Poltergeist (2015) Script

Griffin. Griffin.

Griffin, what did I say? I'm in the middle of a game.

You can't play that in the car unless you take your Dramamine.

It's too late for Dramamine. We're practically there.

Don't roll your eyes at me. You want him puking in the car again?

I said I was sorry. No, it's not your fault.

That was smelly.

Was not! It was only an accident. Nobody's blaming you, honeybun.

It was smelly.

I'm following the GPS. It stinked.

Look, she says left on Kitty Hawk.

No, no, Dad.

There's no way we can live here. Oh, come on.

You haven't even seen the house yet.

There are power lines. Relax.

I can feel the tumors forming already. No one's getting tumors.

What tumors? It's a joke. Dumbass.

It's a joke, dumbass! Don't say that, sweetie.

Make a U-turn in 50 feet. What?

You missed the turn? Yes, ma'am.

Dumbass. Whee!

Come on.

Nice, right?



I think it's nice.

I think it's nice, too.

Piggy-corn, too.

Mr. and Mrs. Bowen.

Hi. Sorry we're late. We missed that turn on Kitty Hawk.

Yeah, modern technology.

She's just gonna go right in, start checking it out.

That hoop is cool.

Nice tree, huh?

That's been here longer than any of the houses.

Be fun to climb.

Mom, there's a kitchen! Oh, wow.

I'm gonna go see my bedroom!

Slow down, please, on the stairs.

That security system works. The owner was a bit of a technophile, so this house is wired for whatever you might need.

You'll notice he put speakers in all of the walls, so you can hear music in every room... including the john.

So, this is the kitchen through here.

Do you wanna see this? Sure.

Will either of you two be commuting to work? Not me. I'll be home with the kids.

Amy is an amazing writer. Oh, Eric!

She is. Come on!

She's being very humble right now. She's very good.

I'm trying to be, but you know, it's just hard to find the time.

I know, believe me, I have two of my own.

They're in college. I'm glad they're gone.

I mean, I'm getting my life back.

Where did you say that you worked, Mr. Bowen?

John Deere corporate, over in Moline.

That's a wonderful company. We have a riding mower.

It's lasted us for years. We love John Deere.

Well, I'd be very flattered right now if I hadn't gotten laid off.

I'm sorry. I didn't realize... That's all right.

They do have a quality... mower. It's fine.

They do, but...

They were making some cutbacks, and I was...

Hey, Eric, come look at this.

I'd love to, but I'm in the middle of a very awkward exchange with our realtor right now.

Come see. Is that all right?

Don't go anywhere. Please.

Look, there's a field down there. Oh, hey.

Whose property is that? That's city property.

That's a good place for a brushfire.

You have to try to like this.

Okay. I'll try.

Would you like to see the upstairs?

Yes, I would.

And this is a master that you're showing us?

That's correct.

How is it up there, kiddo?

I like our house better.

Well, that's not an option, honey.

You can call that a bedroom, but really, it's an attic.

That can be where Griffin sleeps.

This place has so much light.

Huh, Eric?

Very nice.


Very nice.

The house faces...

Yeah, it's a little bit quiet on this side of the street... but just one block up, things are starting to fill up.

It's funny. Yeah.


No, Piggy-corn's not my baby.

She's just a doll.

She's half-pig and half-unicorn, see?

She has a little horn. Honk, honk.

Who are you talking to?

No one.

Mom, we like this house!

Jesus, this is really stuck.

That's probably just moisture. It rained last week.

Okay. Well, I don't know.

All the houses are like this in our price range.

And this is the least sucky one we've seen... so I think, maybe... Maybe?

Okay, look. Foreclosures have hit this neighborhood really hard.

There's some wiggle room on the price.

How much wiggle we talking?

Come on, man!



Buck up, kiddo. It's temporary.

We've ruined your life.



Hey, hey, hey.

Come on.

You said you wanted to get rid of that stuff.

What, are you kidding?

This is my old bat bank. I'm saving it for Griff.

Yeah, right.

Griff, let's play some catch. Here.

Hi-yo, Silver!

Yeah! Nice. Team Bowen!

Eric, leave him be.

Well, we're bonding.

I don't know that you are.

I'll throw you a ball, okay?


'Cause it's fun.

I'll throw you a pop-up, okay?

You gotta go for this one.

Okay, you ready?

You got it.

Well, that's my bad.

I missed.

That's okay.

We'll try again later. It was my fault. I threw it too hard.

Well, get the ball, will you, kiddo?

Good job!

He can play soccer.

Yeah. Or chess, Eric.

I'm getting rid of this.

Have you seen the baseball?

Mom! Mom! Mom!

The tree made a noise!

What? The tree growled!

Okay, look, Griff, Griff, Griff, Griff. It's an old tree.

Okay? Things creak when they get old.

Yeah, tell me about it.

Right? Like Daddy.

What can I do to make it better?

I don't know.

You wanna go inside and check out your new room?

Yeah? Yeah.

All right. Can we get rid of this? I don't know.

Say yes. Yes.

Mommies creak when they get old too.

What if the bad guys break in a window?

Then the alarm will still go off.

But what if the bad guys cut the wires to the alarm?

The wires are in the house.

But what if the bad guys go to the power plant and cut the wires there?

They'll be electrocuted and then they'll be dead.

And if they're dead, then they can't get in the house.

We armed yet?

Getting there.

Might wanna think about getting a dog or something.


Here, it says you have to input the security code, and then the Stay key.

Oh, yeah, smart guy?

What was that?

Same thing happened to me.

Isn't that weird? It's not even winter.

And they found this house, and they ate it all up.

What are you doing?


Do you wanna see a trick?

What kind of trick?

No way. How are you doing that?

You try.

You look ridiculous!


What is that?

I just lost an earring behind the washing machine.

That's a bummer, honey.

I'll go look for it.

There's a leak back there.

Great. Welcome to owning a new home.

I had to do something.

This place is, like, a complete shithole.

There's not even any malls. Like, the malls are boarded up.

Oh, my God, that actually sounds really sad.

So, your dad can't find... Dude.

This 1920s bungalow was the site of a murder.

Oh, yeah, I love that show.

Oh, my God, that guy's a total freak.

I know.

I'm Carrigan Burke, and I'm here to clean house.

Oh, yeah. I love when he's, like... Okay, ready?

"This house is clean."

"Is clean."

Hey, hey, hey. Can you turn that down?

Come in?

Kids are going to sleep.

Hi, Lauren.

Hey, Mrs. Bowen.

Thank you. Good night.

"Mrs. Bowen"?

All right, lovebugs. It's time for bed.

Look at this mess. Can you clean this up, Griff?

The door's stuck.


I think there are magnets in there. They're not magnets. They're my friends.

Who are your friends?

The lost people.

The lost people? Who are the lost people?

They live here. But they don't like it. They wanna go to their home.

Sweetheart, we are home.

We're not lost.

This is our home for a little while, okay?

Okay, Mommy.

You sure?

But why do I have to be up here?

Because this is the coolest room in the house.

And you are the coolest kid in the house.

But I don't like the ceiling.

Now you're just being silly. Come on.

Who's my super boy?


I'm sorry, are you too big to say it now?


Then who's my super boy?

I am.

Yeah, you are.

I love you.

I love you, too.

All right, get some sleep, okay?

The night-light! Night-light!

Sorry, sorry, sorry. Okay, okay, okay?

Is that better?

Griffin, there's nothing to be afraid of.


Good night, buddy.

Good night.

What was Griff freaking out about?

The night-light. Yeah?

"The night-light, the night-light!" I don't know what it is with him.

Yeah, well, we got too many kids.

I know. I said we should have stopped at two.

Maddy's not the problem.

Not yet.

Here's to the little jerks.

Do you think we should take him to a shrink?

No. No. He's fine.

He's not fine. It's because I lost him in that mall.

Baby. That was three years ago... and you were more freaked out than he was.

Some kids are just nervous, you know?

My brother was the same way. Yeah, now he lives alone in a trailer park.

He doesn't live alone. Yes, he does!

No, he's got, like, 20 cockatoos.

You are not making me feel better!

Maybe you could coach.

What, high school?

Yeah. It'd be something. I mean, you'd be happy.

Yeah, I'd be hungry. We'd all be.

Can't support a family coaching high school.

I should go back to work.

Again with that? Come on. You don't wanna do that.

You're gonna leave me all alone with these monsters?

I need new underwear. Look at these.

These are sad.

Your underwear is sad?

Yes, my underwear is sad.

Well, mine are very happy right now, so get over here.

I'm serious.

You can't keep holding out for something at your old salary.

I think you're holding out.

Why can't I just look for something? I'm not holding out.

Because we agreed I'd work so you could write your book.

That's what we agreed about.

I'm not writing my book.

You will, when the kids go back to school.

Don't put this on the kids. This is all me.

Hey, I'm gonna find something, okay?

You gotta trust me.

We got that dinner party tomorrow night.

You love parties. You can watch me drink bourbon.

It's gonna be such a drag. We don't even know those people.

But Gary knows them. He says the husband might be hiring.


Maybe our luck is about to change. Aren't you feeling lucky?

I think things are looking up.

You're such a dork!

I'm a dork? I'm a dork?

You and your sad underwear.

Take your pants off.

Yes, ma'am.

Really? Yes, really.

Wow. Play ball.

All right.

Dad! Yes!

Hey. What's up, buddy?

There's something upstairs.

I think there's something in my room.

I'll be out there in a second.

So much for my luck.

Don't move. Okay.

I'll be right back. Think dirty thoughts.

What is it, buddy? Where is it? In the attic?

Houses make noises at night. It's normal, I promise.

Not our old house.

Well, that's true.

Tell me where you heard it.

Where did all of these clowns come from?

I found them in there.

Why would somebody have a box of clowns?

People collect weird things, pal.

I don't like it up here.

What's the matter? You scared? What are you scared of?


You're gonna get over that. You gotta try to worry less, kiddo.

You know?

If you're scared all the time, Maddy's gonna get scared.

You gotta set a good example.

You're the big brother. You gotta be brave, you know?

Holy shit!

What is it?

Talk to me.

Why do you linger here?

Use me. I can release you. Use me.

What's going on?

I don't know.

Eric, what is going on up there?

What, what, what?

We have a squirrel.

You are such a nut ball!

Big, fluffy tail! You scared us!


Perfect. Rodents.

I'll set a trap tomorrow.

After you catch it with the trap, will you release it to the woods?

Yeah, sure. Would that make you feel better, honey?

I'm not sleeping up there until it's gone.

Where are you?

Are you nice?

How did you get there?

Did you cry?

Help you how?

But I can't see you.

Who else is there with you?

Can Griffin come, too?

Yes, I can be brave.

I have to ask my mommy.


I'm not afraid.


But, how will you get here?

Maddy, what's going on?

They're coming.

Who is?

Who is coming?


Get away from the TV!

What's going on?

They're here.

It says here it's probably just a loose conductor in the electrical panel.

I'm calling an electrician.

Are you gonna pay him for what I can do myself?

Those guys charge an arm and a leg. Griff will help. Right, buddy?

Griff will help you fix an electrical panel? Yeah.

I found out where the squirrel got in, by the way.

There's a hole by the roof line. I'm gonna block it up.

Daddy, I don't want cereal. I want pizza.

Yeah, for breakfast? For all the time!

Three times a day?

Griffin! I told you not to touch my phone!

I didn't touch your phone.

Then why is it fried? How should I know?

Here we go.

I need a new phone. You do?

No more phones, honey.

This isn't a luxury item, Dad. It's a necessity.

What if you need to reach me in an emergency?

We can't afford it, honey.

That's bullshit.

What are you being so selfish about?

That's bullshit!

If you want a new phone, you could get a part-time job.

I'll get a job when you get a job.

Hey, she has a job!

Excuse me?

You kids are her job!

Yeah. Which I apparently suck at.

I don't think you suck at it.

Thank you, sweetheart.

Hey, Maddy.

Do you remember last night?

When you said, "They're here"?

What did you mean?

Who's here?

Just my friends.


Your pretend friends?

No, they're lost people. They're not pretend, Mommy.

That girl's gonna put me in a hole, man.

She's grounded.

Judge Bowen has spoken. For at least 24 hours.

Remind her she's babysitting tonight, will you?

I hate when Kendra babysits.

So does she, pal.

I think I might get some squirrel traps.

Yeah, that's a good idea.

What is this?

Griffin, put that down. What is that?

Put that down. Is that a bone or something?

Yeah, just put that down. Let me see.

I guess this is a buried pet or something. Maybe it's a horse.

Maybe it's a pig, too! A pig!

Is this freaking you out?

Stop! Stop! What's the matter?

All right, put that back.

That's not going through. I'm sorry about that.

My wife said she might cancel one of the cards because we don't need them all.

I didn't know she did it. It's not canceled, it's over the limit.

Is that what it says there? Yep.

Okay, let's try this one.

Nice apron. Are you in the union?

You have a good pension here, for this?

Sorry. Yeah?

This one's "canceled" too.

Strike two, huh? All right.

Hey, third one's the charm.

Fingers crossed.

How are we doing? Are we good?

I like that sound. Yeah, you're good.


Damn it! Griffin! I asked you to bring these comic books upstairs.

I was just about to do it. Yeah, I almost broke my neck.

Because you were walking and playing that game at the same time, I bet.

Thank you.


Is that you?



This isn't funny.

All right, everybody, come downstairs!

Family meeting. Dad! Dad!

Let's go! Kendra! Dad! I have to tell you something!

What's going on with the flowers out there? I don't know. Did you get pizza?

I just made chicken nuggets. That's okay. We'll have both.

Pizza! My baby wanted pizza.

You put them together, you got chicken nugget pizza.

Dad, the weirdest thing happened!

Why are you screaming at me, Griffin? Griffin, you got to tone it down.

What? "What?" Here's what.

What's that? What do you think of that?

No way! Yeah, way!

You know what else? Now get off my back.

Thank you, Dad. You got it.

Dad! And guess what? Yeah.

The ball rolled across the floor... What? What? knocked into the closet... Hey, look at this!

I got you that AR drone you wanted.

Look at that. Isn't that cool? Dad, you aren't listening to me!

It's got a camera on it. It does?

What are you doing? What are you doing, cutie?

Look at that. These are the ones you liked.

You can wear them to the party tonight.

Dad, that's not all! Then this tower of comic books formed!

When I turned around they blew back at my face!

Wow. They had just appeared out of nowhere...

Really? That's crazy!

It's not funny, Dad! Yeah, it's hilarious.

How did you pay for this?

How do you think? I stole it. Robbed a bank.


Uh-oh, Daddy-O!

We gotta bring this stuff back. You have to take it back.

Mom, no. Yes.

I'm not bringing anything back. Dad!

Griffin. I think we deserve a treat.

Why doesn't anyone listen to me?

Griffin! Gosh! It's been all afternoon with this.

Just so you know, I'm putting the passcode on my phone... so you can't get to it. Please don't antagonize him.

Dad, we have to move. We're not moving!

Now, quit it! Amy...

No, I expect this from Maddy... but I'm starting to think that he's the baby in the family.

Here you go, Mommy. Perfect.

Thank you, sweetheart.

Griffin, I'm sorry.

That didn't go as I hoped.

How's the pizza?

Not good. No?


You got to try it with the nuggets.

It's a little better.

I am an awful person. I called my own son a baby.

Well, if it's any consolation, my mom called me a lot worse.

There's something wrong with him, Eric.

It's not just the anxiety.

He's fine. He's not fine.

He is saying the craziest things and he believes them.

All right, what do you want me to do? You want me to... I'll take him to someone.

How? I mean, you keep spending money that we don't have.

Why are you doing that?

I mean, what do I got, the illusion of...

Spending money?

I'm trying to... I'm doing the best I can.

I wanna give you guys what you want. I'm trying to...

I know. I know. I know.

Look, look, look, look, it was a bad day, okay?

It'll get better.

I'm gonna go get ready. Okay.

It's the windmill! Daddy! Break my arm!

Okay. Okay. Break my arm! Break my neck!

Dad? Neck! Neck!

Dad, what if the squirrel gets in?

I sealed up the hole. It's tighter than Fort Knox up there.

Bye-bye, Daddy.

Then why did you leave the trap? Insurance. You can't be too safe.

Squirrels are wily.

Don't worry about it. Bye-bye.

Set the alarm, call us if you need us. I will.

Call you on my new phone. Yeah, you will.

Be good for your sister. Bye, Mommy.

Lock the door! Bye. We will. Bye.

I wanna stay up all night! No. Madison...

Stay up all night! No, go upstairs.


All right. All snug?


Piggy-corn said she wants more kisses.

She does?

How many?

She says three.

Three? Three.

Sure? Okay.

One, two, three...

20. 900.

I can't fall asleep.

Why not?

I think there's a storm coming.

Gary tells me you played ball together in college.

He said you had quite the swing.

Triple-A, but I still do swing with the best of them.

Don't get any ideas, Barbara.

He could have played in the majors. He's being very modest.

No, I... Bad shoulder, so it wasn't meant to be.

What are you gonna do?

Lucky you had a plan B to fall back on.

There's nothing wrong with a suit and tie.

I keep telling my son, it pays the rent.

It's a good thing I have a suit and a tie then.

I can put it on Monday morning if you like. What time do I start? Nine?

They just moved to Willow Point.

My brother had a house in that development back in the 90s.

We'd never visit him because of the cemetery thing.

The thought of it just gave me the willies.

What "cemetery thing"?

Just that that development was built on a former cemetery.

Yeah, but they moved it though. Yeah.

The developers relocated the whole thing to Broxton Park.

200 acres. This was years ago.

You're kidding me! They moved the whole cemetery?

The realtor didn't mention it?

No. Actually, they didn't mention it.

Isn't it like, you know, very uncool to move all those bodies and...

Well, it's not like it was an ancient tribal burial ground.

Yeah, I know.

It's just 10 minutes away. People can still visit loved ones.

But now it's in a nicer neighborhood.

I'm sorry.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

There's nothing to be afraid of.


Please, help!



We're gonna get in big trouble.



I'm scared!

Just stay away from the closet.

Don't leave me!



Griffin! Please open the door!

Please help! Please help me! Please!

Open the door!

What the hell is that?

Honey, stop...

Stop the car.

Stop the car.


Griff! Dad! Help!


Oh, my God! Baby, are you all right?

Mom, Mom! Okay, baby.

What the hell is going on?


Dad, Mom... What's going...

There were voices, I got locked in the basement and the tree grabbed Griffin...

Slow down. I cannot... What did you say? I can't find Maddy!


Maddy, honey...




Madison? Mommy...






Griff. What...

Mommy? Mommy?

Maddy, where are you?

Mommy. Mommy.

Daddy, is that you?

I don't even know what happened. I know, but we have to tell them.

We gotta figure out what happened.

We can't call the cops.

What are you gonna tell them? That our daughter got...

I don't know what just happened. I'm gonna tell them...

We need to figure out what's going on. Okay?

Listen to me. Listen to me.

If you call the cops they're gonna blame us. No, they're not gonna blame us.

We're just gonna tell them what happened. We're just gonna tell them the truth.

I'm gonna tell them the truth. I'm gonna tell them the truth.

We're gonna tell them the truth together.

I'm gonna tell them the truth. What happened, I'm gonna tell them.

But we don't know what the truth is, honey.

Eric, we have to call somebody.

There's gotta be somebody who's gonna believe us.

Griffin was the first one to notice things.

Noises... and just things.

We thought he was making it up.

I'm sorry, buddy.

We didn't know where else to go.

No, you did the right thing coming here.

When I was a student here this office had the craziest reputation.

I think we still do.

May I ask where your husband is?

He's at home with Kendra, our oldest.

We don't wanna leave Maddy alone.

The last time you had contact with her was after she disappeared?

Just the one time, through the television set.

I'm sorry... I hear how crazy this sounds.

I know I must sound ridiculous.

No, it doesn't. It doesn't sound crazy at all.

It's my fault. No, it is not.

Look at me. It is not your fault.

Why do you think it's your fault?

I left her alone.

I knew I shouldn't have.

But I was scared.

Of course you were scared.

You have to get my sister back.

You have to.

Can you do that?

I can try.

That's the TV... where Maddy's hands were pressed against.

This is the staircase that Griffin was first grabbed by the tree.

It's probably something to do with Maddy.

And then there's that. That's a little shocker.

You guys want some sandwiches or something?

It won't be necessary. I'm gonna start recording.

Is that cool? Yeah. Knock yourself out.

That's solid wall.

I've poked and prodded about a hundred times, so...

But you think she got pulled through there somehow?

We don't know.

What do you think, it's like a magic portal?

I just said we don't know.

Do you mind if I hold onto that?

Till she gets back.

I don't want it, you know, lost in the shuffle.

No problem.

I shot a pretty amazing occurrence recently.

We were at this old house in Naperville, and a piano bench... rolled 10 feet across the parlor floor.

It took seven hours.

To roll 10 feet? Yeah.

I used a special time-lapse setting on my camera.

So, nailed the whole thing.

You can't catch that kind of a thing with the naked eye, so I...

Did you get all that on your time-lapse camera?

From my experience... this doesn't seem to be a classic haunting.

What you have here... is probably closer to a poltergeist intrusion.

What's the difference?

Ghosts usually appear as harmless apparitions.

Whereas poltergeists...

They're noisy, they lash out... they're violent, they move objects.

It comes, and then it can just as suddenly go away.

And take Maddy with it?

You okay? Yeah.

What's going on?

I should've been... home.

I should've been home. Don't do this, okay?

I can't lose you now.

If I say it's not gonna be okay... you have to say, "Of course it is, sweetheart."

Otherwise, we're not gonna get through this.

We've done a scan of the house, and now we're wiring into your system.

So if Maddy tries to make contact again... we'll have a better sense of what's going on... which may help us get her back.

Does that sound okay?

That sounds great. Can we do it a little faster?

Watch out.

Let me ask you something.

Your dad... he's been out of work a while, right?

Yeah, I guess.

That's okay. Nobody's perfect.

I was just thinking about it.

If he really wanted to make some money quick... a poltergeist abduction isn't a bad idea.

Even if it turned out to be a fake.

You go public with it, you do some TV appearances.

You get your own reality show. Would you stop?

How cool would that be?

We don't want a reality show.

We just want Maddy back.

You're good, kid.

Very good.

Did you set up the heat sensor in the back of the closet yet?

No, not yet.

I didn't know how to fasten that thing.

Screw it, Boyd.



"Screw it."

Gotta be kidding me.

God damn it.



You all done up there?


The heat sensor is in the closet?

Sort of.

Boyd, I really need you to take this more seriously, okay?


Okay. Okay, good.

I think what I was saying is... some people believe there are different levels of reality.

We're on a physical plane... but when we die our spirits go to another level.

An astral plane or a spiritual plane.

Which is sort of here and not here at the same time.


Look at this.

Okay. Now this...

Thank you, Dr. Powell.

This is us here. In the physical level.

And somehow Maddy got pulled here.

Here and not here at the same time.


Then someone should go in there and show her the way back here.

That's actually not a bad idea.

I'm fairly certain...

Maddy is able to hear us a lot better than we can hear her.

So this equipment is going to filter out all the interference... so that we'll be better able to communicate with her.

How do we start?

You just call out to her.



Madison, it's Mommy.

Can you hear me?

Madison, we wanna talk to you.

We just want you to let us know that you're safe.

Are you with us?

Maddy, we need to hear your voice, okay, sweetheart?

Can you say hello to Mommy?

Are you with us?

We all miss you so much.

Mommy misses you so, so, so, so, so, so much.

Hi, Mommy.

Hi, baby!

Hey, honey. Daddy's here, too.

We're all waiting for you, honey.

Daddy, where are you?

We're home. We need you to come back to us now, honey.

I tried, but I can't find you.

Okay, okay, okay. Keep on trying, okay?

Because we are right here. You're so close!

Mommy? Mommy?

Daddy, is that you?

No, Daddy's right here, honey.

There's somebody with her! Who's with you, baby?

Daddy's right here. Who is with you?

They're all around me.

Maddy! Maddy? Maddy?

Maddy, can you hear us? What's going on?

Mommy. Mommy.




Daddy, I'm scared.


No, wait!

Mr. Bowen, no!


Maddy, it's me, honey.

Give her back! Give her back!

Give her back! You can't have her!

Get out!

You okay? Did you get hit?

No? You okay?

Everything okay?

What is that?

You're okay. Eric!


What happened?

That, Mr. Bowen... that's Maddy's way out.

But I think we're gonna need some help in getting her there.

What kind of help?

Have you ever heard of Carrigan Burke?

No effing way.

What happened to your hand?

Blanchard, Michigan. '97.

Haunted root cellar. Spirit didn't wanna leave.

Luckily, they're not all that angry.

Ours is.

Buddy, you okay? Yeah.

Guy's here.

You must be the Bowens.

And you must be the cavalry.

Dr. Powell.

We're all set up if you wanna get started.


Big fan. My name's Boyd. Nice to meet you.


He knows this can't be on TV, right?

No, I told him that.

So why is he doing it?

This was the area of bilocation?

A table fell out of there.

I was almost crushed.

Is everything all right?

If it was, I wouldn't be here.

This house is not clean.


All right, first things first.

I want you to tell me a little bit about Maddy.

Did you ever feel that she was a little bit off?

Off? Yeah.

What do you mean? How do you mean, "Off"?

Did you ever hear her talking to things that weren't there?

Yeah, she has imaginary friends, but that's normal.

I think what he's trying to say is that Maddy might have been born with a gift.

That's not the word I'd use, but all right.

You mean she can talk to ghosts?

She's six years old.

Which means that her life force is at its purest... without judgment or cynicism.

Why do you think they reached out to her in the first place?

They didn't reach out to any of you.

You keep saying "they." Who are "they"?

Brooke tells me that this development was built on a cemetery.

Right? Dad, really?

Calm down. It's a former cemetery. Former.

They moved the bodies a long time ago.

They relocated... They moved them to a nicer neighborhood.

I don't think that they are.

I think they just told people they moved the cemetery.

I think they just moved the headstones.

And they left the bodies?

Oh, my God.

This isn't just a few pissed off spirits that we're dealing with.

This is unlike anything that I've ever felt before.

This is... It's more like a mob.

They suffered a terrible injustice... and that anger and frustration has created a new, more powerful force.

The poltergeist.

They are trapped and they are desperate.

And your daughter is their ticket out of this purgatory.

What do they want with her?

They want her to be their lantern in the darkness.

To lead them into the light.

What happens if she goes into the light?

There's no getting her back if she does that.

Just because he said that, it doesn't mean... that's true, okay?

Nothing you've said makes sense to me.

And everything else does, right?

The closet, the tree, the smoldering hole in the ceiling.

All that makes sense to you, but I'm full of crap.

I don't know, okay? I don't know.

We just want our daughter back, okay?

We just want our daughter back.

Eric, I know exactly how you feel.

I don't know if you do.

I've felt it every single day of my entire life.

It is hard to know what to believe in, but I am here to help.

You believe that, don't you?


You're all I've got, so let's do it.

Everybody gets a GPS tracker.

This is gonna tell us where you are, anytime... in case anything gets weird.

What am I supposed to do with this?

Just put it in your pocket.

Weird, right?


What's with the leg?

I don't know.

Can you show me how to fly this thing?


It's kind of complicated. Do you want me to fly it?

I can handle it.

You gonna ask me about it, or just stare at my leg the whole day?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Let's just get this over with, shall we?

What are you doing?

No, no, no. We don't need to see that. That's weird.

What happened to you?

Portugal, 2003.

There was a monastery in the forest of Bussaco... with a particularly nasty entity.

And you got rid of it?

Not before it took a piece of my leg with it.

Okay, thank you for that. That's gross.

I'm gonna go throw up. Thanks.

And what about that one?

That's a good story.

Let's save that for after this is all over, shall we?

Assuming you don't die.


Why do you do that? What?

You tell your old war stories... and you make yourself sound like an old man.

Comes with the territory.

We age in dog years.

Do you have kids, Mr. Burke?

Sadly, no.

My wife didn't think it was a good idea given our line of work.

It wasn't just the work.

The two of you were... Briefly.

We were young and stupid.

Only one of us was stupid.

Don't be so hard on yourself. I was irresistible back then.

I'm gonna go check the readings upstairs.

And she goes, just like she fled our marriage.

Straight into the arms of academia. Safe, stable academia.

Still misses me though. No, I don't.

You do, a little.

No, not even a little bit.

She forgets I can sense these things.

I have special powers, you know.

They're not that special.

You all right?

I'm a little scared.


Me too.

What are we gonna do about that?

I don't know.

Think about Maddy?

Let's try that.

Feeling less scared?

No, not really.

Yeah, me neither.

I feel a little braver, though.

Me too.

We're good.

Brooke, video's up!

Let's go. We're all set to go down here.

Kendra, would you ever throw me that belt that's in that bag there?

All right, just so we're all clear.

First, we use the rope to bridge the way in to the way out.

The rules are different in there.

There is no up, there is no down... and there are no straight lines.

Which is why we have to make one.

This rope is our lifeline.

If we let go of it, we'll never find our way back.

It worked!

Once we've done that... we send the drone in to get eyes on Maddy.

Keep it steady, now. Keep it steady.

Keep it steady there, Griffin.








Madison, can you hear me? Mommy.

Madison! Madison?

Madison, honey. Maddy, sweetheart, it's Mommy.

Mommy? Maddy?


Madison! Madison!

No! I'm going in. Listen to me, Eric.

I am her mother. I have to go. Mom, you can't!

You're not going in!

She's too close to the light. I gotta go in and get her out.

No, I'm going. You can't go. She won't come to a stranger.

You've never done this before.

You have no idea what you're dealing with. All right, I'm going!

Sort all this out in family therapy. We've got to get her out of there.

Wait, everyone, stop! Griffin is already upstairs.

Griff! Oh, my God! Griff!



I should have never left her alone.


Griffin! No!




Go downstairs! Grab ahold of the rope!

When I give you the signal, pull with all your might!

What if it doesn't work?


Sweetheart... it's gonna work.

This better work!

You said you could talk to these things, right?

Tell them it's time to let Maddy go!

I'm counting on you!

This child has done you no harm.

She speaks none harm.



No, no, no. He's off the screen. We lost him.





Maddy, we have to go.

I can't.

Yes, you can. We have to go now.

They'll never let me leave.

The rope!

The rope!

Run, Maddy, come on!

Maddy! Griffin!

Oh, my God.

I got you, my babies. You'll be okay. Oh, my God.

They have a pulse.


They're breathing. She's breathing.

Mommy's right here.

Jesus! God!

Are they okay?

What do we do? Get them in the water now!

Okay, come on.

Wake up, baby.

Okay, sweetheart.

Come on, baby, wake up.

Can you hear me? Can you hear Momma?

All right, wake up, sweetheart.

Come on.

Griffin, please wake up. Please.

I'm counting on you, buddy. I need you to wake up right now.

Good boy! Good boy!

There he is! Is Maddy okay?

Yeah, Maddy's okay. Is Maddy okay?

Maddy's gonna be okay.

Can you hear Momma? Come on, sweetheart.

Please wake up. Please wake up.

Oh, sweetheart! Oh, baby!

Hi, sweetheart. Hi, sweetheart.

Hi, Mommy. Hi, Daddy.


Hi, sweetheart.

It's okay, Mommy.

Griffin saved me.

Yeah, he did. You know why?

Because you're our super boy.

Yeah. Yeah.

I love you, two. I love you, Daddy.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

All right, hop in your seat.

Are we ever coming back?

No, sweetie. There's no way in hell.

Okay, seatbelt.

Hey, thanks for everything... and I hope we never see you again.

I don't know why they always say that.

Bye. Bye.

So tell me. I deserve it.

Burbank, California, 2012.

We were shooting an episode in a haunted car wash.

And the sound guy fell asleep.

So, not a ghost? No.

Just a dozy boom operator with a very, very large microphone.

Do the line.

I'm not saying it.

Mom, it's for Lauren.

Burke, give her the line!

The house is clean.

Better. Come on.

The house is clean.

Oh, my God! She's gonna freak.

"This house is clean."

It isn't though.

Of course it is, sweetheart.

You helped the spirits go into the light.

But they didn't.

Dad, go! Dad, go!

They didn't go into the light, Mommy.

They needed me to take them but I wouldn't go in... so neither did they.

Dad, go! Go!

Get out of the car.

Honey, you okay?

You okay?

Is everybody okay? Yeah.

Eric. Eric.

Here, baby. Hold on.

Where's Maddy?

Where is she? Where is she?



Something's wrong, Mom.


Oh, God! Mom!


Mom! Mom! Maddy!


Hold on! Mom! Mom!

Come on, baby. Come on.


Come on, baby.

Hold on!



Release your hold on this family... as you yourselves wish to be released...

No. Don't do something stupid.

I always do something stupid. Isn't that why you left me?

Carrigan, please.

They're never gonna let this family go.

I'm tired of faking it for the cameras, Brooke.

I'm the only one left who can lead those souls into the light. You know that.


You don't have to do this.

I know. I want to.


How will I know that you've made it back?

I'll think of something.

Bye, Brooke.

Amy, come here.

Let's go.


Let's go! Come on.

Watch your head. Let's go. Maddy. Okay, let's go.

Mommy's gonna get you.


Kendra! Come here. Let's go!

I'm sorry I'm such a bitch to you, Dad.

It's okay, honey. Can we talk about it later? Let's go.

Oh, shit.


What are you doing?

I've got a job to do! Wait!


Amy, we gotta find a car.

Eric, take mine. Go!


Come on! Let's go!

Dad, is it gonna follow us?

Griff, don't look back. Don't look back.

Any sign of him?

Nothing. The GPS isn't picking him up.

Wait. We're getting something.

Hello! Hi.

Hello! You obviously found it okay.

Isn't it beautiful?

I think this one is it. Great school district... the high school ball field's close by.

Wait till you see the inside.

Four proper bedrooms... and the place is just swimming in closet space.

That's not really high on our wish list.

Our last closet ate me.

That's sweet.

Anyway, this house just screams character.

Look at the wainscoting. And in here is the foyer.

Period detail throughout.

And this is the den.

The den leads right into the back yard. Perfect for the kids.

And do you see that tree? It's ancient. It was here before...




Let's get out of here.

Is this labyrinthine network of sewers playing host... to a malevolent spirit?

I'm Carrigan Burke, and I'm here to...

And I'm Brooke Powell, and we're here to clean house.

I hadn't finished! I'm sorry. Was that not my cue?

I hadn't finished my line. I'm sorry.

And we're not saying "clean house." We cut that.

Because I thought that my cue was when you said, "And I'm Carrigan Burke."

I didn't even say that. As soon as I heard "and"...

I just came right out.

That's the wrong one, though.


Does someone wanna tell me the right one?