Police Story (1985) Script

The is chu-tu, in his late 40s Night club owner, trader and realtor All his business are losing money How are things up there?

This in Mad wing, his body-guard These are all his hit-men Take care, see you at the Dye Factory Wait for me up there OK

This Danny Chu, his nephew Always has an army hanging around him This is John Ko, Chu Tu's brain This is Salina Fong Only been hanging around Chu recently Does she know everything about Chu yet? well, it's difficult to tell

Our objective is to take them all in Our code is Operation Roar Hung Understand?

Yes Read what's inside your envelope Each one has his own instructions

Remember by heart and destroy the written orders Each man does his own job

Hurry, come on

Attention, this is T.O.C. headquarters Operation begins at once

l'll get you a tea

Two teas please OK

l'll come for them later

A guy looks suspicious here Two teas please Signal them below, l'm going down

Kim One for me? we've been discovered What?

Follow the one in red shirt and white pants

What's up? l'm Salina, Kueng said there're a suspicious guy what's up with you? l'm a cop Cop, help Cop?

Freeze, l'm a cop

l heard shooting They opened fire Now what?

Let's scatter the bystanders first We're cops. Go

Special Corps over, what happened? l'm a cop, don't stay here Go

Here Attention, watch out for the civilians, explosives Careful of kids Hurry, run, kid Hurry, run

This way

You all go give a hand We have orders to stay You must improvise for the situation Go

Let me go lt'll get tighter when you move Let me go

l've got this covered. You can leave Quick, cover the boss Go on

There's a girl suspect up there, take her back

lt's me

How come?

Don't ask

Calm down

Help me...

Tak, Tak Cover me

Tak, Tak Be cool

lt hurts

Help me Take care of him there

They've got a lot of guns

Watch out for the villagers, that's our order Have they told the crooks too? who told you to be a cop?

Come here

Watch out Ka Kui, they're fearless

Over here

Get in Get away Get back, get back

No What? lt is blocked up there, move back Move back Can't, go back up lt is blocked below, go up We're stuck, boss, now what? we fight our way down Let's go

Boss, Hurry

Hurry Let's go this way


Watch out for the pedestrians where have you been?

This is your station l went up to help Who gave you orders, they're gone now What do you mean by that?

Hurry, go

Excuse me Tell them to get down, out of the way Get down Don't let them see my face Tell the driver to step on it Step on it

Get down

Turn here, turn

Make a run for it!

Make a run

Easy, boss, we'll make it Look

Go, take care of him Tell the driver to step on it

Hurry down

Turn quickly down the hill

Are you nuts? Right in the middle of the road Move over, l'm a cop

He is right in front Run him over Yes Step on it, run him over

Don't be scared

Don't move

You're under arrest Let me go, and this is yours

Once in a life time, no one will know

Smart guy Don't move

Good show, isn't it?

Be modest when he praises you later Don't let it get to you You better tell Ka Kui l didn't do it by myself l acted according to orders That's fine Don't forget this line later when Raymond comes He must be happy to hear that

Operation Boar Hunt is a carefully planned jolt Didn't you cover every side?

The prime suspect almost got away Didn't Chou give you clear orders?

Yes, he said. . . we were under good leadership What?

The job was carefully planned But our execution had a few flows why were there flaws?

Must be before we got to the store Ka Kui couldn't handle the secretary And she created a mess How could Chu Tu get away?

This was your spot What do you mean by that? lt's no time to point your finger What is it?

The PR madam is here Ask her in

The press is here, lnspector Lee What press? Tell them no comment Look, l asked them here Tell them to wait Ka Kui, you'll be our speaker Me? No, no The speech has been written, just read it Go learn it with Madam You can go now, Man YES SlR

The superiors are pleased with Ka Kui They see a lot in him Take him to do a recruiting poster later Arrange to have him on our TV program etc An example of the force The superiors see him as a model cop He can handle that easily what are the charges on Chu's secretary Drug trafficking, resisting arrest Drop all charges Drop all charges?

You played a big part, Sergeant Chan Our superiors' leadership accounts for the success Good job Will you be promoted? we don't fight crime for promotion Our superiors take care of promotion matters Chu Tu tried to bribe you with millions, right?

With that money, he could buy the whole force Just kidding, don't put it down Please sit closer

What's up?

Just saying hi Don't sit so close we two

Let's do it this way Understand? - Yes Start

Straighten up Open you eyes Open your mouth wider Wider still

Forget it, just be yourself Be natural Ready The handcuffs in the middle Smoother action

Your way wouldn't work Why not?

She's Chu's secretary, won't cooperate lf Chu knows she'll be our witness What would he do?

He would stop her appearance in court Our man who covers her would be in danger

Don't be a cop if you want to live to 1 00 You want this line on the recruiting poster?

We don't have enough to prosecute Chu we must push him into a corner Let him make a mistake l suggest a man to protect our lady witness l have someone in mind already Are we thinking of the same man?

Good luck to him why only you free on bail?

Lucky you

They are to see lnspector Lee Please wait You can go after seeing the lnspector

You can go in now Thanks

Please sit down

You can go now, Miss Fong Wait, before you go Keep this subpoena to appear in court What is the charge?

There are no charges You'll be our witness Sorry, my client isn't prepared to do so We are not asking her permission She is required by law to do it

Officer Chan YES SlR You're attached to Miss Fong from now on, 24 hours a day Until she appears in court Me You don't like it Yes l do l don't need his protection You can't refuse

Officer Chan YES SlR You must know as an escort of the witness That the witness is constantly in danger Of threat, assault, and disturbance Or irritated by the intentions of such lt is your duty to see to that Her safety and personal rights are intact Yes But can someone else go You'll get a bonus for the duty

$32.80 per day lt's an old tradition, unchanged for years Bring your own money, that's all Can we talk to you alone? l refuse to have my client interrogated alone This is not an interrogation Just a few hints for her benefit

You can refuse them Let's hear what they've to say Mr. Counselor, please excuse us

Remember, any questions concerning this case Or anything else, you can keep quiet

What are you standing here for? l have to go out too?

You've got high rank?

You said you had things to say to me Nothing else now, you can go

See you in court They're...

Ka Kui Tape it down if possible OK what did they say to you?

They didn't say anything l'm your lawyer, you can trust me They didn't say anything, really

why just her...

Here they are

How about the boss?

Can't bail him & the others out What about Salina?

She's their witness now what? Witness for prosecution They asked me You'll do it just cause they asked?

Please leave the witness alone who're you? l'm a cop l'm her escort l can charge you for disturbance of peace Salina You can say so long or good-bye One more word and you'll be under arrest

l'll take you home lt's my responsibility l won't say anything

What now, counselor? l'll see your boss later OK. Let's go

lt's dangerous to roam around, go home None of your business lt's for your safety l don't need you, parasite!

You know what happened to four of our witnesses who said the same thing What?

They were shot Don't scare me, tell me what happened?

Your guess is right They're actually all OK You have the right to say so That's a threat!

All evidence is against the defendants Only you will fare better l'm depending on you l'll do my best, but be prepared The chance is slim lf l'm discharged, you'll be rewarded

One problem Salina is going to be their witness witness for the prosecution She's been bailed, now escorted by a cop The one who nailed you

Salina doesn't know much, she's new That doesn't concern me She might surprise us No Call up Danny Tell him to take care of her Alright

That's it Keep the change For the tea

lt's dangerous alone l like to see how dangerous

John? l'm home Someone's listening Let's meet and talk later

l'm scared

You think you can frighten me

Help As good as dead

That'll get you l'm gonna shut you up You're finished

l'll get you You're finished

l'm going to kill you You're finished

l'll get you

Stop running

No escape now Stop Here. . .

Here Well?

No way out Finished

l'm here to rescue you

She's terrified, can l quit now?

Yes, you can go anytime

Hold on to him, l'll call the police

l knocked him out, l knocked him out Not yet, he's still fighting back Don't come near

Go, you can't be here Don't faint Go l'll go

He passed out No, not totally out

Go, don't faint Go, go, can't stay Go

Stop acting, go, hurry

Let me He fainted Yes, for real One more for safety

Don't smash his face, it's for identification No, shouldn't be like this

l don't know him Of course, they'd hire stranger to kill you Mr. Chu wants me dead?

Sure, he's capable of anything lnspector Chou, this is Ka Kui Such a tough case, please send a replacement No l won't risk my life, it's just a job l might as well be a mercenary well, let her take care of herself l'll quit then, never mind

Where are you going?

Home What? Home? You're here to protect me But you're so uncooperative How can l work it out?

What do you have in mind?

No need, l'm quitting

Where's your sense of duty?

But there's nothing l can do We'll just die together

l'll cooperate Don't let me talk you into it Of my own will lt'll be safer at my place OK. Let's go Like this? l'll go change Chu's men will return anytime l won't change then Well?

What's up? l'll take a good look

Get back in Come out

What are you up to? l'm taking your clothes l told you to wear them Yes Closer

Use my car All these cars are yours No, just this one

Why aren't you nervous? l'm used to this

See, told you to keep quiet What?

My kid Your kid?

Close the door

lt's me, it's me My gun. . .

My gun is in the pocket

Let go

Stop running

Freeze Take it easy, give me the gun Take it easy Don't come near


Give me the gun lt's me

Are you alright? where are they?

Don't get trigger happy Get away quick, this is for real For real, what was that before?

That was real too But this is more real That's why you are more nervous Get in

You are capable of crying too l didn't expect Mr. Chu to do this to me Don't be naive He is capable of anything He will make sure you won't be in court What now then Speak out in court tomorrow Put him in jail and you'll be safe what am l to tell? what business he's in, who's his contact Number of drug deals

Why are you taping all this?

Taking notes When did you start working for him?

Four years ago

He's a family friend Mum said he always lent us milk money Now you help him sell drugs l know very little Just tell what you know

Anything else you want to add, tell me later upstairs What l've said is enough to put him in jail? l'm not the prosecutor But what you're said will be useful

Come in

l'll turn on the light HAPPY BlRTHDAY TO YOU May l've almost forgotten it's my birthday

Are you alright?

Let me introduce, May This is Miss Fong

Let's go How are you doing? l'm fine May

Gone? what's the hurry? lt's my fault, it was a surprise, right?

And you brought home a girl dressed like this Who wouldn't be angry? l can be angry too Didn't even let me explain Leaving me the whole cake This time l won't forgive her No matter what l don't think she will

l knew she'd be back

Happy Birthday why so happy? why did May go in rage?

She saw me bringing a girl home That's love, l'll explain it to her No need, ask her to reflect on her faults

Have to explain to my boss, the suspects l'm sick and tired of explaining Care for a piece of cake Anything to drink Orange juice, thanks Help yourself

You live by yourself?

A big place!

Don't l worry about the lCAC? l share it with a friend, he's on vacation Sorry Your girlfriend must be mad at me Never mind That's part of the job

Come, let's go back l'll go now Just like that

l might be a movie star Kissing my leading ladies all day She would have to hang herself 3 times a day

She's jealous because she loves you l'll explain it to her if possible What for? Such a narrow minded kid lt'll only spoil her Aren't you going to say something nice to her No chance lf l care to sweet talk, l could have hundred of girls She'll have to wait for her turn

Don't you like her Frankly, yes But that's no reason for me to apologize l know she's going to call back to say sorry What a waste

See Can't wait to get home Hello ls it your girlfriend?

Yes, she's speechless with tears Stop crying You should have behaved yourself what, misunderstanding You might think l'm gay if l escort a man Go reflect on your faults What Can l explain it to her?

No need Unless you promise to control your temper Show me respect in front of my friends Stop crying, bye! l must teach her a lesson

when did she come in? when you said she would hang herself So you've heard everything The call. . .

That's a dirty trick May, May Listen to me, May She's our witness under my protection l'm mad at what you just said You should know l was kidding Didn't l call first every time we had a fight But you treat me badly in front of another girl You make me lose face Go away, go away Listen to me May, listen...

Are you alright? lt hurts, go away, happy now?

Happy? lt hurts me too l'll get the shoes for you Put on them first Go away May, listen to me No, no Control yourself Listen to me first, OK?

Let go

Be careful

l hate you

Where's your girlfriend l accepted her apology, she went home happily what are you doing?

Nothing lt hurts lt's breaking, easy lt's breaking What's this ugly thing?

Get rid of it what, this is my precious

You got me wet l'll wipe it for you Oh, no Not there, here Here?

Easy, you're so rough

So uncomfortable on the sofa, let's go to bed?

OK. Let's go Where do l sleep? ln my bed How about you Next to you l like your style

l'm going to sleep now Don't disturb me women are strange

Hi Ka Kui? Wait a second Uncle Bill, it's him Hurry Ka Kui, they're waiting at the court He's out already, may be there's a jam Stop fooling, bring the witness, hurry

what was your duty that day? l was observing the squatter huts behind the site There were about a dozen suspects getting away l arrested the 6th & 7th defendants Thank you Your honour, allow me to question the witness Mr. Kim You said you saw a dozen suspects escaping Did all 1 3 suspects pass in front of you one by one Or you have a new electronic device To enable you to see all the action at once l object The question played with the witness's wording To undermine his credibility Objection overruled Thank you, no more questions Bring on the next witness of the prosecution

You took my parking space l'm in a hurry Hurry up or l'll kill you Nice parking

what? Gone?

What kind of an escort are you?

Now what?

Can't think of anything Hopeless Tell me when you saw the suspect running what made you think he was my client?

By his clothes and his build That means you didn't see his face clearly You can say that Are you near-sighted?

No Good. No more questions Next witness for the prosecution

...and nothing but the truth

l was at the squatter huts on duty The 1 st, 2nd, 3rd

& 4th defendants opened fire They got on a bus and l cook a short cut A civilian. . . used his car to block the bus

3 defendants fell off the bus l arrested the 1 st defendant on the bus He tried to bribe me Very clear, thank you You said you were at the squatter huts What time was it? lt was about six About six?

5:55 So let's stay 6:00 Do you know in December The sun rises after 6:23 No ls that right?

How would l know?

Do you know that saying

"Darkness before dawn"?

No The meaning is There is darkness before the sun rises l might have heard of that Great, under such circumstances Should we believe you actually saw my client as a suspect?

Believe it or not, that's your business You said you took the short cut to stop the bus was the bus always in your sight?

Yes Why did you hesitate? l want to be sure That means you are a bit doubtful l object Objection sustained witness should be sure of his answer How much time did you take to go down the hill?

And you kept the bus in sight all the time l was rushing down, my sight was blocked momentarily May be during this short while Another bus overtook the original one There was only one bus on the road You are lying l object Sustained Defense should rephrase his question Are you lying?

No Do you know. . . there are four lines of bus routes passing there Two of the lines have a bus running every 5 minutes The other two every 6 minutes That means 88 buses passing through per hour More than 1 per minute l didn't know From the time you went down to stop the bus How much time did you use?

About 2 minutes More precisely

2-1/2 minutes That means at least 2 or 3 buses would have gone by Or even up to 7 or 8 But you said only one, that's lying Haven't you ever waited for a bus for 1/2 an hour

So, let's say there was only one bus And you insisted you saw the bus all the time Which part of the bus was in your sight?

The body How much of the body?

The whole bus You are lying what's that, again?

You saw only one side of the body No more than 50%, that's half You couldn't see the other half, right?

Yes On the other side... which you couldn't see anything could have... happened there Yes Anyone who jumped off the bus would be unseen Yes Louder please l would jump, but not him Just answer the question, no comment please You think anyone can jump off a bus You try it Calm down please, Constable Chan Why did he want to bribe me then?

How did he bribe you?

He said l could have the case of money if l let him go lf someone stopped the bus and. . .

Pointed a gun at you, what would you do l object Objection overruled You must answer l'd give my money to him That's what my client did under the circumstances Right, Constable?

No l had shown my lD There were cases where robbers pretended to be cops l object Objection sustained Please ask relevant questions only My apology lt happened like this A business man was on the way to a deal A heroic policeman pointed a gun at him by mistake The business man thought he was a robber So he told the robber he could have the money ls that right? l object You don't have to answer But we all know the answer No need for Constable Chan to say it l have finished

Great Now what? l know what to do lt is unfair to let him free Of course

we apply for postponement, our prime witness is absent l object A postponement is unfair to my client The prosecution has little evidence to charge my client l ask your honour to dismiss the case we have a taped evidence from our witness But tape is not legal evidence But the absent witness plays a key role l object Since this is an important case A postponement is unfair to the defendant Let's hear what the witness has to say This is the only way

Louder please Thank you

Your Honour, it is an old tape Please keep on listening Coming up

what are you doing?

Nothing lt hurts lt's breaking, easy lt's breaking what's this ugly thing Get rid of it what, this is my precious lt's a cactus How come?

You got me wet l'll wipe it for you Oh, no l spilled the orange juice lt wasn't what you think Easy, you're so rough So uncomfortable on the sofa, let's go to bed OK. Let's go Where do l sleep? ln my bed How about you Next to you l like your style lt's coming

Thank you for your cooperation Not too close please

Get lost Ka Kui Give me a report of the whole case YES SlR Boss Coming out now No photos Get lost

Reserve a room at the country club, John A toast to justice OK l must go, Mr Chu Thank you Goodbye

Hire him as a prosecutor next time

lt's time for the Police Stories again We have here. . . a brave officer for our guest Sitting next to me is Constable Chan Ka Kui Greetings, Constable Chan Hello Hello everybody lnspector Chan After cracking down the greatest drug case You've become a familiar name to every citizen would you please describe the operation to us The success is due to the team work of the unit l'm only one of them we did a lot of homework what makes Special Corps so different?

To be in the Special Corps One must be strong, swift and fast And have great will power Boss what's the matter?

He is on the cover of at least 3 weeklies He's been nominated for some award too

Oh, Thailand is out of stock why They've all changed jobs?

No, but all the goods have gone to No. Seven They want cash Boss, Mr Cheung is here Please come in Mr Chu l've received your cheque, thank you Thank you How is it? l've studied with my colleagues Things remain confiscated during prosecution That means l can't get my stuff back yet lncluding your passport and you bank accounts To them it is just an intermission lf you are found guilty All your properties will be confiscated l won't have money to escape even Boss, a call Sorry

Hi, Salina So boring here, l want to go out You can't for the time being l want to see you Later, you can't show up yet The police are looking for you l'm planning your Europe trip Once there, you'll be OK Listen wait till everything's quieted down


Where were we?

We were lucky. . . this time lf they have more solid evidence... or Salina lt would be a different story They won't find her That's good them l have to go, bye Bye

Boss, Cheung is right Salina is a problem You can't hide her away forever Yes, uncle That cop is after Snakie to find Salina Can't we send her away?

She must never return Let's make use of the cop to kill her

There're lots of other beautiful girls We've all those beauty pageants

lnspector Man wants to see you Send him in Hasn't he been paid?

$1 00,000 but he's contemplating retirement So what?

He wants more lnspector Man, please lnspector Man Mr Chu Sit down please Please l'm here for...

You'd like to retire to small business l support your idea Thank you You are a man of substance l'd like you to do one more thing for me What is it?

We want that cop to disappear

You want glory, l'll give you glory

Take down your number

1 985, come to patrol with me YES SlR Sergeant Chan - YES SlR lf anything happens, call...

Call you with the radio Call me at home But you'll be on patrol We go by my home

Excuse me, l need to go to the toilet Don't break the John

Sha Tau Kok Station You want me, Chan?

Of course, any information?

Salina? Give me more time lt's a tough job Though? Tough to get paid too l know my job l'll do my best what? Wait wait?

Sha Tau Kok Station, wait

l'll give you 3 days

3 days?

That's not enough what, later?

4 days then You'll be in trouble if l get transferred That's it for now

Who do you want?

Ka Kui, why keep me waiting?

Chan? Just a second Your call, Chan Thanks

Who do you want?

This is May May who was that?

Yes that rude guy Lau, you should be... more polite to civilians Sorry OK. l've scolded him what is it. May? what are you doing?

Me? l'm speaking to you Have you eaten yet?

No l'm cooking some noodles, have you eaten yet?

No Wait a second

Sha Tau Kok Station, hold on May My mom invites you to dinner ls that so? Anytime Wait a second Sha Tau Kok Station My husband beat me up What? what about your husband?

He beat me up You beat him up or he beat you up My husband beat me up Don't cry l'll give you the right line May, l'm free Sunday Don't hang up l'm still connecting for you Sha Tau Kok Station, speak up l've lost a cow Oh! l'll connect you to Missing Persons lt's busy Sha Tau Kok Station l've been raped What? Rape? wait, let me write it down

when were you raped?

Rape, no, my husband beat me up Oh! lt's you l'm still connecting your call lt takes so long lt's a big station, be patient

who's been raped?

Me The cow has to wait when were you raped?

Last year Last year, why report it now? l want to know if there're any afterward pills Pills? l'll find out for you Hello, Missing Persons Department l've lost a cow Bring in a photo of the cow Hello

May, l'm very busy l name a place for dinner Let me think Hello where shall we go?

Go to Family Planning Association Tell her to take double portions lt's free May Tell my mom to take the pills? what's up? May Tell my mom to take the pills?


Tell my mom to take the pills?

She isn't pregnant

Sha Tau Kok Station This is telephone Co. testing Testing?

ls there a traffic jam?

No, there's no traffic jam why then? lf there's a jam, l wouldn't be here yet My mom hates people who are late Let me explain, May l've been waiting for Snakie to call Because of this case, you've been transferred Why don't you leave this alone? l want satisfaction

l'll return call first Hold on to the car, the handbrake is broken Hold on to it

Hello, Snakie, it's me The girl witness you are looking for ls hiding in a villa in Rosary village where?

Hurry up!

Or Mr Chu will kill her first No kidding l won't kid you, hurry

May Don't tell me you're not coming to dinner Chu's going to kill the witness, l must go No way lf she's dead, Chu is going to be free You know what Chu has done to me And it's a matter of life and death what are you doing?

The car. . .

What about the car?

Taxi Call a tow-truck And apologize to your mom, bye Be careful

Keep the change Thank you

How come? l don't know why they tied me up Any body else here?

They are all gone Now you know what kind of person is Chu lf only you had... cooperated with us Lucky l'm well informed Or you'd be dead by now

Hurry up Let's go

Don't move

Step aside

How did you know l'd be here?

Of course l know

lt couldn't be. . .


There are a lot of surprises According to plan?

Yes, according to plan But the Boss... wants to shoot him with his own gun Once and for all Shoot who?

Hurry up


Don't, l can't

Don't Jump


Don't move

Get Salina You are a worthy opponent


Take care of him, l'll clean up l guarantee he didn't do that we need proof How come... he's gone with his gun And the bullet is from his gun How do you explain?

A cop has a lot of enemies Someone might want to frame him lf this happened to a civilian not happened to Ka Kui what would we have done?

Sir, one shouldn't always go by the book One must also show trust in his men l have nothing against Ka Kui l just want people to know That we don't cover up. . . our own faults But l think. . . you are overdoing it OK. Bill What would you do if you're in my shoes?

Hello, May

Yes l understand

OK. l'll wait for you

what now?

Mom worries about you

Ka Kui, be careful

Ka Kui's back

Ka Kui - Ka Kui

Ka Kui l didn't do it we believe you where have you been?

l don't know Don't say you don't know Drunk? with a girl?

l was fighting Danny Chu & his gang Man came in and pointed his gun at me They took my gun and shot Man And l can't remember the rest So?

Everyone knows you & Man weren't good friends And you bullet... is found in his body l didn't kill him l wouldn't do it over such small conflicts...

But who's going to believe you we need proof But at least you are back Hand in your gun first

Call homicide That the prime suspect has given himself up Call two men in

Don't worry, we'll help you Take him to the cell YES SlR Charge him with murder


Freeze What are you doing, Ka Kui? l didn't kill anybody Why charge me with murder? l didn't say you killed him But l must charge. . . according to evidence l've been framed Can't you tell? l'll look into it Don't give me that!

Ka Kui, let him go

No Ka Kui, this is dangerous Dangerous for him when we were risking our lives He was sitting here thinking of his girlfriends we put the crooks under arrest, he argued about procedure And that stupid idea of protecting the witness One move from his lips, we've to risk our lives Ka Kui - Shut up You got promoted at our expense Have you ever thought of us?

A man killed. . . only means 3 bows and a full report we are human too lf we hadn't fought for you Would you have such a luxurious office Ka Kui - Get away Don't come near Or l'll shoot him Ka Kui Don't Open up Listen to me - Don't move Don't come near Don't - never mind me l know what l'm doing

what a mess!

Ka Kui has Lee for a hostage what's the matter?

Everyone stays where he is Don't move Don't come near Calm down Ka Kui, take it easy Don't come near

Think carefully, Ka Kui Let's talk about it Yeah?! Let's talk about it Hands on the table so l can see On the table This is very stupid Calm down before it's too late We'll clear you up, trust us l trust you, but l can't depend on you But you'll be in deeper trouble Don't push me Freeze

Ka Kui Don't push him Alert all units, send in sharpshooters

Easy everybody

Ka Kui

Get in the car

Ka Kui Drive off

Ka Kui Don't follow

The superintendent's life is at stake

Where are you going?


Get off

l couldn't shoot even if you didn't cooperate This isn't bad l don't know how else to help you As soon as l get back, l'll come after you l won't let you get me before l get Chu From now on, be very careful Thank you, sir

But it's tough to find where Salina is Let's just get a couple of girls

He forced me... to do it l have nothing to do with it


Can l eat? l'm hungry

Boss That cop is on the loose Didn't the police take him in?

He kidnapped the superintendent Great guy we should have killed him too Once and for all Where is Salina? wing and Snakie are on her heels But no news yet would Saline be with the cop?

What is it, Boss?

Someone stole my computer data Who?

Must be Salina Only she knows the code Go get he Alert all men Call counselor Cheung Yes

How much longer? lmpatient?

No l'm scared

You two stand guard over there



Call up Bill, hurry

Must get the data, or we're in trouble Hurry

This way, go

Ka Kui why didn't you go to the police?

Thee might be Sergeant Man's men there You are my witness, l'm counting on you l've got Chu's data

Right here

Take her back to the office, hurry

Not here None of your business


Get him

Go away Go l don't

Kill him

Catch Here, get it back

May Are you OK Ka Kui?

Get the brief case Yes

Go to hell

Chu Tu



Ka Kui Don't Easy, Ka Kui

Put down the weapon We'll take over Ka Kui This is between us The law will take care it The law? There is no justice The law is on his side Don't do anything foolish l could kill him now with no regrets Danny Chu killed Man All evidence is in the brief case

Are you alright?

May is hurt, take care of her first

Block all exits, take them all in You cops are going too far Threatening innocent citizens with a weapon You are not above the law On behalf of my client l'm going to sue you for assault, kidnap And threat This is miscarriage of justice Disturbance of peace

You can all see Let go Ka Kui Don't fall into his trap Get ready for jail Threatening the counselor too Thanks for coming


You must help me with the report What!

Let's write it together l didn't see anything

Ka Kui, enough