anyone could do.

In the end, we lost him.

I lost him.

It was too much.

I couldnt...

I just couldn't.

It's okay.

It's okay.

I'm sure that at some point in your lives... all of you women out there... dream of finding the perfect lover.

For great sex. Constant sex.

Exciting, fabulous, hot sex.

Of giving everything... until there's nothing left.

Like anything else... in excess, it can get a hold of you... and take you over... completely.

Kamikaze love.

Dangerous love.

Drivin to the edge, over and over.

Willing to die for love.

By telling you this... maybe, just maybe, I can... begin to put my life back together again.

That gives me hope. It should.

So, it's adios for now.

Until next time.

If there is a next time.

Above all...

Be brave.

"Poultry night, People of the night"