Poseidon (2006) Script



Yeah, when today?

Please. I'll tell him.

Hey, kids, how we doing?

We're good. Good.

And I wasn't trying to surprise you.

We weren't really surprised, sir.

Christian, do you think it's possible for you to stop calling me "sir"?

I really feel old when you do that.

You know, I thought we had an agreement here.

Dad, we're just sitting. People sit.

Look, honey, I'm not trying to give you guys a hard time...

...but we have discussed this, you know?

Technically, you're under my roof still...

...and I don't feel comfortable with the two of you in here--

Stop. Have you seen the size of this boat?

Don't you think we could find a zillion places...

...to do that thing you think we wanna do if we wanted?

Jennifer, I'm simply saying--

No. I'm over your patronizing tone, okay? I'm really over it.

Hey, is she like this with you?

-I'm sorry. -No, excuse me.

I'm trying to find the galley.

I think it's off-limits to guests.

Not so much of a rules person.

-It's quite a lobby, isn't it? -Yeah.

This the first time you've been through here?

So I guess you missed the tour, then, huh?

But you had to come through here when we boarded. Didn't you?

Through that door is a service corridor. Take a left, all the way to the end.

Hi, it's me.

Could you call me? Please?

I'm actually begging, aren't I?

I'd like you to call me at midnight.

You know, for old times' sake.


Baby, baby, baby....

Hey. You were supposed to stay inside. That was the deal.

The TV isn't working. I'm cramped. I'm going crazy in there.

Come here, come here, come here.

Coming through.

It's just, Elena...

-...I could lose my job for this, you know? -It's not that I'm not grateful, Valentin.

I'm just.... I'm so bored.

-You hungry? You must be hungry. -I'm starving.

Now, Elena, listen.

Look at me. Promise me you will not come out again.

The ocean has always been the cradle of rebirth.

Since man first emerged from these salty depths...

...we have looked to water as a chance to begin anew.

Poseidon was the god of the sea.

He made his home on the ocean floor in a palace of coral and gems.

And so, what better way to celebrate the birth of a new year...

...than borne on the back of the old fellow himself?

May you all have clear sailing in the new year...

...and all the years to come.

Ladies and gentlemen, the incomparable Gloria!

-Five thousand. -Five thousand to call.

Goddamn, boy.

You got some mighty big ones on you.

-Hey, honey. -Yes, sir.

Get Lucky Larry another drink, would you? Martini. Okay, babe?

-There's blood in the water tonight. -Five thousand to call, sir.

You know, I think there's more money in that pot than my old man made in a year.

Five, and 10.

Fifteen to call.

Happiest time of my life is when I was broke.

Make it 20.

Let's make it 20, and let's make it 40.

You miss being mayor?

Do you ever win?

Forty more to you, sir.

Goddamn, this is getting good.

-Dad. We're going downstairs. -Hello, sweetie. Have fun.

-Hey, Jen. -What?

Come on.

I can see, you know.

The twins? Dad.

Can you just...? One more button, please?

Pair of fives, huh, Dad?

Oh, God.

All in.

I'll fold.

-Oh, hey, kid, you all right? -Yeah, I'm sorry.

-How much for the game? -I don't know, what's it worth to you?

You were minding your own business and those chips...

-...jumped out in front of you. -I wasn't watching where I was going.

Come on, sweetheart, let's go.

-Sorry about that. -Not a problem.

Guess what. Your friend the captain wants you to blow the New Year's horn.

No way! Mom?

Go. Conor?

Thanks, sorry, bye!

-Great kid. -Yeah, he is. Still amazes me, actually.

So the captain's table? That's a nice place to spend New Year's Eve.

Does your husband--?

-That work much? -What?

The tentative mention of a husband I'm supposed to correct...

...even though you clocked my wedding finger twice already?

It usually works better than that, yeah.

Normally what you get on these cruise ships...

...is your desperate single woman hoping to meet a guy, and you sure don't fit the bill.

That's not actually supposed to generate a thank-you, was it?

Maggie James.


-What do you do, Mr. Dylan? -First name.

Well, somebody's gonna drink too much...

...and get into a fight with their wife or husband...

...and come up here and start buying chips in a frenzy.

Any night, but particularly tonight.

And I take their money. That's what I do.


That supposed to be sexy?

Depends. Was it?

Nice to meet you, first name Dylan.

Come on. That's right.

Decided, sir?

We will have the Romanée-Conti, 1988, please.

Very well, sir.

-Nelson.... -My treat.

That's a five-thousand-dollar bottle of wine.

Carpe diem, my friend.

Carpe diem.

There was no work crisis.

What do you mean?

I'm sorry, I lied.


...the one who really missed the boat in London was me.

He's met someone.

He didn't mean to hurt me.

He never thought that this would happen to him.

I'm sure that you know this whole song, so I don't have to sing it for you.

I think I'll get some air.

And then we'll have some wine.

Lots and lots of wine.

Quiet. Quiet.

Gentlemen, keep it down.

Do you feel that?

Something's off.

Here we go!

Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven!

Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year!

You have no messages.



Hard to starboard! Starboard engines, full astern!

-Starboard engines, full astern! -I got it, I got it! Come on.

Turn. Turn!


Come on. Come on, come on!

-Bow thrusters! -Full to starboard!

Sounding general alarm.

All crew, report immediately to your emergency stations.

This is not a drill. All passengers, brace for immediate and heavy rolls.

Stay there. I'm coming, baby!

Just stay there! Wait for me!

Fire, life and safety crews, proceed to your muster stations immediately.

This is not a drill.

Help me!

Stay calm!


Oh, my God.





Are you okay?


My leg's pinned.

Come on.

Help. Somebody. Please, please.

Please, help me. I can't lift this by myself.

-Please help me. Please. -Okay.

On three.

One, two, three.

Again. One, two, three.


Everyone, remain calm. Remain calm.

Hey, lady. Up there.

Hey! We need some help over here.

Scootch back from the edge! Be careful!

-Grab the side of that. -Okay.

-Conor! -Come here. Grab the other side of that.

You're okay!

-His name Conor? -Yeah.

All right, Conor, I want you to jump into this curtain.

What are you doing?

I used to be a fireman. We're gonna get him down safe and sound.

You'll be all right, Conor. Come on, kid.

Jump! Right now!


Everything's okay.

Move this thing.

We need something to leverage this.


I'll go.

It's just dead people, right?

-Baby, stay here. -I'm here.

-Stay with me. -We're gonna be okay.

Now, we're not sure exactly what happened here, but our best guess...

...is that we were struck by what is known as a rogue wave.

They're rare. They're unpredictable. And they are lethal.

Now the good news.

The instant this ship was struck...

...emergency GPS locator beacons were launched...

...so we are, at most, several hours from rescue.

-Are we sinking? -How do we get out?

Please. Do yourself a favor.

Follow the directions of my officers and stay calm.

This room is a giant air bubble holding up the ship.

Once these bulkhead doors are sealed...

...we'll be safe from gas leaks, fire and flooding.

We will be safe.

What are you doing?

I'm getting out of here.

Where are you going?

I'm going up. And out through the bottom.

Wait. How are you gonna get out of the bottom of the boat?

That's the part that's all sealed up.

She was in the nightclub.

We have people there. I'm confident they're dealing with it.

You're confident? You can't reach them, can you? I mean, what if they're dead?

Then your daughter's dead too, and leaving this room won't help.

Half the people here have families somewhere onboard.

You know disaster scenarios.

These folks start climbing over each other trying to search the ship...

-...they're gonna get killed. -How do I get up there, captain?

-I'm sorry, but you need to stay here. -How--?

-You may not leave this ballroom. -Excuse me?

I'm within my authority to compel you to stay.

Captain, I understand you have no choice.

There's sick and injured people here. You need to stay with them.

But I am going to find my daughter...

...and don't for one second think you can stop me.

Dylan. What did you say to him?

Mom, there's holes at the bottom of the ship with propellers in them.

You can't get out that way, sweetie. Please tell him you can't.

Will you please take me and my mom?

Oh, Jesus.

Tell him you can't. Please.

But I can.

You think you can get us off this boat safely?

What? Us? No.

Hey. We're going out through the bow thrusters.

Captain's saying we should stay here.

I wouldn't put a lot of faith in what the captain has to say. I'm an architect.

These ships weren't designed to stay afloat upside down.

You know this ship?

-I know ships. -Know where the disco is?

It's one story down, which is now up.

-Suddenly in the mood to go dancing? -My daughter's in there.

Dylan, listen to me. Hey, Dylan, wait.

Let's stick together here. We'll get my daughter...

-...then we help each other find a way out. -Look, man, I work better on my own.

-No offense. -None taken.

So where's the nearest vertical access?

I'll know when I find it.

-Hey, hey. You work here, right? -Yeah.

Where's the nearest vertical access?

Service stairs, like, in the galley.

Whatever you earn in a year, I'll double it if you take us there now.


You got a plan, and now we got a map.

-lf you're coming, keep up. -Let's go.

Hey, Mom, are we going with them?

Yeah, baby, let's go.


You know we have to seal the bulkhead doors.

-Seal the doors. -Yes, sir.

Don't touch anything, sweetie.

I know it's been a while, God, and I've been out of touch...

...but please, please, please be with me.

Be with me. Be with me.

What the hell did you go and do to all these people?

Cover your face, honey.

-Those are the service stairs, right? -Yeah, behind this.

Damn it.

People, we got a problem.

Hey. Hey, map. What's through here?

Yeah. That's the-- That's the service elevator.

We're gonna get through this. Let's go.

Find something we can pry it with.

All right. What's through there? Is there a way up?

-More stairs. -More stairs. Okay, let's find something.

Careful. Careful. All right.

-Okay, get the front up. -I got it.

Ready? One, two, three.

-Shit. Pick it up. -Hold it!

-Don't let it rock. -Easy.

I can't get leverage.

Hey, what if we go through up there?

The entertainment section's up there.

-Come give me a hand. -We'll hold it steady. You'll be all right.

It's okay. Come on.

-Go. -Come on.

Okay. Now put your back up against this wall. Come on.

-Good. -Hurry, hurry!

-Now give me a stirrup. -Okay, okay.

Go up.

It's okay! Honey.

Okay. Send the kid. Come on.

Don't look down.

-Come on. All right. -That's it. Don't look down, honey.

-It's okay. -It's okay, son.

-That's it, that's it. Look, look. -That's good.

That's it!

Excellent. Put your hands up.

Reach your hands up to me.



-Good boy! -Okay. Come on, Maggie.

Come on. Keep coming.


Okay, up. One, two, three.

Okay. I got this.

Damn it.

Hold on, hold on!

-Thank you, gorgeous. -My name's Valentin.

Valentin. I love that name.

You-- You go first.

-Come on. -You go first!

-Come on, give me your hand. -Give me your foot. Give me your foot.

I gotcha.

Hang on!

He's gonna take them both down.

-Stay back, sweetie. -I'm gonna anchor us. Hold onto him!

Help me up!

-It's okay. -Come on!

Help me up!

Give me one of my hands.

I'm losing him.

Shake him off.

Shake him off!

-Now, or you both die! -No!

I'm so sorry.

Shake him off! Now!

No! No! No!

Come on!

-Captain. -That felt like the galley.

Gas shutoffs must have malfunctioned.

The door seals, will they keep the fire out?

-Yes, captain. -Help! Somebody, over here.

God rest their souls.

I'll take a look.

Come on, I think I found a way.

Come on.

Maybe you could move your leg.

-l-- Nothing. -Try pulling it up.

Two girls squawking at you, and nowhere to run. You are in hell, boy.

Any of you skirts ever changed a goddamn tire?

Enlighten us, cowboy.


Never really works to pull when all you really needed was some good pushing.

-Know what I mean? -Hurry up and lift the thing!

All right, grab hold.

Three, two, one. Push!

Come on!

All right. Hold on, hold on, hold on. We got ourselves a situation.

-We can do this. -Come on!

Three, two, one, push!

Happy New Year.

Happy goddamn New Year.



It's all right, baby. It's all right.

All right, all right. There you go.

Give me your water and your hankie, sweetie.

I think it's just a cut, but I wanna clean it anyway, okay?

I'm gonna look for a way out of here.

-Chris. -Yeah?

Thank you very much.

Sir, I didn't.... I mean, she saved me.

Are you okay?

Just a bad headache.

Here, finish this.

One thing we have a lot of around here is water.

My name is Nelson.

Elena. How bad is it?

It's very bad.

Were you with someone?


Not really.

My brother's in the hospital.

I didn't have any money to get to New York...

...so I meet this guy at a club, he works on a ship.

He says I can bunk with him, you know, for passage.

He was pretty nice.

What are you doing?


-You? -Thinking.

What are we thinking about, exactly?

Well, I figure this door is the way up.

I'm thinking, "What's behind it?"

Hey. Easy there, fireball.


Conor! Hey, Conor, what are you doing?

Hey, Mom, this door is the way up.

Don't walk off from me like that, okay?

-Hey, it's the other guy. -Hey.

Yeah, Robert, that door is extremely hot, but it's our only choice.

-Here. What do you think? -Let's give it a shot.

I'm hoping it was a flash fire, but this whole area could be superheated still, right?

-You tour on a sub? -I wouldn't call it touring.


-Flash fire. -Good call.

It's all right.

-So how long were you in the Navy? -Too long.

I feel like I know your dad.

He was mayor of New York for a while. When I was a kid.


It wasn't.

Another way up, anybody?

I've been sneaking around this ship for days. This is it.

-All right, then we climb. -Is it gonna hold?

It's possible. It is steel.

Look at the monkey boy.

Chris, what are you doing? Come back.

I think it'll hold.

Go easy.


You're halfway there, come on.

Chris, wait. Come back and get Conor.

Conor, put your foot right where my foot is and go to Robert.

There you go. Put your hand right there.

Okay, hang on. I'll grab him.


You might wanna take it easy on that.

-You got him, Chris? -I got him.

Excellent, excellent, excellent, yes.

-You got her? -Okay. Here you go.

-Okay, baby, it's your turn. -Hell, no. Lucky Larry's ready to go.


Oh, yeah. Right, sorry.

You know, I forgot. Big hero.

Rescued all those women and children from the fires.

Got elected. Man of the people.

But you're not the boss anymore.

You quit, couldn't hack it.

If I recall correctly, you couldn't even hang onto your wife.

Come on. Come on.

Dad. Dad, let it go, okay? Please.

"Daddy, please." Come on.

Hey, man. Hey, you got it. Knock yourself out.

-It's okay. -Go ahead.

Assholes, both of you.

You're right. It's okay.

I'm not gonna let you bring me down with you, not by a short hair.

You don't just get the nickname Lucky Larry.

You gotta be lucky.


Damn it.

Hey, who's shooting at us?

Jen! Jen!

Get back, get back!

So we gotta go back down one level and we find another way up.

Go back down? We just came through there. There is no other way.

You go that way, you die.

We didn't look through every corridor.

You do what you want. I'm getting across.

If you got a better idea, I'm all ears--

No, Robert, I don't got another way, but I'm getting across!

You get stuck here, you'll die! We're going. Let's go.

-Daddy, I can't. I'm sorry. -What?

-Dylan, can you get me across? -Jen, baby girl, listen--

No! I haven't been in a long time, Dad.

Chris asked me to marry him.

I love him. I need to find a way to go with him.

-No, you need to listen to me for a second. -I'm not going back, Dad.

I hate to break up the family therapy, but you still looking for a way across?


Do you see him? Where is he?

Hey, did you miss me?

Son of a bitch.

-What do you need? -All right. Take the slack.

Got it?

Hey, Ramsey! Ramsey!

Come on.

I did the hard part.

You couldn't even find your way home from school. We lived two blocks away.

-I remember, Dad. -Hey, Ramsey, come on!


Come on, Jen, you'll be fine. Come on!


Now, what kind of kid can't find her way home?

I was 7, by the way.

So, what do you think? You too big for a piggyback ride?

-Not today. -All right.

All right, baby. Hold on.

Here we go. Hang on, baby!

I gotcha.

They're okay.

-You wanna hit me? -Actually...

...you're doing pretty good. So far.

Can we keep going here?

Yeah, let's go. This way's the best way up.


You're okay.

Let's go.

Come on!

Come on, let's go. Look for a way up, everybody.

-I got an access hatch here! -Over here!

Dylan, we got water coming in over here!

Back up!

-Get back! -Wait a minute. I got something here!

All right, get that corner.

We can't all fit in there. We don't even know where it goes.

If we stay here, we drown. Let's go! We gotta keep moving up.

Oh, my God!

All right. I got a vertical shaft up ahead about 10 yards.

Looks like it leads to the upper levels.

-Chris? -Might as well give him a chance...

-...to kick me in the head. -Come on, Chris!

We're good. The shaft leads up.

-Are you okay, sweetheart? -I think so.

Just keep on moving.

God. How the hell did you fit through here?

Mom, don't look down, okay?

-Okay, Nelson, you're next. -Okay.

-I'll be the last one. You go. -Elena, just get in the vent.

-I'll wait here a little longer. -You're fine.

-I can't go in there. I'm sorry, I can't! -Elena, get in the vent.

The water's rising. Elena, get in the vent!

-Elena, if you don't go, we don't go. -What? What?

No! No!

Go on, go! Grab her, grab her! You got her?

It seems congratulations are in order, Chris.

Thank you, sir.

I'm glad she finally told you.

Well, tradition might have had you coming to me first.

Yeah, I realize that.

And I wanted to, I really did, but she made me promise not to say anything.

She's really careful when it comes to you, sir.

-Let me out! Let me out! -Come on, Elena.

-You're doing great. Come on. -Elena, take my foot!

Grab my ankle. That's it. That's it. That's it.

-You can do it. That's it, just hold on. -I can't breathe.



We're gonna go up now.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

I'm stuck!

Oh, my God. He's stuck. Please, get me out! Get me out!

-Get me out, out, out! -Hey, calm down, calm down.

Get me out of here.

Elena, you need to reach up and help him.

I need you to reach up and help him. Reach up.

-Conor. Conor, can you crawl up here? -Yeah.

Get me out! Get me out!

Get me out of here!

I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die.

Now, you feel that screw on the other side?

-Yeah. -Turn it to the left.

You got it?

Elena. Elena.

Hey, hey. Nelson tells me you're on your way to see your little brother.

Is he older or younger?

-He's younger. -Younger?

Yeah, he was always so small.

Elena, you don't want your little brother to think you didn't come.

You understand?

-No. I'm too scared! -Just reach up and grab Nelson's foot.

-Come on. -Please.

Promise me I get to see him!

-Reach up and grab his foot! -Push my foot.

Promise me I get to see him!

Okay, I promise. I promise you'll see him, just reach up.

There you go. There you go!

Now push!

Just breathe. Come on, you got it!

Push, Elena. Push him up! That's it, Elena!

Push! You got it, there, yeah!

You got it, there you go!

I did it, I did it, I did it.

-Oh, thank you. -Now climb!

-Hurry, hurry! -Come on, do it again.

It's-- It's too tight.

Oh, my God.

How are we going up there?

We're working on it.

We need something up here we could use as a screwdriver.

A coin, a ring, anything.

I can't even get into my pockets.

Wait, wait!

Oy vey, that would be ironic.

Conor, you're gonna do this. Don't worry. Here we go.

Hurry! Hurry!

Hurry up!

-Okay, turn it to the left. -Okay.

Come on.

Can you reach it? Don't drop it.

Come on!

-Is that working? -Yeah.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Come on, we got it.

Don't worry, sweetie, Dylan's right behind me.

This thing's sealed from the other side!

It's the only way out.

-Except for this, maybe. -Another vent? No, not again.

No, wait a minute. What's this up here?

Dylan, give me your hand.

I need somebody's help!

-We'll be okay. -Got it.

There you go. Any idea where we are?

We got two more levels after this, come on.

Got him?

Oh, my God. What is this place?

This is a ballast tank. They fill these up to keep the ship stable.

That valve right there leads to the tank next door. That may be our way through.

May be? What other way is there?

It's a pressure valve. It won't open unless there's tremendous pressure.

-Oh, don't tell us we're trapped. -No, no, it'll open.


By flooding this entire tank.

-What? -Exactly.

-No. You don't even know if it's gonna open! -That's insane. It's nuts.

-Wait a minute. We drown ourselves? -No. No one's drowning.

That valve will open...

...and the water'll carry us from one tank to the next till we find an open hatch.

-How do we know there's an open hatch? -Or if we can find it...

-...before we run out of air? -It's our only option!

What about the a.c. vent down there? We never tried that.

-Let's try the new vent. -I can't go. I'm sorry.

-Just go without me. -Mom, the water's coming!

Get away.

-Dylan, listen to me. -We need to make a decision.

You better be right. Flood it.

-Oh, my God. -Everybody, back up. Get back!

-What? No. -Dylan, you can't.

-Now, get back there. -Jen, come here. Come here, honey.

-Get back! Back up! Ready? -Just open the valve!

-Now! Over here! -All right, stay calm.

-Come on, just grab on! -I can't--



Hang onto the side!

-Chris! -Baby, hold on tight!

-That's it. -Oh, my God!

-Start swimming! -Hold on, baby!

Hold on!

Get away from it!

You okay?

Come on!


-You all right? -Yeah.

Where's Dylan? Dylan!

Where's Dylan? Can you see him?

There's a-- There's an open hatch. Right here. Take a deep breath.

-We're gonna go through. -How far?

-Take a deep breath! -Right here.

-Is there a way out? -I'm sure there is.

-Maggie! -Okay.

-Maggie, give him to me. -No, I've got him.

Let me take him. I was a swimmer in high school. I tell you, I got him.

Where's Nelson and Elena?

They were right behind me.

Sweetie, move back.

Come on, breathe!

Come on, everybody.

Come on.

You were never on the swim team.


Think we got a hallway here.

Let's go.

All right. Come on, come on. There we go. There we go.


Conor, go back to Dylan!

Hang on a second. Wait, wait, wait!

What is it?

-It's a rescue. -Hello!

-Hey, hello! Hello! -Hello!

-Hello! -We're inside!

-Hello! -Is anybody there?

-Hello! -Hello!

-Hey, we're here! -Can you hear us?

-Hello! -We're here!

Hello? What is it?

It's nothing.

Flash fire.

Superheats the air. Burns the lungs like rice paper.

Hey, guys. Down here. Down here.

-What do you got? -Down this corridor is the bow, right?

There's an access hatch right there that puts us into the bow-thruster room.

We get into the propeller tubes and the only thing between us and the outside...

-...is nothing. -All right. Let's go.

Let's go. That's our way out.

All the way to the end, and up the hatch.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.


-Bow's underwater. -What does that mean?

-The thrusters are under there. -How far? Maybe we can swim.

No. It's too far.

There's something else we can do, right?

What do you think?


All right.

All right, we gotta get back up to high ground.

We're gonna find another way out of here. Break into twos.

Everybody start looking for an emergency exit, any exit. Let's go.

Come on.

Have you found anything?

Nothing. There's just no way out.

You know, there's nothing fair about who lives and dies.

You gave Elena a chance.

You gave everybody a chance.

You did great.

-What is that? -Oh, my God, not again. Conor!



That cleared the bow! Come on, let's go! Come on.

We can get out now.

Come on.

You go.

Maggie! Maggie!



Oh, my God.

Maggie. Maggie. Hey, hey.

Are you hurt? Are you hurt?

-Conor! Conor! -Are you okay?

Maggie, we'll find him. We'll find him. Come on. Come on!


That's gotta be the propeller tube.

Come on! Come on, look for an opening.

What is that?

No. No. No. No, Nelson, don't!

-I got him. Come on. -Lift.

Pick him up. Ease back.

Watch his head.

-Conor! -Conor!




Chris. Chris, come here!

You gotta hurry, the water's rising fast!

I wanna show you something. Here.

Here. Take a look at this.

The control room for these engines is down this ladder...

...and through about 150 feet of water.

We have to get there and shut them off.

No. No, look, we'll grab a bunch of this junk, right?

We throw it up into the props, and it'll jam everything up.

The propellers are turning the wrong way. It'll kick everything back in.

Chris, we need to shut them off.

-Conor! -Conor!


-Honey! -I'm in here!

-Conor? -Mom!

Maggie, here!


Oh, God. Oh, honey.

-How'd you get in there? -I don't know, but the water's really high.

Look at me. Dylan's here, and we're gonna get you out, okay?

Oh, my God, he's gone under! Conor!

Okay, look at me. Look at me. Stay with me, okay?

I can't, I can't. I can't stay up.

-I can't find an access hatch. -Baby, look at me. Look at me.

-I can't, I can't. -Yes, you can.

-I can't stay up, Mom. -Yes, you can.

But no one can swim that far. We'll find another way.

You know how much I love you.

Yes. Yes, but don't do this.

-Dad. Dad, please! -You're not gonna make it, sir.

You just won't! I mean, come on, it's ridiculous. It's too far, you know it.

But I think that I could make it. I think I could do it on one breath.

How would you get back? You'd already be out of air.

One of us has to do this, all right?

It has to be the one that has the best chance of making it, and that's me.

-Tell me I'm wrong. -Dad.

You're not.


-...thank you. -Yeah.

Baby, I need you to tell me that you love me.

I need to hear it. It's all that matters.

Sir, I need you to tell me how l--


No! Daddy!

-Nothing. -No, please!

Look, baby, the water's gonna rise, and I am right here, okay?

I'm right beside this wall touching you, okay?

I love you, Mom.

You have to be strong. I love you, and I am here with you, okay?


-Oh, baby. -Mom.

-Sweetie. -Mom.

Jenny. Jen, listen.

Come on.

Okay, it's here.

Robert! Robert!

Dylan, over here!

-Where's Robert? -The engines were running.

Control room's underwater. He wouldn't let me go. He shut them down.

How long? How long?!

Wait! What's that?

Why are they still running?

He reversed the engines! He's creating suction!

And we can throw junk up into the props!

He's a genius!

Chris! The red tank!

Get back! Get back!


I can't. I can't.



Get out!

Dylan, no!

-Come on! Give me Conor! -I'll take him.

Come on! Stay there.

Jen, come on, we gotta go.

Jen, we gotta go now. Come on.

We gotta jump.

Get to the raft.

Got it? Hold on tight, honey!

Can you grab him? Grab him. You got him?

-Guys, move! -Oh, my God!

-No! Come on! -Climb up!

Come on!

Come on, paddle!





-Mom! -There. There they are!

-Yeah! -Look, Mom!

-Oh, baby. -Mom.


We're over here!