Posse (1975) Script

Is Strawhorn there?

Yes, sir.

The money, too? Yes, sir.

Fire. Fire!

Where's Strawhorn?

The end of Strawhorn's gang.

But if I don't get him, I don't get elected.

He's dead, sir.

"Vengeance is mine," sayeth the Lord.

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.

O Lord, this good man died in the faithful performance of his duty.

At the hands of Jack Strawhorn.

His death shall be avenged.

Let us pray.

Hey! Drinks for everybody!

Where you been keeping yourself, Pensteman?

I want all of you to join me in a toast to a great man...

Howard Nightingale.

And there he is, our next senator!

The usual.

That's the one.


Hey, how about you, mister?

I want everybody with a drink in his hand.

It's my pleasure to buy you a drink, sir.

What would be your pleasure, sir?

Someone help him.

Back inside. Get back inside.

Get the gun.

Get back.


Strawhorn, you're under arrest.

I got what I came for.

I ain't looking for any dividends.

What's laying back there ain't nothing to nobody.

Now, all these people can do is fire you.

For a smart lawman, there's always better towns, believe me.

And better jobs.

I ain't leaving town. Neither are you.

The only help these people are going to give you, son, is with your coffin.

Pawn the gun.

Take the first train out.

Someday we'll have a drink.


This isn't going to make Nightingale very happy.

Keep your hands off the train.

Hey, there, keep your hands off the train.

What's going on?

It's him! It's Nightingale!

We sure need you, Mr. Nightingale.

It was Jack Strawhorn.

Killed them both in cold blood. It was awful.

The sheriff and a man named Pensteman.

Pensteman? Yes, sir.

Mount up! Oh, thank God.

How long ago? About two hours.

Rode off toward the hills.

Damn fool tried to arrest him.

Should've shot him on sight.

By that time it was too late.

Nobody'll fight faster than we will.

But we couldn't tell what was happening.

We feel safer now. Man's crazy.

How do we protect ourselves?

That's my job. Marshal Nightingale?

Yes, sir. Hellman, Tesota Sentinel.

What can I do for you?

You were commissioned to capture Strawhorn and his gang, right?

The gang is dead.

Does that mean Strawhorn escaped?


If you fail to capture Strawhorn, could this affect your campaign for senator?

I'll leave that to your impartial judgment.

I'll be back. Come on!

Hyah! Hup!

Mr. Hellman?

Get him, marshal.

Would you turn around, please?

Yeah, that's fine. Fine. Thank you.

Just hold it right there.

Hold it right there.

Thank you.

Pepe, don't be a bigger fool than God made you!

Pretend you got a few more brains than a rabbit.

How can I have brains? You got them all!

What a place! I could kill you 50 times.

Whoever comes better come with God.

They ain't going to need God, we are.

What is the trouble this time?

Your message said nothing about the others.

Dead. Dead?

Everyone? You got it.

Qué lástima. They were the best.

No, second-best.

You are about to see the best.

Now, what do you got?

Get that son of a bitch! Put it here.

Hey, run, baby!


Come on!

Come on, get that ball!

Here! Oh, shit!

He got him! Yeah, baby!

Come on, get that ball in here!

They're practicing. Come on, baby! Whoo!

Come on!

Look at them, huh?

You want to kill a train, here are your matadores!

Jack Strawhorn.

You say his name, the railroad cries!

Now, once a month, there's a Santa Fe Flyer comes through here.

Carries a payroll. Big one.


I take 50 percent of what we get and y'all split up the rest among yourselves.

You're working for me, so you just take orders from me.

You don't have to think. I'll do the thinking.

Are you ready?

Sure, I am. Yeah, we're ready.

Well, we'll see about that when the posse rides in.

In... but not out.



And with the cigar.

Now, get the rest of the men armed and yourselves... and get up there to them shacks just as quick as you can.

Hey, you really talk good, Jack.

Santa Fe Flyer, payroll in gold, chingo!

You ignorant son of a bitch, what are you trying to do to me, huh?

I asked you for men and you deliver me cucarachas.

Two weeks, you get them.

But you gave me two days, gringo cabrón.

What do you expect? Joaquin Murieta?

I must be stupid.

Well, then, don't blame me!

Why do I work with you? Why?

Just give me one reason!

You're stupid, too.

And I had to leave tracks the blind could follow.

It's either me or them, but with these pitiful people...

But you make men, Jack, I've seen you do it.

Why, in 30 days... I don't have 30 days!

I got 30 minutes, so making is out.

That posse's right on my tail.

How many? Six.

We're eight and two. Ten.

Pepe, you don't know those six, or who's leading them.

Who? Come on!

Tell me, who?



Now, get this straight:

We're going to let them ride in.

That's the sluice.

As soon as they're this side of the sluice, they're in range, got it?

I want four of you in that shack over there, and four in this shack right here.

Two in each window.

From them positions we got the entire little valley covered.

When they're in range, you let fly with everything that you've got.

But not until they're in range.

Don't fire a shot until they're this side of the sluice.

Now, you got that?


We'll be up there on the hill. Crossfire.

It's going to be a clear shot. In you go.

Everybody take their positions.

This is going to be easy!

Let's go!

If money can make a miracle, we can have a good day.

Every day above ground is a good day.

Boy, oh, boy. It's going to be like shooting fish in a barrel.

They're here. Get ready.

Remember, now, don't shoot until they're this side of the sluice.

Now, you guys shoot from over there and we're going to do it from over here.

All right.


Those shanties are out of range, but let's give them a volley.

Eso es. Más cerquita.

Más cerquita.

Más cerquita. Más aqui.

Get ready.


Hold your fire.

Let them have it!

Yee-hoo! Let's kill them!


Stupid bastards.

Way short.

I figure seven, maybe eight.

Spread out and go get them.

Let's go get them!

Let's get out of here!

Open up! Somebody, help me!

Get back here, you goddamn coward!


Don't shoot! No, don't...


Come on, I've seen enough.

Don't leave me!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Drop your gun.

Drop it!

Hands behind your back.

As marshal of the state of Texas, I arrest you for train robbery... and murder.

They got him, they got him!

There he is!

How do you like it now, you son of a bitch?

You're going to get it!

Good for you, Nightingale, you got him!

Great job, marshal.

You gutless bastard.

Now what's the headline?

"Nightingale Captures Strawhorn."

Reset the type, I'll get the story.

All this work for nothing.

You're not so brave now, Strawhorn. Dirty murderer.

You goddamn coward! He should be hanged!

Somebody get a rope! String him up!

That yellow coward! Please, please!

I know how you feel... but I have a job to do.

Let me finish it.

Hey, marshal, good, I told you you'd get him!

Take him in.

Boy, you've got that election now.

Lock him up.

No, marshal, please stay there. Let me take one picture.

I don't like being shot at, even by a camera.

All right, fine. McCanless, get your ass out of there.

Come on, Wiley, make it quick.

Hey, mister, can I have one of those?

Of course, as many as you want.

One's enough.

All right, now, how's this?

Yeah, fine.

You people stand still there. Thank you.

Let's hear it for Nightingale!


Nightingale! Nightingale!


What in the hell happens to us when he gets elected?

Oh, Krag goes with him, the Indian goes back to the reservation.

We'll probably end up buried in a grave by the railroad.

Come on!

He'll take care of us. Has he ever let us down?


Yeah, maybe he'll get us a nice, soft sheriff job, like the one in Tesota here.

Strawhorn knows spots like that all over Texas.

He'll take care of us.

I admire a man who's loyal.

Ah, but there's one thing I admire more.

Excuse me, boys.


Excuse me, but my name's John Wesley.

I'm Katherine Cooper. Uh-huh.

My husband and I own the café.

Oh, yes, ma'am, me and my friends were just talking about the nice welcome you people give us.

No more than you deserve.

Have they arranged for the fiesta yet?

Not yet, but I hope so.

I hope so, too. May I?

Tell you what, keep your eye on that coin and you can have it.


There it is, right there.

You two must be the prettiest girls in Tesota.

Mr. Jones?

Would you send these wires off for me in this order:

The governor, attorney general, president of the railroad, and the Austin Herald-Express.

Yes, sir. Right away, sir. Thank you.

Thank you, sir.


Marshal, is there anything else you need, sir?

Well, as a matter of fact, I could use a blacksmith, if it's possible.

Right away.

Oh, and a carpenter, too, Jed! to board up a jail cell on the train.

Send the smithy and the carpenter over to the train.

Yes, sir.

Anything else, marshal?

Oh, you haven't met Mrs. Ross.

May I present Marshal Nightingale.

How do you do, marshal? How do you do?

I'm so happy to meet our next senator.

Oh, I'm happy you think so.

And it's my pleasure to offer you the hospitality of my hotel. Thank you.

The best accommodations in town.


For you and your men.

Well, that's very kind of you, but my men are accustomed to plain living and so am I.

Of course, I do like to indulge myself at times.

I'll try to see to it that you're comfortable.

Mrs. Ross, I'm very grateful.

Grateful? Sir, we're the ones who are grateful.

Yes, in fact, we're planning a little celebration for you tonight.

A tribute to you and your men. We've arranged all the details.

And you'll give a speech. Hold it, hold it.

I came here to do a job, not campaign for office.

Marshal Nightingale... your job is done.

Mr. Strawhorn?

Who are you?

Hellman, from the Tesota Sentinel.

Do you mind? Not allowed.

Well, sir, I'll stand right here.

I just wanna ask him a few questions.

You gotta get permission from the marshal.

Well, I'd like to ask him a question, then.

You got a cigarette?

Sir, I must remind you that we're in the age of new journalism.

Bless you, sir.

All right, downstairs, let's go.

Say, Hellman, tell them the truth.

Tell them I'm innocent.

A victim of circumstance!

Mistaken identity.

Could I have a light?

I don't have a match.

Eat it.

You're a nice man.

Marshal, you've got this town sewed up.

The time to count votes is after the election.

I see a lot of posters of my opponent.

Take a look around tonight.


Newspaper's not backing me. Newspapers don't vote.

After what you've done for this town, don't worry about it, he'll come around.

Marshal, your deputy, acting on your orders, refuses to let me speak with Strawhorn.

Now, why is that?

Sit down, Mr. Hellman. Thank you, Wiley.

Yeah, I'll have more later.

You do get around, don't you?

Marshal, what are you afraid of?

Mr. Hellman, we've just captured the most dangerous man in Texas.

I don't wanna lose him.

And I might knock out the guard with my crutch and run off with him?

I don't believe in leaving anything to chance.

As a marshal, I have my duty.

I run a newspaper, I have mine.

A very good newspaper, even if you're against my campaign.

Why is that?

Nothing personal. You're a credit to your uniform.

Thank you.

So was I.

Oh, I didn't know you were a military man.

My commanding officer was a very ambitious man.

He became a general, I became a civilian.

You're too ambitious, marshal.

You make it sound like a dirty word.

Now, where would this country be without ambition?

Where would your campaign be without the backing of the railroad?

That special car they provide you with?

Now, Mr. Hellman, there is nothing against public-spirited people helping to maintain law and order.

Now, where would this town be without the railroad?

A pimple on the map of Texas.

How would you vote if the railroad's interests were not the same as the people's?

Listen, Mr. Hellman, the railroad represents progress.

You can't favor progress and oppose the railroad.

I can and I do. That's why I oppose you.

Well, I hope you won't persuade too many to share your views.

Good afternoon.

Ice-cold punch for the ladies and a little warmer stuff for the gents.

Mrs. Cooper, some punch? Wesley!

One, two.

Here you are, boss, wet your whistle.

There he is! There he is! Where?

He's coming out of the hotel. There he is!

Yay, Nightingale!

Is he going to make a speech?

Marshal Nightingale!

I'd like to shake your hand, marshal.

How do you like the song, marshal?

Good job. Good job, Nightingale.

Speech! Speech!

We know you won't let us down!

...see you. Yeah, come on.

Hey, speech, speech.

Good job, marshal.

You're looking at our next senator, Tim.

You did one wonderful job.

You've got my vote.

Ladies and gentlemen, what a fine town.

Nice people.

I'm pleased to be here tonight.

Jack Strawhorn sends his regrets.

Every criminal I've set out to capture... is in jail... or in his grave.

Am I boasting?

No, my friends, I'm not here to boast.

I'm not here to seek praise.

I'm here to sound a warning.

The job has just begun!

Of course, there's some politicians... men, I might add, in very high office... who talk about rehabilitation, reform.

How do you reform a rattlesnake?

By petting it? By begging it not to bite?

No, you use a shotgun.

You know, I have yet to meet a criminal who didn't try to justify his crime.

He was poor, he was hungry, no one gave him a chance.

Who among us hasn't been hungry?

Who among us hasn't been poor?

Did we sit around waiting for chances? No!

All politicians are full of shit.

We made our own chances.

But what does the outlaw do? He doesn't believe in work.

No, no. He says, "You work, you save."

And then he takes a gun and says, "Hand it over.

"Hand it over, everything you've worked for, everything you've saved."

And yet there are those who make heroes out of killers and looters.

When banks are robbed, they rejoice.

When railroads that unite the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans are plundered, they cheer.

But where would Tesota be without railroads and the money to maintain them?

I've been working for the railroad... ♪ And yet I know people who applaud men like Strawhorn.

Call them adventurers, highwaymen. snakes, marauding wolves.

And when you live with wolves, you learn to howl.

My dear friends, hold your cheers.

Tonight is not a tribute to me.

Tonight is not a tribute to my men, the finest posse in the world.

We wear a badge... and we're paid to wear that badge.

But tonight is a tribute to someone else who wore a badge.

One of your men, Sheriff Buwalda.

Join me in a moment of prayer.

Thank you.

But tonight is also a celebration.

It's a celebration of the sheriff's spirit that pervades all the people of this town.

A spirit that I hope to bring to Washington to help me combat all the people who are against law and order.

The fight must go on.

But it's up to you to decide who will lead that fight.

I ask no reward for me... or for my men.

That you may walk freely tonight is reward enough.

When he goes, uh... howling back there to Washington...

If I am elected, my battle cry will be, "Wake up." where's that leave you boys?

Out on the lone prairie?

Drop those keys.

I'll swap you.

A key for a match.

I'll swap them for a bullet.

You don't reason with a killer who has no reason.

You strike him down!

Jack Strawhorn, the most notorious outlaw in the state of Texas, is behind bars.

That's not good enough.

The boss ain't going to like that.

I think he'd like me alive.

You make one more move, he's going to be miserable.

...thanks to your courage, your faith, your support.

For that, I pay tribute to you.

Jack Strawhorn...

Don't get nervous.

...will stay behind bars until he goes to the gallows.

And I promise you that never again will he do violence to another human being.

Now, you see that?

You can be a nice man.

I do not seek high office for the sake of high office.

I want to be your voice, crying out that this country is in danger.

Your lives and your liberties are in danger from criminals who would destroy this land, this land that we love.

My dear friends, That's my boy. your vote is my solemn promise that I will not let this happen!

...Jolly good fellow For he's a jolly good fellow ♪ For he's a jolly good fellow ♪

Jack Strawhorn. You've got it.

I like you.

You threw me off my timetable, but I forgive you.

Well, I appreciate that, marshal.

I must tell you, that was a hell of a speech you gave out there tonight.

Did I do you justice?


"The most notorious outlaw in the entire state of Texas"?

Hell, that ain't justice, that's a goddamn embarrassment.

This is no time to be modest.

I got no complaints.

Can I trouble you for a match?

Hm? Sure, no trouble at all.

After all, without you, the election in two weeks...

That's it.

Can't break wind on an empty stomach. Shit.

Huh? Oh, here, here.

Come on, you little bastard.

Light up.

Tell me something. What's on your mind?

What can I do for you?

You've already done it.

This will get me elected.

Yeah. That is the one. Right there.

God, I am a handsome-looking devil, ain't I?

I'd even vote for you myself, marshal.

We need every vote we can get.

I'll bet you do.

Tell me something.

After United States senator, what's next on the old timetable?

The big one?

Who knows?


I regret, uh... just don't look too good for my making the inauguration.

Well, I guess we all have regrets, huh?

Yeah, I've got a lot of them.

Like trusting that double-dealing bastard of mine that you bought.

You picked him.

His trouble was, he was thinking too much. That's dangerous.

With my posse, I do all the thinking.

They like it that way. Thinking? You bought him.

And burned up my $40,000.

Your 40,000?

And turned my men into fried meat.

A good leader takes care of his men.

Oh, really?

You know what I regret most?

Was killing that sheriff out there in the street.

Because, mister, that should have been you.

I don't usually attend hangings.

They make me sick to my stomach.

But in your case, I might make an exception.


Ah, what a night, huh?

It has been fun, hasn't it?

A long time till we see another one like this one.

You know it. That's the truth.

Gonna be our next senator.

Where are your two beautiful daughters?

They're out having a good time somewhere.

I'm sure they are.

Hasn't everybody had a good time?


I feel sorry for him.

God, I can't believe it.

Well, I guess we'd better round up the girls.


Good night. Good night.

Do you see them?

Hey, Nightingale. Good night, senator.

Oh, what an evening. He's the people's man.

Back up just a little, please. Get a picture of the marshal.

We're all going to win. Next to the senator.

Give him breathing room. What an evening.

Marshal, hold it just for a second, there.

Right this way, marshal.

Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.

You're our next senator. Good night, senator.

That was a great speech.

You know, they won't leave until you come down.

By the way, this is what we call our presidential suite.

Very lovely.

Very lovely, indeed.

Compared to the plain living I'm accustomed to.

Mmm. Champagne in the presidential suite, too?

Satisfactory? Perfect.


But I neglected to ask the price.

When I offer my hospitality, it has no price.

You're generous. Very generous.

Well, you don't mind indulging yourself.

Neither do I.

With someone I admire very much.

Forgive me for asking.

But when a candidate runs for office, he has to be concerned with such matters.

How's that?

Well, what has no price, even if you want it very much, sometimes costs more than one can afford.

Well, if you can't afford what you really want, you have my sympathy.

Well, I...

I don't need your sympathy, I need your vote.

Good night, Mr. Nightingale. Thank you, Mrs. Ross.

There he is, he's coming out of the hotel.

The marshal's coming out of the hotel!

Good luck!

Best of luck to you. Thanks a lot, marshal.

Thanks, marshal. Thanks, marshal.

Watch out for him, marshal.

Come back again soon, marshal.

You'll be a senator by then.

Thank you for your help, marshal!

Hooray for Nightingale. Hooray, Nightingale!

Senator! Hooray!

God bless you.


Nightingale! Nightingale!



What are you feeding these horses, molasses?

You wanna hand me that, uh... hand me that broom over there for a minute?


Very funny.

A man with a broomstick could really tear this place apart, couldn't he?


Goddamn it!

I got a piece of horseshit down there in the corner of my eye.

Think you could come over here and get it out for me?

Well, sure. Toss it over here and I'll wash it off for you.

What a nice man.

A real nice man.

From the governor to Marshal Nightingale:

"I have proposed to the legislature

"that you be awarded a Medal of Valor, "honoring your distinguished service

"in the capture of Jack Strawhorn.

Signed, governor, state of Texas."

"Well done.

"Can't wait to congratulate you in person.

"Signed, R. Colbin, attorney general, state of Texas."

You know something, Wesley?

Ain't that your name, Wesley? That's it.

It sure galls me to take my last ride on a train.

It probably galls them even more.

Them train people, they don't want to give nothing away.

They give you nothing for free, not even a ride... one last time to the cemetery.

Oh, I don't figure the marshal will charge you for this ride.

Well, we'll be arriving at Austin at about, uh, 12:00.

Oh, there'll be a little celebration given by my campaign committee about 3.

I hope you'll all make it.

Be leaving this train for the last time.

The only thing I'll be taking with me is this.

A very precious memento... of the greatest posse... any man ever had.

I'm proud of you.


What's wrong with banks?

Never hear you hitting nothing but trains.

A train whistle to me is like a bee up a bull's nose.

Only thing is, a bee just stings once.

Train people never stop.

I just figured that maybe I'd try and even it up a little bit.

You know what I mean, tit for tat?

You sure are a character.

What's the problem?

Sir, there's something... Sit down, Krag. McCanless?

Now, what is it?

After the election, after you leave for Washington, because we're sure you're going to get elected...

Thank you, Krag.

The men are asking what's going to happen to them.

Good question.

Here's a wire Wiley didn't read to you... from the president of the Texas and Arizona Railroad.

"Dear Howard, per your request, "I agree to hire your men

"as railroad guards.

Starting salary, $100 per month."

Marshal, we make more than that now.

You'll be working for the railroad security force.

They don't hire Indians.

Well, we'll get around that.

All in all, it's a... pretty good life.

If you can stand the pace and all them women.

And your luck holds out.

Forty thousand big ones burned up in the barn that night.

Forty thousand?

Plus five men incinerated.

Forty thousand.


Get some water, for God's sake, put the fire out!


Do you want me to burn up in here?

Oh, you son of a...

Aah! Oh!

You dirty...

All I ask is, when we split up, you go on being a credit to Texas, yourselves and to me.

Hey, Gene, come over here, look at this.

Wish me luck, Wesley!

Kiss my ass.

Haven't got the time. Hyah!


Here's looking at you, men.

Check the stall car.

Hey, what happened?

How did the fire start?

Get these horses out of here! Quick! They'll burn up.

Where's Strawhorn?

Give me a...

Uncouple these cars.

Get that horse out before he burns up.

Come on.

I don't know how the hell he did it.

I don't want to hear it. Mount up!

He went under the trestle.

All right, let's go get him.

Come on!

How did he escape, anyway? The marshal will get him.

Now, you drop your gun!

Well, we can't keep up with a train.

What do we do now? Just keep moving.

Hell, we ain't even railroad guards yet.

Come on.

Now, just sit down and enjoy the ride!

Still chasing us? Good boys.

I like you.

Delayed my hanging, but, uh, I'll forgive you.

No! No, no!

You stay right there and rest. I'll run the train.

No telegram for Tesota.

Good shot. Yep.

Had to change the whole front page.

Taking all this time...

Well, how's that, boss?

How's that?

I hope we got it right this time.

Good. Good, yeah.

I'll have the story for you in a minute.

Oh, my God!

Fire! Fire!

Hurry up, hurry up!

Get the pumpers, the train's on fire!

Come on!

What happened to the posse? Where are the horses?

Did they burn up?

My God, it's the train.

I was wrong about you.

I gave you credit for more intelligence.

This way.

What happened? Fire.

Bring a ladder! Move it on top of the car!

Give me some pressure!

Check the other side!

Come on, pump! Give me some pressure!

Watch out for that timber!

Mr. Strawhorn...

It's the marshal.

Hey, isn't that...? Yeah.

I don't know.

Yes, that's him, and he's armed, of course.

What are you standing there for? Telegraph for help.

I tried, I tell you. It's dead, the line is down.

Well, keep trying!

He's armed?

Armed? He's got two guns. I saw them.

What the hell's going on?

What happened?

Oh, not again.

I'd like a room, my dear.

A room?

Up there, overlooking the street.

Um, need any help with your baggage?

No, thank you, my dear.

Something to eat?

Nothing but your best, my dear.

We don't want any complaints from the marshal.

Gotta change the whole front page.

I've taken all this time.

Marshal Nightingale.

I knew he was full of shit.

Where's the goddamn posse?

How the hell do I know? Maybe they're dead.

Wouldn't that be awful?

What do we do?

What I want to know is, what do we pay taxes for?

Deliverance from evil.

Glad to see you ain't off your feed.

Campaign takes a lot out of you.

I gotta keep my strength up.

Sorry I threw you off your timetable.

No, thank you.

You know where he's supposed to be right now, my dear?


Telling all them good people how he's earned their trust.

I don't mind the delay a bit, Jack.

May I call you "Jack"?

Why not? Everyone else does.

It gives me the unexpected pleasure of seeing you again.


What kind of desserts we got there, my dear?

We've got devil's food cake, deep-dish apple pie.

Stop right there.

Deep-dish apple. How about that, Jack?

I love it. Two deep-dish.

And a little coffee.

Here, allow me.

I'll be back in a minute.

Now, be a nice little lady and don't come back with nothing but pie.

Little trickster.

Aw, they put the fire out.

Posse ought to be coming in soon.

That's right.

I guess they've never seen you with bracelets on before, have they?

They'll know what to do.

Yeah, I bet they will.

After all, you trained them, didn't you?

That's right.

What do you want?

What do you got?

Well, it's amazing what you can do with a good lawyer.

I know some of the best.


The posse. The posse!


There they are, right on time.

They shouldn't see me like this.

Listen, how about a... a horse...

24-hour head start?

Mexico's not far off.

This is true.

I got a better idea.

You son of a bitch!

You'd risk taking a bullet rather than let your men see you this way?

Well, mister, they are going to see you. Come on!

Strawhorn's got the marshal. Up there.

You think you can get away with this?

You people get off the streets. There'll be gunfire.

Oh, no!

Get inside!

Get away, get away.

Now what?

Tell Wesley to come up here. Unarmed.

Tell him.



Leave your weapons... and come up here.


It's open.

Now, listen to me.

I want my $40,000.

Are you crazier than hell?

It was burned.

Nothing left but ashes.

Hold it right there, that's far enough.

Now... if he's not back with the money in ten minutes... you're a dead man.

Well, how? Where the hell am I going to get it?

I don't care where you get it! Just get it.

Banks, stores, I don't know. Where does anybody get money?

But you'll get it.

You got nine minutes and ten seconds.

Do what he says. Get it.

Get it.

When I get you to Austin, you better plead insanity.

It's your only chance.

You're crazy. Wrong.

What's going on? Why aren't you helping the marshal?

Give me all the cash you got. What?

It's for the marshal, now hand it over.

What are you doing? Consider it a loan.

I'll do nothing of the kind.

Give me the goddamn money.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Come on! Please, don't hurt her.

Here, for God's sake, take it.

That's all there is.

I swear. I swear it. What's the matter with you?

Stop it! Get out of here! Stop it!

Two more minutes.


Some men you can trust, some you can't.

Them five I trust.

You trained them.

It's open.

Close to 30,000.

Ten short.

Well, shit, we did the best we could.

How much money you think's in this damn town?

Thirty thousand.

That's close enough.

Let's see, five goes into 30 six times.

That's, uh, 6,000 dollars apiece.

Keep it.

Return that money and stay put.

Divide it up among the men.

You hear me? Return that money.

Go on! Divide it up!

You can't buy honest men.

Honest men stay honest only as long as it pays.

That's why I'm a thief and you're a liar.

Climbing on my dead body to get in the United States Senate.

That ain't honesty, that's horseshit.

And, mister, they got enough of that in Washington without needing any more.

Six thousand apiece.

Jesus, that's more than we make in three years.

Well, that's what Strawhorn said.

Hold it.

What does Nightingale say?

Well, to hell with what he says.

What do we say? I say hold it. Marshal?

Marshal, can you hear me?


Marshal, we're waiting for your orders!

Look out!

Oh, my God. They shot Cooper.

Oh! Honey! Oh!

Mount up.



Where do you think you're going?

You hire Indians?


Return that money and arrest that man.

Do you hear me? Stop him!

He bought you and he'll sell you out!

Stop him!

I gave you an order, do you hear me? Dismount!

Dismount, damn you, dismount!

You're my sworn deputies.


Rains? McCanless?

Wesley! Reyno!

Stop them!

Stop them!

Shoot them!

You spineless bastards!

Let's go.

You follow him and you'll be dead in a month!


I'll get every goddamn one of you if it's the last thing I do!

I'll hunt you down!

I'll hunt you down!