Prisoner X (2016) Script

Delta 1, we got a 10-53 at mile 37.

Stand by.

It's a black Nissan Maxima.

Alberta license plate, YR1 9142.


It's a stolen vehicle, suspect could be armed.

Copy that. Searching the vehicle now.

Code 9. Code 9.

I found some metal disks in the trunk.

We're going to need a special unit.

Copy. Central's been alerted.

Hello? Sir, comissioner of border patrol here.

Yes, Michael, what is it?

About 20 minutes ago a man was taken into custody in Montana not far from the border.

He was trying to smuggle in around 10-pounds of weapons-grade uranium.

I am speaking to you.

Speaking to you.

Speaking to you.

Speaking to you.

I am speaking to you.

Speaking to you.

Speaking to you.

Speaking to you.

I am speaking to you.

Speaking to you.

Speaking to you.

Speaking to you. Speaking to you.

Speaking to you. Speaking to you.

Speaking to you. Speaking to you.

Tough son of a bitch, ain't he?

By now he should be on his knees begging us to let him confess.

Push harder.

This should do it.

What is it? KH-5?

The enhanced version.

It attacks the nerve cells even faster and the pain is ten-times worse.

No one's lasted more than a couple of minutes.

I give him five, tops.

What the hell?

Maybe we should up the dosage.


Max, get the hell out of there.

Let's get blood work done, let's run every test possible.

I think we're dealing with a far bigger problem than a few pounds of uranium.

Synthetic genes?

Nano devices?

All that's missing is a battery pack.

Is this guy even human?

Is he, asking...

Pen and paper.


Any ideas?

These look like astronomical coordinates to me Yeah, supernova, comets.

Something like that.

I had a thing about astronomy in high school.

I have no idea what these are.

I think they're dates.



We live in the year 1433 according to the Islamic calendar.

Looks like our prisoner can predict celestial events.

It's 140-years into the future.


The first day on the list is tomorrow.

Look at that!

I'll be damned.

The star blew up exactly where he said.

What do you think, Fischer?

Who the fuck is this guy?

As insane as it sounds, I think he's from the future.

There is no other explanation for it.

Time-travelling terrorist.

That doesn't sound scary at all.

Agent Carmen Reese?

Well it's nice and quiet up here.

Almost makes one believe that all is peachy in the world out there.

If you need me I'll be outside.

Oh, Fischer.

Why am I not surprised?

Forgive the intrusion, Carmen, but you left me no choice.

In the envelope is the directive terminating your leave of absence, effective immediately.

Since when did you become my boss?

It's signed by the president.

Well you can tell the president that I've decided not to return to my job.

Well you can tell him that yourself.

But first I need you to hear me out.

The data disk contains a brief on a prisoner I've been working with for years.

An extraordinarily-dangerous individual who holds the fate of our world in his hands.

So that was your top-secret assignment?

Look, I kept you out of it for your own good.


But now I'm desperate.

I need help.

You've got the entire agency at your disposal.

I need someone I trust.

Are you okay?



Things have gotten strange, Carmen.

And I feel like I'm losing my mind but, I'm this close to figuring it all out.

Fischer, don't you get it?

I'm in no position to help you.

I know you're still looking for answers for what happened.

Trust me, I know how it feels to be haunted by the what-ifs and if-onlys.

To be tormented by 1,000 imaginary pasts.

What if I told you your imagination can be made real, Carmen?

Look, if there's one thing I've learned from this prisoner that I know to be true is that time, time is not what it seems, Carmen.

Time is nothing.

Please, help me.

That's the marine barracks.

For a special ops battalion.

122 men.

Luckily we haven't had much use for them so far.

I'm Field Station Captain Paul Williams.

Agent Reese.

Welcome to the Sandbox.

Here's your keycard.

Your com access has been set up as well.

Air lock?

Sandbox is a nuke-proof facility.

You can't be too careful these days.

Fischer's been paged.

He'll meet you on the other side.

Thank you.

Can I help you, ma'am?

Uh yeah, I'm looking for agent Fischer.

Friendly guys. Sorry.

We don't get many women down here.

You know agent Fischer well?

Yeah, he was my mentor when I joined the agency years ago.

Likes to think he still is.

It's this one.

Agent Fischer, PFC Sullivan here.

I have a visitor for you, sir.

Yeah, he's a cool guy.

He shares smokes with us, tells us jokes.

Fischer can be a funny guy when he wants to.

I'll call him.



Williams, I'm looking for Fischer.

Do you know where he is?


Hold on.

The last time he used his keycard was to enter his apartment.

But that was two days ago.


Agent Carmen Reese.

Commander Jefferson.

That's right.

I'm the one supposedly in charge here.

Why didn't Fischer tell me you were coming?

Oh, I don't know, sir. I'm sure if he didn't tell you he had his reasons.

Well he's been avoiding me all week.

Now he goes and kills himself.

You know, Fischer was troubled when he called but he, was not suicidal.

What exactly did he say to you?

He was close to figuring something out and that he needed my help.

Then help.

On the world tonight, no end in sight.

Thousands more refugees from New York and Pennsylvania arrive in the mid-west bringing their total number to over two-million.

In the grip of violence, president Turner imposes martial law in Southern California to quell large-scale riots that show no sign of abating.

And in international news, a powerful explosion rips through an industrial complex in Mumbai killing over 50 workers.

Indian authorities are investigating the cause.

The blast occurred shortly after the workers returned from lunch and several eye witnesses report to seeing... say happy birthday!

'Cause she was big.

Sally had made a cake.

Industrial complex which is located north-east of Mumbai is home to several high-tech companies that manufacture ev...

All right.

We get it.

You wanna prove to us that you're special.

That you can see the future.

Maybe it's because you're from there.

If that's true, if you're really a time-traveler, then it stands to reason that you did not come alone.

That others made the journey with you.

Now maybe this is normal where you come from.

Where people just leap across centuries at will.

And who knows, who knows what other miracle skills you have at your disposal.

Tools and weapons that we can't even begin to imagine.

Yet, here you are.

You've been trapped in a closet, the same closet for three-months.

And maybe, just maybe you're starting to realize that your buddies, your buddies from the future, they have absolutely no intention of rescuing you.

Standing by.

It's an Albanian-Serbian creole, it means, 147.

147 years.

Is that how far you jumped?

You didn't come alone, did you?

We came with our leader, Abraham.


The father of three great religions.

Which is why he took that name for himself.

How many other friends came with you?

They are not my friends.

Then why join them?

I believe in their cause.

Which is?

You wanna change the past.

Is that it?

You can't change the past.

But you can create a new one.

Thank you.

You're being helpful, sir.

I'm Fischer.


Is that your name?

I'm pleased to know it, Ramiro.

Don't put me back in that cell, Fischer.

I have to.

I have a set of demands.

Minimal requirements that will earn you my cooperation.

Yeah, couple of names and the vague beginnings of a story are not really gonna earn you much.

Then I'll ask you this.

Do you want to defeat Abraham and his men?

Do you want to save your world?




We need it right now!

Come on, come on. Stay with me.

I don't know what happened, he just collapsed.

He's in v-fib.

Come on, come on!






He's dead.

No no no.

What do you mean he's dead? How can a man just die at will?


He's dead.

What the fuck?

This is my first and last warning to you, Fischer.

The next time, I won't come back.

Any news from Lincoln, Nebraska? It's fine.

Nothing has happened there as far as we know.

You know it's been two years since I saw my family?

It's hard.

You don't get much news down here, even when Indian point happened, they didn't tell us for a whole week.

What did they tell you?

That a dirty bomb went off at the nuclear reactor.


It was not a dirty bomb, it was a Soviet warhead that was supposedly decommissioned 12-years ago.

That's what killed half-a-million people.

Including my sister and my niece.

So you and Fischer, how close were you?

Well I didn't see it coming if that's what you're asking, ma'am.

I don't think that anyone did.

But still you were the last person to see him alive.

I was? Yeah.

So, what was his mood that day when you spoke to him?

Actually, I didn't.

Fischer didn't even say hi.

He went straight in, same thing when he came out.

How long was he in there for? Barely five minutes.

Fischer unplugged the cameras.

So we have no idea what happened in there.

So he goes into his apartment, he's alone for two days and nobody hears from him or talks to him.

Actually, I heard him.

I mean, I heard his voice last night as I walked past his door, I heard him talking on the phone.

Could you make out what he was saying? No, but it sounded like he was having an argument.

Are sure he was on the phone?

Well there's nobody else in there.

Bad news, Fischer. The tests failed again.

We haven't found a functioning equation, that's the problem, and I don't understand why.

We've done everything right based on original parameters.

Unless they're wrong somehow.

Is that possible?.

I don't know, Fischer.

I'm out of ideas.

Looks like this is the end of project Sigma.

Doctor Ellis speaking.

Yeah hi, this Agent Carmen Reese.

I'm Fischer's replacement.

Yeah, I heard about Fischer, what happened?

Did he really kill himself?

It appears so but I have my doubts.

Look, I need to talk to you, about project Sigma and this equation that you're after.

This used to be a darker facility back in the 50's.

Did all kinds of experiments here.

Mind control, genetic manipulation.

You name it.

Sometimes it feels like nothing's changed.

Only we're the lab rats now.


Good luck.


Agent Carmen Reese.

What a lovely name.

I guess you could say I'm somewhat of an audiophile.

I love my oldies, but you already know that.

Coffee? Tea?

No, thank you.

Where is Fischer?

He's dead, he killed himself.

How sad.

He was my best friend in a way.

You don't seem surprised.

This world is like a dream, Carmen.

Are you ever surprised in a dream?

Did you know Fischer well?

I did.

Were you lovers?

I know you weren't.

Why's that?

You're not his type.

You must have made quite the impression on your superiors.

The fact that they handed you this most crucial assignment.

I'll have a green tea.

Well, now that you are going to be my new best friend, I'd like to know a little bit more about you.

What would you like to know?

Like, what have you been up to since all of this began?

I served in Iraq for a while.

Ah, searching for those elusive WMDs, I suppose.

In the beginning, yeah.

Then the insurgency began and my assignment changed.

Suddenly I was given hundreds of shackled prisoners and this checklist that made no sense to me.

At the time.

A checklist?

We were told that our suspects would be in their 20's to 30's.

They wouldn't be Iraqi.

Probably not even middle-eastern but that they would have strange accents.

Maybe they wouldn't have an accent at all.

I tortured them.

Because I was told that these foreigners would display an extraordinary tolerance to pain, even in the worst interrogations.

Tailored genes and nano devices are quite common in my world.

Especially among the impoverished, I understand.

To help them deal with their miserable lives.

I trust you took blood samples.


They were sent back home, tested for key genes.

Genes that could be easily hidden or removed.


I warned Fischer.

I couldn't be certain regarding the genetics of the other warriors.

Or their current identities.

But yet you knew that they would be in Iraq.

Iraq was explicitly mentioned to me.

Please, allow me.

By who? By Abraham?

Yes, by Abraham himself.

He said that Saddam would be our primary focus.

I can understand your frustration.

There are 30-million people in Iraq.

Your task was almost impossible.


Did you find someone?

We found a young woman.

No family, no papers.

I worked her, and I worked her, and all I got was the name of a river in Kashmir.


Fischer never mentioned the girl to me.

Is she being helpful?

Not since she managed to kill herself.

Oh. Suicide implants.

No, she slammed her forehead into the corner of a desk, rupturing her cortex.

How awful.

But look at the bright side, your success did not go unnoticed.

You earned yourself a promotion.

Sorry to interrupt.

I need you to step out for a moment, Carmen.

What is it?

Well it's not a bomb or a weapon.

It's found in the wreckage of the blast in Mumbai.

The one a couple of days ago?

The one that destroyed an entire industrial block.

No one knows what caused it.

I bet Ramiro does.

Where did you get that?

It's okay, it's perfectly harmless.

Please, allow me to show you.

May I?

Where did it go?


It's just suspended in time.


Four, three, two, one.


Which makes it the key component in the construction of a portable time machine.

We need to keep this off the grid.

No one, and I mean no one, needs to know about this.

I will brief the director myself.

If Abraham gets hold of a new time machine, we'd have no defense.

He'd just go from city to city setting off future explosions and...

It'll be Indian point all over again.

Only a thousand times worse.

You didn't sleep, did you?


What's going on?

Well this is going to sound crazy.

I saw my son yesterday.

Swear to god it was him.

He had the same walk.

He had the same smile.

Just when you think you're ready to forgive yourself, you know?

Jordan's death wasn't your fault.

Yeah it was.

Guilt as they say should never be doubted.

Look at me. There was nothing that you could have done, nothing.

Yes there was.

There still is.

What's that supposed to mean?


Nothing is set in stone.

Time, it's not what it seems.

What are you talking about?

Time is nothing. Nothing.

Does this have to do with your sandbox assignment?

Fischer, come on.

If there's anybody that you can tell, it's me.

Breaking news.

What's that?

An explosion has occured at the Indian point power plant north of New York City.

The radioactive fallout is rapidly drifting south, and the president has ordered the immediate evacuation of cities in northern Pennsylvania, Virginia and the entire tri-state area.

Oh my god.

We can confirmed that the explosion was caused by..

My sister is in Brooklyn.

..nuclear device, likely smuggled on site via the Hudson river.

Its type and origin will be determined once the isotopic signature...

Bad news, Fischer. The tests failed again.

We haven't found a functioning equation, that's the problem.

I am this close to figuring it all out.

And now I'm desperate, I need help.

It doesn't make any sense.

Do you know that Fischer lost his wife and kid?

If he was going to commit suicide, he would have done it a long time ago.

Maybe it all finally caught up with him.

What is it?

Signs of a struggle.


Snider, I need you here please.

Need to do blood...

And... Wait. Hold on.


I'm betting those are from Wednesday.

Bring the chronoscan too.

I need you to date fingerprints.

You think Fischer was murdered. One way or another.

No one's stepped inside that apartment.

Wouldn't even talk to anyone on the phone either. The autopsy was clean.

I think Abraham has an agent inside Sandbox.

Yeah, the prints are from Wednesday, and they're Fischer's.

Sweep the place for foreign fingerprints.

Fischer's visitor, whoever he was, managed to outsmart the most advanced security system in the world.

Do you really think that he left fingerprints?

We may get lucky.

Just when you think the situation couldn't get any worse.

We've implemented class-3 surveillance protocol and a comprehensive review of all Sandbox personnel is underway.

Find the mole, Agent Reese, and quickly.

I don't need to tell you what's at stake here.

Sir, I strongly suggest that we undertake a similar review of all security agencies.

Irrespective or seniority, every agent, every official should be thoroughly screened.

I'll recommend it to the...

What is it?

Uh, nothing.

Do you think Abraham is still in India?

I do. It's a lot easier to hide among a billion people.

And besides, India gives him the right technological base for constructing his time machine.

The Indians are scared shitless.

They're afraid we'll bomb them into oblivion like Pakistan, which is exactly what the president wants to do.

The Indians are our allies.

I'm sure they're gonna give us whatever help we need in finding Abraham.

We can't tell them about Abraham, Agent Reese.

Because then we'll have to tell them about Ramiro, and that would be giving away the store now, wouldn't it?

Birthday, 'cause she was big.

Sally had made a cake.

I am this close to figuring it all out.

Now I'm desperate. I need help.

Please, help me.

This world is like a dream, Carmen.

Are you ever surprised in a dream?


I missed you so much.


Somebody there?


Catch me if you can, Aunt Carmen.

What do you mean the camera's offline? Only for about 10 seconds.

It happens every 24 hours when the camera does a re-sync.

Which Jim obviously knew.

Okay Williams, keep an eye on him.

Send me his file.

Will do.

One more thing, agent Reese, I'm not sure what to make of it but it seems that Jefferson's been communicating with someone secretly.

Secretly? He sent a couple messages last night then deleted the log entries from the mainframe but he forgot the backup.

Messages to whom?

Someone at the Pentagon.

Ah, it's probably nothing. Maybe we should just... find out exactly who he's been communicating with.

And be careful, don't tip him off.


That's where I'm from.

It's a city in the Balkan peninsula that doesn't exist yet, and in the time that I come from, it doesn't anymore.

It was destroyed during the liberation of Albania by the United States.

Final nail in the coffin of the last Islamic Republic in the world.

But what happened to the rest, did the U.S. invade all the Muslim countries?

They didn't have to.

They played the Arabs against the Persians, the asians against the Africans, and watched them devour each other.


It's the greatest weapon there is.

So that's why you're here.

But how, this whole time-travel thing just seems preposterous to me.

I figured you'd ask.

This should give you some idea.

Has this something to do with the Casimir Effect?


I'm impressed.

Parallel plates sat so close together that they tap into the energy field of a vacuum.

Which then punches a hole through space-time.

How was the machine tested?

Was an object sent into some distant past and then just dug up from a fossil bed?

That can't be done, my friend.

Why not?

Because when you go back in time, an alternate reality is created.

A new timeline branching out from the original one.

It's the universe's way of preventing time-paradoxes.

Like I said before, we can't change the past.

But we can create a new one.

And nudge it in any direction we want.

So when did you time-travelling Jihadists arrive?

September 9th, 1999.


Kashmir, near the Shyok River.

Why Kashmir?

Because that's where the time machine was in my day.

Point-to-point transfer is how it works.

How many came?

99 of us.

So on the ninth day, of the ninth month, of the 99th year, 99 of your guys show up.

Nine is of special significance in Islamic number-theory.

It denotes judgement day.

I see.

So what can you tell me about your leader Abraham?

He's the smartest...

The most tenacious man I've ever met.

Also the most ruthless.

No one knows exactly where he's from but he was born into one of the richest families in the world.

He used his entire inheritance preparing for this mission.

Wait. It's the future.

Pardon me?

That's how the machine was tested.

If an object is sent to the past, it lands up in a new reality, there's no way of retrieving it.

But if it's sent into the future, it remains in the same timeline, doesn't it?

Because the future hasn't occurred yet, there aren't any paradoxes, am I right?

The test object was sent a few minutes into the future.

And there it appeared.

Just out of thin air.

Which makes me wonder.

What would happen if you threw small lumps of uranium ahead in time and aimed them to appear at the exact same place, at the exact same moment?

All that nuclear material pumped into the same tiny volume.

What kind of boom would that make?

What kind of boom would that make?

Abraham was constructing a portable time-machine.

Well now we know why he was hiding from us.

Why tell us now?

I mean, if Ramiro hadn't have shown us, we never would have guessed what that device was for.

Have you considered the possibility that his accident was staged?

That he was sent here on purpose No.

That he remains here by choice. Nonsense.

Okay, there's 329 nano devices in that guy's body.

For all we know, he could walk through the fucking walls.

Then why would he undermine his mission with all this intel?

It was perfectly credible.

Wherever he sent us we found hard-evidence that Abraham and his men had been there.

In some cases, only a few days before we showed up.

Okay, it would be terrific if we could get a hold of one of Ramiro's buddies and corroborate his story but until that happens...

Well what about the woman that I found?

From Baghdad. She talked, right?

She talked, she sang.

The interrogation she was put through, she told us exactly what we needed to hear.

Are you suggesting she wasn't real?

They took her apart, cell-by-cell.

Not one nano device, not one extra gene was found in her body.

The sec-def, are you sure?


Jefferson sent those messages directly to him, bypassing his chief of staff.

The secretary of defense?

And, I discovered something else.

Over the past year we've had a few glitches with our video recorders.

On five separate occasions the same software error caused entire interrogation sessions to be erased.

Do you think that was done on purpose?

Now I know it was.

On Jefferson's orders.

Why didn't you tell me about the secret interrogations? What secret interrogations?

Don't fuck with me, Jefferson.

They were Fischer's idea and I okayed them. Why?

Look, I don't think I need to remind you, agent Reese, that I had full authority to do so.

So do I, commander Jefferson, to demand an explanation.

Some of the things that Ramiro was telling us were damn-right scary.

The kind of things that are best kept off the grid.

What kind of things?

Ramiro suspected that another country, an enemy of ours, has also captured one of Abraham's men.

Based on what? His intuition.

Which psychological tests have shown is highly-developed.

Wow. His intuition.

He didn't happen to say which country, did he?


And what about the last time Fischer went in?

I had nothing to do with that and you know it.

Ripping cables off a camera is no way of keeping a secret.

Fischer didn't care.

He knew Ramiro was going to tell him something so scary he didn't want to take a risk and Ramiro didn't disappoint.

And then his mysterious visitor appeared, and whatever transpired next, drained away any hope Fischer had of saving the situation.

As far as he was concerned, it was game over.

What did Ramiro tell him?

I wish I knew.

Maybe he revealed the identity of Abraham's agent.

That's an interesting thought.

But then, why would Fischer kill himself, right?

I mean, wouldn't he just tell me like he always did after every single session?

I don't know. You tell me.

What's that supposed to mean?

Violence in the Chinese Province of Hunan.

An overnight raid by Muslim separatists on an army barrack resulted in the death of four PLA soldiers.

Meanwhile, the foreign ministry announced that the Chinese premier will travel to Russia next week.

The talks are aimed at increasing cooperation to combat the growing Islamic insurgencies in the two countries.

A U.S. military build up in the Indian ocean continues.

Today, two aircraft carrier battle...

But what's that got to do with any of this?

What if Abraham is arming the separatists?

They seem to be gaining ground both in Russia and in China.

I still don't see why we shouldn't strike India. Because we don't even know if he's there.

Well last time you seemed pretty sure.

Iraq turned out to be a handful and India is no Iraq.

We're a lot wiser now, Agent Reese.

We know exactly what to do this time.

Well don't you think we should wait for some positive intel?

How can we wait when the weapon we're up against is time itself?


What do they want?

What the hell?

Kashmir. It's a gorgeous place.

But your arrival site is even more impressive.

It's like a passing god has sneezed.

Circle 50-feet-across has been swept clear.

And after all these years, the soil still remains magnetized.

But you know what surprises me, Ramiro?

Is that the local villagers didn't see any strangers in the area.

Not even one.

We travelled in small groups.

Over the mountains towards Pakistan and at night only.

But still, there was a hundred of you.

So you made your way to Canada via Europe.

The rest were to slip into Iraq.

That was the plan.

They lied to you. I don't think anyone from your group stepped foot in Iraq.

But you said you found a girl.

It was a bluff.

I wanted to see how you'd react.

But when Iraq turned up empty, people panicked.

I mean, there was a lot of other U.S. hating dictators for Abraham to arm, not to mention ISIS but you insisted on Iran and Pakistan.

Countries that you knew we would have no chance of orchestrating a popular revolution.

That's precisely why I thought Abraham might be there.


It's not my fault that things turned out the way they did.

You people rushed to war.

Iran maybe, but Pakistan was a no-brainer.

I mean, if they could shelter Bin Laden for so many years, they bloody-well could do Abraham.

And now it's India's turn.

How did you know about that?

Well you found the device.

I didn't tell you the device was in India.

I hear the guards talking.

The guards know nothing.

Then I must have another source.

So Abraham hasn't abandoned you after all.

He's got an agent in here, helping you run the show, because that's what this is, isn't it?

Is a show.

Your accident, your capture.

15 years of bullshit!

All designed to send us on a wild-goose chase, invading country after country, keeping us from where we really need to be.

Slow down. Hm?

Where would you get a crazy idea like that?

It's the truth! Admit it!

You really need to get some sleep, Carmen, because now, you're just hallucinating.

You fuckin'...

Make you pay for my sister!

For Fischer!

For my niece!

Everyone else!

Step back.

Stop it.

Get on the floor.


Get on the god-damn floor.

What are you doing, ma'am?

You working for this son of a bitch now? Huh?

You an agent for Abraham?


I saw you, Jim. In the electrical room.

What have you got in there, a comm device? A weapon?

It's nothing, ma'am. It's just some weed.


Look, they search our quarters regularly. There's nowhere else to hide it.

What's going on here?

Then it's you.

You're the mole.

Why else would you send secret messages to the Sec-Def and then cover your tracks?

You're out of your fuckin' mind.


Get her out of here. Who else is involved? Huh?

Who are the other traitors?

Bring her to detention, now.

I was trying to be discreet, okay?

It was a personal matter I talked to the Sec-Def about.

A personal matter? Really?

My daughter is on one of those aircraft carriers headed for the Indian Ocean.

I'm gonna get her transferred back to base.

It's inappropriate, I know but right now I don't give a rat's ass.

I'll do whatever I can to protect my family.

Wouldn't you?

But you didn't, Carmen.

You abandoned your family!

No wonder you can't sleep.

Guilt, as they say, should never be doubted.


Calm down.

What's the matter with you?

Fischer had a lot of faith in you. I think you're delusional.

Your mission here is terminated, Agent Reese.

Get out of my facility.

Things have gotten strange, Carmen.

I feel like I'm losing my mind.

You abandoned your family!

I saw my son yesterday.

No wonder you can't sleep.

Guilt, as they say, should never be doubted.

Guilt, as they say, should never be doubted.

Agent Carmen Reese?


Please hold for the president.

Mr. President.

Well you've certainly ruffled a few feathers, Agent Reese.

I haven't seen the sec-def this steamed up in a while.

Jefferson too.

It was a mistake. I went overboard with my suspicions, sir.

No, you did exactly what was needed in times like these.

We could use more people like you.

The NSA sent this over today.

They now believe that Abraham and his men have the capability to impersonate anyone they want through genetic manipulation.

Can you imagine that?


Did you know that on the day Indian point was bombed, Fischer was out on leave?


Maybe he was one of them.

Sir, if Fischer was one of Abraham's men then maybe I am.

Maybe you are too. How dare you.

Maybe you don't even know it.

If our enemies have the ability to impersonate us, they could rewire our brains.

I mean, why not start with the president of the United States?

Well what happened about Fischer then? If he was innocent, why did he kill himself?

I think it had something to do with the message that he got from doctor Ellis a few days earlier.

From project Sigma.

Fischer was close to figuring something out.

He confronted Ramiro, we have no idea what was said, but Ramiro told him something that devastated him.

Fischer was already feeling guilty and his visitor the mole?

Fischer's visitor wasn't one of Abraham's agents.

Then who was he?

Do you realize what you've done?

All those lives lost.

All the destruction.

It's all your fault, dad.

Jordan, please stop.

Please stop.

What, you want me to fucking pity you?

You want me to take you in my arms and tell you everything will be okay?


I don't even know why I'm talking to you. You're a god-damn hallucination.

You wanna get rid of me?

There's only one way to do that.

And you know what it is.

Fischer's dead son?

Jordan died of a drug overdose, Fischer was a single dad, he blamed himself.

But what's this gotta do with Ramiro?

Because Ramiro was the only one that could give Fischer the redemption that he needed in the form of a time machine.

That's why Fischer was so desperate to make project Sigma work.

Whatever Ramiro told him that day shattered it, once and for all.

And that caused him to hallucinate?

No, that was because of his hyper-insomnia which he'd had at Sandbox since he got there.

And how in all the world would you possibly know that, Agent Reese?

I knew Fischer very well, sir.

And, I've been having the same thing at Sandbox.

Insomnia, hallucinations... and you think Ramiro's doing this.


Okay, do it.

Civil liberties are the least of my concern right now.

His name came up during an internal review.

What did he do?


Thank you for coming, Agent Reese.

I'm gonna reinstate you to your job for now.

I don't care what you do, who you piss off, just get me results, and soon.

Yes, sir.

You can't change the past.

But we can create a new one.

And nudge it in any direction we want.

What if Abraham is arming the separatists?

They seem to be gaining ground both in Russia and in China.

How many came?

99 of us.

We traveled in small groups over the mountains towards Pakistan.

We haven't found a functioning equation.

That's the problem.

They played the Arabs against the Persians, the Asians against the Africans and watched them devour each other.

Paranoia, the greatest weapon there is.

Mr. President.

What now, Agent Reese?

Mr. President, I can get you what you want.

But I need full-authority, level five clearance.

Level five?

I know you don't trust anybody right now, sir, but you don't have another option.


I've been pounding on the door, are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah, Jefferson.

Look, I'm sorry. I owe you an apology.

Yeah well you can forget about it.

Russia's been hit.

Hit? Moscow.

Half a megaton.

Holy shit.

And it's going to get worse.

Seems in the chaos after Indian Point, someone with the necessary skills ripped open an airforce bunker and took eight warheads.

This is just one of them.

Looks like someone wants payback for Indian Point.

Yeah but the Russians weren't responsible. I mean, at least not directly.

Clearly not everyone believes it.

What's the word from the Kremlin? There is no Kremlin.

Luckily, their president was talking to the Chinese premier in Saint Petersburg.

We've talked to him a couple of times since.

I have to talk to the Sec-Def for further updates.

Okay, I'll talk to my sources and see what I can find out.

I'll call you in a bit.

I appreciate the apology.

I guess I overreacted too.

It was with profound shock and sadness that I learned of the devastating attack on Moscow.

On behalf of every American, I wanna offer my deepest condolences to the Russian people.

So what's happening?

Russian generals are pressing for immediate retaliation, but the president is willing to give us the benefit of the doubt.

But Jefferson, if another blast happens...

What the hell?

Yes, what?

Of freedom.

We will stand against them as our...


Saint Petersburg and Volgograd have just been hit.

We're going into full lock-down.

Emergency condition protocol red.

Locking sectors A, C, D, I.

Emergency life support...

He hasn't slept in four days.

This morning he didn't even pray.

Should we tell him something?

Let the uncertainty gnaw at him.

We've got him by the balls.

What's the use now?

How's life in Lincoln Nebraska, Jim?

Your family, are they well?

There's been another attack, yes?

Did the Indians sneak in a couple of nukes?

Was a nearby military base hit, or... A reactor, yes, of course.

We should get him out of there.

No, wait.

How long will we have to wait?

Two weeks?

A month, to be rescued?

A couple of nukes?

Try a thousand.

Every major city has been wiped out.

Wild fires and poisonous rain are taking care of the rest.

You can't tell the difference between night and day, and forty-below is the warmest it gets.

The Indians did this?

First it was the Russians then the Chinese joined in but we bombed them into the stone age.


Get in the cell, now.

It's all because of you.

Step back, Sullivan.

And put your gun down.

I will shoot if I have to.


Take it easy, okay?

Killing him is not going to change anything.

What the hell are you talking about?

We're done.

We're dead already.

Not everything is lost.

Okay? You just need to trust me.




This is what you wanted?

A nuclear winter? The end of all of us?



I didn't think you people were so weak, reckless, and incredibly stupid!

Well I'm sorry, to disappoint you, Ramiro.

Or should I call you Abraham?

'Cause there is no Abraham, is there?

And there is no army of time-travelling Jihadists, there's just you.

You arrive in Kashmir, alone.

17-years-ago with what? A little bit of uranium.

A few odd gizmos from your world, enough physical evidence to give your story some legs.

I mean, why send an entire army when one soldier armed with the right words will do just as well?

You were right.

Paranoia is the greatest weapon there is.

And it was a brilliant plan.

I will give you that.

Draw the U.S. into self-destructive wars while arming the Islamists to take over China and Russia.

15, 20 years from now, this world would be unrecognizable.

You're smart, Carmen.

Far smarter than Fischer ever was.

That's how you got to him.

You just told him the truth.

And the poor guy realized that every life that had been lost was because he fell for your lies.

Fischer was a fool.

He gobbled up everything I fed him without ever questioning it.

But you, on the other hand... you over estimate my abilities.

Just like you did your own.

You are like this, sadistic interrogator.

You came here to torture us.

To inflict as much pain as you could, the maximum that we could bear.

But you went too far, and you killed your subject.

I say we kill him.

He's no use to us anymore.

I agree. Let's not give him the courtesy of a bullet to the head.

Let's take him out to the surface and let him die a slow death.

Take it! Just take it!

A little late, don't you think?

You have no idea what I just gave you.

It's the full schematic, everything you need to know to build your very own time machine.

Yeah but you forgot the most important part.

The equation.

What equation?

The man is on the verge of death and he's still playing games.

What are you talking about?

Project Sigma, our scientists have been working on a time machine based on his early drawings but they can't come up with a functioning equation because the calculations are based on 99 of these guys.

I don't remember any equation.

You can remember the coordinates of dozens of supernovae but you can't remember a single equation.

I don't remember it!

We're gonna figure it out in a couple of years anyway.

We're getting close to the surface.

Good luck, Ramiro. Your extra genes and your gizmos aren't gonna be of any use against radiation sickness.

Give me something to write with.


You have 15 seconds.

There it is.

Now hit the button.

Where's the second part?

What second part?






That's the full equation!

Now hit the fucking button!

Stand down.

What happened?

He set off his suicide implant.

Think his brain is fried but you should probably check.

Take a picture of that equation and send it to Doctor Ellis at DARPA, he's expecting it.

Right away.

Medic team to the airlock.

Level one.

Everything was faked.

Except Jim, of course.



Digital magic.

Some play acting by real people.

Even the president?

He was pretty good, wasn't he?

But we felt the explosions.

A few nukes detonated in some surrounding mine shafts.

A little bit risky but effective.


That equation will let us change everything.