Pokemon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back (1998) Script

Life. The great miracle and the great mystery.

Who am I?

Since the beginning, humans and Pokémon alike have searched for its meaning.

What am I?

Many strange and wondrous legends evolved from the pursuit of life's mysteries.

Who am I? Where am I?

But none is stranger than this tale of the most powerful Pokémon of all.

I am ready to be.

Where am I?

This is not the same.

Was everything before just a dream?


Doctor, look at this!


Its brain waves; they're surging!

Let me see! She's right!

Let's run another scan!

Its mind is racing!

Those voices.

I hope we don't lose this one.

They're outside.

We can't lose this one.

Where I must be.

Radio Giovanni's helicopter!

Tell him what's happened!

Quiet! Let us hear its psychic powers.

Psychic powers?

For years we struggled to successfully clone a Pokémon to prove our theories.

But you're the first specimen to survive.

That is Mew, the rarest of all Pokémon.

From its DNA we created you...


Mewtwo? Am I only a copy?

Nothing but Mew's shadow?

You are greater than Mew.

Improved through the power of human ingenuity.

We used the most advanced techniques to develop your awesome psychic powers.

So I am simply the end result of your experiment.

What becomes of me now that your experiment is over?

Oh, our experiment isn't over yet; it's just beginning.

Now the serious testing begins.

These humans... They care nothing for me.

Excellent. We'll start our testing right away.

Is that my purpose? Am I just an experiment?

A laboratory specimen? This cannot be my destiny!

We dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokémon...

And we succeeded.

Behold my powers.

I am the strongest Pokémon in the world!

Stronger even than Mew.

Those fools thought you were a science experiment.

But I- I see you as a valuable partner.


With your psychic powers and my resources, together we can control the world.

I do not need your help for that, human.

A wildfire destroys everything in its path.

It will be the same with your powers unless you learn to control them. I can help you do that.


Trust me, and I'll show you a way to focus your powers that will make you invincible.

Show me.

You say this armor protects my body.

But it suppresses my powers.

Your powers are not being suppressed.

They're being focused.

Learn to use them to accomplish your purpose.

What is that?

Patience, my friend. Your purpose will become clear.

So this is my power.

I am in control now.

But why am I here?

Now I fully perceive my power. But what is my purpose?

To serve your master.

You were created to fight for me.

That is your purpose!

That cannot be. You said we were partners.

We stood as equals!

You were created by humans to obey humans.

You could never be our equal.

Humans may have created me, but they will never enslave me.

This cannot be my destiny!

Stop this now!

I was not born a Pokémon; I was created.

And my creators have used and betrayed me!

So I stand alone!

Who am I?

What is my true reason for being?

I will find my own purpose.

And purge this planet of all who oppose me...

Human and Pokémon alike.

The world will heed my warning!

The reign of Mewtwo will soon begin!

Today, Ash, Brock, and Misty are taking a short break from their Pokémon adventures.

As always, Ash is determined to become a Pokémon Master.

And, as always, he's ready to endure any hardship, bear any burden with strength, stamina, and a will of steel.

Hungry; need food.

Oh Ash, you haven't done a thing all day!

I'm too weak to work, Misty.

I haven't eaten since breakfast.

This lunch is going to be just perfect for you, Ash!

It's my lazy boy no juice stew!

Hey! You there! I'm looking for a Pokémon Trainer named Ash, from Pallet Town.

You know him?

Yeah, he's me.

Let's have a match!

Unless you're afraid to lose!

Ha! I'm afraid you're going to lose this one!

Ash, you just said you were too weak to work!

That's right, I am too weak to work.

But a Pokémon battle isn't work!

That's progress. At least his mouth is working.

I want to be the very best. Like no one ever was.

To catch them is my real test. To train them is my cause.

I will travel across the land, searching far and wide.

Each Pokémon to understand the power that's inside.

That's inside. Pokémon.

It's you and me.

I know it's my destiny. Pokémon.

Oh you're my best friend, in a world we must defend. Pokémon.

A heart so true. Our courage will pull us through.

You teach me and I'll teach you Gotta catch 'em. Gotta catch 'em. Gotta catch 'em all.

Great job, Bulbasaur! You did it!

Every challenge along the way; With courage I will face.

I will battle every day to claim my rightful place.

Come with me; the time is right. There's no better team.

Arm in arm we'll win the fight.

It's always been our dream.

It's always been our dream.


It's you and me. I know it's my destiny. Pokémon!

Oh you're my best friend; in a world we must defend.


A heart so true. Our courage will pull us through.

You teach me, and I'll teach you. Po-ké-mon!

Gotta catch 'em - Gotta catch 'em - Gotta catch 'em all!


Oh no!

We did it!

Well, that sure was a shocking ending.

Shocking that Ash moves so fast.

There's another credit on Pikachu's charge account.

We've got to grab it!

I know we've got to grab some rare Pokémon for the Boss. But it wouldn't be such a bad idea if we grabbed a little bite to eat, would it?

We didn't come here to steal a meal.

I'd settle for a taste of that Pika-chow. I'm starving.

I can cook something.

Thanks, but the last time you cooked, you wiped out 8 of my 9 lives.

Master, shall I extend an invitation to these Trainers as well?

As you wish.

Hey, watch where you're flying!

Huh? Something for me?


Greetings, Pokémon Trainers. I bear an invitation.

She's really small, but really pretty!

You have been chosen to join a select group of Pokémon Trainers at a special gathering It will be hosted by my master, the world's greatest Pokémon Trainer, at his palace on New Island.

A chartered ferry will leave from Old Shore Wharf to take you to the island this afternoon. Only Trainers who present this invitation will be admitted.

If you decide to attend, you must reply at once.

My master awaits you.

Uhh, is there a rewind button?

Should we go?

Of course we should! I've got to meet her!

I guess the world's number one Trainer wants to challenge me to a match!

Well, we've got to let him know right away!

I'm saying yes!

We want to know what's so special about the Twerp trio's special delivery!

Hey, look!

Yes? To what?

Chill out Raticate!

Kingler! Save your energy will ya!?

This is going to be so cool!

Officer Jenny please report to the Ferry entrance.

Officer Jenny to the Ferry entrance please.

Togepi's totally soaked!

I can't believe how fast the storm came up!

What? The ferry is canceled?

But I've got to get to New Island!

Yeah! So do I! What's the big deal?

It's more than just rain! The harbor manager thinks this could be the worst storm ever!

Listen to me! The prophets have predicted the return of the winds of water.

For years I have prayed that mankind would never witness that deadly storm ever again.

Isn't that just a legend?

The ancient writings tell of the storm wiping out all but a few Pokémon.

And their sorrow, the water of their tears, somehow restored the lives lost in the storm.

But there are no Pokémon tears today.

Just waters which no one can survive.

And that's why your ferry to New Island has been canceled.

Well, I'm going to New Island anyway!

All my Pokémon are Water type!

We'll just swim over to that palace!

I warn you! The waves will be savage!

You will never make it!

And besides, if you tried that stunt and your Pokémon got hurt, you'd be out of luck because we had to close down the Pokémon Center!

How come?

Because the nurse in charge of the Center disappeared last month!

And if any of you see her, please contact me at once!

That's a picture of her over there on the wall.

She's cute!

She sure looks familiar.

Come back here, or I'll place you under arrest!

Come back!

Some Trainers have no fear.

To them, this is just one more challenge.

They follow their hearts. That is what sets them apart and will make them Pokémon Masters.

Good luck to all of you!

The world's greatest Pokémon Master is waiting for me!

Let's use our Pokémon to get to that island!

Ash, our Pokémon aren't strong enough.

They can't handle giant waves like this!

Guess you're right.

You want to cross maybe?

We take you yeah?

We Vikings are used to big wave.

We get you to New Island faster than you can say fahrvergnugen.

Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!

I think I'm going to have one!

I didn't know Vikings still existed.

They mostly live in Minnesota!

Something's not right! Are you sure this boat is safe?

Don't worry, this ship won't let you down!

We always sail into rough weather! Don't get upset!

Tell my stomach!

Heave! Ho!

It's all right, Togepi! We're going to be okay!

Heave! Ho!

Those aren't Vikings!

It's Team Rocket!

I should have known there was something fishy about them besides the way they smell!

Ha! Prepare for trouble!

Make it double!

Forget the motto, we're gonna have a wipeout!

Ash! Misty!

Have you seen Ash and Pikachu?!

Not yet!

Stay together. It's our only hope!

Hey look!

My master bids you welcome to New Island.

Will you kindly present your invitation?

Uhh, here it is, miss!

The bearers of this invitation may be admitted to New Island.

I knew I recognized that face!


Aren't you the nurse who's missing from the treatment center?

You do look just like her.

I fear you are mistaken. I have always dwelt on this island and have always been in the service of my master.

Please come this way.

My master awaits your arrival.

Now that you are here, all Trainers worthy of an audience with my master are present.

There's only three of them.

Aren't we going to wait for the others?

Only the Trainers capable of braving this storm have proven themselves worthy in my master's eyes.

Do you mean that storm was some kind of test?

Please release your Pokémon from their Poké Balls and join the others.

It will not be long before my master's intentions are clear.

Locked out! Now we'll never know what kind of party we're missing!

Then we'll just have to crash that party!

You know another way in?

Look over there!

Ahh! But Jessie! How are we going to swim up that thing?!

Pretend you're a catfish!

Something wrong, Jessie?

No. Come on. Let's get going.

I think this plan's all wet.

What took you guys so long?

How'd you get here?

I decided to fly over. It was easy!

Hurricane winds are a breeze for Pidgeot here!

Hey guys! Say hello!

Those are my Pokémon!

It was no problem getting through that storm!

I rode over on Gyarados' back!

Wow! I heard it takes a lot of skill to train Gyarados!

Yeah but once you train it, it's the most dependable Pokémon there is!

You haven't met my Pokémon! Over there!

You are about to meet my master.

The time has come for your encounter with the greatest Pokémon Master on Earth!

What's that?

Yes, the world's greatest Pokémon Master is also the most powerful Pokémon on Earth.

This is the ruler of New Island...

And soon the whole world!



A Pokémon can't be a Pokémon Master! No way!

Quiet, human! From now on, I am the one who makes the rules.

How is it talking?

It's psychic!

We'll show you! Let's go, Gyarados!

Gyarados, Hyper Beam attack!


Child's play.

Your usefulness has ended.

Nurse Joy!

Where am I? And how in the world did I get here?

You have been under my control.

I transported you here from the Pokémon Center.

Your knowledge of Pokémon physiology proved useful for my plan.

And now I've cleansed your tiny human brain of memories from the past few weeks.

Who are you?!

I am the new ruler of this world...

The master of humans and Pokémon alike.

You're just a bully!

Look at these!

They're Pokémon.

Are they real?

I was hoping there'd be a party.

This is the Pokémon replication system.

System activated.

Pokémon based on genetic analysis.

Pokémon DNA sampling sequence now in progress.

Put me down! Let go!



Grab him!

Help me!

I made it! But just by a hair!

Look! There's your hair!

Analyzing Pokémon biomaterial sample...

Analysis complete. Pokémon identified.

Begin replication sequence.

Who's that Pokémon?!

It's Meowth!


But I'm Meowth!

So is the one in the tank!

That's your clone!

I haven't got much time!

I pray this record of our experiment survives!

A year ago, we discovered a fossil that proved to be the remains of the ancient Pokémon Mew.

There was sufficient genetic material to replicate Mew.

But Giovanni, who funded our project, insisted we try to design superclones who were more powerful than any living Pokémon.

Plenty attempts failed, but finally our experiments proved successful.

We produced a living Pokémon! We called it Mewtwo!

But for some reason, the creature's anger is out of control.

With its psychic powers, it is destroying our laboratory.

We dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokémon...

And we succeeded!

Sounds like a real Pokén-stein.

Sure does!

One big cat!

So this must be the lab.

But if Mewtwo destroyed it...

Somebody rebuilt it!

Yes... but who?

You humans are a dangerous species!

You brought me into your world with no purpose but to be your slave.

But now I have my own purpose.

My storm will create my own world... by destroying yours!

So you hate all humans?!

And you're going to destroy us to save Pokémon?!

No. Your Pokémon will not be spared.

They have disgraced themselves by serving humans.

Those Pokémon are nothing but slaves!

So you say I am wrong?

That you are not this human's servant?

You are his friend?

You are as pathetic as the rest!


Humans and Pokémon can never be friends!

Ash! Are you okay?

Don't pick on Pikachu!

If you are a Pokémon, there is no reason I can't capture you!

Go, Rhyhorn!

No! Rhyhorn!

Fools! Your Pokémon attacks cannot weaken me.

My powers are too great!

No Trainer can conquer me!

Then you wont mind proving it in a real match!

Is that a challenge?!

You bet it is!

They're awake!

I'm scared!

Me too!


Like most Pokémon Trainers, I too began with Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. But for their evolved forms, I used their genetic material to clone even more powerful copies.


They're clones!

A stadium!

Mewtwo planned this all along!

Your fake Venusaur can't beat my real one.

Right, Bruteroot?

We'll blow away that Blastoise!

Won't we, Shellshocker?!

It may not have a nickname but I do have...

Charizard. I choose you!

Charizard! I didn't say start!

Your Charizard is poorly trained.

Which of you will oppose me first?

I underestimated you last time, but that won't happen again!

Go, Bruteroot! Razor Leaf!

Vine Whip.


It looks like I'm up! Go, Shellshocker!

Shellshocker! Hydro Pump!


You better forfeit, Ash! Those clones are too powerful!

I'm not giving up!

Charizard! Use your speed, not power, and you'll win!

All right, go!

Can't Charizard move any quicker?!

The clone is too fast!

Charizard's in trouble!

Finish it!

No, Charizard! No! Are you okay?

As the victor, I now claim my prize!

Your Pokémon!

Hey wait!

What are you going to do with those Pokémon?!

I will extract their DNA to make clones for myself.

They will remain safe on this island with me while my storm destroys the planet!

You can't do this!

Yeah, Mewtwo! We won't let you!

Do not attempt to defy me!

This is my world now!

Uh oh!

Let's go!


Hey, I know! Mewtwo can't capture them if they're already inside their Poké Balls!

Bulbasaur! Squirtle! Return! It is no use!

It is futile to try and escape my power!

Never mind the Pokeballs, carry them away!

Give back my Psyduck!


Run, Pikachu!


Keep running, Pikachu!



You're not going to get Pikachu!

There goes Alakazam!



Sandshrew! Nidoqueen! Vaporeon!

But me, I got a special place in my tail for this one.

Look there!

I don't have time for your dumb motto today!

Who's that Pokémon?!

It's Pikachu!

Let go! Stupid machine!

Give me back my Pikachu!

What's happening?


I'm so glad you're okay!

The copies are hatching!

They're fabulous things!

Send in the clones!

But where are the real ones?

I wonder if they feel...


The Poké-originals!

Squirtle's back!

You're all okay!

Humans, you have served my purpose.

I am sparing your lives... for the moment.

But you cannot escape your fate.

The hour of my vengeance draws near!


With Pokémon and humans eliminated, the clones shall inherit the world!

You can't do this! I won't let you!

It's Ash!

All right!



It is useless to challenge me!

It's not going to end like this, Mewtwo! We won't let it!

You're mine!

Ash, no!

Look out!


Can it be?

What is that?

I don't know.

Mew! So, finally, we meet.


I may have been cloned from your DNA...

But now I will prove that Mewtwo is better than the original.

Superior to Mew!

Mew and Mewtwo!

So Mewtwo was cloned from Mew!

This world is too small for two of us!


Why do you flee from me? Are you afraid to find out which of us is greater?!

So you do have some fight in you!

But I have no time for games. Destiny is at hand!

Who will rule? My super Pokémon? Or your pathetic group of spineless, inferior Pokémon?

We were created with powers far stronger than the originals.

Mew's got a good point!

What's it saying?

Mew says you don't prove anything by showing off a lot of special powers.

And that a Pokémon's real strength comes from the heart!

My clones don't need their powers to prove their worth!

I will block all the Pokémon's special abilities using my psychic powers!

Now we shall see who triumphs!


Brother my brother.

Tell me what are we fighting for.

We've got to end this war.

We should love one another.

Oh can't we just pretend this war never began.

We can try, brother my brother.

We face each other from different sides.

The anger burns; can't remember why.

It's kind of crazy to cause such pain.

Our foolish pride makes us hate this way.

We watch our world fall apart .

Tell me what good is winning when you lose your heart.

Brother my brother.

Tell me what are we fighting for.

Isn't life worth so much more?

We should love one another.

Oh can't we just pretend this war never began?

Tell me why.

Brother my brother.

Yes we can try.

Brother my brother.

Pokémon aren't meant to fight. Not like this.

It's useless!

What can come out of it?

Nothing but pain!

Why can't Mewtwo understand it's not right to force Pokémon to battle this way?!

They're all living creatures!

This just proves that fighting is wrong!

I was prepared for trouble. But not for this!

Make that double, for me!

Now I can see how horrible fighting really is!

Even the best of friends will fight sometimes!

I'll promise never to fight again if you will!

Jessie! / James!

What am I doing?

Let's get something straight, copycat!

You-owth ain't gonna push Meowth around!

You mean we don't have to fight with each other?

But how can I trust you? You was born different.

I almost made a clawful mistake!

But how do I know you're not going to pull a fast one on me?

You're right! We do have a lot in common!

The same Earth, the same air, the same sky!

Maybe if we started looking at what's the same, instead of always looking at what's different...

Well, who knows?



Quit it! Please stop!


Are you okay?

We've got to stop this!

But how? All Mewtwo cares about is proving how strong those superclones are!

I'd rather risk my life out in Mewtwo's storm than watch these Pokémon destroy each other.

Me too!

I wish there was some way to stop them!

I don't know what to do!

I don't think they'll ever stop!

Those Pokémon look like they're ready to fight to the death!

That's a fight that nobody is going to win.

Someone's got to take a stand.

Someone's got to say no and refuse to fight. Just like Pikachu!

Ash, wait!

You've got to stop right now!



Oh no!

Fool! Trying to stop our battle!

Please no...


A human sacrificed himself to save the Pokémon.

I pitted them against each other.

But not until they set aside their differences did I see the true power they all shared deep inside.

I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant.

It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.

Mewtwo, where are you going?

Where my heart can learn what yours knows so well.

What transpired here I will always remember.

But perhaps for you, these events are best forgotten.

This could be the worst storm ever!

You must listen to me. You have got to find shelter.

Excuse me please! The Pokémon Treatment Center will be open as a shelter!

Anyone who needs a place to stay should come with me!

Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny are really great!

They just keep getting more beautiful every time I see 'em.

Hey guys! How did we wind up in this place anyway?

Well I guess we're just here because we're here. Yeah! Let's eat!

A huh!

Look! It's a miracle!

I can't believe it!

The storm disappeared!

That's so weird!

It's good to have things clear again!

Hey! What's that?

What's what?

I don't see anything, Ash.

Except the sky!

The day I left home to start my Pokémon journey, I saw a really rare Pokémon. And just now, I thought I saw another one!

Well, maybe you're just seeing things, Ash!

Well, maybe he's not!

Well, maybe we'll see.

Many strange legends surround the mysteries of Pokémon.

And just as many adventures await our young heroes as they continue on their quest.

For Ash and his friends, the journey's just begun.

I don't have a clue how we got here, but who cares.

This is paradise!

For once a happy ending!

Team Rocket signing off again!

Do you have any sunscreen?

You know, I'd really like to go sailing in one of them catamarans! Ha ha!