Prancer (1989) Script

♫ Oh little town of Bethlehem ♫

♫ How still we see thee lie ♫

♫ Above thy deep and dreamless sleep ♫

♫ The silent stars go by ♫ Just the right half, please.

♫ Yet in thy dark street shineth ♫

♫ The everlasting light ♫ The other half.

♫ The hopes and fears of all the years ♫

♫ Are met in thee tonight ♫

You three, sing.

♫ Yet in thy dark street shineth ♫

♫ The everlasting light ♫

♫ The hopes and fears of all the years ♫

♫ Are met in thee tonight ♫

Thank you.

That will be all.

Honey, why don't you… Shut up.

I don't recall asking for a second opinion.

Sing a bit softer.

She sounds worse than when I kick my dog.

♫ Silent night ♫

♫ Holy night ♫

♫ All is calm ♫

♫ All is bright ♫ And the Moon shone with a special brightness.

And, as if by magic, animals who were natural enemies, when they saw it lay down together.

The leopard with the chicken.

The lion with the lamb.

♫ Sleep in heavenly peace ♫

And though snow fell they were no longer cold.

♫ Sleep in heavenly peace ♫ Which is why many believe today that when the moon is full on Christmas Eve, it offers a magical time of peace, a blessing on the world.

♫ Holy night ♫

♫ Shepherds quake ♫ And guided by a star, the wise men.

♫ Glories stream from heaven afar ♫

♫ Heavenly hosts ♫ Guided by a star, the wise men came bearing gifts, gold and spices from the orient, oils and silk. ♫ Christ the savior is born

♫ Christ the savior is born ♫

Up a little bit.

A little more.

All the way up.

Come on, guys.

Oh, look, Santa's reindeer.

Now Dasher, now Dancer, now Prancer… There's a car.

Now Dasher, now Dancer, now… Get out of the street.

Now Dasher!

Now Dancer!

Now… Watch it!


I've been telling the council for years these decorations are too old.

Almost went right through that man's windshield.

Oh, look.

Looks like Santa's only going to have seven reindeer this year.

Up and out, people.

Let's clear the streets.

Don't want any accidents.

Let's clear the street.

Aren't you going to fix him?

Aren't you going to fix him?

I don't know.

They've got to fix him.

Santa needs all his reindeer.

Maybe he can't fly without Prancer.

It's not the real Prancer.

It's just wood.

I know that.

It's just wood.

I don't know, you got a lot of hours on it.

Hey, that tractor's only three years old.

Yeah, but I can only give you 1,900 for it.

It's worth twice that.

Look, I know you're having a rough time here.

Dad, guess what?


A reindeer fell and almost went right through a man's windshield.

Not now!

That's my best offer.

Take it or leave it.

Leave it.

What are you dressed up for?

It was the Christmas pageant today, remember?


How'd it go?


That's good.

You know what?

Shawn Griswold was supposed to carry the baby Jesus, but he lost it.

They had to wrap up a bunch of rags and use that instead.

Dad, are we poor?

No, we're not poor.

We're just down on our luck.

Well, will we be up on our luck?

I'm doing everything I can.

I could help if you let me.

You're just a little girl.

Are we going to starve?

No, of course not.

Stop worrying about these things, will you?

We're going to be all right.


We're going to eat apple sauce and apple cider and apple pie.

And then stewed apples and baked apples and dried apples.

Apple butter.

Heck, no.

We're not gonna starve.

Hi, Aunt Sarah.

Steve, can you fix my sled?


' No?


♫ We wish you a merry Christmas ♫

♫ And a happy new year ♫

♫ Good tidings to you ♫

♫ Wherever you are ♫

♫ Good tidings for Christmas ♫

♫ And a happy new year ♫

♫ We wish you a merry Christmas ♫

♫ We wish you a merry Christmas ♫

♫ And a happy new year ♫

♫ Now bring us some figgy pudding ♫ Dinner!

' Coming!

♫ Now bring us some figgy pudding ♫

♫ And bring some right here ♫

♫ We won't go until we get some ♫

♫ We won't go till we get some ♫ Ah, wish.


Flop, flop, wish.

There's going to be a full moon this Christmas.

Don't talk with your mouth full.


That means there's bound to be magic things happening.

Give me a break.

You don't know anything about it.

Our teacher… There is something about a full moon.

Nancy Hooper works over at the hospital and she says whenever there's a full moon, the patients on the eighth floor, you know, the mental patients, they all start acting up like crazy.


Mm hmm.

' How?

Why don't you go there on Christmas Eve and find out?

They'll show you magic.

Why are you so nasty?

You want to eat like an animal, take your food out to the barn.

It's not an easy thing that we're playing here.

It's not easy on me either.

You think I like not being able to provide for her?

You do provide.

No, I don't.

I can't even get a bank loan anymore.

Have you told her yet, John?

You've got to.

I know.

I know.

I still don't see why she's been coming over so much lately.

She's your aunt.

She's trying to help out.

She asked dad if he told me yet.

Told me what?

Maybe they're gonna get married.

Don't be revolting.

She's married to my uncle Arnold.

Maybe they were talking about a surprise, a Christmas present they got you.

You know Santa's the one who brings all the presents.

Oh, right.

Santa Claus.

You know it's true.

My mother told me, and she'd never lie.

Let's not talk about it anymore right now, though.

There's some serious sledding to be done.

We're the first ones.

The only ones crazy enough to do this.

Hey, you!

This is private property.

Get off my property.

Steer away!


I'm trying, I'm trying-

Don't you come here, you hooligans!

Go away, you violators.

You hit me and you'll go to juvenile hall.


Oh, my floribundas.


You animals!

Oh, oh, oh, my floribundas.

You rascals!

Oh, I'll get even with you.

I'll catch you.

I'll catch you, you.

I'll get YOU, YOU, YOU… Terrorists!

Would she recognize us?

I don't think so.

See you tomorrow.

_ Okay, bye-

I've never seen one like you.

You're not afraid of me.

Dad, I just saw a deer in the woods.

Come in here.

It was interesting.

It was so big.

It looked like a giant.

It was so weird, you would never imagine.

How many times have I told you not to go near McFarland's?

Dad, will you listen… She just gave me a call and says you ruined some of her flower bushes.

You wanna guess who's gonna pay for those?

But, dad!

I want you to stay away from there.

It looked just like the one in my room.


You hear me?

Yeah, I do, clad.

I believe you saw a deer in the woods.

There's lots of 'em around.

But I don't believe it was Santa's, and I don't believe it flies.

It looks just like this one, Prancer.

See the white mark on his forehead?

Hey, wait a minute.

Remember it was Prancer that fell down on Main Street?

That's right, it was.

So is this one.

I have a magazine that had all the reindeers lined up.

I cut them out and this is the order.

This is Prancer and this is, this is Prancer, Dancer, okay, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, this is Vixen and this is Prancer.

Are you going to eat your pickle?

The moon's almost full!

It'll be full on Christmas Eve.

Don't you see?

It all fits together.

The problem is, Jessie, I don't believe in Santa Claus anymore.


I mean, think about it.

How could one man climb down all the chimneys in the world in one night?

He's magical, Carol.

It doesn't make sense.

Well, Carol, not everything in the world can be explained.

I've never seen Santa Claus, and I've clone a lot of looking.

You've never seen God, either.

Does that mean there's no God?

Well, how do we know about that for sure?

Because if there's no God, there's no heaven.

Well, maybe there isn't.

All right for you, Carol Wetherby.

You're not my friend anymore.

What did I say?

That there was no heaven!

' $0?

What about my mother then?

I said I'm sorry.

Jessie, come on!

I was just kidding.

I believe in Santa Claus, okay?

I believe in God, and I believe in heaven.

Do you believe it was Prancer?


I don't believe you.

There's my mom.

She's taking me Christmas shopping.

Talk to you later.

Get in here!

Come on!

I talk and I talk and you just don't listen, do you?

What are you doing out there by yourself?

Looking for the reindeer.

I've told you never to go into the woods by yourself this time of year.

A hunter will shoot you!

Where were you going, daddy?

Just groceries.

You know, looking at some feed and things.

I heard you and Aunt Sarah talking the other night.

What does told me yet mean?


What does told me yet mean?

Oh, baby.

You know, it's just not right when a little girl's got to grow up without a mom around.

We've been talking about maybe you going to live with her.

No, daddy, please, I don't wanna do that.

I know you don't.

This is a hard thing for me to do, but I got to think about what's best for you.

You're what's best for me.

No, I'm not.

I can't buy you the things you want.

Can't give you an education.

Sarah will be able to do those things.

Please, daddy.


I want to stay with you.

Daddy, I know we argue, but,

please, daddy, please.

Honey, us arguing hasn't got anything to do with it.

It's just not right that I'm away from the house so much.

Send Steve if someone has to go.

He's older than you.

I need his help.

I help, too.

I know you do. I can do everything he does.

He'll get too old for work.

I can take his place.

Please, daddy, please.

You'll only be 30 miles away.

30 miles!

That's like a billion, two trillion, a thousand miles… Calm down, will ya?

Families do this for each other all the time.

They help each other out when things get tough and things are tough for me right now.

I'm gonna run away if she comes for me.

I don't wanna hear you talk like that.

I will if she comes and you'll never find me.

Stop it, Jessica!

Dad, look out!

It's him!

Wait, stay here!

He's hurt, daddy.

Stay away from him.

We gotta help him.

Daddy, no!

It's hurt.

It's been wounded, Jessie.


Let go!

You can't!

It's the one I saw!

It's Santa's!

Jessie, he's just gonna suffer.

No, no!

I hate you, I hate you!

All right, you hate me, you hate me!

I'm going to look over this way.

Don't even think about it.

This is gonna stop.

You're here.

How did you know where I live?

Do you want me to help you?

I won't hurt you.

Are you hungry?

I gotta get you out of here.

Dad will shoot you if he sees you.

Everything's going to be all right.

It's okay.

Come on.

Come on!

I know what will get you out of here.

Come on.

It's a Christmas cookie.

Come on.

Come on, you can do it.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

You can do it.

That's it, that's it.

Come on, over here.

Come on.

I'll get more cookies but you gotta come in here first.

That's it, come on, come on.

You gotta let me.

I'll get more help, but you got to stay here till then.

Come on, we're going to miss our bus.


You forgot the dishes last night, Jessica.

Sorry, dad.

Something's been eating our little trees.


The little chestnuts.

What do you think it was?

Oh, I don't know.

From the looks of the droppings I'd say it might have been a deer.

Must have been hungry if it was eating wood.


That's what they eat.

If I see 'em do it, they'll be eating lead.

See you, dad.

Forgot my homework.

Too late now.

1 got to.

Then you'll have to walk.

Go ahead!

See ya later!

Not if I see you first!

This isn't a very healthy breakfast, but it'll have to do until I can get you some hay.

And you did eat our little trees.

Oh, Prancer, you're getting worse and worse.

I'm going for some help.

You okay?


Doctor Benton!

Doctor Benton!

Whatever it is can wait til tomorrow.

I've been up all night.

Can't wait!



Just come, please.

I brought someone to help you, Prancer.

Oh, my God, if it's a reindeer.

You tricked me into this.


I said there's an animal that needs your help and that's the truth.

I think he's dying.

Where are you going?

I'm sorry.

I can't.

You're a doctor.

You're supposed to help animals.

Domestic animals.

I thought it was a cow.

But he'll die!

Talk to mother nature.

Doctor Benton, this is very, very important.

You have no idea!


He'll die!

Let go of my truck.

He's one of Santa's.

Prancer, actually.

I'm so glad to hear that.

It is!

Would you please stop? It's Prancer.

If you don't help, he'll never make it back home by Christmas.

Would you please stop doing that?

Maybe there won't… Your dad's going… Even be a Christmas… To hear about this.

If he doesn't get back.

Young lady, I was up half the night with a pregnant cow and a crazy horse.

I'm tired, my hand hurts, I've got a sick wife to tend to.

I can't help you. But I'm telling you.

He's one of Santa's!

Then call Santa!

And let go of my car.

Probably couldn't help him anyways.

Doctors are just liars.

They never make anyone better!

Is he going to be okay?

Too soon to tell.

Should take a while to heal.

Hold his head away from me.

I really don't think this is necessary.

He's probably used to being around people.

What am I, an elf?

Hold his head down.

And keep that on after I leave, you hear?

They bite.

Isn't he the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

Like a cow with antlers.

Don't know what a reindeer is doing this far south.

Must have escaped from that Christmas show over at Riverdales.

I'll give 'em a call.

' No!

Please, I don't want anybody to know.

Especially daddy.

I don't think he'd understand.

I gotta give 'em a call just in case.

But I'll make you a deal.

I'll give you a couple days to tell your father yourself.


History's going to love you for this.

Oh, go to school.


I swear I don't know what you're thinking about half the time.

Your head's always off in the clouds somewhere!

You don't just show up for school when you feel like it!

It's almost vacation, anyway, and all I missed was finger painting and I didn't see… That's the very thing I'm talking about!

The very thing I'm worried about!

I've gotta go off to Benton Harbor tonight and who knows what you're gonna get up to.

You going to tell me why you were late?

Are you listening to me?


You're not?

No, I mean, I'm not going to tell you why I was late for school.


Have it your way.


Mister Benton?

This is Jessica Riggs.




Jessica Riggs.

I was wondering if you called the Christmas show.

Yes, it's not theirs.

Thanks, sir.

I knew it.

Darnedest thing.

Where did that deer come from?

I have to babysit my crazy sister.

Of course I've got her locked in her room, so I probably could just sneak out of the house.

She's on a mission to find some reindeer.

My dad almost made a road pizza out of him, but she thinks he can fly.

No, not my dad, the reindeer.


This is the part I told you about.

You tear apart the baby's rattle, see what makes noise inside.

But there's a veil covering the unseen world which not the strongest man could tear apart.

No Santa Claus?

Thank God he lives and lives forever 1,000 years from now.

10 times 10,000 years from now.

He'll continue to make glad the heart of childhood.

I can't read as good as my mom did.

But you understand what it means, right?

I bet Santa doesn't think you'll get back in time.

I better let him know.

I love you, Prancer.


What about me?

Do you love me?

Say cheese!

Did you get that?

Ho ho ho, little buddy.

Of course I did.

Let's see, Skeletor, slime pit,

skateboard, and handcuffs.


Ho ho ho.

Merry Christmas.


You're getting kind of heavy for Santa's lap, aren't you little girl?

I'm sorry.

I don't have any time for chitchat.

I know you're not the real Santa.


Of course I am.

But can you get this letter to him?

Why don't you just put a stamp on it and drop it in the mailbox?

It's too late for that.

Please believe me.

This is a matter of utmost importance.

Prancer's in the shed near my house!

I plan to take him to Antler Ridge on December 23rd, midnight.

All that's in the letter?

Here's a picture of him.

That way Santa will know you're telling the truth.

Do you think he'd doubt me?

Admit it.

You're not the real Santa.

Okay, okay-

Keep it to yourself.

Can you help me?

I'll do everything I possibly can.


Oh, wait a minute now.

Is that all you want for Christmas?

Well, for now, anyways.

I really don't want to live with my aunt, but I don't know if Santa can do anything about that.

Can we hurry it along a little bit, Santa?

Yes, sir.

Go on, honey.

It's your turn.

Go on up there, quick.

There you go.



And what do you want for Christmas, you little devil, you?

Put the Minot robbery on three, the farmers on welfare story on five.

I got something to cheer you up, pal.

This will be perfect for tomorrow's edition.

You've got to swear, Carol.

I said I would.

Cross your heart, swear not to tell.

If you do, I'll… I swear!


I'm ready.

I'm ready!

Oh, my God!

It's Prancer.

Go ahead.

Pet him.


It's okay.

I don't like animals that much, anyway.

Come on, that's not an animal.

What are you doing here?

It's a bird.

It's a plane.

It's a hat rack.

It's a reindeer, you nerd.

Looks like enough meat to last the winter.


Hurt me.

My knees are shaking.

If you tell clad, I'll never speak to you again.

Is that a promise?


Oh, dad!

Hey, dad!

Guess… Shut up, Steve.

Shut up?

Look, I'll make you a deal.

You don't tell dad and I'll clean out the barn for you until the end of the year.

You're lousy at cleaning the barn.

Name your price, then.


I don't wanna wash any dishes till June.


By the way, I wouldn't take any more feed from the barn if I were you.

Now look, Steve, he has to eat.

Well then you guys can buy some oats.

With what?

I don't know.

You wanna give us some money?

We don't have any money. You know, dad's noticed the missing hay.

He thinks it's the deer getting in.

He says he's going to… Don't say the word. Be waiting with his gun.

See you, Prancer.

Bye, Carol.

I only need two more days.

Then I'll take him up to Antler Ridge and Santa will come and get him.

He will?

Yeah, I sent him a letter.

It's all worked out.

Kid isn't playing with a full deck.

Listen, Steve.

Nobody, and I mean nobody but us three, can know about Prancer.

Don't worry.

I wouldn't want anybody to find out you're nuts.

No, Prancer, I have no cookies.

If you didn't eat so fast, you'd still have some hay left.

Where am I going to get the money for oats?

They cost something like $15 a bag.

Don't look at me.

I spent all mine on Christmas presents.

Maybe we can earn it.

We're on vacation.

We can get jobs.

Don't worry, Prancer.

I won't let you starve.


Your Aunt Sarah's gonna be staying over the next two nights.

She wants to take you to church on Sunday, and Christmas shopping tomorrow.

I can't tomorrow.

I got something important to do.

You stay with your Aunt Sarah.

I got to go to town on business.

I don't want to come back and hear you've been giving her a hard time.

What do you want?

I came to apologize for trespassing and for messing up your flowers.

Well, I should think so.

This isn't the first time you hooligans have torn up my property!

I know.

I'm really sorry.

You should see my creeping bent in the summer, what they do.

I know!

I know.

Anyway, ma'am, I'm sorry.

Don't do it again, or I'll be forced to notify the juvenile authorities.

I'm sure you wouldn't enjoy a month or two in reform school.

No, ma'am.


While I'm here, ma'am, I'm raising money for a good cause.

And, well…

I'm willing to do chores for you for half price.

Raising money?

For what cause?

An animal shelter.

What kind of chores?

And how much?

I'll clean any room in your house top to bottom for $5.

Any room?

Any room.

Been meaning to fix this up for quite a while now.

This looks like a $10 job.

You said any room for $5.

Now, this goes upstairs.

This goes upstairs.

You can leave this here.

These go out back.

These go in the closet under the stairs.

This goes up on the top floor.


These are still good.

Keep that over there.

This room needs a big dusting.


These books.

Put them in the bookcase.

And this might

Come on.

Little girl.

Little girl?

Little girl.

Little girl.

Are you playing a game on me?


What's all this?

Aren't they beautiful?

Pack these up right away.


No, I don't want them.

Pack them up.

But don't you like them?

No, I don't like them.

You used to win all of the lights awards for decorating your house.

People came from miles around.

Why would I want people to come from miles around to trample everything?

Because you have a beautiful house.

Well, I'm not doing it anymore.



To the left.


My left!


And $10 makes $15.

We agreed on five.

I know, but you did $15 worth of work.

Thanks, Mrs. McFarland.

Let's go in for those cookies and milk.

I got to go.

But you said you were going to stay a while.

I got something important to do.


Be that way.

I was so worried, I looked for her all day.

She took off early this morning and she didn't say a word.

I'll talk to her.

It's spite.

Dear Santa Claus, don't worry about Prancer.

He's in good hands.

He was hurt, but I helped him to get well.

I will bring him to you at the top of Antler Ridge at midnight on Sunday, the night before Christmas Eve.

That way you will have plenty of time.

If you don't want me to see you, I'll close my eyes.

But I do want to see you.

Love, Jessica Riggs.

How is it, honey?

Does it fit you?

Very well, thank you.

10 minutes.

Come on, man.

Hurry UP-

' Be quiet.

She can hear us.

Oh, my God.

Here he is.

He's big.

Oh, wow.

He's rad!

Okay, Quinn, what are you doing here?

Hey! twigs.

Just wanted to see the famous Prancer.


Who told you?


I just saw… I'm going to strangle that Carol.

Look at his weird feet.

And those eyes.

He's so ugly.

' Yeah.

' Out!

Come out! Hey, watch it!

Take it easy. That thing is sharp!

What's wrong with you?

Out, out! She's crazy, man.

I'm gonna slice you into little pieces!


Get away!

Get, get, get!

Shoo and never come back again!

You're not ugly, Prancer.

Don't let those creeps bother you.

I'm going to strangle that Carol.

All right for her.

All I'm saying is you better get that reindeer out of the shed soon.

I am.


Pretty soon everyone's gonna know about him.

I can't believe Carol told.

Hello, Jessica.

Hi, Mrs. Fairburn.

Aunt Sarah, this is my teacher, Mrs. Fairburn.

Oh, hello.

You must be so proud of her.

Oh, well, yes.

We always are.

I want to hear all about it.

I'll talk to you after church.

Good morning.

Good morning, reverend.

Merry Christmas.

Well, well, well, well, well.

You have added inspiration to my day, young lady.

What'd you do, hand out money?

I don't have any idea what they're talking about.

That brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, make you perfect in every good work to do his will, working in you that which is pleasing in his sight through Jesus Christ our Lord, amen.

♫ Hark, the herald angels sing ♫

♫ Glory to the newborn king ♫

♫ Peace on earth and mercy mild ♫

♫ God and sinners reconciled ♫

♫ Joyful all ye nations rise ♫

♫ Join the triumph of the skies ♫

♫ With angelic host proclaim ♫

♫ Christ is born in Bethlehem ♫

♫ Hark the herald angels sing ♫

♫ Glory to the newborn king ♫

And the Angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them, and they were so afraid.

And the angel said unto them, "Fear not."

What's the matter, Ralph?

♫ Oh Lord my God ♫

♫ When I in awesome wonder ♫

♫ Consider all the earth ♫

♫ Thy hand has made ♫

♫ I see the stars ♫

♫ I hear the rolling thunder ♫

♫ Thy power throughout ♫

♫ The universe displayed ♫

♫ Then sings my soul ♫

♫ My savior God to thee ♫

♫ How great thou art ♫

♫ Then sings my soul ♫

♫ My savior God to thee ♫

♫ How great thou art ♫

♫ How great thou art ♫

And now a final community note.

We have someone very special in our congregation this morning.

Those of you who have read this morning's Sunday newspaper know who I'm talking about.

But for those of you who haven't, I'd like to read part of an editorial that appears in the family section.

It may help to inspire you in the same way that it did me.

In an electronic age where children are growing up light-years faster than their ancestors ever dreamed possible, where the harsh realities of everyday life have invaded even the most idyllic of communities, it is inspiring to see that some children are able to hold on to their dreams and innocent spirit.

Yes, Santa, there are still Virginias in this world.

We have one right here in Three Oaks.

She's nursing the spirit of Christmas back to health the same way as she's nursed your missing reindeer back to health.

Please stop by soon to collect Prancer.

Until then, he's in good hands.

Three Oaks is in good hands as long as we have children like Jessica Riggs, with all their sense of wonder and belief.

We need that belief.

The world needs it.

May it live forever.

Oh, man.

Oh, no.

Dad's probably reading it right now.

Whoa, Janet!

Dumb cow.


Where's Prancer?

We have to find him first.

Let's go this way.

Nobody's here.

Hi, John.

Hope you don't mind us barging in like this.

Oh, no.

There he is.

Look, there he is.

HEY, YOU guys, look.

He's over here, he's in the house.

He's got a gun!

Don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

I want to make a proposition to you, John.

Holy cow.

Oh, no.

He's gone.

Daddy, where is he?

Did you kill him?

You had that deer out in that shed all week, didn't you?

Tell us, daddy.

That's why you skipped school.

You gave him food from the barn, telling lies.

Then I find a 40 pound sack of oats out there with a Christmas bow on it!

Do you wanna tell me where that came from?

Did you steal that, too?

No, she bought it with… You were in on this, too, huh?

I'll get to you later.


Sit down to read the newspaper for a change and all heck breaks loose.

Darned deer lets the stock out then comes into the house!

I got too much on my mind for all this.

You kids are making me nuts. Daddy, you didn't shoot him.

Tell me you didn't shoot him.

I didn't shoot it.

You didn't?

No, I didn't.


No, I didn't.

Oh, thank you, daddy.

Did he run away?

Which way did he go?

Did he go to Antler Ridge?

Down at Three Oaks.

I sold him.

Sold him?

To Herb Drier.

He offered me $200 to take him off my hands.

Mister Drier, the butcher?

Daddy, he'll eat him!

No, he won't.

He's a butcher, daddy.

He'll cut him up and sell the pieces.

Now stop it.

No, I won't.

You don't understand what you've done.

He's one of Santa's.

Oh, come on, Jessie!

Mom would've never done this.

Look, a reindeer don't fly, okay?

I hate to be the one to tell you that, but they don't.

I'll shoot her instead of you.

Die, I'm gonna die.

Oh, John, you really didn't do that, did you?

Where is he, Mister Drier?

Where's who?


Over there.


You're alive.

I saved his life.

Now he's my best salesman.

Aren't you, fella?

Nobody answer that.

I'm tired of having to explain to everybody why I sold that reindeer.

May I be excused, please?

Yes, you may.

Sorry about the mess he made in the house.

I'll do the dishes after everyone's through.

Where do you think you're going?

None of your beeswax.

You're heading for town at night in a snowstorm and it's none of my business?

You're gonna try and spring Prancer.

So what if I am?

I just wondered why do you need a sack full of clothes to do it.

Come on, Jessie, what are the clothes for?

You're gonna tell me what you're doing or I'm gonna go get dad.

I'm not coming back.

Boy, that's just great.

Come on, Jessie.

Come back to the house.

Come on, don't be crazy.

HEY, are you going to make me drag you?

Go ahead, drag me.

I'll just find another way to leave.

Am I the only sane one left in this family?

Look, Steve, I'm not going to ever, ever live with Aunt Sarah.

Aunt Sarah?

Dad wants to send me there and I really don't want to go.

He does?

Why is everyone keeping me in the dark about everything?

I didn't think you'd care.

Of course I do.

I thought maybe you might be glad.

Of course not.

Now come on back, Jess.

We'll work this out.

Dad doesn't want me.

Sure, he does.

He doesn't treat me right.

He's just mixed up right now.

He doesn't love me, doesn't understand me.

Maybe he doesn't understand you all the time.

I don't either.

That doesn't mean I don't love you.

Come on, come on home.

I'm tired of talking about this.

I can't, Steve.

With Prancer gone, there's nothing left for me in this town.

Bye, Steve.

Figured you might need some help with the jailbreak.

Don't think I'm gonna try and talk you out of running away anymore.

Whatever you wanna do is fine with me.

Thanks, Steve.

We gotta hurry.

Bert makes his rounds every half an hour.

You be the lookout.

Where were you?

I didn't see it.

Get back to your post.

No, let me help.

The snow's too thick for looking out.

If you don't get back to your post we're going home.

' Hey, Steve!

UP here!

What are you doing?

What the heck are you doing?

Prying the roof off so Prancer can jump out.

Too high for you and it's too high for him.

He's Prancer, Steve.

Maybe we'll get to see him fly.

Get down!


Come on, Prancer.

Come on.

You're all better now.

There's nothing holding you back.

Prancer, come on.

We don't have much time.

It's quarter till 12.

Prancer, come on!

Look, Steve.

He's gonna fly, he's gonna fly.

Steve, look!

It's Bert.

Stay put.

Maybe he won't see you in all the snow.

Hey, Prancer.

How you doing tonight, huh?

Nice weather we're having here, huh?

How about that?


Oh, boy'

Well, we'll see you on our next run and I'll bring you something real good to eat, too, okay?


See you later.

Stay put!

I'm coming up!




Bert, wait!


Wait, Bert, stop!

Bert, my sister's hurt!



Come back!

She's hurt!


Come back, Bert!

Are you sure?

I think maybe she came home from the hospital too soon.

I know the X-Rays turned out alright.

She's still not feeling well.

Things are blurry when she looks at 'em.

She doesn't want to get out of bed.

She doesn't want to play her Christmas records.

Oh, no, you don't understand.

My daughter plays Christmas records all year.

Yeah, okay.

I will.

How are you feeling, honey?

Things still look a little funny to you?

Sort of.

Tomorrow when your uncle and I come over for Christmas dinner, we'll all get bundled up and we'll go and see Prancer.

I don't want to see that deer anymore.

What on earth are you talking about?

Everyone was right.

Don't know why it took me so long to listen.

I don't understand, Jessie.

It's just a deer, Aunt Sarah.

What would make you say such a thing?

After all that you've done for him, after what he did for you last night?

Why, I bet Santa's coming to get him tonight.

You don't have to pretend.

Dad's right.

I'm almost nine years old.

It's time I grew up a little.

Hey, John, how are you?

What you doing down here?

I was just checking on the reindeer.

You ought to go up to your house

'cause there's gonna be a party there.



It was supposed to be a surprise party.

A what?

Just between you and I, it's a party for Jessie.

So, we'll see you out there, okay?

Well, yeah.

Sure I'll be there.



Don't hit me in front of people.

I outrank you, you know.

♫ Oh Tannenbaum ♫

♫ Thy leaves are so unchanging ♫

♫ Not only green when summer's here ♫

♫ But also when 'tis cold and drear ♫

♫ Oh Tannenbaum ♫

♫ Thy leaves are so unchanging ♫

♫ Oh Tannenbaum ♫

♫ Thy leaves are so unchanging ♫

♫ Not only green when summer's here ♫

♫ But also when 'tis cold and drear ♫

♫ Oh Tannenbaum ♫

♫ Thy leaves are so unchanging ♫

♫ We wish you a merry Christmas ♫

♫ We wish you a merry Christmas ♫

♫ And a happy new year ♫

♫ Good tidings we bring ♫

♫ To you and your kin ♫

♫ Good tidings for Christmas ♫

♫ And a happy new year ♫

♫ We wish you a merry Christmas ♫ I found this at the Christmas tree lot.

♫ We wish you a merry Christmas ♫

♫ And a happy new year ♫

♫ Good tidings we bring ♫

♫ To you and your kin ♫ Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Please come in!

♫ Good tidings for Christmas ♫

♫ And a happy new year ♫ I haven't got much to give you this Christmas.

That's okay, daddy.

No, it isn't.

It isn't.

I've been thinking.

Maybe we could do some of the things we used to do,

you know, before?

On other Christmases.

You know that old sleigh?

Remember the rides we used to take in it every Christmas?

Well, maybe we could hook it up to old Ralph and do that tomorrow.

I'd like that, daddy.

I found this out in the shed.


Read it.

Just this part.

That's my favorite.

You tear apart the baby's rattle, and you see what makes the noise inside.

But there is a veil covering the unseen world, which not the strongest man could tear apart.

Only faith, poetry, love, and romance can push aside that curtain and view the beauty and the glory beyond.

Is it all real?

Virginia, in all this world, there is nothing else real and abiding.

No Santa Claus?

Thank God he lives, and lives forever

1,000 years from now, 10 times 10,000 years from now.

He will continue to make glad the heart of childhood.

I didn't really wanna run away.

I just, I just wanted

you to find me and bring me back here and tell me things were going to be okay, like they used to be.

Oh, Jessie.

I can't tell you everything's going to be all right.

I wish I could.

But I know things are always going to be hard around here.

Could even be we'll lose this farm someday.

But I can bear that.

What I can't bear is…

when you were gone last night, I saw what it would be like around here not to have you around.

I love you, Jessie.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, daddy.

I'm sorry.

I love you, too, daddy.

I know, baby.

It's okay.

Don't cry.

You're home, honey.

And that's where you're gonna stay.

I got something I want to show you.

How'd you get him?

Tracked Herb down and gave him his money back.

I think we still got time to get him out to Antler Ridge.

Santa hasn't been to Three Oaks yet.

You don't have to.

I know he's really not Prancer.

You're gonna have a lot of trouble convincing all those people downstairs of that.

Move out of the way, everybody.

We got a reindeer to get to Antler Ridge by midnight.

I don't think this is such a good idea, John.

The doctor said that she could get out of bed, but I don't think this is what he had in mind.

She still needs her rest.

I know what she needs, Sarah, and from now on she's gonna be getting more of it.


Bye, reindeer!

Merry Christmas, Prancer!

I wish I could keep you for just my own pet.

I'll always remember you, Prancer.

I love you.

Thanks, Prancer, for everything.


Where did he go?

I don't know.

He just disappeared.

He couldn't have jumped and live.

Maybe he flew.

This would be a good place for Santa to come and get him.

The moon is full.

And it is Christmas Eve.


Maybe you'll hear his bells.

I hear them.

I hear them, daddy, I do.

Goodbye, Prancer.

Good bye.