Prisoners of the Sun (2013) Script

A long time ago, when mankind was still in its cradle, visitors came from the sky. They were called the Osiris.

These gods gave us unimaginable gifts.

The lights of which we had never dreamed of before.

Astronomy, architecture, culture.

But all these came at a price.

The Osiris wanted earth for themselves.

The Pharaoh, the greatest man of all, together with the God of Sunlight Ra opposed this threat to their people.

Just when the visitors prepared to summon their kin to come to Earth an opportunity arising only once every 5000 years, when the stars align in the right order the Pharaoh stole the light from the Osiris, blinding them with its brilliance, leaving them in prison, in a dungeon hidden in the labyrinth below his pyramid.

But some still believed in the visitors way and prepared for the time of their return. So did the Princess Amanphur.

Take the baby and run from here. He is the last of the bloodline.

Give thanks to the Gods.

The worship of Osiris will be buried with her.

Praise for her journey to the next world.

She will be laid to rest in the glory of Ra.

Without the Pharaoh's knowledge, very deep below the princess's pyramid grave, a gate was constructed...

When the stars align once more... the visitors would again be welcomed by a descendant of the Princess's bloodline...

But the Pharaoh mistrusted his princess even in death.

So he made a key. The Key of Heaven to lock in tightly whatever secrets she may have kept from him.

A guardian was created to protect the tomb.

And he made sure that no one would tell the secrets of the tomb buildings so that Osiris could never return.

But if they did, their revenge would be terrible.

A rain of fire would scorch the Earth and every man, woman and child would die.

Only loyal servants of the Osiris would be rewarded and turned into Gods themselves.

The stars are approaching their alignment.

But the Key of Heaven has been lost, the bloodline seems to have vanished, until now.

You're late. It is the traffic again, huh?

Oh, what can I say, it was horrible.

But you look beautiful!

I'm sweating and I'm dusty. Too many hours playing Tomb Raider, Mr. Adler...

Where is he? In the tent.

Take a look at this before you go see him ...

Beautiful !

You are amazing!

Against the risks...

7 days.

They built these pyramids to mirror exactly what they saw in the heavens...

That mirror image only reappeared once every 5000 years...

In seven days time, the image will be complete again.

I checked again last night with Mendella. They found nothing.

Tell him to widen the search area.

Tell him money is now no object.

We're running out of time.

We're late for Khalfani.

Oh, got to get on dealing with that thieving goat...

Get the driver.

Yep, Masterton here. No, that's not what I wanted.

I want it tomorrow. Not to next week not next month. Tomorrow!

Masterton has confirmed the date. Exactly in one week.

We have to find the entrance.

You know the tombs, right? I do not understand why we can't locate it.

It's here. It has to be.

We need to extend the dig. You organise the lights so we can work through the night.

They're being delivered today. The bad news is, there is a storm coming in.

Oh great. Let's go inside.

You look tired, Professor. Have you eaten today?

Too hot.

You got it... You do not want to know how.

Why are museum staff so damn stuffy?

Living with relics. Our people will start looking like their dogs...

This is strange.

Now you tell me that is not a visiting ship of some kind?

It could be the symbol of a flying god.

You know, Egypt changed so fast at this time that no man's aware that is a great civilization.

No chance for us alright...

Like today. Just like today, cynics will regard you as a bit of a crank.

Why, I'm as cynical as the best of them. I'm telling you something strange went on here.

Are you looking for anything in particular?

The Key of Heaven.

That's very particular.

You have it, I want it. We do business?

You understand however, another interested party willing to pay handsomely.

So tonight, the item would want the most serious offer...

I am a most serious man.

And you would be?

Mr. Levitz, come with me. I trust no one followed you here.

Nobody got anywhere near me.

Do you know the legend of the Key of Heaven?

Yes, it was handed down since Egyptian times by a sect of priests, until it went missing.

Lost. Lost, Mr. Levitz in the midst of time.

Rumoured to be linked to the mysterious Princess Amanphur.

How do I know it's genuine?

How do I know you can afford such a treasure?

Ah, masterpieces, sculpture. A miracle of survival.

You know that Hitler once sent archaeologists here to search it, but it remained hidden until now.

These are the Carbon testing results.

That he invite you, it is priceless, Mr. Levitz?

What about you? Let me see it first.

Well worth double the price. I'm sure you'll agree.

I had in mind a trade.

This fine stick... 19th century.

You must be joking.

I rarely joke. I am a most serious man.

Mr Khalfani?

Oh, Jesus!

Masterton I understand you seek a certain key. Levitz?

Well, it just changed hands. You murdering bastard.

Do tell me where you are. I'm not going to call the police and have you arrested.

On the way. Should be with you any minute.

That beautiful walking stick that killed him is yours.

It has your fingerprints all over it.

Well, motivation is clearly proven, Professor.

Fine. What do you want? Money?

Money? How undignified. I want participation.

Or your walking stick goes to the police with a witness.

You won't get away with this.

What do we do?

Claire, I need your advice.

You're gonna have to leave. The storm is coming.

Well, keep going!

We can predict a storm. No, not this one. The big one is coming. Look for yourself!

We'll take everything down. I'll give you a hand!

OK, let's go!

Oh, for God's sake!

Stay in the car.

Someone around you just died?

This follow the things I came to talk to you about.

This storm is not an accident.

The secret is revealed.

You were given something.

A key.

You will complete your mission in the next days.

A great bird Sophus... Swimmer in the blood of men...

There's fire.

There's fire. It will be again. What is it, Claire?

The signs of Osiris risen... The signs of Osiris dead...

I must know. No!

Claire, what is it? I need to know.

Nothing. Just a bad dream.

I leave you now. You've been very helpful.

Yes, of course, I told him. On his way now. Yes.

What does he mean?

Professor Mendella insists you see for yourself.

Very well then. Let us see for ourselves.

What is it this time? Not expect you to believe?

What have you got for me?

Look what the storm uncovered.

We thought it was all over.

I knew it.

Old friend, can you find the entrance for me?

My dear man, we have already started.

Assemble the rest of the team. Call Sarah, in London.

Tell her, her father needs her.

Masterton! Professor Mendella is exhausted. You can see for yourself.

He hasn't slept in weeks.

Can we delay it? He needs to rest.

Dr. Adler! That pyramid is an Astronomical Observatory dedicated to a celestial event that occurs once every 5000 years.

The next occurrence is at 12:37, on Thursday, the 12th of this month.

Three days. Three days Dr. Adler.

I will be inside that pyramid in three days!

Have a look at it. I've deciphered what I can.

Some panels damaged, some missing.

Are you alright? Time to get you home.

Got to prepare for tomorrow We'll pack it in for tonight.

I really do not feel so good.

Maybe I can persuade Masterton to delay a few days...

It would be preferable, but he's calculated his timing from his astrological studies.

He won't change.

All right.

Good night. Good night.

Your client is here.

Went to see the new pyramid?

Amazing, isn't it?

Do you watch me clap as well?

Ah my friend, this is a mysterious country. Oh, you should know that...

You married a beautiful Egyptian woman. People have a habit of disappearing.

I'm just protecting my investment. And what would that investment be?

Ici ...

Au revoir.

The Key of Heaven. Without it, you can't enter the tomb.

I too have been researching the legend of the Sun God for some years now...

I will buy it off. You name your price.

I have money up front. I don't need that Masterton.

If the legend is true, this pyramid being exposed would seem to confirm things.

There are riches beyond belief buried in there.

This is my mission.

Well, I'm coming with you, whether you like it or not.

I am following an explicit set of instructions that were laid down over 5000 years ago.

There is no place for you in... There is now.

The walking stick with your fingerprints all over it is approaching the police station as we speak.

Now, if I don't call my man in a... let's see.. three minutes...

The delivery takes place and bye-bye pyramid.

You're bluffing.

Khalfani didn't think so.

Only tomb you're likely to visit is your own in a Cairo prison cell.

Not a good place to be.

Bring the key and my stick to my office tomorrow and you can come...

Yah and the key over inside when we enter together.

Stick stays with me. Stop the delivery.





Come on. Oh. It's all right.

It's all right.

I'm okay. You're not okay.

Look Doug. You've studied with me for over 4 years now.

You will have to go.

I don't have a millionth of your experience, you know.

How can I go?

You belittle yourself. You've got a very strong instinct for this field.

Let's go back to your basic knowledge. You can decipher this, you've done it before.

I'm calling it off. It has to be tomorrow.

You know what Masterton said about the position of Earth...

There is more to this pyramid than meets the eye.

It's not just the burial place of princess Amanphur.

That is a cloak. It is part of the mystery.


The symbols suggest Osiris.

You have to go.

Don't worry... I'll survive. I promise.

You'd better.

You must be Sarah? Yes I'm Ahmed. Your father sent me. He's looking for you at the office.

Is the rest of the team here? The rest coming tonight.


It's been too long. You knew where I was.

Yes. Since your mother died, things been a little frantic around here.

I'd to visit her grave before we begin.


Mama, I'm here.

You always sang a song for me when I couldn't sleep.

Do you remember?

That the great Princess Amanphur and her fantastic kingdom.

And the one day, when the rain turned into fire.

But the Princess's children wouldn't have to fear a thing.

And you called me little princess. I liked that.

Now I'll find what happened to you. I promise.

Hi, can you tell me where the conference room is, please?

Yes, I'll check for you, sir. Thank you.

Dr. Adler...

This is Miss Masterton. I cannot seem to find Professor Mendella.

My father arranged for him meet up for a drink at his villa.

You think you could get him there now?

Oh, he is rather tired. Is there anyway we can delay the meeting a few hours?

My father didn't fly me halfway across the world, for me to wait one's sleep.

The villa in half an hour.

Dr. Adler.


I thought I was a little sort with you on the phone earlier So I called to apologize and I saw you answer. Where is Mendella?

Can we talk for a moment?

I don't have much time. My father expects me in a few minutes.

Professor Mendella is in the hospital. He is critical.

He had a heart attack, and he asked me to come in his place.

With all due respect, Dr. Adler, you hardly qualify.

Mendella's been working with my father for years.

Plus, he is unique in his field. You, what are you?

I guess you'll never know, will you?

Sarah, this is Adam. He'll be working with us.

He helped to set this up.

I've heard so much about you. And of course, your mother.

Really? I must go to the hotel, meet the others.

Who is he? I'll fill you in later.

Did you find Mendella? He is not coming.

He had a heart attack. He is in intensive care.

Look, he did send his assistant along. A Dr. Adler.

Where is he? I was of sorts, I think I upset him.

He left.

Does this Dr. Adler know anything?

He has worked closely with Professor Mendella for the last 4 years...

True and Professor Mendella doesn't suffer fools.

This could be a disaster.

I was a little rude back there.

Look Ms Masterton, I don't want view this anymore than you want me to view.

That's not the point, Mr. Adler. It's Doctor.

Doctor can you come and join us at the private bar at the Sphinx Hotel?

I'm really sorry I was rude, I had no place to be.

Well I'm a ...

I'll be there Accepted.

A very beautiful sky this morning, and yet you all look at me.

I am Professor Rohit Singh, from India.

And you must be... Doug Adler.

You must be the antiquities expert.

Antiquities and future. Where is Professor Mendella?

Every piece of the jigsaw puzzle is now on board.

Rohit Professor Masterton.

Welcome. Thank you.

All present and correct.

With the exception of Professor Mendella who sadly cannot be with us today.

Professor Masterton... I'm sorry... Where is Mendella?

Mendella suffered a heart attack in the early hour of the morning.

Oh my God.

His ability to decipher the indecipherable has been of immense value to my studies.

However, Dr. Adler here has been Mendella's assistant and he has volunteered to take his place.

Excuse me, Professor Masterton.

Professor Mendella is the foremost authority in his field.

And for this journey we need an expert.

Yes. Well we shall just have to make do with what we have.

Dr. Adler has worked with Professor Mendella for the past 4 years...

He is far better qualified than some crusty historian we dig up at the last minute.

Hear. Hear.

It must be wonderful to carry all your knowledge in your head.

Some must be surprised not to see you weighed down with research material.

I don't see your back bent on the terrible strain of credentials, Mr Levitz..

If I may be so bold as to ask you what bought you your passage on this journey?

Well it takes more than knowledge to violate history.


If we were to dig up Queen Victoria, it would be called violate, do we not?

Well, it depends what you plan on doing with her.

My friends, everyone of you is necessary for this expedition.

Every single one.

Now today, we shall go deeper into the history of this mysterious land than any has gone before.

I believe that what we will find will change history.

To Egypt Cheers.

Something wrong? These soldiers.

They weren't here yesterday...

Magnificent, isn't it?

Shrouded in mystery.

My father set his whole life for this.

And with you to help him.

No it's my first trip with him. My mother brought me up alone.

Yeah. You chose this profession. To look for things long lost?

Psychiatrists would have field day with that, wouldn't they?


Mr Sahid here is a representative of the Egyptian Government.

He would like to address you, hopefully briefly, on the miracle that has given this mystery back to the world.

Professor Masterton speaks of a miracle, yet how close it was to a disaster.

Oh come now Sahid. You should have more faith in the ancient Gods of Egypt.

This was intended.

The biggest sandstorm in history uncovered the resting of what we believe, is the tomb of Princess Amanphur.

When the rest of the world was huddling in caves, this stood.

When Christ was being crucified it was already under the sand.

When Christopher Columbus was sailing the oceans, it was hidden, waiting.

Waiting for us.

We camp here tonight, we enter the tomb at dawn.

Are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay.

Want some tea?

Here I am, and I don't even know my own father.

Or maybe this is your chance. I mean he asked you to come, didn't he?

Not because he wanted me, because he needed me.

I never liked him. We don't choose our parents, Sarah.

Sometimes we just find them.

Professor Mendella is more like a father to me than my own.

Where is your mother?

She died here ten years ago. She went out one night to the pyramids.

They found her body there the next morning.

The Police said she was robbed and killed for her money and jewellery.

You don't believe that?

I don't know what to believe.

My mother was a very strong and intuitive woman.

She might have driven out alone but it just seems unlikely that she get herself in a situation where she'd be mugged.

I sense you are very much like her.

Thank you for saying so.

Well I am sorry, Sarah. If there is anything that I can do.

You have by listening to me.

Don't worry about me, okay? Okay.

Be careful with that.

That is unacceptable.

Two soldiers, and Major and myself go with you. Agree?


What does it say?

No one may enter this tomb and return alive.

Only the ones chosen by the Gods who will endure.

He's right. That's what it says.

Nothing like a good curse.

Break it down.

Why are letting them destroy the hieroglyphics.

Are you done? Seal it!

Because they sealed the entrance, and it's the only way in.

This is enough.


Just look. We can't get through.

Alright everyone, move back Calmly.


Try not to move. I can't move.

Oh, my God!

We have to help him!

It's too late.

Way clear !

Well done.

Move !

Careful !

I thought we'd find traps not bloody hornets nests.

It is traps.

There's a tray of food in the chambers. I have a feeling we should go back.

Yeah, I know the feeling. Come on.

This is the sort of area where they like to set traps.

Will they work after all this time? Hardly likely.

We found the skeletons of many tomb robbers who go just like you, Mr Levitz.

Criminals who couldn't resist the gold.

Levitz, stop!


Nobody move.

Everybody, stay exactly where you are.

Everybody stand perfectly still.

Mr Levitz, put the statue back.

Everyone, remain where you are. The room is unfortunately now armed.

Mr Singh, would you cast your eyes up ahead.

Those tiles down there, I'm sure they have some surprises in store for us.

Try and see if there is a sequence. We have to get out of here.

And how would you say we do that?

Other than by going ahead and following the prescribed path!

What do you mean? We are sealed in.

There must be a way out. We just have to find it.

Our mission is to find the tomb.

And whatever lies beyond it. Now take heart, everybody.

We can still do this. Claire knows, don't you Clair ?

We have no alternative but to go on... I think I have it.

Provided that our friends believed in symmetry.

Two to the left.


Take your weight off the tile.

Take a bag.

Rohit, the secret is at the tiles. Yes You assumed the zero ten based ? Right !

Well, wasn't the concept of zero invented much later.

Good point One up ...

Two right. One forward, two right.

One forward, two right.

Well done, Mr Rohit. Thank you. Be careful.

Lead on. It's one forward, two right.

One forward, two right.

One forward, two right. Careful, slow. One forward, two right.

Thank you.

Another dead end.

There's another smaller shaft here.

It's useless if it is sealed from the other side.

Dr. Adler. I need your expertise. He doesn't know anything.

What if he gets it wrong, we're all dead.

Shut up, Levitz. Anyone knows nothing, it's you.

I'll take the shaft. I'm going with him.

Go back the way we came. See if we missed anything.

These symbols, this place...

You ever had..? Deja vu.

Remember it daily, hide inside since I was a child.

Something wanted you here ?

Yeah, why don't you ask your guys what it is, won't you ?

I'd sure as hell would like to know.

What do you know about Masterton and my mom?

We all have skeletons in our closet. Meaning what, exactly ?

Wherever we're headed down here. Nothing was gonna deter his plan.

And no one is gonna stop him achieving it. Whatever the cost.

What do you mean ? I can't say anything more than that.

This is strange - it's a man. Maybe craft.

Too many coincidence to have occurred not to take it seriously.

Here is a classic example. Look at the way a man has been portrayed.

Egyptians mummified their Gods and Pharaohs believing that they had the secret of eternal life.

Hmm, so requiring the mummification process.

They didn't sow it. It was brought to them.


It's a machine of some kind.

I've seen exactly the same in Peru and Mexico. Even in India we have the same.

Now you tell me, how they got there?

The sleeper shall awaken.

The sleeper shall awaken. The earth will tremble at his feet.

Claire? Swimmer in the blood of men.

The sign of Osiris risen. The sign of Osiris dead.

And the way shall be opened to the true rulers of the true Gods.

What have you found ?

My guess is that, there's a door here My guess is ... My guess is you're fucking with our lives!

Give me a hand.

Ladies and gentlemen... We are in business.

Well done, Doc. Well done.

I used to wonder whether any ancient Egyptian was over 5 ft 2 height.

Just step here.

So beautiful !

Princess Amanphur.

Masterton claims that my mother was the direct bloodline of Osiris.

She was.

The puzzle is revealing its secrets.

Let's take this off.

Lift up the coffin. Let's get rid of that.

Princess Amanphur, Men have not seen her face for 5000 years.

Princess Amanphur... was a Pharaoh's whore !

Buried out here was a red herring to conceal the true nature of the place.

But the tomb, is history ! History is written by kings.

And by Gods. Mr Levitz.

The time has come. The key !

The Key of Heaven.

The key?

For Mendella this was the Holy Grail.

We both knew it existed. Some scholars said it was just a myth.

Hitler searched for this.

It was destined to come to my hands.

We are not here for mere gold or trinkets.

The real treasure lies hidden deep below this glittering facade.

Are you alright ? Yeah.

There is something down here.

He needs you to find whatever that is.

You need to be careful.

Okay ? Okay.

This place is like a labyrinth.

Precision of language, Adam, not "like a labyrinth".

It is a labyrinth. A labyrinth of traps.

Yeah, but the treasure. Do you know where it is located?

I believe that we will find the treasure in the deepest and most dangerous part of the labyrinth.

A treasure lost for more than 5,000 years.

The lost temple of Osiris.

Like a myth. I don't like the look of this.

I'll go first, you'll follow. You, Levitz, will be last.

You've done enough damage today.

Now, very carefully.

Masterton! Stop treating me like a fool !


Now what ! We're sealed in.

Doug! Can you hear us? Oh, my God!

Everyone else I need. You are dispensable!

Calm down, we'll find a way.

What are we looking for?

Symbols, hieroglyphs. Something to lead us to the inner shaft.

There's no going back.

We'll back track. Find another way.

Here. Keep coming.

Here, hold this. The slaves often built escape routes.


We need to keep going down.

What happened ? He fell down, broke his neck.

Oh no!

Shall we go back up ? We don't know what made him fall.

What is it ?

Who's there?

Get a grip. I have to find the way.

Come on.


Grab on to the handles. Come on.

Careful. Don't worry.

Like sort of an elevator.

You alright ? Yeah.

Doug ! What is it ?

The soldier...

Now listen to me, Levitz, you corrupt and evil little man.

One of the big mysteries of history is how Egyptian civilization began.

How it sprang up fully clothed on the banks of the Nile.

Well perhaps its origin were elsewhere.

The answer to that is the treasure that we seek.

I don't like it here.

The "sleepers shall awaken".

What ? Somewhere in the blood of man.

What's the deal ? I don't know.

Well he is an expert in antiquities. Levitz has his key.

Adam kisses ass.

What about you ?

I'm just a channel ...

I channel messages from out there.

Something's wrong ! Something is really wrong !

Doug, it's you? What the hell are you doing?

I'm sorry. I'm spooked. There's something after us.

We found a soldier. He fell.

You're still alive. This way.

So many dead... Blinded by the light.

What did they see? Victims of the Sun.

They are not human.

Oh my God !

What's up ? I heard something.

What the fuck is that ? A rat.

Mr Levitz, do try not to be hysterical.

Just a rat.

Look at you. Like a bunch of scared schoolboys in a graveyard.

A little nervousness is hardly surprising.

Some of our party are dead, Levitz.

Must be because of you.

Because you're jinxed.

She's getting attacked.

What is it ?

What the hell is it ?

I need you to find an exit.

No ..shh... I need to find the others. You'll be okay. Go!

It's you ! Follow me !

Over here. I found the door !

Come on!

No ! No !

Come on!

Sahid is dead.


Fascinating? Sahid just got killed, and you wanted Levitz to die... didn't you ?

You're not listening to me !

Bastard ! Now you listen to me !

You and your precious Levitz.

How the hell do you think he got the Key of Heaven.

He killed Khalfani. He murdered him!

The Police got the murder weapon.

Your sword stick with your fingerprints all over it!

What was that thing over there?

What was it?

That thing ....

Some of the ancient text allude to a guardian who was hidden in the pyramid by the followers of Ra.

It was designed to be triggered whenever an intruder entered the tomb.

But that will not stop me!

It will not stop me ! He'll kill it like you killed my mother?



It's not from here.

And all those years my theory has been rejected and laughed at.


Doug. Find me a way in.

It's your only chance of getting Sarah out of here.

Do not look for the obvious.

This inscription... Osiris.

Sign of Osiris risen. The sign of Osiris dead.

Right. The oldest form of the name was written by mean of two hieroglyphics.

One which represents the throne and the other the eye.

The way shall be opened and the brow of the God the great bird, Sothis.

Sothis, was sometimes called Sirius, the dog star.

Sirius was the pole star seen on the sky when the pyramids were built.

That's it.

Doug, hurry, please.

Sarah! Walk through the membrane. You are the key!

Hurry !

Run right through the door! Come on.


This is some kind of ancient power generator here.


Back up, cowboy. We don't need you anymore.

No, damn it. Damn it.

What are you doing?

The genetic signature of the princess Amanphur is preserved intact only in the direct female bloodline.

You are a directly descended from Princess Amanphur.

We need your blood Let her go !

I'm okay. I'm alright.


If your mother had cooperated, she would have been here to witnessed the resurrection.

If she had cooperated ?

She would have sat beside me upon this throne to inaugurate a new era of human history. But she refused me.

Let the sleepless awake.

Our knowledge of this has come down to me through countless generations.

For me you're going to stop this. No, Rohit. Come on.

We welcome them back...

Come on, stay with me.

and made us in their image.

At last, mankind will receive its full potential !

Behold the Sun!

Your blood unites us all. Too late! Too late.

Give me.

We need to go!

Oh, my God!

It is here.

You were pretty brave back there.

You saved my life, thank you.

No, thank you

They're out there waiting to return.