Prime Risk (1985) Script

Oh, I'm so sorry.

Better watch it there, son.

If everything is set, let's try jamming the bank on "C" band frequencies 21.5 through 21.6.

Don't touch those cars!

And it's guaranteed for five years by the manufacturer.

These are junk.

Hum, it's not working on those C band frequencies.

Exactly at 10:30, I want you to switch to "K" band.

Hi. May I help you?

Yeah, I'd like to exchange this for cash?

Ah, these aren't rolled. We only accept rolled coins.

I thought you had a machine that did that?

I'm sorry. We don't provide that service to our customers.

You'll have to roll them yourself.

Okay can I have some rolls?

You can pick those up at the statements desk.

Where's that?

Humm. Look, could I just get some from you, I've already been waiting 25 minutes in line.

I'm sorry sir. I don't work in the statements department.

Okay... I'll just make a withdrawal from my checking account.

Can I have a checking slip?

Thank you.

Ah, can I have another pen?

There's been a hold placed on your account.


The check you used to open your account was drawn on a West coast bank.

Yeah, I know that. The lady in San Francisco told me my check would be cleared in 10 days.

It should be available now.

We hold out of state checks for 15 working days.


♪ ALARM SOUNDING ♪ You're clear to go.


I'm sorry.

Don't you know how to look where you're going?

We all make mistakes.

Well some of us more than others. Thank you.

Now I'm really gonna be late for my interview.

Let's try it one more time.

The Z80 CPU is loaded with timing gliches. And the buss structure's got about 20 millivolts of crap all over it.

Did you filter for interference in the power lines?

No sir. I didn't think it was necessary. I've got the master regulator connected.

I'm stuck. I don't know what to look for next.

I thought I was paying you to handle this?

Why don't you isolate the Z80 processor with a sequencer, locate the noise by phases, then you can do a spectrum analysis.

That's a good idea.

Thanks, Julie.

Locate the sequencer, do a spectrum analysis. Locate the sequencer, go by phases.

I believe we were discussing my qualifications when interrupted.

Ah, Miss Collins.... as I've mentioned to you before we have no more openings.

But I have straight "A"s in all my engineering courses.

Yes I can see that Miss Collins.

And if you can see there, I'm more than qualified to do design work.

Yes, well... as I mentioned to you before Miss Collins, we're not hiring anymore part-timers right now.

Evidently you were misinformed. My staff is already full. I'm sorry.

Can you type, Miss Collins?

Thank you for your time, Mr. Franklin.

Michael needs a rest. He's worked very hard trying to graduate this semester.

Now he's not going to spend his time sitting around the house.

Now, either he gets a job now, or he goes on to graduate school.

Can't you get him something at the office?

Get him something? Look, when I was 21 my father kicked my fanny on to the street. I suffered.

Jobs are hard to find.

Sorry I'm late.

Don't apologize to me, your mother made the dinner.

Sorry Mom.

This came for you today, Michael.



There you go again wasting more money.

Dad, I need this for my private pilot's rating.

You know it's a shame you don't give your school work the same attention.

Why don't you show Michael what else came in the mail today.

Three "C"s and and "D"? Come on, Mike. How do you expect with that kind of performance?

Now look, I want you to write to Jack Tinan tomorrow, he's at Harvard.

Now he owes me a favor.

Dad, I don't want to go to Harvard this Spring.

Oh? Don't tell me you actually found a job?

I want to start flying lessons.


Yeah, I've decided I wanna become a pilot.

Now wait a minute. What the hell happened to becoming a lawyer?

I never wanted to be a lawyer.

What!? Larry please...

Now listen to me! You can fly on your own money.

Now I'm not gonna see my son waste his life.

Now I have spent a lot of hard earned money so that you could make something of yourself.

Dad, will you please...

Now I don't want to hear another word about anything as ridiculous or as dangerous as... flying. Jumping out of airplanes!

I'm not jumping out of airplanes.

Honey, would you like a piece of pie?

Pie! Pie! Where are you going?!

Nowhere! I'll be in my room.

Lemon or peach?

Will you please?!



Hey Mike. Haven't seen you in ages buddy.

You look good.

How are those girls in California? Are they as wild as they say?

Yeah, there's okay.

Oh come on! Ha ha ha...

Hey listen, I want you to come over here and meet some of my friends.

Hey guys. I want you to meet a good friend of mine. This is Mike. Mike, this is Bill.

Hi, Bill Hanson.

Our illustrious host, John.

And this... this is of course, Julie, my absolutely gorgeous date.

Excuse me, fellows.

Say Jule, how 'bout introducing Mike to one of your friends.

I promised him a good time if he came by and...

I'd hate to look bad letting him down. You know, babe.

What the hell do you think I am?

A woman!

Probably that time of the month, guys. Excuse me.

You made me look like a real ass back there.

Just drive me home.

What's the matter with you tonight? You're really acting like a bitch, no know that?

Just drive me home.

Oh, I get it.

You just wanted to be alone with me.

You're drunk.

Listen, I'm sorry if I said anything inside that made you upset.

Let's be friends again. Okay?

No. Cut it out. I said "no," cut it out!



(busy signal)


You need a ride?

♪ CLASSICAL MUSIC ♪ on radio Nice music.

You like classical?

Yeah I like classical.


Who? I like Bach. I like ah... Beethoven.

I like a lot of classical music. I like classical music.

♪ faint Electronic beeps ♪ I like Beethoven. I like Bach. I like classical.

Stop the car.


Just pull over.

What did I say? Look, I'll just shut up and drive.

No, it's something else.

What? What is it? Tell me?

♪ static, more BEEPS ♪ Hear that?

Back up.

Did you see that?

See what?

Do you know anything about electronics?

Yeah, a little.

Then do me a favor, meet me here tomorrow at noon.



Hello. You were here yesterday weren't you?

Yeah, I left my scarf in Mr. Franklin's office. I just came by to pick it up.

3rd floor. Room 308.

I know, thanks.

Julie. God damn it, you're not suppose to be here.

Hi Harrington. I need a favor. Okay?

What kind of favor?

A friend of mine wants to record a song. I just want to borrow a tape recorder.

Well you know I can't let any of this stuff leave the building. I'm gonna loose my job.

It's because of me you still your job, Harrington.

I mean, remember my idea to filter the power supply using the Pi network?

And the Culpepper conversion contract. Remember that one, Harrington?

Listen, I appreciate it Jule. And I still feel bad Mr. Franklin wouldn't hire you after that one.

He basically ignored giving me any kind of credit, Harrington. He's a sexist, clear and simple.

What'cha testing?

I'm still trying to secure the radiation in this printer.

Betcha Franklin's on your ass to get it done huh.

Well I still have a few more days on it.

Might have a couple of ideas for ya, Harrington.

I'll get out a tape recorder after work.

Make it a four track.


Holy shit. It's Franklin! Great.

7... 62...

75... 63... 42... 89...

75... 65...


Look, I got you this album. It's really good, my father listens to it all the time.

Hmm... I have it.

I've got over 20 frequency codes today. You want some?

No thanks. Ah, what is that?

It's a spectrum analyzer. It reads the electromagnetic environment and creates magnitude readings for the proper frequencies.

Oh. What are you doing with it in your car?

Well, it's just an experiment for now. But, if we're lucky, we should be able to pick up, oh... two hundred dollars from each account.

What are you talking about?


You're gonna rip off the teller?

We can do it.

We!? Look, you gotta be kidding. I don't wanna steal anything.

Ah, where did you get all this stuff?

I borrowed it.

You borrowed it. You know, you can get into a lot of trouble fooling around with the banks.

Would you relax?

I'm relaxed. You're talking about ripping people off.

Look, it's a banking system. We aren't stealing from people.

Would you cut it out with this "we" stuff. I don't want anything to do with this.

Besides, I'm already late for an appointment.

It's not like I need your help you know, I mean, you were with me when we made the discovery.

I figured you just might wanna join me.

Yeah... I gotta go. Bye.

Is this where I should be to sign up for that?

This is the place.

Okay, I wanna take that lesson.

That's fine. That'll be twenty bucks.

Twenty bucks.

Notice the vertical airspeed. And the gyro. And the airspeed.

We're gonna try a turn now. Do you know what turns an airplane?

The elevator.

You've been reading about this haven't you?

Listen, I've been trying to do this for three years. All I've been able to do is read.

Okay, you see that barn over there to your right?

Ah hum.

Okay, I would like you to make a 360 around that barn Okay.

Good job.

Okay, I got it. I'll take it back and land it.

All right.

Okay, here's your flight manual. Here's your log book to record flight time.

Your flight computer. And your sectional charts for navigation.

Let me just clear your check, and we can sign your contract for the course.

Great, thanks.

Okay, the account number is 0, 8, 0, 0.... 0, 3, 0, 4, 6.

Yeah, yeah... I understand.

Ah, Michael? I'm afraid we're gonna have to hold the contract.

The check didn't clear the bank.

What? I got over 3,500 dollars in this account.

Look, I've been saving all year for this.

I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do till the check clears.

What makes you think you have an account with us, Mr. Fox.

Our computer indicates that no account exists in your name.

I've ah... I've got a checkbook with an account number and a deposit slip for 3,500 dollars.

Opened on the 21st Mr. Fishburn, on a California check.

That's right.

Put a tracer on the funds, Miss Martin.

I'll see to it after lunch, sir.

How long is that gonna take?

We'll be able to clear your funds, if they turn up in the verification procedure, in approximately six to eight weeks.

Hi. I didn't expect to see you again.

You still planning your experiment?

Tomorrow night. I have a program all figured out, I just need some supplies.

Okay, what kind of supplies?

Plastic cards, credit cards, cards anything.

Okay, I can handle that. What else?

I thought you said you didn't want to get involved?

It's not gonna be my lifetime career, I just gotta debt to pay. Does the offer still stand?

All right.

Great. It's a nice place.

This is strictly business I hope you understand.

Absolutely, strictly business.


The split's 70 - 30.

What? Look, It'll be an even risk for both of us. A least 60 - 40.

70 -30. I can find someone else.

Okay, fine. 70 - 30's fine.

That's what I figured.

Will this be all you need?

Are they dry yet?

Umm... yes.

Okay... we've got 24...

440 cycles.

93 at 840. 42 at 630.

And 91 at 720.

I need the engineering book.

This one?


440... A natural... E... C... B flat.

Okay, put the headphones on and when you hear the notes, turn off the recorder.




♪ music notes ♪

♪ beeps ♪ Got it.

Now for the ID code numbers.

31... 62... 94... and 27.

Okay... that's 4,8,5,1.

I'm saving this for a special occasion. This is Mr. Franklin.

Well... let's go.

Oh, shit.

Come on, look!

Oh no, Mike. Be careful.


You shouldn't be sitting here like this at this time of the night.

I'm just waiting for my boyfriend to get back from the bank.

Why didn't your boyfriend park in the bank lot next to the teller?

He's a health nut. He likes to walk as much as he can. He hates convenience.

Hey buddy. Hurry it up, okay?

Yeah, sorry. I ah... I just learned how to work the machine so it took me a little time.

Sorry officer.

Hey, hold it a minute!

Lose this?

Yeah, I did.

Hey... wait a sec. I haven't seen one like this before.

I work in the bank. So ah... employees get a special card so I don't get charged a fee for my transaction.

Ah... If you work in the bank, why don't you know how to work the machine?

I've only been working here a week. So...

I wouldn't write my code on the front of the card like this.

If you lose it, someone's liable to rob your bank account blind.

You wouldn't want that to happen now, would ya.

No sir.

Be a little more careful in the future, son.

I will. Thank you, officer.

Good night.

Didn't you see me signaling?


Well did they work?

(laughter) Oh shit.


Please, please, everyone! There's no reason to panic. Just stand in line.

Please, form one line, everyone will be taken care of!

I'm sorry, gentlemen. The equipment's in perfect working order.

I can't find anything wrong.

The central computer reports no error, no breakdown?

I spoke with Dobbs at the main branch, sir.

No other computer failures or errors were reported.

I don't understand.

Neither do I, sir.

Don't look at me, I just fix these things.

You know what this means don't you?

In the morning, we're gonna have to call internal security.

We may need the FBI as well.

Okay, are you ready?

97, 13, 63, 42, 20.

Ah oh.

What's wrong now?

I'm not getting anything.

Hey, hurry up will ya, kid?

Take it easy, all right? It's not my fault.

Come on, don't you know how to work the machine? Everybody's waiting out here.

You put something funny in that machine?

Yeah, this is the Vienna branch. Ah, the machine won't return a card.

Nah, I tried that already. You say the computer isn't down?

Okay, thanks. The machine is broken, but we can go to the Third Avenue branch.

Third Avenue, huh?

(tire blows)

Shit. I don't have a jack.

Can we fix it?

Tell you what. You get the lugs off the wheel, take out the spare... and I'll go find us a jack.

You guys have a jack?

Sure baby. I gotcha a jack.

Thanks guys.




Great, thanks.

♪ (beeps) ♪

I can handle this.

I think the teller going down had something to do with the van I stole the jack from.

You stole the jack?

We've ripped off over six thousand dollars.

I don't think one jack's gonna get us in over our heads.

Oh that's a great philosophy.

Hurry. We've got to find out where they're going.

What are you talking about? Would you let me handle this please?

They're getting away!

I'm going as fast as I can.

What are we doing here?

Pull around to the side.

Now what.

Go outside and look through that window.

Hey? Why am I always the one who has to do the snooping around? This was your idea.

I wanna check the place out with the gear. You can make the visual search.

And what am I supposed to be looking for?

Anything suspicious.

All right.

Here. Wait. Now we didn't steal the jack.


How'd the test operation go?

It's a preliminary success, but, we've still got a problem.

Let's take a look at it.

Okay, this seems really strange but first one guy walks into this closet, then the other guy walks in.

They close the door and nobody comes out. Sounds pretty kinky if you ask me.

I've never seen anything like this before.

There's this huge volume of electromagnetic activity in the air, an at this location.

Maybe all the neighbors have their microwaves on or something.

This frequency band is very high. Like, when a lot of computers are sending information back and forth.

You mean around the city?

I mean around the country. Go back outside and look through that window.

I'm gonna try and pinpoint one of these radiations.


After locating the operational frequency on the bank computer, we interlocked our jammer control into active mode, as you can see here.

This mode worked fine, but only under a few conditions.

Here's a display on our test with power disruption.

Notice the computer jams, but only for a 9600 baud rate. The other rates are not affected.

Um... Show me some of those other tests you ran.

We've gotta disrupt the buss structure.

That's the only way that we can cover all the baud rates.

That's fine, but we haven't developed a system to do that.

Those Federal Reserve computers are complex.


You got an idea?

Yeah... what would happen if we had the jammer devices alter freque then control them centrally?

Can that we rigged?

Yeah, that might be our answer.

Well start right away. Thank you.

The American dollar's up 3 percent.

My boy, by the time we're finished, money won't be worth the paper it's printed on.

That's impossible. Dr. Lasser...

Dr. Lasser...

Now that's impossible. Nobody could be scanning us.

Have that fixed in the morning.

Noise disturbance topside!

Probably just some kids playing around.


Wait a minute...

Wait a minute...

Oh my god, shut down. Shut down!!

Mike, let's get out of here.

Is that all you're gonna say? You're not even gonna ask me if I'm all right?

I might have broken my leg looking in this stupid window for you.

Let's go, Mike.

You know, I'm getting a little tired taking orders from you all the time.

I mean over at the bank it's 'hurry up, Mike,' now it's 'let's go, Mike.'

What if I don't wanna go?

You know, next time you wanna run all over town chasing auto mechanics, you can do it by yourself.

I promise no more looking through windows. Okay?


You see who he was?

Did you get a license number? Oh good.

No, no, no... no pursuit. We'll pick 'em up in the morning.

We've taken over 6 thousand dollars from a bank. How can we go to the police?

Well, we gotta get help from somebody. Who in the hell would want us dead?!

I don't know.

What did you find out at the garage?

I'm not sure.

Shit! I thought you were the one with all the answers. I mean, first I agree to get involved in this little thing with you. I mean, it's nothing big... we're just gonna rip off a bank teller machine.

Now we got auto mechanics shooting at us.

You know, ever since I met you there's nothing but problems.

Look, all I wanted to do is ask you out.

You know, maybe take you to dinner. Maybe even get a good night kiss.

Almost wish like I never even...

I'm scared too.

Don't worry about it.

It's going to be okay.

♪ (doorbell) ♪

Who is it?

Here to read the meter.

Can you come back tomorrow, my folks aren't home.

Ah, I'm only in this neighborhood once a month. It's now or never.

Okay. It'll have to be never then.


Oh my god.

Are you comfortable?

Where am I?

You should know. You were here last night.

You gave us quite a reason to be concerned.

How did you do it?

Do what? Look, I really don't know what you're talking about.

Well, now look let's not waste each others time.

Or you may find your visit with us a trifle uncomfortable.

We don't know yet how you did it. But by now you must have all the details of our plans.

I'm ready.

That makes you a very dangerous threat. Obviously, you have others helping you.

I'm alone.

And now you'll help us find them.

I don't have any help.

Really! Well, now your parents will become quite upset when they don't see you coming home.

You may have to disappear for awhile.

How'd ya do it?

I don't know a thing.

I don't think you're a stupid boy.

I need to see both of you. Right away.

We're out of time. We just learned that the Reserve will online a new CPU system tomorrow.

We'll have to move today.

I can finish with him in 5 minutes.

No, no, no... I want to get the airplane ready on the strip. We'll have to take him with us.

Yes, sir.

We'll find out you he's covering for later.

Hurry him up.

Oh no, you don't.

You do that again and I'll blow your head off.

Get him upstairs.

There's a fuel leak! Get out of the airplane!

Get out. Lance!

Get back.


John, get them!

Move it! Cut 'em off!

Get in.


Would you listen to me for a change. You wanna stay here.

You know how to fly?

Yes, I know how to fly.

You never told me you were a pilot.

You never asked.

That's my airplane!

Oh my god, he's hanging on!

He's hanging on?!


Why don't you take off?!

I need 70 miles per hour.

This is fucked!

Oh shit!

All right. Where we go?

Washington National.

All right, hang on.

So you wanna tell me who these guys are?

There spooks working for foreign countries.



Look, I recorded a disc last night and I got a printout this morning.

See these guys have got classified information on our space shuttles, our MX missiles, even the President's Camp David itinerary.

Where do they get all this stuff?

The same way we were tapping into the teller machines, these guys have been tapping into the Federal computers.

But now, they've learned how to jam the computers.

I don't understand, what does this have to do with us. Why are they trying to kill us?

Well, I also found a map.

See, this map has all the jamming locations. They're going to tap in, and they're gonna activate these, and they're destroy Culpepper.

What's Culpepper?

It's the location of the Federal Reserve. They have computers that control the money in America.

We've gotta get this map to the FBI so that they can disarm the jammers.

Okay, the airport's just up ahead here.


Watch the water!

I can see it!

Thought you said you knew how to fly?

I do know how to fly. It's just landing I've never done before.

Oh, Jesus.


Flaps 20 percent. Carb heat off.

Washington Tower, this is Pentagon Security Control. We have an unidentified target in our restricted airspace approaching from the Northeast.

Please advise aircraft of illegal approach.

Unidentified aircraft on final for runway 36, you're entering the approach pattern without clearance.

Please clear the landing approach by turning to one, five, zero...

Shut up.

Well shouldn't you talk to them?

Do you want to talk or fly?!

Okay, here we go.






The map, I lost it.

Stay here.

Wait, wait, wait....


It's E and 10th Street.

No, it's over there it's H and 17th.

No! Would you listen to me? It's E and 10th Street. I know!

Mike?! Come here.

You're right. Damn it, we went the wrong way.

Oh great. There was a Metro station on that corner.

I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it. We all make mistakes.

Come on, let's get out of here. Come on, let's go.

Julie, the map!!


Hey, someone's getting mugged.

We need to talk to somebody really fast. People have been chasing us...

Okay wait... let me handle this... please, get somebody....

Wait a minute... wait a minute. I'll call an agent to see you right away.

Are you okay?

I can't believe this.

I know, I know... well we're safe now don't worry about it.

Yeah, I'm okay.

Julie Collins?

How did you know my name?

Before we asked you any questions, you must understand your rights.

You have the right to remain silent....

Wait a minute... what the hell's going on here.... what is this?...

I was coming to you... wait a minute... why can't we go together... Julie!

You'll be all right, don't worry!

You've been a hard person to locate, Collins.

We've been meaning to ask you and your friend some questions.

How did you get the money?

Look, I already told you that's not what's important right now.

Not important. You might been found guilty of a felony crime.

You could be facing a 20 year sentence, Mike.

Look, there's a spy ring that's trying to disrupt this country's banking system.

Julie and I stumbled on to them the other night.

Now we had a map that showed all the location of the jammer equipment.

What map? Where is it?

We lost it on the way.

You lost it.

I swear to you, if you guys don't believe me, we're all gonna be in a lot of trouble.

So far I only see one person in trouble, Julie, when are the rest of us included?

I'm not sure.

You think this load of crap's gonna save your ass? Hmm? Honey, you're sadly mistaken.

It's gonna take more than spooks to get you out of this one.

Now, I want to know the exact details of the teller ripoffs.

I never knew the FBI trained such idiots as yourself.

I'm not hearing what I want to hear, Julie. Your only making things tougher on yourself.

Just try cleaning the wax out of your ears, asshole.

Maybe this stuff will start to make sense.

Do you even have any hard evidence? Other than circumstantial guesswork?

You'll never be able to prove us guilty of anything.

Look, we may self-conscious, but we're not stupid.

I'm telling you, we were there. Underneath the garage is this basement computer complex.

We monitored all kinds of top secret information.

You're wasting my time, Collins.

Just check it out for christ's sake.

Anything from the boy?

Only that spy story about disruption of the Federal Reserve.

I get the same from the girl.

Do you believe her?

Hell no, they know we're on to them. Right now, they'll say anything.

They didn't have to come here.

Jesus, Yeoman. That kid getting to you, huh.

All I'm saying is maybe it wouldn't hurt to... check out that garage.

I've been in the bureau for 20 years, Yeoman, and this pattern of behavior is very, very normal for kids.

I mean they'll try and talk their way out of everything. So tomorrow, we search their home.

Find the evidence we need for a conviction, it's simple.

Yeoman... Minsky... I think you guys ought to come and take a look at the news.

(on TV): ...reports came to us 30 minutes ago concerning wide spread computer failures in banks around the country. Rapid curtailment of banking activities has been reported.

And the flow of bank funds is virtually at a standstill in many major metropolitan areas.

Information is very sketchy about the cause of the problem, but all indications point at the Federal Reserve computer center in Culpepper, Virginia.

Federal Reserve officials continue to be unavailable for comment.

Janet Mason has this report.

The trouble originated at 10 o'clock this morning, here at the Federal Reserve complex in Culpepper, Virginia.

It is at this facility where all of the electronic money transfers throughout the country are controlled and switched within the Federal Reserve system.

Normally, some one hundred and forty million dollars through this center control switch each minute of the day. No one here is talking very much....

♪ (tone) ♪ STATIC Martin Stevenson of the Federal Reserve board has just announced news of a critical situation.

As it's reported to us, all banks have been ordered to shut down.

I repeat... shut down immediately. And will stay closed until further notice.

Reaction to the news has sent the stock market on a panic selling spree, with the Dow Averages dropping a record 50 points in the last 15 minutes.

Making this the largest drop ever to be recorded since the Great Depression of 1929.

Okay, this is what we want in return for our help.

First, tell Minsky to back off. Full amnesty from all charges against us.

In exchange, we'll turn over all our information on the automated teller machines.

Do we have a deal?

That would the prerogative of the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Hey, come on Yeoman. We're not gonna sit here making deals with these two.

Do we have a choice?

What... (your visitor has arrived sir) Okay get him in here please.

Now we have a choice. I'm bringing in technical expert in electronic security.

Hi, come in. This is Mr. Terry Franklin.


Miss Collins?

Why the hell did you bring him here?

You two know each other?

Sit down, Mr. Franklin.

Now Mr. Franklin, now about this situation at the Federal Reserve Center, what kind of security, exactly, did your company design?

We modified their mainframe under a development based upon filtering the power supply using the Pi network.

You stupid bastard, that was my idea. You stole that from me!

Miss, I have been in the electronics security business for 20 years, and I hardly believe you would know anything I don't about computer security. The current situation at Culpepper has nothing what so ever to do with a breakdown in security.

Okay, now let us suppose there are spys who wanted to electronically jam the computer, and set up outside the building.

No, that's impossible.

The facility is encased with protective devices to prevent disturbances from outside sources. It might be possible to jam the computer from inside the building, but security is so tight nobody could ever get in.

Okay. So much for your story.

They found a way to beat that.

You book 'em on grand larceny, Yeoman.

I'm telling you they're jamming the computers from the outside.

If I were you Miss Collins, I'd be more concerned with my own pretty ass.

Not all of us have a pretty ass.

Could I speak with you in private just for a moment?

Listen, these kids predicted the computer collapse and they were right.

Doesn't that warrant an investigation into their story...

Yeoman, we don't have time to follow up every crackpot story that comes in here, do we?

Yeah, but they know some things that we don't understand.

This is off the record so you keep it quite, Yeoman.

I'm going to Culpepper to search the place with Franklin's men.

Oh Minsky, that's wrong!

No one is going to know about these kids, because I don't want the press, or the whole country knowing the the FBI's best source of information are two god damn hackers.

Okay, so give me 24 unofficial hours with them, so I can check out their story.

I've had it with insubordination, Yeoman. If you want to be promoted within this bureau, you better damn learn to follow direction. Savvy.

I heard you.

Well then you book 'em.

I want to see this garage.

(on radio): In a major new development, the international community of nations, following the lead of the European market, have decided to cease the trading and sale of the American dollar. This measure will go into effect at 4 o'clock Eastern Standard time If the present situation continues...

Can you believe this? 4 o'clock... that's only 2 hours from now.

We can make it.

It's right up here on the left.

It's right over here.

It was right here, I swear it. This whole room went down to another level.

Are you sure this is the right garage?

Yeah, I'm sure. They must have covered it up somehow.

What about this stairwell you mentioned?

Around the side.

All right. Let's get back to the bureau before they find out we've left. Come on.

Since when do they fix cars with these?

(on radio): Looting has been reported in the southwest sections of the city.

Police further report that the number of calls....

Now what?

Drive down that road to the right.


I still remember some of the map.

London, West Germany, France. All the European markets... somehow the Saudis were also convinced....

Saudi money?

Don't ask me how. It's beginning a snowball effect across the country.

We've got a liquidity crisis you wouldn't believe. Chase Manhattan's prime lending rate is already at 20 percent.

20 percent? It was 15 a half hour ago.

Jan, I've gotta have your authorization right here.... what am I signing here? I dunno...

So what does the cash reserve situation look like?

Reserve... we store approximately 500 billion dollars in emergency cash, and that was gone within the first hour.

I can't believe this?!

This screen over here gives us a current picture of the Reserve's deposits.

We're 950 billion dollars short right now.

So what does this line represent?

1 trillion dollar deficit. Give me a graphic expansion on that please, Ed.

That level has been determined as rock bottom. Go under this line, and this glorious country we call America will be completely bankrupt.

It's somewhere over here.

This probably connects to the jammer.

Where are the others?

I only remember two or three more, but there's twenty.

It'll take us forever to find them all.

There they are!

That's it, that's the van. Come on.

Keep down. There might be gunfire.


What's happening man?! Don't shoot.

We should go back to the garage. I'm sure we can find into that computer room.

It's too long. It'll take 35 minutes to get to Vienna.

I'm taking you two back to the bureau.

Stop the car!

Damn it, I'm not stopping this car. Your time is up.

No, but look over there next to the transformer box.

What, another van.

No, that looks just like it.

Come on, you know how many white vans there are in this state?

But they change their cover almost every day.

Okay... we'll check it out. But this is it.

Sorry sir. We've torn this place apart.

Can't find a single fleck of dust that fouling up the system.

No jamming signals you can detect?


So where do we look from here?

I dunno.

Christ Franklin, you built the god damn system.

We don't detect jamming. We don't detect computer or electrical malfunction.

Excuse me, but the President called personally.

He says he wants a complete report of the situation.



FBI... got some questions for you.

Watch out! No!

Oh, shit... get Julie.


It's all clear.

All right, back up. Check it out.

Jesus. This must be where they control all the jammer frequencies.

Well let's smash it.

No! If we do that, everyone of the jammers will run independently.

The only way to take out the whole system is to shut them down from here.

Okay, well can we do that?

Not without time.

Keep looking. If there's a jammer we'll find it in here.

This is hopeless.

You've got 5 minutes.



Music! Remember that's how we found the frequencies before, when we decoded the bank numbers.

That's right.

Yeah, well can you identify them from here?

I think so. I think so. Help me get to the back of this okay?

I can pick up harmonics of the sending frequencies from the central buss structure, but I need some sort of a speaker to listen.

Bill! Give me your radio.


Just give it to me!


How's this?


And I need some loose wire.

How 'bout this?

Alligator clips, great.

Julie stop!!


It's starting!

There's still 3 minutes to go!

Markets are dropping, all of them!

(on TV): ...American bank closings have even triggered a wave of panic across the globe.

Mill workers in Japan cannot employee benefits.

And in Israel, families are beginning to starve as markets shut their doors to the public. In London, students at Oxford University have seized control of a bank, after no student loans were paid this morning. Fighting with police has led to six fatalities and numerous injuries. In Richmond, Virginia, a Bank of America branch was burned to the ground this afternoon. Police have no suspects, but eyewitnesses prior to the blaze have reported that workers from a General Motors plant were angered after the bank was unable to cash their paychecks.

You don't stand a chance, you know. There's 32,000 frequency codes.

And if you send the incorrect countermanding code, it'll detonate the explosives immediately.

On second thought, that girl seems extremely intelligent.

Why not give it a try.

What's the matter?

You heard what he said.

Since when have I known you to turn down a challenge?

Come on, I know you can do it.

♪ (musical notes) ♪ Get a piece of paper.


"C" sharp.

I'm not sure I remember these as the correct frequencies.

You're doing fine.

I can't do this!

Look, what was "A"... 400 cycles, right?


Okay, see you do remember. We did a hundred of these notes. What's "G"?

♪ (ALARM) ♪

Hey, we did it! (CHEERING)

Hey, I thought we agreed we weren't gonna fool around with the tellers anymore?

Well we did, but remember the card I was saving for a special occasion?


What are you doing?!

Well, what the hell did you do that for?

(laughter) We all make mistakes.