Pretty Poison (1968) Script

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Your record here has been good, Dennis.

Shouldn't have any trouble. Let's hope, Mr. Azenauer.

As you know, I'll be your case officer.

Here's the phone number where you'll check in with me every week.

Understand that? Yes, sir.

It'll help if you also look on me as your friend, Dennis.

I'll do my best, Mr. Azenauer.

Psychologists say you're a bright guy.

Your best should be good enough.

Now, you know where you report for your job?

Yes. It's typed very neatly, sir.

Lowell Lumber and Supply.

What do they know about me?

The truth, Dennis.

They know you got in a jam when you were younger.

You've been taken care of for a while, and now you're okay again. Period.

This isn't a prison.

No one's gonna treat you like you've been in one. Understand?

Sounds good, sir.

It'll be what you make it, Dennis-

You and no one else.

Well, good luck. Any questions?

No, sir.

Although, I must tell you, Mr. Azenauer-

A lumber yard does seem like a slight waste of my talents.

Is that so?

Yes, sir.

I've been taking a secret course in interplanetary navigation.

I had hoped to be appointed to the first Venus rocket.

Cut that out, Dennis. I was kidding, sir.

These fantasies of yours can be dangerous.

Now you lay off that stuff. Yes, sir.

Well, I better not miss my bus to the lumber yard.

You'll be hearing from me.


Believe me, Dennis, you're going out... into a very real and very tough world.

It's got no place at all for fantasies.

Forward, ha! Hup, two, hup.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Morning, Mr. Bronson. Hello, Dennis.

Mrs. Bronson?

Hi, Mrs. B. Good morning, Dennis.

Uh, do me a favor, will ya? Drop this off for processing?

Oh, sure. Thanks.

Oh, uh, better leave it in your own name, if you won't mind.

Why? Thanks, Mrs. Bronson.

Dennis, aren't you having any breakfast? That's okay.

I had a couple of high-energy biscuits. See ya!

About time, Pitt.

Yes. Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

All right, Pitt, what happened? I don't know, sir.

All of a sudden it just went crazy. "All of a sudden," huh?

That's-That's certainly how it seemed, sir.

Of course, as I don't have to tell you, I didn't actually see it... because I was concentrating on my scope.

L-Look here, Mr. Munsch, you don't doubt me, do you?

Oh, no, Pitt. I don't doubt you.

I just wish I could prove what I don't doubt about you.

I'd- I'd-

"Lascivious carriage".

That's an interesting phrase.

Never heard it. Says here troopers arrested a fella, 43... and a girl, 39... for lascivious carriage.

Means they were doing things to each other.

Oh, boy. Let's see.

Ah. Fall Road. It figures.

Why? You must be new in town, kiddo.

Fairly. Fall Road-

That's back in the woods.

You go down Lane to where there's some, uh, birch trees.

You arrive at make-out alley.

Oh. In other words, a well-known local meeting place.

Oh. Clandestine.

Clan who?

One of those troopers was a rookie.

Imagine-A 25-year-old cop arresting a 43-year-old man... for something he'd give his right arm to be doing himself.

Yeah. I bet before they made the pinch... they spent 20 minutes watching.


Anyone got change for a quarter? Sure.

Say-You aren't playing hooky from school, are you?

With the grades you need for college these days... you must be insane.


Don't say a word. Act perfectly natural. We're under surveillance.

Rendezvous tonight. Bring this object.

Spring Street Movie House, 8:00 p.m., seventh row, balcony, left side.

Got that? Make your phone call. Don't look after me.


You've been of greater service than you know.

Thank you. Good-bye.

I said good night, didn't I?

Oh! You're a reckless kid.

Hey-What's this all about?

Who are you? My name is Dennis Pitt.

That's already more than you should know. What was in that bottle?

Tetra acetic- Satisfied?

All right, all right.

I suppose I owe you some sort of explanation. It's wrong.

It's against every rule in the book, but I had to use you.

It was the only way out of that jam. What jam?

Now that you're in this-

God, it's so utterly crazy it just might work.

What might work?

We can't talk here. Get your car.

Go on.


Your full name? Sue Ann Stepanek.

Is that Russian? Polish.

Why aren't you writing this down?

Memory is part of our training program.

All right, Sue Ann, where do you live? 14 Fresh Air Lane.

Age? Eighteen.

College? Yes.

I'm disappointed, Sue Ann.

You were observed drilling with a certain patriotic high school outfit.

Oh, that. I agree with you. It's juvenile.

However, it led us to believe that you were reliable and truthful.

Well, I'm a senior at Chubb High. Almost 18.

That's better. The truth never hurts.

Why did you lie to me? Well, I-

I didn't want to seem too young. Foolish child.

If you read the papers, you'd know we have used younger. What does your father do?

Oh, he's dead- Killed in Korea.

That's rough. I'm sorry. Well, that's life.

Wrong, Sue Ann. It is death.

We never confuse the two in my business. Tell me about your mother now.

Ah, yes. Well, she's a typist in a law firm.

Mm-hmm. But she's really kind of a problem, Dennis.

Good. What?

The way you used my name- It sounded quite natural.

We have an obvious rapport. Oh.

Now this problem with you mother- Oh, yeah.

Well, she never lets me go out or anything.

Oh, I see.

That sounds stupid, doesn't it?

No, it's not uncommon in E.M. cases.

"Employment of Minors". We have techniques to get around that.

No kidding. What kind of-


Next right. Turn.

Pull over there and cut your headlights.

You know, this is a funny place for this kind of talk.

Why? The kids call this "Make-out valley".

I know that. That's why I chose it.

It's a perfect cover-

Like my routine job at the Sausenfeld plant... which covers my real mission here. Oh. What's that?

Sorry. That's classified.

Dennis, you know, there's something I ought to tell you about my mother.

I think she's mixed up with someone.

- A man? Well, sure. She's not queer.

But he- But he could be subversive.

I think you watch too much TV, Sue Ann.

Well, couldn't you check him out with those-

You know, those techniques of yours?


We'll check this character out tomorrow night, if he's around.

Oh, he'll be around.

I'm glad I met you, Dennis.

Be careful. Emotions can be fatal in things like this.

Well, in things like what?

You know, you still haven't told me what you're doing here.

I can only tell you... that a certain alien group... plans to introduce a diabolical substance... into the entire northeastern water supply.

They have chosen the Sausenfeld Chemical Plant... as their infiltration point.

If they-

Someone's coming. Pretend we're lovers.

Mmm! Mmm! Wait! Shh.

Dennis, the gear shift. Mmm, mmm.

All right. It's okay to get up now.

Whenever someone's coming, it's an old trick to do that.

I'll bet. No, I mean really.

One agent escaped death because of that.

Well, I'll have to be going now.

Yes. Myself as well.

We may have been seen.

Better I return to my place cross-country.

Wait five minutes before you drive out.

Okay. Instructions-

Our standard meeting place: the hot dog stand, noon.

If unable to comply: Same, 24 hours later.

No phone contact. Got that? Hot dog stand, noon.

Looks so innocent.

What a damn deceptive world.

Are you a secret agent?

Good night...

Sue Ann Stepanek.

Dennis? Mmm?

I dropped your film off for you. Thanks, Mrs. Bronson.

There's another one there on the bureau.

You might- You might ask them to rush that.

Oh, uh, you got a phone call this afternoon.

What? Some man asking if you stayed here.

- Who? Uh, it was some foreign-sounding name.

- Azenauer? Yes, I think that was it.


What did you tell him?

Why, I told him you were at work. What would I tell him?

It's a bad game. They never warn you there's no way out.

I hope they burn him.

Why? The accused person could be innocent-

What we term a victim of circumstance.

Are you kiddin'? He murdered the broad, then he stole her car.

Her girlfriend saw him go. It says so.

Of course it says so, but study the girlfriend.

- What about her? She looks too innocent.

Could be a case of entrapment.

Hello. Haven't we met? I think we did somewhere.

Oh, too bad. I'd love to chat, but I have no time.

So long.

Hi. Hi. Where's the kid?

Movies. Thank God for the movies.

I've got some bourbon.

Your mother's quite a handsome woman.

I thought the idea was to check out him.

I tell you frankly, Sue Ann... this man does not visit your mother for any subversive reasons.

But how do you know till you check him out?

Okay. We'll get his picture.

It has to be a profile, though. Profile? Why?

To show the ears. They never change.

Many a man has been unmasked because of his ears... even after extensive plastic surgery.

Well, I didn't know that.

Luckily for us, not many people do.

All right, instructions:

Dash under cover to the car and start the engine.

I'll be there right after the explosion. Explosion?

You ask too many questions, Sue Ann.

It's a habit you're gonna have to break.

Hey! Hey! Who is that? Hey!

Photo will be checked tomorrow. It was a stupid risk.

Move out. Okay.

It spreads from the factory waste pipes... into the lakes, into the reservoirs-

Silent. Deadly.

You're crazy. It's just a stupid lake.

I mean, don't agents ever do anything exciting?

You poor kid.

It's that old post-operational let-down.

I'll give you something to fix that.

Are they drugs? They're not addictive.

They're government issue. They're called A.C.T.'s. Go ahead, take one.

Are they like sniffing glue?

Oh, boy. Sometimes you seem very, very young, Sue Ann.

Maybe you won't make a P.A.C.-N.S.

What's a P.A.C.-N.S.?

I'll explain that term after you take a couple.

Well, you take it first.




How long is it gonna take?

Not long. You'll know.

I wonder what my mother and that man are doing now.

You know, when he came out, he was barefoot.

I have no idea. I bet they were getting ready.

Uh, Sue Ann, P.A.C.-N.S... stands for "Plausible Agentry Contact, Non-Salaried".

You could qualify. - You know, when grown-ups do it, it's kind of dirty.

That's 'cause there's no one to punish them.

Uh, Sue Ann, I'll check all this with my cutout from Springfield.

He'll be coming here to Winslow soon. His name is Azenauer.

Don't be surprised if he orders a change in my status.

Sue Ann, all this is very important.

Are you listening?

The moon is acting very funny.

Sue Ann.

Sue Ann.



Oh, I feel good, Dennis.

I feel ripe. Getting ready to bust.

Winslow contacts you, what shall I do?

What should you do? Uh-huh.

Well, uh, what do you think?

I don't think. Well-


Make out?


Sleep together?

No sleeping.

Yeah, help me.

Sue Ann. Mmm.

That was good.


Hey, Dennis, when do we do something exciting?


The pressures are closing in.

I feel them everywhere.

Don't you?

I feel empty.

Pitt. Wake up.

There's a guy here to see you. Name is Azenauer.

Morton Azenauer. Mean anything to you?

Mmm. Probably some hack gumshoe from the Bureau of Licenses.

Oh, yeah? Yes.

I once did some unlicensed tree surgery.

I foolishly performed an abortion on a peach tree.

Get movin', wise guy. You're on company time.

Hello. We meet again. Hello, Dennis.

I'd like a last cigarette.

I decline a blindfold.

You haven't changed much, Dennis. Who does?

I had a hell of a time finding you. Good.

Come on. Let's walk around somewhere we can talk.

That's where the chemical waste is discharged.

Oh, yeah? Over 70 million gallons a year.

I've traced all the stream patterns.

By next spring there may not be an "unmonstrous" fish as far south as New York.

Aw, it's a necessary evil.

Yeah, I've heard that.

Dennis, I'm here to talk about you.

You broke your probation.

It's over a year you didn't check in.

Well, I'm trying to be... self-reliant, Mr. Azenauer.

You're accountable to the state.

You knew you weren't to change address without permission.

What are you gonna do?

Drag me back to the barred windows and the witch doctors?

I guess I should, Dennis.

Only it might not be such a cozy place this time.

I'm not going back, Mr. Azenauer.

Believe me, I'm not.

Mr. Azenauer... would you think it possible if I told you...

I'm in love?

It's possible.

Well, I am, Mr. Azenauer.

I have the love of a clean, true girl.

She needs me. I lend meaning to her life.

In case you doubt her character, I'll add... that she carries the state flag for the Chubb High School drill team.

You have a bad way of gilding the lily, Dennis.

Just when I wanna believe you, I'm afraid.

You're afraid I'll run away?

I'll blow up cities? I'll rape and burn and destroy property... and get arrested for lascivious carriage? Now look-

You're afraid that I can take care of myself and don't need your services.

You're afraid that in spite of you, in spite of your doctors...

I'll rehabilitate myself. Dennis, for God's sakes.

I've got 50 more cases than I know what to do with.

Good. Then leave me alone. These are laws. Laws must be abided.

Give me two weeks- Two weeks to keep my nose clean, okay?

Dennis! We're talking about my life, Mr. Azenauer.

We're talking about my one and only life.

Okay, Dennis.

It's my neck if I'm wrong, but I won't take you in... on condition that you hold your job- that you phone in to me every single day, you understand?

Yes. You can mail me your payroll stubs too... just to be sure. Good idea. Thanks.

Aw, don't thank me. I'm probably being a fool.

So long for now, Dennis.

Mr. Azenauer?

Really, thanks.


You're through, Pitt. What do you mean?

You finish Friday and then find yourself another job. And lots of luck.

You mean I'm fired? That's a good word for it.

A chemical plant is no place for a convicted arsonist... and you're even lucky I'm letting you finish out the week.

Well, I don't understand.

Why did he tell you that? I was 15 years old when that happened.

So what? I'm meant to cry?

Thanks, old buddy, for getting me fired.

What are you talking about? Why were you fired?

Why do you think?

Because of what you told your pal Munsch.

Good Lord. He promised me he wouldn't fire you.

I guess it was a necessary evil, huh? That's rotten.

What's his number? I'll call him back. No need, sir.

I'm right this moment applying for a better position elsewhere.

My chances are excellent.

I'm glad to hear that. Have 'em call me.

Uh, where are you applying?

It's called Silver Mills. Here in Winslow.

Dennis, be honest with 'em, won't you?

I mean, tell 'em about your record.

You may not believe it, but it's always much the best way.

You've been fired?

Sue Ann, if you'll remember, I told you there might be a change of status.

It's part of the plan. But why were you fired?

Happens often. Agents are deliberately discredited... to help them carry out their missions.

This sounds fishy to me, Dennis. Like that man-

He looked like he was giving you a chewing.


See this?

Yeah. That's your work card.

Yes, among other things it is.

Now read it... through this.

"Pitt. C.I.A., 3704-"

The C.I.A.? Oh, God! Ruthless devils.

They don't care who they use. What do you mean?

It's not their fault. They didn't make this world either.

I mean, you've been approved, Sue Ann.

My orders have come through- Raid Sausenfeld.

And since it's too late to send in a new man now, you and me are the team.

Oh, wow! Brief me. Where'll you be at 5:00?

Uh, drill practice. I'll pick you up right after.

I'll need your help to contact Azenauer.

Hello. "Good afternoon.

"This is Miss Stepanek, Mr. Barge's secretary... at Silver Mills in Winslow". Yes, Miss Stepanek?

"I'm calling you in connection with our hiring Mr. Dennis Pitt.

Oh, yes. He mentioned that.

"Yes, my supervisor asked me to call you, Mr. Azenauer.

His name is Barges".

"Mr. Pitt told us that he was on probation...

"and we would like a letter to the effect...

"that Mr. Pitt- Is or isn't trustworthy.

"is or isn't trustworthy.

Frankly, his frankness impressed us quite a lot".

Okay, I'll send that. What's the address?

What's the address? 14 Fresh Air Lane, Winslow.

14 Fresh Air Lane, Winslow. "Mr. Barges...

That's my address. 14 Fresh Air Lane, Winslow".

Never mind. Hang up. Oh, thank you, sir.

He's sending it to Mr. Barges at my address.

Of course. You're my drop. We'll intercept it.

Briefing at 8:00 p.m. tonight, my place.

Trailer in front of Bronson's Garage. Approach from the rear.

Don't let yourself be seen. Oh, wow. This is really exciting.

More than you know, Sue Ann. When he said he'd send the letter-

That was the code signal I've been waiting for.

It means we make our raid tonight.

Oh, wow! Your place tonight.

A phone call for you, Dennis.

Some girl.

Hi. It's me.

I can't get out tonight.

What do you-What do you mean, you can't get out?

I'm a prisoner, Dennis. The old hag even took my car keys.

But, Sue Ann, tonight-

Well, you know what there is tonight.

I told you Mom was a problem. Now maybe you'll believe me.

Oh, well, this isn't happening. I must be dreaming this.

Didn't you say you had techniques for dealing with hang-ups like this?

Yes-Yes, I have techniques.

I'm just no longer sure you're worth using them on, Sue Ann.

Well, I'm sad you feel that way, Dennis.

See, I remember at the lake.


She might be listening in. I better go now.

Dream of me, huh?

Some agent. You were really scared.

Dennis, I wouldn't blame you a bit... if you were just furious about last night.

I would as soon forget about last night.

I got through to my people.

Operation's rescheduled for tonight, same timetable.

See ya, Pete. Dennis.


Before we go out again, you have to meet my mother. - What?

Yes. What do you think we're planning here?

Some kind of a Girl Scout outing? Dennis, you've got to.

It's the only way. Now listen. I worked it all out peachy.

I told her that you were related... to one of her very best friends.

It's a good likeness, isn't it?

Of Margaret St. Ange.

Sue Ann did say she was your aunt, didn't she?

Oh! Well, well, well.

She sure did, but, uh-

But, uh, pardon me for preferring to look at you, Mrs. Stepanek.

Oh, my.


I thought chivalry was dead.

I don't know about that, but it's surely plain... where Sue Ann gets her good looks.

Oh, stop.

We're very different, actually.

Except that Sue Ann is stubborn... but of course she knows that I'm even more stubborn.

Oh, boy. Fasten your seat belts.

- Don't whine, Sue Ann. Mother.

Oh, Sue Ann, I'm sure Mr. Pitt doesn't like to see you acting like a brat.

Uh, if we're gonna get to the movies on time, I guess-

Your parents live in Winslow, Dennis?

No, my folks died in a car crash when I was two.

Oh. How terrible.

Yes. Uh, of course, I don't remember it much.

Strange that Margaret never mentioned that tragedy.


Uh, act-Actually, the St. Anges... are close friends of my aunt.

They used to... live together.

You didn't tell me quite right, did you?

Well, what's the difference?

In Holyoke, wasn't it?

No, ma'am. That was in Westfield- where they worked.

Really? What's the difference?

Who cares about all that family crud?

Oh, that's too bad.

Mr. Pitt is gonna have to go to the movies by himself. - What?

I told the child the next time she used an unladylike word like that... she'd have to go right upstairs to bed.

Mother. Mr. Pitt is a grown man, dear. He understands.

Excuse me. I'm gonna get a glass of water in the kitchen.

Ah, you see? You've embarrassed Mr. Pitt.

Dennis, have I embarrassed you?

No, I'm thirsty, that's all. Well, let's go then.

You go to your room. Make me.

Let's go, Dennis.

I really am very sorry.

I said, let's go, Dennis.

"Mr. Pitt's a grown man, dear. He understands".

Oh, what crud- Playing you against me like that.


"Sue Ann, get away. Play with kids your own age".

Oh, boy.

What an old bag she is. Sue Ann, Sue Ann.

Unwind yourself.

Our mission needs ice-cold nerves.

Do you know how to use a wrench? Sure.

The chute is sectioned right above us.

Our objective is to loosen the superstructure supporting section number two.

If we do it right, the whole works will come down... on the first load they pipe through in the morning.

You take the bottom section. I'll do the top.

Counter-sabotage, huh?

Remember, we're striking a blow for every decent citizen in this area.

Let's go.

All right, come down.

You heard me, son. Start climbin'.

And don't try anything.

I got a gun-

I hit him twice.

You see, he started to go down... and then I bopped him on the side of the head.

Oh, he sure is bleeding, isn't he?


The C.I.A. does cover this kind of stuff, doesn't it?



Well? Yeah. S-S-Sometimes.


What should we do?

You're sweating.

You're cool.

What should we do, Dennis?

Well, that-

That depends.

You mean on how he is?


Just... let me think a minute.

Does he know you? Yeah.

His name is Sam.

I bet with him on a... baseball game once.


He was dead, Dennis.

The chute's right over him, you see?

When it falls down in the morning... they'll figure that's what killed him.

God, what a night.

Let's get out of here, huh?

Let's make out. Sue Ann.

Sue Ann. Mmm. Let's make out.

Wait a second. Dennis- Make love to me.

No- Mmm.

Sue Ann, listen.

What's the matter? Do you need a pill?

Sue Ann-

Okay, buster. What's your name?

Dennis Pitt.

What was he trying to make you do, honey? Something bad?

Uh, no. We were just kidding around.

Look,you don't have to cover for him.

- How old are you? Twenty-one.

Yeah? Let's see your license.

What kind of a country is this? Can't two people sit- - Shut up.

When somebody asks you, that's when you talk.

Twenty-one, huh? You know there's a curfew around here.

Haul tail, buster. You ride with us.

You lead the way home, honey.

...area of Main Street.

609, accident, east side of town.

Well, I guess they were just having a good time, Officer.

I mean, they weren't, uh, actually doing anything, were they?

No, nothing you could actually call "doing anything".

Well, all's well that ends well, I always say.

I can't thank you enough, Officers.

Good night, Mrs. Stepanek.

You're one lucky kid, buster.

If I were you, I'd get down on my knees to this woman.

You were going to the movies, huh?

You dumb little slut.

And as for you- I talked to Margaret's parents.

They never even heard of you. Those lucky people.


What's the matter?

Don't you have any nice lies all ready?

I'm sorry, ma'am.

You know why I sent those cops away, don't you?

Sure. It was for Sue Ann's sake.

You are so right, Mr. Dennis Trash Pitt.

People stink.

I have you copped, the whole town says, "There's smoke, there's fire. "

Sue Ann must have led you on. Well, maybe she did. I don't give a damn.

But I'm gonna tell you something, and I want you to get this straight.

You so much as look at my girl in the street again... and I'm gonna have you put in jail without a key.

I work for a very respected lawyer... and he'll take care of you.

I'm not bulling. Now get out.

If I could just speak to Sue Ann for one minute.

I said get out.

Good night, Sue Ann.

Why, you tramp!

Funny. Sam hasn't clocked out yet.

Better take a look for him.

The exterior chute collapsed. Damn thing fell on Sam Joyles.

Killed him.

Yes, sir.

Yes sir, will do.

Toot the whistle. Boss says shut down.

Yeah, this is Sausenfeld. Gimme the police.

Bronson's Garage. Yes, he's here.

Well, I'd be glad to, Mr.--



Uh, Mr. Munsch over at the factory would like to see you.

Dennis, he said he'd like to see you right away.

What's the matter, Pitt? You so rich you can afford to walk out... without pickin' up your final paycheck?

Thanks. Pitt!

Funny about that chute collapsing.

It was inspected only last month.

Meinhardt said it'd be good for another 50 years.

It was also funny about Sam Joyles being right underneath it.

I'm afraid I can't share your sense of humor, Mr. Munsch.

- So long. Uh, Pitt.

By the way, uh, one other little thing.

These gents want to talk to ya.

They're detectives.

Mr. Munsch tells us you're on probation, Pitt.

I believe the offense was arson.

That's right. What did they do to you?

Well, this was, uh, some time ago.

I was confined for a while.

They said I was a- A disturbed juvenile.

They said? You mean you weren't?

I didn't think so, sir.

Beg pardon? Say that again.

He says he thought he was normal. Oh.

Mr. Munsch says that you often say things that he doesn't understand.

That's entirely possible, sir.

You seem like a smart guy, Pitt. What's your theory about the gun?

What gun? The watchman's gun.

You see, it hasn't been found.

Okay, what is this? What are you trying to get me to say?

Aren't you meant to tell me I can call a lawyer?

Gosh, Pitt! We're not accusing you of anything.

You know any reason we should accuse you of anything?

When's the autopsy on Joyles?

I figure tomorrow. You know, it could be very interesting.

Water in the lungs and all that.

But keep in touch, Pitt. That'll be all for now.

Good luck, Pitt.

Sue Ann, are you crazy? First rule of the C.I.A.:

"Unless directed otherwise, never revisit the scene of the sabotage".

Oh, Mickey Mouse. What?

That's Mickey Mouse! Sue Ann, this whole area reeks with cops.

Dennis, why are they dragging the edge of the river?

Must be for his gun. The old guy lost it. Oh!

Sue Ann, put those glasses down. They reflect the light.

Dennis, listen. We had a bad break.

That letter came for Mr. Barges, and the old hag opened it up... and called Azenauer. Oh, my God, oh, my God.

So that's what he's doing up here. Yeah. They came and got me... out of class- asked me all kinds of stupid questions- but don't worry, I didn't tell 'em anything.

Don't worry, huh? They'll take me back for sure, now.

They'll lock me up. I'll never get out.

Your own C.I.A. contacts? Sue Ann, you don't understand.

He's still gotta do his job. W-W-We all do.

He's-He's got to act as a probation officer, and do what the law says he must.

Anything to do with the C.I.A. is gratuitous. He'd have to pretend he never heard of it.

Oh. He's gotta do his job, Sue Ann.

That's even one of the reasons he picked me, because-

I'm an N.P.R.: "Non-Possible Returnee".

I've got a record.

- All the things in the letter were true? What? What? What?

What? Setting fire to your aunt's house, and burning her up alive?

Is that true? Sue Ann, wait a second.

I didn't know she was in that house. I swear I didn't.

See, I'd been playing with some girl next door.

Playing doctor or something. Her name was Ursula.

And my aunt caught us.

It wasn't bad! It wasn't bad!

And my aunt beat me with a pile of sticks.

So I took that pile of sticks into the cellar, and I set fire to them, Sue Ann.

But I thought my aunt was out.

That poor fool. She sneaked back into the house, after she told me she was going out.

I guess she hoped to catch me committing lascivious carriage or something, but...

I didn't know it, Sue Ann- I didn't know she was in the house.

You see, it's-You see-

Crazy. You're all sweaty, when you were the one... with the experience in killing people.

Oh, God. Sue Ann, you say such crazy things.

Maybe that's why I love ya. Cross your heart?

Cross your heart!


What a week.

I met you on Monday.

Fell in love with you on Tuesday.

Wednesday, I was unfaithful.

Thursday, we killed a guy together.

How about that for a crazy week, Sue Ann?

"Unfaithful Wednesday"?

I was just jokin', Sue Ann.

That was in another country. Forget it.

I do, no kidding, love you. I love you.

Why don't we get married, Dennis?


Yeah. Why don't we?

We could be a husband-and-wife team... sent all over the world on special missions.

Take a rocket. Go to the moon, maybe.

Think of making love on a rocket. I mean, weightless and everything.

What a make out.

Hey, no kidding. Why don't we?

Because, Sue Ann, by tonight, Azenauer's gonna have me in jail... for busting my probation. Oh, not if we run.

Run where?

I love you.

I never made it with anyone before you, Dennis.

Sue Ann, sweetheart, running away now is like admitting we killed that watchman.

Yes, but they'll never find us. I know they won't. They can't catch us!

They'll be watching for me. Roadblocks everywhere.

Well, that's today. Not tomorrow.

W-What do you mean? Look, you hide out in the woods till tomorrow... and they'll figure that you've already given them the slip.


You-You're quite a planner, Agent Stepanek.

I'll get the money tonight, and then- Then we'll drive, Dennis.

We'll drive all the way to the Bay of Mexico.

Oh, Sue Ann. Why didn't I meet you earlier in my stupid life?

Oh, who cares? It's happening now.

It happens every time you touch me, Dennis.

Do you love me? Don't you want me always? Yes.

Oh, Sue Ann. Mm!

It'll look funny if I'm back late from lunch.

You see, I'm on the honor roll.

You'll be okay? Yes.

If you let anyone catch you, I'll just kill you, Dennis.

No, no. I won't. I'll pick you up at exactly 10:00 tomorrow.

Okay. Dennis, kiss.

God, how I love you, Sue Ann.

Mm. My Hygiene class.


Sue Ann? Yeah?

We-We won't wear bathing suits in the Bay of Mexico?

What a nut. Hasta luego, nut.

Peepin' Tom, huh?


Going someplace?

You're lucky I'm early. Where were you going?


What happened to your face?

You are some character, Dennis.

I'm surprised the C.I.A. lets you out without a keeper.

Come on. Get in.

Dennis, get in!

Hmm. Now.

I wonder which looks best. What do you think?

Sue Ann, will you hurry up with that suitcase? You've spent 20 minutes on it already!

I want to look nice when we check into a motel.

Oh, no. No, that's Mom!

- What is she doing here? What?

You said she was gone for the weekend. I thought she was too.

She must have snuck back like that aunt of yours did.

What are we gonna do?

Well, I've been thinking about this, and I've decided... the best way for everyone- you know, for you and me... for the C.I.A., for Mr. Azenauer-

For all of us.

It's the night watchman's.

I took it just in case.

Hey, so what's the sweat?

Why, it's not such a big deal for somebody... who's already burned up his own aunt.

Sue Ann? Are you still asleep up there?

Quick- Oh, Mother, uh, uh, what time is it?

Is it, uh, late? You want some breakfast?

Um, yes, how about, uh, pancakes?

Okay, dearie. It's your figure.

Dennis, wake up! It's the only way, don't you see?

You've got to!

Do you want to be locked up by that nasty old Mr. Azenauer again?

No. No.

So shoot her.

They'll never find her. We'll dump her in the lake.

And then we'll be a million miles away, in the Bay of Mexico.

She'll be in the kitchen with her back turned.

It's a potshot.

Who's that? Well, I don't know.

Some sailor from New London or somewhere.

Did he- Did he make out with you, Sue Ann?

I don't re- I don't remember. Maybe.

You said you never did it with anyone but me. Well, what's the difference?

Dennis, she's coming up the stairs!

Come on!

Dennis, you know, she wasn't frightened at all?

She just looked a little surprised.

I feel like we're married now, don't you, Dennis?

Like really married?


What do people do as soon as they're married?


Mm. Oh. I don't think I can.

All right. Let's get rid of her, then.


Get my car and back it around to the kitchen door.


Mrs. Stepanek's residence.

Sue Ann? This is Morton Azenauer.

You met me at school with your mother yesterday. Remember?

Oh-Oh, yes, Mr. Azenauer.

Now, listen, Sue Ann. For your sake as well as his... where's Dennis Pitt? - I don't- I don't have any idea. Really.

I ju- Listen, I can't talk now.

Well, let me speak to your mother.

She's gone for the day, I'm afraid.

Well, where is she?

Listen, I-I can't talk now. I've got something on the stove... and, uh- I just can't talk now.

I'm leaving Bronson's for the police station.

Now, if you hear from Pitt- Mr. Azenauer, I cannot talk now.

Get it straight, Miss Stepanek.

If you're covering for that bad apple... you're in one hell of a jam.

Okay. The coast is clear. Give me a hand.


Why didn't you open the trunk? Wait.

No, wait. No, okay. No!

Well, isn't that stupid!

No, no, no, no.

- What's that? You should know.

Looks like- It looks like chemical from the factory.

Don't you remember?

I don't. It looks familiar, though.

Dennis Pitt, you really are a case.

Now, instructions.

Throw the gun in deep, and then wire up Mom with lots of rocks.

Uh-huh. The wire's back here.

Now, throw her in, drive back here... and I'll get all the blood cleaned up, and then we can take off, okay?

For the Bay of Mexico? Of course!

Where else, silly? Hurry up, now.

Sue Ann, what would happen if I... wasn't really a C.I.A. agent?

What do you mean, what would happen?

Would you stop loving me?

Dennis, I'm hung up on you. I'll love you forever no matter what happens.

I've noticed you do have quite a capacity for loving.

Police Department.

Uh, can I speak to the chief?

Is this an emergency? Yup.

Just one moment.

Frank Hill here.

Are you the chief of police? Yeah.

What do you want?

I... want- I want to report a murder.


What do you mean, "Okay"? Go ahead. What's the story?

About the murder? Yeah.

Well, my name is Dennis Pitt.

And I'm at Kozak's gas station.

You know where that is? Yeah.

Are you the murderer?

Uh-huh. Who'd ya murder?

Mrs. Stepanek. Uh-huh.

Where's the body?

In the trunk.

What are your plans?

My plans? That's right.

My God, you're certainly gabby, mister.

Hill. Frank Hill.

Aren't you gonna arrest me? Keep talkin', son.

We got plenty of time.

-Just tell me all about it. Well--

Come out of there, with your hands up. How did you get here so fast?

Come out of here. Come on, move! Move!

You're under arrest, punk. Let's go.


Rotten, dirty, crazy murdering bastard!

I couldn't talk to you over the phone... because he had a pistol at my head.

He'd already killed your poor mother?

Right in front of my eyes.

It was horrible! It was horrible!

Easy, honey.

You don't have to talk about it now.

Lay off the kid. Lay off her, huh?

I still can't figure why he killed the old watchman.

To get the gun, obviously. He'd planned on killing Mrs. Stepanek from the beginning.

Oh, I was such a fool, Mr. Azenauer.

I let him go on even after I knew he was crazy.

I- I just- I-

I'm sorry, Sue Ann.

I believed him when he told me he loved me.

It's almost as if-

I feel a little bit responsible for Mom's death myself.

But Mom saw through him.

Oh, she tried to warn me too.

I- I guess that's why he figured he had to get rid of her.

Please, can't you take him somewhere?

I can't bear him looking at me like that.

Come on.

Sue Ann! I love you!

Don't you know I love you?

I did love you.!

Here's your Pepsi, sweetheart.

You're all so good to me. Thanks.

Look, Dennis.

I've spent months on this.

Now, at last, they're willing... to give you a lie detector test, and you won't take it-

Why not? Mickey Mouse.

You like it here, huh?

You look forward to spending the rest of your life here?

Well, I've been in worse places.

There are good, strong bars to keep out the riffraff.

You're a liar, Dennis. A liar and a fool.

But I simply do not believe you're a killer.

That's your problem, old pal.

As you said to me the first day we met...

"The world has no place at all for... fantasies".

There's some reason behind it. You got some crazy reason no one understands.



Come on, Dennis. Tell me.

Don't you see I'm the only friend you have?

There was some poison once.

But no one recognized it.

In fact, that poison was even quite pretty-looking.

So the problem was, what to do about it?

It took me some time to realize that... what to do about it was very simple.


Nothing? Correct, Mr. Azenauer.

Because who'd listen to me- known to be no good?

But if that poison just stayed there... getting worse and worse, like poison always does... spreading, until even the blindest man could see...

- until he had to see- Go on.


I've learned that... people only pay attention to what they discover for themselves.

So long.

If you're ever in Winslow... see what Sue Ann is up to, will ya?

I'll keep an eye on her, Dennis.

So long.

Uh, pass the sugar, please?

Oh, sure.

You live around here? Uh-huh.

With your folks, I guess, huh? No,just people.

The pop died, and then last year, my mom was murdered.

Oh, good Lord.

Sorry. It's okay.

Sure was rough for a while, but-

Yeah, life has to go on, I guess.

Yeah. Did they get the guy?

Oh, sure. Psychopaths always get caught.

They never know when to stop. He's a nut, huh?

Complete! Wow.

Now, why do they let types like that walk around loose, anyway?

But you know, they're hard to tell.

Some of'em act just as normal as you and me.

And then, all of a sudden-

This one also killed a watchman over at Sausenfeld.

He worked there for a while. You're kidding!

That's where I work!

Yeah, I kind of figured that.

I bet you're new in Winslow, too. That's right. Yeah.

New and footloose. Yeah.

How'd you know? Well, if I'd seen you before, I-

Well, I'm sure I'd have remembered if I'd seen you before, that's all.

My name's HarryJackson.

Sue Ann. How about a movie tonight, Sue Ann?

Oh, I can't. Oh, come on!

I'm not dangerous.

No! It's these people I live with, Harry.

They're just- They're so awful and square.

They won't let me go out or anything.

Maybe we can figure a way to pull the wool over them.

That's interesting. Maybe we could, you and me.

What's that old saying? "Where there's a will, there's a way".

That's the saying. How 'bout it?


I can't promise you anything, Harry.

But you could be very helpful to me.

I'll walk you over the bridge and we'll talk about it, okay?

Oh, allow me.

Thank you!

Now, about these people I live with.

What we've got to plan is-