Preacher's Kid (2010) Script

Excuse me.

Are you Sister Brown's granddaughter or a young Jezebel?

A mother's board work is never done.


Praise When life calls us in, praise Seems the pain won't end Praise with all you have With all you can Lift your voice and praise When all hope seems lost, praise With everything you've got, praise With all you have With all you can

- Lift your voice and Praise When it don't make sense Praise And you can't find one friend Praise

- Anyway, anyhow With all you can Come on, somebody Praise! Yes!

He'll make a way When there seems no way Yes, he will He's watching over you Praise, praise

- When it makes no sense Praise When you can't find one friend Praise - Oh, yes Praise, yeah Whoo!

Praise, right through your pain Oh, yeah Oh, yeah Lift your voice And praise Praise Praise

Lift your voice And praise

Good morning, church.

Good morning!

Good morning, church. Good morning!

We wanna thank God for our fabulous choir.

Yeah. Play back. Play back.

Not to mention our outstanding soloist, who just happens to be my daughter.

A faithful servant to the work of the Lord. Amen.

Our text today comes from the Gospel of Luke.

Marcia, hurry before he sees us.

I ain't trying to go to hell for trampling over Mrs. Methuselah.

Where y'all going? I wanna go. No. You gonna get us caught.

Y'all trying to sneak off to the movies again?

Yep. And if Boris Kodjoe hops off that screen and into my lap, mm-mm...

...hell, here I come. Ugh!

It's hot in hell.

But hotter in my lap. Okay?

Y'all is crazy. Angie.

Damn, we're busted.

I'll tell Boris you said hello.

Be back in time for evening service? We're trying to go to the movies.

The movies.

Can the movies compare to salvation?

Hm. Boris Kodjoe?

It's a close one, Bishop. Asthma seems to be getting worse. How many inhalers do I have?

Five, Daddy. Next to your bed, in your medicine cabinet...

...your top-desk drawer, glove compartment...

...and right here in my purse. Here you go.

Oh, in the meantime, I found a new homeopathic cure.

You boil your 10 cloves of garlic in milk and drink it.

Just like her mother. She understood nobody looks after family like family. All we have is each other now.

Oh, come. You can see a movie anytime. When?

I have choir rehearsal, I have Bible band, Bible study...

...midweek services and usher board meetings.

Daddy, I need a break.

And you'll get one.

But-- At the church retreat.

Three days of prayer, relaxation and fellowship with God.

That's who I need a break from.

I meant--

Never mind. Marcia, would you mind helping Angie clear the pews?

Oh, wouldn't miss that experience even for the rapture, Bishop.

That boy love him some Angie.

Look at him. Stalling again, just to spend time with you.

You always seeing things that ain't there.

We just friends, girl. Mm-hm.

What? Hey, hey, hey. That's-- That's mine. That's mine.

"Daddy, Can I Come Back Home?"

What's this? Gospel play coming to town Tuesday.

You free, Angie?

Huh, just friends, huh?

Thanks, but we've got Bible study.

Yeah. Bible study's cancelled this week.

It's got that leaky ceiling.

Well, I have to pass anyway.

I heard about those Chittlin' plays.

With titles like If You Dis Me, You Dis God.

Yeah, yeah, but you know-- I mean--

At the end of the show, somebody's getting saved.

Yeah. And the singing.

They've got good singing in this one?


Like, better than me?

I mean, ain't nobody better than you.

But... You're just saying that.

Look, I mean-- I know how you always wanted that big record deal.

You know, I think that we should do a gospel demo--

Who's in these plays? Famous actors? Yeah. You know, remember Bookman?

Yeah. Bookman from Good Times?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I saw him in one play...

...and then Dwayne from What's Happening?

Hey, hey, hey.


Hey, Mother Charles.

Pastor's daughter out here congregating with men.


And feel free to lower your hem another half inch.

It's crawling up your thigh.

Why, when I was your age we wore our skirts...

...a quarter inch below the knee. A quarter inch below the knee.

Stop making fun of me. Now you the fast one.

I'm not trying to be fast. It's long. Quarter-inch below the thighs.

It's at my knees.

Don't believe you. In the house of God.

Go home.

See your Chittlin' Circuit play. All right.

Bible study got cancelled, thank God.

I know. Wynton told me yesterday.

I'm about sick of church anyway.

What? Is that allowed?

I mean, don't get me wrong.

I love my father, my church, my life.

I just know there's so much more out there, and I'm missing it all.

I think I can fix that.

Bust out that hot new dress you been hiding from Bishop. Angie, are you getting that?

I'm in the bathroom.

King residence.

Hi, Bishop.

You take care now. Bye-bye.

Hey. Do you need anything else before I go to Bible study?

I'm fine. Marcia called. Says she wants-- Okay.

Pick her up tonight and bring her to work in the morning? No way.

Now, what would Jesus do?

Probably snap his fingers and get that little raggedy Hyundai of hers fixed. You just remember that you're the child of a King.

Our last name is King, Daddy.

So would it be easier to just spend the night at her house?

I guess.

But I know how much you need me around here, so...


...are remarkable.

See you in the morning, Daddy. Bye-bye.

I can't believe Bishop keeps falling for that trick.

Girl, my father might be anointed, but he ain't got no street game.


Come on, now. I know.

We gonna be late.

Girl, that bag is cute.

It really completes the look. Girl. So let's do this, mama. You ready?

It'd be nice to hear other than "Praise the Lord, Sista King."

I know. I wanna hear some like "Hey, shawty let me tap that ass--"

Watch your mouth.

Girl, look. That's Shay-shay and them. Remember? From middle school.

Uh-uh. Girl, she wearing that dress. Look at her.

Church girls in the house. Hey, mama.

Girl, look at them chandeliers. This club is off the hook.


So, what now?

Now we gotta find us some ugly dudes who'll buy us some drinks.

Oh, I see two over there by the bar. And one over there by the door.

We gonna get us some drinks tonight. Oh, my God, girl. Look. Look, look.

Is that--?

Devlin Mitchell.

Oh, girl, he had that hit record with Gia. Remember?

Rub it on me Up against me Girl, that's my song!

Oh, he's so fine.

Come. Let's show him how Georgia women put it down.

We can't get up there.

Got on our VIP dresses. We getting in. They're gonna kick us out.

Devlin! Devlin Mitchell.

Hey, how you doing, Devlin?

Me and my girl are big, big fans.

Could we have your autograph? Please? Let them in.

We're getting in! Thank you. Thank y'all so much.

Thank you so much.

Sign mine right here.

Put something like "Marcia, rub it up against me. Again." Does your friend talk?

Say something, Angie. What?

What you girls doing later? I'm having a party back in my room.

Well-- Yeah, yeah. We have choir rehearsal in the morning.

Good girls.

I like that.

I like that.

Your name's Angie, right? Yeah.

I just wrote a song about you.

We country, but we ain't naive. Mm-hm.

Markus, tell Angie the name of my new single.

It's called "Angie." Real talk.

We're sorry.

What you all doing in Atlanta? In a play at the Fox Theatre tomorrow.

Okay. Matter of fact...

Give me two tickets. Yeah.

Y'all come tomorrow night and hang out. Yeah, for sure. For sure.

All right?

I'd follow him anywhere.

All I know is you better not lose them damn tickets.

Bishop, you need to get on the road or you won't make your engagement.

I can't leave without Angie.

She knows about my conference.

She stayed at Marcia's last night. Haven't heard from her since.

Call Sister Watkins. I did.

Apparently, there is a play in town that they're excited about seeing.

A play? Mm-hm.

She needs a good grounding.

Bishop. Bishop, I know this is none of my business...

...but that child is over 21.

You're right, Emma.

It's none of your business.

227 00:14:42,809 --> 00:14:29,041


Come a little closer Let me talk to you

All the things tonight I'm gonna do to you There goes your new man.

Girl, please. He ain't my man. Mm-hm.

I will take you places You have never been Yet.

And we can go there Over and over again Hello? - Bishop, it's Wynton.

I was wondering if I could get your blessing... date Angie.

Angie is too busy with God's work to be thinking about dating right now.

This right here Us all night Yeah, yeah, over What is that? What is that? What he doing?

Again and again and again And again and again Good night, Wynton.

Good night.

Daddy, Can I Come Back Home?

Thanks for coming. Get your cast photos and souvenirs in the lobby now.

I have to be in this show.

No, I'm serious, Marcia. Okay. All right, all right.

Did you hear that music? Yeah.

And those voices?

They're singing for God. Yeah.

And you can only imagine the souls that are being saved every night.

Is that the only reason?

I mean, it could be my big break now.

You know how many big producers come through plays like this?

Well, Lord have mercy, you like him, don't you?

Who? Mm-hm.

Oh, him? He-- He all right.

You keep telling lies and you're going to hell.

Let's take a picture with Devlin here.

Oh, look. Twenty dollars to take pictures with the cast.

Come on. The star invited us.

Whoa, ladies.

We're friends of Devlin. Yeah.

Yeah, so is everyone else here with a $20 bill.

Come on. Wait your turn.

Oh, come on, man. This is crazy. Let's go home.

Hey, yo, yo. Let my wifey through. They good.

You see that?

What's going on? Hi.

How you doing? Good. It's a good thing I saved y'all.

I think Jesus already had that one covered, homey.

Yeah, okay. Hey, look.

The cast is going to get something to eat.

You hungry? Starved.

Y'all both step over there and when I finish we'll go do something.


We going with the celebrities, girl.

Wait. Wait, wait.

Do y'all remember when Cynthia came out on stage...

...and her wig was on backwards?

Y'all didn't say nothing. Y'all was wrong.

What you want me to do?

Comb that stuff.

You remember the time I taped that fold down, I glued that fold down?

That was you? Markus, you crazy. Oh, my gosh.

Don't touch me like that. Whatever.

I wanna join the show.

Sorry. This show?


You got skills? Better than anybody here.

Marcia. It's on now.

I'm just speaking the truth. You have to back that up.

She said it. I didn't. You didn't deny it.

Let's hear you blow.

What is this, an audition or something?

It can be.

People get sent home all the time.

Mm-hm. You go sing.

Ike. Yeah?

This shorty over here is about to audition for you.


Don't be scared. Let's see what you got. Go on. Come on.

Is Church the only place you can sing? No.

All right. Follow me.

I'll take good care of your heart Good care of your heart I'll take good care of your heart Good care of your heart When you need a shoulder to cry on A real man like me to rely on Don't look no further Your search is over I'll take good care of your heart Yeah I'll take good care of your heart I'll take good care of your heart Good care of your heart I'll take good care of your heart Good care of your heart When you need a shoulder to cry on A real good woman like me to rely on Look no further Your search is over, love

- Because I'll take good care of your heart - Care of your heart

- Promise I'll take good care of your heart - Promise I'll take good care of your heart

That's not bad.

You sing in the choir. Understudy Desiree.

Who's Desiree? That's the lead.

Go, girl.

Do you want me to read lines or something?

No, it ain't much acting in this show. In this show we just sing.

Come on. Let's go to my room. I need to go over all the songs with you.

Oh, no, no, no. Slow your roll, pimp daddy.

It ain't that kind of party. She's in good hands.

I learned long ago to cherish what can't be replaced.

Come on, let's go.

Oh, no, no, no. My father might smell my breath for alcohol.

If it was wrong, then why would Jesus turn water into wine?

My father says--

What does that mean?

It means when are you going to start experiencing life for yourself?

Don't you take another step. You may not have many more left.

Hey, Mama, what you doing in my room?

The play was over at 10.

Then we stopped to eat.

Until now?

The only thing open this late is liquor stores...

...and legs.

Where's Angie?

Wait right there. Hello?

Sister Watkins...

...I'm sorry to call so late.

Are the girls back yet? - Bishop, we need to talk.

Angie, is that you? Yeah, it's me. I'm home.

- Thank God. Did Bishop catch you? Everything's okay. He's sleeping.

- Well, dish it out, mama. Oh, girl. It was the bomb.

- Girl, y'all didn't get freaky, did you? No, we didn't do that. You're so nasty.


He was a perfect gentleman.

He just held me all night. - Aw.

I love me some Devlin.

Please. You sound like cupid knocked you over the head.

Now, you only met this man last night.

- All I know is you better-- Gotta go. Bye.

You lied to me. Consider yourself grounded until the Lord tells me otherwise.

I'm too old to be grounded, Daddy.

In my house, under my roof, where I pay the bills, I make rules.

There's something I need to tell you, Daddy.

I'm leaving.


I'm going on the road with a gospel play.

It's just like church, Daddy. Singing, praising and preaching--

No, I forbid it.

My whole life...

...I've lived for your blessing.

To please you.

Well, I'm grown now.

And I don't need your permission.

That's what you say.

That's what you say. What does God say?

I'm going, Daddy. I'm going.

Did you hear me? You're not going anywhere!

Get off me!

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

You walk out that door...

...never step foot in this house again.

Don't call my phone.

Don't even mention me to God.

I'm sorry, Daddy...

...but I have to do this for me.

I hope that you can understand one day.

Goodbye, Daddy.

You better go ahead.

We're not stopping or going to the bathroom...

...all the way to Arkansas.

Whoa. You almost got left. You're late. I need a schedule. Oh, and my contract? You're looking at your contract.

We do seven shows a week, matin?es on Saturdays and Sundays.

Monday is your travel day.

Hurry up. I'll save you a seat.

The contract ends when you piss me off. You understand?

Now, you look like a good kid.

What you do on your own time is between you and God. You understand?

But I'm telling you right now... better be careful. All right? Yes, sir.

Go on and get on the bus. Okay.

Dock her $50. She was late.

Let's go. See what happens when you're late?

Smile, you got a 12-hour bus ride ahead of you.

This seat is taken, boo boo.

And so is he.

Here's a seat.


Remember me from the diner? I'm Peaches.

I set up and sell concessions, T-shirts, programs, cast photos.

Yeah, nice to see you again. Angie King.

Who's that?

Desiree? Yeah.

Oh, just somebody he used to kick it with.

Well, I saw her in the show.

She's good.

Don't get on her bad side.

Ike doesn't like when you piss off the leads. He'll send you home quick.

He don't like drama.

Psst. Excuse me.

I'm a big fan.

I'm understudying the lead.

Everybody here understudies. Even me and Biscuit, the bus driver.

Oh, well, how often does Desiree miss a performance?


Neither sickness, nor death, nor baby-daddy drama...

...keeps us from getting out on that stage.

Angie, we're here.

Oh, come on, girl.

We gotta unpack and get over to the theater.

He's gone, like we ought to be. Let's go.


My little girl Tried to save you from this world Hold up. Ladies and gentlemen.

If you don't have experience, don't come here.

Don't try and stop me now I've got to go Come a little closer Let me talk to you Doing all the things that I wanna do That's what I'm saying. Come on. - Oh, I'm leaving now I gotta learn for myself This is not Broadway. This is black theater at its best.

Yes. Okay.

I'm leaving now, I've got to go Gotta learn for myself There's something I've got to know Cut, cut. Stop. Cut means stop. Argh!

Just go. Just go. Go on, go on.

Thank-- Thank you. Thank you. No, don't thank us. Bye-bye.

They double us up. So you wanna room together?

Yeah. That's fine. Okay.

Take it.

Good morning, Devlin. I was needing a date for breakfast.

I can't. I'm waiting on the record label to call.

Oh, okay.

Hey, you know what?

Why don't you come by my room tonight. I'll leave a key at the front desk for you.


Come on, girl. I'll show you how to make your per diem last.

All right.

Here are the rules.

Don't use anything at the hotels except the bed, the toilet and the towels.

Okay. No room service, no mini-bar... phone calls, no pay-TV. Okay.

Most of the men in the show spend a grip on dirty movies.

Wait, I thought these were all Christian men.

My bad. Let me rephrase that.

Most Christian men in the show spend a grip on dirty movies.



I said downstage.

Who told you to walk there? Downstage.

Which way is that?

Get your dumb country Bama behind off my stage.

I need a new next-door neighbor. Where's that new girl?

You're up. New girl!

Me? I don't know that role. I need a new neighbor.

Knock on the door and look cute and ask to borrow some sugar. Go.

New girl! Okay, I'm right here.

Are you deaf or just dumb?

My name is Angie.

How about stupid?

Now, hit your mark.

I'd rather you not call me out of my name.

You fired too. Somebody send this child home.

For what? For telling you her name?

How about this?

You send her home, you send me home too.

Stay out of this, Dev.


I'm all up in it.

Well, I tell you what. Just--

Just get her attitude together.

How many people you fire today? What you got for me?

Listen. I got this new character...

...I added to the show. Okay.

I think it'd be good.

Biscuit! Come on out. You gotta be kidding me.

Biscuit? My bus driver? Oh, yeah.

I call her Aunt B?b?. It better be good for your sake.

Or else you be the next one going home.

Oh, that was close.

I owe you one.

Yeah, you do.

Angie, would you ever say no to me?

That's a dangerous question.

But I think I trust you.

No, I wouldn't.

I've always wanted to do it in a tent.

Excuse me? Church, I mean.

I saw them setting up when we pulled in.

Would you go with me?

You're what every church girl wants.

A bad boy who loves the Lord.

Come on.

Hey, baby girl. Where's my dinners?

I'm sick of this.

I got my own life to lead. And I want what's coming to me.

You want what's coming to you, huh? Yeah.

You know your Daddy love you's.

So I'm gonna give to you what's coming to you. Get on over here.

With open arms I'm sorry.

Jesus is waiting Come as you are Without hesitating He hopes for you All that you need Come as you are It's time to breathe free

Litha, come on. Come on, you missed it.

Okay. Remember, the part that we talked about. You can't be lazy.

Okay, no-- Just sing it the way I asked you to.

You mean you want me to sing it like Angie. And I ain't her.

Okay, just--

Just do the best you can. Because we gotta be top-notch for New York.

I guess you're saying I'm not.

Let's take a break.

I'm sorry. It's--

You know, it's just-- It's hard losing a lead singer.

Well, we've lost more than a singer.

Our top selection, sir? Yes.

Oh, you know what? I got it.

Thank you very much. You're welcome.

I'm not used to being so spoiled.

Well, get used to being with me.

Oh, no, no, no. I'd rather not.

I'm a PK, remember? A what?

A PK. A Preacher's Kid.


My daddy's a pastor.

Yeah. I hear you.

So is it true what they say about you all?


I mean, I hear PK's are, like, the biggest freaks ever.

Excuse you?

No disrespect, I mean...

...I just hear PK's are really messed up.

I mean, there is the pressure of being perfect.

We can't make mistakes like everybody else.

Would it be a mistake to spend the night with me?

No. I mean, yes.


You want me to keep it real? Please.

As freaky as you think PK's might be...

...I've never gone past foreplay.

I guess life is all about growth and experiences.


You tripping.

I've been saving myself for you my whole life.

Put the names on the envelope.

Everybody get four tickets, understand? I understand.

New girl.


Oh, I was-- I was just-- I was just what?

Get over here.

How you doing? Hey.

Didn't I tell you to be careful?

You're a grown-ass woman. You know what to do.

Leave these tickets, sort through them.

Leave them at will call for the pastors, understand?

Okay. Where the shepherd goes...

...the sheep will follow.

That's what I'm saying. Thanks a lot. All right.

I don't know what to do with you. Get on out of here.

Oh, um--

I'm wondering when I'm gonna rehearse Desiree's role with the rest of the cast.

Ain't no time to rehearse.

You do that on your own.


I mean, you never know when it's your time. You understand?

Yes, sir.

You never know.

Thank you.

Come in.

Hi, my name is Jillian from next door.

And I was wondering if I could borrow a cup of sugar.

Why is you cup-a-sugar Negroes always moving next door to us?

Whatever. Is your husband home?

No, but my brothers, Smith & Wesson are.


Run, hussy.

Top that, homey.

Hello? Bishop?

I hope I'm not interrupting.

I was about to have supper-- Oh, you over here eating fast food.

Not as long as I have breath in me.

You like chicken and dumplings?

You really didn't have to do this.

Oh, come on, now. Please, that comes natural to me.

And you know you need some good home cooking now that first lady is gone.

Oh, Lord, we all miss her.

Yes, yes.

So have you heard from Angie?

I'm sure you respect the need to keep private lives private.

When you respect the need to let kids make their own mistakes.

You're cutting into my prayer time, Sister Watkins.

I hope it is devoted to asking for a forgiving spirit.

Leaving now I have to go Gotta learn for myself Something I have to know I'm leaving now No, don't try to stop me Oh, I'm leaving now Just pray for me Hey, baby.

I got your stuff.

Oh, see here your lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush.

All ready to go.

Did you put my clothes in the cleaners?


I looked all over for one, and I didn't find one.

But I'll try again tomorrow.

Wow, this place is a mess.

Do you have to smoke that?

I ain't gotta. But I'm gonna.

That stuff is for losers.

What you say?

I said that stuff is for--

I was platinum before you knew what a demo was.

Think you talking to?

You better ask about me.

Little church girl.

Look, baby. Look, Angie, baby, look.

Look, I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry. I've--

I promise you I have never put my hands on a woman before.

I don't what I--

I don't know what I was thinking.

I'm sorry.

I'm messed up.

I need you.

Need me how?

What's wrong?

Talk to me.

After my second CD...

...after I made them all that money...

...they just dropped me.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Don't tell me you're so--

It's all the new gangsta rap.

And now it's about hip-hop.

Nobody wants to hear real music anymore. Nobody.


I'm gonna get a new record deal.

And when I do...

...I'm gonna make them take you too.

You would do that?


...any success without you is failure.

FATHER : My little girl Tried to save you from this world My baby girl Why won't you listen to me?

Your dad, your father, your protector Did I hold too tight?

My baby girl I pray for you tonight Oh, don't wanna live In a world without you Don't wanna breathe without you Can't believe I never showed you Never told you So now you're leaving And you don't know What I felt about you So tonight I'm hurting I'm longing Oh, I'll pray for you tonight Daddy, let me go Don't wanna let you go Is there anything you can do?

Please let me go Baby girl, please stay She doesn't even know how I feel Please let me go Daddy's little girl Oh, I'll pray Pray for me tonight You know I will You know I will And I will pray for you Tonight


What do? What up, baby?

That's good.

What's up, boy? Safe, single.

They got it out for us, huh? Don't you know.


Why don't you go check us in, get our bags off the bus?

Okay, baby.


Come here.

Go fix your hair.

You look a hot mess.

You ready?

Yeah, let's go.

By the way, I really like your hair.

Say, bro. Why you dogging Angie like that?

Still breaking her down, young player.

Lookit here, player. It's an old-school pimp move.

Well, school me.

Praise them early, dog them later.

After that, they'll be begging for attention like a bone. Real talk. Game recognizes game.

I'm trying to recognize some game too. So maybe I need to be a dog.

You do. Check this out.

When you finish with your girl, gonna pass over to your boy, right?

For sure. My man. That's what's up.

I couldn't see my life without you in it I guess I hoped, I wished, I prayed That things had turned out different It's funny how love slips away I wanted it to be so perfect I guess I knew it all along I can't even hate. She's amazing. - What I wanted was not what you wanted

- So here I am standing alone Yeah, she's good.

Brings the house down every time.

- Oh, yes, you did Do you think I'll ever get there?

Like, even a matin?e?

I said I never let it happen

- Guess I better start accepting reality You got a long way to go.

Reality, yeah One kiss, one touch Then it led to one night, one month Hey, look at me. You'll get there. - Then it led to one year, two years

- It could lead to-- Keep smiling.

Come on.

One kiss, one touch

You named that song after me?

Yeah, I wrote it all last night.

The only thing I can think about. That right?

I don't just name songs after anybody. Just you.

So you name a song after her?

How many girls do you use that lame game on, loser?


What did you call me? You heard me.

What you gonna do?

You wanna find out, huh?

You leave with her, I'll be packed and gone by the time you get back.

You need me more than your next breath.

Be in my bed when I get back or somebody else will.

Now, where were we, before we were so rudely interrupted?

You reached the King residence, leave a message.

And remember, ask yourself, what would Jesus do? Hi, Daddy.

I was just calling to say hi.

Everything's great out here.


...I was thinking about coming back home.

Daddy, can you hear me?

Please pick up.

808 00:54:31,967 --> 00:53:28,184 Hey, I'm really glad you moved back in.

We'll upgrade to a double when we get to the next city, okay?

You think they're back yet? Don't do this to yourself.

You need to let it go.

I'm trying, Peaches.

I'm really trying.

You know what they say about your first.

It's like a soul-tie or something.

Please tell me you did not lose your virginity to that dog. He might be a dog, but he's my dog.

Strays don't belong to nobody. How's it feel to be me?

How's it feel to be me?

Remember Eddie King, Jr. on Five Heartbeats?

That's you, Angie. That's you.

Why don't you shut up, you idiot?

Well, well, well.

You can have him back now.

You know, if you were the singer I am, you'd have my role.

And if you were the woman I am...'d have my man.



What? We need to talk.

We're done talking.

You moved all your stuff out, remember?

No, wait.

I wanna come back.

We ain't got nothing in common.

You gonna eat that bacon?

I can still see it. Next time you need to put more makeup on.

Next time?

You know what I mean.

I got something for you.

What's this for? To celebrate. Put it on.

It's beautiful.

To celebrate what?

The guys from my label are gonna be in New York and I told them all about you.

Are you serious?

Thank you, baby.

You changing clothes, right?

You don't like it?

I mean, I can change.

Yeah, you know what I like. We're going to a club later.


I'll see you back at the hotel.

Talk to me. Dang, girl.

About time you answered your phone. Where you at?

Oh, it's nothing to be worried about.

I'm getting a record deal.

Devlin hooked it up.

You serious?

Oh, I know you about to get your praise on now.

Angie, get over here.

I gotta go. I'll talk to you later, okay? Angie, wait.

Who was that?

He hopes for you He hopes for you All that you need The source of everything you need, yeah Come as you are Come as you are It's time to breathe free Breathe free

The presence of the Lord fills this place Oh, I know this is a rehearsal But, oh, bless his name Oh, bless his name It's all right to cry out to him Yes, it is Oh, we bless your name, Father


Yes. Yes!

Yea-- That's it for tonight.

Okay? I see y'all on Friday and be sure y'all bring the fire.

You hear me?

And Litha.

Baby girl.

Litha, love. You singing better than Angie.

Oh, you crazy. You crazy.

No, you crazy.

Hey, Wyn. you got a second? Got a lot of seconds.

What's going on? Angie's play is coming close by.

I thought we'd drive a few hours and surprise her.

I miss my girl so much.

I know you do too.

Yeah, well, you know, we've been friends since grade school.

And unless you wanna stay friends, you better man up.

T-shirts are 20, hats are 10 and programs are 5.

Avoid negotiators, and wouldjatakers.

Wouldja what?

"Oh, excuse me, sister.

I know it's $20, but would you take a 10 in Jesus' name?"

Why are you crazy? Hell, no, is the answer. Hell, no.


Hey, it's Monte.

Monte from Macon.

Your father used to preach at my father's church when we were kids.

Little Monte? Hey.

Oh, my goodness.

How you doing?

What was that song we used to sing? Jesus made me strong That's it.

What are you doing here in Texas? My wife.

She's visiting her family.

Well, I gotta meet her before you leave.

She's taking my daughter to the bathroom.

You promise me? I gotta-- Excuse me.

I wanna introduce you to my friend. How you doing, bro?

We'll get to that. Need to talk to you. Okay. Talk to you later.

Hey, baby girl.

Give me a kiss. Hey, baby.

What's wrong?

Don't you ever, as long as you're black, disrespect me like that.

Disrespect you how? Okay.

Maybe this will jog your memory. Ah!

You think I don't see you?

I see everything.

Where's Angie? Laying down.

Let's hurry up. We're late.

Oh, I'm so excited. I can't wait to see my girl.

She gonna be so-- She'll be happy?

Well, why wouldn't she be?

I don't know. I mean, people change sometimes.

Oh, not Angie. Never her.

You know she's never called me back, right?

Not even once.

Oh, Wynton, I'm sorry.

You know, she probably just got busy, you know?

They're rehearsing. You know them showbiz people.

Oh, this place nice.

Maybe she'll know.

Excuse me, do you know where the box office--? Peaches, right?

I'm Marcia. This is Wynton. Friends of Angie's.

We drove up to see her perform tonight.

She hasn't been on stage in weeks. Her vision is still blurred.

What? What happened?

Excuse me. I need to finish setting up the display table.

What she talking about? I have no idea.

Peaches, these are the only ones I could find.

What are y'all doing here? You should have called first.

We're your friends, Angie. We came to see you, girl.

Angie, what happened to your face? Friends mind their own business.

Friends let me live my own life. No, no, no, Angie.

Friends care. Who--?

What, did Devlin do this?

It wasn't his fault.

Angie, you can do a hell of a lot better than Devlin.

With who?

You? Okay.

Oh, Angie.

What's happened to you, girl? Marcia.

Baby, just come home, all right?

It ain't supposed to be like this.

This is what I want.

Hello? I done told you, woman. Quit calling my house.

Now, you don't want me to have to get buck wild.

Bye. Hey, excuse me.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

No, I'm busy.

Here she calling again.

What do you want, hussy?

You don't talk to me that kind of way. Wait a minute.

You gonna make me lose my-- What you say?


Ike, do something. Throw that man out!

Do it! Hey, there, security!

Yo, fuck, man! Fellas! Come on, man.

No, my boy didn't paint your cat. My boy done stop drinking.

I'm sorry, we'll buy you a cat.

I hope you didn't do anything crazy.

Two wrongs don't make a right. Yeah, but three lefts do.

Look, if you two can't support me, then go back where you came from.

Yeah, we're gonna do both. We're gonna support you and go home. Let's go.

Hey, old friend.

I just had a dream that woke me up.

In my dream, God was whispering to you.

He said that even when you leave him...

...he never leaves you.

His light is greater than your darkness.

And that once this test is over...

...he's gonna give you a marvelous testimony.

I can't find her inhaler. Asthma attack. Ike, where are we?

Ten miles of country road in front of us. She okay?

I think I can help. I need some honey. Oh, my bag.

I need a napkin.

Here. I got one.


1010 01:07:29,737 --> 01:06:09,030 Back up a little bit. Give her some air, y'all.

Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth.

What are you doing?

I do this for my dad.

When she inhales the air that makes contact with the honey... eliminates the mucus.

This should at least get us to the hospital.

Praise the Lord, Sister Emma. Praise the Lord, Sis.

Did Bishop eat lunch today? You know how stubborn that man is.

We might have to feed him intravenously.

My cobbler don't taste as good that way.

Bishop, did you eat anything? I brought you some of my-- Are you okay, Bishop?

I can never find what I need.

Are you looking in the right places?

This was Angie's responsibility.

Angie's not the only one that can look after you.

I'm all right. I'm all right.

Girl, come on. I'm all right.

I'm coming. Hold up.

All right, y'all. Let's go, let's go. Watch your hand.


I can't believe what you did for me on the bus.

I've had a lot of practice.

Yeah, but I've never been nice to you.

And if you hadn't been there...

...then I probably would've--

Thank you.

You would've done the same for me.

Don't you believe that.

You really wanna do my role?

If you're gonna be my understudy, you got a lot of work to do.

You got blocking and cues.

So you meet me in my room tomorrow afternoon.

Is Devlin gonna be there?

Girl, please. No, that's over with. I promise.


Listen, I'm quitting the show pretty soon.

Now, I can't really talk about it much right now...

...but you're good, Angie.

This role was made for you.

Daddy, can I please come back home Hold me closer, never let me go Sing. Daddy, can I please come No, Angie. Come on, now. We been through this.

No, no, no. That's--


You sing every song the same way every time.

I'm singing it just like you. That's the problem.

Now, our audience may not be the most sophisticated, but they are discerning.

And they can spot a lie.

How am I lying?

By not relating.

Every song should be different...

...because your character is experiencing something different at the show.

I know that. Okay, well, then sing it.

Tell me the story.

What story? Angie, okay, now. What's the play about?

A small-town girl, doesn't appreciate home... she leaves, but then she regrets it.

And by then, it's too late.

Her father's dead, and she's in this world all by herself.


Then play it.

She's three different people.

She's the girl that leaves home who's full of curiosity.

She's the one in the world that's blinded by lust.

And the girl who repents.

There you go.

All three of those girls would sing the same song...

...three different ways.

Wow. Can I try it again? Come on.

Daddy, can I please come back home Yes, Angie. - Hold me closer, never let me go You better sing, girl.

I know that's right.


I'm just trying to figure out how I got so far off-track.

I used to be on fire for the Lord.

You gonna get all holy on me again?

Can I at least let my food digest?

This needs to stop.

What needs to stop?

Do you really need to ask?

There really isn't any record deal, is there?

You just made the whole thing up to keep me on your string.

So you think I'm lying to you? Mm-hm.

Devlin, Myke Jarett, Rub Rhythm Records.

Looking forward to seeing you in New York.

Don't forget to bring that lovely talent you discovered. Peace.

Thank you for letting me hear that.

I really--

I really needed to hear that.

You know what?

One day--

One day you gonna realize ain't no man got your back like me.

I'm sorry.

Baby, I'm sorry. I just--

Excuse me.

Can I sit there, please? Yep.

Come on in.

Thank you.

You gonna say "I told you so," aren't you?

No, I'm not gonna say that at all.

I mind my own business.

You're a good guy, Ike.

We both know you're not quite such a good judge of character. Hm? It's really coming down-- Thank you. Come on.

Thank you. It's coming down. Oh, I can't thank you enough.

I hope it wasn't an imposition. Well, it was.

But I didn't mind. How do you know that Angie is coming home?

Because I'm a man of faith.

That robe that I wear every Sunday? I thought that might give it away. Bishop.

Listen, I found a lovely robe.

Well, she's getting older so-- Bishop, I got this.

If you say so.

And look what else I got.

Oh, that's nice.

It's nice, isn't it?

That's nice.


You in here?

Luke 15 is the chapter of lost faith.

The lost sheep.

The lost corn.

And the lost child.

Remember, everybody, the bus leaves at 6 a. m. sharp.

New York is about a 12-hour drive, so wear something comfortable.

Hey, Litha.

I just wanna say I'm proud of you. Don't try and be nice to me now.

Litha. Got you.

All right.


How you doing?

You make us proud.

You're not only representing our church...

...but our savior as well.

Thanks for not making me feel too much pressure. Well, you can only do your best, son.

Thank you.

Well, Wynton.

I miss my daughter.

I feel I may have held the reigns a little too tightly.

Everybody needs the freedom to make their own mistakes.

Learn on their own.

I understand, Bishop.

I understand.

Six a. m. sharp.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, Peaches.

What is it? New York.

Is it still there?


Cool. Make sure no one takes it.

When I was a little girl...

...I would daydream this imaginary tour.

We start off at Carnegie Hall...

...then the Met...

...and then the Garden.

Even Broadway.

But I saved the best for last:

The Apollo.

And just before I ended my song...

...Chaka or Aretha or someone awesome like that...

...would come in from outside...

...and join me in a duet.


What do you dream about?


I dream, Angie.

One day people will notice the size of my talent...

...rather than the size of the man.

New York is that kind of place.

Let's go, folks, let's go. Let's go.

Let's go. I got 36 hours to take this stuff back.

I don't have all day. Let's go. Let's go.

My man. Listen. I need those wires connected and everything working.

Okay? I had a problem last time.

Where are my leads? On their way, here in an hour.

Got sound check in a hour. Everybody ready in 45 minutes.

Where are my leads? We're ready.

Don't, "We're ready, Ike," me. Where's Devlin?

He had a big meeting with some record people.

With who? A record label.

You tell the record company to give him his paycheck.

Tell them I said that.

Oh, yeah. You playing two roles tonight.

You're playing Cookie and Grandma.

I need you out there at intermission selling programs.

Help her out with that.

I'm sick of this. Okay, give me a sec.




What? Look, my contract's almost up.

You know Angie's your girl. She got my role down.

I mean, she's good but nobody know her.

I need somebody there that can sell tickets.

I got one of the En Vogue girls coming to the show tonight.

And if she likes it, she's gonna take over next month.

You know how the game go.

What's the point of being an understudy?

Angie, chill. I've been understudying for months.

Angie, not right now, okay? It's bad timing.

You got a beef with me, young lady?

What if I do? You ain't God.

You keep talking, find your way home, all right?

Give her a break, all right? She's going through some things.

Yeah, she gonna be going through airport security if she keep talking.

In fact, get her a bus ticket. Let her catch the bus home.

This whole thing is a joke. So unprofessional.


Everybody stop. Everybody stop.

Stop. Did you hear what she just said?

This whole thing is unprofessional.

Let me tell you what unprofessional is. You acting like a little hoochie.

Jumping in and out of bed with Devlin before you knew him.

Unprofessional is having your boyfriends fighting backstage. That's unprofessional.

In fact, unprofessional is the way you just talked to me.

You better be glad I like you, little girl.

You know what? I don't like you that damn much.

You're fired.

Anybody else got a problem with how I run my show?

Pick up your paycheck and go home.

Hey, let him cool down, okay?

You're gonna get your chance, Angie, but you gotta be patient.

When I get my record deal...

...he's gonna regret who he fired.

All right, let's get back to work.

I got money to make, and I got a show to do.

And let's keep it professional.

Hey, here they are.

Devlin, my main man.

Boy, it's been some long, long years.

Man, you are looking good, boy.

This is a nice place, man. Glad to see you finally spending some money.

Well, you know, hey, nothing but the best.

This is Theodore Bell, our executive vice president.

How you doing, sir?

Wow, the Theodore Bell.

If nothing comes out, worth it just meeting you.

Well, I'm flattered.

Message one.

Devlin, MJ. We're at the Marriott Marquis.

See you at the restaurant in an hour. Top floor.

Hey, bring that girl with you.

She better be all that.

My man Myke was telling me...

...about how you guys are trying to resurrect the whole romantic duo.

Like Peaches and Herb.

Tammi and Marvin.

Dev. No, I'm cool with it.

I'm willing to put my solo career on hold to make it all happen.

Is he serious?

That's not what I said.

I said I would pitch the idea to Mr. Bell.

But it was a long shot.

Well, that's not the way-- Devlin. Devlin.

Let me be clear so there's no more confusion.

We're not looking for male vocalists, and certainly not one with baggage.

Man, you don't even know me. All right, let's put our cards on the table.

Nobody, nobody, no record company wants you.

You got a bad rep. You got bad sales.

What, public intoxication? What, domestic violence?

Extramarital affairs.

Your loss. Let's go, Des. We up out of here.

We want her.

Not you.

We want a female artist who can cross over.

But as long as she's signed to us, you get a managerial fee.

Are you crazy? You think I came all the way up here... give you my artist?

We can get a deal anywhere.


Well, back to the Chittlin' Circuit.

You look for us on the charts, player.

Let's go, Des.

Let's go, baby.


Let's go, Des.

I'll take the managerial fee.

This contract is a preliminary one.

Hey. Sorry, baby, I'm late. Did you try and call me?

The reception at the hotel is terrible. But I got the message off the voicemail.

So I'm here. Hi.

Who is this? I'm Angie.

I'm the singer that Devlin was telling you about.

There must be some mistake.

Hi, Des, What are you doing here?

Angie, I am so sorry.

I had no idea.

What is this? Sweetie.

I'm the one they came to meet.

Angie, go home.

You don't belong here.

You never did.

From the time I was a little girl... father always told me how much he loved me.

How beautiful I was.

And because he said I was...

...I was.

Because my daddy never lied to me.

But then I met you.

And for the first time in my life...

...I felt like nothing.

But the Devlin is a liar.

And now I know...

...that I am not what you say I am.

But I'm what my father says I am.

The child of a King.

I'm sorry to disturb your meeting.

Congratulations, Des.

And congratulations to you too.

Damn groupies.

You ain't nothing.

I'll choose my own manager, if you don't mind.

Here you go. Here you go, ma'am.

Can you check this out, please?

Here. Thank you.

Go check out the Gospelfest at the Apollo, all right?

WO Gotta go.


Taxi! How do I get to the Apollo Theater?

Get in. I'll get you there. Okay.

Final sound checks.

Testing. Check one.

Testing, testing, testing, one, two, three.

You couldn't see me So you couldn't feel me I've been standing here alone Singing this sad song Standing here, right here in front of you You couldn't see it So how were you To know it In my heart, I'm holding you In my prayers, I pray for you I love you, yeah Oh, I finally see you Oh, how I needed you

And you've been here all along I needed your song I feel you, yeah

- Now you can see it - See it

- Oh, now we can - Oh, now we can

- Feel it - Feel it Don't know how much this means to me Thank you for not quitting on me I'll never ever let you down again I'll never ever let you down My friend

I've never heard you sing like that before.

I sing my heart out every day.

You just never listened.


Your play still in town?

I got fired.

Just c-- Just come home.

Your father misses you.


I miss you.

Wynton, what do you see in me?

I see...

...a lost little girl.

I see a lovely lady.

I see...

I see a virtuous woman.

I'm such a mess-- I'm such a mess right now.

Just stay with me.

I gotta go.

I gotta go.



Girl, I have been looking all over for you.

Come to the theater with me. What's wrong?

Desiree can't go on. You're the only person who knows her role.

Why? Is she sick?

Just come on. Hurry. Okay.

Are you forgetting that I got fired today?

Is Ike okay with this?

What the hell are you doing here? Ike, I had no--

You need to get into makeup, now. We're going!

Right now!

Ike sent me to find you.

Wait. I can't work with Devlin.

I can't even look him in the face. You won't have to.

He told Ike it was either him or you. And?

And what? Do you see him here? Well, who took his place?

Say hello to your new leading man.

I love it.

But wait, wait. I gotta check on Des first.

Desiree is fine.

She refused to go on because she said it was your time.

She did that for me?

Is it your time, Angie?

I'm so far away from home I don't know how I ended up here All alone Seems like just yesterday Everything was all right How did I get here tonight I was raised better than this Daddy, you don't know how much I miss All the lessons life taught you

- Tried to tell me so I wouldn't have to Go through Cry myself to sleep Cry myself to sleep Trying to find some peace Your little girl has just one question For you tonight Daddy, can I please come back home?

Hold me close and never let me go I wanna say I'm sorry, Daddy Every time I let you down Can I come home tonight?

And tell me everything will be all right What am I gonna do?

If I can't come home to you Am I still Daddy's little girl?

In this big bad world I'm calling out to you now

- Please hear me some way somehow I was raised better than this

- Oh, yeah, yeah - Daddy, you don't know how much I miss All the lessons life taught to you You tried to tell me so I wouldn't have to

- Go through Cry myself to sleep I cry myself to sleep Trying to find some peace Your little girl has just One question for you Tonight

- Daddy, can I please come back home? - Can I come home tonight?

- Hold me close, don't let me go, no - Hold me close, don't let me go, no I wanna say I'm sorry, Daddy Every time I let you down Please forgive me Tell me everything will be all right I'm tired of getting independence I'm tired of all the dumb pretending Like I'm someone I'm not When I'm so doggone lost I wanna be free from these chains A virtuous woman free of pain I'm calling out to you now Please hear me someway somehow Back home Hold me close and never let me go I wanna say I'm sorry, Daddy Every time I let you down Can I come home tonight?

Tell me everything will be all right Daddy, can I come home tonight?

Tell me everything will be all right Daddy, can I come home tonight?

Tell me everything will be all right Daddy, can I come home Tonight? Tonight? Tonight?


Look, I know I hurt you.

I know I did some things to you that wasn't right.

I'm sorry.

I asked the Lord back into my life.

I'm saved.

I just need you to pray for me.

Angie, wait.

I was hoping we could cut a demo together. A duet.

My cousin gets her hair done by Babyface's aunt...

...and I know she could get it to him.

I've never said this to any woman in my life.

I love you.





Hey, where to?

I'm going home.

Let us welcome our esteemed mayor.

Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Bishop King.

I am honored on behalf of the city of Augusta... acknowledge your many years of service to the community.

I hereby--

I hereby dedicate this day...

..."Mount Calvary Day of Appreciation."

Thank you, Mr. Mayor. I truly--

This was my church home as a child.

I guess the lesson here is that we can always come back home.

WO Who is that? WO That's Angie.

That's Angie? WO That's Angie.

That's Angie. That's Angie.

Angie, Angie, Angie.

In the story we are told that when the child returned home...

...the father gave him a ring of gold and draped him in a fine robe.

And the father was grateful.


And I too am grateful...

...for my wife...

...and your new first lady.

Praise God.

Thank you, Lord.

Nobody takes care of family like family. Amen!

I mean, hey, we're doing okay.

A number one gospel CD, can't knock that.

Okay, girl.

And speaking of knocked, the next time you think you are... might wanna ask somebody, rather than messing up that test.

When I do eventually get pregnant.

Her husband will rejoice.

God did say he would give you a testimony.

No, he said...

...a marvelous testimony.

Come on, y'all. Let's do this. The movie starts soon.

I can't wait to see my baby daddy, Allen Payne.

They had a feast. Yeah.

Some of you all might call it a cookout.

That which was lost is now found.

My child is home.

God! He is good!

Yes, he is!