Pride and Glory (2008) Script

ANNOUNCER [OVER PA]: Brooklyn, borough of churches...

...and the site of this year's National Public Safety Football League championship game.

This has been a tough-fought battle all night.

BOBBY: Hut. Hut, hut.

ANNOUNCER: O'Reilly sacked on a play by Donaldson.

He didn't see it coming.

So that's gonna bring up fourth down. New York will have to punt it away.

BOBBY: Huddle up! Come on, let's go!

ANNOUNCER: N.Y.P.D. team had only one loss in the past two years...

...but these are some tough cops from Detroit Metro.

CROWD [CHANTING]: Let's go, Finest! Let's go, Finest!

ANNOUNCER: New York leads 14-10, with time running out for Detroit.

Silvano to punt it away for the Finest.



NYPD PLAYER 2: Yeah, good punt, Bobby!

Defense, get ready. Head up, head up.

Come on! Get him! Get him!



ANNOUNCER: Terror from Detroit almost took it to the house...

...with a return of 50 yards. Let's go.

Jimmy! Jimmy!

ANNOUNCER: Stopped by Romero with a hit.

Watch number 31, the tailback. He's hitting the flats.

I got it, I got it!

Go, Jimmy! Go, Uncle Jimmy!

ANNOUNCER: Ball spotted at the New York 35.

JIMMY: Huddle up. NYPD PLAYER 3: Let's go.

Hey, Ace.

Nice of you to show up, Ray. I'm sorry. I got hung up. Hey, Slim.

CAITLIN: Hey, Uncle Ray. RAY: Hey, kids.

FRANCIS: Hey, Uncle Ray.

Oh, my God, it looks like my brother. I think. Is that my brother?

Gonna bust my balls or kiss me?

JIMMY: Turn left!

CARPENTER: Boss 2! 22! Set, hut!

JIMMY: Watch the flat! Watch the flat! NYPD PLAYER 6: Catch him, Manny!

JIMMY: Get the back! Go right, go right!


ANNOUNCER: Egan. Make noise! Make noise!

Well done, Jimmy! Whoo! Go, Daddy.

SHANNON: Yeah! Go, Daddy!

ANNOUNCER: The captain has made a huge contribution to tonight's game...

...with 15 tackles and two sacks.

CROWD [CHANTS]: Let's go, Finest! FAN 1: Hurry up, hurry up! Hurry up!

Spike the ball! Spike the ball!

DETROIT PLAYER 1: Hustle! Hustle! CARPENTER: Break! Break!

Set, set! Down, hut!


ANNOUNCER: Carpenter spikes the ball with only three seconds left.

NYPD PLAYER 4: Come on, let's go! FAN 2: Jimmy!

ANNOUNCER: New York leads 14-10. Standing by now for Detroit.

Come on, baby. All right. All right.

Remember, bro, there's no time on that fucking clock.

Give me 43 Mike Fire, Cover 3. All right? From the heart, Jimmy.

FAN 2: Let's go, Jimmy!

Let's go! Let's go!

JIMMY: Here we go, baby, here we go.

Where would you rather be than right here, right now?

One snap. Weight of the fucking world. All right?

43 Mike Fire, Cover 3. 43 Mike Fire, Cover 3 like fucking champions.


I love you fucking guys. Give me a Finest on three.

One, two, three! ALL: Finest!

CROWD: Defense! Defense! Defense!

NYPD DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR: Defense! All right, one play!

This is what we've been waiting for, baby. You got one play right here!

ANNOUNCER: Three seconds left in the game. And this is it.

Come on, Jimmy!

DETROIT PLAYER 2: Watch 39 in the flats!

JIMMY: Tight-end splits! Slide right, slide right!

CARPENTER: Red 22! Red 22!

Defense! Defense!


Get set, get set.

Down, set! Hut!

ANNOUNCER: Carpenter rolling left. Egan breaks through the line, chasing him down.

Ball's in the air.


Yes! ANNOUNCER: Incomplete.

Incomplete. Great pressure from Egan...

...blitzing up the middle, forcing Carpenter to rush his pass.

Yeah! All right, Jimmy!

Who's number one?

FRANCIS: We are, we are, we are. FRANCIS JR.: That's right, baby.



ANNOUNCER: Now, the winner of the PBA 50-50 raffle...

...will be announced at tonight's championship dinner.

It's at DiStefano's... MEGAN: Ray, you coming down or what?


No, no, no. Go, I'll catch up.

MEGAN: Come on. You ready? Be careful. Watch your step. Let's go see Daddy.

FRANCIS JR.: Inspector Tierney.

CROWD: Finest! Finest!


JIMMY: Chase me. Come on. There you go.

What's the location?

I'm en route.

RAY: - Franny. 10-13. They got four guys down.

WOMAN [OVER RADIO]: Central. We're possibly going to Central.

FRANCIS JR.: Yeah. Yeah, it's Jimmy Egan's guys.

Yeah, of course he's on his way, he's their fucking sergeant.

No, no, he's coming with Ray.

Yeah, yeah, my brother Ray. Yeah. Look, that's all I know right now.

I'll call you when I have anything more. I'm here. All right.


FRICKER: Inspector, it's up this way. FRANCIS JR.: What do we got, Lou?

SNEU team took it hard. Who?

FRICKER: Ruiz and Gillick, DOA. Mercer and Cavanaugh, getting worked on now.

FRANCIS JR.: Motherfucker. We know how this happened?

Still sorting it out.

FRANCIS JR.: Is the XO working? No.

I want his ass notified and here, forth-fucking-with.

FRICKER: Yes, sir. Duty captain 84?

FRICKER: Captain Banks. Where?

FRICKER: Inside. Keep the press back...

...and I mean fucking very.

Make a lane for these buses. FRICKER: Yes.

Now! FRICKER: Yes, sir.

BANKS: This is a royal cluster, sir.

What do we know, Tom? We don't know shit, sir.

We know there was an anonymous call, shots fired, that SNEU picked up...

...and went 84 immediately on.

Two minutes later, the neighbors call in, another shot's fired.

They think the fucking building's coming down around them.

Sectors respond, and they come to this fucking bloodbath.

FRANCIS JR.: How's he doing? Multiple gunshot wounds.

FRANCIS JR.: He likely? PARAMEDIC: Lost a lot of blood.

Inspector, we got this covered. You ought to be with your men.

These are my fucking men. Yes, sir.

MAN 1 [OVER RADIO]: Central, you got Aviation in the air? Notify Aviation.

MAN 2: Aviation, 1-Central-8...

OFFICER: Yeah. Let's get him on the bus.

MAN 2: Have them check the yards, Central.

FRANCIS JR.: Hey, how's he doing? OFFICER: Critical, we gotta get him out.

You hang tough, Billy. You fucking hang on, brother.

I'm gonna see you at the hospital, all right? You fucking hang tight, man.

OFFICER: Watch the door.

OFFICER 1: Let's fucking move. Get these cars out of here!

OFFICER 2: Yo, we gotta make a lane for the bus.

OFFICER 1: Right here. OFFICER 2: Move that one out of here.

OFFICER 1: Open it up, come on. Let's go.

Right there. Let's go.

PARAMEDIC: Coming through. JIMMY: Who is it?

Lonnie. Oh, my God.

EMT: You know this guy? RAY: We know him. We know him.

RAY: I'll ride with you. EMT: Talk to him. Keep his eyes open.

OFFICER 3: Upstairs, second floor.

BANKS: We've got the block locked down, the crime scene secured.

A level-three mobilization worked out on anything...

What the fuck is Ruiz doing in here lying with these scumbags?

BANKS: Go. Get him out of here!

MAN [OVER RADIO]: Central, you got any...?

I want you to oversee the hospital plan. BANKS: Yes, sir.

I want someone with the families every moment...

Jimmy! Listen to me! Jimmy.


What the fuck?

Fuck, no!


JIMMY: What the fuck?


FRANCIS JR.: They entered a tenement at 186th and Audubon.

FRANCIS SR.: For the purpose of? FRANCIS JR.: Responding to shots fired.

Two were DOA at the scene, Officer Cavanaugh pronounced en route.

My last guy Lonnie Mercer's up in surgery now.

AVERY: All right. Where are we on task force?

FRANCIS SR.: Being assembled. Smitty's on point.

AVERY: All right. I want the best men available.

The severity of the situation is such I want cops we can trust.

Don't beat yourself up here, Franny. There's no blame in this.

There's not a goddamned thing any one of us could've done.

My cops, my command, Pop.

We lose officers in the line, Francis. It's not your fault.

Forty years wading through shit like this, watching our guys die.

You keep the rage.

You cut the rest of it loose.

Any word?

Pop's here.

WOMAN [OVER PA]: Dr. King, please call the operating room.

TRISH: Excuse me. ORDERLY: I'm sorry...

TRISH: Let me go! I wanna see my fucking husband.

ORDERLY: I can't let you back here. There's nothing I can do.

TRISH: I wanna see my fucking husband!

FRANCIS JR.: Trish. I wanna see my fucking husband!

I wanna see his face.

I'm sorry, Trish. I'm so sorry.


TRISH: Oh, my God.

Hey, kiddo.

Hey, Pop.

Hell of a thing, huh?

Good you came.

You were there for Lonnie at least, huh?


I sat down with Bill Avery and Armstrong. We're gearing up task force.

RAY: Yeah, well, everyone's gonna want in on that.

You're gonna get all the oranges.

How about you throw your hat in the ring? Make a phone call.


No. No, definitely not.

Don't you think it's time you got back...

...after two years on the tit feeling sorry for yourself?

I don't feel sorry for myself. I'm just not up for that.

How about Lonnie? You feel sorry for him? His wife, his kids?

You guys came up together. Oh, come on. Don't lay that on me, okay?

If it was you, he'd be all over this. Yeah.

Be the first one signing up. I know that.

Not a goddamn thing I can do for Lonnie now, Pop.

I held his hand in the back of that ambulance...

...and even that didn't do any good.

He died looking into the face of a friend, Raymond.


You're too smart not to know that you're wasting your talent... goddamn Missing Persons.

For you, it's a fucking dumping ground. Yeah, well, it doesn't bother me.

It bothers you.

Yeah, look.

Pop, it's been a shitty night, okay?

I just wanna get out of these fucking clothes...

...and wash this whole day off. I'll see you.

Don't turn your back on me, Raymond.

You're my kid, my blood, but you might as well be a fucking Martian.


I'm gonna say what I'm gonna say, and then I'm out of here.

I'm walking out, and it's over.

I want you on the task force.

But fuck if I'm gonna go after a favor and have you run from it.

Now, the men who were killed were under your brother's command.

You could be a benefit here...

...and show you're worth all that early praise and promise.

Show everybody that gives a shit that you haven't abandoned them.

Now, Raymond, do me a favor. Forget the past.

Forget Mott Haven, all that shit.

Now is now. I know it's a hell of a thing to break back in on...

...but you worked those streets. You know the neighborhoods up and down. Yes?

Yeah, I worked those streets, Pop.

Okay, so you take the task-force spot...

...and you go at it with all the gifts God gave you.

Cops died here, Raymond.

Four cops.

And no matter what we've forsaken of ourselves, we can't forsake them.

Don't sit on your hands here, kiddo.

Don't sit on your hands here.

MILLER: I knew you couldn't stay away from all this forever.

RAY: Yeah, don't get used to it.

So, what do we got? Crime Scene process these tracks?

MILLER: Yeah, it's done.

RAY: They get anything off the canvass? -Uh-uh. Still pending, bro.

RAY: So they found our guy up there?

Yeah, Gillick. Must've went up when it popped off.

Got hit halfway up, fell back on the landing.

Wait, they're still calling this a 911, right? Shots-fired call?

MILLER: Yeah. Why?

Well... I mean...

I don't know, man. How you figure this went down?

I mean, our guys go in, maybe they take down the guy right inside the door.

Then the whole thing touches off and you got a lot of firing, very close quarters.

So that shooter, I mean, wherever he is, he could've split, but he didn't.

He dug in, shot it out.

I mean, maybe he surprised them somehow.


RAY: Somebody hit him.

He comes out, catches Gillick coming up the stairs.

Then he comes down, he's dumping blood all over the place.

And he splits for the street. Then he does what?

He didn't hail a cab. He have a car waiting?

MAN: Go. Could've jacked somebody.

Whoever he was, he was no amateur.

No, he's just a lucky motherfucking perp, man.



What's up, Ray?

Is that you?


Is that yours?

Where is that?

COP: I got it, I got it. No, no, don't touch that. Don't touch that.

You got a bag?

LIEUTENANT: All right. All right, listen up. Here's what we got.

We ran the stamp name on the smack recovered at the scene.

It's called WMD.

Six hits, six names. Their sheets and mug shots are inside.

Not a big group, so we should be able to iso these fuckers and close them out.

So I'm gonna say it again.

Share your information. Anything.

Hints, hunches, any scrap or shred of information.

I don't care if it goes off the back of a matchbook, a strung-out Cl.

Put it inside the fives, get it in print and get it to me.

Where's our list? DETECTIVE 1: I got it.

Anybody speak Spanish?

Yeah, I'm all right. What's up? I need some help with an interview.

Hey, vouch that and do a dump on it.

See how quick they can turn it around. All right.

What's up? Got a kid inside...

...who might have seen something, but I can't understand a word they're saying.

And papi's giving me a hard time.

Yeah, all right. I'll give it a shot. All right.



Yeah, all of it.

That's right. Take it easy. You hit the calm button, all right?

If I gotta put an arm on you, you're gonna spend Christmas in central booking.

He's just a little boy. You don't understand.

No, I know, I know.

I just need him to point me in the right direction. Please.

Come on, now. We really need your help here. Just five minutes, okay?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. My man, calm down. It's the fucking holidays.

It's Manny?

You speak English okay, Manny? Uh-huh.

Okay. This is gonna be easy. Okay.


Now, you remember last night?

There was some loud noises across the street.


Yeah, there were guns. You know what guns sound like?

I hear them lots of times.

Yeah. Yeah, me too.

Okay, so when you heard the guns, where were you?

Were you over by the door in your daddy's shop?


Yeah? Could you see out onto the street? Did you have a good view of the street?


Okay. Now, when the guns stopped shooting... you remember if a man ran out from behind that building?


And did he get into a car?

Uh-huh. He did.

Okay, now, I want you to think for a second.

Did that man look like he was hurt to you?

In the leg, he was bleeding.

In the belly, he was... In his belly?


Okay. Manny, that's the guy that I'm looking for. Okay?

So I'm gonna show you some pictures. Just a couple pictures of people.

And if you see the guy that you saw, the guy who got in that car, you tell me.


RAY: Okay? All right.

How about this guy?

Is that him?

How about him?


How about him?

How about that one?

That's the man?

That's the man that you saw?


You sure?

Do you remember what color that car was?

Um. White. White.

-You sound pretty sure about that. BODEGA BOY: Uh-huh.

It was a cab.

But not the yellow kind.

RAY: Manny, you're good, man.

You don't remember if it had two doors or four doors, do you?

BODEGA BOY: Um... Four.

RAY: You have a great memory.

Anything else? You remember anything else?

BODEGA BOY: He looked scared.

RAY: Who? Who looked scared?

BODEGA BOY: The man driving the car. He looked...

...really scared.

KENNY: What do we got?

It's the fucking cabbie. Tezo must've whacked him and had someone pick him up.

He's a fucking que paso, Jimmy.

Fucking termite choking on splinters, had a run of good fucking luck.

JIMMY: No one's that fucking lucky, Kenny.

Tezo got tipped off our boys were coming through that door to get him.


You gotta give the little fuck credit, though.

On the fly, under pressure? It's a fucking tight piece of work here.

We gotta find this guy, Jimmy. We gotta kill this prick.

These guys were... Jesus.

JIMMY: Hey, do me a big favor, all right? All of you.

Say nothing about this I don't already know. It's a waste of fucking words.


They're dead. Our money's missing. There's only one of those things we can get back.

Yeah, we all loved those guys.

It was a shitty way to punch out, so pray they died quick and leave it alone.

First things first, we got handed up.

By who, we're gonna find out real quick. Get the can.

We gotta pull the pin on this fuck now.

The rat squad gets an angle on this... They'll blow our shit sky-high.

EDDIE: What about Casado?

What about him? Still wants Tezo taken out. Nothing's changed.

EDDIE: How do we know Tezo didn't jet out of town?

Because his fucking juice is here.

Goes somewhere else speaking next to no English, he's fucking washing dishes.

Get it good, Kenny.

We leave nothing for them. We stay out in front of the task force on this.

You got a gun, you got passport to wherever this prick's holed up.

Toss every block in the five boroughs till we find this piece of shit.


KHOMAR: I'm sorry, Mr. Tezo.

I'm sorry.

TEZO: Baby.

Bring me a potato.

KHOMAR: I'm sorry.

Damn it. Fuck, I don't like that.


KHOMAR: Okay, okay. I'm sorry. It hurts. I am sorry.

THUG 2: Hello?

TEZO: Oh, you think? Shh. Shh. Shh.

TEZO: I'm gonna fucking cut you, doc.

KHOMAR: Okay, we are done. That should do it for us.

TEZO: We need money for this mamane, this bullshit dagabanza.


KHOMAR: Oh, very good.

Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Tezo.

Hey, doc.

Hey, who's this?

Hey, Filk, it's Ray Tierney.

Yeah. Hey, can you check something out for me?

That perp who was right inside the door, the one who had his coat on?

Yeah, see if he got processed that afternoon.


Hang on.

It's Lupa. L-U-P-A. Sam...

Son of a bitch.

I got water in my bedroom. Don't ask.

Sammy Lupa. Yeah. It's not on his sheet, but look at the...

Look at those photos. He's got...

He's got no laces in his shoes, he's got no belt on.

I mean, what does that say to you?

Well, that's why I thought so.

All right, let me know.

Yeah. Merry Christmas. Bye.




You weren't gonna knock or anything?

Yeah, I wasn't sure...

I thought you'd be out, anyway.

Figured you were out doing your last-minute shopping...

...tearing around, you know.

I found that a while ago. I've been meaning to give it to you.


You gonna go your mom's?

No, they're coming here. Oh.

My sister's in town with the kids.

Good. Good.

I miss them. Give them my love, okay?

You? You going over to your parents'?


We're gonna get everybody over at Fran and Abby's this year.

Just better. You know?

How is she?

She's the same.

Franny, how's he holding up?

He's okay, I guess.

He doesn't talk that much about it.

But we had a bad couple days.

You heard?

Yeah, I heard.

I know how close you and Lonnie were, and I'm really sorry, Ray.

Would it have killed you to call me?

We can't keep doing this. Doing what?

It's Christmas morning. You're leaving presents on my stoop. Why?

You're my wife for another month.

I can't leave you a Christmas present? Are we down to that?

We have tried and we have tried, Ray.

We went over it and we went over it...

...and we keep coming up against the same wall.

Come on. Come on.

No. No. That's not true.

Tash, if you knew how much... I know.

I feel the same way, Ray.

But I'm doing what I have to do.

This is what I need to do for me.


Have a merry Christmas, okay?

Yeah, you too. You too.

Okay. Okay, okay.

RUBEN: Whole thing's fucked.

Tezo's gone with the wind...

...and we're out here doing this shit on Christmas fucking morning.

Hey, fucko, you forget four of our guys got killed?

Tezo was out of control. He was dishing on the street, dealing his shit.

The cocksucker was a fucking liability.

Lived by it, now he's gonna fucking die by it.

Think Casado's any better?

Casado knows.

Keep it inside, man, behind closed doors.

Out of sight, out of mind. And the fucking envelope's on time.

The way it was.

Just the way it was.

You gotta keep your head up. We're not paying the piper on this.

There's no way. We're not going to fucking jail. Okay?

Family seeing us behind glass, fuck that.

Fuck that.

Fuck it. Come on.

Let's go pay Pepe a visit.

Let me get a couple AA batteries, bro.

Angel Tezo. You know him, right?

No, I don't.

Angel Tezo, you know the cocksucker? No.

You don't know Angel Tezo? No, I don't.

Aah! EDDIE: Fucking liar.

Try to be a fucking gentleman. Get on your knees.

Get on your fucking knees!

Tezo, where is he? OWNER: I don't know.

You think I don't know you're running drugs here for him, you greasy fuck?

Angel, you work for him? You feel that? Yes, I do.

You do. Where is he? I don't know. I don't know.

EDDIE: You tell me where he is and you live. I don't know. I'm telling you, I don't know.

I know you're hooked up. I don't know.

EDDIE: Where? I don't know!

I'm gonna put a bullet right in your head. You're gonna die for that shit.

I'm gonna count to three, then I'm gonna shoot you.

Where the fuck is he? Where is he? One.

OWNER: I swear to God, I don't know!

Where the fuck is he? I don't know!

EDDIE: One. Eddie!

He knows where he is! OWNER: I don't know!

Eddie. Eddie, he doesn't know where he is. He fucking knows! Back off! Two. Three!


-Eddie, what the fuck, bro? EDDIE: Ha-ha-ha.

I'm fucking with you, man. See? See?

Get up. Get up. Get up.

Look at your fucking nose, bro. What the fuck?

Tell you what. I'm coming back tomorrow.

I want you to find out where that motherfucker is.

Hey, we're still friends, right? We're friends, right?

Let's get out of here.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna have bullets in my gun, though. All right?

Clean up your nose, man. Feliz Navidad, brother.

RUBEN: Let's go.

I'm not playing!

FRANCIS SR.: Think that's right to do that? Yep.

That is not right to do that, Bailey. I'll have you...

It is not right to do that. I could have you in cuffs.

That's silly. I know what's gonna happen next, you'll jump me.

How you doing? I'm good to go.

You all right?

Last chance to slip out the back. Not a chance.

All right.

FRANCIS SR.: What are you gonna do? Yeah, that's a good...

MAUREEN: Bailey. Yeah?

You wanna come help Mo-Mo bake some Christmas cookies?

BAILEY: Uh-huh.

Oh, good. We got stars, we got snowmen, we got Santa Clauses...

If you forfeit the game, you lose. I didn't forfeit the game, I won.

And for you, mister, we got no more of this. Come on, give me the drink.

No, no. Give me the drink.

You've had enough for a while. No.

You've had enough. My dear.

I know.


What have you done?

FRANCIS JR.: You gotta open it up to find out.



What does it say?

It says "Mo Cion Daonnan."

What does that mean? It means "My love eternal."

MEGAN: They can go. They can eat them. JIMMY: You got it, sweetheart?

Merry Christmas! Hello? FRANCIS: Hey, Grandma.

Oh, here they come, Mo-Mo.

Look who's here. BAILEY: Aunt Megan! Aunt Megan!

Sorry I'm late. Uncle Jimmy's got presents.

There he is. There's Pop-Pop.

FRANCIS: Can we open presents now? Merry Christmas. Not yet.

JIMMY: Merry Christmas, chief.

Hey, Ma. MAUREEN: Merry Christmas.

There's my girl. How are you, buddy?

You get good stuff? Yeah.

SHANNON: I heard Santa Claus comes out of the chimney.

FRANCIS: Whoa, it's a ball!

What is that? CAITLIN: What about mine?

FRANCIS SR.: No opening, not yet. We don't open yet.

Oh, look who's here. Ma, can we open the presents now?

ABBY: Yes. FRANCIS: Yeah, presents!

Okay. You can open the presents.

Hey there. FRANCIS JR.: Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas. You look so beautiful. Doesn't she look beautiful?

FRANCIS JR.: All right, Christmas time. Presents.

Merry Christmas, sweetheart. You look beautiful.

ABBY: Thank you so much.

FRANCIS: Come on, Dad. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

JIMMY: All right, kids. Gifts. Gifts, gifts.

Hi, handsome. RAY: Hey.

ABBY: How you doing?

I'm okay, you know. Yeah? Did you see her?

Yeah, I went by this morning.


It's the same.

Holy smokes. MATTHEW: One more.

Rescue gear.

FRANCIS JR.: What's going on? Talk to me. JIMMY: Nothing. We ain't got shit.

FRANCIS JR.: What do you know about Tezo?

He's a lowlife dealer. He operates a couple blocks.

So you're telling me we're in the clear?

Franny, I was with Jack Gillick last week at the range...

He didn't say anything? Not a word.

Are you sure about that?

My guys were doing something, I'd know about it.

We gotta get this guy. Give me a couple days. Let me ask.

And we'll find out. Trust me. All right. Yeah.

Come on, we're missing Christmas. Come on.

FRANCIS JR.: All right, who wants ham?

SHANNON: I need a knife. FRANCIS JR.: Hot stuff.

FRANCIS: Where's...? ABBY: Megan, this is...

FRANCIS JR.: All right. MEGAN: There you are.


Last but not least. MAUREEN: Oh, potatoes.

ABBY: They don't want the Brussels sprouts. That's a little big.

MAUREEN: So we got sweet potatoes.

FRANCIS SR.: Do these kids need any sweet potatoes?

Only Monday of next week. Monday?

Well, yeah. It wasn't just today, right? I bring back souvenirs...

ABBY: Didn't that happen with Jimmy Jr.?

We went to the Poconos. That was the first time we ever took a trip.

I'd like to go on a great vacation.

What are you talking about?


Wait three years and I'll take you anywhere you want, sweetie pie.


So how you finding being back?

Good. I mean, I wish it was a better circumstance, but we've got a good team.

Guys treating you all right? RAY: I worked with these guys.

You remember Chris Miller? Yeah, yeah.

I was on some cases with him. He's a good guy.

RAY: Yeah. It's just like riding a bicycle.

You never forget to ride a bicycle.

It's just like him.

Look how happy you made the old man. It's the best Christmas present.

Caught a lucky break with that kid.

FRANCIS SR.: There's nothing lucky about it.

You have the instinct for it. You have the talent for it.

You can see everything when they're kids.

I could see him when he was a kid. JIMMY: Mm-hm.

He was the brains. He was the thinker.

He solved problems.

And that's what he does now as an adult, he solves problems.

And he was always a leader.

He was a leader of men, and people listened to Franny.

He has a personality.

He's gonna be a full inspector before you know it, Abby.

And then there's my little baby girl there.

And she was always just the way she is right now.

She had a heart as big as the whole world.

As big as the whole world.

And that's why... That's what she is now. That's why she's a nurse.

My kids.

That's my kids. Most important thing in the world.

That's a pretty high bar we set, me and Mo-Mo, huh?

Pretty high bar we set.

MAUREEN: You're okay, old man.

You're not bad yourself.


THUG 2: Shit.

TEZO: Lisette.

THUG 1: Fuck, man! I fucking...



COP: 10-13, 10-13...

DETECTIVE 1: Okay, this is what we got.

Number one's got a bullet in the head.

You're looking at an exit wound. Went out the window.

Number two put his arm up, bullet went through the arm and into the head.

Number three back here, he's been here a couple days. He's a little ripe.

Took one to the back of the head.

And we don't really know where the fuck he fits in just yet.


We're thinking that's the way he took off, through that fucking window.

You wanna see the witness?

Yeah. DETECTIVE 2: Look at me.

DETECTIVE 1: She's back here. DETECTIVE 2: Hey, Lisette.

Now, fuck this you-don't-understand-me bullshit.


Want you to meet Ray Tierney from the task force.

Hey, Ray. Hey. Ray.

How you doing?

So, what do you got?

Well, she's pretty scattered.

About half a gram of coke, some hypos, two decks of heroin... know, out of her purse.

Why he didn't just waste her... Yeah.

What'd she say?

Nothing I can understand. It's all ghetto shit.

Can I have a few minutes? Yeah.

Get a crack at it? Yeah, sure.

RAY: Lisette.



Is that your little girl?

You're gonna lose her. We're gonna bust you for possession.

Child Services is gonna take her away from you.

Is that what you want to happen? Is that what you want?

Wait a minute, what is that?

What's this? What is this?

What happened there?

He do that to you? Did Tezo do that to you?

Did he, Lisette? Did he put that gun to your head?

What happened?


Has anybody looked at her? DETECTIVE 1: There's a bus on its way.

Okay. Look, I wanna help you, okay?

But you gotta give me something.

I know you got something. Give me something.



Sandy helped him escape. Who's Sandy?


DETECTIVE 1: She talking about us? No. Shh. Shh.

Hey, look at me. Look at me.

[WHISPERS] Sandy's policia?

Tezo's friend's a cop?

If you're lying to me...

...I'm gonna take your fucking kid away from you.

[IN NORMAL VOICE] She's bugging out. She doesn't know what she's saying.

I tell you what, do me a favor.

Hold on to her till she gets straight. I'll meet you at the house.

All right. Nobody talks to her.

All right. Okay?

I'll handle it. Thanks.

PRIEST: Why does a man choose to be a police officer?

What kind of man gets up in the morning, showers, shaves, and goes to work...

...not knowing whether he'll be alive at the end of the day?

What kind of man has the courage to stand at the door of the temple...

...and say to those who seek to corrupt, rob and harm our citizens:

"Not on my watch. You will not harm one of mine"?

Lonnie Mercer was that kind of man.

As we commit his body to the earth...

...we ask God to take Lonnie's soul into everlasting light.

May his soul rest in peace.


POLICE SERGEANT: Present arms.



FRANCIS JR.: Hey, Ray. Hey.

How you doing? I'm okay.

Hey, you did good. You think so?

Yeah. Thanks.


Wanna get a cup of coffee?

I gotta go home and see Abby and the kids. Wanna spend the day with them, you know?

Sure, yeah. Listen, I gotta talk to you about some things.

Okay. What's up?

You and Jimmy coming up with anything about why your guys were in that building?

No, Ray. They were just being cops, you know?

Are you sure your guys didn't run a plant-and-bust on Tezo that day?

It feels like they popped that guy on nickel-and-dime shit... they could use him on a door knock.

I know these SNEU guys. They'll go around a warrant doing that.

I need to know if you were giving them that.

Wait a minute. What are you saying? Did I miss something here?

Did you already catch the scumbag that killed four of my guys? Did you?

Listen to me. Listen.

We found a cell phone outside of that apartment. It was Tezo's.

We dumped it. Somebody called him right before our guys went in.

Now, I checked it against the trace on that 911 call.

It's the same number, Fran.

And you know where the call came from? It came from Coney Island.

How are shots fired in Washington Heights heard in Brooklyn?

I don't know. You tell me. Tell me that.

Half your guys were at that football game, okay?

If you were gonna pull a sting, that would be a good time.

Look, I'm not trying to put you on the spot. I'm helping. I'm trying...

Do you wanna help me? Do you wanna fucking help me?

You find that scumbag that killed four of my guys.

Yeah. Hey, hey, that's what I'm doing.

Listen to me. Listen to me. I talked to this broad Lisette.

She says that a friend of his called him and tipped him that our guys were coming.

She says it was a cop, Franny. She said, "La policia."

She said it was someone named Sandy.

You got any cops in your precinct named Sandy?


No nicknames, nothing?

I said I don't know anyone named Sandy. Okay, okay, listen.

I have not shared this around, Franny.

It is not gonna take peerless detective work for someone else to connect these dots.

I know you're trying to protect your guys...

...but you gotta get... Protect? Protect? They're gone, Raymond.

Freddie, Jack, Billy, Lonnie. They're all dead.

What the fuck do I gotta protect them from now, huh?

Fran. I'm trying to protect you.

You know, these questions are gonna come, Fran. We gotta start dealing with it.

FRANCIS SR.: Find fucking Tezo, Ray, all right? Do me a favor.

FRANCIS SR.: Anybody in?

RAY: Yeah.

Hey. Hey.

Come on in.

What happened?

My carpet. What happened to the carpet?

You're supposed to fix the leaks before you put the carpet down, Pop. You know that?


Boats leak, Raymond. It's the nature of things.

Close the door, will you?

There you go.

Have a few nips this evening, Pop? Had a glass of Scotch, officer.

Just one, huh?

I used the same glass, yeah.

Let me put on a pot of coffee.

Oh, boy.

Got some memories in this tub.

Here. Drink that.

It's nice and warm.

Your brother called me.

Oh, yeah? Did he get something?

Ears to the ground, but they're getting blanked.

He said you came at him a little bit.

Asking about his boys, how they were operating.

I ran up against some shit didn't feel right.

I went to see if Franny and Jimmy could clear it up for me.

But it didn't file? You didn't put it down in the fives?

No, I didn't put it in the fives yet.

But some of it, Pop, I gotta.

Raymond, you got something case-pertinent... us catch this cocksucker, by all means, share.

But you start looking for loose ends...

...where your brother's boys are concerned, where's that gonna fall?

You think I'm not thinking about that? This isn't loose ends.

Pop, I got the shooter's girl saying...

Saying that he got tipped off.

And she says it was a cop that made the call.

Are you telling me we're gonna suppress that?

Not suppress, Raymond.

Sit on, for the moment, anything that might go sideways on us.

Oh, come on. It's the same thing.

You know what position that's gonna put me in?

Raymond, eight years as a Major Case narc...

...and you never let something settle before you put it in print?

Made sure it wasn't gonna come back, bite you, jam you up?

I'm not looking to jam anybody up, not intentionally.

Intentionally, unintentionally. Doesn't matter.

Anything that makes cops look culpable is no good, Raymond.

What do you want me to do with it?

You want me to spell it out for you? Yeah.

Stay on point. Keep your focus on finding the fuck who killed our guys.

And if you find anything else that seems off... come to me and we deal with it. Okay?

If you say so.

I say so.



Hey, Lou, you still here? LIEUTENANT: Yes, boss.

FRANCIS JR.: No one goes downstairs. You got it, boss.

Hey, Sandy.

Hey, boss. What are you doing here this late?

Come here.

Hey, guys. Clear it out.

Zach, take it upstairs.

RUBEN: What's up?

I'm gonna ask you this one time, Sandy.


And if your first impulse is to lie, you better fucking resist like hell.

Boss, what are you talking about?

Angel Tezo.


This girl they hauled in up in the Bronx, Lisette Rivera...

...she was the last one with him.

She said a cop tipped Tezo off to the Washington Heights raid.

She said this cop went by the name Sandy.

Really? Yeah, really.

Well, shit, I don't know no...

You set them up to die?

Your own men! I didn't know.

You let them walk into that? I didn't know! Jesus Christ, cap, please.

He was... I've known him since we were kids. He was my ex-wife's cousin.

You fucking piece of shit!

I told him to get out, they were coming. I didn't know he'd stay.

You didn't know he'd stay?

I swear, I didn't know it would end up like that!

What did you think would happen, Sandy?

They were going in there to kill him. Egan said for them to kill him.

What... ? What?

Jimmy? Jimmy Egan said what?

He wanted Tezo dead. He sent them in there to do him...

...take his money.

Are you fucking telling me Jimmy Egan was going after drug money?

Kill Tezo, steal his shit, get into business with Casado.

That was the deal.

You're telling me the fucking SNEU team was going after drug dealers?

That Jimmy Egan was fucking putting hits out on people for fucking money?

That's what you were doing on the street? Yeah.

And you dealt with that by setting up your own crew?

By sending them into a fucking ambush?

You don't call me? You don't fucking come to me, Sandy?

I'm your fucking CO! I didn't know they'd die.

And I thought you knew. Everybody knew.


FRANCIS JR.: Hey, get out of here.

Get the fuck out of here!

You're done. Tonight.

Turn in your gun, shield, ID card.

And if I see you around here, Sandy, I will shit-can your pension for good.

This is all I got.

Well, you don't got this anymore.




MEGAN: Aah! Whoo!


MEGAN: Ready? MATTHEW: Yeah.

JIMMY: Four. SHANNON: Hut-hut.

JIMMY: Hike.


There's nothing wrong with...

That means we're gonna have, what, four kids?

Four kids? I can't afford that shit. Four kids?

MATTHEW: This one.

You think that's fun?

It's definitely time for hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Do you have ice in your boot?

Okay. There we go, baby. Whoo!

All right, honey, boots. MEGAN: Okay.

Ow, ow, ow. Oh, I'm sorry, pumpkin.

I'm okay. MEGAN: Okay.


Oh, who's that? Who is that? Let's go get the door.

What's up, guy?

MEGAN: Hi there. Good afternoon, Mrs. Egan.

Is Jimmy home?

Yeah. I'm sorry, who are you?

I'm a old friend of his. You're an old friend of his?

Baby, I got it. Jimmy, come here. Come here. Get inside.

Get some hot chocolate. I got it. He's an old friend.

JIMMY: What the fuck you doing here, Casado? Get around back. Now.

MEGAN: Who's that, baby?

Nobody. He's out of here in five minutes.

Where do you know him from? From work. He shouldn't be here.

So why is he here?

I'm gonna get rid of him.

Kiss for me? Rah!

I love you, Daddy. I love you too.

You too, Mommy.

Do you have any juice?

Jimmy, Franny's called you like a thousand times today.

You gonna call him back or what? Yeah, Bobby's going on vacation.

Probably wants me to cover. I'll talk to him tonight.

You know how many cops I got as neighbors, moron?

I figured that.

What got into your head, you come to my home?

Well, I call you on your jack and it's disconnected.

You could have caught a tail. They could have eyes and ears on us right now.

Better slow down how you talking to me. I'll smack fire out you.

And I don't give a fuck if you a cop or no cop.

Understand me? Listen, you fucking cocksucker.

I don't care how much jack you think you got, who's backing your play.

You come to my house, you try to press me in front of my kids, my wife...'s a fucking mistake.

Yeah, laugh, you fucking scumbag. You hard as fuck, Jimmy, wow.

But you slipping, J. You slipping.

Why is this motherfucker still breathing? We on a buzzer beater with you?

Is this a clock? Might as well be.

I give you money, and this shit ain't handled?

You fucking with old boy, you should be fucking with me, Jimmy.

What's the problem? What's the problem? You glance at a TV lately?

Yeah. What'd you see?

Your boys been getting blasted lately, but I don't give a shit about that.

I just wanna know, are we straight? Are we straight, Jimmy?

Did I make the arrangement?

Did I take the money? You took the money.

What does that say? That don't say shit...

Listen to me. Listen. Do not fucking shout in my doghouse.

You need to slow the fuck down. Listen.

Listen to me, you motherfucker. Listen up. What you gonna say?

When he's dead, it's done.

If I see you come around here again...

...anywhere near my house, anywhere near my fucking family...

...if you even mention a word about my kids and my wife again, I will kill you.

SHANNON: Stop. Give me that.


Get the fuck out of my house. You fucked up, Jimmy. You fucked up.


Get that fucking dirty-ass fucking monkey language out of my fucking yard.

Get that fucking monkey language out of my fucking yard.

MATTHEW: Don't. Give me it.

Say goodbye to the family for me, okay?



I'm in here, baby.

Yeah, okay. Hold on.


Okay. I'll be right there.

Hey, Jimmy, what's up? JIMMY: Where the fuck is everybody?

Calling Eddie, Sandy. No one's picking up.

Eddie's sleeping off Christmas. I don't know where Sandy is.

I got some intel from a guy in Heida. You remember Coco Dominguez?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tezo's lieutenant. Yeah, Tezo's lieutenant. He fucked up.

Back in town from the D.R. He came in to see his kids for the holidays.

DUGAN: He's not gonna give him up.

No way Coco's gonna talk, Jimmy.



Hey, Coco.



Where is he? KENNY: Get down. Get the kids down.

He gone, you motherfucker. Gone. Gone where, Coco?

Gone, nigga. Now, do your fucking job and find him, motherfucker.


If you let me get out of this shit, I'm gonna come back and stab you... Aah!

Deranged motherfucker. You're gonna tell me where he is.

You're gonna tell me. I'll tell you where he is.

I'll tell you. He's up your mama's ass, bitch!

ANGELIQUE: Please. COCO: Angelique, put the boy back!

Angelique, put the boy back in! Push that nigga back!

Angelique, get the boy back in the room now! Push that nigga back, Angelique!

Angelique, get the boy back in! Put the baby back in!

Put the baby back in the room! Ugh!


Shut up. Do you understand me? You speak English?

Shut up! Shut your fucking... Shut your mouth. Shut it.

Still up my mother's ass? Huh?

Talk to me.

Kenny, put in a call to ACS.

Tell them they gotta take an infant. First-degree burns over most of its body.

Tell them the baby's face is disfigured. Sure thing, Jimmy.

Use your phone, muchacho? Hm?

Angel Tezo.

Fuck you, Jimmy. Kiss my fucking ass.


COCO: Wait, wait! He's up in Morrisania in the Bronx at the bitch's place.

Where? Where? You talk to him? COCO: At his bitch's place.

Who? Who? COCO: Esther, Esther!

Esther fucking what? You better fucking tell me! Esther what?

You tell him where he is!

Esther fucking what? COCO: Kane. Kane, nigga! Kane!

Esther-motherfucking-Kane, nigga! Now, put the baby down, nigga!


ANGELIQUE: Please. Come here. You're okay.

Oh, no! Please, please, officer.

Oh, God. He's beautiful.

You breathe a word of this, and I come back here.

I'll slit your throat, fuck your wife and kill your kid.

Look at me.

You tip Angel off, I'll make it even worse.

I'll send an ambulance over.

THUG: Oh, shit.

Go, go, go!

Hey, Took.

Oh, no, no, no. TOOKIE: No, come on. Leave me alone, bro!

Come on, Took. I didn't do nothing.

Where you going? Leave me alone, yo!

RAY: Come here, dipshit. Come here. Come on.

RAY: You run on me? You running from me? Get up against the wall.

All right! Shut up.

All right. You got a demo in here?

If I cut my hand, I'm gonna get... In my pocket. My pocket.

What pocket? The other pocket, bro. The other one.

You been smoking too much of this devil's shit. It's messing with your mind.

Your friend come to check up on you, you bug out?

I haven't seen you in a long time. What you expect?

I just came to talk. We're gonna have a little talk, okay?

You chill? You gonna chill out? I'm chill, B.

Okay, you don't look chill. I'm chill, yo. I'm chill.

What you expect, bro? You scared me, man.

Whoa! What is this, the fucking airport? Give it over. Give it.

TOOKIE: What do you want from me? You know how it works.

Come on. We help each other out, just like old times.

Okay? Why?

Give me some good skank, I'll give you your cook-up.

What? Okay? I want Angel Tezo.

You and every other cop in the city's asking that shit, B.

I don't know shit, B. Oh, yeah? You weren't steering for him?

Getting cracked out with his cousin? Don't shine me.

I swear on everything I love, yo. He'll smoke me if I talk to you, yo. Chill.

If I pop you for this, you're dodging dicks in Rikers before Friday.

Come on. Take your pick.

Give me my shit. Want your shit?

I pick my shit. Come on. Want your shit?

TOOKIE: No, stop. There's your shit.

Stop playing, Tierney! Man! Tierney, come on, yo.

What is this, a charity I'm running? No, no.

We're here to trade. You gotta sell me something.

Nothing? No, no, no!

No! Too bad. Last one.

Stop playing. Chill. No. A little bit.

Come on, please. What do you think?

What do you think? Got something? All right.

Where's he at? Who's helping him?

No, Ray, no, no, last one. All right. All right. All right.

Miller, I got a line on Tezo. I got a line on Tezo. Send backup.

I'm on my way there right now. 433 Central Avenue, Morrisania.

Yeah, no, I know. I know, but we missed it. We missed it, okay?

Just... I'll see you there. I'll explain it there.

Come on.


Audubon 6 to Central, I got shots fired. Shots fired.

433 Central Avenue in the Bronx. I need backup.

I'm going in. I need backup forthwith.



[WHISPERS] Go away.

JIMMY: Get him up, man!

TEZO: Pig! Get the fuck off me!

Fuck you!


EDDIE: Open his fucking mouth.


JIMMY: Give me something.

Give me something.

KENNY: Fucking answer.


JIMMY: I want a fucking name.

TEZO: Sandy.

JIMMY: Finish him.


Hey, no, no! It's Ray!

Ray? Ray, we got him. Jimmy, what the fuck is going on here?

We got him. What?

We got him. What are you guys even doing here?

What is he...? JIMMY: It's handled, Ray.

What do you mean, it's handled? What are you... ? Come on!

Hey. Enough. Enough.

Oh, my God. EDDIE: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Don't fucking take it out! Hey, hey.

Motherfucker. Don't take it out.

Take your hands off of me. JIMMY: Ray, put the gun away.

Put your hand on me again, asshole.

Oh, my God.

Fuck him, he's done. He's not done. He's alive.


He's dead.

RAY: Jimmy.

JIMMY: Good work, Ray.

Good work.


You motherfucker! You motherfucker! What the fuck are you thinking?

Get back. Have you lost your mind?


I fucking love you, Ray. You know I do. You're family.

Your backup's coming.

So here's what happened.

Now, you got here first. He resisted.

You had to put three in him.

It was a clean shoot.

You have lost your fucking mind. You're a cop, Ray.

Just like us.

You're a fucking cop.

Get your fucking hands off me. Get off me. Let him go. Let him go. Let him go.

EDDIE: He knows what he's gotta do here, right, Jimmy?

JIMMY: Yeah. It's gonna be all right.

RAY: You talk to him? FRANCIS JR.: No. Look, Ray...

What are you doing here? Talk to him. Calm down. We're gonna figure this out.

Was there static on the line? Did you hear what I fucking said?

Jimmy executed him. He took my fucking gun off me, Francis, and shot him.

What the fuck is going on here? Did you send him in there?

What did you know? Were you in on this? No, I didn't know, Ray.

You didn't know like you didn't know about Sandy?

I come to you and I asked you if you had a cop in your precinct named Sandy.

A nickname, I said. Tell me you weren't lying to me.

I needed to find out for myself. You've been gone a long time.

Come on. I came to you to try to help you.

Do you have any idea what Jimmy's been doing under your roof? Do you even care?

I'm doing my best. All right?

I'm in the hospital all day with my wife, who's fucking dying.

Look, I know Jimmy's out of control. Believe me, I'm gonna take care of him.

But you and I, we gotta keep our heads up here, Ray.

We gotta handle this so no one else gets hurt. You hear me?

We're not gonna handle this.

What do you think? You think we're gonna go with Pop and smooth this over?

That is not gonna happen. This isn't Mott Haven. I won't stand up for that.

You know, it's not Mott Haven. This is not about the department.

This is about me. My command. All this shit falls on me, Ray.

So, what do you wanna do? You wanna cut me off at the fucking knees?

You wanna watch me go down in flames?

Is that gonna satisfy your sense of right and wrong?

We got an out here, Ray.

Jesus, Francis.

I know this is fucked up, okay?

But I need you.

This is fucking you and me.

When we were kids, all we ever talked about was being cops.

How the fuck did we end up at this?

What are you gonna do, Ray?

I don't know.

I don't know. I'm gonna get this fucking blood off me.


ABBY: You were gone a long time. Where were you?


I just...

I just had to talk to Ray about something.

ABBY: What is it, Francis?

Is everything okay?


You know, Ab, it's not.

What's going on?

Oh, fuck, Abby.

Oh, Francis, talk to me.

I mean, don't not tell me something which is...


Those men, Abby.

Those four cops.

I am right in the middle of something...

...and I don't know how to get out of it.

And I am really fucking scared.

Can... see how to...

...make it right?

Not without...

Not without ruining everything I've been working for.

You're a good man, Francis.

I don't know how...


How you got yourself...

I trust you with my children.

I need you to be that man.

Do you hear what I'm saying?


I got your back, Abby.

CARLOS: A neighbor says she saw three men she can't identify...

...get out of a yellow, possibly gold, '80s Monte Carlo or Grand Prix...

...and enter the building where Angel Tezo was later found shot dead.

EMT on the scene confirmed, off the record...

...that the victim suffered a crushed larynx.

At the coroner's office... Hey, Carlos, you have a call on one.

CARLOS: Who is it? Won't say.

...killed after exchanging gunfire with...

CARLOS: The coroner's office has yet to release a copy of the autopsy report...

...nor have they returned any of my phone calls.

WOMAN [ON TV]:...responsible for the slaying of four New York City cops.

MAN: Hey, guys. Bragon.

WOMAN [ON TV]:...Tezo shooting, whose names are withheld at present...

...are being hailed as... Do I know... ? Hey, who is this?

All right. Okay, slow down. Slow down. Slow down.

All right. You have to give me some...

You have to give me something small.


Okay. And, look, I'm gonna need a name.

RUBEN: Are you alone?

CARLOS: Yeah. Don't fuck with me, man.

I swear to God, don't fuck with me. I'm not, man. I'm being straight.

Nobody knows I'm here, nobody knows you're here.

You recording this?

Do you want me to?

You got a recorder?


RUBEN: Then I don't want you to record it.


All right, look, you could just... You just talk, all right?

Tell me anything you wanna say, I won't interrupt you. Say whatever.

So you can get my story, right? So you can fuck me.

Turn my name to shit, is that it? Hey, Sandy. You called me.

I'm not a priest, I'm a writer.

I came down here to freeze my ass off sitting in this fucking car. I did my part.

CARLOS: I gotta get this out of me.

I gotta get this out. What?

We're all dirty.

We sold our shields off, highest bidder, murder for hire.

Stole drugs off dead men, planted shit...

...beat suspects.

We robbed and...


We condemned four of our own to die.

What are you talking about? Washington Heights.

We sent them into a slaughter.

Who? Who, Sandy? Who sent those men? I fucking told you, no names!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I can't undo it now.

There's no atoning.

I'm gonna burn, man. I'm gonna fucking burn.

CARLOS: No, no, no. No, this is... We can work this out, okay?

RUBEN: No, no, no. Look, I'm gonna call my city desk.

All right? I'm gonna call my editor. All right?

To save space for your story, okay? Your story.


Becoming a cop...

...the respect that earned us...

...the pledge we took... uphold something honest...

Being in the blue, wearing that shield...

...the pride that I felt...

...the fucking glory...

We let it all go out from under us.

I was a good man once.



MEGAN: Who is it?

It's Kenny.

MEGAN: What does he want?

I just got up. How the fuck should I know?

Jesus Christ.

We're about to get fucked.

He's dead. Jimmy, he's fucking dead.

Sandy fucking killed himself.

[WHISPERS] Shh. Come on.

CAFFEY: Ladies and gentlemen... is with sorrow and a deep sense of regret...

...that I appear before you today.

At 10:30 p.m. last night...

...Officer Ruben Santiago of the 31st Precinct in Washington Heights...

...took his own life.

Officer Santiago...

...along with the four officers slain in Washington Heights...

...had formed an illicit criminal cabal.

Working in collusion and under the aegis of the N.Y.P.D...

...these officers undertook all manner of criminal misdeed.

Investigators from Internal Affairs have isolated the involvement...

FRANCIS JR.: Where the hell have you been?

CAFFEY: ...of this rogue unit... the deceased men. Yeah, we need to talk.

No other officer in 31st Precinct... Yeah, okay. Tonight.

...has been found culpable of... You be there.

...or in any way linked to this criminal conspiracy.

FRANCIS SR.: Francis.


What the hell is going on here?

I can't talk, Pop, I gotta go. What the hell is going on here, Francis?

How involved are you?

Look at me.

Did you know what they were doing?

I knew enough.

Dad, come on, man. All those years, you never got jammed up?

It never came down on top of you? No.

Because I kept my head up.

All I took was a check cut by the city. That's all I took.

I didn't take any money. I didn't take a fucking cent.

Then what? What did you do?

I gotta go. I'm sorry. Francis, sit down. Let's talk.

I'm here to help you, Franny. I can't do this now, Pop. I gotta go.

I gotta do this my way, all right? I'm sorry.


WOMAN 1: Happy New Year!


MAN: Happy fucking New Year!

WOMAN 2: Taxi!

RAY: Thanks.


Move, I'll break it off.

Who are you?

Bragon, Carlos Bragon. I'm a reporter, for chrissake!

You know me, Tierney. Shut up, shut up!

You know me, Tierney. You know me.

Yeah, I know you, you fucking hack.

What the fuck are you doing following me? What do you want?

I'm writing a story.

I got two versions, I wanna run them by you.

First one goes like this:

Hero detective captures cop killer. Kills him in self-defense.

Yeah, what else?

The other one is key witness in a cop-corruption case...

...dies mysteriously in the presence of cops from the 31st Precinct.

Which one sounds better? Whatever sells more papers, right?

Yeah, I know cops from the 31 were there before you, Ray.

That's your brother's house, isn't it?

Sources are telling me that Angel Tezo was tortured and was executed.

He had half his teeth shoved down to his belly, splinters in his throat.

You carry a stick? Keep pushing me, you're gonna find out.

I'm trying to help you. Be smart.

I can be writing a story about Ray Tierney.

But I should be writing a story about the 31.

You were there. Here's your opportunity to set it straight right now.

I don't like my odds with you.

Last cop you talked to blew his brains out in your car.

Last time I saw you, you were feeding bullshit to the grand jury.

I was only sitting there because of your hard-on to crucify cops.

I do. Because they were protecting their own and burying the truth.

Don't talk to me about the truth. You got no idea what it takes to do what we do.

You weren't there. You wanna know what I know?

I know you took a bullet in the face during the raid.

I know Kareem Aldovise, a 19-year-old kid, went off that roof and died.

Everybody knows that.

Yeah, and I know a witness saw him surrender before they did it.

He had no priors, he had no gun.

You wanna bullshit the grand jury, fine. Don't do it to me.

Well, in case you didn't hear, they cleared us two years ago, okay? Case closed.

So don't get in my face because you're skeeved about losing your Pulitzer.

But you know what? I don't really think about it that much.


Wake up, all right? Come on.

EDDIE: Jimmy!



Help me, Jimmy.

Hey, boss.

Where is he?

Have you lost your fucking mind?

Mayor goes on TV, moans the loss, gives us a clean bill of health. What's the problem?

I asked you point-blank, "Were you involved in this?" What did you say?

I said what you wanted to hear.

I wanted the fucking truth. What truth?

Truth about the money we were getting? The dirty cops you preside over?

You knew. All you cared about was your promotion.

I knew what was fucking going on? Yeah.

I gave you room to get the job done. If you took a little here...

...I wasn't looking. But you crossed the line.

What, you think because you didn't take an envelope, it absolves you?

Silk hat, same pig.

Crimes down, collars up. It's what you wanted.

End justifies the means, buddy boy.

Let me tell you something, Jimmy.

You think you can set Ray up for this? You are dead fucking wrong.

We took you in. You were a fucking brother to us.

My sister's your wife, your family's my family, and you jam us up like this?

I jam you? I saved you. It's a lay-up, Fran.

Oh, yeah? How's that, Jimmy? Run that by me.

Ray sticks to the story, he's a hero. That's not gonna happen.

You're gonna make this right, or I swear... Or what?

What the fuck are you gonna do, Franny?

You gonna burn down your own house? Blow up everything you worked for?

All Ray's gotta do is walk into IAB...

...say what needs to be said, end of fucking story.

We go home, we go to sleep at night. You think this ends that simply?

We all go to sleep at night. Let me tell you, what we've done does not get forgiven.

Here we go with the Sister Mary Margarets.

Someone says you're dirty, who cares?

They say you're fucking corrupt. Fuck them.

Do they know how these animals live?

We tour the sewers, Franny!

I will not apologize for doing what I do. I earn 65 grand a year.

Some fuck like Tezo wipes his ass with that shit in a week.

We're in this together, Franny.

What the fuck is that? It's your cut. I've been keeping it for you.

Take the fucking money, Franny.

You were my brother, Jimmy.

Franny. Take...



Yeah, Tierney.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. IAB?

Well, no, no, but I thought I'd have some time.

LAVIER: Detective, let me start by saying we're aware...

...of your outstanding service record...

...and we wanna thank you for your role in solving this case.

We're gonna make this as brief as possible, gonna get you out of here.

DUERSON: We need a statement detailing your participation in the incident on record.

LIEBERTHAL: Now, you declined to give a statement at the scene of the shooting.

Is that correct? RAY: That's right.

Mr. Tezo was tried and sentenced in a bathroom in the Bronx.

LIEBERTHAL: But you're prepared to give us one now?

FARRAUD: Far removed from a jury.

Far removed from a judge. RAY: I'm gonna do my best.

FARRAUD: Far removed from our basic rights...

...endowed on all men by our Constitution.

This march will commence at noon.

DUERSON: Can you explain... your investigation led to the apprehension of Tezo?

...and end up on the steps of the 31st Precinct.

RAY: Angel Tezo was identified by witnesses at the scene of the shooting.

I sought information regarding his whereabouts...

...from a former confidential informant.

He directed me to the location in question in Morrisania...

...and I followed that lead.

The reverend reiterated that this planned march is about peace...

...and is not intended as a condemnation of the entire N.Y.P.D.

His target: the 31st Precinct...

...and the officers involved in the Angel Tezo killing.

The investigation is continuing.

Now, did you pursue this lead alone? No.

I called the task force. I spoke to my colleague, Detective Miller.

I told him where I was going. I requested backup, and he initiated that.

But you arrived on the location alone.

I arrived before the rest of the team, yes.


Now, could you describe for us what transpired at the location in question...

...leading up to you having to discharge your weapon?


This isn't gonna go how you want it to.

Excuse me?

I know what you guys want me to say...

...but it's not gonna happen.

No one's looking for you to say anything except your version of what happened.

Really? All we need is a full accounting...

...of what happened, then we can go home.

Yeah, I know what you need.

But I can't give it to you, because I didn't shoot him.

LIEBERTHAL: Are you aware that ballistics has confirmed that the perp was killed... three bullets fired from your gun at close range?

RAY: I am.

LIEBERTHAL: But you maintain that you didn't shoot him?

RAY: I do.

DUERSON: Could you elaborate on that? RAY: No, I would not care to.

LAVIER: What are you saying, detective?

RAY: From here on out, nothing.

I respectfully refuse to answer any further questions.

LIEBERTHAL: Are you denying that you were involved in the Angel Tezo killing?

RAY: I respectfully refuse to answer any more questions.

LAVIER: If you don't start answering, this is gonna go bad.

RAY: We can do this all afternoon...

...but I have nothing more to say in this matter.

JIMMY: This wasn't like Ray. He's not that guy.

He's a fucking good cop.

He's a good man.

He said something about Lonnie Mercer, "Lonnie and I."

I remember that they were close. They were partners.

INVESTIGATOR 1: Lonnie Mercer... of the officers killed in the Washington Heights raid?

That's right.

INVESTIGATOR 1: What happened next?

JIMMY: I tried to revive Mr. Tezo.

I didn't know if he'd had a heart attack...

...or if he was still alive. I tried to revive him.

I checked for a pulse, I couldn't find a fucking pulse.

He looked pretty fucking dead.

So I did some fucking CPR.

After I tried to revive him, I was still kneeling over the body.

That's when the shots went off.

Oh, fuck.

INVESTIGATOR 2: Who was shot?

Mr. Tezo was shot? JIMMY: Yeah.

Yeah, he was shot. Yeah, he was shot.

Got what he fucking deserved. Got what he fucking deserved.

INVESTIGATOR 2: Who shot Mr. Tezo?

I would've done the same thing myself.

INVESTIGATOR 2: Who shot Angel Tezo, Sergeant Egan?

Detective Tierney.

INVESTIGATOR 2: Detective Raymond Tierney?


BILL: Listen, Frank...

...I know how this must feel, and I wish I knew what to say.

But you should know that these officers are all prepared to testify at a grand jury.

So what's critical now, from here on out... that we handle this thing quietly, with as little incident as possible.

He's not capable of that.

I know my son. He's not capable of that.

Frank, we're gonna have to bring Ray in.

You okay?


I'm proud of you.

Call me when it's done.

FRANCIS SR.: They wanna take you in, put "arrest pending" in the press tomorrow.

I'm sitting there on my ass, watching this fucking testimony.

RAY: You believe that shit that Jimmy's spinning?

You gonna tell me you believe that? Of course not. That's not the point.

I told you to run everything through me and that we would handle it.

And then you sit down with the goddamn IAB...

...and don't give me a heads up?

No fucking phone call? You don't talk to me, Ray.

I'm here. I'm telling you now, okay?

Listen to me. Jimmy is a drug dealer, Pop.

He murdered that guy, and Fran is in it. Pop, he's in up to his neck.

Now, I tried. I tried to talk to Fran, and when I sat in there with those guys...

...I gave them nothing. I said as little as I could say.

But if Jimmy's gonna box me in, I gotta tell them what I know. I got no fucking choice.

The fuck you got no choice.

You could've taken that lay-up that they were handing you.

Oh, no. No, Pop. And saved us a fucking mess.

Come on. What good would it have done?

Jimmy's a scumbag. Jesus. We'll take care of him.

But we got a hole that needs to get plugged up...

...before it takes down half the department.

It's too late, Pop.

We protect our own, Ray.

That is all I know. We protect our own. You gotta show me some fucking loyalty.

No. Don't use that word with me. It doesn't mean shit to me anymore, you know that?

I done your loyalty. It cost me too much.

What did it cost you? It cost me everything!

It cost me the woman that I love.

Because she told me that we were wrong on Mott Haven.

She told me. I didn't listen.

Look, you said you weren't sure about what you saw. I heard it.

You heard what you wanted to hear. Don't bullshit me.

It was a lie to protect a bad cop, and you knew it, and I knew it.

And I got up there and said it in front of the grand jury.

I got it. I'm not gonna do this.

Not for you. I'm responsible, huh?

This is my responsibility, this shit? No. We did wrong. I wanna hear you say it.

Both of you, stop the yelling.

Get out of here, Mo. No. Stop it.

Get out of here. MAUREEN: I am not leaving.

This is not for you. No, no.

I am not leaving. I don't want you hearing this.

Hey, hey, hey. Dad, take it easy.

Don't yell at her. FRANCIS SR.: Get upstairs.

MAUREEN: This is too much.

Now, you listen to me, and you listen good.

This is not just about the department.

That's not what we're talking about here.

This is family. This is our way of life.

Jimmy is married to your sister.

He's the father of her children, for chrissake.

And your brother is in a bad hour here, and the only way through this is you.

You're the only door.

Jimmy is gonna take back his story. I'll see to that.

And you just follow the crumbs like they're laid out for you.

Take a deep breath and say what needs to be said.

Like you believe it with every bone of your body, and then we move through this thing.

And that's what you're gonna do. No.

No, he's not gonna do that, Pop.

Franny, listen. Ray is not getting hung out for what I did.

What I did.

He'll get a slap on the wrist, nothing more.

You're not thinking clearly, Franny. Yeah, I am.

Listen to me, Pop. This shit ends now.


And if that means I can't be a cop anymore...

...I'm okay with that.

What do you want me to do?

We're gonna get Jimmy. That's what we're gonna do.

Yeah. Okay.

EDDIE: Just gonna make a stop over here.

Real quick.

KENNY: What are you doing?

EDDIE: I gotta pick something up.

KENNY: Picking up what? Whoa, whoa, what the fuck is that?

I gotta make a collection. A collection with a gun? Jesus, come on.

Jimmy told us to lay low. Stay under the radar.

You know what? Fuck Jimmy. Fuck Jimmy? What are you talking about?

Jimmy's looking out for us. Jimmy ain't looking out for me!

He ain't paying my fucking rent! I got no fucking money in my pocket. I'm broke!

Jeez, you coming with me or not? No, I'm not coming, Eddie.

Do what you wanna do. Stay here. I will fucking stay here.

EDDIE: Yo, bro.


EDDIE: No, I'm not a fucking cop anymore. Get the fuck out of here.


You gotta do this every time?

KENNY: Let's fucking go, Eddie. Let's go.


Shit, Eddie! MAN 1: Get down. Get down.

KENNY: Eddie, fucking... Eddie.

MAN 2: I see how it is.

Out of the store. I'm a cop. Out of the fucking store. Get the fuck out of the store!

Give me the fucking gun. Give me the fucking gun now.

Get down! Get the fuck down! Out now! Go.

MAN 3: He got a gun, man. You! You!

You! MAN 1: Oh, shit.

MAN 4: Yo, that's that nigga right there.

MEGAN: That's what I said. You sure?

Yes, I'm sure.

No, I can't talk right now, Megan.

I know it, I'm with him.

No, we'll call you soon.


He's at Irish Eyes.

You motherfucker, unlock that door!

You stupid, stupid idiot, Eddie. You fucking...


How do I get out of here?

Is there another way out of here?

Tell me. Is there another way out of here?


Back door. Fucking show me. Show me!

Goddamn it. Go right or left?

OWNER: Left.


KENNY: Oh, shit! Is there another fucking exit?

No, fuck it. Don't talk.

MAN [OVER RADIO]: Callback; Central. WOMAN: Stand by, units.


-Tierney. SERGEANT: We got a 10-30 on Audubon.

I know. It's coming over the radio. That ain't the problem, I got a riot.

Wait, man, slow down. I can't understand you. What?

Looks like it's two guys from your command. Two SNEU guys.


I'm on my way.

It's Dugan and Carbone.

MAN [OVER RADIO]: I'm gonna need units for crowd control.

You gotta go.

I'll get Jimmy.

MAN: Destroy that piece of shit!



I fucking told you not to do it.

Chief Tierney, I'm Captain Lavier from Internal Affairs.

Have a warrant for your son's arrest. We'd like him to come with us.

What makes you think he's here?

Car's outside.

Got a message? I'll tell him.

How about if I come in myself and tell him? No, you're not invited.

Now, get the hell off my porch and take your boys with you.

LAVIER: Let's go.

You can tell your superiors I said so.

OFFICER 1: Let's go.

They got the fucking place surrounded. Just get down here, Jimmy.

We'll meet back here.

What's going down in there? Pepe okay?

I hope Pepe killed 20 of you motherfuckers.

OFFICER 2: Let's go. Move back.

Do you believe this shit?

We got any communication established? I requested Hostage Negotiation, sir.

FRANCIS JR.: They give you an ETA? Not yet, sir.

FRANCIS JR.: All right. I want this perimeter pushed back.

Big Stevie, Ponch, you're my shooters.

I'm going in.


These are my guys.

I'm going in.

MAN 1: Where is everybody? Get over there!

Let's go, move it!

MAN 2: Fuck, man. Come on, hurry up.


They knocked my tooth out. Black and blue. My whole family disrespected.

These motherfuckers!

FRANCIS JR.: Whoa. Whoa, man, easy.

Kenny, easy.

Let's not lose our heads here.

I'm gonna fucking kill him, boss.

Kenny, just keep it calm, all right? It's just me.

Get them motherfuckers out of here! It's on.

I swear to Jesus Christ, I will fucking kill him, Franny.


In about two minutes, we got everybody showing up here.

You do not want that to happen. You do not want me to lose control of this scene.

Do not fucking play me, Franny.

There's no play here, Kenny. There's no fucking play.

You wanna talk to me or you wanna talk to a stranger?


Open the door.

Police. I want everyone out of this bar right now.

You too, Mac.

You got anything you wanna say to me about what you've done?

You left me no choice, Ray.

Push to shove, it's me and mine. It's Megan and the kids.

After that, it's every swinging dick for himself.

You broke our fucking hearts, Jimmy.

JIMMY: Lot of hearts broken, Ray.

There's a lot of hearts broken.

So how do you think this ends?

You gonna take me in?

Take your gun out and put it on the bar.


Turn on me, Ray!

I'm so fucking tired. Fuck you. Fuck you.



COP: I'm gonna send in a crew! Open it up! Let's go, let's go!


COP: Back! Everybody step back.

FRANCIS JR.: You gotta push these guys back.


JIMMY: Ray. Ray. Shut up, Jimmy.

Move. Move. Ray.

That's him. That's that nigga Egan. Go.

Get behind me. Take the cuffs off.

Shut up. Get behind me. COCO: Yo, that's him!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Right there. Police officer. Stay back. This man's under arrest.

JIMMY: Take the cuffs off, give me my gun. RAY: Shut up.

We want Egan, not you. Walk away, you live.

RAY: Fuck you! Stay back.

I'm not kidding. You gonna kill everybody?

RAY: Try me. JIMMY: They're gonna tear us apart.

This ain't your fight. That nigga's dead. Give me that stick.

You walk out with me right now. Let's go.


RAY: Jimmy!

COCO: Let him be. Let him be.

You motherfuckers! COCO: Back off!

RAY: Jimmy! COCO: Back the fuck off!

RAY: Jimmy! MAN: Back off!

Back off! Nigga's mine. This nigga's mine!

RAY: Get off of me, you motherfuckers! You motherfuckers!

No! Don't you do it! Don't you fucking do it!

Tell her I love her.

Don't you fucking do it! No! Jimmy!

No! No! Don't fucking do it!

Don't you do it!


Detective Tierney. Your CO's my brother.

OFFICER 1: You all right? Yeah. I'm all right.

You sure? I'm all right.

FRANCIS JR.: You go find him, I got the brief.

OFFICER 2: Okay. Great job, boss. FRANCIS JR.: Thanks.

Hi, chief. Couple of my suspended guys were involved in this 30...


The fuck happened to you?


Where's Jimmy?


Let's go home.