Post Tenebras Lux (2012) Script



No doggies!








Rut. Eleazar.

My mummy.


Hello, dear. Good morning.

Softly, darling. Eleazar's still sleeping.



Did you dream of animals?

Was it the giraffe, your favourite? Yes.

Or was it cows, my love? Out.

Do you want to come out, sweetie?

Let me just pick up this mess.


What's Mummy's name, darling?


Come on. Look who's sleeping there.

Who? Who's sleeping there?

Who? Who's sleeping there? Who is he?

Who is he? Who?

Shall we wake him up?

No. No.

Don't you want to wake him up? No.

Here I am!

Look who's here! Eleazar.

Eleazar is here, dear.

Did you see that?

Naughty boy.

Wake up! Wake up!


What's the matter with this noisy family?

Now you're getting a good tickling!

Stop it! Stop it!

My little meatball!

Did you sleep well?

Do you want a crane?

You're getting an extra tickling.

Stop it! Stop it!

Do you want it in a cup? No, no, in a bottle.

Hang on, let me explain.

Mum didn't prepare any bottles.

Cos... Cos sometimes I do this...

I want water.

Good morning, Jarro! Good morning, Juan.

Jarrito, can I borrow your camera again? I need to take...

Bela, Güera!

Come here, dogs! Bela!

Let me come over, Juan.

Apple! Hurry up!


Come here, dogs. Bela, come here.

Where were you?



I was calling you and you didn't come.

And you? I didn't see you all night.

You too, naughty.

Naughty, both of you.


Not again. Who did that?

Who was it?

Was it you, Martita?

Keep still! Keep still!

Keep still!

Why did you do that? Fucking bitch!

Don't bite me! Fucking dog!

Why d'you do that?

Keep still! Keep still, don't move!

Don't bite me, damn it!

You dirty bitch!

Why did you do that?

Don't move.

Don't bite me again!

Keep still!


Stop it, Juan!


Just a second, Jarro.

OK, Juan.

Just some exercise with the dogs, son.


Come here, my little cockroach!

You wretch, why do you run away?

I have to chase you all around the house.

Let's go see Jarro.

Damned dogs!

They're so naughty.

Listen, I want to borrow your camera again. The photos were all dark.

Your camera is crap, man. That's odd.

It's a good camera. Three megapictures.

No way! Megapictures!

He got it in a cereal box.

His... can you see?

Did you see the hummingbirds this morning?

I did. They're beautiful.

There's birds everywhere. Well, back to work and remember the...

The camera. Bring it over. I'll go get it.

OK, thanks.

Time for breakfast, little worm.

Good afternoon, brothers.

My name is Daniel Colorado.

Many of you know me as R2-D2.

I want to tell you about the harm that I have caused to my family as I led my nephew when he was only ten years old into alcoholism.

I've made the mistake of... How do l say this?

Getting him wasted, forcing him to drink.

I know that's wrong.

It's harmed the whole family.

But, well, in a talk I'll give later, I'll give you more details about how the AA group can help us to correct... correct this young man's...

..this young man's path.

Now that I've led him... astray.

But as I said, I'll tell you about that another time.

R2-D2, thanks for so kindly sharing your experience with us.

Let's hear from The Toad about his experience.

Let's see what he says.

Good afternoon, everyone. My name is José Luis Martínez Jiménez.

I fix and install curtains, paint, plaster.

My nickname is The Toad.

I'm an honest worker.

I make my money with the sweat of my brow.

I have to work hard to earn it.

It's a shame that I waste it...

I waste it on...

..on prostitutes!

And I think... I'm making progress, yes.

Bit by bit, I'm leaving my vices behind, such as alcohol, weed, coke, thanks to this group.

I want to tell you that I've earned my living honestly, working as an ironsmith, doing curtains, painting, plastering, even as a bricklayer.

But I've never seen my money.

I always wake up without a cent.

Thank you.

Thanks, brother.

Who's next? Let's see...

You, Seven!

Good afternoon, brothers.

Well, all of you know me already.

They call me Seven.

Today, I brought a friend with me.

A guest, I suppose.

He's a friend of mine. Well, he was my boss.

Now I think of him as a friend...

But... Well, I did some work in his house.

I took care of the plumbing, the electricity, I installed plenty of cables, only the best.

The best pipes.

Just Condumex, Nacobre.

He had installed a submersible Grundfos pump, 1/2 hp, Rexolite brand CPVC only Plica tube, Liquatite tube, RD26 for gas plumbing, L class.

He also had PAR bulbs installed, economy bulbs in his main patio, three-way switches, three-phase contacts, and LED bulbs so... Well...

So everything is well done from start to finish!

Today he's joined us because he's got... some worries, or he has... a problem.

I invited him to come to the sessions.

He agreed to come because he's interested.

Everyone in the village knows him or has seen him.

Juanito, a good guy who wants to meet you all.

Good morning.

Good morning, sir.

See you on Thursday.

Goodbye, brothers. Goodbye.

What do you think then, Juan? Let's wait till they leave...

See you tomorrow at seven!

Wait a sec, Juan. What?

Tomorrow at seven!

Yes, at seven.

OK, let's go now...

No, sit down for a while.

Sit down, Juan.

What's up?

So do you lend them this house?

When I came up here, they lent me the land and I built it, but now I lend it to them.

I don't make any money off it or anything.

It's just to help them out. And now? Where do you live?

I've got a better house. I just lived here when I arrived.

How did you end up here?

It's a long story, man, but I'll make it short.

Tell me, tell me...

When I was a boy, about 13, It was just another day in my house.

I was sitting on the sofa watching TV, and I heard noises from another room.

So I peeped in.

There was my dad and my 15-year-old sister having sex.

He was a fucking alcoholic.

He left us, my mum, my brothers.

He fucked off. They had a family.

I did everything I could to fuck the idiot up, but I only fucked myself up.

I ended up on drugs, alcohol.

I was a thief, too.

Total fucking mess, my friend.

I also had a family.

Haven't seen them since. I had kids.

How come you didn't see them again?

I battered my wife, kids. I was cruel.

I was alright, but I was an alcoholic, a drug addict.

They forced me into a clinic.

I was there six, seven months.

I don't know where they are now.

There was nothing left in the house, not even a light bulb.

So I ended up here.

Then I met these people and...

..with the help of my godfather, the group and God, I hope to see them again one day.

So what's your problem, Juanito?

Mine's not really a problem compared to what I've just heard.

Mine's just something small. Have you ever heard of the internet?

That load of shit of email and Bluetooth?

Yeah. You can find a lot of information there, whatever you want.

Even pornography. A lot of it.

So, I got hooked watching it at night.

Before going to sleep, I have to go watch some, otherwise I can't sleep and can't even screw the wife, man.

But it can be cured. Let's go now.

I'll walk you to your car.

I've been doing this for eight years and I've seen a lot.

How long does each of the 12 steps take?

C'mon, dogs!

One or two years.

What step are you on?

To be honest, I'm on the first.

Jesus, Seven!

No, girls, be careful!

Careful! Don't point it at people!

Cheers! Cheers, cousin.

Have you seen the coat Achito's son's wearing?

It's a little coat down to here. It's blue. Fucking cool.

Business is bad, like everything else.

Don't tell me... I do tell you.

Nothing is happening. We're just sitting and waiting.


Do you have a lighter for the firecrackers?

No! But we'll get you one.

Hey, Lore.

Lorena has grown so much!

Hello! Uncle.

Dude. How are you all? Merry Christmas.

It's been ages!

How are you?

It's been six months.

How are you, Uncle? Good. Good.


Hello. How are you?

You're growing fast, man. Eleazar.

How are you? Where's your sister?

Rut! Where did you leave her?

Rut! Come here!

Hello, how are you, darling? So nice to see you!

Eleazar and Rut, have you said hello to great-grandma yet?

No. No.

Well, go and say hello!

Go say hello.

What's up, Eleazar?


Aldrete family.

Who's next?

Hey, children! Get together according to you families.

Very good, keep studying hard, so you can grow up to be a great businessman!

What do you want to do when you grow up?

I don't know.

Start thinking! Use your head.

Give Great-Grandma a kiss!


I'll split.

For the three of us.

For Blas.

Here. For Lucas.

We're rich now. Rich!

I caught you!

You too, you too!

Have you started ruining the table?

Something's missing... half a baguette!

Rut, you're eating already?

And you, too?

Come here with your grandmother.

Do you like this music, my dear?

It's understandable that the school expelled him.

Come on, two computers!

For God's sake, all children go through destructive phases.

Well, I don't know.

Within a fortnight, nobody will remember the computers or the boy.

Because the boy will be up to something else.

He's been getting into mischief for centuries.

Didn't he split his cousin's head open?

Of course! That's right!

He's been doing the same thing for six years now.

It was about time the school said enough!

Cousins, after hearing you talk for half an hour...

You reminded me of a passage from War and Peace where Tolstoy talks about Pierre, the former millionaire who becomes a pariah when the French invade Moscow.

It goes something like this:

"Pierre felt for the first time that strange yet pleasant feeling as he suddenly understood that wealth, power, life, everything that men fight for and defend so eagerly, are worth no more than the pleasure one feels when they abandon you."

Juan, it looks like the countryside is getting to you!

New Age architecture isn't doing you any good.

I don't see anything funny in going around breaking things.

Honestly, me neither.

What a load of bullshit.

These cousins...

Are you still going on with your, "It's been a long time. Ah, it's so nice to see you!"?

What an asshole you are! You know what?

Take your shit somewhere else!

You've been drunk since you got here.

Go to sleep!

Listen, people! I honestly think that Dostoyevsky is far better.

Tolstoy is... too intense!

And the truth is that the greatest is Chekhov.

Or do you only read modern books?

Suck him off!

Harder up his ass.

Fuck him in the ass!

Push! Push!

Go on, fuck his hole!

Do it harder! Harder!

We need two guys... Two men.

We need two!

Come on, come on!


Shall we go?

Excuse me, we're looking for the Duchamp room.

Yes, it's right here.

Where are you from? Mexico.

Is this your first time here? Yes, we'll see how it goes.

You speak good French. Well, more or less...

Would you like a cigarette before you go in?

No, thanks, we don't smoke.

You're right, it's expensive.

Yes, it is. Very expensive, actually.

What, then?

The kid's holidays are longer...

Close the door, Natalia. Yes, Juan.

We're looking for the Duchamp room.

This room is Hegel.

Duchamp is next door, through the metal door.

So, this one is Hegel? Yes.

It's this door, through here. The metal one?

You go in first.


Come in.

Hello. Hello.

I'm glad we came here, man.

You have beautiful skin.

I also want her. I want her for me.

You're so beautiful.

Gently, sir!

She's good-looking. Yes, she is.

Not so quickly!

Go on, Valerie.

You're beautiful.

Don't worry, everything will be OK.

What's your name? Natalia.

Everything will be fine.

Would you like to be in her place?

I'd prefer to have her for myself!

Are you OK?


It's fine. Relax...

Just enjoy it.


Your body is made for this.

You must let go.

Do you feel better now?


Are you sure?

I... I love this.

How does that feel?

It's coming.

They all want you because you're beautiful.


Thank you.

This is a pleasure for me, Natalia.

You're late.



This is the tree.

It's a big one, isn't it?

That'll teach 'em.

It'll make a hell of a noise.

Shit! Do the branches first. That's what I'm paying you for.

You're the boss.

For fuck's sake!

Stop it, you bastards!

Fucking dogs!

Let's get to work!

I turn my back for a second and you steal my place?

That's how it is, man.

I want you to use an axe.

Screw the chainsaw and the noise.

I'll have to do it at night so nobody sees me.

Would you prefer 9am with a coffee and a sandwich?

For fuck's sake.

What are you going to do here, Glove?

I'm going to sow my corn. This land is great!

It'll take really well. And what will your sister say?

I don't give a shit! She says she'll get me first, but I've already bought the gun to kill the stupid bitch!

So why do you want to take the tree down, then?

To annoy her! She thinks trees talk amongst themselves, that they're alive, that they fuck each other! The damned trees!

Just imagine the mess it would make on my field!

Here on the field, what a fucking mess!

Sure, avocado trees drop loads of leaves.

I'll shoot her on sight even if it's in the back.

She's done that, the bitch. Who knows how many she's killed?

And she always shoots 'em in the back.

I don't want to go just yet.

I'm still young and what would my children say?

That I let myself be slaughtered like a pig?

I won't let those shits down, even though they've stopped speaking to me.

Still, they're my kids.


Why do you quarrel so much, Glove?

Look, Seven, I don't quarrel.

Who gives a shit about that bitch's life?


I won't even have to go hide in the US.

I'll just chop down the tree and don't want any trouble.

That's all I asked for. I'm just telling you my stuff.

So if you don't like it, go fuck yourself! Asshole.

I'll pay you when you're done, Seven.

Fine, Glove.

Green! Coloured lights!

Green! White! Red!

And blue!

And pink!

Green again and now red!

Cheers, Seven!

Are you drinking water? This one's for you.

Get him a special one. It's rum, man!

Seriously, rum?

But I have a bad hangover.

This'll help you, then!

You're right, it's rum.

It's good.

One beer?


Mexicans are stupid shits in your opinion, whitey?

No. No.

The Mexican...?

I'm Mexican.

So am I. So are we.

Maybe even more than you!

We Mexicans have our traditions.


Go on, tell us about them.

Tell us about them! Which one do you want?

The 12th of December?

I get wasted to honour... my Lady of Guadalupe.

My name is Natalia.

Pleased to meet you, Nati.

Can I call you "Nati"?

With all due respect? Sure, Nati is OK.

My love, I'm leaving.

They're starting to get a little drunk.

Take the kids. I'll be home soon.

If you really live nearby,...'re welcome to my poor home on the 12th of December.

In my poor home which is yours.

Thank you! And we'll have a beer.

IIai, son!

Is the sea rough, Rut?

Rutilia, why do you get me wet?


How's the water, my girl?

Give me one of those, lvan.

Do you like it, love?

Bitter as hell!

But you said they were flying.

I mean, swimming, not flying.

They're flying fish!

Don't you know anything about fish, Eleazar?

Actually, I don't but...

I suppose... they are...

Have you got two?

That was quick!

Come, sit with us.

Have dinner here.

Tell your sister to sit with us.

Here you come.

Come here!

Where were you? How about dinner? Put her plate here.

Everyone sits next to Daddy.

Do you want more cheese?

Rut? You, too?

Which do you prefer, the big one or the small one?

The small one!

That's the present they gave us.

Do you want bread? lt's good.

Do you want a grapefruit, love?

Yes, please. And pass the strawberries.

That cheese is great, eh?

Orange... Orange... Orange...

Orange... Here's one!

Here you go. I will cut it. In Rut's plate.

Chelita, please get Eleazar's bed ready.

Yes, ma'am.

And one for you.

What about the quesadillas?

This is for you. Finish your egg. I'll get your quesadilla.

I don't want my egg.

You need to eat, love.

A half will do. OK, love.

There's Buzz Lightyear.

She's not your love.

I'm gonna screw you tonight.

Which burned tortilla?

That's not a burned tortilla.


Sure, but remember...

I have that infection.

What's the back door for, then?

Here are the dishes, ma'am. Thank you, Chelita.

Take the girl and change her. I'll be there in a sec.

Goodnight, my little one.

Can you take her, Chelita? Yes. Let's go, dear.

Hey! Goodnight!

Move over for dad! Goodnight!

Goodnight! Say goodnight to your sister!

You didn't say goodnight.

I know where. Yeah?

Where? Here!

It's beautiful, isn't it?

Let me change your nappy.

I want a story about planets.

Planets? Yeah.


Saturn, Chelita!

Mars, eh?

Not Mars! Come, Rut!

There was a long tail.

It was long, long, long...

So then, people got scared! Really?

So they started running but... but...

..somebody dressed up as a T-rex cos they wanted to scare people.

But they were all...

At that moment, they saw...

..Peter Parker arrived! Yeah, sure.

I don't think the vet really believed the story.

I saw him again today and... and... I think he's very suspicious of me.

I'm going to sit down. I'm exhausted. But tell me.

Poor dog, love.

I know. And I always hurt... the one I love most.

Cos she's the most intelligent one, Juan.

You have to help me stop doing that.

Please help me. I feel awful.

OK, love.

Driving to the city was worth it, love. I saw some wonderful fabrics.

I still don't know what you want them for.

I insist that curtains should always be white.

As simple as possible.

If you overdo them, they ruin everything.

They don't look good and they ruin the house.


What do you mean, "fine"? What do you think?

You kill my enthusiasm. Nothing suits you!

Nothing suits me? I was only talking about curtains!

I never said I didn't like them.

Do you want to eat something, love? Not today. I'm too tired.

What is there to eat?

There's eggs, fruit, quiche...

What do you want?

Leftovers? Don't know.

Go to bed. You're tired. We can fuck tomorrow.

I'm not tired! I have a headache.

You talk too much.

Oh, fuck.

I'll go feed the dogs.

I'll catch you later.

What is it now? Don't start crying!

I'm not crying.

We can't talk. You twist everything I say!

Calm down. Talk quietly.

Always talking about acceptance but always telling others what to do.

That's not true.

If I say so, there must be a reason.

I don't want to talk. That's enough! I can't.

Yes, sir! I'll shut up.

I'm sorry. I got carried away.

OK, but why? Why do you act like that?

It's not all my fault.

You cause trouble by bringing up little details, and in the end, I'm always the bad guy.

I know we're both to blame...

You avoid everything sexual.

I have to masturbate every damn night!

You're always sleepy or something hurts!

That's not true! Today, I felt fine.

I'm not talking about today, but in general.

Besides, today, you were not fine!

At supper, I proposed we had sex in the ass.

You avoided the subject. Not true! I said yes.

You said yes after I insisted three times!

Let's discuss it later at the beach.

I can't live like this any longer.

The same old story again? You want to leave it all.

You always want to leave at the slightest setback and won't try to work things through.

Don't you see we have two kids?

Two kids that love us together?

Don't you see that I love you?

Don't you see that we can be happy together?

But we have to work at it, that's all.

Where's the radio?

Jarro, Jarro!



The family guardian.

I didn't do it on purpose.

Don't worry.

It's early. We've got time.

I left it on the terrace, next to the stairs.

Thanks, love. I'm sorry.

Let's hope the kids don't wake up.

Let's hope not.

You can go, then.

I think so.

Do you want some of this?

It looks spicy. It's good! Have a bit. Try it.

Mine is good, too.

It's hot, but it's good.

What's up, Jarro? You should be at the house!

Hello, Juan!

My mother-in-law got diabetes and almost went blind!

I had to take her to the doctor's.

Wait for me here then, love, and I'll be right back.

OK, my love.

Jarro, don't leave the house unattended.

Many people know we're going away for a few days. OK?

Don't worry, Juan, I'll take care of everything.

See you then, love. OK.

Good day, how do you do? Look after my family!

Are you the one with diabetes, madam?

Yes. How are you?

So, so. OK, enjoy.

Thank you!

What do you want to eat?

What would you like?

I'll be quick, dogs!


What the hell are you doing?

Put that down, Seven. I won't say a word.

This faggot will rat on us.

You keep out of this, you fat bastard!

What's your problem, Seven?

Who do you think you are? Go fuck your mother!

Give me my gun!

Shut up, asshole.

Drop that. Someone's coming!

Jarro! Jarro!

Is that you?

Don Juan!

Put the cover here to hide it away.

To the right as usual.

Always aim on the outside.

Pass me some cartridges, son.

Look for them.

Pass me two green ones, please.

There you go.

Give your sister a couple.

Pay attention and stay hidden.

Easy does it. Keep an eye...

On the outside.

They're coming. Get down!

Shoot now, honey! Shoot!

Many things are changing, people are retiring.

But barter helps, fresh produce, trips...

The obsolescence of money...

I will take it back.

How's that?

Do whatever you want.

I'm fixing you a joint and we'll see how it goes.

But it will not make you less stupid.

Do you know what?

I will not play that move.

I haven't let go of the piece. So just wait.

Don't be stubborn, we can start again. I offer you a draw.

Damn it, I'm burning!

I offer you a defeat... because you're going to lose.

You're stubborn. You always lose.

Have it your way. We can play another game.

Let's play another one. Can you do that?

Or are you tired? If you are, that's too bad.

We can play something else.

Fucking chess!

You think you're gonna win? You're as stubborn as a mule!

I showed you on the first game...

You thought you had it, then I thrashed you.

I let you have it. Checkmate!

OK, OK. You're the best.

Actually, that's not it.

You're not so good, I'm an idiot. It's not the same thing.

But you're more stupid than me.

You think you're cool but you didn't win: I lost!

That's the difference.

It's not great. It's sad.


That's it, intense.

Some weed?

Get the joint.

Damn it!

You can barter this.

We could trade this joint as well.

But, of course, you're a good builder.

You could exchange some dope for your work.

I didn't ruin the wall. That's your job.

That's not my business.

..then it turns into energy... You're destroying things.

How's that?

Even if it's alternative technology, it must be... well made.

Lean on it, go on. You need support in life.

Everybody does.

Now listen.

You're on the verge of defeat, eh?

At this point, I'll check you, just to get started.

Nice one!

Then we'll see.

David, how is Juan doing?

No idea, man.

Giacomo! Do you know how Juan is doing?

I've heard he's getting better. Losing part of a lung.

It doesn't heal easily, you know.

So he's better, then?

I've heard he's started to see people.

His closest friends, I imagine.

What are you talking about?

Well, you come to my place and clean for half a day and I give you a sausage in exchange.

That's how the world survives!

But your sausage is not worth 100 pesos.

You're worse than my ex. You put everything down.

You're the one who wants to put her down!


What? Come down.


Turn on the light.

Turn on... the... light.

I want to see.

Hello, my love.

How are you feeling?

I'll turn the light on, OK?

Take this off me.

How's your head?

How are you three?

Very well. They had a great time.

Your temperature's gone down. You're getting better.

Look who's here.

The big worm of the family.

He's going to fly.

You worm! Come here.

Where did you go?

Be careful with me. Remember that I'm ill.

Tell me where you went. Were you climbing?

Did you go up a rock?

It's bigger than my hand.

What about you, my princess? Did you go as well?


Will you be better soon, Daddy?

Dad? Very soon, my love.

Can you help me up? Yeah.

You want us to play together again? Yeah.

You can climb up alone, honey.

I was in the forest.

Who with? Nobody.

I love you, my girl.

Look at your dad.


You're so beautiful, my girl.

You're not well, love.

I'm just tired of being here.

I think I'd better call the doctor.

Play us a song instead.

Today I just want to listen.


My children, do you want Mum to sing us a song?

Yeah, one.

What do you want me to play?

My love? Neil Young again.


Where are the chochitos?

I don't have any today.

Can I go watch The Pink Panther, Dad?


Can I go watch The Pink Panther?

You also want The Pink Panther? Yes.

Daddy! Careful, darling.

Little worm.

Look after your sister.


Go ahead, kids. Ask Chelita to start the internet.

Yeah. I'll be there in a second.


Today I felt as I did when I was a child.

I felt the grass of Cuernavaca under my feet.

How it pushed between my toes.

I could feel every blade.

It was so cold at dusk.

And the red terrazzo floor,...

..made of sand and pieces of marble...

I looked at them one by one, lying on the ground.

Each one had its own shape and reflections.

I could tell each one apart.

I heard the room where I slept with my cousins.

It had a special echo.

There was a poster of a cow that said "Catalan Pyrenees".

When we opened the drawers.

It smelled of damp sheets and wood.

I would fall asleep, licking the metal headboard,...

..listening to the song of crickets I've never heard since.

I don't know if they are extinct now or if I simply stopped hearing them.

In the distance, I heard my parents and family laughing.

All I had to do was exist.

Now it's Rut's and Eleazar's turn.

But I didn't feel the usual nostalgia.

Today, I felt love for all things.

A chair.




Even the loud music that we hear from the village.

I saw how everything is alive,...


..all of the time.

I felt like a newly bathed baby.

Clean and dry.

I know I've been sick at the end of my life.

I can see it clearly now.

Go with the kids, love.

But bring me the dogs first.

Have you thought about talking to the police, love?

I still don't remember who it was.

Thanks, man!

Let's go with Mum. Yes.

You've really grown up, my girl! Yes, Daddy!




I'm only here for the children's sake.

How did you find me?


Someone has been trying to find us on behalf of your boss.

Don Juan?

On behalf of Juan?

I guess so.

Please stay here.

I will sort everything out.

Mission accomplished!

Put some water here.

Lend me the hose.

Hello, Eleazar. Hello, Rut.


You got me all wet!


What are you doing on your own?

Hello, Seven. Where's your dad?

Come play with us cos Dad has died already.


The Lantern!


I'm going to play with the bulldozer.

Where is my bulldozer? Where?

The bulldozer. Here! Bring it over!