Pressed (2011) Script

Good morning, Mr. Parker. Sorry to bother you so early,

but Mr. Goldstein asked to go in his office-ndată the ajungeți. Yes, I know.

I mean ... now?

Yes, we are waiting.

All right.

Tell him you'll be right. - Certainly, sir.

Brian, appreciate Welcome to the a that early.

truth is that the last few months were high for the company.

I'm afraid we need to do a discount. I'm sorry, Brian.

and wanted to and not be a But I know you'll land on your feet!

Bankruptcy Court

Are you ready for chalet? Yes.

Immediately reach and father.

A and A. ..

We take you some ice cream? Yes.


A and a Over there, sir. Observe the Lord frog.

Do not carry.

Daddy! Is it Daddy?

I wonder where you are ...

Yes, sorry for the delay.

So 'big date' - how did it go?

Well ... went well. What has happened?

Nothing much to do, that's all. Okay. Învesele and get it!

She waits a week with family on your favorite cabin.

How about you?

Brian Parker Sales Manager Yes, I'm here.

Honey, in connection with the trip ...

A year ...

I cancel it, just ... A plan for how long ...

I know. For months.

I'm sorry. He just expecting to spend all together ...

But I have no choice, baby. You know Zack and he only sees you and the ...

He said he just waits to learn to-swim.

What do I say now?

I do not know.

I do not know. Exactly.

Meeting today ... Not to exit Goldstein's it ...

We lost two customers importance, angry.

He had to work double shifts. I'm sorry, baby.

What about your family, Brian? You ever thinking about us?

Leanne, not fair. You know I do my silința.

Only're not sile where it counts.

Finally. Do not forget to check with Donath $ 25,000 this week for inauguration Society Cancer Prevention .

I know.

Must hang up, baby.

Look, I'm really sorry. And I love you.

Yes. I'll have to call you Zack you get.

All right.

Take that ice cream? Yes!

Take it?

Bankruptcy Court


My new purchase. Come.

No. Really, Sammie! Come on, bro!

Come on, baby!

All right.

'll Be fine.


I can not believe that you're not under arrest.

Neither do I.

Stay quiet ...

My name is Mr. Parker. We call the relation the position for which you have published in today's paper.

Yes, it is.

All right. So ... year? All right.


Hello, Julie. Brian is.

Yes? Really?

I know - you will quickly circulate headset.

Is there?

Tuesday? Sun over a week no problem.


With Mr. Dunn, please.

In fact, that's why the call them. Maybe something free now?

I could talk to a lunch, a dinner ... maybe in a few days ...?

In an hour?

You have an excellent reputation. And you're very talented.

I'm sure you have more options aligned.

Must pertain to my lady fingers busy with charity checks.

Thank you. Okay, then. I gotta run.

Do not worry.

I was glad to see you. Thank you for your time.

Good luck with the new company. Take care of yourself.


It's old iron. Do not remove anything on this shit.

You gotta slow this shit, bro.

You have to slow to stop being pussy to see a control freak.

The so tell me when we were little.

And what about Brooke? What about it?

You know I broke up with studențelul ALA and e and 'the market'?

Come on, brother. Are you Jesse McAllister. Do single link.

Brooke Blaze is a whore. Cam superficial and obtuse ...

But nice, however i What about you?

Do you heart when you take in teeth to approach one?

I feel one thousand times. The weather lengthens, if it does not do anything.

Longer works in men. You look like that with the shredding ahul.

But slăbuț.

You know Bill Gates was the chess team, right?


You gotta slow with it, bro.

Thiele's your easy they say, 'Money-ready'. What Did Thiele cares?


Take it.

Are $ 200. Scotland more than the piece of crap.

Please, Jesse. Take them, please!

Mine are crammed - Why do I care?

Thank you.

A so-see!

Hello, Ken, how are you? Thanks for calling me back.

Yeah, no problem. Truth is they're a little difficulty, Ken.

You have to walk on the accounts - could I pay the bills, you know.

Yes, the economy now, it seems to be fine. Exactly. - talk about how I know, about $ 10,000 a month, for ... I do not know, three months?

I gave the Cancer Society a check $ 25,000 until the end of the month.

You know how it is Leanne.

So around 50,000. I do not know. I was thinking to free about 100,000, in case.

I look at your account right now ... and it seems that much of actions were lost

... When the stock market fell TeleCorp. What? That's how hard I hit?

Yes. I thought, -Did you sell the rest if actions below market price, remove any of the $ 75,000 for you.

Shit, that's all? A and could get $ 10,000 up tomorrow

... But the rest ... Four months - kidding me?

But I must warn you, Brian.

If you do this, the bank will play As in bankruptcy n ...

Did ... and I put on active garnishment. Yes, I know how these things work.

But thanks for atenționare. I do as you and I talked, right?

I'll call you in the morning.

And Brian - Try to get quiet and you and a drink in my account, dude.

And that are, Ken.


What are you, Gus?

I want my last month's rent.

're Raw and rest until the end of the month.

Say hello to your mother for me.

Jesus! Hello, Jess.

You came a little early.

He's Chuck. Just came to town.

Adolescents ...

Give me one.

I think you have a bad day and you, not?

I know. Really?

Yes. Are you from around here?


I grew up in District 5. Oh, yeah?

What school did you go?

It's been since then. At Brown . Promoția 1991.

No way, bro. As with me!

In the same year? Yes.

Are you Jimmy, right? Yes!

Jimmy Moretti? Yes!

How you've changed! You're Parker, right?

Yeah, I'm Brian. It's your place?

Mine, yes. Loud.

What's small world, brother.

What have you done? A bad day, brother.

Really? Yes.

What has happened?

Money or women?

I ginit that you're not drinking.

So I, one of the two.

Money - or women.

We were given out today. Can you believe?

They kicked me out.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Are you married?

I saw the ring. You have a wife.

Yes, I have a wife.

How'd she take it?

I have not yet said Jimmy.

Not yet I said. Isteț boy.

It could have been worse.

You could be allergic to alcohol.

May be!

My part. Cheers!

Hey, hey - what do you do?

Stop it! Try to take my wallet?

Try to take my wallet, kid!


Let me out!

No, no! Let me out!

No! Turns out, no!

You have luck that I call the police.


Let me out!

Invoices'm paid, right? Yes, when you pay it!

Jesse? Jesse!

Be seen face to my father ...

When I showed my house in Lake View.

Oh, you have a house in Lake View? Job, bro!

Exactly. Not cheap but could make payments on time.

I, Jimmy, I have found that ...

three months ...

Three months - and-then all go to hell.

Remembers when mine failed.

Not pleasant, bro. Not pleasant.

It was hard for everyone - for my mother, for all.

I can not let you pass through. I can not say.


That's part of the city?

Houses were shit, you do not want one.

Something providers grass, 're expirați few motorcyclists.

But now, every day is a type addicted to methamphetamine.

One more type bankrupt, still a chick sells for drugs.

It's a cancer man. And grows, and grows ...

By encompasses everything.

The city is dying, brother. I do not want to be around here you will be dead for good.

I know and I ...

I like here.

Why Did not they like? Shall rich your parents.

You will submit to a good university, ... Do you will find a good job ... And you just go to school.

You think you're saying? There are programs ...

For poor children, right? Not just for poor children!

I have other plans.

I think it's on the way. Who?

Country Ingleford.

What? What do you mean 'Country Ingleford is on the way'?

You like it ever since second grade. I know I do it in a second!

What can I say? Just be relaxed.

I'm not relaxed! Calm down, bro!


How do I look? You look good.

Right? And breath? Not so good.

Lord! It 's my back now?

Hey, guys!


Here's what I'll do. I'll help.

Of $ 500 to you?

Already I told you that I was broke. Haida ...

Give me your wallet.

How are you?

10 ...

40 ...

I have three hundred. 300!

Stay debt.

May remove 200 from the ATM.


Be careful here.

Hey, Mickey. Yes, Jimmy.

Jimmy Moretti, yes. Okay, listen.

I want to put 500 in Indiana.

Gain 8 points difference.

Yes. 500, at 8 ... Indiana ...

Got it? Bravo.

Can I ask you something, Jimmy? Yes.

You just bet the 500? No.

But she seemed. Did I turned the 500 in 5000.

How so? Need to know something about me.

Do not do anything unless you win. I've heard nonsense like that.

No, I'm not nonsense. Go home and tracks the Indiana game tomorrow.

If you do not earn the 90-82 Indiana I'll give you five thousand in my pocket.

In your pocket? Yes.

Deal. I'm in..


Let's ... please! - Morrison recovers ...

are 5 seconds until ...

- Morrison in attack ... Now, let's ...

- will score the last basket Another one ...

And basket! Indeed, ladies and gentlemen ... Yes! Pacers earn 8 points difference.

Hey, Jimmy! Hey, Brian.

How are you? Not too bad ...

Oh yes - really.

Really? Really.

I thought no longer see.

Yes - Count it.

4 ... 5.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Do you want help you? I know, my friend, but ...

No thanks. I have an appointment with the bank manager.

Got to be clear. Are you sure?

Give me a drink.

I still can not return since last night.

Here you go.

And what will you do with the money?

I do not know. You can pay some bills ...

Yeah, invoices. Very responsible.

I was thinking and the c-betting could put something ...

I mean - if you have some tips.

Some tips? I know Brian?

Tips like that I'm not on all roads.

I imagine. We shall see.

What are you doing? I write you some numbers here.

I have more money than I thought. I'll reach for a while.

Oh, yeah? Just in case.

That happens ...

May operate a small business besides.


Let me ask you, Brian. How did she seemed When I turned $ 500 the $ 5,000?

Did he seemed to move, right?

Business I work can transform a hundred thousand three, in less than a week.

Come on!

With one stone? A blow. One.

Well ... we met ... Now almost a second.

That's the money all I got. I lose that - are over.

I do not do anything ... Yes, I heard.

Do not do anything unless you win. Got it.


Did I know what you say - Do you think that this bar is not big deal, right?

I like. The so and need.

I bought it with money down.

With the 350,000 from my last business.

I have not taken in installments - it's all mine, no debt.

I am impressed .. Yes, it has and I have.

But this business requires large sums of money.


What I've been busy bar I had time to collect money for the new handle. Where you come.

You nțeleg, But the truth is ...

Well ... I can not afford at the moment.

Better. All we trebe are 100 000.

Put money in good hands -

-Did and ensure that it threefold in a week.

Get three times more. Now tell me that's guaranteed?

Here's the bar where you are. Do you give half of it if business fail - what not gonna happen.

Not gonna happen.


Just make land less

When Did the family comes back?

In a week?

What will you say?

What sell, Jimmy? A so-see!


The transport comes into a week - we send forth in the following.

Sell a product cheaper and better than the competition.

Something that will always be demand. Modest start.

If you go, we are expanding.

That's what we call 'taste'.

Just put money and do not you worry.

Like I said -

Just give me a week.

Hello, Sammie.

Hello. How are you?

All right.

Did you exit so it better last night, eh?

How was it?

It was unbelievable. Good-boy!

So, you ready? Yes.

What you gonna do?

I'll life you deserve.

Not one that gave me a the town this one.

Do you need money or a shower? I got some bucks.

I see where I was going up the bus.

That's not a plan, Jesse.

It's the only one I need, bro.

Do you have money and a car, right?

Let's do it one more time. For old times' sake.

I want a new beginning. One clean.

I do not think that stealing a car from here ...

I'll do it!

Sure, Sammie ...

I mean, Jesse.


Take care of that.

It's in good hands.

That's how I hope.

Later, Jimmy. Yeah.

We fund investments I was talking about.

No, no - You come to me.

I do not know - what about my car? It's a 1971 Dodge Dart. White.

All right. Sure.

Sit-to and a

Yes. I put in the car.

And how do? And pick up the goods?

That's Yes? Yeah, that.

Okay then.

What do we do? Leave it!

But you have to get the car back! What? You just wanted a steal.

Yes, but I think it and go forth. It does not matter, you know?

We leave here and forget it. Polițaii raises anyway.

No. We can not change the wheel? We take only five minutes.

I do not put myself on hands and knees filth to fix this one.

Slots, even that is not no thing.

Not a joke, Jesse! I do not do things like that!

Let's change the wheel and I promise Did that'll take you anywhere you want to go.


There's no spare wheel, Jesse.

Slots, what is it?

A briefcase?

Jesse! What?

Hello? - Hey, bro. Jimmy? - Yes. Yes. What's going on? - That and I was wondering.

When you left the bar, you notice anything unusual? No, why? - I just wondered.

I was curious. Be to always cover my sides, you know? What do you mean 'to have your cover sides', Jimmy? - gotta run now.

- We recently heard. Jimmy?

Let's go.

Goldstein ...

Ordinary bitch ...

I do not can answer now. Are you trying to sell me something,

forget it. Everyone else - you know what you have done. Hey, Jimmy. Brian is. I called to see how things are.

Call me when you receives the message, or the grab.

A hundred thousand dollars!

And now what? I do not know.

Dude, it's incredible.

Did this is something that changes lives.

Put them back. Do not spend it. Do not spend it?

No. The kind of people who leave and are usually the kind of people kill you if they take them.

Come on, Jess. When we fail 100,000 from heaven?


Come on, brother. We need them.

Okay. But spend just a little! Yes!

And keep your ears open. If you hear anything through the city, get rid of them - right?

Yes. Okay.

Let's enjoy it.

Come on, reply, Jimmy.

Jimmy are. I can not answer now.

you trying to sell me something ...

In his mother!

We atâția money!

Stay there. Try it and you you look hard.

No, I said 'tough'.

It's much better than other phones!

Let me right in the face.

Thank you.

Jesus, Brian!

You scared me to death.

Going somewhere, Jimmy?

No, actually, I was going to call you.

I called several times. Did I left several messages.

Yes? Well you know how it is sometimes, right?

What happened to your face? What?

Your face.

I fell down some stairs you.

These rubber soles I had to stick it to come.

Bei? Yes.

Here you go, bro.

So how did it go? Oh, well.

Okay? Yes.

You do not drink?

Ba ...

You want to tell me, Jimmy? What has happened?

Nothing but we're stuck a little. What me your 'we're stuck less'?

It's okay, it will be all right. I'm on it - calm down.

I got to draw a pi faces.

Go to Baltimore, eh? How's the weather there in this?

Do not really know. It's like in Buda there.

I just have some work to do.

Nice, eh? Yes.

What about the 'job' us? What about it?

How Your mama 'What about her?'

How me your 'what about it'? I have bills to pay.

My wife and baby-back in a few days, Jimmy!

Easy, Brian. 'll Be fine. I'll be back in a few days. Calm down.

You already said 'a few days' and I expected.

Where's my money?

Where's the money Fuck you, Jimmy? 'Back!

-Get the fuck back!

All right.

And has not had to be, Brian. And has not had to be.

It was all I had, Jimmy.

Now we have nothing. No, Brian.

Everything had. Do not know what the hell tell you, brother ...

The money disappeared. Disappeared! I do not know what the hell has happened.

They stole the car even front, My contact thinks I fucked her ...

Riddle me this, okay? Riddle me this, but you have to believe me. Need to calm down.

All right.

Did you leave town. Did they remove it from here.

Brian ... Brian, everything will work out.

I can not believe it, Jimmy. I can not believe.

What's this shit? What I pour all?

What's this? Come on, Brian - you'd do the same, ... If you were in my place. 'Your place'!

I have not the slightest idea What is going on here!

Ă happens that people knew ... What will you do?

Ă knew no kidding, Brian! Let me ask you something.

How the hell you $ 100,000 to people you do not know me, Jimmy?

I do not know who took the money! I do not know what you want to have your say, right?

This guy runs a huge network ă drugs from South America.

I do not know how his mother is calling him. Stands well-concealed and do what the hell she wants. This guy is not kidding you, Brian.

And will kill me. What do you mean to kill you?

I heard some stuff up.

You hear that stuff, right?

What have you heard, Jimmy? What have you heard?

Last guy who pulled a and wanted to have hanged himself.

So I figure I Do Now, Brian, because you never know what's going on.

You do not know anything.

Do not make me ...

Oh, God ...

Stop looking at me.

Stop looking at me.

Stop looking at me!

A and A. ..

Take it. Get out of here!

Get out of here!

Are you all right, sir? Yes.


I want to turn off engine and to exit the car, please.

Stay there.

Come with me, please.

Give to me to guess: Riley's.

What? Riley's.

'Rental cars' on the Street 4.

Yes, Riley's. Yes.

We're watching them. It seems that rents cars damaged and put repair costs at the expense of customers.

Ticălo and i!

Rust - right there.

Do not give to allow to trick the bill, right?

That's how we have to do. Only that cheap rents.

Thank warning Mr. policeman.

What are you doing here anyway?

We had a day blah blah ... Feel the need to pull over.

I'm sure they changed the better. A and of hope.

Make sure your I will.

Thank you.

And I. .. sir?

Try not to get into trouble.

And you, sir cop.

Oh, God ...




Hi, honey.

Hey ...

How are you?

I'm fine.

I'm sorry for the way I acted.

And Tell me sorry.

I love you.

I love you! And I love you and I.

I do love you. What has happened?

I think ...

Only I miss you. And new for you.

Want to talk with you son? Cause he speaks you a whole day.

Oh yes - gives it to me, baby.

Tell 'good night' lu 'Daddy. Good night, Daddy!

I love you. And I love you, omulețule!

I love you. See you soon. We promise.

Give me and Mommy, right?

All right.

How nice!

It breaks my heart ...

What's that noise?

What noise, baby? It's probably bad signal, I do not know.

Do not you worry.

Last night, when I slept ...

I would have wanted to be here, you know? I-mbrăți and eZi and I. ..

Someone's phone?

Brian? Honey?

Must hang. I love you.

I love you. Night ...

I have called in connection with the 1971 Dodge.

You have $ 100? Oh, yeah.

I hope I have.

I arătați some documents?

Did not work.

Brother! Really ...

Thank you, sir. I thank you!

Care of things!

We're rich! We are so rich!

Perfect 10!

Did they do it? To do what?

Come on, you're staring at the phone all day.

If you want to call - do it. And see what happens.

And if my phone is in the car?

Jesse - it seems to me, or even become 'pussy'?


Shit ...

Oh, God ...

Who are you?

Hear me?

Answered someone? Who are you?

Who is you?

You have something that belongs to me.

What? Where the fuck out my money?

He knows. What? Well, hang!

What do you want from us? I want my money-back. All.

Who says that's longer? I say. Hear me?

Lose money. Now!

Dude, chill out.

He did not even know you. Do not know anything about you.

Everything In is your phone number.

All you have to do is get rid of the phone.


Do not ...

find them Shit!

Yes. Listen.


This way.

In there, to the kitchen.

Where are the rest?

Missing some $ 55,000.

Besides machine of 40,000, what you bought?

Something electronics and clothes ...

And you? Same.

Return the. Everything.

Or what?

You have-receipt?

All right.

Come here. I want to tell you something.

You got some nerve, not, kid?


Yes, I think I have some at home. Good. You?

I have a bunch of them.

So there will be no problem.

Take the box. Both. Come after me.


I see you have a child, eh? Hello?


And you put him in chains when is evil?

Better. What number of your comrades?

I do not remember.

Okay, kid. Try again?

This is the last warning. That his mother's number?

Hello? How you doing, kid?

I tried to return laptops, but they told me that they can not get back.

Do I get them. Pour them a story.

Your mother's sick, Your father lost his job and ...

Ass hurts. What about the car?

No! I need to run in all places - then return.

Just do it once, kid! Do not figure.



You owe that money to someone, is not it? Look ... should not talk, right?

Do not know, I not know.

I want things to stay the so. So I shut up, okay?

I knew from the beginning that it goes bad.

I knew that there's something wrong with whole thing. I'm so stupid!

-I always get shit like that.

Or maybe I deserve ...

Do not look the type.

What kind? Supplier of drugs.

You do not know what's here to do, is not it?

When you stole the car ... whole scheme of drug deals that was not supposed to have anything to do he went to hell.

I'll probably be dead in a few hours.

Well what do you do?

Fuck, kid ...

If I have and idea, I stay here.

But I did not.

So ...

Go to school? I'm done.

Did you graduate?


Mărețe plans?

To leave the city.

That's all? This one's your plan?

Well not really the plan!

'Let me get a job' 'To see what follows' ...

You know, when I was a kid ...

My parents have lost virtually everything. This is a story-those in which ...

You beat the odds ... and have become This successful resident suburb

... And who owes money to others? No.

Just because I've been there where you are right now. If the first time any advice, ... I would have got better. Really?

Have you been where I am? In this position?

I ran and I you know.

Highway across the country, you know.

Run after what we thought that will be a new life.

For I'd have ruined everything! So what's the point?

I think I want to tell you, does not believe that life comes down to shit they possess - because there is limited.

It boils down to being happy.

And - how boring it sounds - from doing what's right.

'What's right?'

Like a teenager înlănțuirea your child's room?


You dream so?

Hidden number. Do not answer that.

Look - I hope, for your sake, Your comrades will respond.

Come ...

Yes? Why did you come yet?

No clothing Bergman receives no nothing back. Nothing!

I do not care for clothes, kid! What about the car?

Say they need authorization get back something so expensive.

I have atâția money available!

Take the car back, Authorized get, the money and move-Did that ass here.


I could give the car back, is not it?

I want to have my own business. What?

My dreams. You asked for it.

We have a lot going on, kid. The truth is that I lost interest.

Sets up the 'hostage silent' and hang mouth, right?

What did I do?

What I do, baby?

I miss you!

I miss you ...

Oh, God ...

I'm sorry, okay?

I was a pig.

So your business ... What is it?

Tell me about your dream. Your business.

Yes, I want to have my business. Something pleasant.

Sounds good. It's a start, right?

But if the uez? Do's and uezi?


If you're strong enough, You can do anything, kid.

You hear and you?

What's going on? We have guests.

Get out of here! Get out of here!


Jesse? The door, door!

Stay with me.

Go, go, go!

Oh, fuck!

Are everywhere. A and a We're going somewhere else.

We'll take the second door on the left.


How many garages you? More than I need.

A and a Listen. Climb the stairs and take it on the door.

Then go down and get the driveway.

Take it over there - you should be safe.

And you? Go! Get out of here, Jesse!

What about Steve! Go!

Go! Now!

A and A. ..


What has happened?


Oh, shit ...

We have to go and to call police.

But what has happened?

Jesse? If you do not call for help, ... That guy is dead. Who cares? This is one 'of their own!

No, it's not Get it?

Let's go.

Who are the people knew ă? I'm coming after us!

Shit! Punch it!

Go, go, go! Where, Jesse?

Turn here. Right, right!

Turn it around!

Good climb.

And now, where? Oh, shit!

Give him the reverse. Tuck, tuck, tuck!

Pick it up.

Open it.

They have nothing to do with it. Nothing.

Look - the whole thing is my fault. They do not know anything about it.

It's all a mistake, right?

I gave stuff and I almost half the money.

Do not touch my family please.

I'm tired of this nonsense. What do you want from me?

Bag a bullet in me and bury me in the middle of the night - you want more?

What are they doing here? I shall just some kids!

Are you okay? Yes.

And you? Did they hurt you? No, I'm fine.

I was contacted of your partner.

By 'associated' Jimmy you mean?

I was contacted of your partner.

On investing one of my vice.

Why did not this happen? Let, I pray thee, children to leave.

They have nothing to do with it.

Package theft in the place indicated has something to do with it.

Running through the city and spending my money under the eyes of the world, inclusive of tournaments, has something to do with it.

Did not know whose money. Shut up, fuck-n.

Or Do you put a bullet in the face.

We are in a real mess - you agree?

Look ... Like I said, I can get the rest. Can ...

I have $ 25,000 in your pocket. You think I give a shit a few thousand?

And why all this? Did you have recovered and drug ...

Those are another 50,000 ... Because I have injured!

No prejudicial me! That was a mistake! No one ...

Shut-n Fuck you!

Thought you can shoot me.

You all thought. And I thought you drop easily.

How does that make me look?

You could go to and in the desert, you to put in a pit and and I end up with everything.

That's not good. Please.

I tell you what. One of you will rise, will leave here and-mouth and keeps you.

The second will replace the eye shit, Jimmy.

It will take work with me.

And the third ...

We will make an example of him.

'Example'? What do you mean by 'instance'?

You're isteț boy, Mr. Parker.

I think you can get this straight.

This plane leaves in two minutes.

So you have to decide that you take.

So what do we do?

Must be another way, right?

No? Sam, it's okay. Come here.

Both. Ago. Skip over here '.

Listen to me. I promise that it will be fine.

Well, Sam? It will be all right. Do not worry.

It will be all right. It's okay, all right.

And if I ambushed?

We can not. We would find.

Even if I knew switched to the plane and those outside, will come and we will find. We'd been looking at forever.

He said that we have a choice. I have.

We have no choice, right? Sam - would be fine.

Pull yourself.

Have you chosen? Yes.

Leaves kid, right? Please?


Take a word - bury his entire family.

I will. It's good kid.

I will. No, Sam?

Please ... Get-n fuck out of here.

Get out of here, Sam. Go.

Go. Go, Sam!

What will you do? Get out of here, Sam. Now! Move!

I can not leave! Get the fuck outta here!

Jesse! What the fuck you, Sam!

Get the fuck out of here!

Thank you.

disappear: Jesse McAllister Ajutați of information

House for sale SOLD

Jimmy ...