Poong-san-gae (2011) Script

International Sales by FINE CUT a KIM Ki-Duk Film production Produced by KIM Ki-Duk

Presented by KIM Ki-Duk and the crews of POONGSAN

Written by KIM Ki-Duk Producer JEON Youn-chan YOON Kye-sang KIM Gyu-ri Directed by JUHN Jai-hong

If I talk to the camera, can my wife in North Korea see me?


I hope you're alive.

You have to be alive.

I thought I'd go back to you soon, but...

It has been...


Sixty years. Father.

I hope you're still alive.

Please forgive me.

I miss you.

I miss you.


Say something to Dad.

What are you waiting for?

Tomorrow Dad will see this!

I have a favour to ask you.

This was precious to my mother, so please be careful delivering it.

How could you hand this valuable thing over to a kid?

You did a good job.

Kid, you're from North Korea, too?

Here you go.


Do you have a number?

Damn it, he's asking you for your number.

What are you staring at?


You're still alive!



Wow, these things are still around?


You're being arrested on smuggling charges!

You bastards, are you playing with me!

Stop lying and tell me who's the Chinese broker!

It's straight from North Korea.

From North Korea? Does that make any sense?

How do you expect us to bring it? Someone else did.

What crazy bastard would cross the DMZ and get killed for this?

Don't believe us then.

You bastard!

Fine, then tell me who it is.

We've seen him only once.

Rumours have it that he crosses the DMZ, and delivers letters or keepsakes to separated families.

But he also smuggles goods?

He probably thought it was personal.

Tell me his name.

He smokes Poongsan cigarettes.

Poongsan? What about his number?

If you leave a note on lmjingak Bridge, sometimes he'll contact you.

Know anything else?

He also pulls people out of North Korea.


Remember that North Korean kid?



Inform the National Intelligence.

Why are you always so nervous?

Oh, hello.

Look at it from my perspective.

Trust our men. They've all been specially trained.

When will you finish your report?

I'm working on it. But my memory is a bit fogged.

Focusing on this plant may help me remember.

It's urgent.

North-South Korean ties are very tense now.

I know.

There's a time for everything.

You won't be sorry for waiting.

This isn't just anyone's business.

On a big scale, it is our business.

Did you really defect for real?

Generally speaking, I did.

You never know what will happen with international politics.

You still seem to be attached to the North.

And you keep delaying the report.

Worried what will happen after you finish the report?

Once I become useless, why should you protect me?

Our country isn't that disloyal.

Anyway, what happened to my favour?

Our agent is in Pyongyang right now.

China has tightened its borders.

And crossing the DMZ is dangerous.

I thought you could do at least that much.

Was I too anticipant?

I'm looking for a way.

Don't make it dangerous.

I want to see her very much, but I don't want her to get hurt.



A strange man?

"Please help bring back my lover!"

"I will offer all the money I've earned in South Korea."

"Please help bring back the woman I love."

He said it'll take three hours.


It'll take him only three hours to bring a woman from Pyongyang?

Hey! Look at him go!


Wow, that guy's amazing.

Will he really bring her?

Isn't it too dangerous to cross the DMZ?

Okay, so how long will it take?

Three hours?

In three hours, I can embrace...

I mean, I can see my In-oak?

I can wait longer, so don't have her get hurt.

Three hours?

This bicycle is a gift from him.

Are you a secret agent from South Korea?

Are you listening to me?

Wait a minute.

Just leave it if it's not there!

You couldn't find it?

This must be just a job to you.

What's that?

Is that cremated ashes from a South Korean family?

Comrade, didn't you learn how to treat a lady?

I don't need you anymore!

I can go by myself from here on!

I didn't come out of the labour commando unit for nothing!

Are you out of your mind?

I had a strange experience.

I was falling from a deep cliff, unable to breath.

Thinking that my sorrows, pleasure and love have ended.

But then, my mother smiles and calls my name from afar.



So I ran to my mother.

But I couldn't take even one step since I was in the air.

Was I dead?

I realized that dying wasn't just a painful experience.

It would've been nice if you had just left me.


I must go and meet him.

Anyway, thank you.

Come to think of it, you resemble this dog.

As if he had lost his owner long time ago.

Why are you doing such a dangerous job?

Strangely, your blood has no stench.

Are you really human?

Is this enough?

I'm sorry. It's just that I'm so scared.

I'll try my best this time. One more time.

Wait! What about me?


The pole?


What about me?


What about me?


Are you out of your mind?

Did you know how scared I was? I almost peed in my pants.

Why are you looking so foul at me like that?

I'm getting sick of you.

Let's have a smoke.

We're in no danger now.

It's okay if we're late a few minutes.


Did you hear me?

Then I'm wrong?

Don't you understand what smoking means?

What is... your number?

Don't misunderstand me.

I just thought I could have a favour to ask you.

Three minutes left.

If he really brings her, then we've got to learn from him.

He doesn't seem like a spy.

It's a waste if we put him in jail for smuggling.

That's right. I'm curious whose side he's on.

Anyway, when he brings the girl, return the Wolf to China.


There he is!

Wow, isn't that a woman with him?


He brings a woman from North Korea in three hours?

It's truly amazing!

How could a government agent like you say that?

You're three minutes late.

A Seiko watch is accurate.

Ms. Kim In-oak, was your journey okay?

Is this really South Korea?


You will soon meet the man you love. How do you feel?

Where is he now?

Please get in.

Quit this dangerous job!

You'll die a worthless death.

With the skills you have, you can find another job.

You must've grown fond of him on your short trip.

That's absolutely ridiculous.

What is?

Nothing happened!

Mr. Park, finish the job.

See you later.

You two got close on your way here?

It's loaded with real bullets.

The Wolf is free to go, so tell him to go eat Chinese food.

And connect me to interrogation.

We'll find out later anyway, so which side do you belong to?

Anti-North Korean government group?

Or Anti-South group depleted of funds?



Can you excuse us for a moment?

Your wish has been granted, so work hard on your report.

Do you have to bring that up now?

Fine, you may have your time first.


I missed you so much.

How have you been?

Did you get hurt on your way here?

I'm okay.

How have you been?

I'm so glad that you look healthy.

Only on the outside. My insides are rotting.

South Korean women are no match to you.

I missed you so much.

In-oak, did you miss me?


Why are you laughing? I wasn't, sir.

Stop lying.

When the curtain opens, report right away.

Yes, sir.

Why isn't this bastard answering his phone?

Son of a bitch.

Fucking embarrassing.

Damn, the phone!

Damn it.

Wait, wait.


The phone, damn it.

I closed my eyes and imagined you a lot.

I can't believe that you're here.

In-oak! You're an angel!

Today is my happiest day!

Let's just go with that on.

Shall I wrap these clothes for you?

Just throw it away! Yes.


What is that?

It's nothing.



Who are you?

Who the hell are you?

He's the one who brought me here.

Then why?

Be careful.

You idiot!

You should've paid him already! This is outrageous!

How should I know where?

Trace my cell phone.

Just get the money ready!

Or else he won't release us.


Damn it!

Who does he think he's dealing with?

We've underestimated him.

He strangled me with his legs.

Are you bragging, idiot?

How the hell did you get this job?

In-oak, do you like Naengmyon noodles?

Do you like Naengmyon?

Aren't you going to eat?

Not as good, right?

There's one I go often.

A North Korean defector owns it. It's the best place.

You don't have a grudge on us, right?

You pulled her out of danger. So we owe you.

I'll make a call after we eat.

Are you nervous? Shall I call for help?

He doesn't seem like a bad man.

He pulled me out of danger, but didn't get paid.

So shouldn't we at least help him get it?

You're right.

Aren't you hungry?

You should eat.

I'm sorry. It's all my fault.

Can you perhaps...

Take me back...

In-oak, why did you get in the car without me?



They got the money ready, so name a place to meet.

It could be another trap.

We should give him the money somehow without them knowing.

Then I'll feel safe.

Anything happened between you two while escaping?


While I was on the phone, you two seemed to talk friendly.

You seem to worry too much about him.

Am I wrong?

He almost died a couple of times on our way here.

Of course, it all comes with the job.

Then you tell me.

Am I overreacting?

Drive us to a beach.

I'll pay for the drive.

Why did you want me here?

You could've just met another woman.

I told you already.

No woman is better than you.

They're all boring.

What are you planning to do with me?

Tell me whatever you want to do.

Do you want to go to college?

I can't live with cameras and guards watching me.

If not then anyone can kill me. You don't know my position?

Tell me whatever you need.

I don't need anything.

Spending a lot makes people quite uncomfortable.

Indeed, my In-oak is nice. But just wait and see.

I couldn't flush the toilet because I thought it was a waste.

But now I clean my bottom without using my hand.

Wait, stop the car there.

A little farther. Inside that area.

What is he doing with that camera?

He's not taking pictures of you, is he?

You brought me here for this?

What are you talking about?

It's hard adjusting.

You've changed too much.

We've only been separated for a year.

What is this?

I haven't smoked this in a long time.

Let's stay out like this for one more day.

After reporting him to the agents.


Are you sure that nothing happened?


You must've stripped naked when you crossed the river.

I don't mean you.

I'm just making sure whether he had any other intentions.

Nothing happened.

Then why do you keep looking at him?

I saw it several times.

You were making secret glances at him.

You even looked at him after you got out of the car!

Damn it!

Even if nothing happened, you're interested in him, right?


I admit, he's got this attraction about him.

Sorry to have you leave us. You understand, right?

I'll go make a call. To find a place to meet.

You stay in the car.

It was a mistake coming here.

Please take me back to Pyongyang.

Like you said, I told them that I'll give it to him directly.

But who knows what'll happen? It's hard to trust people.

What happened?

I fastened up my buttons wrong because I got angry.

Come here.

In-oak, you're so beautiful.

Change into this.

I'll ask you just one thing.

If you don't want to answer, just nod.

What do you think about her?

Pretty here.

And pretty here.

And here too.

Please stop it.

What was the most dangerous part about crossing the DMZ?

When was it?

When we were spotted by North Korean soldiers.

It must've terrified you. So how did you escape?

We hid underwater.


How long?

I don't know because I passed out.

Passed out?

You mean, you went unconscious?

Then how did you wake up?

Did you get mouth-to-mouth?

Yeah, it's not easy crossing the DMZ.

I almost died a couple of times when I crossed Duman River.

It wasn't a kiss, but mouth-to-mouth?


How should you know? He would know!

You bastard, tell me! Was it a kiss or mouth-to-mouth!

What are you doing?

I regret bringing you here!

I also regret coming here!

You asshole! Put her back where she belongs!

Do whatever you like! A kiss or mouth-to-mouth!

Please stop it!

Damn it! Do you know who I am?

Any little thing I say can create a sea of flames!

I may look out of place, but with one word it's a war!

But you piss me off like this, you bastard?

You son of a bitch!

Stop it! It's my fault!

You son of a bitch!

Whose side are you on? The North or South?

I don't belong anywhere!

That's why I feel unsafe and lonely! I'm not with any side.

It was my fault.

So please stop.

In-oak, do you know how much I missed you?

I know.

Even if he kissed you, it was only mouth-to-mouth, okay?


I'll go make a phone call, so wait here.

Do you want to stay in the car or follow me?

I'm a bit tired.

Was it mouth-to-mouth or a kiss?

I'm asking you because I'm curious.

I felt so uneasy because I hadn't brought this.

What are you doing?

Let go of me!

Let go of me!

What are you doing?

You're not a smuggler. You're a spy, right?

Say something, you bastard.

Are you with the South or North?

You can groan, but why can't you talk?

Which side are you on?

Tell me, you bastard!

Come over here!

Come here, bitch!

Open the door.

Damn it! Open the door!

What's going on?

It's nothing, so leave.

I told you to get out, you pest!

Open the door, damn it! Is it because of that bastard?

Something happened between you two, didn't it?

I want to go back to the North.

Send me back!

When you crossed over with him, you two hit it on in the DMZ!

You're being like this because you've fallen for him!

I'm right, aren't I?

He's being too harsh. I feel sorry for her.

Just watch them.



He should've fled to China!

He barely went through training and he tried to cross the DMZ?

Damn it!

You'll go colour-blind, and can't smell or hear forever.

Damn it.

Is choosing sides that important for you to be crippled forever?

Hey, raise it up.


You get too excited with new equipments.

Hey, don't do this for fun.

If he loses his senses, he's the same as being dead.

Oh, yes.


If the North tortured you like this, you'd squeal, wouldn't you?

Chief, how could you say that about me?

So you wouldn't?

Can you guarantee that?

Then how about you?

I asked you first!

Bastard, you're too cruel.

That woman you brought over...

She's being tortured by that defector.

Tell me the truth. Did you really sleep with her?

People over there go crazy like wild animals.

You put a spell on that woman while on your way here.

So, I was thinking...

If you do me a favour, I'll let you go away with her to another country.

Please, don't do this.

In-oak, all I have is you now.

I can't trust whoever I meet. Feels like they're trying to kill me.

Don't worry.

Everything will be okay.

Trust me. Everything will be okay.

I'm going back.

You bitch!


You have a special lecture to attend today.


It starts at two, so you must leave now.

You all plan lectures on your own? Am I some parrot?

I always say the same thing like you ask.

You promised to cooperate.

Just wait and see!

Just wait!

Please understand.

He's worried about getting assassinated.

What happened to that man?

Do you want to meet him?

I'll keep it a secret.

There were a lot of pretty pictures.

They were like your pure soul.

I erased the last picture.

Don't be used anymore on account of me.

And don't trust anybody.

I don't know what favour you took.

But don't come back if you go.

I haven't been here long, but the people here are all strange.

You don't belong among these people.

It may sound strange saying this,

but when I arrived in South Korea,

I didn't want to part from you.

It's strange, but...

If you use him like that and don't keep your promise, he will seek his vengeance.

If I let you go away with him, will you join him?

What if I really let you two go?

I'll tell you once more.

Don't play games with him.

What did the Chief say?

He said that I should try to adapt.

Yes, when I finish this report, I'll secretly have plastic surgery.

I want to live happily with you like this.

I bought this on my way here.

Don't ask the price.

I have a favour to ask you.

Tell me what it is.

I think they sent him to the North.

On the condition that I go with him...

Cheating bastards.

Do you trust what they said?

I know it's not true.

Then what? You're asking me to not have him killed?

Why do you have feelings for him?

It's not that. I feel sorry for him.

If he hadn't brought me here, he wouldn't have to suffer...


Promise me one thing.

That you'll never leave me.

Where would I go while I'm here?

With all these cameras and surveillance.


You bastard! Tell me!

You're not a plain defector, are you?

No, I fled South Korea because I caused some trouble.

Please believe me!

What's this?

Why'd you break this when you got caught?

I'm telling you I'm a defector!

I'm here because I like North Korea!

Is that right? What's good about it?

I'm asking because we don't know, either.

Please trust me. Hail Kim ll-sung and Kim Jong-il!

Yes, sir!

I understand!

Now you're dead.

Not even a dead man can stand the Security Department's torture.


Take him!

What are you doing? He's on our side!

Stay out of it!

Sir! Sir!

Does this make any sense?

I can't just let him go to prison.

Hey, you!

What's wrong with the way you walk?

Where did you get tortured?

You had to suffer like me to realize how grateful you'd be to him.

I'm so sorry about this.

Anyway, I came to thank you.

Don't look at me like that.

I know how to return a favour, you know.


He's a threat to national security. I came to take him to NIS.

I'll need to contact our headquarters first.

This is an emergency situation!


You bastard!

How dare you stop the escort van!

If he had saved your life, would you say that?

If this agency is that unfair, then I quit!

You bastard, get the hell out of here!

Listen carefully.

That bastard will come back for that woman.

He'll find her no matter what!

The more I write this the scarier it is.

I want to be forgetful, but why is my memory so fresh?

No, not this.

Give me a cup of water.

In-oak, give me a cup of water!

Give me a cup of water!

Do you know how many times I've asked for water?

Are you still thinking about that bastard?

Is it that hard to forget him?

This is so miserable.

No, forget this. Let's go eat Naengmyun noodles.

You pull out that betrayer's girl.

Then you fall in love with her, so rescue a spy from South?

You fucking traitor, who are you with?

Are you with the North or South?

Who the hell are you?


Fucking traitor. You're taking it like a dog.

Head comrade, preparations complete.


Go punish that traitor and his girl for the North Korean people.

Hail the Great Kim Jong-il!

Hail the People's Democratic Party!


Are you worried about your precious lover?

I'll ask you once more.

Where do you belong? To the South or North?

Requesting backup! Code B alert! Requesting backup!

Don't leave the car!

Where did he go?

Comrade! We don't have much time!

Shit! Come out!

Agent Lee Hyun-woo is dead. The VIP has disappeared.

Since you've stuffed your faces with South Korea food, your brains have rotted.

You just tampered the hive. How could you screw up?

How can I report this to headquarters?

Say something!

Blinded by capitalism and abandoning your people.

Following a traitor all the way here, you bitch?

Are you happy being pounded by that rotten traitor?

I will punish you under the name of the Great Kim Jong-il.

That traitor will follow in your footsteps.

Have a nice life in heaven, where there are no borders or ideals.

What the hell? You've finally spoken.

Now you're going crazy since your bitch is about to die?

Pathetic fools.

What are you doing? Stop it!



You idiots want to die together?

Get off of each other!

Are you two out of your mind? What are you doing?

How touching love is.

Yeah, who can stop it?

Fine, live for a few more days.

What more can there be in this screwed up world?

Bring me some paper!


"Kill yourself or your girl dies."

If I kill myself, they will let In-oak live.

Do you believe that?

If not, they said they'd kill In-oak!

So give me your gun.


Is it because of the report?

If that report goes public, many people will die!

So give me the gun!


Head comrade!

I've found his location, but he's under tighter security.

That's why you should've ended it on the first hit, you idiot!

He didn't kill himself?

That cowardly traitor.

He brought her here just for sex.

I'll surely succeed this time. Just give me the order, sir!

We've been too exposed.

I'll send that bastard.

He can supposedly hop over the DMZ like a rabbit.

Let's see how good he is.

A hungry stomach is all the same.

This time you go find that traitor and deal with him.

If you succeed, I'll let you go anywhere with this girl.

Don't believe him.

Damn it!

You want to die before you digest your food?

I could've killed this bastard last night.


I saw an unavoidable destiny in the eyes of you both.

Will you trust me?

They wouldn't have killed her already, right?

I beg you, please.

Please save my In-oak.

Don't worry. Just hurry with the report.

I can't trust anybody.

Not because there's no more to write? What?

So you think I'm buying time?

That's not what I think.

My superiors are saying this.

So I'm not worth protecting anymore?

So let me die by myself!


We're very urgent.

My superiors are being very patient.

Save my In-oak first.

I can't do anything before that.

You're really making things hard on us.

Which one will you use?

This one will kill him with one blow.

This one can't kill him unless he's shot in the heart.


For people like us who are being controlled...

It's better to minimize our sins.


Take this, too.

You know who it's for, right?

When you see him...

Tell him not to feel sorry for me.

Tell him that I'm sorry.

Who's there?

What the...

Come here, you bastard!

Kill me.

I'm going to die anyway.

Before I do, I want to ask you one thing.

Is In-oak still alive?

If I could see her one last time...

I'll have no regrets even if I die.


You will take good care of her.

I know that you can protect her.

Tell her that I'm sorry.

I'm ready now.

The Great Kim Jong-il, I am very sorry.

This tastes good.

Is that bastard crazy?

He's out of his mind.


I'm sorry.

No, don't be.

I'm the one who's sorry.

You filthy traitor.

What are you doing? It's three to one.

I'll send her back to her hometown.

Trust me one more time.

You know what kind of bullet is loaded in this gun, right?


Find him! Now!

We're ordered to depart at dawn tomorrow.

I don't feel so good returning home.

They've ordered us to eliminate the woman.


As time goes by, why is it so hard killing people?

Eat it.

Hurry and eat it!

You worshipper of capitalism!

Make her eat it.


Head comrade.


It's a waste.

I think this is a diamond.

You traitor! You want to die?

I also think it's a waste.

It's probably worth a few thousand dollars.

You filthy bastards!

Being in the South must've made you two crazy.

Shoot me!

But I want to say one thing before I die.

To be honest, I envy the South.

If I could sell this, I could live in North Korea for a year without any worries.

You think I don't understand what you're feeling?

I can close my eyes to selfish interests.

But as the one in charge, I can't!

You're betraying Great Kim ll-sung's long fight against U.S. Imperialism!

That can never happen in front of my eyes!


So make her eat it!

That diamond you ate is real, right?

How should I know? Ask her.

Is that diamond you ate for real?

I'm curious as hell.

If you're so curious, make sure yourself.

You bitch! Come back here!

Stop right there!

Stop there!

What is it?

That jewelry is a bit of a waste.

So you were thinking the same thing?

They probably didn't dig it out of her organs, right?

Do you want them to dig it out?

I guess I'd have no choice.

Anyway, shall we have some fun one last time tonight?

It's a diamond.

Where is your hometown?



Don't they have a lot of Poongsan dogs there?

How did you know that?


If you like her, switch partners.

You, go over there. No, that's okay!

I like facing each other.

Where are you from?

I came from Pyongyang.


You're all spies, aren't you?

Then you'll be punished by us.

Freeze! You traitor!

You have really big breasts.

Are they fake?

Are you a defector?

Why do you talk like that?

You're right. We're Korean Chinese.

All of you must've made a lot of money here.

Let go.

This whisky is some strong stuff.

I'm going out for some fresh air.

Don't touch my girl!

What the hell?

Where am I?


This place gives me the creeps.

Feels like people were shot here.

This place has no bar girls.

I'm serious. You're the only one.

Right now? How can I go now?

Comrade, who are you? Then what are you?

You must be a commie.

Seeing your sly appearance, you must be a traitor!

Get away! You're in the heart of Seoul!

This is your grave, you bastard!

You commie bastard!

Go inside first and wash yourself. I'll go in after I smoke this.

Sir, I don't feel so good.

I thought it would be special risking my life...

To protect our country...

So I'll go home first.

You sound like an old man!

Life isn't so special, man.


You idiot.

Are you really going home?

Wasn't my girl cute when she spoke like a North Korean?

She was so cute.

You bastard.


Hail the Great Kim Jong-il!

Hail the Great Kim Fuck-il!

What? Fuck-il?

You son of a bitch!

What now?

Jae-gu, is that you?



What happened to your face?

What the fuck is this?

You son of a bitch, how dare you hit him?

You said I was to feel hell, didn't you?

Three to one?

Now it's time for a real fight.

Come on!

Where did Comrade Sang-chul go?

His girl is getting lonely.

I'll go out and find him.

Go with him. Let me know if something happens.

Yes, sir.

You all are real spies, aren't you?


I need to go to the restroom.

Do it here!


Pee here!

No, I can hold it in.

Pee here!

What are you doing?

How much do you think that is?

It's a Samsung. How will you bring it back?

Let's hurry and find Sang-chul.

Let's go.

Until the waves and mountains of South Korea Dry up and wear away Louder! You bastard!

I can't hear you!

Back to your position!

God protect our land!

Hail to the People's Democratic...

You asshole!


What happened to your face?

Those South Korean agent bastards.

Fuck, three to three is not in our favour.

Don't come closer, you bastards!

Damn it, turn on the lights! This is unfair!

We didn't turn it off, you assholes!


You abandoned us.

Sorry to wake you.

You said that I'd squeal if I got caught by the North, right?

You don't believe in me?

Can you sleep now?

You know what?



What the hell is going on?

I'm getting really tired of you.

So what do you want now?

You bastard, I told you to stop!

You're all out of your minds.

That bastard who saved you kidnapped me.

Why are you bringing up the past at a time like this?

How should I know where I'm going?

Trace my cell phone, hurry...

Hey, we're sorry.

But we didn't kill her.

Stop it!

South Korean whiskey makes my head hurt more and more.

Where did you drink fake whiskey?

Go rip that bastard's mouth apart.


So that bastard is in charge.

Okay, so you want to start a real fight, huh?

What is this?

Why are we locked up with these commies?

It seems like revenge against that woman's death.

You cruel bastards!

Don't exclude yourself, you bastard.

Didn't you use him, too?

Do we have to do this? It's been over 50 years already.

Listen carefully. I'll let you live well.

I don't need that rotten American capitalism crap.

Didn't you see the news? We have everything now.

Being aggressive doesn't make you a winner.

Think about the people starving to death.

You really want to die, don't you?

The time for battle is over.

Wake up before you isolate yourselves any further.

Stop talking crap!

The world is nothing without the Korea peninsula!

Talking won't do.

What are you doing? Stop this!

I know how you feel, but this isn't right.

Don't move! Don't move!

You cowardly bastards!

You bastards! You really want to do this?

Sons of bitches, I'll kill you all!

Think carefully about this.

This is Seoul.

Don't talk crap!

You filthy bastard!

It's empty.

This is enough!

Give that to me. That's our gun.

Fuck you!

You shot one of us.


You want to die?

Go ahead and shoot!

I told you that a world without the Koreas is no use.


You idiot! You think that will do?


How could you just pull out the safety pin?

If you put that down, it will blow!

Then surrender.

Don't make me laugh.

You're in Seoul! You commies!

So what?

How can you just leave?

Let's stop this and just put down our weapons.

Don't be fooled by his trick.

You put it down first.

So that you can shoot first?

We've been tricked enough. You all put it down first.

We've been cheated for 50 years. Put it down first.

Why are you so fidgety, you asshole!

Okay, let's put it down in turns.


You go first.

Let's throw it together.

How can we throw this grenade? Throw the rifle first.

If the grenade blows, we all die anyway.

No! Don't trust those commies!

Let's trust them for once.

We'll leave first.

Then leave after we've gone far enough.

You'll leave first so that you can throw the grenade inside?

Trust me. If you can't, then there's no use.

Cover it!

It's an order!

I have a family.

What about you?

Why should I save these commies! Are you crazy?

Long live South Korea!

Long live South Korea!

Long live North Korea!

Long live North Korea!

Don't move!

Bastard, you're finally useful.

Arrest all of these commie bastards!

Take your men out.

What are you doing?

Yeah, a promise is a promise.

Hey, jackass!

Please, this is enough!

Comrade Kim Yong-nam, your heroic sacrifice will be remembered...

Don't move!


Honey! Honey!

Sir, don't get too close. Please calm down.

Jae-hong! Jae-gook!

Let go of me! Leave me alone!

Mother... Mother...

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