Prazdniny u starej mamy (1976) Script

SONG: The summer comes with the miracles of the night, comes to the wings of the clouds, and he walked with the good hands of the jag.

I think he came with a good mood and with a fury of fuzzy ideas, to give us a lot of beauty to give the spikes a right.

"Dear Pao. I'm still waiting for your answer, whether you come to our vacation. Chernobyl is also looking at you day to day. He did not even say old mother.

We go to her almost every night. "

Hello. -You are at home?

-Hi. What's so late? We were on the march. And I get you something.

-You are learning? -Hmm, beautiful.

Are you hungry? That's from the clinic, is there anything wrong with you?

-We were up to Devin. See. -Show?

-And Stephan, of Ilhanov, wrote to me. He calls me for the holidays.

-No what our agreement? You promised me to go together to the Adriatic.

No, yes. I'll give this to my father.

Ask him if he does not want coffee. -Uhm.

Greetings of summer.

-What's the point, pioneer? -To father everything, right?

And here's your mail, and the newspaper. What did you write about?

-Yes, no, it's probably Mom. Since studying high!

Interesting. Devin. That's what you did.

From Ilanov? Mama is writing to us?

-Steve. -He wants me to come for the holidays.

-The old mummy is sad. -No, we can see, too, but first we go to Yalta together. You promised me that.

How much is it? They do not decide yet, they started now. Come and see.

First, I'll write to Stephen and write an old mother. Look! And it's already there!

-Yeah, and your mother's gonna fuck you if you do not want coffee! -Well you see? What?

-And that coffee? -That's not right now. Later.

ČĺTA: He did not even say old mother.

We go to her almost every night. Last week we were at the chalet.

He's in the valley where we've been looking for caves last year.

So what did your father say? She wants that coffee?

-He wants me to go to Yalta with him. But you did not tell him, that we go together to... -Have you agitating? -I do not.

As soon as he gets better.

Not Yalta. He was already on the Adriatic.

-But please, do not talk to him. Just tell yourself who you want to go with?

-I would love to go all together.

-Together? It probably will not happen.

Now, now, no. Then I'd rather go to the old mother.

Do not worry about me.

-Change Guides. Please tick the tickets.

-And so far? How old are you? -I have 11.

-And you put the briefcase too? -Where can you help me? -I can help.

And Nicholas will be the third station. -Second. Because this speed they do not want to be in Ľubochni. You could already send them to the end of the world.

You do not get lost.

FROM AMPLIÓN: The rapid from Bratislava and Žilina comes to the second track.

Are they expecting you? -They should. Oh, there!

-Well thank you! -Guest holidays, traveler.

Good day, old mama. -But you only grew me in that year!

-Hi. Give that suitcase. -That's Dana, my sister.

-What do you have in the trunk, all over Bratislava? -That's the whole holiday.

-Ah, I almost did not recognize you. Hello, Black. - Hello.

-She left to Štrba, Poprad, Kysak and Košíc.

-Dana will be a teacher with us. But we'll have what?

-I'll give you all of it. Go eat. - I'm not hungry.

What do you say? Steve. You did not even tell me how she was.

-No and when did I have? -I have to do it to him.

-You just got out now. -I'll be right back. Do you know how he will like?

CHILD PLAYS -Steva, come here.

-Shh. Well, my little one, spin. No, give it.


-How come! Can I for a second? -But it just for a moment.

-Ahoj.-Welcome. How did you come? -Sam, train.

-You know how we're crouching the dagger for the horror? -Uhm.

So I brought it to you, for a present.

-What? You do not want? -Well, I'll be back soon.

So you already come, Paul? Right now. - How did you grow up.

-That's a nice dagger. Is that yours? We go to town to buy furniture.

Taxes on equipment.

-I'm gonna give you something...

-Steva, what's wrong with you ?! Concrete we need!

-Oh, old father, right now! They do not translate me or cross the straw.

-We need to finish! Paola also has his hands, right?

-Are you going? -Sam.

-Welcome. Good day. - Welcome.

-What's new in Bratislava? Nothing, we live.

And why did not my father come? She can not, she has a lot of robots.

-Ah, what the robot there. We now have a lot of robots.

But only one mother.

During those eleven years, he has not shown up.

And once we were friends. Good friends. Just like you two.

-Let more not happen. The tenth come home !?

-But I had to win with friends.

-Your father and mom, have you given you a good will?

-I do not know what, but I'm here.

-Say, Paiko, do not they stand up together? COB!

-Let almost do not talk. -And now?

No, my dad's still in his room, and Mom in his.

They also bought the second TV. Now we have two.

Good morning, Comrade Teacher. -Good morning.

Did he get up already? Give it, I'll take you away.

You do not wake up the cannon or the cannon. -I? I will catch his nose and it will be.

-We can build a blast. -You, too, which still hurts under the ass.

But I will not let you wake up. -Yeah! Good morning, old mother!

Steve, come here! I have discovered where the sun is coming!

Just like a father. -And there is a bench.

And come for breakfast! -What's going to be? -Spread with sausage.

-That's just the sausage I've already eaten!

Look, see? There, behind the hills, came the sun.

Everything is here on the palm of your hand. Even Poludnica, and Mikuláš, and the dam.

Are you going to the plain? - How do you know? Last year, we were here.

-I'll go with you. -You have a swimsuit? No swans, but panties hey.

-Show. Now, lady, come on.

KIDS: Hello! -Give you, kids. Still, did you come, Pałko?

-Hey, yesterday. -You're going to swim, what?

Plain, to the stream. -No, go, go, it will be hot today.

-Ako shave. I almost did not recognize him.

-Ver, he's already retired. And build a house. On my own.

Here, that's his.


Fly, five more coats, quick! Well, move, Rudo!

Are you out of that water? First you need to clean the bank!

So what is it, Rudo?

-What are you talking to me? For now I wear it.

Do not you think? If someone looks at us, my father is screaming.

-We built an "Ozai" dam.

Boys, pala goes!

-Hey, Bratislavčan! -When did you come?

-Vitaj, Pałko. -How did you have a "rationale"?

-Where do you have diving glasses?

-Hello, Rudo! -Vitaj, Paolo! -Rudo!

What is it? Are you here ?! He comes from Bratislava and he thinks, that everything belongs to him. Did you build a hat? He did not even give a rock to her! Work it!

First, I'll be swimming, my friends, and then I can afford it bend your feet! But now out! -Siara, you were, and you will!

-How could you build a hat when he just arrived yesterday afternoon? -Who are you screaming?

-You know who I am ?! Do you have one shot?

-Hello, wait, do not go!

-Have him, let the boys go there alone!



-Are you afraid? But it's a very simple snake.

Come here, I found something! -Now!

What did you find?

-Prilbu? -Sovietsku.

-The soldier she belonged to has fallen. -Show?

Come on.

-It's like a binocular. Get here.

The fact.


When I was young, I thought I was okrivel, because it supports the sky. -Anot vari?



-What's up, Paolo? -Prilbu. Still out of war. The overshot.

-And from a gun. -The fact.

-Where did you collect them? Up, on the slope of Javorova.

Look what beautiful. But they do. Go Drip, I will punish them. -Then you do not have them.

-That's an old lady wearing them. But I can taste two, three.

-No, four. But no more. -No, let's go to the water.

-Give them here. First of all.

-I'll stay here on the edge.

-Dost, the rest are mine!

-Did you not wheel? -If you have a tractor! SMIECH

-Chops, we were alone!


-We're up here.

-Let go! And where are raspberries? -Good for old mommy.

-What do I know? You said we could taste it. We tasted, nor were they enough. - And they were good. -I got you drunk!

-Vinco, I'm the helmet... -What, you iron for me?

HARMFUL DETAILS -Paľko! -His headed him.

-Paľko. -Works, on them, on jars!

On the! Utop sa!

-Here you are! And now, come back!

-Take it.

You're starting a holiday, okay. If at least you admitted what happened.

-We've already told you that we were at Javorová.

Well, Pałko slipped, he pushed me too, and we were flying.

-You know what grunts there are. -Grone right.

But you're even more powerful losers. And who did the hen on your hand smell?

A bear? And remember the second time that when you get in the battle jump on your forehead, put iron right there. Your buddy is glad.

-You missed your fight on the fight. A Vinco...

-Come on? What have you done? Tell me the truth.

Women do not lie to each other. -Yes, Aunt, I do not know anything.

I did not see anything.

-So I know the truth ?! What have you done?

Like his father.

-Hi. Are you waiting for me? -You see no.

-I'm gonna get some money. Today, tomorrow at the consultation, tomorrow at the training, then the brigade.

He has sent the artwork shortly.

Got talent.

-You know only now that he's good to draw?

Look, his desires. "My brother, my sister."

-I'm sorry, do not start again. -You're reading lonely here. -And I do not ?!

Do you have to keep reminding me? Treatment failed, so what do I do? I wanted a child from the institute.

-I want my daughter. -Me too!

Oh. Put it here, it's a guy.

-I'm here Vinco.

-So what, Bratislava, how's the jerk on his forehead?

Do not you want to move? I'd give it to you, but you should fall and you should have two horns on your forehead, like a devil!

ALL: Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu! SMIECH But he was banging! - What a flash of light! -So what, kids, shit?

HEART OF HEALTH-And where did you get? On the slope of Javor.

-Hey, the Soviet troops had an artillery observer there.

Your father would know who she belonged to, he knew them all.

-You've been a clutch. -My father? -Hey.

He was the youngest of the guerrilla group of this Štev's devotee.

Good day. -Hello, hello. Are you here? Well, come on.

-Hey, only his house remained after the war. -Why did you leave him so, dedo Ondráš? -Who would be in the old days today?

It's not from a bullet, but from a splinter.

-What are you doing? -I want to see how this shrimp looks.

-And how was it with those soldiers?

-The observer was seven. One woman, a radio operator.

Three of them fell when the fricovia started firing them on the mines.

-And the girl? -Padlo.

-Is not her helmet? -Not.

Your father has brought your father into the village still alive.

Her helmet was on her head. Lieutenants also buried with their helmet.

-And the third one?

-This mina tore.

Ivanka was called from Minsk.

Look, there are caves. -An underground lakes.

-Hello, boys? -Where are you going? OBAJA: To trout!

-And they'll be in the evening? -Look up!

-There's a lot. We're not waiting!

-See! As a hand.


It's under the shore, I'm gonna catch it.

Hold! I already feel it. Another bit!

-Is not just the right thing, is not it?


From this height, the mouse also appears. He has the sharpest view.

-I mean, I have good eyes and I can see that this is not a falcon, but a shrub.

-You could be an Indian hunter too. Nice hunter!

First of all, it's a rabbit, and second, you're sitting on your ears, because you have not heard me come. -How did you find us?

-Dana told her! Gossip Girl! -Thank you, Dana is the best nurse!

-Don't look! I do not know what. -Let's go!

You do not even get a fuckin 'or nothing. No one called you!

-Is that so. What do you look like you fell from the Moon?

-You fell, into the water. I wanted to tell you that someone is spying on you.

-But I will not tell you anything. -Špehuje! -Špehuje!

A bunch of bears and devils.

They're still wet.

-And as it is, have a sister? -But, bad.

She shakes it, she gets up and still wants to be on her hands.

Your brother would be better.

-I would not care whether a brother or sister.

Just to have them.

See. That cloud looks like a dog's head.

-You did not see our guys? -Not. What's wrong with them?

-What is it so thick? -I? Not at all.

-And from where? From Africa? From Congo, old mama.

-Stevo, be afraid! That's what you love on the bad sidewalks.

-This not Steve but Vinco. I saw.

-In our next program, we will introduce you, dear spectators to the concert hall of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra and we participate to a concert from works of the most famous... -And sleep. Good night.

-Mother Mom, for a moment. -What is it? What else do you want?

-What was my father when he was still young?

-Your father? Hm. Like all boys.

Maybe just a little more tired.

-However, he's been miserable. -Any mischief?

-What about? -What do I know, what's all?

Once, from the lower end of the bobble, he dismounted the car and he unfolded him on the roof and on the trees. All?

-Is the wheels? Yeah, it was laughter at the village.

-Mother? -You should know better now.

I knew her when she was still a pretty little girl.

Even mom is good. And when you have good parents, you too.

-And you sleep already. Good night. -Good night.

(quietly) Psst! Psst! Števo!

-It's me. Come out. I already know what we're going to do to Vincova on retaliation. - Uhm.

-This? Did not you see my bike? I can not find him.

-You got a cellar, right? -There is not.

So remember where you put it. -To the pub.

Anybody had to steal it. He does not steal us.

And you do not have it in a bowl? Take a look.

-There is not.

-This, up there! -What, where?

-My bike. Nik did not have that! -You don 't know me!

I'm your father, you better tell me who you did yesterday.

Hands, get out, here's Vinci's father! You tell your throats to roar.

-Come on! I know what it is! Just after you shoot from your bitch!

-Mother Mom, we've been polishing! -We go to the husiam!

-Mother mother, I'm terribly sorry for my heart. -Hey, Dudas, are you at home ?!

-At home! And what's wrong with you? -Chybuje.

That your Bratislava bird. Where is the?

-In work. He does not feel like yours.

-Stefan also went to cooperative. -You know what he did?

Vinci dismounted the bike and unleashed the tree.

-Dajsamisvete. What has been dismantled can also be folded.

-Not? -Ujo Magura, but your Vinco started.

He first made Pačka's head on his forehead and then threw his clothes in the water.

Well, finally, I know what happened yesterday.

Well you see, go home first to make order.

-Did him with the boy. Get him down!

I buy him a bicycle and he... Come on, wait.

Do not get mad, Mom, I'll make it all right. I...

-Where are you goose, put the bite on the baking pan! Hi, Mom.

-You, where are you here? I have heard you from the brook, you go like a bear. So what happened? -But, we'll swap you.

-And so on a voluntary basis? So what have you done again?

-But, Ujo Magura wants us to cut his head for an ordinary bicycle.

-You've gotten better. So what, should I go to bargain?

-No, we do not want to, but we'd better replace you.

-You can not see it, and it fits me, I'll go with the little counselor.

-Obed I'll send you to my father. -Brynda halušky, yes?

-You did not eat again. -Are you? Mom always buys once a week.

-Only frozen or dried. -But these will be Liptovsky!

No, my dear, nice back! -I'm still here!

-You got your mommy. -Mother moms are cool. Yours not?

-Yeah, hey, mine too.

-It's a driemat on me. -Len and fuck you. The goats are sleeping now.

I will not get it.

-Do you want to stick here? I know how it is with the Hussites.

Once you have a goose, they will sleep as well. And give a cigarette.

But do not listen, because you get a diarrhea again.

-See. Come.

Psst, psst.


-Ujo Magura, geese are in strawberries! -In strawberries! And for a week is collecting.

-You know who drove them there? Well? -Your Vinco. -Vince!

And he even smoked it. -He's smoking... His father, that's a lot, that's a lot.

Come! She will not forget that.

-The boys! Noon, get up!

-I gave you the dumplings. -Is it lunch? -No.

-Good day. -Hi. Eat while they are warm.

-And where are the geese?

Did not you see geese? -Oh morning. She has led them to have you.

-What, are they lost? -Zmizli!

-Hey, go ahead!

Shoo! Go out!

Hey, paskudy!

-Where were they? -Who used them? -But, Števo s Paľkom, you know how it is. And what did not happen to you? They fell asleep in that hunger.

-Great shepherd. -What happened? -You're going to hang up, I'm your father ?!

-You drove them into a strawberry! Yeah? - Come closer! Breathe on me!

You smoke. Stop! Come back! -Joj! Joj-joj-joj, mom, mom!

-What did you do? Do not worry, nothing will happen to him.

There were only papers. A piece of salt.

He poured it into the shells. How much he puts it there, so much he got.

Come on! -Who was it?

-What serpent does a child shoot for? -Group Group-Which group?

-When only his dad has a rifle. See him! He was, Father!

-That was my father. That means he must have had a good cause!

-Au! -And I'm here with you baby! And you still have a guy!

Let's just leave him alone. -He started the war, not us.

-He got a good spanking from his father. But not from us.

-Let's better to swim. I already have swimsuits.

-You'll have a look. -You beat you.

-I have an idea! But we would need a strong wire.

-We got home. I will bring? -Prines. - Well, run!

-You have that, Danka. The village must be a teacher to all.

Attorney, confidant, organizer, veterinarian, dentist and, as you can see, mechanics.

-This belongs here. -No, rather on the opposite side.

Look, here. -You are right.

So what's the matter? Is there anything missing? -If there is nothing. It'll be done in a minute.

-How, Vinco, jump for a sip of juice. And bring the cups.

But I'm not thirsty. -You, Danka, you have to press him a little. They will not learn.

-Yeah, fuck you. I can not, I have to go. - What do you have to do?

-You know. -Jaj?


-Uhm, but vonia. -Moja did her. From real mountain raspberries.

-Ťahajte. Get off! What is it?

This! Mother! Come here!

-Help! Earthquake! -You can not see it?

Yesterday, I told you to play that bucket! What are you cracking?

-This should be done! -This, mama, do not you hear?

There's bad air. -What'd he got in there, go out?

-Perfect robot.

-No, teachers, do a lot. -What did I say?

Well? What do you write? Not that I miss them, that they are burning in Bratislava, and that they greet you. And nothing more?

-No, even the little things that they paint a staircase with us and that...

But why am I writing two letters when I write the same?

-He said everyone was special, maybe because of it.

-I would rather be in a one-room apartment.

-That's not in the apartment, Paull. -I know now, old mama.

-I can help you?

-How did he not? No, he did not.

I said that. -Why? It might help you.

Sun, water...

Can we stay here?

What is it, Paull? Not ready yet?

-Tractor is already here. -How? -The chalet walks in the morning.

Here you are behind glg. What you like. Even the bacon to have the warmth.

Our aunt, Aunt, you always bring something. I will not make a year.

-I've been here the last time. You've been talking for 15 years now.

Is that your grandmother? How are you calling?

-And you took the baran?

-Hey, Rudo! Come and see the rodeo!

And sink, cowboy!

-Give me three and full gas! -No, move, mustang! Hybaj!

Well, go ahead! Giddy! Giddy!

-Time, cowboy, tempo! -What are you up for?

-No, mrcka, move. Do you have weak legs, or what?

-For a slap, flip it! -Jaj! Stop me!

-No, dude, move! Giddy!

-Ujo. And the bears do not come to you? -Kdeže.

Where a tourist goes there, 7 years of grass does not grow.

Come on, I'll show you something.

-So what, kids? Are you enjoying your meal? -Uhm, good.

I think so. -Where is Paola?

-He went hen up to the caves. Yesterday, tourists saw a bear.

-Let's go. -Did you not be afraid? -My, and afraid of a bear?

You go as mad.


-A bear! Run!

-Help! A bear!


-What are you afraid of, it's me !?

You are here? I guess I underestimated you. You were the only one afraid of you.

Come, we follow them, for they will flee to the village.

-Hey, Dudas!

-Well, he returned the "recreational". -It's back, what?

-Now, it's Yalta. Palms, sea.

-You know how many people would jump out of the skin if... So give her to them.

-You did not go without skin. -Neblázni. You know it's a reward.

The best guild leader. -And others.

-You could go with a wife, with a son.

-It's that I can not. You understand?

-Not. -That's good.

-What about the brick ?! By the evening the partition must be completed.

-Vince! Come here.

-He proposes to close the ceasefire. -Do you agree?

Not to do badly. -What are we gonna do, get bored?

-No, quite the opposite. -And where do we close the peace?

-No national committee? You smoke the smoke of peace. - What?

Not like the Indians. I have already delivered the smoke.

KAŠEĽ-Tahaj a nešlišli. -Think we do not have Indian headbands.

-And of what, of the goose bitch? -But we could help.

-Julka, do not you have lipstick? -This are ideas.

INDIANES OF COVER What do you say? Did something happen to you?

-You know what it is? That's the apocalypse.

For eternal friendship.


-How, Apachi? Have you made peace?

Cigarettes? And yet?

Boys, this is no longer a game. Dismount the pockets!

-I do not have pockets. -All out, Vinco.

Now you.

And the other.

So what about you?

-That's what we're going to recap. You wanted to make peace.

ALL: Yes. -That's why you wanted to smoke the smoke of peace.

-Yes. -What did you have in smoking?

-Sheet leaves. -We do not grow nuts.

-But it was dry. -You're lying. And you get cigarettes?

-No thing to do, you made a misdemeanor.

Therefore, each of you will write this text a hundred times.

Put them on the board, Danka.

It is scientifically proven...

... proved that smoking is bad for health.

Therefore no reasonable man will consciously destroy...

-I did not smoke. But she fired.

-... own health.

-You hear? But like a holiday, I would suggest, to write it only 50 times and to sign up for their parents. All right?

CHILDREN: Good. -Not! -Rudo. And you do not agree?

-While vacationing and punishing ?! -Good, so you write it in September, but a hundred times. -No, no, prefer now, 50 times.

-I'm not going to lock my father! You already have enough of it!

And knock! Here, on a chin! Even your father did not kiss you here.

-And you do not quarrel, you're burning through the front. -You, do not go away!

-You'll be here for a minute or less. Do not pull the alarm clock and put it here before my eyes. -You, you, I... You!

-Paľko. Do not worry about it. And Stephen is kneeling. On iron.

And he also got a belt. -Špehúnka. I still need you here.

-What is it, Julka? -Have him kneeling up there even in the morning.

-Let lie down. -You've been an hour.

And it did not pass for five minutes. -Did you leave ?!

As a father. Like his father.

-That's all right. Goodbye. Here you go.

Are you here, Mrs. Dudas? Come on. The results are already ready.

I've been here for a long time. He sees it.


Sorry. Thank you. -Goodbye. As if she was born again.

-You will not talk to us when we say what we want! I'll give it up!

-Šaľa? I wrote it only 10 times and see what I have on my finger.

Let's do it scientifically. First we help him dig, and then it may be softer. -The fact. Let's go.

ALL: Hello! Are you, kids?

-Ah, comrade teacher, what will it be? -connection. For power lines.

-You do not have more chakas and a shovel?

-No, we do not want to help you. No, we'll help. - Really.

-Tam, in a bowl... -Let's go!

-Hello, you start from here!

And we're done for an hour. Go on!

Done, shoot it!

No, Rudo, get up! -What is?

-Did you drink? -What do you say, Comrade Teacher?

-It would be a bit of a waterblock, but it's enough for an electrical cable.

You're good. So, kids, what about work?

We will not do anything unless you forgive the sentence.

-No, Julka, that would be wrong.

For this work I would pay at least a hundred.

-Yeah, you got it here, divide yourself. No. -No, we can not.

-You. It is for honest work. For everybody.

Paiko, take it, you'll be a treasurer, all right?

Come on, old mama. -Aquoons did not eat anything a week.

-Had enough. There is not much to eat at night. -I'm still so great the bargaining goulash did not eat. -And that you robbed that robot?

-Do you know how long the cable jar was dug? Teacher gave us a hundred.

Look. - And you took it from him? Do not bother. And especially you!

-He taught your father yet! -We did not want us. Really.

But he'd paid so much to the electrician.

-That's why he did not call them, because he's not even a hell.

-No what do we have to do? Return them to them?

Buy him for something he needs.

I know what. They will bring him an electric grid, so a luster.

-That he always remembered for us. You will not get a hundred luster.

-This is what we add from our own. Tomorrow we go to the brigade.


-For 40. Three little.

-Well, she's beautiful, huh?

-How, do you have so little? I will grab you, you will not.

-I'm already full. -And three.

Not only for yourself but also for your basket.

-If you have 20 or so, you'll be a rich man.

-You'll get the money, Julka. What will you do with them?

-There will be little. -Well, take it, this is beautiful!

-This is even more exciting! -Never, this is the sweetest.

-You can take me, Paiko, I will not miss. Twelve and a half.

-Oh, and can not ten? -For 9 and a half.

I'm glad I do not dare you too, you'd have to pay for it.

4 kilos 15. You can eat 15 decors to make it easier for us to count.

Just eat, eat, eat. What is with you?!

-Paľko! Doctor!

-It's here.

-What is he? Nothing, it's okay now. He was eating strawberries, this was the first time this year. He was allergic to them.

-I do not know if he was, but he will. Leave him alone, let him relax.

-That's galleys. How much do we have?

-22 times. -Already 28 times, I will not survive.

-My hand of wood already.

-I would like to kick the cable jar again.

Write and do not bother. Today we write in half.

25 times. It's sitting, is not it? It's just half of the holidays.

-Children. What are you sick when you learn during the holidays?

We do not, Aunt. We torture. -Paľko.

The package came here. Out.

It's either a transistor or a camera. Or both.

Mother as sender, but Father's font.

Something has happened to us.

-K wash basin!

-With what we got for strawberries, we have 382 crowns. And the luster is 500.

-I always thought that a hundred, that's nothing.

But make money just a simple crown is difficult.

FOOTWEAR - And what is it doing there?

-This is an old habit, they go with a ruff. Our Dana is getting out.

-And this is always so? -No, only once.

-You please one more! -We did not have it! -I got it!

When ancient, ancient. But even with the ransom.

-Fact.-What ransom? -That's done so in front of the village the chain has replaced the path... -And wives when he wanted to go to the village, he had to pay the ransom to the young man.

And sometimes it was a thousand crowns.

-So. Still a part.

-Indian headdress! Where did you get it from?

I was publishing in it. -Yeah, Julka will be.

-If you want her. -We will see.

-Len or I'll want you.

-So. It's nice. -And wives when will you come?

-Autobus tomorrow for the ninth.


Another bit. What did you have for a breakfast with a cousin?

Another bit.

All done. Is everyone clear?

You three will go forward. When Rudo looks bus, gives a sign to Štev and Julke to stop the bus.

And we and Pako will pick the money from the groom. Now go now.

-That's not even a tank. -You can pick up to two thousand crowns.

-You know how many losers would it be? -One, for a lifetime.

-Psst, he growls. -The bus! -Rude, stop him!

BEAUTIFUL SPEV: Hey, a new family, hey, a wedding family, we're going far, yeah, we're cold.

-What does the boy want? -It stops us, he wants to get out.

-Stop! What are you blind ?! -Down the chain!

-We've hit the chain in a curve, the chauffeur does not care!

Watch, stand!

-Yeah, I already broke a tulip pierc!

-Sopliaci! You still have milk on your knuckle and already...

-We wanted only a ransom, a bride. -That was money?

-What did you need them? -Giving, teacher.

-Who organized it?

No? Whose idea was it?

Have you gone?

(quietly) - Sign in. You made it up.

-You have a minute longer.

-We all made it up together. And I led it.

-Uhm, the Duke. -Si, sir.

Lieutenant, you know, it was different. Ja...

All right, let's talk about it. I am postponing the investigation.

Now go now. Because they could have been killed in the bus.

And the place of the wedding would be a car! Well, go ahead, go.

I figured it out. Nobody is guilty, just me.

Dear Parents.

You have taken good care of the principles of family law and you have declared that you do not know any circumstances, which would prevent you from marrying.

You know your health and agree to use it common surname Adamiak. You have met the assumptions for marriage. Your will to become a husband...

I would not be the bride's ears. How much do they care? 10 pounds?

-... therefore I ask you, the wives Karol Adamiak, or here present Are you marrying a voluntary marriage? -Yes!

-I'll ask you, Bride Dan Kralova, or Karol Adamiak here Do you voluntarily marry? -Yes.

-Then you crush your hand. -Leave!

-Only him, only those directives issue.

That's nothing. What is it, hand written...

"... is scientifically proven that smoking is detrimental to health.

Therefore no wise man will be conscious destroy your own health. " Margitka!

-Please? -And this is what?

... it's scientifically proven that smoking hurts... Who sent it?

-Yeah? What? -That Vinco had brought along with the security lieutenant, who was investigating the crash of the wedding buses.

Do you want to sign it and write it for it to be 50 times.

-Then him, 50 times, and there's barely half! 50 times and then what?

-Yeah? Say what? -I do not know. -Hm, 50 times.

Wait, that's a terrible manuscript! Take and multiply it on the machine, let it seem at least cultural. And rather 100 times.

And then send everyone, first to the presidency, then a member of the team... And the teacher.

Um, scientifically proven! His father also with the directives and regulations, I'm glad of the last joy of life.

-And this is who?

Not your father. -There's my skirt. - That's a vigan.

Then the boys were dressed. In a ladle shirt.

-This was our house-Wood? -We were mostly wood only.

That's how Illen looked before the war.

-And right after the war. -All burned? -Anything.

-And this soldier? -Tania. One radio operator.

Did not your father tell you anything about it? Nothing.

-And deda Ondráš reminded her. Get off.

In liberating our village.

Well, but enough. It's late, go to sleep.

-And this? -No, that's your mommy.

-How do you know? -I've got it from her, when she was still here. Come on, sleep well.

And good night.

-How long? -Not. -Has something happened?

You know how hard I get out of the race.

-Stalo, Dusan. -Please?

Two cognacs. Um, two coffees. One day and one more juice. -Yes.

So talk.

I need a car. I should go for a pause.

Do you want to go alone by that distance? -Let me have a chauffeur like you.

-Hey, sooner. I know.

You will have a diploma earlier, though?

-I already have. -You could not tell me?

-Girl for Miss? One or three?

I did not understand how much? Five? -All of them.

singers: I remember with a bit of a spirited mood, on a fusion of fuzzy ideas, how many have given us the beauty of the summer bite.

It was a sensational, therefore, please, miraculous, leave us a bit of your glow for smiles and for tears in the face.

For years after we did not say it opposite, only that it was a miraculous and sensational summer.

-Let's dance. -I do not know.

-What can I do not know, say my shoulders and hips?

-Jaj! Ouch. -It?


-Ye, I gave my cow as a trick 20 years ago ?!

-Don't, and he did. Dry as bone! -Door it! -Why are they arguing?

-They could make a living. -Go to them. -He hunted her horses.

-That's what they did. -Ah, when they have fed them!

-This would not help with rice with oats, they were also. Like your cow.

My cow was like a candy! And what a dairy cow! Catch the reason!

-Think, do not worry, you have a liter to reconcile. -This, for decoration.

And get 30 crowns. -When they drink, they are slaughtered.

-Hey, you there by the water, are you listening ?!

-Good wine and a vodka paper! -Yes!

-Have you seen? -Do you think to open the hat?

-Let's look for Vinca. Uhm. -No, I'm going, her leg hurts.

-WARNING! Three, two, one, already!


-Did, stop!

-If there is nothing, okay? -Clearly.

-That's May? -No, glacier, to finish the building.

-Work, Comrade Teacher! -View, kids! I'm down now.

-South Teacher, we brought you... We bought you... No.

We decided that this lamp... No.

-What did she do, the actress would not be. We brought you this lamp...

-While we were first luster, but they did not give us the money and therefore...

-When you read it, think about us.

-However, this was not cheap. Who gave you the money?

Not you. For that cable jar.

Well, we got the rest on the strawberries.

-You know, it's the first gift...

... that I got in my life.

-No, but what about the punishment? -We have almost written it.

-Len Vinco has lost half of it.

And until the end of the holidays is only 10 days.

-Just 10 days.

ALL MRMLU: ... destroy your own health.

-That would be 49 times. Prepare the fanfare and go.

-Three, two, one! ALL: It is scientifically proven, that smoking... -... damages health.

-What is?

-The teacher died.

He fell from the roof.

-Why is it different in life than would anyone want?

What do you mean, Paull? -No, the teacher should live forever.

But he will die. Ours should love forever and want to get away.

-Why do you go out? -No, they live so strangely.

It just seems like that.

-And if they split, I'd rather be with you.

-No, do not worry, it will not happen.

The two can not get away.

And what do you ask, what was it like? Like you once. For he is your son.

-What are I for? -Veď. -Where do you think, Mom, those inclinations to the huntsters' sons. -May not after me.

-I'm fixing you a robe? -No, thank you, no.

Do not conceal the lump

-Why did not you just say that? Even the skin jumps out of joy.

-Father mother! But Pawk does not even say that.

-You are not ready yet? We go to Rohacek, fire to put on.

We probably will not go. -There's an anniversary.

It's too much for us. -Oh, what are you talking about?

You lazy, huh? But mama is coming, though?

-What's the matter with you? -You'll have to save me.

Pay attention to her.


-You'll have a nurse. Or a bracket.


Ujo Koniar, can we fire our fire? One minute, kids.

It's not yet 18:00. -But, minute to top-down.

Well, when you, Julka, we're burning. But be careful, there's a fuse.

-Three, two, one, and carefully!

Light the second hearth!

-Hey, Father! Grandma! I'm here!

Let go, Vinco, these are forums. I know it's you.

COA. And did I leave my mother alone? -Do not worry. The old mama hugs her.

-Why did you steal you? -Oh, ooh! I'm no longer small.

-Look what Liptov is nice.

-And the boys and Julka did not come? They knew.

-Shaped after yesterday's fires. We did not even wake you up.

So, once again, mama.

-Does, old mother.

And walk away carefully. And when you have time, so write at least how you are.

-He looked for friends and you have them.

They have bruised us. You'll have to pay a ransom.

So what is toll? What is paid? -How do you promise to come back to Christmas again?

And then again for the holidays and for Christmas again.

-You must come here forever once. -Natrvalo.

-I promise.

SONG: It leaves the summer full of miracles, leaves on the wings of the clouds.

He packs his hands with his jagged rays.

I remember with a bit of a spirited mood, on a fusion of fuzzy ideas, how many have given us the beauty of the summer bite.

We could lie down just at the foot of the pavilion, have the whole vault of heaven from the baran's fleece, forget for a moment to the busy city life and to know where it leads to the hearts of men.

It was a sensational, therefore, please, miraculous, leave us a bit of your glow for smiles and for tears in the face.

For years after we did not say it opposite, only that it was a miraculous and sensational summer.