Police (1985) Script

Let's try it another way.

If I have to spend all day dragging this out of you, I'll flip!

And when I flip, I get ugly.

I beat people. And I don't like doing that.

See this gun? We found it on you.

I haven't sent it to ballistics. If it was ever used for a stick-up, they'll know, and you'll get 5 years minimum.

Minimum, got it? The judge won't give you a break.

But I can make like I never saw this gun.

I could lose it. But it's give and take.

Give and take?

Give and take. Understand?

You help me out...

You're gonna get me in some deep shit.

We'll protect you. You have my word.

What did raoul tell you when you saw him in Marseille?

He was looking for a dealer.

He didn't know anyone”? He wanted someone reliable.

So you offered your services? No you never do that raoul offered me 30 grand to go and get a kilo in Holland.

Then we'd split 50-50. Too risky.

Small deals are better.

So what did you say?

I said I knew someone.

Oh yeah? And who was that? Simon.

Who's Simon? Simon.

Simon who?

Simon slimane. Well say so!

The three brothers work together. Simon, Maxime and Jean.

Big dealers from belleville?

They live in belleville, yeah.

They don't work, they have lots of cash.

They go to Holland a lot.

If they bring back a kilo each time, that's a lot of bread they're big dealers, sell all over Paris, Marseille.

Then I went to see Simon and told him the story.

You sold dope for Simon? No, never.

When did raoul make his first order?

I don't recall the date.

One day he called and wanted 50 grams.

I got it from Simon and went to Marseille and after? I gave it to him.

How much did he give you? $1500.

$1500 for you?

No, I took the money and gave it to Simon.

How much did you make"? Only $200.

$200 for you, $1300 for Simon.

You got a good business there. Then what?

Then raoul wanted more. 200 grams. For that deal, I went to Marseille with Simon. Why Simon?

Because over a certain limit, he won't trust me he was afraid I'd split with the dope.

You'd do that? Maybe. I don't know.

How much did raoul pay for 200g? $6000.

Your share?

I didn't get anything. Raoul was broke and the next deal?

That was more. How much?

300 grams. How much?

300 grams, I said. How much money?

9 grand for slimane, $1500 for me.

I don't get it. Why are you still in on this?

Simon and raoul know each other. Why are you still in the middle?

That's what we agreed.

And Simon is clean, he won't touch it you carry the dope?

Yeah. So then what?

It fell apart. Too many hassles with Simon.

Why? Wasn't straight. Too expensive.

Right. You were out of a job.

'Unemployed', yeah.

So what'd you do?

I put raoul in touch with someone else you know a lot of people. Who was it this time?

Mohamed. Mohamed who?

Who's momo? Everybody knows momo.

I don't. Where'd you meet him? Paris where? A bar which? I don't know.

Don't remember. Still see Simon?

Now and then. You had a fight?

No, but I stay out of his way. His two brothers are crazy!

Why? They always carry guns and they're worried I'll compete with their business they're right to worry. So then what?

They grabbed me one day. Roughed me up a bit.

You have Simon's address?

No, I don't have it. Sure you do. Give it to me.

He lives with a French chick named noria I'm not sure where.

What does she do, noria? I don't know.

You don't know.

Can I go now?

Let's get it down on paper.

Name? Tarak louati

why 'Claude', then?

Because Claude sounds more French.

4th floor, on the right.

They there now? I didn't see them leave what does she look like?

Light brown hair, wears it like that.

Is she tall? Kind of pretty? Oh, not bad.

I'm going for chow. Ham sandwich me too. You stay here.

Hey, that must be her.

Bet she goes for coffee to that joint on the corner. Tail her.

Hey, shock troops! Watch the entrance to the building. We'll take her.

(Go ahead.

I'll go in.

Police. Don't move. We're going to leave quietly.

I didn't pay for my coffee. It's on me

Behave and you'll be ok. He's upstairs?


Take this. Bring her.

4th floor?

Police! Don't move!

Come over here.

This isn't my place.

Why are you here? Waiting for friends.

Move it. Get dressed.

Takes true love to share that bed! You bet

come on, put that on. Hurry up!

(Set over there.

These stains aren't dope!

Nothing in there. Wonder what we're looking for?

I have no idea we're gonna find it anyway. Check the plug sockets.

These rags must've cost a bundle. You won't wear these for a while

Whose is 117?

Mine. My savings.

You have a bank account?

You have one? No, I don't.

I say it's yours. Here, count it!

They must've cleaned up. Did you get Jean-Louis?

He's aware of the problem too.

Will it help our case?

I'll keep you posted. How much?

$2000. Good. Anything to eat here?

You got a pile of savings. Is that against the law?

Shit. We'll eat at 4pm!

Whose is this? Mine.

Your key? Never seen it. It's not my place.

Whose is it? Noria's.

It's not my key.

It was on the shelf. Whose is it?

The old tenant's? He left stuff what's his name? I don't know him!

Shit, I forgot the file.

Hey, good timing.

You can be useful for once.

Give me your jacket.

Hurry up!

Your watch

I take everything off”? Everything.

Bend over.


Ok, get dressed.

So what do I put?

You tell me one thing. Then you change it.

Now I'm telling the truth. It wasn't the truth before?

I didn't think it was him. He's pathetic.

He had the credit card on him. We had to book him yeah, but he's a widower. He's got 4 kids, one crippled.

When I reported it, I didn't know he had the card you knew that before. It's no use moping now.

Recognize him?

Yeah, that's him.

Can I go to the toilet? You should have pissed before.

Jerk. You have no right.

He's got some nerve!

I can't stand this.

You can't stand it! You'll get over it.

I've been waiting hours. Asshole!

That's right, let it out.

It's like a box of cheese. It's got a label.

How much? About $150.

It'll last you ten years!

That thing?

The search turned up nothing.

We should have planted 100 grams on you. We know you deal.

You search my apartment, find nothing and call me a dealer. You're way off.

Watch it! Sit down.

What's your name”?


They call you Simon.


August 161955. Tunis.

How long have you been living with noria?

About a year.

(Got a record?

None source of income?

I haven't worked in 2 months.

I used to work for a company in the suburbs.

$400 a month. No future in it.

Got a bank account?

In your papers, we found an order for a new car how come?

It's a car I ordered a month ago.

How much is your rent”? It's noria's place!

I asked you how much.

I don't know $100, $150... She pays it.

No bank account, but you have savings!

I don't even have money put aside.

How did you get by, then? Off the savings from my job.

What savings”?

I don't have any left. I spent it all.

The down payment on the car? My savings.

So of the $2250 we found, none of it's yours.

No. It's all noria's. Try and prove me wrong!

When did you first come to France”?

Three years ago.


As g tourist I wanted some new clothes, get dressed up, buy a suit, look sharper...

Got any family? I have 5 brothers they in France? In Tunis.

Do you know raoul bensimi?

Or tarak louati?

We're from the same neighbourhood.

Ever see them in France? No well, tarak, yes. I see him once in a while but you saw raoul in Marseille.

Ever been to Marseille? No, never.

Well, yes I have.

I went there to visit him. Once.

Why visit him? You must have had a reason.

No, I just went down there.

Bensimi says he met you and louati in Marseille he says you wanted him to sell heroin for you.

Bensimi is lying.

Some guy hamed Simon gave him a phone number in Paris...

3488996 what about that?

It's mine, sure I know it!

Then you supply raoul with heroin.

Not me. And no one calls me Simon anyway.

And I personally gave the phone number to raoul.

We tapped raoul bensimi's line. Your number was dialled a woman asked raoul if he wanted a lot what's that about?

I don't know. Ask noria what it's all about someone told raoul that Simon just left.

No one calls me Simon! No one?

That's vague. Lots of people are called Simon.

Then he asked to speak to Maxime, your brother.

Is that vague”?

There are tons of maximes!

You admit your brother answers the phone?

He's not in Paris. He was deported from France!

But he came back!

He answered the phone! Explain it!

I don't know. I got nothing to explain!

If you have proof, charge me. I know my rights.

I can't hear a thing.

How did you find this out?

How? Through the grapevine, mangin.

I don't know. Is it serious?

They made some dumb moves. They're all in dope up to their ears!

You've got nothing on him.

You know the Marseille cops are taking you for a ride?

Oh yeah, sure! His brothers'll be real happy!

Right. No, it's ok.

Fine, thanks.

Am I seeing you later?

When, late?

Call me first, ok? Bye, lambert.

This is camel... Lambert the lawyer.

How are you? See you later. No problem.

Try to cool them. Mangin summoned me.

Bechir always hugs me. I'd rather he paid me!

He'll pay you. He's not working now.

He's got a specialty that makes big money.

If you're the best, how come you're not working?

I'm taking a rest.

Nobody keeps cash at home.

Get into another racket. I'll get you off if you get caught.

You're embarrassing. You talk crap!

If I introduce you to big shots, they'll say: "Who is this joker?"

I was kidding.

It's not funny. You get a bullet up the ass, you won't be laughing!

These people have no sense of humor.

We're fed up! Especially now. People are killing each other.

Simon got busted.

In Tunisia, 600 died in riots over the price of bread!

I've had it with arabs.

I named my kids Sebastian and frank, not Mohamed and Ali.

He'll explain Simon's case.

He's not my client. This is all hearsay.

They sent a bw from Marseille...

Could you repeat that, please. What's a bw?

"Bench warrant". The Marseille cops sent one to the Paris cops.

"Bench" because a judge issues it.

The way I see the case, they won't let him go.

It's bad news to have Marseille on your back right now.

They're tougher than Paris. They'll never let him go.

I'll try my best to get the girl out.

We only care about our brother. Screw the girl!

Why can't you just put up bail and get out, like in America?

The Marseille cops want to nail him.

France has no real mob. What are they scared of?

In Holland, Germany, Spain, you put up bail and you get out.

Why didn't you warn Simon?

You're the family lawyer, aren't you?

What do you mean, I didn't warn him?

Someone informed on him. I just found out.

We have friends who can't tell all they know.

Thanks. It was very good, but I don't eat much that's ok, it's the thought that counts.

What's this? How come?

Peppermint liqueur. The lady bought it for you.

Oh? Thank you.

Who's that?

That's assia, Caleb's wife. You got him out of jail.

To your health.

I have to talk to that guy.

We can trust him.

Ok, sign it.

Sign what? I'm not signing anything.

You said it I said nothing. I refuse whether you sign or not, it's the same I'm signing nothing.

If he won't talk, we're screwed I'll book 'em and take 'em back to Marseille let's give it another try.

He's a real pain. We'll see

Your jacket.

I want to see the detective. You'll wait I want the detective. You'll have to wait.

I want to see him! Fuck you!

You saw him! Fuck you!

Two hours late. What are you doing with a chick like that, moron?

You like her? She turn you on?

Hey, take it easy.

Anyway, she's in trouble right now.

Her pimp's crazy. He won't let her stop.

He's a criminal!

Stop. I can't talk seriously to you.

You're always fucking off!

No, I'm telling you, she's chasing me. You know?

Look at your suit. You look like a pimp.

Surel he calls me pimp again!

Yes, it's true, pal. Really.

You don't see you're going over to the other side it's ok to eat with crooks, but you give 'em an inch, they take a mile.

You'll be in it for good. Are you joking?

You're telling me I'm turning into a crook?

Yeah, that's it. Let's go and take a look.

I don't like you like this. Come on.

Is lydie downstairs? No one here.

I can't let you in.

Is she here? No, I told you.

They're all born liars.

You're here!

I'm with my friend, detective mangin.

Seen one, you've seen 'em all!

I got run in by plainclothes cops.

By me? Come on!

Soon, I won't be able to work. And dédé's back now.

I've had enough. He's driving me crazy.

Tell him it's over.

I told him, he doesn't believe me.

I don't know. Turn him in. Plant some dope on him.

Ok. Will your cop friends help?

What are you doing?

Talking to the detective. He's gonna get those charges dropped.

Don't listen to her, she's drunk.

Sorry. There's a birthday party for some friends. Come on, I better get back. He's already mad.

Now he'll be pissed off!


Dede shit on me. Did you see that? Huh?

You bust him, then he'll call me to defend him. Can you do that?

I'll put him back behind bars, he won't even know it was me.

I can have him put away for 2 years.

I'll see he gets a long sentence, and he'll thank me!

You gotta have a few laughs.

That's a real treat to a cop, and it's harmless if people get hurt, they deserved it. Some, anyway.

I'm sick of defending my clients. Let me tell you, they're all thieves and murderers. Everything in their files is true!

We do our jobs right, that's all.

I say to the judge, "your honor, he didn't do it, he's a nice guy."

I'm not a lawyer who says, "I can't defend someone

"if I'm not convinced he's innocent.” all my clients are guilty!

I know it for sure! It's hard to believe!

Can I see detective lorrain? Go ask that lady over there.

How are things? Hi. Gauthier. Good.

You ate at brick's? Have fun last night?

Hello, detective. How are you?

Shall I take him? Yes you know him? René. Runs a joint where I eat.

What about the girl?

I'll go see her. Catch you later.

Mr El gassah? Follow me, please.

Ok. Sit there.

Everyone calls you reng, right?

Yeah, it's a French name. I like it.

You were sentenced in 1980.

Yes. For receiving stolen goods and selling firearms.

Tell me if you recognize these names...

No I don't think so.

Raoul bensimi. That ring a bell?

Raoul sounds familiar. But bensimi, no.

I know one or two raouls at my bar. They have a drink now and then.

Well, it seems that raoul bensimi calls your bar from Marseille.

I can't help it if a customer calls. Anybody can call.

Who answers the phone at your bar? Me.

So raoul calls you.

Look, detective. When I'm busy, I ask a customer or somebody at the bar to answer for me.

Cos I can't do it. I'm busy.

You recognize these photos?

I know this one. It's Simon.

The girl I've seen once or twice at the bar she was looking for someone. Who?

If I remember right, I talked to her on the phone.

I knew her voice. She asked for Simon.

How'd you meet Simon?

I've known him since I was a kid we were neighbours. I know his whole family.

I know his brothers, Jean and Maxime.

Where do they live?

I can't tell you. It's not my style to ask my customers where they live.

How do you explain the fact that bensimi calls Simon in your bar?

You know, detective... Lots of people call.

A lot of times I take reservations for customers.

Bensimi calls a lot, though.

We get a lot of calls during the day. But I can't say if it's bensimi or not.

How do your pals make a living?

They're not my pals, but Simon does odd jobs.

Jean and Maxime, I couldn't tell you.

I don't really know them, they're just ordinary customers.


Can I leave now?

I'll get it on paper.

Come here. Open this.

(Got a cigarette?

I'm hungry. Any food?

Got money on you? What do you want?

A sandwich. Anything.

What kind? Ham.

Something to drink? Water.

Gget me a ham sandwich and water.

Ok, come on.

This way.

Take a number. Hurry up.

Good, you got your numbers. Hello, chief!

This is trainee Marie verdret. She's our trainee superintendent.

Look after her, mangin. Ok.

If you have a case, put her on it.

She's off to a good start. She's real sharp!

Think that's funny?

Let's take the photo.

Stand there.

Wait! Let me take off my hardware.

Your number.

Watch the little birdy!

Very good.

One more.

If you recognize him, let me know. No.

You must. They can't harm you.

Ah, it's you. How's your finger? Tell us what happened.

Well, I was in my store when three young men burst in.

They pointed a gun at me and asked for the keys to the safe.

I refused. So the one with the gun put it down, took out his knife, and he started to cut off my finger.

They didn't wear masks, did they?

No, they didn't.

We caught one of them. Try to identify the bastard. Look there.

And then... The pain was so unbearable that I swung my elbow and I hit the alarm, and they all ran.

Good. Now pay close attention.

Try to identify his ugly face. I ook behind the curtain.

Should I?

Don't be afraid. No one can see you.

Here I ook can you see? Yes s07? No.

I don't recognize anyone.

Which one is 1t?

I don't know, I can't tell.

It's not no.5, that's not him!

What number? No.5. No, that's not him.

Ok, come on.

Come with me, lorrain. Come on.

You say no.5 is not him?

Look at this chart. Recognize any names?

Well? I don't know anyone.

Not even Claude louati? No.

And raoul bensimi from Marseille? No doesn't Simon say who he visits there?

I told you, he never goes there.

He doesn't say where he goes, but it's not Marseille!

We know he goes there often to deliver heroin to raoul bensimi, who has named both of you.

He's lying!

How is he lying?

I don't know him, so he's lying.

You know him when he phones you!

He can't. My number's unlisted.

He phones you to place orders.

My number's unlisted so assholes can't hassle me.

You admit your number's 3488996. Right?

Right. So what?

So what?

What are you doing? Starting over.

We'll start from scratch.

If she doesn't know raoul bensimi, he can't call her!

We tapped raoul bensimi's line.

He dials your number.

I'm not interested. You will be it's educational

Is Simon there?

He's got none left.

That's bad he doesn't realize whatll I do? Tell him to bring some tonight!

I said he hasn't got any.

I've got nothing!

He's run out too. We're laying off for a while. Get it?

Why wait till you're all out? Yesterday he had some.

Yesterday I didn't have time.

Want a lot? He knows how much.

I don't know what to say. It's Saturday...

Refresh your memory? It's not me.

That's a good one! He dialled your number.

Maybe he did. I don't know him, shit!

Make up your mind! And don't say "shit"!

You say you're unlisted so you don't get hassled.

Maybe Simon gave out my number.

That wasn't Simon's voice. Explain that!

No! It wasn't me, period.

Who was it? How would I know?

I don't know does a woman answer when you're out?

Then who's the woman who answered?

Maybe he has girls in on Saturdays while I'm at work I doubt you work Saturdays.

Those girls wouldn't answer phones. They'd be up to other tricks!

So you work Saturdays? I babysit.

Where do you babysit?

Wherever I can.

Cut the crap. I don't buy it.

Think I'll say it's my voice to please you?

You know Jean and Maxime, Simon's brothers?

I've heard of them but I've never met them. They don't live in France.

They've never been to Paris?

Maybe on vacation. But I don't know when.

You know their wives? No, I don't.

You admit this is your diary? Yeah so the names in it refer to friends of yours?


so who's this Aicha?

Coming... who's this Aicha?

Aicha? I see "Aicha 13 November"

a woman I met at the gym.

She gave me her number so we could get together.

You see her again?

Once. I ran into her...

She never called you? I didn't give her my number.

Where does she live?

I don't remember.

Yes, you do. Where does she live?

In the 15th district, I think.

That's weird. We've traced her number and it's an Aicha who lives in the 20th

I don't get it.

Gauthier, take over. I'l be back.

You think we're idiots?

Quit faking, miss innocent! Lay it on the line!

You know bensimi!

The old woman identified you.

What 1s this?

I'll tell you... But I want the truth!

An old lady saw and identified you.

What old lady?

The one whose finger you cut off!

You crazy? She identified you!

Who did? I never hurt no old lady.

You cut off her finger! I never cut off no finger!


To get the combination to her safel what safe? What finger? This is a farce!

It's no farce tell the truth what truth?

The safe, asshole!

I don't even know what you're talking about!

"A thought for my daughter”.

You think of her when you cut off fingers?

You can be bad and have a heart too I don't like creeps like you!

My shirt! Shit!

I ook at it!

Guy messes up the whole joint!

He's a fuckin' blood bank!

Deal with that goddam killer!

What a mess! Scum!

What's going on? Nothing. I got a spare shirt.

Don't go. Come hold my cock while I piss!

Easy! Excuse me

what are you doing?

Don't talk to me like that! Cos you're a superintendent?

No, show some manners!

I'm edgy!

(Set in there!

Mangin, what's going on?

Nothing, he bumped into the desk.

Stop by my office and report to me.

Yes, chief. I don't like that!

You recognized your voice! It's not me!

"It's not me". Who answers the phone? Aicha?

We found this key at your place. Recognize it?

Look, is it yours or Simon's?

It's not mine.

Not yours!

This is raoul bensimi's statement on the phone conversation.

I don't know him. He's lying. Only I answer my phone.


Pick that up!

So this conversation was never recorded, eh?

It doesn't exist!

Tell him to take a train or I'll take it elsewhere tell him!

I can't wait all evening for him. I'm going out!

He won't supply me?

Why wouldn't he? We owe $50,000...

$50,000! That's not me, goddammit!

I don't know. You tried calling him at rené's?

No. Then try!

I'll try calling rené"s...

At rené's! That was never recorded! Never!

Right, then.

Know what'll happen to you?

I'll have you arraigned in Marseille a shame he lectures me, too!

And she answers back!

Come along.

Let go.

You sure can raise a glass!

Tell him why you were operated on.

They took everything out of me.

6 hours on the operating table. How come?

I felt lousy. It was the liquor!

Cut it out!

Sure it is! You're a walking corpse!

I still eat and drink as much! A walking corpse!

Were you in indochina?

You didn't drink water there!

What's that? Bursting blood vessels!

Wanna play with your baboons? Fuck off!

No, he's mad... Back in the rice paddies...

Here's a nut for you! Cut it out!

What d'you know about rice paddies? Everything!

I had a pal in the foreign legion...

He really knew the rice paddies. Got decorated posthumously...

I remember as a kid, ina bar the guy used to talk bottles... Not much left of him he spoke to bottles... he'd see them and say... grenadine... bam!

See the grenade... peppermint... Rice paddies... viets...

You see that guy had really lived it...

Me too.

I'm not so sure.

Hey, louati, are you off?

Louati, are you off? Hey, you owe me money.

You make any money? Piss off!

We were ok. If only you'd shut up. I wanted the girl, that's all.

Here3 4 §5 ok, that'll do.

I hiked that chick it could've meant trouble dirty fucker!

The bastard's armed, watch out!

He's had it... I et's see to Claude!

(Get him in the car, quick.

Careful, he's hurt...

Take it easy... there... Right, jump in.

My file's up to date now.

That calls for a drink. Let's go to rené's.

The guy who gave us a statement.

You eavesdropping, LSD? We're talking business.

He's got a couple of chicks lined up for us.

Mr mangin? I'm busy.

It's police hq.

Ah, the brass band! Mangin here.

Where? That interests me. I'm on my way.

Where are the shock troops? You sent them away.

We're here. I thought you were in a bar.

A guy just got knifed in the rue chabrier. Let's go.

What about dede?

We'll get to him later. It's on the way.

All aboard!

Move it!

They messed you up good! They're rotten!

Dirty creep!

Sweet dreams!

I'd better catch a plane back to Marseille this'll only take an hour. No, it'll screw things up.

That's too bad. Call me. In 2 days!

The ambulance is already here. You just missed a corpse.

Do we question them?

Certainly not. Never in public.

We don't need to. We get info without asking. What happened?

We got a call about a shoot-out. No one saw a thing.

But we found an arab all sliced up.

Is he dead?

It'll be a miracle if he survives.

It suits me fine if they knock each other off.

I et's follow 'em.

Hi... dédé beat you up again?

He'd blown his gambling wad!

He blows money and she blows guys!

You two men are so tasteful!

If he messes up my face, how will I make a living?

If he'd hit me cop-style, where it doesn't show I have regular customers. I'm no street qirl.

You'll get used to it. Money's lousy!

Where's dede? I don't wanna freeze my balls all night.

He's upstairs... where else!

Give me the keys. He's got 'em.

He's holed up in my place. Oh, it's your place?

I pay for it. It's in my name.

Let's go.

With her? What if there's trouble?

Don't make a big thing...

We'll just run him in.

Punks like him give us the hardest time.

So what? Don't be a drag.

Dédé's yellow. He only beats up women.

That's just it.

Gimme a break! You stay here.

You'd better come with me... Over there.

Catch up with you later. It's best if he doesn't see you.

Here he is I just got out of jail! You went back to pimping!

I wrecked my foot kicking in the door! We found 40 grams.

That's his stuff, not mine!

Who needs 40 grams! We can book you any day for pimping.

That's a lesser charge.

I don't care about charges. My job's running 'em in.

Wouldn't you like 3 nice little one like that?

If I did, I'd wear one!

Then stick around. Take him away!

So stick around and hustle!

Stick around. Leave me alone!

What are you doing there? Police let's see your license and registration.

Are you crazy? Mangin, he just belted me!

Don't we arrest him?

No, we don't arrest him. Get in...

No, we don't.

Nice place for a cop. You got money?

Had it redone. Cost a fortune.

I paid in cash. You're lucky, they just finished.

I really like it.

You're shy for a hooker.

Wait and see!

You got kids?

Yeah, two. How old are they?

One's 15 and the other's 10.

That where you slept with your old lady?

But the bed was the other way round.

That's not where she died.

Now it's my elder's. She's away at school.

Nice rooms.

Cost me a fortune. See that? A fortune!

You're really gentle... Still waters run deep.

Wait till the beast in me stirs!

Like the shy hooker! Can I take a shower?

Look, it's a great shower.

Cost me a fortune. Watch out, the water's boiling!

Where do you sleep? There.


It's better there when you're alone.

When my mom was in a lousy mood she'd say:

"If I had to do it again, I'd be a hooker"

"I was pretty enough,” she'd say.

Like most women, she thought a hooker had to be beautiful or know amazing tricks.

How old are you"? 19 you're 19 and you don't believe in love!

I'll call you later.

Hi, Michel. Hi, rené.

How come you didn't show up last time?

I work hard.

You're fucking up. Go see Jean.

He needs me, he does. I won't Simon needs to see you, too. Sure.

He wrote me, he's depressed. I got the girl out.

He wants to know why he's still inside.

They had his phone tapped. His dealer takes me for an asshole.

One day he talks of bath towels, he's in linen next he's in carpets, he's a decorator then he goes and says Simon is delivering the stuff...

The guy's nuts!

Look, raoul bensimi must retract his statement... get me some water?

Raoul got snowed by the judge. I'm serious.

I'm sure he'll change his statement.

He'll commit perjury? So what'll we do?

I'll guarantee he changes his statement.

Hi, Maxime. Ok? How are things?

You ok? Thanks how's the survivor? See for yourself.

3 months and you're still bandaged up?

It's my tendon.

What's that? An infection what kind?

I don't remember. The doc told me, but I forgot.

Glad I'm not in your shoes.

They operated on me again. I'd be scared

[t's not funny. They sure fixed him!

He shoots a guy at close range and misses!

That goddam gun jammed!

You mean you jammed!

You shoot a guy who's with 4 others!

You're lucky you're still around!

Things aren't good right now for you guys. Keep a low profile.

With Simon in jail... they aren't aware their position's weak.

Don't make a move until he gets out.

I hope you get him out fast!

He won't get out until his trial.

The Marseille cops know that it could last a year if they want it to.

A year? Yes miss!

Got an aspirin, something for a headache?

I'll get you some. Come with me.

I guess we're wiped out now.

You're here, Simon's in jail...

Who knows what Jean's up to. He's useless.

Don't worry, he's not as dumb as me.

Sure! Don't start again when you get out.

I almost got killed... you just think about yourself and money!

That's it!

Sure, you're right.

Money problems scare me! I don't like them.

And I never liked problems...

That's how it is.

Listen. If you're questioned, you know nothing, ok?

You never heard of Claude louati.

I'll try to see your brother. Why can't you behave yourselves?

You're too visible. If I were you, I'd go back to Tunisia.

Tunisia? I'd rather go to jail!

Not for long. You come back when it's all blown over.

The cops won't let you go until they've nailed the lot of you.

You aware of that?

Ok, that's enough. Shall we go?

We're off, Maxime.

Thanks for the letter. I got it.

Hi, mangin. Nice of you to visit my clients in the hospital!

No, it's gauthier. Came up from Marseille.

The slimanes' lawyer.

This is Marie vedret, our trainee superintendent!

Delighted. I'm lambert.

So you're out?

On bail. But they kept me inside 3 months.

You'll get off. Judges hate sentencing women.

They think women are incompetent, hence innocent!

I am innocent. I was just doing my job.

I can't spend my life hounding people.

Once they're out, they're out. Isn't that better?

So why are you here? Just visiting.

We're just doing our job. Then do it well are we still on tonight? I guess so.

Bye. Hope you'll join us for dinner.

If I were a crook, I'd like to be cuffed by you.

Cut it out. You're very pretty!

Did you counsel Maxime?

Can't change a leopard's spots! I saw him because she insisted stop it, mangin. Pardon me!

Coming tonight? No, I'm off to Marseille.

Keep up the good work. It's a challenge to me!

We work so hard to nab 'em and then judges let 'em out!

You think it's funny! That girl shouldn't be out.

Hello, doctor. Gauthier, crime squad, Marseille.

I've come to question slimane.

Here's my court order. Is he up to it?

Physically, yes. Then let's go.

Good luck.


More cops! Yup!

You ok, Maxime? I'm fine

(Got nothing to tell us?

So you were out walking and you fell on a knife!

Could be.

Simon's in jail and you're laid up. Poor slimane brothers!


You took over when Simon went to jail.

Then you got even with that Claude louati. Right?

No I mean that.

You mean what? Because I don't know him.

You received... What's wrong with you?

It's the tendon. The achilles heel?

Painful? Could be.

I'll take your statement under oath who are you? Maxime, Simon's brother?

Maxime slimane... How did that happen?

I don't know. You don't know!

That's a nice bag. Where'd you buy it?

Garment district. This is my brother... Aicha, Jean.

Hello. Hil my brother clement... my lawyer.

You have a brother?

You got my sister out. Right.

I've got two brothers. Two brothers?

I didn't know she had a brother. She introduces this guy... gives us the keys to the apartment so she'll seem faithful.

We don't know what she does behind our backs want my ID? You let them spout crap like that?

Forget it.

I bring home money. You just ask for it.

Simon won't let me be a hooker.

That's all you're good for. You spend all day bitching about others. Simon sure picked a winner!

Tell your squaw to shut up or I'll slug her!

I'm getting out. Bye.

The judge asks if you know what "grey stuff" or "pink stuff" is, and you say: "Is it carpeting?" You kidding?

I do my best.


He's dumb. He understands nothing.

You're awaited like the Messiah here!

Come back to earth!

Do you think about your man locked up in a cell?

Do you know the spot he's in? A good woman must be behind her fellow all the way.

Thanks for the lecture. If he gets 10 years, I won't wait that long.

As long as I'm alive, he won't get 10 years.

Even if he does, you must ask him first.

If I ever see you go out with a guy, I'l blow his brains out!

I'm telling you!

Cool it, Renée. Simon doesn't have to find out.

Our way is: You don't touch a woman without asking whose she is.

I'm not dumb. I'll do it elsewhere you do that, go to the ends of the earth.

If I find you, you're dead!

We have family pride. We're respectful...

I was only kidding.

Don't kid with things like that.

Are you going to Marseille?

Yes, with his mother.

Can I have the train fare? I'm broke

I need money.

Gimme another. I travel first class.

What can she do with $507?

Just give it to her!

What's it to you?

No, let me get it. No, it's on me.

C'mon, give it to me.

My pleasure, Marie vedret. Sorry, I'll deal with it.

C'mon, you don't have a nickel. I've got more than you.

Your clients never pay you.

You can say that! They lose it all gambling.

I've gambled with 'em. They have wads like that!

I bet $10, they bet $1000!

He doesn't know how to get paid. He says: "Later...

"When I get you out.” so nobody pays!

Oh yeah? You sure paid me!

Could I have a whiskey?

Listen... she takes it all so seriously.

She's too much. Thanks, madam.

Didn't we... one night...” Can't remember everything.

I remember you very well. You haven't changed a bit.

What, ten years ago? Don't put me on.

I swear... Maybe it's the dress...

There's a lovely, vibrant woman under there flattery will get you nowhere! No, I mean it...

I'm sick of tending bar. I'm going to sell.

To do what? I'll go away.

There are 4000 law firms in Paris about 20 handle the big deals and make big money.

200 don't do badly, they scrape by, as for the rest where do you fit in?

Nowhere. My future lies elsewhere.

I ike where?

The bench.

One day I hope to be a da or a judge.

Do judges wear diamonds in their ear?

I'll take it out in court. Are you sure?

Shall we go dancing?

No, not me. I'm heavy after dinner.

I'm going anyway.

If she's going...

Let's go shake a leg!

"You're still the same sweet Sally..."

She didn't believe I was meeting you. She thought it was another woman.

I don't care if it's another chick.

You two really... Look like you're made...

That's what I tell her.

Made for each other. Made to make it?

Coming, Marie vedret?

I've been through that too.

Is it over now? I'm a widower.

Vedret, you sulking”?

You're a bit edgy? You could say that.

And mysterious. Yes, and I don't know why.

That's your business.

Marie, I want you. Can we stop?

You'd like me to say: "Go ahead"?

You didn't appreciate that... You're free to get out.

You're nuts, mangin.

Let's just say it was in poor taste.

Really? Why?

Two little cops making it!

Is that so bad?

You actually considered it?

Yes, I did.

Not me.

I'd never go with a detective.

Go with? I said go to bed with!

And as for your crafty behaviour...

Weren't you trying to turn me on?

Lydie, all we need now is dédé!

Cut it out!

West Indians are the fastest at turning girls into hookers!

2 weeks! But they can't hold onto the girls!

They sure have rhythm! Ok, so what?

Easy, lydie!

Now I see why you kicked me under the table earlier.

You put déde inside, so now I go for his chick!

You ok? Fine

not dancing?

I don't come here to dance. But go ahead.

I'd buy you a drink, but here the women do the buying.

1 don't have a nickel! Business is lousy now, eh?

No, wait... cool it...

You're flying tonight!

Sure. Or I couldn't face my work.

And I'm just working for someone else!

Why'd you make such a thing about dédé?

That's a nice chain.

Can I have it? What next?

You can have mine. Don't you want it?

Lousy swap... yours is worthless it has great sentimental value!

You don't like it?

Feel like dancing? Let's dance.

You're a terrific dancer.

We're being neglected!

Having fun, noria?

Shall we split? Yeah, let's.

There are highs and lows...

Sometimes you wind up alone, or if you don't, you wonder why you're with some slut.

You gripe about that a lot?

My mom didn't love me. So I'm getting even with women.

You enjoy finding excuses to act macho it's just that... get in.

Shall I drop you at your car?

Then we can have a night cap.

I'll take my car so you won't have to take me home yes, but...

Can I ask you a question?

Would you treat me the way lambert did earlier?

Not you.

Why not me?

Maybe you're not what you seem to be...

You're intimidating. I don't know how to take you.

I don't want to be taken

because your guy's in jail, you can't go with just anyone.

Lambert isn't your type.

You look pathetic together.

You made a dumb move.

Is he a good lay”?

He fell in love with me instantly.


It helps to have a good lawyer.

I see. Having a business relationship with you gives one additional rights?

Not at all, leave me alone, you're crazy!

Come on, kiss me.

Stop! You're nuts. This is ridiculous.

Let go of me.

This is really ridiculous!

Yes, it's ridiculous.

You think you love a woman...

For a moment it seems possible, then it becomes ridiculous. Sorry.

But I seriously believed it for a moment.

I did

I know.

So what do we do now?

We'll drive around.

Let's get the papers on the champs-elysées.

I feel like reading the papers.

Kiss me.

I've never loved anyone.

I have

When you love someone...

I loved him so much.

I thought we'd live a long time together. It's silly...

Once you've had a love like that and it's over, you grow bitter.

You think it's safer never to believe in anything anymore.

I feel lousy... Like I have no future I feel I've wasted my life.

No, you'll be fine.

It'll all be fine now.

What are we doing here?

We're like two kids that's what I like about it.

We've got the whole night to spend talking without a care in the world.

I haven't done that since I was 15 or 16

It'll soon be light, I have to go.

My train's in an hour.

Hello, can I speak to mr mangin?

No, it's for me.

Doesn't matter, thanks.

Can I have that second number?

I'm ok... no... yes...

Simon's brother dropped off a bag... The youngest one.

I don't know... He said not to look in it

(go take a look!

There are 2 guns in it. What'll I do?

Nothing. You didn't see them.

If they ask you to meet them with the bag, don't go!

When are you back”?

Tomorrow. Another thing...

Use the new bolt-lock. They don't have the key to it.

You visit me less and less

What's wrong?


But I'm losing faith.

Don't lose faith. They can't keep me in here long.

I know, I'm trying... I'm doing everything I can.

If we had to part, I think I'd always love you.

I'll never forget you. Even if I'm with another man.

I swear I'll never love another.

You know what happens to girls who do that?

Are you saying you want to leave me”?

No, I swear I don't. If you want to...

I don't want to.

You're good for me, I know it. Not like your brothers.

I don't want to knock your family, but it's true they'll never let you be happy with any woman.

All they think about is their money!

I'll wind up a hooker. That's what they all want.

Noria, listen. You mustn't end up like that.

There's no point in becoming 3 hooker like the others.

If you heed money, ask rené.


What about this robbery? Our people don't steal from each other what's all this about? What robbery?

All our money was taken.

They said you did it, noria.

See how you are!

I know you didn't do it. I trust you.

I love you. If I'd done it, I'd ask for your forgiveness, not theirs.

It's none of their business.

I want to believe you.

I really do, but these are serious matters it's a family matter. Swear to me you had no part in it. I swear it on my life.

Sweating it out, ladies? She's boning up.

So, vedret...

You're into the final stretch... Tomorrow's the big day!

You'll be taking your exam.

In 2 days she'll snub you. She'll be a superintendent.

Some make the decision fast, others wait around wait around? I can't spend my whole life studying...

3 years of general studies! No thanks!

Half-pint, the detective exam must be a cinch for you!

You have a ba. No, a master's.

Fven better!

I'm sick of exams.

Good old LSD!

Why do you call me LSD? Loves sucking detectives!

Hilarious! To think I may miss you!

I'll see if I can find him. It's personal!

Where are you? Who's "they"?

Be right there.

If someone asks, you don't know where I am.

Have a nice evening!

They'll try and make him talk. They're insane. You don't know them!

I don't know them! Who do they think did it?

My brother and I. They think we took the money.

What money?

I told you, the money that was stolen from them their mother told me how much was there?

I don't know. She didn't say. I think there was a lot how much is a lot? I don't know listen... if you want me to help you, tell me everything!

Understand? Did you take it”?

No, I didn't. I'd tell you.

Just help me to get my brother back!

Help me. They'll torture him.

What do you want me to do? Run after them waving my gun?

You're all I've got. Don't let me down I'm scared wait.

Come on.

Calm down, ok? Yeah what's he done? Attempted b&e.

"That afternoon Maxime told me on the phone that the bag

"he gave my brother contained 2 guns.

"He then said that he'd asked my brother

"to bring down the bag with the guns so he could recover them

"he said he never saw my brother again.”

Initial and sign. I didn't mention the money. Complicates things.

I stay here and guard her brother with that?

That's to scare him. Cut the crap!

I mean it! You must stay here! See you later.

Your eye better?

No such luck. And I had 4 retina operations.

What are you doing in my place?

Waiting for you. Jean wants to talk to you.

Don't worry. No one's angry.

Noria it's Aicha.

Everything's fine. Your brother's here why'd you say that, you dumb bitch? You crazy?

No, he's just a bit agitated. Come over.

Let me talk to him. I want to hear his voice put him on or you'll be sorry.

Come and get me. They'll kill me.

Please, noria. Or they'll kill me!

And you'd better come alone!

Don't bring anyone along.

I'll be there in an hour.

How come they're all at your place?

Did you give them the key, or did they break in?

Both. How, both?

When I got out of jail I gave them the key to seem loyal.

Then I had an extra bolt-lock put on.

That lock was smashed, so I knew it was them.

You screwed all the brothers?

C'mon. One was enough!

I don't want to hurt Simon. Screw Simon!

All I think about is this! He's in jail.

I was close to him I lived with him. He really loved me.

He's a Muslim.

So what?

You only know how to mistreat them!

I know how they mistreat women.

No worse than we do.

Noria, my love...

I want to sleep beside you...

I had nothing to do with it! Who are you? Why'd you beat me up?

You're her brother. You must know! I know nothing!

Shut up, asshole! Stop talking to him, ok?

We've work to do! C'mon. A kidnapping!

About time!

What if they're on the stairs? Aicha, can you hear me?

Unless my brother opens the door, I won't come in.

I want my brother to open it.

Don't do anything dumb.

Come in, we'll have a quiet talk.

That's a quiet talk” it wasn't my idea... Don't move!

Deal with your brother.

See what they did? Thanks for leaving me here!

Whose gun is it? Not mine.

You putting me on? I swear it's not mine.

What's this? My savings.

You've a lot. I work. I can prove it's legit.

You do babysitting?

He suspects everyone, even me.

Did they use electric wires? Yeah, 220 volts.

How's your head? Not too bad take him to the hospital.

What do I do? You'll be safer at my home.

17 rue dutilleux. 3rd floor. Here are the keys...

You know my brother, momo.

I've seen him at your place. Hello I came to ask you for the bag.

Sorry, I don't understand. What bag?

Look. Don't tell me you don't understand. You're noria's lawyer.

You got noria out. You know noria. You know mangin!

What's going on”?

You come to my home at 3am for what? What bag?

That doesn't mean a thing. 3am or 2am or 10am doesn't matter!

We didn't come to threaten you.

What 1s this?

You sit down.

We'll talk and then you can get on the phone.

What's the matter?

You know noria stole the bag with the money and the dope.

I don't know where noria is, or the bag! What are you doing?

What's going on? Who's that? Is that a gun?

I'm a lawyer, not a punk crook.

I've always been honest with you.

Don't shout. We can shout louder than you.

You used to be a lawyer... Now you're a liar!

A two-faced shyster!

I don't know what you mean.

He's nuts!

I'm a man of the law. You can get into big trouble.

He doesn't care, he's sick in the head.

I'm here to set things straight. I want no trouble with you or mangin.

I'm here to get what I asked for. What?

The bag with the money and the dope.

What's wrong? You're not alone?

You come here to bug me or to talk”

Mangin, I'm fucked.

What happened?

They're like mad dogs. Noria swiped their bundle and disappeared!

How do you know noria did it?

They told me. They're sick. They think I'm in on it with her.

It's unbelievable.

They think, or they know?

It's no time for jokes. I've got to find her.

She's in great danger.

How much did she take?

They said it was 200 grand.

I'm terrified

they'll knock her off first chance they get. I have to find her!

She split with the cash. They won't find her.

I want to talk to her, face-to-face.

Because if I get knocked off, I want to know why!

They won't hurt you. They're just trying to scare you.

I've got fifty of them on my ass! I'm trying to cool 'em down.

But when they see I can't do anything, you think they'll be gentle”? You're joking!

I'll tell you, if they come, I won't be pushed around.

I've got a gun. I'll blast 'em!

Don't say I didn't warn you. Now you know!

It was a gift. They gave it to me!

You're crazy! Why did you accept it?

You shouldn't have accepted it.

Sorry, they just grabbed me at my place. I'm hardly dressed.

I feel safer here... I wanted to talk to you.

They shoot cops, too!

You know how to shoot back.

Sure I do!

I've never shot at anyone.

Why don't you go see rené?

Are you joking?

That's sticking my head in the lion's mouth

they're mad at me. I couldn't get Simon out on bail.

Nothing's working... I'm fucked.

You'd be better off I did a dumb thing... I never should've screwed that girl.

She's a bitch... I shouldn't have screwed that bitch she screws anyone and she's a born liar.

What are you doing?

You've gone nuts...

Let me tell you something...

I isten to me you're nuts!

Shut up!

Shut your mouth and shut the door!

Did Simon tell you where the dough was?

No one knew... Not Aicha, not their mother.

Their mother... Simon's no fool.

He knew you'd swipe the dough.

Stop talking to me like a cop!

Did you take it or not”?

Does it matter now?

Nothing matters to you!

You matter to me.

Did you take the money?


You'll get your head blown off. They won't let you go.

You won't let go. You're worse that's sheer nonsense. I'm the opposite of them.

I care about you.

I really do.

Why do you always lie to me? What for?

Don't you understand?

I've lied all my life: To my teachers at school, to my brothers, my folks, everyone!

Everyone did that. It doesn't matter my folks think I'm at a catering school.

Noria's just a name Simon gave me.

I lied to him too. I thought I loved him.

Simon, his brothers, rené.

They don't care about our kind of truth arabs have their own ways, their own truth they always seem to be lying. I like that their truth is that they're going to kill you.

You don't kill for $200,000. People do. They do!

The money's in a locker at central station.

I knew it was a dumb move, but now it's too late.

Were you in love with lambert?


Can you see me as a cop's wife?

$1000 a month is ok.

What'll you do with your $200,000 you jerk?

$200,000's nothing. Nothing?

It'd take a dumb cop 3 lifetime to earn that!

So what?

What can you do with your $200,0007 you dream of parking your ass on a beach under a palm tree with some asshole serving you tall drinks!

For you that's paradise!

Beaches are a drag and you can't go in the water because of the coral reefs and the sharks. So you move on, you start hustling, that's a real dumb-ass way to live...

Sure... it's not as good as searching premises, nice little stake-outs, questioning suspects, that's really living!

It's not a drone's life like you, like them. Money, money!

They only know stick-ups or jackpots!

I don't give a damn about that money. You think you'll get me by giving it back. You're as dumb as them.

I screwed them and their little packets of powder

I can't do that with you! You've got nothing.

I've got nothing!

As chardonne said: "Deep down, everything is rotten."

No, I think he said: "Deep down, everything is horrible."

Yes. Deep down everything's horrible.

(Gotta go see the other asshole!

You think it's funny!

I want to come with you.

If you insist.

Give me the bag.

Where is it?

There, under your feet.

Wait for me here?

A cop who keeps his word?

See mangin, that's what war's all about.

That's the most important thing.

Keeping one's word. Excuse me

It's all there.

Go figure that one out! Bravo, mangin!

And thanks.

If you ever need a favour, get in touch.

Ok. Bye. Night, mangin.


It's ok as far as the money goes.

But who knows what he's got up his sleeve!

Detective! Come here!

No hard feelings. Remember this?

Have a drink. What'll it be?

Rum. No, whiskey.

What are you doing here, scum? They let you out?

I was innocent. Didn't stop you from slugging me!

And you didn't get me, eh?

Your wife had her baby?

It's due in a week or 10 days.

Been at it again? Sure.

Where'll you put the next tattoo?

I'll find room for it what you gonna call it? Vincent that's my middle name. Louis Vincent mangin.

She wanted to call it Stephen. But that's a faggot's name, right?


What if it's a girl? It's not a girl.

She did tests. No. It's male...

Well, if it's male... Yes, it is.

So you're going to crawl back into bed tonight?

My old lady knows I'm here.

She trusts me now. I quit goofin' off...

I've calmed down... Good.

I'm off. Bye.

I'm leaving.

I knew you'd say that sooner or later I was expecting it.

But I thought you'd say it in anger.

Anyway, you'll never understand.

It can only end badly.

I hadn't realized something was wrong. But we need sleep.

I'm tired too. We'll see things clearer later.

You think this was a snap decision”?

Yes, cos you're tired.

I'm not. Yes, you are.

No point in going on. It's over no, it's not.

Yes, it is.

I can't live with you. You'll be disappointed.

I can't give a man what he needs...

And you've taught me not to lie.

I just want you to love me. That's all I'm incapable of loving.

Maybe I'm too young.

You're as tough as an old-timer.

You have no heart. Nothing matters to you.

You're like a sealed tower. Nothing can get to you.

That's why I want to leave.

Think they'll let you?

They've got their money.

That's not enough for them.

They're small-time.

They've only killed a couple of people in 10 years.

They won't come after me.

They have a saying: "Only mountains don't bump into each other."

They won't touch me.

In a month, in a year...

You're not like them how do you know”? People say cops and crooks are alike...

You don't scare me.

I don't care. I do what I please.

Kiss me and say goodbye to me.

Beat it, noria.

One kiss. No.

Claiming you love me now?

I'm sure of it.

Subtitling - eclair group