Primal Rage: The Legend of Konga (2018) Script


Look, I don't know what you want me to say.

Could start with "thank you".

Thanks... for picking me up.

"Sorry" would be nice.

You're smoking again.

Yeah, I'm smoking again.

Not around him, Max.

You look good.

I'm eating good, I'm not drinking, I'm not smoking... nothing.

Please tell me you learned your lesson.

I learned lots of lessons.

I learned how to make a shiv.

Turns out prison has arts & crafts time.

It's not funny.

How is he?

He's good. Yeah. He's good.

That's good. Thanks for not bringing him.

Well, he's got school.

He's in school?

Mm hm, preschool.


Yep, he says he's a big kid now.

What, so this is what you listen to now?

Yeah, it's only been a year.

A year, a month, and nine days.

But who's counting?

Yeah, and not much has changed since then, it's just music.

Really? Did they come play for you during your stint in Folsom?



Max, look at me.

Look at me, Max.



It's fine.

No, it wasn't. It sucked.

It was fine.

Do you want anything?


This is a missing person.

Have you seen him?

Bigfoot got 'im!

He's coming 'round again.

Yeah, right.

Hairy, ape-man bastard.

You and your kind ain't foolin' me with your wampum, your Oh-Mah, and your mystic injun horseshit!

Nickel Pete, if you see him you give me a call.

Yeah, I'll do that.

Thank you.

You're all in on it...

Try the fuckin' donuts.

Bigfoot lovers.

Hey... big, hairy bastard.


Giant, hairy, mohawk motherfucker coming 'round again... him and his big ol' fuckin' feet.

Gonna getcha! Ha ha ha!

Yeah, sure as shit. Twenty dollars.

Have a nice day.

That's what I'm talking 'bout.

Hey! Put it in your pants, ya pervert!


Okay, alright. Ow!

Well, well...




Woo hoo hoo! I'm shakin' in my boots!

Are you done?

Got you some, uh, healthy trail mix.

Really? You've been out an hour and you already got me on an open container.

Ashley, it's just a beer.

No! It's a Class 2 misdemeanor

'cause I already got one, remember?

I guess you didn't learn a goddamn thing.

I learned plenty, actually.

I learned that when making a shiv you've gotta taper and serrate the blade... otherwise you're just poppin' people with needles and that's just something they're used to. But when the time is right, the only thing that you have to do is aim for the sweet spot, just right in the kidney.


Then you say something.

You say something to make all this good again.

Because you didn't say a goddamn thing when I was sitting in handcuffs...

You know... you weren't much better than me, Ashley.

Not much, but at least I was better.

And I'm clean now, courtesy of the Department of Corrections.


I'm glad they could do it for you but your wife and son weren't worth enough.

For a year, a month, and nine days I have been planning this exact moment.

I'm just fucking it up.

How could you fuck this up? It's me.

This is me. This is us.

What? What? Say it.

I'm scared.

Right now in this moment...

I'm scared.

You're scared?

I'm scared shitless.

Good answer.

Shit! What was that?

Oh, my God.

He's not moving.

What happened to him?

Where did he come from? What was he doing?

I don't know.

But our car didn't do all that.

Oh, my God!

I'm going to get my phone.


Ashley... Ashley!

Ashley, wait. There's beer all over the car.

We just hit this guy.

Yeah, there's no way we did all that, Max.

That was not just us.

Jesus, Ash!

Just got out. Party of one?

Don't do this to me. Think about us.

Ashley, please.

Yeah, hello? I'm on Hwy 23 about 25 miles north of state prison.

There's been an accident.

Yes, there's a man here and he needs help.

Yes, as soon as possible, please.




Oh, my God!



Wake up!


Wake up!




Max! Max?

Max, wake up!

Wake up, Max.

Wake up!

Max! Max...

Wake up!


Wake up, Max!

Come on, okay.

Come on, almost there.

What happened?

You fucking fell in the water.

You're going into shock, come here.

No, I'm just cold.

Come on, sit up.

Come here. I'll get you warm.

We need to get you warm.

Come on, sit up.

Stand up.


Mrs. Goring.

You find him?

I'm sorry, not yet.

What are you gonna do about it?

We're still doing everything we can within our means.


I want answers now, or I'll have your job!


Mrs. Goring, we will find your husband.

I promise you.

You know something!

You know something you're not telling us!

I see Mrs. G sniped ya.

Any luck?


Say, are you part of this vast Indian-Bigfoot conspiracy?


Nickel Pete says I should know all about it.

Thought I was missing out on something.

Nickel Pete might be right.

Maybe there's something to those Oh-Mah stories.

You're taking sides with Nickel Pete?

If it means honoring the traditions, I guess so.

So you're saying you would call on Nickel Pete as an expert reliable witness?

Uh, no.

Then what the hell are you saying?

I'm saying we shouldn't ignore the Oh-Mah legends Nickel Pete or no Nickel Pete.


I think you're smoking something other than tobacco in that peace pipe bong of yours, Deputy.

What's this, Nell?

911 call, no name or nothing.

Aw, Hell's monkeys, I was just out this way.

Call if you need backup.

Yeah, I will.

I'll use the radio. Because smoke signals don't work so well in the rain.

Don't fall and break your hip.

You're lucky I let you wear a gun.


Your lighter... I need your lighter.

Come on, come on.

Come on... please.

Please... light.

Oh, my God.

Come on, fire... yes.

Here we go.


Okay, we're almost there.


There was an easier way to get my clothes off.

Not with you.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

I'm so sorry.

What have we got here?

Nellibell, I'm at the location of the 911 call about a hundred yards north of Marker 23 on the highway. You call Nelson, you tell him to get over here with a winch and about a hundred feet of cable ASAP.


Max: In the morning we'll set things right, okay? I'll get you back to Jameson.

Where is Jameson?

He's at mom's.

Poor guy.


It's worse than prison.


I didn't know what was going to happen.

I thought we'd either be yelling at each other all night or we'd be shacked up in a hotel room somewhere.

Whatever it was, it wasn't this.

I mean, what's our next move?

What are we gonna do?

You got me here to protect you... defensive prison techniques and all.

So, this shiv business...

It's a legitimate thing.

Who told you that?

My cellmate.

Legend has it he shanked about a dozen guys back in the day.

Please tell me you didn't shank anyone.

No, I couldn't hurt anybody else.

Not after all that's happened.

It was an accident, Max.

No... no, it wasn't.

But we'll get you back, okay?

We'll get us back to Jameson and then we'll, uh... we'll make sure everything's alright, okay? I promise.

Hey... look at me.

You gotta trust me, okay?

I trust you.

Let's get this on the road.

Ashley Carr.

Ashley Carr...

This guy... check with the prison, find out if they had any inmates released today.

Max! Where are you?

Ashley! What's wrong?

Where are my clothes?

Aren't they where you left them?

I left them right here, I didn't touch them.

Well, they have to be here somewhere.

What is this?

Well, there are your shoes.

What the fuck?!

Take this. Here.

That's it?

I mean, unless you want my pants, too.

Works for me.

Good, I'm glad it works for someone.

Alright, let's go. Hold on.


Ashley: How are you feeling?

Max: Really good. I mean, my head fuckin' hurts but the view ain't bad.

Well, let's get home.

Come on. This'll be easy.

We'll just follow the river back up to the road, flag someone down...

It'll be easy.

Shit's Creek, I presume?

Ashley: My shoes are wet.

My feet feel like cold prunes. It sucks!

Max: Well, I've got wet jeans and sand in my crotch... so it's chafing my nuts.

You win.

Shh. Do you hear that?


You know who that is?


Yeah, it's our inbred hunting buddies from back at the gas station.

Unfortunately they're the only ones that might have a cell phone or a radio.

Come on, we don't have a choice.


Come on.

Maxwell Carr... just released yesterday.

What was he in for?

Reckless endangerment, assault with a deadly weapon.

His car hit a kid.

Possession, substance abuse, same old stupid fucking white man.

So... the wife picks him up, they crash the car, and vanish.

So you're telling me right here right now to my face that you actually believe there's an Oh-Mah out there?

Motherfucking Bigfoot himself!

Abducting white people... ex-cons no less.

No, but I like it better than being told it's wrong.

I like it better than being told it's not true.

I like it better than being told what to think.

It's an identity. Protest.

Same thing. Not even close.

You tell me right here, right now you 100% don't believe it's Oh-Mah.

Aha! See that?

I don't believe it's Oh-Mah. Swear to God!

Sure thing, Sheriff.

You should go ask the Whispering Woman.

She might know what happened.

That's her turf.

With all due respect, Deputy, to the ancestors... fuck that.

You're afraid of her.


Okay, some.

Is she even still alive?

She'll always be alive.

She's not human.

Please tell me you don't really believe that.

No, not really.

You should go talk to her.

What she knows will die with her.

Listen to her before it's too late.

Yeah, listening to answers you don't believe in.

At least not in this day and age.

Probably not.

I really wish I could believe...

I really do.

Ironic, huh?

I'd say tragic.

You should probably sit this one out.

Ya think?

Hey... whoa ho ho ho!

Hey, hey, where's the funky bunch, man?

The funky...

Well, well, well. If it ain't the convict!

Oh, I apologize... ex-convict.

Look, guys, there was an accident on the road.

Does anybody have a cell phone?

Cell phone? Cell phone?

Think I-think I lost mine.

Well, sorry about that.

I mean, hell, it ain't like we get a lot of service out in these parts. I mean, really, what's a moose gonna do with a cell phone?

Moose... moose with a cell phone...

Guys, we're just trying to get back.

It's not so much the technology, it's the hoof!

Can't reach those little buttons.

So, on the cell phone... do you have one or not?

Maybe you could just point us in the general direction of the road.

Road... road?

That way.

Say... I'm curious.

What happened to that, uh, pretty little thing you were with?

Oh, yeah.

My wife?


"My wife?"

She's around.

Around where?

She's around.

Probably shopping.

With the mooses.

For a cell phone!

How about a radio?

Mm, radio?

Got a radio?


Oh, hey, know what? I got one.


But it don't work.


Nope. Damn thing crapped out on us.

Cheap gook piece of shit.

Do you mind if I take a look at it?

You want to look at my radio?

What, you don't think I can understand a basic electronical device, convict?

Is that what you're saying to me?

And you're gonna help me with that?

Lefty? Yeah.

What's that word say?

It's, uh... "on".

On! Jumping Jesus on a gump stump!

That's the problem.

Hell, it is a damn good thing that this ex-convict wandered through here with his taxpayer prison education and all.

City folk... damn smart.

Yeah, I just figured out my toaster last week.

It makes toast!

Can I use the radio or not?

I don't think so.

Look, I don't know where all this hostility's coming from, but we're just trying to get back.

'cause, hell, I don't know... having an ex-convict in our midst...

I mean, it's nothing personal, son, but importing convicted criminals into our own backyard... is that cool, guys?




I paid my debt.

Hot damn. That's good to know.

Seriously, I'm done kidding around.

Come on, Max.

Ah, hell, kid... ha ha! we're just kidding around!

We're having some fun!

Just kidding.

We got a CB in the truck. Right?


We can get you there in, what, about an hour?


Maybe four.

We can get him there in about an hour.

You know, I'm still curious...

What happened to that pretty little wife of yours anyway?

I told you, she's around.

Whoa! Whoa!


Survey says thank you, Jesus!

Speak of the devil.

We had the accident.

Is that what you kids are calling it these days?

Ah, hell, I got a boner a cat couldn't scratch!

Hey! Keep that shit in your pants.

Alright, listen up.

These two fine citizens, well, they, uh... they need our help.

And us being... you know, good samaritans and all... we're obliged to help 'em any way we can.

So with that being said, I want you all to treat our new guests here with the utmost respect.

Shut up.


Hey! That means keep that shit in your pants!

All of ya's... you hear?

Yes, sir.




Alright... let's pack it up.

We're moving out. Let's go!

There's something in these woods.

We gotta go.

Come on.

Here you go, sweetheart.

Get going.

Hey... there you go.

Thank you.

Yeah, alignment's off, the gears are stripped.

Car was put in park, moved sideways, then forward off the road.

It was pushed?

I don't know about pushed.

Are you sure, Nelson?

Well, maybe the transmission got knocked there during the accident.

Yeah, maybe.

Bigfoot got 'em.

Big goddamn footy-mother, bushy, effin' tall-ass hairy bastard.

You know it!

Sure as eggs is eggs, Cochise.

Now that we got you here, uh... we're not so bad, are we?

Hell, you could be in the South...

Hey, Lefty. Are we in the South?

No, no, we're not in the South.

Do you even know where the South is?

Yeah, it's in the South.

I mean, hell, you know, we as a community... we really don't mind you convicts just waltzing through our homes, right?


I'm sorry... ex-convicts.

So you want to revisit this again?

Just hear me out, alright?

I mean, hell, our wives and our schools, they actually find it enriching, you know, this close proximity to such a wealth of... hell, what's the word I'm looking for?

How about "rehabilitation"?

Man, that's a word and a half.

Sure is.

Looks like our ex-convict's got himself a vocabulary.

Yeah, but that's not the word I was thinking about.

Then what is the word you were looking for?

Uh... I don't know. Something, uh... less fitting for mixed company, I guess.

You know we're going the wrong way?

The sun rises in the East.

So that's East. We're going West.

We're going to our trucks, young lady... and our trucks are this way.

It's where the CB is, darlin'.

Body and spirit look like they're going north and south.

I'm joking.

You look like shit.

Well, thank you very much.

Go see the Whispering Woman?

Hell, no.

Scares you, doesn't she?


Okay, yeah.

Yeah, me too.

Verna Six Trees has cancer.

They're having a peyote ceremony for her, you should come.

Verna Six Trees... well, I really hate those things.

They go on forever, smoke burns my eyes, I get piles.

Take the medicine. Have a vision.

Offset all this white man law and order, you need to be reminded that you're a part of Mother Earth.

Teach you to be nurturing, loving, forgiving, self-healing.

Go ahead, make fun of me.

Timing's perfect. Must mean something.

Like a scheduled airplane out of the blue.

Where are they holding the ceremony?

At Mama Day's farm.

Not the reservation?

Not the Res.

Reservation depresses the shit out of me.

You drive.

Hey, ex-convict. Come here.

I have a name.

Well, hell, I don't know it.

It's Max.

Max, huh?

Everybody... meet Max.

Hi, Max.

Maxi pad.

Hi, Max.

Well, there, Max. You know how I can tell that you just got out, son?

Well, you ever seen an ex-con eat his food?

Yeah, well, they guard it, you know?

In a situation, or a scenario, if you will, when they clearly don't need to, they wrap it up, hide it... like someone's gonna come by and steal it from them when clearly no one is.



Well, Max. That's how you are... with that pretty little wife of yours.

She's my wife.

It's still rude.

Excuse me for trying to protect my wife.

Besides, I don't think she's your type.

That's no excuse for being rude.

Ain't no social graces.

Hicks! Stand down.

Now look at what you gone and done.

You upset my boys here.

I believe this calls for an, uh... atonement!

Okay, enough! We appreciate the fact that your radio does not work.

What? No, no. The radio works. Right?

It, uh... well, it doesn't transmit.

Sure it does, I was just using it earlier.

I was talking to...

Okay, the radio works?!


Uh, no...

I meant, um, something else.

Radio's broken.

I gotta pee!

Get back here!

I gotta pee!

Get back...

Why you gotta run?

Eze! Get your butt over here.


Go get him.

He's peeing.

I don't care! You ain't holding it for him!

Go get him!

So mean.

Don't get your ass lost!

Shut up!


I swear, that kid... he'd lose his head if it wasn't attached.

Ah, you're it.

Come on, man.

We don't have BD on our asses, we can at least have a little fun.

I have fun.

When's the last time you really had fun?

I don't know, yesterday we went fishing... remember that?

Hold on, I'm gonna stop for a minute.

I really actually do have to take a piss.

You do that.

I plan to, thank you.

'Preciate your permission to urinate.

Oh, boy...


You in dutch with BD, Gord.

Yeah, no shit.

He gonna hide you.

Yeah, that's why I'm out here and not with him.

What was that?


Ah, shit! Peed on my goddamn leg.

Hey, Critter, what's...

Critter? Critter?


Critter, Critter...



Fuck you, BD.

"Don't get lost"... fuck you. I do what I want.














Oh, God!

Shh shh. You hear that?

Hear what?

Sounds like them boys is sodomizing each other again!

Sorry we're keeping you.


Well, you sound like a man of means.

Shut up, all of you.

I was just joking.


I said shut it!

What the fuck is going on?

So the radio works... great! Good news.

Maybe... maybe it doesn't.

Hell, you see, this here hunting expedition... it's not exactly on the up and up.

You know?

So you're keeping your criminal activities from him?

Not so much, it's just not wanting to broadcast it all over the airwaves.

At the gas station you all were loading up for a hunting party right in front of the sheriff.

We hadn't killed anything yet.

You haven't killed anything now.

Not yet.

Ah, hell, sweet buns.

What are you so concerned about anyway, huh?

We've been more than accommodating, am I right? Yeah.

That's enough!

Hold on... let me make the call.

We'll just pretend you're not here.

How 'bout that?

Honeybunch, it just don't work that way.

Then how does it work?

Well, you see, it works like this.

We have guns! Lots of 'em.

You... you ain't even wearing pants!

Jesus, Trout! It wasn't that funny.

What the fuck was that?!

What the fuck was that?


Goddammit, Frank!

Quit shooting, Frank! Dammit!


Frank, what do you see?

Goddammit! Jesus!

Frank! Quit shooting, goddammit!

Go! Go!

Get the fuck off me!

What do you see, Frank?


Goddammit, Frank!

What are you shooting at?!


It's me. Wake up.

Wake up...




Oh, Jesus.


Hi. Oh, so good to see you.

Come on in, see everybody.


Nice to have you here.

Please, welcome.

Come on. We're ready.


Help! Help!

Ah. Ah... ah.

There he is.

How long was I out?

All night.

Where's Ashley?

Here's the deal.

There's a creature, lives in these woods, as ancient as my tribe remembers.

The legend says that when our chiefs die they come back, their spirits, as the Oh-Mah.

The what?

It's where the legend of Sasquatch comes from.

We're talking about Bigfoot?

This woman watches the Oh-Mah.

She said it stopped at you.

It got prideful.

Its pride distracted it and it got shot.

It's down an arm, which means no arrows, which means it's out of balance.

Since it's hurt, we stand a chance to take it down.

She said the Oh-Mah took your wife, Ashley.

She has a chance if we fight it.

This Oh-Mah, it's a sentry, sort of, watching over the periphery of the forest where it lives and it has seen the workings of man's chaos and evil for too long.

It put it out of balance.

So we're talking about a Bigfoot that's... what... crazy?


Well... kinda. Sort of.

A lot, actually.


I guess that's just bad luck for us, huh?

Not really.

A man out of balance is easier to knock over.

Is that Native American wisdom?

Hell, I just made it up.

So, yeah.

It's time to go, Max.


These are Oh-Mah's weapons.

We need 'em.

Don't we have guns?

Its primary sense is its sense of smell.

It can smell gunpowder a mile away.

It will stalk you and gut you before you can say

This will hide your smell.

Get plenty of it on you.

Oh, God.

We good?

We bad.

Get off! Get off me!

Get off!!!

Whoever it is, they're coming for you, asshole!

They're coming for you!

So, uh... what is the plan?

You find your wife.

You find your wife, you go back to your boy.






Wait... wait!

Go... go!

I shot him in the back... and then I got him in the front too.

Come on...

Listen to him.

Come on.




Run as fast as you can.

No. Absolutely not.

Don't stop til you get to the road.

Max, no!


Go! Go!

Come on.

Right here... come on!!

Come here!

That's it. Come here!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Oh, shit!