Police Story 2 (1988) Script

We managed to put Chu Tu behind bars but the operation was a costly one.

You destroyed the squatter village and the Government had to rehouse the families.

And pay the redemption Last time, during the operation You damaged the shopping centre as well.

We paid over a million for the chandelier alone.

But the taxpayers know police work doesn't come cheaply.

But they don't expect to pay for the cost of someone's heroism.

Why didn't you use the stairs? Did you have to destroy that chandelier?

Do you always have to be different?

You're right. This force doesn't need superstars.

We need disciplined policemen.

I wasn't expecting a promotion.

Ka-kui, the operation succeeded through team effort, not just because of you.

You should be grateful that we didn't fire you.

And the bosses wanted you disciplined for holding me as hostage.

I managed to talk them out of it.

I'm very grateful.

I worry about your individualism, you're just a police officer. Don't forget the point.

As of today, you're back in uniform.

You'll be assigned where needed.

You mean he'll be an errand boy?!

I think you'll be very busy.

What else do you do apart from giving out tickets?

Calling all units, there's been a serious road accident at the Industrial Park.

Traffic is brought to a standstill.

All units in the area please respond.

May, go home. I'm working now.

Just think of me as a member of the public.

And I want to talk to a policeman.

About what?

I think you look very smart in a uniform.

Stop it, I'm on duty.

I've brought you a cold drink.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

I can't drink here.

Go on, you need a break.

If I have a drink, I'll need the toilet soon.

Come on.

May, I'll get into trouble.

Hello, superhero! You still haven't been sacked?!

You're lucky you're not in jail with Chu.

You think so?

The doctors said I only had three months to live.

It's called compassionate release.

Three months can pass quickly, very quickly.

My boss will be alive long after you're dead.

Don't you know you're threatening him?

Really? In that case, he can sue me.

Just be careful!

Drive on.


Ka-Kui, Chu Tu is out from Jail.

I know, so?

You already knew? That's good then.

As a police who wouldn't have caught a thief?

Who would you be scare of?

Just remember, there are 250,000 Royal HK Police at your back up.

Bill, are there really 250,000 police in HK?

Just because we are still recruiting new blood.

Didn't you notice newspaper ad?

What are you waiting for?

Go on patrol!

Hey, I've talked to Raymond.

He said you could carry a gun even after work.

I'm very happy tonight.

The show and dinner were great.

But you don't seem very happy.

Really? I am happy.

I wish you had enjoyed it as much as I did.

Are you worried about Chu?

No. But I'm just being careful.

Maybe next week...

Hey, superhero!

Off duty already?

What are you doing here?

I can park here, you can't give me a ticket.

Yeah, you must have a nice view from flat B of the first floor. Am I right?

Go upstairs.

How did you find this address?

It's amazing what information you can get with money.

People will do anything for money, you know?

What do you mean?

There's a narrow stairwell in the building.

If there was a fire, it'd spread rapidly through the building.

Because of the narrow access, the fire brigade couldn't get in here.

Therefore, you'd better keep a close eye on her.

If she were to get her pretty ass burnt, it'd ruin her marriage prospects.


Oh, hero, I'm so happy!


It's my fault really.

A police like me have lots of enemies and you are threatened.

I'm not scared.

If you don't have any enemies, that means you couldn't catch a thief.

Could you rehouse yourself for a while?

Don't worry about me.

They are just morons.

No. We could be noticed so easily while they won't This way then, I'll move to my aunt's and hide for a while.

Don't think about it too much.

But, if you threw a vase onto him then I'll be dead definitely.



You're on your own? Where's Ka-kui?

He's still on duty.

It's OK, I can manage.

I'm not against you dating a policeman, but I don't want him to spend too much time on his work.

He's stubborn, too.

But he's a good policeman.

That's why he has lots of enemies and you have to move home.

I have to be careful.

That way, he doesn't need to worry about me.

He ought to worry about you.

Who are they?

It was them last time.

I guess superhero isn't here.

Wait for me in the restaurant.


What do you want? We have a score to settle.

I just want to know where you're going.

It's nothing to do with her.

You must be her mother. Am I right?


You call me a bastard?

Yes! I'm the bastard son of a bastard!

I'm not afraid of you.

Come on.

Auntie, why has your daughter fallen for a cop?

That could be dangerous.

Living on the 19th floor is dangerous, too.

What if you fall when you're cleaning the windows?

Go ahead!

Don't be silly.

Go away.


You bastard.

Don't grab my hair.

You're hurting me.

You bitch.

Easy, she's just a girl.

Think yourself lucky. If you were a man, you'd be dead.

I won't forget this.

Come on.

You be careful!

Are you ok?


It's your job that brings the enemies here.

Look, May was badly beaten because of you!

I've told you not to be with him.

Did John Ko attack you?

I started hitting him first.

He just hit me back.

And they knocked me down.

My backside still hurts. I can't sit down now.

How did they know you'd be here?

They followed her.

That's how.

They're watching us from across the street.

I wonder what's next.

Ka-kui, don't!

He should go and scold them.

If it's that simple, then I'll be relieved.

Idiot! Are you crazy?

What would you do beside bullying women?

It's my favourite hobby.

Get the bastard!

You know the law, don't you?!

If they did threaten her, you could arrest them.

I don't care.

I got carried away.

That's not a good reason.

He reacted like anyone else would.

He's not anyone else. He's a police officer.

What you've done is disgraceful!

It has disgraced us the police.

I don't think so.

If a policeman fails to respond to a personal threat, it's disgracefu. And it disgraces the law, too.

You're a show-off.

So we won't forget you arrested Chu.

How can I explain this to the chief!

You don't have to. I quit.

You think that will resolve the problem?

Why not? This is probably the best solution.

I'll leave now.

Thank you for your support in the past. Goodbye.


If that's your last word, then try to find a less stressful job. Bye-bye.

I will.

You think you can do anything because you're cops.

Don't you know the law?!

You can't beat me up just like that. Kill me if you can.

Shut up and sign this.

I'm not signing anything. No way!

I'll sue you for every penny you've got.

I've got lots of money. I'll get a lawyer. I'll sue you!



See? You saw this officer try to assault me.

He wants to beat me up like before when he hit me and broke my glasses.

You'll pay for that.

You would dare to beat me up here?

Come on. What are you waiting for?!

Come on. I'm going to sue you, you're going to jail.

These youngsters have no patience.

Bill, why didn't you ask him to stay?

You should have said so!

I thought you meant throw him out of here.

Now I know what this gesture means, I'll remember it.

Ka-kui, what's the matter?

You don't want me to be a policeman, do you?

Of course I do, I'm proud of you.

What do I have after being a cop for such a long time? Just enemies.

There you go! That means you've done your job well.

If a cop has no enemies, there is only one reason:

He hasn't caught any crooks.

I'm glad they hate you!

It proves that you're a tough good cop.

Thanks for that.

But I've had enough.

I resigned today.


Are you disappointed?

You're really quitting?!

I'm so happy!

Calm down.

What's she doing?!

May, for these years, I haven't treat you as good as I should.

It's my fault.

I have three months' holidays.

Let's go somewhere else to relax!

Ka-kui, you mean it?

Where to go then? Bali.

Good idea!

We haven't travel for years.

Right, so let's go.

It feels good to fly on the plane.

That's $5,540, please.


I'll see you outside.

Credit card? Sure.

Here's our catalogue, sir.

Thank you. Bye.

What clothes should I take?

You won't need any in Bali.

Don't be silly!

I can't believe we're going.

I just hope they won't rip us off.

No, they're a big company.

It's trustworthy.

It's paid for now.

Let's cross our fingers.

Fey! Ka-kui.

Is this your area?

Yes. What's up?

We've received a bomb threat in here.


Yeah. Can you help us out?

All right, then. Thanks.


I'll just take a look, all right?


Just in time. What's up?

We got a call about a bomb.

Are you sure it's real?

I don't think he was kidding. He told us to clear the area.

We have ten minutes.


The manager said he's nuts.

Start clearing the building now.

There are too many people.

If it's a hoax, who'll be to blame?

I'm used to getting an earful.

If it is real, we'll endanger lives.

That's true. What do we do?

Consider it real. Clear the building. Call headquarters.

Where's the fire alarm?

Over there.


We'll go set off the fire alarm. Come on.

Your truncheon. But...

Come on, I'll bear the consquence.

Follow me.

Don't panic. Don't worry.

Come back. I've opened the till already.

Have they paid?

What's going on?

It's nothing.

What should we do? They're not taking any notice.


Don't stay here. Go on!

Your attention please, evacuate the building.

Everybody please leave immediately.

There's a fire in the building.

Please leave now.

Please leave in an orderly manner.

Everybody outside.

Be careful.

What's going on? Why the alarm's on?

How about our business?

Fay. What's up?

Get them out of here.

This is for your own safety. Go now!

What about you?

I won't be long. You go first.

Check the building.

I can't understand this. It's crazy!

Who's in charge?

You talk to them.

Please leave here now, the police will take care of it.

Ka-kui. Ka-kui!

I'm all right. You go home first.

Hello, sir.

Who made the call?

We received a call but we didn't know if it was a hoax.

Who set off the alarm?

It was me, sir.

You may leave.

Why did you do it?

Sir, when I was in the Police Academy, I was taught that public safety comes first.

So I set off the alarm.

Do you think you're indispensable?

Superintendent. There's no fire.

But it was your men who cleared the building.

Right. The Bomb Disposal Unit are coming.

You won't be needed now.

Right. I hope this isn't a hoax.

Uncle Bill. So do I.

Raymond. They want to see the head man.

Shall I go?

Where's the Bomb Disposal Unit? On their way.

What a mess.

Did I do the right thing?

How do I do know? Don't ask me.

Right now, we have to wait and see.

Tell them to leave.

You can go back in very soon.

My ball!

When can we go back in?

Now what?

Very soon.

Here's your ball.

Thank you.


The Bomb Disposal Unit are here.

If they don't find anything, the boss will blow a fuse.

Uncle Bill, I'm very sorry.

I'm not...

Red alert!

All units move in.

Go and fight the fire. Go on.

I suppose the good news is nobody got hurt.

What are the losses?

The insurance will cover it.

I'm more worried about the damage to our image.

I've asked the press to cooperate and I'm sure they will.

But who did it and why our company?

It may not be against us.

It could be someone who's mentally disturbed.

There's a man on the line, sir.

He says he planted the bomb.

Have it put through.

Put him through.

Hello? Hold on.

Listen, we planted the bomb in your shopping centre.

We want $10 million.

Pay up or your... other properties will get bombed.

Let me talk to him.

All right.

But it's a huge amount of money.

We'll need to call a board meeting.

You've got 24 hours.

Don't call the police.

What to do then?

Must be some hoax.


So what do we do?

Call the police.

We pay so much tax.

The police should do something for us.

Call the head for me.


Raymond, you were extremely lucky.

It's amazing that no one was hurt in the explosion.

Thank God for that.

And the Chu case, well done!

Thank you. But it wasn't just me.

That's right.

You've proved yourself.

You should handle this case. Do you agree?

Sure. Of course.


This is a very tough case.

That's why they gave it to us.

In our department, who do you think can solve it?

You're the only one.

I want a better idea.

And it's definitely not me.

Maybe we could bring back somebody who's on leave.

Do you mean somebody like Ka-kui?

He has good experience.

I don't know. He's unorthodox, impulsive.

He'll only give us trouble. We have to bear the consquence I agree he's a little bit rash, but underneath he's a good cop.

I won't let him do it.

But if you think he's our man, you go find him.

Let's see who's the boss.

Over there.


Fasten your seat belt please.

I forgot the sun screen...

Buy it when we get there.

Did you get your passport? When you were young?

Put out a call for Detective Chan Ka-kui.


Attention please.

Will Chan Ka-kui...

Let me see. No, don't look!

It's cute. It's horrible.

...Ka-kui please contact us.

That's you. Yeah.

What's up? I don't know.

I won't be long.

Are you Mr Chan? Yeah.

I'm afraid there seems to be a problem with your passport.


It'll just be a quick check.

What's going on?

I'll be back right away.


OK Bye-bye.

What do you want?

Thank you. You're welcome.

What is it? I have a plane waiting.

We have a problem.

It seems that the bombing case has become a blackmail case.

And it's a very tough one.


This case is a real challenge.

Raymond was hoping...

I was hoping that you might cancel your holiday.

No! I've already boarded the plane.

And I've quit.

I know how you feel.

You've been under pressure lately.

But ducking out like this?

I'm not ducking out.

He said he's not ducking out!

Raymond is a great admirer of your abilities.

I don't have any abilities. I'm too impulsive.

Impulsive? More a man of action.

If only I could control my actions.

A true man of action is one who acts upon instinct.

I think the police force needs men with discipline.

Instinctive men have to be unconventional, even at the cost of discipline.

If you did everything by the book, no cases would be solved. Am I right?


I'd better get back on board.

You're right.


How much is the ransom?

Ten million. That's all we know.

Do we have any suspects?

Not a clue.

Do you think these people are insane?

Why are you asking me? I don't know.

Have you traced the dynamite?


Yes. Why?


Dynamite is a controlled substance.

So you either smuggle it in or steal it from a local company.

He's right. We'd not thought of that.

We must find their bomb factory before the company pays the ransom.

If we do that, we can foil their plans.

Why can you always solve problems so easily?

You're the one who's made for this case.

You're in charge.

I've got a plane to catch.

Wait! Ka-kui.

You can go there any time.

This case is a one-off.

Go there next time. OK?

I'd better talk to May first.

Hurry up, then.

Hurry up.

Miss! Yes, sir?

My plane... It just took off.

It's taken off!

You've missed your flight!

Trust them to be on schedule.

I still have May's passport.

Damn! It sure isn't your lucky day!

Now what?

Uncle Bill, we better go.

All right?

I ate something bad.

That way, sir.

Thank you.

Excuse me. We're police officers. We're here to see Miss Wong.

30th floor.

Thank you.

Bugging devices.


Be careful, Nixon lost his job because of one of these.

If we are to solve the case, we have to know our targets well. We're counting on you.

Put them away.

Miss Wong, there are two police officers here.

Where's the loo?

On your right.


25 please.

24 please.


Uncle Bill, I'm really worried about May.

I'll call Jakarta airport as soon as I get to the office.

Uncle Bill.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Haven't you got any manners?

Let's use the other elevators.

Detective Chan to see Miss Wong.

If you'll please wait.

Thank you.

Ka-Kui Uncle Bill I thought you were used to taking the blame.

That's no excuse!


I'm Detective Chang, this is Detective Chan.


Please come with me.

We're... I know. Mr Fung is busy now but he's signed the papers.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, where's the toilet?

Down the corridor.

Here, sir.

I'm so sorry.

It's OK. Where's your friend?

He had a sudden urge.

There's the chairman.

That site is worth three billion. There would be a profit.

Chairman, Yes?

Detective Chan is here. Thank you.

Thanks for all your help.

You're developing the new estates very fast.

Please sit.

Welcome to all directors, managers and heads.

I've called this meeting to review the performance of our property portfolio and to set the sales target for the next year.

You may all know that since the collapse of the stock market last year, the Hang Seng Index has risen 66%.

Let me show you the performance of the major blue chip shares.

However, by the performance of the bank and property sectors, the outlook of the stock market for the next half year remains uncertain.

In situations like this, small investors are likely to put their money in property.

So we have to accelerate the pace of developing our new housing estates.

Hi, you're gorgeous.

If someone asks the chairman for this, it's $500 to get it back.


Yeah. Bye-bye.

What happened?

It's a meeting.

Did you plant the bugs?

Sure. And the desk?

All done. Was it easy?

He wasn't against it!

What was said?

Something about houses.


Where are you going? I'll take the next one.

May's here.

May, you're back!


You scumbag!

Let me explain.

You... You didn't want me to come back!

You left me there and took my passport!

When I got there, I couldn't do anything.

Before I was sent back here, they detained me for ten hours in a cell!

Why should I keep my voice down?

When you take your dog for a walk, do you not take him home afterwards?

I'm even worse than a dog.

May, they're watching us.

What are you staring at?

It's none of your business!

I want you to tell me in front of everyone what you think I am.

What the hell do you take me for?

You're my girlfriend!

Your girlfriend?! Open up! Open up!

If that's true, why treat me that way?

You even treat strangers better than me.

Let me tell you...

it's over between us!

Chan Ka-kui, you bastard!

Uncle Bill, did you make that call?

I needed to go to the toilet.

You've ruined my life.


Go away or I'll run you over.

Go away!

Don't be childish!

Don't grab my bag! Go away!

Don't even touch me. Go away. Leave me alone.

Let me explain.

I don't want to know.

I've nothing else to say to you.


May, are you all right?

Stay away from me. Don't touch my motorbike.

Keep away. I don't want you anywhere near me.

Let me explain.

Keep away.

Why won't you help me?!

Just keep away from me. I don't want to see you again.


All right, get back to work. I want to see Ka-kui.

Ka-kui, the boss wants to see you.

I'm sorry, sir.

It's all right.

Do you want to call May to explain?

I don't think it would help.

Don't explain to women! This is my way to treat my woman.

If a man's not at home, it's obvious he's working.

Excuse me, I have to go to the toilet.

Don't take any notice of his chauvinism.

Go get changed.

Are you going home, May?

It's better than wasting my time here. Good night.

Can I walk you home?

No thanks.

Don't be foolish.

No, I won't.

Get me, it's me you want.

Don't be foolish.

You're in this together.

Don't try anything.

Prepare to die!

I really had you going! I got the both of you!


I've found it.

Looks like you're outnumbered.

If I knew it's merely an easy game I won't call my men to come.

I'm flattered.

My boss asked me to teach you a lesson.

I'm paid to do it.

But I don't need to dirty my hands, my men can take care of you.

Get on with it.

We'll give you a chance.

If you apologise to Mr Ko now, we won't break both of your legs.

We'll just break one of them.

Cut the bullshit. Go on, kill me.

Kill a cop? No, I don't think so.

My boss wants to teach you a lesson.

Ripping a few limbs off should do the trick.

Get him!


There he is. Beat him up!

Go on, finish him off. Get up.

Move over. Let me drive.

I'll turn you into mashed banana.

It wasn't my fault! I was paid to do it.

Keep away or I'll shoot!

Shoot me!

I'll shoot.

Shoot here!

It's not my fault.

It's not. It's not my fault.

Next time I'll kick your ass.

It's not my fault.


May. Did they hurt you?

I'm all right.

You'd better be careful.

Why did you chase him? It's dangerous.

I wanted to make things up to you.

If it had been acid in that pistol and not ink, I'd have been scarred.

Maybe they wanted to distract you and then kidnap me.

Then what would happen?

Ka-kui, I want my boyfriend to be gentle, not a savage. Do you understand?

Come in.

Good morning.

Police detective in park rumpus. Who was that?


I'll check out the surveillance team.

It was me.

I know Chu wants revenge, but don't take the law into your own hands.

Sorry, sir.

Anything I can do?

No, thanks.

I can cope with it. I just want them to leave me alone.

All right. But keep your eyes open.

Now we've got a surveillance team.

They're very good. Go and talk to them.

Did he give you an earful? Did he...

Let's go over there.

He just want to help.

How to show off if there is no audience?

Sir, let me introduce.

This is Detective Chan Ka-kui;

Detective Ng, Detective Mui.


You guys intoduce yourselves.

Sum Kin They are the special tactic unit.

Please take a seat.

They are expertised in following targets.

But why? Will this be useful for the case?

Because we don't even know who did it.

That's easy.

Follow anyone suspicious then you'll know.

Follow the suspects then we could find the their hiding place for making bombs.

Just to follow them during the transaction, then we could arrest them.

That simple?

Of course.

Good, that's why I always have faith on you.

Hope you have a smooth cooperation.

Detective Ng, could I have a word with you?

There will be room for you soon.


Bye. Bye.

Detective Chan. Yes.

What does that mean?

Because you are cool.

Anything yet?

Fung said his shares would go up.

That's hardly relevant.

And his girlfriend is a top model!

I'm not interested.

I'll take it. You go call May.

Go on.

Ka-kui! Listen.

Your conditions have been presented to the board and they will pay.

No shit. Do you have the money?

We don't have it all.

$10 million is a lot of money.

Trace it.

It's from Tai Po.

Check it out.

He's in Ting Kok Road.

HQ calling all foot patrols.

Are there any units in Ting Kok Road, over?

This is PC 12674 on Ting Kok Road, over.

PC 12674, check anybody leaving a phone box in the area.

Are you stalling for time?

No, we didn't call the police.

Now we want 20 million.

20 million! It's impossible.

Find it.


This is PC 12674.


I think I've got a suspect.

Be careful. He's very dangerous.

He could be armed.

Keep everything low key.

Excuse me, you're supposed to use the pedestrian crossing.

Go on.

Give me a chance, Officer.

Can I see your ID card?

Calling HQ...

PC 12674, can you hear...

An officer needs assistance in Ting Kok Road.

I'm sorry, he isn't here.

Don't be sorry.

It's the way things go. It wasn't your fault.

How long have you been in uniform?

About two months.

Then you're excused.

Will I get in trouble for losing my gun?

What about promotions?!

Don't worry. As long as you learn from the experience, it's OK.

It happens to every cop.

It won't happen again.

Do you think you'd recognise him?



I could do with someone like you on the team.

I'll see to it.

Thank you. Can you file this for me?

Hello. It's Joker.

Go ahead. News.

What news?

A guy called Crazy Fai sells dynamite.

Nine o'clock, Hoi Wong Bar.

Do you know what we'll do next? No.


What do you want?

Are you Fai? I want to talk.

Do I know you?

No. But you will.

All right. Let's go over there.

I'll be right back.

What's your name? Lo.

What do you want?

Some explosives.


Do you have some?

What are they for? Fishing.

You don't look like a fisherman.

What if I told you it was for business?

I'll give you a good price.

What do you say?

All right, I need to speak to someone.

It's not my stuff. Don't go away.


Sorry, he's out of stock but he'll call me back.

Stay here, I'll be back when I've finished.

Thank you.

Hey, you. Stand up.

What's the matter?

CID. On your feet.

Hands up.

I only came for a drink.

A drink?

We heard you were dealing contraband.

Eyes front.

Hold it. Throw me your gun. Quick!

Stand over there.

Easy. Don't do anything stupid.

Come on. Move.

Come out here!

Get lost.

You screwed me over. You bastard! Why did you call the cops?

Stop! Stop it!

Please, that's enough. Please stop.

Why did you do it?

To make sure you weren't a cop.

That's why I called the cops to prove it.

I can get what you need.

Where is it?

Have you got the money?

It's cash on delivery.

Keep a look out.

Is it good stuff?

It's from the quarries.

Got any more?

Yeah, plenty.

There's enough to blow up the Empire State Building.

I just met him!

I've never seen him before!

Do you think you can get away?

Would you like a coffee?

A cigarette?

Two spoons of sugar?


The temperature ok?


This will offend the law. I won't do it.

You seem comfortable.

Then should you cooperate with us now?


You want me die?

If you cooperate, you will walk out of here.

We will keep everything secret.

If needed, we will keep you under protection.

If you three could protect me for my whole life, then I would consider it.

Don't talk that way.

Even if we release you now, after you get out of here, we will find drugs on you. Well... we could also find you guilty for raping young girl.

Have you had good results this way?

Sure. It never fails.

What's the charge?

I've seen a lot worse than this before going to jail, I'll play along.

You all seem like nice young ladies...

Have you not seen anything like this before?

No! Stop! I've had enough.

No, please!

Nice young ladies, huh?

Aren't you going to play along?

I'll sue you!

Say that again. Guns have a habit of going off when you least expect it.

We'll just say it was an accident.

Yeah. Escaped prisoner!

Good. Get my gun!

No! I'll talk.

Why didn't you say so?

Come on, sit down.



There are men in here.

Show's over.

I have sold some explosives lately.

One buyer was a fisherman.

I've known him for long.

After buying, he sold it to someone who used to blast reef fish.

The other one buys my stuff to refill empty bullet shell cases and then he sells them as bullets.

Yet he had only sold a few.

The third guy's name was Polar Bear.

He's a big-time dealer.

He often hangs out at the Yaumatei Pool Hall.


Target on a taxi.

It's BP5608.

Big mouth, got it?

Taxi number BP5608.

Heading north to Kok Road.

Big mouth copied.

I see target BP5608.

It changes to TST metro station.

All copy.

Renew info.

Get to TST metro station.

Target on metro heading Kung Tong.


Stay there.


Target off metro.

Target on a taxi.

It's CW721, heading Industrial area.

Target off the car.

Heading Yat Sing Street.

Copied. Over.

Sum, your team leave first.

Car to Yat Sing Street.

Start supervision. Wait for orders.


I'll take a look.

Pal, where is Pak Lok Street?

Don't know.


Someone carrying two bags heading your way.

Polar Bear.

You went shopping?

Were you followed?

No. Don't worry.

Come on. Open up.

There are three of them.

Detective Chan, it's the him.

Must be them.

Three persons' voices.

Louder, let me hear it.

Brother, stop waiting...

All things prepared?

Of course.

Then, I have to make a call.

Not here.

Make sure no one bugging.

Find a place in TST.

Make sure everything is fine.

No wasting time. Get going.

Three persons.

They're coming out.


You don't derseve this.

It's you who doesn't deserve it.

Check the number plate and follow the van.

You stay here, I'll go and take a look.


Let's go.

We now start the car.


Where are you going?

To take a look. Be careful.

I will.

I see.

Detective Chan, they've shaken off our unit.

They'll come back.

Call them off.

Come back here.

Don't shoot! It's me!

Be quiet.

You scared me.

I fell over. Someone's up there.

Hold it!

Turn around.

Police! Who are you?

The guy must be deaf and dumb.

Did you see three men come through here a few hours ago?

You ask him.

Do you work here?

Do you sleep here?

Right. I got an answer but I have no idea what it means.

You ask him.

Take him to the station.

It's OK. You're coming with me, just for questions.

Come, it won't cost anything.

No need to lock.

You don't need those.

He's deaf.

Are all these toys in here yours?


He can't hear you.

Help me find my gun.

Sir! Are you all right?

There's a deaf-mute running around, find him.


I didn't know he could fight.

Neither did I. Go and find my gun.


If we can find the backing to finance the buy out of Indian Ocean Bank, it'll be a welcome addition to our portfolio.

Mr Fung, telephone.

I said no calls.

I know, but it's that man again.


Excuse me.

You called the cops.

No, you must be mistaken. We haven't...

Cut the crap. We knew you'd go to the cops.

But we won't change our minds at all.

After 12p.m. Tomorrow, if you still agree to pay the $20 million, publish an ad for your company in one of the newspapers tomorrow morning.


Where was the call from?

It was a modified mobile so we couldn't trace it.

We knew you'd go the cops.

But it doesn't change things.

We'll show what we can do with our explosives at 12 tomorrow.

We won't waste time bargaining with you again.

Don't worry, they're bluffing.

We've sent extra officers to protect your buildings.

You'll be fine.

Listen, this blackmail has gone on long enough. It's time to act.

Fey, long time no see.

Polar Bear.

This is Ken.

I didn't grass you up!


Why did they turn up after you got caught?

Why did they let you go so easily?

Because they couldn't keep me with no evidence.

I didn't grass you up, I swear!

It makes no difference, we've made other arrangements.

Where are we going?!

You'll find out.

Miss Wong. What is it?

We've checked the mail.


And these are for you.

Who sent that?

Don't know. Someone special?

If you don't know, who would?


Plant this bomb and we're even.

Do the job or you're finished.

Where shall I put it?

I'll tell you later.

Let's go.

Roger. Thanks a lot.


I'm a cop. What's this?

I'm a cop.

I.D. Card What?



CID. Your case.




What's that?

Excuse me, CID. May I see your bag?

The red bag.

Excuse me, CID.

Make it quick.

It should be fine.

Here's the mail, sir.


Do you think it's a bluff?

I hope so, but we can't be sure.

Talk to you later. Yes?

Tell her he's coming.


Ka-kui, May's downstairs.

She wants to talk to you urgently.


May. What's the matter?

I've written a letter for you. Bye.

May. You came all this way to give me this?

It's important so keep it safe. Bye.

Oh, yeah, where's the scooter?

We didn't get along so I sold it.

I'll follow her.

I have my backup units in position.

Yes. I think they're bluffing.

Then we should depend on the police.

All right.

What is going on?

Get an ambulance.

Get the fire extinguisher.

Call Mr. Lam.

Why this happened?

Go investigate.

Stay calm.

Don't panic.

Ka-kui, come with me.

Call the fire department. Come on!

Bring a fire extinguisher.

Come on. Put the fire out first.

Come on, get moving.

Ambulance here?


Go make calls.

We need more help.

Phone, sir.

Bill, you take the phone call.

Ka-kui, meet me upstairs.

I thought you were supposed to protect me.

What's up?

Parcel bomb. Miss Wong lost an arm.

How's Miss Wong?

She's doing well.

The doctor said her arm would recover.

They'll do a skin graft on her face later.

So we'll wait and see.

Wong's decided to pay up.

What am I going to tell Raymond?

Uncle Bill, that's the way it goes.

We said it'd be a tough case.

We're dealing with an organised bunch of criminals here.

I wish they'd blown me up instead.

I don't like putting lives at risk.

Don't worry.

If they come and collect the money, I'm sure we'll get them.

If I pass on what you said to Raymond, he'll not be happy at all.

What we need is real action.


I guess you've seen the papers.

Now what do I tell the chief?

That's the way it goes.

We said it'd be a tough case.

We're dealing with an organised bunch of criminals here.

I wish they'd blown me up instead.

I don't like putting lives at risk.

Don't worry.

If they come and collect the money, I'm sure we'll get them.

All this is talk, what we need is some real action.

Something's up. Raymond's in trouble.

That's the way it goes.

We said it'd be a tough case.

We're dealing with an organised bunch of criminals here.

I wish they'd blown me up instead.

I don't like putting lives at risk.

Don't worry.

If they come and collect I'm sure we'll get them.

I understand your situation and I'll note it in the report.

Good luck with the case.

You come, too.

Why the long face?

Did you two have a fight?

Right! But it's the last one.

Yes? I'll get him.

Hold this.

Ka-kui, phone.

Put it through.

Right. Put it through.

Hello. Ka-kui.

May's been kidnapped!


We'd just left the shop and someone lifted her into a van.

Who did it?

I don't know. But it must be something to do with you.

Could it be those thugs again?

Chu Tu.

Ka-kui... Hello?

Ka-kui! What's up?

An old score.


What happened?

May is caught.

What's the matter? Sign this cheque before you're dead.

Our brothers...

Please stop. He's a patient.

Let me finish.

We did what you asked. That's why we deserve something.

You won't need any money when you're dead.

Chu Tu!

Chu Tu! Hey, you!

Chu Tu! Chu Tu!

Where is May?

I don't know.

I didn't do anything. It's him.

Where the hell's May?

Stop it! He's sick.

Put him down.

Where did you take her?

I didn't take her.

Who did then?

I was very nasty to you before.

But now I'm sick and penniless.

Why would I take her?

He's got no money now.

It has nothing to do with us.

He made your life miserable.

We did it because of money.

Then who could it be?

There's a phone over there.

Don't die before you sign this! Sign this cheque before you're dead.


He's nearly dead, so I won't care.

If not, maybe I will.




You recognise her voice.

We're at the Hung Fung Industrial Building.

Who is this? What do you want?

Come alone or she's dead.


I know where it is.

May! Are you all right?

Be quiet.

Are you all right?

I'm OK.

Why have you kidnapped her?

Ka-kui, by the time you read this letter...


...l've decided we should be apart.


I don't think I'll see you again.

It's a love letter!

Just like they say, Unlucky in love, lucky in money.

There's more.


When we met, I thought you liked your job very much and you'd be my Mr Right.

Now I realise the only thing that matters in your life is your work.

I tell myself that what made me fall in love with you is also what made me want to leave you.

Yeah, why? Why did you break up?

You told me that you didn't want me involved with your work, but I didn't mind.

You never spent enough time with me.

Being with you was the happiest time in my life.

But when you weren't there, it was the worst time of my life.

That's not right.

If I didn't leave you, I'd spend my life waiting for you to come home...

Can't you stop it?!

She's crying!

So is he.

Keep reading, go on.

...because you can never stop being a policeman.

A policeman who never stops.

We're in trouble.

I think it's the right decision.

Please forgive me for making such a selfish choice, May.

What do you want?

We want you to help us get rich.

Our speciality is blackmail

and the hardest part of it is the pick up.

You'll collect the ransom for us.

No way!

You don't have a choice.

He said no.

I think you'll enjoy this.



Stop it! Please!

Stop it!

Please stop it!

Ka-kui, are you hurt?

Don't worry.

So you want to play the hero?

Now it's your turn.

Please don't!

You rotten swine!

Nice one!

Kill me if you have the guts.

So tough!

Really? Let's see if his girl is tough, too.

What do you want?

How's that?! How's that?

Enough! You've made your point.

Does that mean you'll do it?

Just let her go. I'll do anything.

We won't let her go unless you help us.

What do you want me to do?

Collect the money for us.

You don't have any choice.

I'll do it.

Good man.

I wouldn't advise you to remove it.

Break one wire and the whole thing blows.

The same thing happens if I press this button.

You'd better be careful.


Be careful.

I'll come back for you.


He's on the line.

Trace the call.

I'll get Uncle Bill.

Is the money ready?

We'll collect it in 10 minutes.

It's ready.

Did you call the cops?


Where's Ka-kui?

I can't find him.

How could he be so irresponsible?

I can't wait.

Don't take any risks.

Let's go.

You'll have 10 minutes to get back here again.

No tricks.

If we don't get our money, your vest will go bang!

We'll be waiting.

Get going.

Good luck.


Police officers.

Mr. Fung Chairman You will pay me.

How you know?

Please sit.

You promised to bug We could check it.

It's bad that you aren't that effective when handling the bomb case.

We have everything ready.

Once they pay the money, we will have our action.

Hope you won't do anything to make anything worse.

Because this will encourage the bombers.

So they police couldn't help.

We could only depend on ourselves.

Ka-kui, the boss was looking...

Ka-kui! It's Ka-kui.


Ka-kui! Out of my way.

Let me go!

Get out of my way!


Excuse me.


Ka-kui, where have you been?

Never mind. I'm here to collect the money.


Is he your man?

Yes, he is.

Ka-kui, what's going on?

We don't have much time. The money!

What are you doing?


Move and I'll shoot you.

Don't pull the trigger.


Don't push me.

If you shoot me, everybody here... will be blown sky high.

If one wire breaks, the whole thing will explode.

Ka-kui, what's going on?

Can't we work this out?

If I don't leave here in 10 minutes, it will go off.

I don't have time!

Let him go. Please leave us.

Attention all units, don't stop Ka-kui.


Don't follow me.


Get out of my way!

I think he did it.


Looks like he was followed.

Let's go.

Tell him to move up.

Give me the money.

I'm being followed. Let me shake them off first.

Believe me.

Are the cops behind us?

Stay back! Don't come near.

Why did you stop here?

What are you doing?

What's going on?

A bomb's about to blow. Run!

A bomb! Run!

There's no cops!

I'll blow him to bits.

Wait! What about the money?

And you can't get a radio signal in the tunnel.

What now?

We've got the girl. Don't worry. Let's go.

Maybe we should split up.

Kill her if it goes wrong.


Where is she?

Look, he's back.

I told you he wouldn't play tricks.



Freeze! You're under arrest.


Come on then, arrest us.

Don't move.

Move and I'll shoot you.

You think so? You'd have to shoot fast.

There are three of us.

Think about it.

If I don't shoot you, you'll only spend years in jail.

And then you'll be a reformed person.

That's better than dying in this condition.

We are ready.

We want to be rich.


But you are way too cruel.

What is cruel? Fortune Maker In this society, only if you do something good to the society, everyone will help you. You will be repaid.

Then you will be rich.

And you will have new outlook. That's what you could do.

Yet, now what you have done, has harmed the society.

This is against everyone's benefit.

What does that mean?


Beside you guys, who will think you are doing the right thing?

Who would think of your purpose?

You are right.


That doesn't sound too bad, we might take your advice.

But we're still young.

After we did our time, we'd all be old men.

Don't push me!

Run! This is a fireworks factory.


I'm over here!

Are you all right?

Ka-kui, be careful!

Good work!

Ka-kui! Come here!

There's the rubbish chute.

There's an exit.

May, you go first.

It looks too high.

Just jump.

Ka-kui, are you all right?

I'm fine. Get out of here, May. As far as you can.

Be careful.


Do you want to try this yourself?

You want some more? Take this.

And more, bastard.

Want some more?

You want some more? Here!



Shit. Not enough...


Stop crying, OK?

Look, the fireworks are beautiful.