Poetic Justice (1993) Script

-You like the wine? -Very much.

-Would you like some more? -Please. No. Here.

You're good.

The wine, candles, the dinner.

What's next?

Let me set the mood.

Last time I saw a woman drink like that, she was drowning.

-Did she die? -I don't know. I was just a lifeguard.

You know, I don't want you to get the wrong impression...

...that I invited you up here...

Markell, get your hand out of my shirt. Come on, Markell, stop.

-Let's get in the back seat. -Why can't we just watch the movie?

-It's boring. -This movie ain't boring, it's good.

Give me a kiss. Give me a kiss.

-Do you love me, baby? -Of course I love you.

Tell me why. Tell me why you love me.

-Right now? -Right now. I wanna know.

'Cause you're fine.

That's deep. That's real deep. 'Cause I'm fine.

But I see where you coming from.

-Why you trippin'? -I ain't trippin'.

Let's get in the back seat so you can give me some sugar.

-Can you get me popcorn? I'm hungry. -Popcorn?

Some popcorn, please? Something. Jujubes. Go on, please?

-I don't believe this. -Get me popcorn.

And some Jujubes. And some Bonbons!

Justice, I was just thinking.

The real reason why I love you is because, when I was in jail...

...you sent me all them nice poems.

I'm gonna get your popcorn.

-Kick him in the head. -You're worried about nothing.

I'll fuck this fool up.


I ain't giving you no more quarters. Shit!

Is that the motherfucker that was at the mall the other day?

-Is that him? -I don't know.

-Look at his face, dude. -That's not him.

That's him, dude, I'm telling you. I remember him. That's him.

Let me get a...

That's that nigga that was talking shit in front of all his homeboys.

Popcorn and Jujubes.

Shit. Look.

Oh, man. Shit.

You're sick!

-Is that a crime? -Save it.

I think I just saw those fools I had beef with last week.

So I shot.

Again, and again, and again.

Oh, it felt so good.

But in the end, I was still horny.

My sweet abyss still existed.

Markell! Markell, get up, baby.

Markell, baby, wake up. Markell!

Somebody help me, please!

Somebody help me!

Alone Lyina, thinking last night How to find my soul a home Where water is not thirsty And bread loaf is not stone I came up with one thing And I don't believe I'm wrong That nobody, but nobody Can make it out here alone

Alone, all alone Nobody, but nobody Can make it out here alone There are some millionaires With money they can't use Their wives run 'round like banshees Their children sing the blues They've got expensive doctors to cure Their hearts of stone But nobody, no, nobody Can make it out here alone

Now if you listen closely I'll tell you what I know Storm clouds are gathering The wind is gonna blow The race of man is suffering And I can hear the moan

'Cause nobody, but nobody Can make it out here alone

Alone, all alone Nobody, but nobody Can make it out here alone

We got the situation under control.

Just get out of here. Let us do our job.

We got the situation under control.

Look at these. This one right here, this is bad. Girl, that is to die for.

Jessie's. We do hair.

He just did my girl all wrong.

She's scared as hell. I caught her running around here wearing sunglasses.

And you know how she like bragging about her green eyes.

Top it off, she's still in love with the nigga.

What's love got to do with it?

You just telling everybody's business.

I'd tell your business too if you had something to tell.

Hey, Heywood. Hey, Dex. How you doing, Maxine?

Come on, girl. You ready? You got your hair with you?

What you think this is?

-I know you ain't getting smart. -Shut up, girl.

That's what I thought. Come on. Sit your butt down.

-So, what's up? -Nothing up.

Morning, Jessie. Got any change?

Hell, no. And get your dirty, unemployed ass away from my shop.

Baha? Baby, do me a favour.

Go to the liquor store and get me two honey buns and... What else?

Some Big Red. Yeah, I know.

-Twenty. -Yeah, a 20.

And bring me my change!

Leave this conditioner on for five minutes.

You like that, don't you?

-Jessie, you are so beautiful. -Thank you, Heywood.

-I love you. -I love you too.

-And I love myself. -I know. Get back to your client.

I love it when you're so forceful.



-So he's out, huh? -I don't know. I'm thinking about it.

I know y'all got buck-wild last night.

-Where did y'all go? -Could you put those over here?

-Snooty Fox Motor Inn. -No, you didn't.

People, please remember to turn in your receipts.

-We always do. -I got mine right here.

-Still got them red walls and all that? -Mirrors on the ceiling.

Same old, same old. I'm coming up short. Are they turning in receipts?

They've been filling them out and turning them in.

When was the last time you were there?

-What, Snooty Fox? -Yeah.

-It's been so long, I don't remember. -That's what I know.

My girl need her hair and her nails done.

-Does she have an appointment? -No.

-She don't have no hair, either. -Heywood.

Maxine. Make an appointment.

Why are you always wearing hats? What are you hiding?

-Give me my hat. I got new growth. -Put it back on.

You need to let me do something to that head of yours.

Lord, I'm tired. You got a poem for me? Lord knows I need one.

I left my notebook in the car.

-Outgoing mail. -Where are the stamps?

When you going to get a man? Always asking questions about mine...

What, you still in mourning?

Sporting black, looking tore up from the floor up, no time for your hair.

You can always tell when a woman ain't giving up no coochie.

I like wearing black. Besides, I ain't got time for no man in my life.

-Know what your problem is? -So suddenly I got a problem?

-What's my problem? -You make bad choices in men.

You don't know how to pick them.

Yo, what's up? What's up, Mr. Postman? Got some spare change?

No, but I got a spare stamp so you can mail a job application.

Begging-ass motherfucker.

Y'all didn't get nothing but bills.

Why you always so mad?

You must ain't got no man 'cause you don't never smile.

-Do you? -What do you want from me?

I think you kind of fly. We could start with your phone number.

What's your name?

-Lucky. -Lucky?

Come here, Lucky. I wanna whisper something to you.

Let's cut the bullshit.

Now, what do you really, really want from me?

-You wanna smell my poonani? -Yeah.

You'd like that, huh?

Hold on a minute, baby.

Jessie? Come here for a minute, please.


This fine, young, dark brother...

...said he wanna smell my poonani.



-Should I let him? -Yeah.

What do you think?

You need to get your ass some breath mints. Crazy black bitches.

Get your ass out of here.

I don't know why I fuck with these hoes.

Here, man.

Don't smoke it. Take a stamp too.

God bless you, brother. Bless you, man!

I'm not fucking with 101st no more.

I told that lady about them dogs. She wants her mail, she gets it herself.

Did you not once consider using your Mace?

Mace? That's like Binaca to rottweilers. Y'all don't pay me enough!

-You're saying you don't want your job? -Here you go.

Fucked his nose up.

Right in the middle, man. Just like Robin Hood.

Y'all wanna get your asses to work before you get fired?

-What's up, sergeant? -What's happening?

-I can't call it. -I'm calling it.

They trippin'. Put two more buddhaheads on the mail carrier before me.

-Again? -Got me sorting mail with Mexicans.

Chicago, why you talking about Mexicans? I'll kick your ass.

Tell you what, you better quit smoking that shit at lunch.

At least we got our own country.

Then why the fuck y'all keep sneaking out?

That shit is funny, right?

Basketball-playing motherfuckers.

-I'm going to Oaktown. You wanna go? -Yeah.

-You gonna bring a yamp? -Here you go. You gonna bring a yamp?

-I got mine, man. -Yamps. What the fuck is a "yamp"?

A young tramp. Now, do you mind?

Don't worry about what the players is talking about.

Go have your yamps, corn bread, ham hocks and whatever else you eat.

-Get out of here. -Get the ZIP codes right.

-Fix that shit. -lf we gonna do this...

...have that crazy hoe you fuck with hook me up with one of her partners.

-I'm gonna hook you up. -You always say that.

-Hook me up. -You gonna call your cousin?

Not yet. We're supposed to find a way up there anyway for our music thing.

Now it's like I'm getting paid to go. I'm straight with that.

-See you later. -Where you going?

Minding my business.

-What's up, nigga? -Lounging, man.

-What y'all niggas doing? -To be honest?

Looking for some busters to jack.

I wanted to tell you something. Remember Little D? Little Derek?

-D-Dog from up there? -Yesterday, he got his ass capped out.

-Popped his ass out, straight twisted. -Gone?

But we gonna get the fools that got him.

-Ain't no thing but a chicken wing. -Yeah.

-See you. -All right. Peace.

-Yeah, peace. -There won't be no peace today.

Get you a motherfucking tune-up, nigga.

There he is. Mr. Postman working motherfucker here.

-Don't start. What's up, Bone? -What's up?

-Shit. I can't call it. -How you feeling?

-Tired than a motherfucker. -Tired, huh?

This ain't none of that chronic, but you can use some of this Thai bud.

They checking my piss at work. I can't fuck with it.

That's a terrible thing.

How you doing, Ms. Jackson?

-She can't stand me with a passion. -She hates your ass.

So, what's up? You here to check up on Keisha?

I'm gonna give Angel money to buy her clothes.

Now, you know motherfucking well you ain't gotta give her money.

I'll take her to the swap meet, Fox Hills Mall, get her whatever she needs.

No. You ain't got to do that.

-What you mean? -lt's my daughter. I can handle it.

What did I tell you about this change? Do I look like Las Vegas?

-Do I look like a slot machine? -It's all I got.

Get your punk ass up out of here and don't do that shit no more.

-You cold on these fools. -I can't help it.

Check this out. It ain't like I ain't got the money.

Besides, she call me Daddy sometimes, anyway.

-What you mean, she call you Daddy? -Just what I said.

-We gonna see who she call Daddy. -We'll see.

-We gonna find out. -What we gonna find out, then?

Well, let's see, then.

Well, hurry your slow ass up, then.


Hi, Daddy.

-Who's your daddy? -You.

That's right. That's your son and this is my daughter. Don't forget it.


It's like I'm her daddy since they came from the same tired-ass hooker.

How's that?

-Difference. -What's up, boy?


What y'all two fools talking about?

-Talking about your yamp ass. -Here we go. Simple Nick in the house.

Get your ass away from the TV.

What you cleaning up for? This place looks fucked up as normal.

What you all nervous for? You been basing?

I ain't doing shit. I don't remember Saying, " I do, " to neither one of you.

-Has she? -No, this is what you do:

Get her and get out of my house. Don't forget to get her some tennis shoes...

If welfare wasn't paying the rent, this wouldn't be your house.

-Fuck you. -Get your ass back in the room. Tramp.

You know what I told your ass about that shit!

Told her if I catch her doing that shit again, I'm taking Keisha.

-She ain't got to be around this shit. -Nothing wrong with her. She's crazy.

If something was wrong with her ass, I'd know.

Brother Bone! Brother Bone!

Every time I sit down and wanna watch a cartoon, somebody gotta call me.

-Here we go. Scarface. -Get your stamp-licking ass up.

-What's up, man? -Help me out, man.

What you got?

Go over there and sit with Tony, okay?

-What's up with all this change? -That's all I got.

How do you like the Felix outfit?

Never mind that! Just get the diamonds!

Wow, professor! Look at that!

Loose diamonds. Let's go down and pick them up.

Who's that little character?

-Oh, my God! -Hey, nigga. Get the fuck out of here.

-That is Lucky. That is Lucky! -Lucky who? Get the fuck out.

Come on, Keisha. We're going to see your grandma.

Don't be coming in my house starting all that bullshit!

How you gonna be fucking some nigga when my daughter's here?

Damn, here they go.

-Who is this motherfucker? -Mind your own motherfucking business.

-I don't need this shit! -Stupid-ass motherfucker.

-I wanna go too. -Where are you taking Keisha?

How you gonna be fucking some nigga while my daughter here?

Where you going with my goddamn child?

In a time of secret wooing Today prepares tomorrow's ruin Left knows not what right is doing My heart is torn asunder In a time of furtive sighs Sweet hellos and sad goodbyes Half-truths told and entire lies My conscience echoes thunder In a time when kingdoms come Joy is brief as summer's fun Happiness Its race has run Then pain stalks in to plunder

-So, what you think? -It's pretty. What you call it?

" In a Time."

Chicago paging me. Let me see what he wants.

I can't use your phone?

You know better.

-You got some change? -I'm straight.

What'd they say?

So, what's up?

Yeah. I'm ready.

We got a hair show to go to up there, anyway.

What you mean, "a fine one"? You trying to say I got ugly friends?

I ain't got no ugly friends.

You wanna talk about it?

I think you'll feel better if you talk about it.

What the hell are they doing out there now?

-I'll be glad when we get out of here. -What's wrong?

What's wrong?

You got your styles together for the Oakland show?

Yeah, I'm just gonna work on Dina and Gina's head a bit.

If they like it, they like it. If they don't, they don't.

Will you ride with us? We got us a little caravan going. We gonna party.

Oh, Justice. Look at your face.

Listen, I know I'm not your mama, and I'm not trying to be...

...but I gotta tell you, you got to move on.

A man is a tool. You got to know when to take him out the box...

...and when to put him back in. If you lose one, go get yourself another one.

Take a chance, baby. Do something different for a change.

There's another man out there somewhere.

And out here, sometimes you're gonna lose one.

Like a blow dryer or a good hairbrush.

What I got to do? Play everybody's mama in this shop?

Hell, I got my own problems.

Okay, where's my brush?

I'm tired of my shit disappearing around here.

Why you always borrowing my shit without asking?

I asked you this morning if I could borrow your brush, and you said yes...

...and I have returned it to you. Why you gonna cry about it, Dexter?

-You sound like my little niece. -Here we go again.

What's your new man talking about?

Girl, he want me to go on a run with him. This is good.

I don't have to be messing with it all the time.

-Just get up and go. -You know, girl...

You're catching me on the wrong goddamn day.

So you got balls?

I was All-City strong safety at Dorsey High. I'll get in your ass.

And not the way you want me to, Sexy Dex.

Please. Stop this right now.

-What's a " run"? -You know what a run is.

I don't know what it is. Stop messing with your head.

Now, what's a run?

A run? Well, it's like... You really wanna know, girl?

If you don't stop playing with me...

Chicago, my boyfriend, works at the post office...

...the one on Century and Van Ness.

Every so often, he and his friend drive this mail truck up to Oakland.

-J, you listening to me? -Yeah, I'm listening.

Like I said, they drive this mail truck to Oakland.

And sometimes I go with them. And I was thinking...

You're not having it, huh?

I got your bitch. Okay? I got your bitch.

-Calm down. -What you wanna do?

Not here.

What you doing seeing a mailman? They don't make no money.

What he gonna do for you, mail your bills for free?

Why you don't ever wanna have no fun no more?

The world's just a big place for us to go and fuck up in it.

You gonna end up being an old maid.

Need help?

You offer help when all I got is one bag.

There you go.

Put that cigarette out. I don't allow smoking in here.

Come on, Ma, I pay the bills here and I can't have a cigarette?

Shut the fuck up and put the cigarette out!

-You going up north to see Kalil? -Yeah.

I'm finally gonna work on this music thing.

Somebody could listen to our tape. I ain't got to do this post office shit.

Don't be cussing around me, boy. Be glad you got an honest job.

Don't go to Oakland every weekend. You know how Aunt Audrey can get.

Ma, it ain't even like that.

Keisha here.

-Really? How's my grandbaby doing? -Bad as ever.

I want her to stay with us for good. Angel been fucking up, bad.

Basing. I can't have my baby around that sh... Stuff.

Now, are you gonna take care of her?


Just remember, that's your baby. I'm done raising kids.

Quit playing video games and figure out what you gonna do with your life.

Packed my bags, my stuff...

Wait a second... White Boy.

Come on.


I'll call lesha.

Come on, girl. Hurry up.

-Hello? -lesha, what up? What you doing?

-I'll hold your jacket for you. -Bet you will.

There go that damn cat again. I'm gonna kick it one day.

Girl, you kick my cat, I'm gonna kick your ass.

-We gonna have fun. -I can't believe I'm doing this.

It's gonna be so on, just watch.

I ain't doing this.

Motherfucker said she from Ethiopia. Knew damn well that bitch from Compton.

-She look it, though. -With a kid named Lamar?

Girl, you got this. I ain't riding in that.

-Why you gotta be a buster? -Who you calling a buster?

-You. Take a chance. -Take a chance, my ass. Look at this!

She's fly, now, ain't she, Lucky? Look, man.

-Oh, my God, I know that bitch. -You don't know her.

That's that hoe that work in the salon on 54th. Here we go.

She act up and her ass is out.

Lucky is cool, girl. That's Lucky right there.

He was in the salon, trying to mack.

-Sorry-ass, bald-headed... -Just be cool.

-You know him, girl? -She better not act up...

Lucky, this is Justice. Justice, this is Lucky.

-And you already know Chicago. -What's up, baby?

-Baby? -Shit. Hi.

Anyway, let's go. Move!

Damn. Watch out, girl. Get your ass in the back.

Shit, I ain't no fucking bellboy.

Take it easy on that mail!

Sit up here, girl.

Go ahead and make your seat belts click, baby.

We follow all the safety guidelines around these parts.

Y'all just hold on.

There you go. We out.

Stop. Stop.

You don't know if you wanna kiss me or hit me.

-It's your way of showing you like me. -I don't.

-Yes, you do. I know what you like. -What?

Man, shit. Muscle! Feel it!

Nigga, that ain't shit.

It ain't? What's that?

Shit, don't be grabbing my titty like that.

-What you want me to do, kiss it? -Yeah, here. Psych!

Stop, Chicago.

See? That's better. Be nice for a change.

Mind if I smoke?

Guess not.

You kind of quiet, huh?

I guess so.

I ain't got nothing to say.

Why you so mean?

What you got to be so mean about?

So you one of them angry bitches. A feminist.

-What'd you call me? -Said you a mean bitch.

We gotta stop this right now. You don't know shit about me.

Don't be calling me no bitch.

I've been acting courteous. Nigga gotta call you a bitch to get your attention.

I'm a black woman, okay? I deserve respect.

Don't be calling me no bitch. If I'm a bitch, your mama's a bitch.

Save that " black woman" shit. You bleed once a month like every hoe.

We ain't talking about my mama, we talking about your stuck-up ass.

You think a nigga's supposed to do magic tricks for your ass.

-Pull this shit over right now. -Where you gonna go?

I'll walk, motherfucker. Pull over.

Garb-ass bitch! Get your shit!

I'm tired of your mouth. Talking all that shit. Walk your ass home!

It'll do them fat-ass thighs some good!

I better not see you in L.A.

I'm gonna get somebody to fuck you up, motherfucker!

What's going on?

-They gonna fuck you up! -Fuck you!

-Fuck you up! -Fuck you, bitch!

Scandalous-ass bitch. Thinks a motherfucker will bow down to her.

-Where my girl at? -Leaving that bitch!

You just can't leave her out in the middle of nowhere.

Chicago. Chicago, wake up.

Chicago, wake up. Lucky's leaving Justice.

So what? I'm trying to get some sleep.

What you mean? He leaving her in the middle of nowhere.

Damn, she got feet. Shit.

Get up, Chicago. Shit. He's leaving her.

You better get up and check your friend.

-Lucky, stop the truck. -What's up?

Man, fuck that bitch. Think she God's gift to a nigga.

Fuck her. Her ass can walk.

J, come on.

Where you gonna go? We out in the middle of nowhere.

Ain't you kind of hot out there?

Lucky said he'd apologize.


She get kind of stubborn sometimes.

Can you stop the truck?

Why you letting him upset you like this?

Girl, you know he trippin' because he like you.

I know you ain't gonna let no nigga make you walk all the way to Oakland.

J, come on.

Man, just chill, all right?

If you want to, we can call the homeys if it's all that.

-They still gonna fuck you up. -Get your ass in the truck.

-Shut up, Chicago! -Frankly, my dear, I don't give a fuck.

"They still gonna fuck you up."

You drive, nigga.

Good, now I can get my drink on.

Put 20 on four. Don't get too much liquor.

And bring me some Cheetos and a 40.

-You need to put her ass in check. -Mind your own fucking business.

Fuck that, let's stay on schedule. Fuck that CP time.

-Excuse me. -Excuse me.

-ls that your truck? -Yeah, it's my rig.

Who the dude getting in the cab?

Pardon me.

I gotta have my Gordon's and Socko. Check and see if you see some Socko.

They don't have no eightball? Y'all ain't got Olde E?

You know they don't sell that outside the Black neighbourhoods.

Oh, well. Chicago just gonna have to settle for a Miller Light.

I hope they got my gin.

You know how you get when you drink. You know what your man said.

Chicago? That ain't my daddy. I don't listen to him.

-He your man, though. -Shit, I got him sprung.

I been making that fool stutter.

You know he start stuttering when he lying.

No, no, wait, wait...

Money? You giving that hoe money?

Sometimes I like for my girl to have the best.

Nigga, you getting played. I can't believe this shit.

You gonna lose stripes over this. How much pussy you get?

I don't hardly have to do nothing. I been rationing it to him.

Rationing that ass.

I'm knocking it every other night. She can't get enough.

You a lying motherfucker.

Nigga is weak, girl. He ain't got no kind of rhythm.

Plus, he a preemie. And you know what a preemie is.

Two-minute brother.

Let that bitch get her own job. Drunk hoe.

She need to work in a liquor store, much as she be drinking.

-Is that everything you want? -Yeah.

-So, what you think about Lucky? -I don't.

-I'm gonna get one of these. Want one? -Yeah, girl.

Where the water at?

-There's a faucet in the back. -Fill mine up too.

-You got this? -Yeah, I got it.

At least I get some poon.

Just 'cause I don't pack my shit on a trip don't mean I ain't getting none.

-I'm handling mine. -Handling just like this:

Least I ain't losing no money.

Hey, partner, you like country music? Garth Brooks, he's slamming, right?

-You old cow. -Stop, stop, stop!

Don't fuck around. I know what you're about to do.

Quit playing. No, stop!

Give me that. Stop!

Here you go, partner.

Got me in the eye too.

Would y'all come on?

Boy, you know I got a schedule to keep to.

I'll give you a fucking schedule.

-Quit playing and get in. -Have some fun, man.

Drink some of this.

Drink some more, and drink it to the middle.

Shit. Where my 40 at?

-Damn, lesha, this ain't no 40. -They didn't have no Olde E.

Got my Cheetos, though.

Love is a juice with many tastes Some bitter, others sweet A wine which has few...

Few vineyards

Your nails are so dirty.

What you writing?


-Say... -What?

-Tell me how much you love me. -Why?

-Because I said so. -Is that what you wanna hear?

Hell, yeah.



You so dumb. The more I teach you, the dumber you get.

-Something smell good, huh? -Hell, yeah.

You cool, girl?

-Yeah. You on my braids. -Sorry.

-What's that smell? -Smell like barbecue to me.

-Y'all smell that? -What's that?

-Shit, look at all them black folks. -A gang of folks.

Come on.

-Get out. -Quit pushing me.

Barbecue. Come on, girl.

Y'all wait for me. Dang!

Just follow my lead, all right?

It's cool. It's cool. We gonna eat. We're family.

Just act like we supposed to be here.

-Girl, stop drinking that shit. -What's wrong with you?

Damn, it's hot out here. My titties is sweating and shit.

We shouldn't be here, anyway.

-Is that barbecue? -Looks like barbecue.

-Is that free barbecue? -Shit. It gonna be free.

-We got a gang of freaks here. -I ain't thinking about these brothers.

-What y'all gonna do? -We gonna eat.

You crazy? This ain't your family.

-We black. We all family. -Word.

Especially when it comes to barbecue.

Lordy, Lordy! Will you look at the ladies? Hot damn!

-We related, huh? -I hope we're distant relatives.


Well, you know, third and removed don't count.

-I don't think so. -My cousin, my cousin!

Look at my family over here. My cousins. What's up, cousin?

-How you doing, boy? -Cousin!

-What's up, cousin? -What's up?

I ain't seen you in I don't know when.

Goddamn! That's a pretty girlfriend you got here, boy.

Y'all make a good-looking couple too. So, what's your name, cousin?

-Lucky. Little Lucky? -Lucky, yeah.

With a lady like this, shit, I'd call you Lucky too.

-What's your name, sweet thing? -Justice.

You mean, like the law? How you get a name like that?

You don't wanna know that story. Anyway, this is my friend...

-lesha. This is my husband, Chicago. -Chi-Town, how you doing?

-What's happening, man? -So, cousin, what's your name?

Just call me Cousin Pete. That's right, Cousin Pete.

Come here. I want y'all to meet some family.

Over here we got Aunt Jessica.

Uncle Herb. Aunt Aida Pearl. That's Uncle Fred and his wife, Wilma.

Cousin Isaac, Cousin James, Cousin Kwame. What's up, bro?

And them kids, I don't know all their names. Bread-snatchers.

Sitting over here, we got Aunt April, we got Aunt May and Aunt June.

I call them the Calendar Sisters.

-Look at them. -Ain't they pretty?

-How y'all doing? -Yes, sir. How you doing?

Food sure look good over there.

Don't it? Go over and help yourself. You family, ain't you?

-It's cool? -You better go get something.

Go ahead with him. I'm gonna play some cards.

Bye. Look at them. Don't they make such a cute couple?

-Are you all in love? -Yeah.

Baby, what would you know about love?


How can you be in love if you don't know nothing about it?

-Just the way things go. -Are you married?

-Yeah. -How long you been married?

About six months now.

I don't wear it all the time.

You don't mind if she doesn't wear your ring?

He don't mind.

He can answer for himself, if he's a real man.


No, no. I don't mind.

My husband would kill me if I didn't wear no ring.

-I heard that. -And I know that's right.

-Damn, you greedy. -Gotta eat to live.

Well, why you so skinny, then?

Look at the cute baby. Can I hold her for you?

Look at you. I heard that. Give me a burp. That spittle?

You be dating them professional men, huh?

Doctors, lawyers, pharmacists?

Street pharmacists? I knew you was like that.

Here. I'll take her now.

She is so cute. You sure? What's her name?

Her name is lmani.

Hi, lmani. Hi there. You're so cute. Yes, you are.

-Thank you. -Thank you, lmani.

So you got a kid, huh?

-Why you ask me that? -Because you look like the type.

-And what's the type? -I don't know.

This. You just walking by. You the type.


You got any kids?

Hell, no, I ain't got no kids. I don't even like kids.

Sure don't look like that to me.

This here's kind of cool.

You ever been to one of these?

No, I ain't got much family. Family I do have, we ain't this close.

I ain't never seen so many black folks in one spot and there ain't no fight.

Let's get back to these street pharmacists you used to see.

Let me tell you something. I only went out with one.

He was my first boyfriend, my first love. He meant a lot to me.

-So you was in it for the money? -You're getting too damn personal.

What the fuck you know? You don't even keep your fucking nails clean.

I want to talk to you about morals.

The morals of the young people today is gonna get them in big trouble.

Because they act like they don't know the difference...

...between right and wrong.

This is the truth. And one of the reasons is their parents.

Parents are not taking care of the children.

They don't tell them the difference between right and wrong.

Wait now. No, ma'am. You have to listen.

Because part of the responsibility is the children.

Because this is their life.

It's not their mama's or papa's. They have to think for themselves.

Even if their mama and papa didn't do something about it...

...the children have to think and try their best to come on up.

-Take this girl here. -What about her?

That child ain't a bit more married than the man in the moon.

-How you doing? -Fine, how you doing?

She's flirting with another man. Tell me she's married.

-She's young. -She's loose.

She's not loose. You were young once.

Yeah, but I was never flitty. I was never flitty.

She was never flitty.

I need to talk to my friend. What's wrong with you?

Chicago gonna kick your ass.

-You gonna play cards or sightsee? -Chicago, come on.

-Chicago ain't gonna do shit. -You stupid? He'll kick your ass.

-You're killing my action, girl. Stop. -lesha, what action?

-What's up? -She trippin'.

-She ain't doing nothing wrong. -You got nothing to do with this.

-Calm down. -She know what she's doing.

-Come on, girl. -Wait, don't start nothing.

-I'm talking. I'm talking. -Come on now, don't start fighting.

-What's wrong with you, man? -I can't talk to nobody?

What's happening, man?

-You mind if I take some food to go? -No, man. You go ahead.

-My cuz! -Don't you worry.

Something don't look right over here. I'm gonna have to get in this shit.

-Chicago, stop. -Try to be cool.

-Gonna get his ass. -We were just talking.

Get your hands off me. Shit.

-Fuck you. -Get out of my face.

Why you gotta act up every time we go someplace?

-Shut up. -Why the fuck you gotta act up?

What's your problem? Why the fuck you gotta disrespect me?

Fuck you. You don't own me.

Fuck you, bitch. You and your drunk-ass pussy.

If I'm a bitch, then why the fuck you with me?

-I don't know why. -Then leave. Step the fuck off.

I don't keep no niggas when they don't wanna be kept.

First of all, you don't keep shit.

All that talking. Do that shit while you walking.

Pull over somewhere. I need to talk to her. I'm sick of this shit.

I'm a black bastard now, right? I wasn't when I bought you that shit.

You was a black bastard then, and you a black fucking bastard now.

-Why the fuck we stopping? -Good, I gotta pee.

You know why you got to pee? Because you drink too much.

Get your hands off me. I'll pee on your motherfucking ass.

Let me off this shit. I gotta pee.

Open the door. You're gonna have some wet-ass mail.

Come here, lesha. I wanna talk to you.

What's wrong? Lucky fucking with you, huh? I'm gonna fuck you up.

-Girl, come here. I wanna talk to you. -Let me put on my jacket.

Shit. Look at you.

What's up, J? What's the problem, girl?

This is the problem. I'm sick of this. You act like an alcoholic bitch.

-Why you calling me a bitch? -All you do is get drunk.

That's why I never go anyplace with you. You always acting crazy.

Just like my damn mama.

I'm sorry.

God, I'm sorry, J.

It's okay. It's gonna be all right. You just gotta freeze up on that shit.

I didn't know. I swear I didn't know.

You're my best friend, though. I don't wanna hurt you.

And I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

You just gotta stop.

I know. God, I know.

Look at me.

I gotta pee.

-You old cow, come on. -You a cow!

You're right. Shit don't change. I told you.

Can't give these hoes shit. They try to break your back.

-Still mad at me? -Come on, it's hot. What's up?

I'm sorry, Chicago.

-Hey, that's nice. Who's that? -My cousin Kalil.

-That's real nice. -He write all this shit.

I help him with ideas. I'm gonna go to Oakland and work on this music.

It's all right, man. It ain't all that.

Why you always got something negative to say? At least the nigga's creative.

Fuck, he ain't creative. I'm creative.

-What you do? -I can dress.

That's just like a nigga to down-talk a man 'cause he trying and you ain't.

You ain't shit. Post office worker. No-union-ass nigga.

-You work there too. -I'm in the union.

That don't mean shit. You need a fashion tip, sweatshirt-wearing ass.

Why y'all always fighting? I thought you were friends.

-I just work with him. -Fuck that nigga.

Can I get some air? Breathing like a goddamn dragon.


Turn that shit up, man.

A wise man once said, "Look at the ocean and realize...

... that no matter how famous you are or how much money you make...

...know that you'll never be as important as the ocean. "

Why didn't I go to college?

Grandmamma would be rolling over in her grave two times if she saw me now.

I wonder...

No, he probably got babies and shit. Look at him.

He looks just like the type that got a baby stashed away somewheres.

Damn, she kind of cute. Got a nice little frame.

Maybe I should get that number, see how the booty work.

Wonder what Kalil doing.

I wonder if my mama picked up my clothes from the cleaners.

I know what I gotta do when I get back.

I gotta call Terry with his fine ass. Ask him to take me shopping.

I need to just let her ass go. Fuck it.

I can just find me another bitch. I'm a good-looking nigga.

Got a job. Income coming in.

Car. Apartment.

My shit is set.

Girl, when I get back to L.A., I'm quitting Chicago.

His tired ass.

-lesha, I'm gonna go on a diet. -A diet?

Yeah. My ass is getting too big.

I ain't never heard you talking about going on no diet.

I get it. You happy-go-Lucky.

-Don't be even trying that shit. -Yes, you are.

No, I don't play that.

Hear them drums? Where that shit coming from?

Who gives a fuck? We ain't stopping.

They got some cute shirts over there.

What's wrong with you? Why you so quiet now?

Just thinking. I don't really get a chance to think in the city.

This be the only time I can unwind. Or when I'm with my cousin.

I'm getting tired of all this walking.

Yeah, me too, Lucky.

What you write about in that notebook?

That's my poetry.

You trying to say my cousin's shit ain't poetry?

It ain't if he ain't got nothing deep to say. Gotta have a voice.

-A perspective. -What do you write about?

Whatever's in my heart.

And what's that?

I don't know. What's in yours?

I don't know. Still trying to find out.

Niggas are scared of revolution. Niggas are nothing but lovers.

Man, why we keep stopping? We got a schedule to keep.

We got time. Why you trippin'? We do this all the time.

Because we need to get where we got to go. Your ass keep procrastinating.

You think you slick. Just trying to gib to that bitch, that's all.

That's your fucking problem.

-Fuck you, limp motherfucker. -What?

-I said, fuck you. -You better check that bitch.

Shit. Gonna get me some plums.

You ain't gonna pull that. She out of your league.

I'm getting tired of your black ass.

Man, fuck you.

Fuck all of them.

Don't need this shit fucking my day up.

But there's one thing about niggas I do not love.

Niggas are scared of revolution.

Don't eat that. You ain't washed it.

-Yes, I did. -Where?

-You're nasty. -Want a bite?

I don't want none of that dirty plum. Don't know whose hands been on it.

You know you want a bite.

-Wanna do something? -What about them?

-Fuck them. -All right.

All right?

How many brothers and sisters you got?

I ain't got no brothers and sisters.

My mama didn't have the chance to have any more kids.

lesha. Oh, man.


-Is that it? -Give me a couple minutes, all right?

Fuck that. A couple minutes, my ass. You can't even hang that long.

-Fuck you. -That's the problem. You can't.

-You the motherfucking problem. -No, your dick's the problem.

Thought I'd give you something before I quit your ass...

...but you can't even appreciate that. Can't even do it right.

-Just shut the fuck up. -Shut up?

Yeah. Shut up.

You must be embarrassed. Is that what it is?

Shut the fuck up, all right? I'm getting sick of this shit.

-Don't come near me. -What you mean, don't come near you?

-Get out of my face. -How you just gonna leave?

You know why I left. Don't even ask me that.

-I don't. Tell me why you left. -You know why.

-You need to take your time and relax. -You need to. You got the problem.

-I ain't got no goddamn problem. -You got a problem.

Look, don't turn your back on me.

-Don't touch me. -Don't turn your back on me.

-I need to. -Why?

'Cause that's the reason the other bitch left you. You can't hang.

-I can't hang? -You can't hang.

-That's a fucked-up thing to say. -It's a real thing to say.

That's what I get for fucking with bitches like you. Y'all don't give a fuck.

-I don't give a fuck about you. -No, you don't.

I had many niggas that bought me better shit than you.

-Fuck you. -Listen to what I got to say.

-Don't touch me. -Listen to me, then.

What do I need to listen to?

How come my shit can't be all like this, beautiful and shit? You fucked it up.

-You ain't a beautiful motherfucker. -That's fucked up.

-I'm tired of arguing. -Shut up.

-Don't turn away from me. -You know what? You weak.

You a weak-ass punk.

You think you the shit because you work out? You ain't buff.

I wish I never met your sorry ass. You a sorry motherfucker.

Yeah, that's right. Brush that weak-ass fade.

Nigga's dick can't stay hard 5 minutes.

What the fuck you do, take steroids?

That's the reason why I'm fucking somebody else.

Motherfucker! What the fuck do you want?

-Calm down. -You guys stop fighting!

-Don't fight with me. -Leave her alone!

-You ain't gonna do nothing? -Hell, no. That's their business.

-Get off me! -Shit. You bitch!

-How much shit I gotta take off you? -Get the fuck off of her!


Hey, motherfucker!

-You ain't got shit to do with this. -Get the fuck off me.

-Get the fuck off her. You all right? -Yeah.

-What's wrong with you? -What's your problem?

-She hit me. -You can't handle it better than that?

I'm gonna get Dooky and Monster to shoot your fucking ass.

-They ain't gonna do shit. -I told you to handle this shit.

-Shit wouldn't have been fucked up. -You just want some pussy, that's all.


-Get your punk ass up. -Fucker.

You little punk. Coward motherfucker. Hit a man.

Find a fucking bus, you little punk. I'm leaving your ass!

Don't leave me. Leave them hoes.

Walk your ass the 15 miles to Oakland. Get the fuck off my shit!

-But we got a job. -Get the fuck off my shit!

Leave them hoes.

Yo, hold on, Lucky.

Hey, leave them hoes, man.


Oh, boy. This ain't my motherfucking day.

I can't believe he hit me.

Tired ass.

He gonna get fucked up, watch.

Is it true the ribs can tell the kick Of a beast from a lover's fist?

The bruised bones record it well The sudden shock, the hard impact Then swollen lids Sorry eyes spoke not of lost romance But of hurt Hate is often confused Its limits are in zones beyond itself And sadists will not learn that Love, by nature, extracts a pain Unequalled on the rack Why are we stopped?

I don't know. I'll find out, though.

They was gonna break up anyway.

I remember when I was little...

...and my uncle Leon used to come around.

He used to give me and my cousins change.

He'd go to the liquor store and buy a 40-ounce of beer.

Always throw us the change.

I'd always ask for the big nickel.

I couldn't pronounce "quarter, " so that's what I called it.

Look at your nails. Give me your hand.

Come on, give me your hand.

Anyway, so because of that, my grandmamma used to say...

...I was always looking for the big nickel.

-That's before she died. -When did she die?

About two years ago.

She left me the house.

When I was 12, my mama committed suicide.

She named me Justice because she was in law school...

...when she was pregnant with me.

I'm all alone now, though.

I got a cat. Cute little cat.


Give me your hand Make room for me to lead and follow you Beyond this rage of poetry Let others have privacy Of touching words And love of loss of love For me, give me your hand

Look, I gotta tell you something.

Shit, don't tell me you got something.

No. I'm only telling you this because I care about you...

...and I think you should know before we go any further.

A little girl, huh?

Why didn't you tell me in the beginning?

I mean, how was I supposed to know what we was doing?

I'm gonna go check on my cousin.

Aunt Audrey. Kalil.

Aunt Audrey. Kalil.

Hey, where do you think you're going?

-Kalil! -Shit, man, it's his cousin!

-Yo, man, somebody shot Kalil. -Who shot him?

What relationship is this woman to him?

Just get away from me, man!

Cover him up, man! Cover him up! What the fuck are you doing?

-What's up? What room we in? -What happened to you?

Don't touch me.

If I had got there on time, this never would have happened.

Instead of fucking with you.


So we scraping the bottom of the pudding cup now, huh?

Know what you talking about before you judge.

Well, excuse me. I'm sorry.

You even walk different.

Let's go, fellas, all right? I don't got all day. Watch your head.

I thought there was gonna be two of you.

No, it's just me.

-See you the next time around. -No, I don't think so.

You don't fight no man with your fist. You fight him in his wallet.

Instead of swinging at him, you should have gave him some.

Wait till he went to sleep and took that credit card.

-And we all would have had a party. -On him!

What credit card? That nigga ain't got no credit card.

-No credit cards? -Shit, then you is a fool.

-I'm telling you, men ain't shit. -Ain't that the truth.

Excuse me? I thought you were in love.

Well, you thought wrong. Don't be assuming shit, okay?

When you assume, you make an ass out of you.

Well, you were already an ass. You got a lot to learn about the world.

Come on, y'all. Let's go get a drink.

These little girls don't know their cooch from a hole in the wall.

-But they gonna learn. -You got that right.

'Cause all I do is dress and rest.

-'Cause love don't live here anymore. -Come on, Jessie.

Morning, Lawrence. You hungry, baby? Come here and get something to eat.

I ain't hungry.

Too mad to eat.

Audrey. Audrey, sit down. Sit down. You gonna wear yourself out.


Shante, check that chicken, baby.

Make sure it don't burn.


I want you to know, you my favourite nephew.

Your mama and l, even though we're sisters, we don't always get along.

But I was always happy that you and Kalil were like brothers.

Family's got to stick together, no matter what.

Aunt Audrey, I know you're probably not thinking about this right now.

Probably ain't important to y'all.

But it's important to me...

...to know what you're gonna do with the equipment.

We gonna sell it. We need the money.

Why don't you mind your business?

He put every dollar he had into that equipment. You just gonna fuck it up?

-Watch your mouth. -I'm serious. You know he did.

What you think we should do?

Give it to me. I'll do something with it.

I'll do what he would have wanted me to do.:

Use it.

Tell Annie I said " hi." And I love you.

I love you too.

Pretty women wonder Where my secret lies I'm not cute Or built to suit a fashion model's size But when I start to tell them They think I'm telling lies I say, it's the reach of my arms The span of my hips The stride of my step The curl of my lips I'm a woman, phenomenally Phenomenal woman, that's me I walk into a room Just as cool as you please And to a man, the fellows stand Or they fall down to their knees Then they swarm around me Like a hive of honey bees I say, it's the fire in my eyes The flash of my teeth The swing in my waist And the joy in my feet I'm a woman, phenomenally Phenomenal woman, that's me

-Damn! -Daddy, could we go to the store?

Go in the living room. It's too dangerous in here.

Men themselves have wondered What they see in me They try so much But they can't touch my inner mystery When I try to show them They still can't see I say, it's the arch of my back The sun of my smile The ride of my breasts And the grace of my style I'm a woman, phenomenally Phenomenal woman, that's me

Now you understand Just why my head's not bowed I don't have to shout or jump about Or have to talk real loud When you see me passing It ought to make you proud I say, it's the click of my heels The bend of my hair The palm of my hand The need for my care I'm a woman, phenomenally Phenomenal woman, that's me

Don't look at me.

Look at her. Sitting over there in that cheap dress.

-Acting like she don't know you. -She know who I am.

-Plastic Payless shoes. -Cheap-ass weave.

Ain't even human hair. The bitch got yak hair in her head.

Is there a problem?

If you don't quit staring, I'm gonna slap you.

We're not having that here. You take it to the street.

-We could take it out. -Don't you mess with my man!

Remember this: Every time you kiss him, you tasting my pussy.

-You got to go! -That's wrong.

-Please, darling, cool it down. -She need to whup her ass.

None of that!

I'm kind of tired too. Watch yourself.

What's up?

-How much is it? Twenty-five? -Yeah.

Thanks. Excuse me.

-What's up? -Who's this?

-Keisha. -Hi, Keisha. My name is Justice.

-Can we sit down for a few minutes? -Yeah, sure.

-She's so cute. -This is my baby.


It took me a long time to come down here.

I mean, I know I made a mistake.

But everybody make mistakes.

And I had a lot on my mind.

I'm sorry.

I apologize.

Forgive me?

Come here. I wanna whisper something to you.

Get the fuck out of here. I ain't falling for that again.

No, for real, though. Come here.

Come here. Come here.

Oh, my God!

Your nails are clean.

-I wonder why. -They living a fairy tale.

-What are y'all looking at? -I wouldn't have forgiven you.

-What have you done with her head? -Nothing.

That's just what it look like too. Come on, let me fix your hair.

-Her hair look fine. -Come on. It's a mess.

-I guess my assumption was right. -Ain't wearing black no more either.

They make an all right couple. But he's not my type.

-Kind of cute, though. -Nice nose.

There's a few things we could do with your hair.

We can put some ponytails in it and huge flower ribbons. Or barrettes.

Or we can put some big, big, big curls in it.

Big locks. Which way would you like it?

-Curls. -You like the curls? The curls, okay.

-Do you go to school, Keisha? -Yeah.

-You do? You like school? -Yeah.

-What's your teacher's name? -Mrs. Frazier.

Mrs. Frazier?