Premature (2019) Script

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chatter]

[indistinct chatter]

When I close my eyes, you are there.

When they open, I cannot tell which parts of me are still mine where you begin, I end.

Yo, but wait though. Tell me why my mother had picked my brother up. I heard them in the other room.

Your mom's stay trying to block.

I'm like, hell no, I know this shit's not goin' down right now.

I wish my mother would, I'd be like "Bitch, you're not telling me what to do." - Yeah, alright.

This nigga stinks. Who?

Him right here. I'm like, you know you ain't put no deodorant on, so why you grabbin' up on the pole like you confident?

She said like you confident. You foul.

I'm saying, that's dumb nasty, ma nigga, like for real you are not sure.

Damn! What?

It ain't working. It ain't?

Nah, I ain't got no service.

You on a train, you're not gonna get no service.

You stupid, I be gettin' mad service on the train.

You gotta upgrade your shit. No, I don't.

Upgrade your face. Oh, oh, oh!

Sis said upgrade your face, though.

That's fucked up. Mmm, shut up.

That's why your shit don't work and mine do.

What you on, MetroPCS? She on.. Oh, yeah, Boost.

I don't got that ghetto ass shit.

Verizon, boo-boo, get it straight.

Why? Why are you so pressed anyway?

She trying to get at Ty. All up in mine.

Bitch, mind yours. My bad.

Yo, I ain't even tell you, though.

Tell me how that nigga came through.

Right. He was all grabbin' up on my weave.

That shit started to come undone, though.

I'm turning around like, "No, boo, look me in my eyes" and shit

'cause that's shit hurt, that's why I had to get it redone.

So, it wasn't sewn in then.

It was too sewn in. Nah, it wasn't..

How you gonna tell me? Yeah, baby.

Shit. Lookin' at you like he hungry.

What, where? The cap. He cute.

Hey. Yanni, stop!

You hungry? What?

She wanna talk to you. No, I don't.

Don't listen to her.

You talking to me?

You was lookin' at her, right?

[all giggling]

Excuse me. Come here.

You ain't put your number down.


You gonna hit her up, right? Yeah.

Yeah. My nigga Alex got the biggest dick out of all of us.

You know what I'm saying? They call him Daddy Long Legs.

Oh, word? Show us then! Stop, she playin'!

Man, Yanni, you always trying to hook somebody up!

You know how niggas act.

Wait, timeout. What about you, Yanni?

What about me? Nigga wasn't grillin' me, he was grillin' you.

Lookin' like he wanted to sop you up with a biscuit.

Oh, my God. You do not know that. Yes, I do.

I was right there, seent the nigga with my own two eyes.

Whatever. She got Nick sniffin' around though.

Mmm, that ain't all he doin'.

He ain't sniffin' shit. Nigga scratchin' that itch.

Okay. He ain't scratchin' nothin'.

Me ain't fuckin' with these niggas right now.

Mm-hmm. Fuck out of here.

What do you mean, fuck out of here?

Nah, you right, girl. Yeah, you right.

[indistinct chatter]

I heard he was going with Liliana. Who that?

C'mon, you know Spanish shorty on 148?

Word, that's true?

I don't know what he doin'.

Don't care neither.

Ooh, this is me all day.

Yanni. No, T.

And why not?

'Cause you're gonna stretch it out.

No, I ain't. Yes, you are.

Fuck you, bitch. Fine, take it.

I don't care.

Yanni thinks she cute. Think?

Shut up. Do you got roll up?

No. Damn, T.

She don't roll-up.

She's on feelings, I'm telling you.

You mad or nah.. I'll check your bag.

[indistinct chatter]

My nails is poppin'.

You gonna be with her, you should be with her then.

Ah, it ain't even serious like that with her though.

Oh, it's not not serious?

How's it look you callin' me and you booed up?

I don't see no problem. Do you?

Is that your girl?

You mad?

Is that your girl, though?

It ain't even like that.

Well, I don't care. Do what you wanna do.

I don't care no more. But you and me..

We, we're still chill though, right?

Go chill with her.

[indistinct chatter]

T want to know where your boy at.

T don't wanna know shit.

Who's my boy? Pass that, T..

But earlier you was talking about -- Earlier what, yum yum?

[all laughing]

Whoo! Stop calling me that shit!

Who's my boy? Ty.

[indistinct yelling]

Oh, shit! Yanni, come save me!

Run, bitch, run!

I'm gettin' one of these..

[indistinct chatter]

Oh, shit, it's jinglin', babe.


Do you see that shit? Do you see the basketball..

That shit is bouncing, but I ain't talkin' about no basketball.

Oh! Okay, pretty boy.. That's right. Take it off.

Goddammit! Yeah. Oh, you want this.

Yeah. Eww!

Dirty ass shirt. What the fuck?

That was disgusting.

Yo, who was that with Yorell?

Yorell, who that with you?

Oh.. He's my cousin.

Oh, come on, cousin. Yanni!

[women laughing]

She already got a boo, so.. I don't care.

I'll be your plaything. Give me sloppy seconds.

[indistinct chatter]

Dead ass. I gotta thing for thick girls.

I ain't thick. Oh, shit.

Here she go with that bull.. Bitch, I will cut you.

For real though, for real though, call me anytime day and night, I'll be at your front door.

I'm dependable out this bitch.

Is that so? Oh, my God.

Okay. I don't even know what that means.

Like a pizza delivery.

Shonte, where's my phone?

Why would I know where your phone is?

Well, you've seen it?

Oh, my God. Didn't you leave it on the table?

Ain't been on one of these in a minute.


Brings me back.

My cousin's a trip.

He always rappin' to some poor girl.

Don't they all? Hmm?

Spit game, play games..

One big game.

Nah. Not all.

[indistinct chatter]

Yanni,you seen Jamila's phone?

I'm Isaiah, by the way.

[indistinct chatter on TV]


Hey. What you readin'?

You from around here?

What's with the 20 questions?

My bad, I'm just..

My clothes.. What?

My clothes. They're done.

Nice seeing you again.

[indistinct chatter]

Oh, hi. I ain't get your name.

I ain't give it to you.

Can I walk with you?

And we ain't gotta walk all the way to your crib, or even to your block.

I just want to walk with you for a little bit.


Just 'cause.. Um..

Oh, you don't have to do that. Oh, come on. Come on.

You from around here? Yeah.

Ah. I moved up last February.

But I'm Raleigh, born and bred.

Oh, my fault. Let me.. What are you doin'?

I was on the inside. What?

I don't know if it mean anything but my mama told me I gotta be on the outside when I'm walkin' with a lady.

It like protects you or something.

From what? I don't know. Like..

Like if a car hit a puddle or somethin'

I'm the one that gets hit.

Or like, or like if somebody try to snatch you into their car I'd be like "No. You can't."

[both laughing]

But they could like, snatch me into a building.

I know, right?

That's what I'm sayin'.

But that's mama, though.

I don't make the rules. Hmm.

You busy this weekend?

With this 21 questions.

[both laughing]

[speaking in foreign language]



I make music.

You play? No.

I play scales, but I don't play, play.

Now my pop, he played, but..

No, I'm more of a producer/composer type.

That's what I came up here for.

Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm.

I mean, I came up for school but that didn't work out.

So now I'm just grindin', you know.

How's that? The grind?

Well, it's a grind. Yeah.

Just hustling, you know. Trying to pay bills.


What about you? You know what you wanna do?

Going to school in the fall.

Oh, yeah? Where?

Bucknell. Bucknell.

Oh! Short-lived romance, huh?


You know what you wanna study?

I write. Oh, yeah? Like what?

Aaah! Hey!

Hey, I know what it's like to protect somethin' you love.

I'm the same way.

So you gonna let me listen?

I don't see why not.

But then I'll have to kill you after.

Really? Mm-hmm, yeah.

Just chop you up into little bits.

You know, maybe deep-fry with some butter.

Not a trace left, they'll have to lick my fingers just to figure out what happened.


That's why I like the old-school "Star Wars" better.

I can identify with Luke, you know?

He just seems like a regular dude but inside, he knows there's something greater the world's preparing him for.

You think the world's preparing you for somethin'?

Sometimes I feel like that.

Why, don't you?

I don't know. No?

I haven't really thought about it.

I think about it all the time.

[instrumental music]

I miss him.

Not a day goes by I don't think about him.

All the music he made.

You know, music never dies.

No? No.

It lives forever.

Music is vibrations the sound waves passing through us.

Sound of the water makes every molecule in your body dance to that vibration.

You and me, right now, we're dancing.

Those vibrations are passing through our bodies at the same time.

And they'll never cease.

They'll keep going on and on forever somewhere.

Even though we may not hear them, they're out there.

It's what I believe anyway.

I don't know if it's true or not.

It's true if you want it to be.

Can I see somethin' real quick?

What did I say?

[instrumental music]

What is this moving inside me?

It blooms. Aches.

The absence of you is heavy as the weight.

I won't submit.

You say my name, the borders shift.

You make a map of me in the nooks and cracks of me make space.

What did I know of my heart before you gave it shape?

And I don't know, he's like 6'1", brown..

Nah, nah. Fuck outta here. Like brown, how brown though?

I don't know, brown.

Like chocolate brown, tootsie roll, caramel?

Oh, like my brother brown?

Yeah, like your brother.

If you fall off that shit, you better not cry.

Keisha couldn't take her?

That ho ain't been home in three days.

Where's London? With grandma.

Yo, Keisha stay wildin'.

I'm like, "Bitch, I ain't your fuckin' mother.

You ain't got no job. What the fuck is you doing?"

Like really, your fucking kid ain't my responsibility.

Fuck outta here. Right.

Tell that bitch to keep her fuckin' legs closed.

True. But I love you, Mina.

You know that, right, mama? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

But we hopped off caramel like, I need the T, sis, like, what's good?

Like, what happened? Nothin'.

Bitch, what you mean, nothing? Why you holdin' out?

Hmmm, okay. We got secrets now, we got secrets.

Whatever, ho. Amina. What did I tell you?

[toilet flushes]

Shit.. Oh, shit.

What the fuck? My bad.

Oh. Honey, that's Jamal. Fine.

You look nice. Where you headed?

Out with T? Out with T.

I might stay the night. Alright.

Text me when you get there. I will.

Whoa! You good? Yeah.



Can I play somethin' for you?

Records, huh? Yeah.

They were my pop's.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[heavy breathing]



He left me the vinyl.

I appreciate it, you know.

That I have somethin'.

He'd play along with each song, no sheets, nothin'.

Just hear it once and boom. He had it.


I never could keep up.

He'd be gettin' on me about that, too.

I tried, but..

He just had it.

Where you goin'?

I should get back.

You don't have to go.


[instrumental music]

[all cheering]

Five, six, seven, eight! Oh!

Get it! Get it! Oh! Oh!

[baby crying]

It's alright, boo-boo?

Oh, my God!

Look at this little man. Hi!

Hi, London.

Uh, what's up, little man? How you doin'?

Give me five, give me five.

Keisha? Give five..

Keisha, where's the water?

You don't see none over there, then there's no more.

Yeah, well, your daughter's thirsty, so figure it out.

Come on, Amina. I can't with you..

Who would you give some?

O.J., Ike or Cosby?

Oh, that's tough.

Oh, O.J. Hands down. But he's a murderer.

You don't know that. O.J. could get some.

Murder me, goddammit!

Y'all are some kinda crazy.

Well, look at this little lady.

Hi, Ms. Skeet.

And who is this my daughter ain't told me about?

Everyone, this is my friend, Isaiah.

Your friend, huh? Stop it.

Ayanna, put some more wings on this plate.

Please, now. Please. Okay.

I could help you. Uh-uh. No.

It's okay, I've got it.

You get to stay.


Well, congratulations on your son, my nigga, for real.

Yo, my son has got a son my nigga, for real, yo.

What? What nothin'.

You shinin', ho. You shinin' like new money.

Ho! Look at you.

He fucked the color back to your face.

Mm-hmm. I dunno what you talkin' about.

Please. He look grown too.

She said he look grown.. You ain't slick, bitch.

Yo. You seen that bitch's friend, my nigga?

Yo that bitch fire, my nigga.

I'll be like this, yo.

I'm gonna fuck you, or I'm gonna fuck your life up.

[men laughing]

Either way, we're fucking, you feel me.

Either way, we're fucking.

[indistinct chatter]

Well, hello. Hello. Hi.

Yeah, he grown. Please don't mind her.

You want some more?

You like the food? Yeah, it was good.

Watch out, 'cause this one don't cook.

Oh, my God! Oh, word?

I do too cook. Since when, boo?

Ah, nice knowing you.

Did mama scare you?

Nah, she was cool.

Your friends are a trip, though.

I know they're crazy.

Hey, give me that.

Right. Hop on.

Excuse me? Hop on.


Where we goin'? Up.

[Ayanna laughing]

Yeah. Yeah!

[Ayanna laughing]

[piano music]

Whenever it comes the flood of you rushing toward me I'll be ready.

I'll be unafraid.

[music continues]

It's not finished, obviously.

You know, just some chords and this little piano ditty thing I've been working on --

What's it called?

Aah, yeah. I haven't gotten that far.

I'm still messin' around. It's not finished yet.

I like it..

...a lot.


I wanna hear the rest.

When are you gonna finish it?

I'm gonna shower.

[door opens and closes]

[piano music]

[water flowing]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

Good morning.

It is.


Oh. Oh.

What're you doing? Stretching.

People can see you. Let 'em look.

You're out of your mind.

Out of your mind.

Come here.

Try it. Hell, no.

Come on. Be free.

[Isaiah sighing]


Okay. Okay.

Can't be half free.

Somebody will call the cops.

Call them then.



Yeah. Alright!

Feel good, don't it? Woo! Yeah!



How was that?

[indistinct chatter]

Um, who threw that down? Nah, aah, aah, aah, aah.

No talkin' over the table, nigga.

Pay attention.

Whatever. What led? Hearts.

Wait. What?

What you doin'?

Wait, hold up, let her check. Let her check.

You threw that spade? Reneging in the face.

Ass nigga. Give me them books!

Nigga, what the fuck?

[indistinct chatter]

Hell no. Excuse me. Excuse me.

Hi. Can we talk?

Isaiah, I need to talk to you.

The fuck. That's cool.

I'll be back in a sec.

Come on.

Who's that?

What, the bitch had keys? Nah.

You know her?

It was good seein' you, Ayanna --

Yorell, you know her? You want this ride or no?

It's okay.

You sure? Yeah, girl, I'm good.

Alright. Call me. Girl, I'll call you.

[Yorell clears throat]

Like you have shit else to do.

[indistinct chatter]

Excuse me. Alright.

[door closes]

[indistinct chatter]

[door opens]

Are you fuckin' her? Ayanna.

Are you fuckin' her? No.

But you did?

Isaiah? Yeah.

When? What you mean?

When did you fuck her? Before.

We used to go together.

And you're not fuckin' her no more?

No. Isaiah?

Ayanna, no, I swear!

Okay, so what the fuck was she doin' here?

I didn't know she was just gonna show up like that --

What did she want?

Did she forget her hairbrush or somethin'?

No. We needed to talk.

About what? I don't understand.

Y'all used to go together, y'all not fuckin' no more.

What was so fuckin' important she needed to talk about it right now?

We hadn't talked in a minute.


You mean like before me?


So she didn't even know y'all was done?

This is complicated. Is that how you do?

You not even going to tell me when we're through?

I got to come to your door and find some white bitch in here?

Tell me how the fuck that look!

No, I wouldn't do that. You just did it!

You did it to her! How can I believe you?

How do I know you're not just sayin' some shit you think I want to hear?

I don't love her!

Ayanna, I'm not studying these other girls.

No one says that.

I say it.

You got a lot of fuckin' nerve.

Set a fuckin' example! What you want me to do?

Grow the fuck up, for one! Like what?

What you want me to do? Close your fuckin' legs!

Stop having babies you can't take care of!

I take care of my kids! Yeah, right.

I do too take care of my kids!

What time Amina camp let out?

Look, you won't even know.

If you wasn't ready to be a mother you coulda got rid of her!

Tisha toldme that shit'slike popping a Tic Tac.

Get a fuckin' life and don't tell me what to do!

I got a life. I asked you for a solid.

If you can't do it, then shut the fuck up about it!

I'm telling mommy. Go ahead! Tell mommy!

You think the whole fuckin' world revolves around you and it don't!

Come on.

[Ayanna sighs]

What, you want to play with that?

Alright. I'm going to give it to you but you got to use your words, mama.


[door opens]

I can't stand her shit!

Come on!

I said, come on!


No, I can't right now. I swear to God.

Where you goin'? Out.

What? No. No, this is the best part.

I'll call you back. I'll call you back.

I'll call you back.

[indistinct chatter on TV]

[indistinct chatter]

You can with the shots. One.

For you?

Let me get some shots.

Yes, yes, yes. Ah!


Ah! Oh, shit. That's my jam!

Oh, shit! I gotta go, girl.

[indistinct chatter]

[rap song]

Hey! Hey!

[indistinct chatter]


[indistinct chatter]

Hey! Hey!

Hey. Hey.

Dance with me.

Hey! Oh, shit!

Don't flirt with Yanni!

More shit, aw, bitch!

Ah, more shit, aw, bitch!

♪ Let's make a movie action action ♪

♪ All you do is value product

♪ Sex tape

♪ We gonna make a sex tape

♪ Action action

♪ All you do is value product

♪ Sex tape ♪ Alright.. So what's up?

So what's up? We going all night, what's up?

We are not going all night. Why not?

Can you get him out of my face, please?

[indistinct chatter]

Got you. It's cool. It's cool. Just saying.

Just saying. You're here!

You know everyone, right?

How y'all doin'?

You want something to drink?

I'll get it.

Want me to fill that? Yes, please.

[indistinct singing]

[indistinct chatter]

What's up? Nothing.

What's up? Nothing! Come on!

[both moaning]

[moaning continues]

[Isaiah sighs]

[toilet flushes]

I think I'm going to try me a bitch.

You wildin'. You think I'm playin'?

I'm dead ass. I'm going to try me a bitch.

Watch. A little coochie never hurt nobody.

[both laughing]

Nah, let me stop playin'.

No, but for real though, I don't even know why I be doin' this shit.

What you mean?

Niggas don't be appreciatin' it.

Like the other day, I linked up with Alex, right?

You know, hair did up, nails fresh and everything.

So you know, I asked the nigga, like..

"Oh, do you like it?"

And he's, like, "Like what?"

I was, like, "Really, my nigga?"

Like, he had me so tight.


Niggas want to believe they get a piece of you that the world don't get.

Like, you give something to the world and that's face, make-up, da-da-da.

But you save a piece of yourself that's just for them.

Like, 'cause they're mad territorial like that.

Oh, then they want to believe that the piece they get is the most beautiful piece and the realest piece.

And it's not even real.

Like, I don't know, I guess women just know how to split ourselves up, you know?

And everybody gets the piece that they want.

But dudes always got to feel like they get the best piece.


What's up? You good?

Yeah. Hold up.

Hey, Yanni, what the fuck?

Hold on. Give me a second.

[instrumental music]

I am to the brim.

All the in-betweens of me joint, socket, cleft, leap.

Heave the flood.

When it breaks, I fear there'll be no sound.

I cannot move.

I'll watch it come.

Before the fall, everything is still.

This is how I will remember it all.

The living flee to high ground.

Time's less-full hands close in.

I will make shelter where we stand.

They will call my wait in vain.

Let them.

[instrumental music]


♪ Now you hold me

♪ And tell me slowly

♪ You need me down when

♪ Baby I'm lonely

♪ I hit the sheets now

♪ I'm singin' out loud

♪ Come into my life boy

♪ I'll take you downtown

♪ Well I'm watchin' us

♪ Dancin' with no clothes on ♪

♪ We'll play in her song

♪ Make the bed when you're gone ♪

♪ 'Cause it's your walk

♪ It's your talk it's your smile boy ♪

♪ And the way you take me by the hand ♪

♪ In the rain in the sun ♪ Yeah, I like that. I like that.

Let me get that one more again.


♪ I hit the sheets now

♪ I'm singin' out loud

♪ Come into my life boy I'll take.. ♪ Hold up. Go back.

I -- I like when you went up on that last part.


♪ I'll take you downtown

♪ Come into my life boy..

Oh. Hold up.

D, man the board for a sec.

Let's go up top. Okay, another up top?

Yeah. Always. Sound good.

Alright. This -- this next part, I want to really feel it.

Okay. Okay?

Yeah, I got you.

Just one more.

[clears throat]

♪ I hit the sheets now

♪ I'm singin' out loud

♪ Come into my life boy Yeah, let me feel it from down low.

♪ Well I'm watchin' us dancing with no.. ♪ Yeah. You feel it from your gut. There you go!

♪ Playing.. ♪ No, no, no, seriously. Wait, wait.

No, no, no, let me talk. No, no, let me talk.

Let me talk. 'Cause I don't want to make art that plays to your expectation.

Is shit fucked up out here?

Absolutely. No question about it.

But if every artist feels compelled to shovel the same shit where is the room for unique vision?

Spoken like a true artist. No, no, no.

I'm serious though.

Everything's going to sound like everything else if folks keep rappin' about the same shit.

Well, if that's the case there wouldn't be no James Brown, Curtis Mayfield Marvin Gaye, Dylan, Gil Scott-Heron.

The Last Poets.. See? Now here we go.

You trying to compare the late '60s and it's not the same!

Ain't it? -Man..

Them motherfuckers were ready to fight and die for their beliefs.

When protests was more than a hashtag!

And a selfie.

But as black artists it's our responsibility to say something.

I ain't a black artist.

I'm a white artist.

You are so stupid! Oh, y'all didn't know?

I want us to get paid out here. I ain't fuckin' with y'all.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But, but all art is inherently political.

Ain't it? But here's the thing, right?

Most of these motherfuckers raisin' their fists ain't about shit.

They ain't got no stake in the struggle.

All they know is the shit's gonna sell.

And most of these fools, you ain't gonna see 'em in a rally unless it's a Twitter or Instagram.

Ah, the -- the -- these cats is frontin'.

Frontin' on Front Street. Straight up.

What -- what you think, black? I don't know.

Uh, I -- I think music is sacred.

Each artist will respond in their own way and in their own time.

The whole world is watching right now waiting to see what we gonna do.

Right, but his resistance may not be your resistance or my resistance may not be her resistance but it's resistance, nonetheless.

That's what I'm saying. I heard that.

The eternal search for truth and the divine.

That's what I'm after. This is our truth!

Right now, we gotta fight back for what we believe in.

Y'all want somethin' else. No, I hear you.

But look, look when Coltrane went upstairs and locked himself in that room and then, for what, two weeks?

And out poured the "Love Supreme."

It ain't like shit wasn't bad or even worse then.

But I don't think he was fightin'.

Nah, he was makin' love to the divine.

This cat said, "Makin' love."


Alright. Ah, okay. Alright.

What's -- what's beyond the noise? Huh?

Beyond what everybody's telling you to do?

Sure, this might be hot right now but you gotta move beyond this moment. Huh?

To the eternal, beyond the prosaic to touch the profound and encounter the divine.

To make magic that engages us beyond time and place.

That's what I'm after. Well, this..

It's this time and place that concerns me.

Alright, but then what?

What's next?

Huh? Because what is this moment really?

This moment is fleeting.

[snaps fingers] See?

It ain't even here no more.


Boom! That's it, brother!

Boom! Alright, bro.

Come back down to Earth, man. Huh? Huh? Huh?

It ain't his door, baby! You worked on that bit!

It was out of here! You wanna take..

[toilet flushes]

You're Ayanna, right?


You're lucky.

He's a good dude.

[door opens]

[door creaks]

Ayanna, come here for a minute.

[sighs] What? What is it?

We need to talk about this family contribution shit.

Well, I'm not in the mood for that right now.

You're not in the mood? Fuck up! Get your fast ass back in here when I'm talking to you.

What? What do you want? You don't want me to go to school?

I ain't say all that, I'm just saying money don't grow on trees, Ayanna.

Now you out here all hours of the night.

Is that how you going to do when you up at that school?

Chasing behind these good-for-nothin' boys?

'Cause if it is, I'm not paying for that shit.

And don't lie to me. I know what you've been doing.

It's better than being here running to your next flavor of the month!

Girl, who you think you're talking to?

You don't wanna pay, don't pay.

It's fine. I'll pay my own way. I don't care. I'm out.

I don't wanna be here no more!

Fine! Go to your room!

What is it you're always writing in there?

Ew, mind your business.

Stop! Huh?

Don't tickle. I don't like it.

Say what? Stop!

What? Isaiah!

Oh, my.. Stop! Ugh!


[door opens]

[door closes]

[door opens]

What are you doin'?

Ayanna, I..

Wow! Isaiah, don't!

Just -- just.. That's my shit!

You can't just go through my shit like that!

I don't believe you right now! No, you are a..

You're a lyricist. No, I'm not.

No, your words, they're lyrical.

Stop. No, I'm -- I'm serious!

Can you just read some for me?

What? No. Please.

Just, Come on. No.

Please! Please. Stop.

No, I'm not playing. Stop! Baby. Baby.

I just wanna hear your voice with your words.

Well, which one you wanna hear since you already went through my shit?

The last one.

[Isaiah sighs]

"Summer was our holy city.

"You, me, and the sun marking our strut

"like it had money on us.

"Seventeen, and ready to bury my body in his country.

"Be his high yellow honeysuckle.

"His black-footed daisy.

"Peel back my petals, cover my skin like a womb.

"My mama calls grown and a fool.

"I mean, I sort of liked him in May

"like-liked him by June.

"So come September I was smoking Slims

"and singing Smokey.

"I was in love which we couldn't stay out of, huh?"

Why you pickin' at your food?

I'm not hungry is all.

You're not gonna say nothin'? You're just gonna sit there?

What do you want me to say? Shit. Say something.

I even made that okra how you like it.

Surprised your man ain't here.

I asked him to give us the night.

What do you want me to do? You don't want me to have no lovin'?

Do what you want.

You don't know, Yanni.

You don't know how lonely it gets.

I'm doing the best I can.

What are you looking for? The salt is right here.

I could've sworn we had that big jar of pickles.

You seen it?


Ayanna, look at me.

Ma, stop.

Stop! Ma, stop!




[door closes]

[train rumbling]

What if I stayed?


What you mean, like.. Stay here, in New York.

Wh -- what about? W..

I can go to school here.

And my mom's here, my friends..

You're here.

I don't know, it could be good.


Where is this comin' from? Why?

Just where?

You don't want me to stay? That's..

That's not what I said.

So then..


Ah, yeah.

It -- it could be good.



Bitch, where you been at? MIA.

'Cause we ain't seen you in, like, ever.

Where you think she been at?

She been learning how to do that backstroke.

That is not a valid excuse.

Why you been out bein' a thot in training?

This was gonna be our summer to wild out!

Who you calling a thot, ho? Bitch.

She right though, Yanni.

We know he got your nose open, boo.. Y'all need to stop.

You gotghost with a nigga that ain't gonnalast a year!

How you know that? 'Cause you out, bitch.

That's how we know.

Not like you packing him in your suitcase.

Hey, y'all.

Did I interrupt? Nah, you straight.

You good, babe? Yeah, I'm fine.

You sure? I'm good.

So why you late?

Shonte, hush! I'm just sayin'!

I just got caught up on the latest craziness.

Y'all heard? What?

About the dude in Brooklyn. Oh.

They shot him, right?

Shit was sad. He ain't do shit.

Took the stairs in his own building.

They always be doing shit like that.

But you ain't know that nigga though, right?

Shonte! Shonte!

Nah, I ain't know him. So?

So niggas die every day out here.

Oh, she do got a point.

You pray for the family and you go about your day.

I don't know why you trippin' over this one.

You wouldn't. What?

Hold up. You a black female.

Wait. What that mean? I ain't a female nothin'.

I'm a black woman, thank you. Alright, woman. Alright.

A female is what you call a dog or a animal.

True! Can I speak?

Don't come at me crazy, yo.

Shonte, calm down. Calm down?

He ain't mean it like that. Look. "Woman." Fine. Fine.

Woman, female, what difference does it make?

You don't call yourself a black male.

Yes, I do! It's semantics.

Not unless you are a suspect or something.

Otherwise, we call you a black man.

Especially if you deserve it.

That's not the point, all I'm trying to say is y'all don't know what black men go through.

Nigga, what are you talkin' about? Do you hear yourself right now?

Shonte, chill. He ain't mean it like that.

How he mean it then, Yanni?

What, so you think you got it harder or something?

You don't think we get it, too? We get it worse.

We get killed just like you. It ain't the same!

Nigga, ask your mama if it ain't the same!

Ask your grandmama, your sister ask any black woman who gotta stand and listen to your bullshit.

Yo, she said, "Ask your grandmama" though.

You so blind.

Who you think keeping your back straight, nigga?

You think that shit happens like magic? It don't!

We pray for your black ass.

Walkin' around talkin' about, "It ain't the same."

I'm not the fuckin' one. Alright. Fine. Fine.

It's all the same. It's all the same.

It's what you wanna hear, right? I'm out, yo.

Bye! Bye!

Fuck outta here! Shonte, what the fuck?

Bitch, your dumb ass defended him!

My what? Yo, who the fuck are you talking to?

Ain't nobody else in front of me.

No! 'Cause she's always talkin' crazy like no one's gonna come for her.

Fuckin' shit, what's up? No!

Alright! Relax!

It's not that serious. Yeah, she not.

I'm off all this shit.

No, you need to check your man, Ayanna.

I don't need to check shit.


[drums beating]


Isaiah, stop.

Don't walk away from me. Talk to me!

I can't, yo. It's just -- it's just too much.

What's too much? Nothing.

Too much what? Nothing!

You don't have to act like that.

Act like what? They was talking crazy to me.

And you ain't help. You came in funky.

Your friends, they mad young.

Okay, but they're my friends.

I.. It's just..

It's fine.

I'm sorry, okay?

[drum beating continues]

[door creaking]

[door closes]

Where were you?

I took a walk.

It's 3:00 in the morning.

I had to think. You had to think?


What about?

I think we should chill for a minute.


[drawer opens]

Come on, Ayanna. It's late.

Did I do something?

Where is this coming from?

You can at least talk to me about it.

Ayanna. What is it?

I can't.. Can't what? What? Can't what?

Two seconds ago you were talking about staying.

-That's what this is about? You wanna give everything up.

I never said I wanted to give everything up!

I can't. Can't what?

What if it don't work?

Then it don't work!

You don't get it. This is real.

You think this happens all the time, it don't.

[Ayanna sniffles]

You don't..

You don't want me?

Look at me.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry -- Don't fucking touch me!

You got the nerve to talk to me about givin' up?

You're a fucking punk.

As soon as shit gets real, you quit.

You quit everything. You quit school.

You can't even finish a fuckin' song! 'Cause what?

'Cause your daddy was hard on you? He ain't here!

I'm standin' right in front of you.


[door closes]

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

In about five hours, you take the second one in the comfort of your own home.

You may experience some discomfort and once the reaction..

[indistinct chatter]

[phone alarm ringing]

Across America, starting at..

[gun firing on TV]

Time now to look at the not Top Ten.

You're gonna need to crack..

Once you see this place..

It's like..

They got, like, butcher shop and then they got a club and then yo, they got this nice plush grand new seats..

[indistinct chatter on TV]

And it's like, a, hangout.

'Sup, bro?

Fuckin' change.

Fuck, bro. What if that's his life, man?

[indistinct chatter]







Yeah, something's wrong.

I don't know. Can you just come?

[sobs] Mm-hm.



[breathing heavily]






Why didn't you say nothin'?


You gonna tell him?


[door opens]

I can't.. T?


What's wrong, baby?


What's wrong?

What's the matter? Mommy!

What's the matter?



[instrumental music]

[music continues]



Isaiah, what's up? I'm tryin' to talk to you!

Isaiah! How could you, Ayanna?

How did you -- Yorell.

Your girl's still talkin' to my cousin.

I was gonna tell you. When?

When were you gonna tell me?

You didn't wanna be with me, what was I supposed to do?

You were supposed to tell me!

What difference would it make?

Don't even lie to me and act like you want a kid right now.

That's not the point!

You've been lyin' to me this whole time.

How could I ever trust you? I didn't lie.

You did! You didn't want me!

You didn't ask me.

I didn't have to.

It was my choice. It was our choice!

It's my body!

Isaiah, wait.. Don't!

Isaiah.. Stop! Ayanna..

I love you. Please. Isaiah.. Stop! No, get out.

Isaiah.. Stop. Get off me..

Get out! Go, get out! Stop! Isaiah..

Damn! Isaiah!

[door closes]


Ayanna, you okay? I'm fine.


Are you sure? Ma, I'm fine.

Please just leave me alone.


[instrumental music]


[automated message] Hey, this is I..

Oh, Teesha, come here, baby.

I want Sonya to meet you.

Sonya, this is my daughter, Teesha.

Hmmm. Isn't she pretty?

Popcorn. Teesha, this is Sonya.

You know what, never mind. Just.. Just go.

God! Can't tell them nothing, you know?

So, uh, what's up? What you wanna do?

I think I'm gonna go home.

Alright. Let me walk you.

I wanna go.

[chuckles] What? What you mean?

Thank you.

Ayanna, what?

Thank you.

Come on. Ayanna..



[automated message] Hey. This is Isaiah. Leave a message.

[line beeps]

Isaiah, it's me.

Call me when you get this?

[doorbell rings]

Get away from the door, dammit.

What'd I tell you about openin' the door?

Come on.

I can't believe you told Yorell.


My bad, Yanni.

You know I love you.


No more tears, mama.

You know why?

'Cause you a bad one, and bad ones don't cry.


♪ You a bad one and bad ones don't cry ♪ Uh-huh.

♪ You a bad one and bad ones don't cry ♪

♪ So Yanni dry your eyes

♪ You a bad one and bad ones don't cry ♪

♪ Come on, come on so Yanni dry your eyes ♪

♪ You a bad one and bad ones don't cry ♪

♪ So Yanni dry your eyes.. ♪



[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[birds squawking]

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[car door closes]

[indistinct chatter]


Hi. I don't know if you remember me.

Yeah, Isaiah's girl. Right!

Your hair's different. Yeah.

Can I talk to you for a second?

Sure, yeah. Come on inside.

We're just getting set up.

♪ And he went for you

♪ You know it's true

♪ Went deep for you

♪ Oooh oooh oooh ♪


Thank you. Thank you so much.- Hey, what's up, man?

Um.. Can I get a beer?

This next song is a new somethin'

I've been playin' with.

It is a special request I received for a special someone.

Bear with me. I might have to look at the stand a bit.

[Dymond chuckles]

[snaps fingers] One, two, three, four.

[piano music]

♪ I was just leavin' town

♪ Didn't think you'd come

♪ Didn't think you'd come around ♪

♪ Long-legged coast will call

♪ Tickets to the show

♪ And the o-o-open road

♪ SoJohn For-bid ♪

♪ I say somethin'

♪ That I don't mean?

♪ What did I know?

♪ Of my heart at seventeen?

♪ Crooked sermons

♪ And three words that don't mean nothin' ♪

♪ Wish I'd known

♪ We were too young to live this old ♪

♪ We were too young to live this old ♪

[Dymond humming]

Everybody, can I have your attention?

My baby is leavin' us, y'all.

Ayanna, we wish you the best out there.

And we know you're gonna make us proud.


[Dymond humming]

♪ SoJohn For-bid ♪

♪ I say somethin'

♪ That I don't mean?

♪ What did I know?

♪ Of my heart at seventeen?

♪ Crooked sermons

♪ And three words that don't mean nothin' ♪

♪ Wish I'd known

♪ We were too young to live this old ♪

♪ That we were too young to live this old ♪

♪ SoJohn For-bid ♪

♪ I say somethin'

♪ That I don't mean?

♪ What did I know?

♪ Of my heart at seventeen?

♪ Crooked sermons

♪ And three words that don't mean nothin' ♪

♪ Wish I'd known

♪ We were too young to live this old ♪

♪ That we were too young to live this old ♪

♪ We were too young to live this old.. ♪

[train whistling]

[train rumbling]

♪ SoJohn For-bid ♪

♪ I say somethin'

♪ That I don't mean?

♪ What did I know

♪ Of my heart at seventeen?

♪ Crooked sermons

♪ And three words that don't mean nothin' ♪

♪ Wish I'd known

♪ We were too young to live this old ♪

♪ That we were too young to live this old ♪

♪ That we were too young to live this old ♪♪

[instrumental music]