Private Hell 36 (1954) Script

"The crime: Murder. The motive: Money."

"$300,00 dollars which never reached the bank's night depository."

"The place: New York city."

"The killer and the money vanished. A slick, cold-blooded job."

"Not until a year later in the city of Los Angeles did the case come alive again."

"Detective Sergeant Calvin Bruner."

"Working on a robbery detail, Los Angeles Police Department."

"Checked off duty for the night."

"He was on the way home when his trained eyes and ears stopped him."

This is a Police officer. Come out in the open .. With your hands up.

I said come out in the open.

Alright, don't shoot .. Don't shoot.

Drop that gun.

Now come over here.

Keep your hands ..

Robbery Division. Farnham speaking.

What did you say his name was again, ma'am?

Yes ma'am, we have your husband on a robbery charge.

No, he's not receiving visitors tonight. Call in tomorrow.

What are you doing here?

I was on my home and going by this Drug-Store.

I saw this character and a pal of his .. Taking over the joint.

Sit down.

Cal, you feel alright? ─ Yeah, sure. Never felt better.

Get everything out of your pockets. Put it on the desk here.

I thought you had a date. ─ Huh? That's right, I did, didn't I.

Well, I guess I'm going to be late.

This is one of the guys from the Drug-Store, Lieutenant.

The other is on his way to the morgue. ─ Alright.

Proofs of honest toil, no doubt.

Anything wrong, Lieutenant?

Charlie Bowman got it.

I don't feel so good. ─ Shut up.

Where'd it happen?

Boyle heights, a couple of hours ago. He tried to break up a gang fight.

Does his wife know about it? ─ Yep.

I had the pleasure of telling her. ─ That was too bad.

Get me a doctor, will you? ─ Shut up!

I'm glad I go the other creep anyway.

Look, why don't you go ahead and wash up. I'll book him.

Sure you don't mind? ─ No. Go on.

Okay, see you in the locker room.

Alright .. Start telling the Lieutenant your life story.

Look, honest, I got the shakes.

Get me a doctor, will you? ─ Never mind that. What's your name?

Evney Serovitch.

Where do you live?

I'm a transient. ─ Who was your partner?

I could do with something now.

You know, some people can remember ..

Faces but can't remember names. Sometimes I remember both. It's a gift.

The last time you paid us a visit, it was Jake Lamont.

You've lost some weight since then. Business bad?

My name is Evney Serovitch.

Where did you get the roll?

I took it off the guy that runs the Drug-Store.

Fifty dollars. You know, he's an old money-pusher.

That could be counterfeit, or it might be hot.

I'll check it with Stimson. He's all yours.

Let's go.

You ought to know the way by now.

Come on.

How do you like that? Look at that.

When did I get this suit? When was it? Yesterday.

That miserable creep.

A good thing it didn't go through you. ─ Yeah.

Frank Lubin out late tonight next to Bowman.

Only yesterday Bowman was telling me that he'd made his last payment on his car.

That's something, isn't it?

Stop taking it so hard. He wasn't your brother.


Just a nice guy.

A dame I know gets me this stuff wholesale.

"Old Oak" .. Not too bad, huh? ─ It stinks.

I tell you one thing.

I'd rather be Bowman any day, than alive and pushing a desk like Lubin.

Lubin doesn't catch any slugs where he's sitting.

Catch? It's all in a day's work.

Just can't afford to make a mistake.

That's right.

Bowman probably got a little careless, that's all.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen to Francie and the kid if I got careless.

Ah, knock it off, Jack.

I can't afford to lose you.

You think you can find time to go to Bowman's funeral?

Oh yeah, sure. Maybe I'll wear my new grey suit.

Oh yes, he'll love that.

Sometimes I wonder why we go steady.

Because I'm irresistible.

What am I going to tell Daisy this time?

Tell her, sorry but you had to shoot a man. If she loves you, she'll understand.

"Bruner .. Farnham."

"See Captain Michaels before you leave."

That ties it. ─ I wonder what the old man wants now.

He probably wants you to take over his job.

Yes, sir. There was a fifty-dollar bill in what they took alright.

You're sure about that? ─ Yes, sir.


Tom, I think it's his bedtime.

I'll just keep the toys here.

Now Mr Mays, I hate to bother you.

You see we have to know where you got this fifty-dollar bill.

Can you remember? ─ Yes, sir. I remember.

A customer, a man I'd seen several times before came in tonight.

Tonight? ─ Yes, sir.

I was just getting ready to close up.

Anyway, he seemed to be in some pain.

So I filled a couple of Doctor's prescriptions for him.

He said he had a gall-bladder condition. ─ Uhuh.

He's the one that gave you this bill? ─ Yes, sir.

I remember it because I had a hard time making change for that much.

Anything else you remember about him?

For every prescription, there is a name, isn't there?

Do you recall what it was?

No sir, no. I don't recall off-hand.

But I can check the prescriptions slips.

He was grousing about having to go back to work, the way he felt.

He said he worked in a club. A bartender.

The Emerald Club, ─ Emerald Club?

Yes sir.

Do you know where that is? ─ No, sir.

Now Mr Mays, we have to ask you a funny kind of favour.

We have to put this bill into evidence.

So we'd to keep it here for a while.

Of course you'll .. Get another one just as good .. Alright?

Yes, sure. I guess it's alright.

Fifty dollars is pretty cheap for what you did for me.

Well, we don't charge for this kind of service.

So we'll just consider this a loan, shall we?

Oh .. And the rest of this you can have back.

There is a hundred and twenty-three dollars here.

Can you get home alright? You got a car?

Thanks .. I sure owe you a lot.

If there is anything else I can do .. ─ Yes, there is something you can do.

I wish you'd go back to your Drug-Store tonight ..

And get the names on those prescription slips and phone it in. Will you do that?


Could I .. Have somebody go with me?

I think we can arrange that. ─ I'll take him, Captain.

Okay, fine. ─ We'll get him there.

Goodnight. ─ Goodnight.

Boys. ─ Yes, sir.

Lubin checked this bill, and as you probably suspect, it's hot. ─ Oh?

It belongs to that elevator homicide job in New York.

I just talked to them back there and some of the money ..

Not much of it, is showing up in Miami and there is some in Las Vegas.

They want us to follow up here. So?

Bruner .. You and Farnham, take this on and see what turns up.

Yes, sir. ─ You hold the stakes.

And I'll go and find me a bartender with gall-bladder trouble.

Goodnight, Captain.

Ah, Bruner. ─ Yes, sir?

You took a long chance tonight and you won.

Next time play it safe, huh. ─ Right.

Goodnight now, boys. Keep in touch. ─ We will.

I never did like sending two policemen into a bar.



Sorry if I woke you.

I wasn't asleep.

Honey, what are you doing? Checking up on me?

Nothing wrong with the baby, is there? ─ No, she's fine.

It's me.

I guess I'll never be a very good wife for a Policeman.

Hey, what's all this about?

I heard about Charlie Bowman. Grace called.

Oh, it's so awful.

It could have been you.

I tried to get you but you were out.

I just wanted to be sure you were alright. ─ Of course I'm alright, darling.

The odds are a thousand to one in my favour.

Those are honest figures I read them last year.

I know I'm being silly. We have so much to worry about.

The baby .. Me .. The house.

But sometimes I wish you were in some other kind of work.

Come on, now .. I'm doing what I know how to do.

What I've been trained for .. And I like it.

Except on pay day.

You know .. For the first time ..

My feet hurt.

You think I'm getting old?

Jack. ─ Huh?

Sometimes when I'm lying here waiting for you ..

I get panicky.

I wonder what I'd do if you didn't come home.

I've never heard you talk like this before.

I couldn't stand it if anything happened to you.

I know I've got the baby .. I do love her.

But I've had you so much longer.

Oh darling, please .. Couldn't you get a transfer to something else?

Something safer.

Don't press our luck.

Darling, everything is going to work out.

I'll think of something.


What's all this? You got to go to sleep, huh.


Hey, we're not open yet. Not until five. Can't you read?

It's alright. We're not drinking .. Yet.

Is your name Marvin?

How's your gall-bladder?

We had a talk with the fellow at the Drug-Store.

You gave the man a fifty-dollar bill. Is this it?

How would I know?

I gave him fifty bucks. There are quite a few of those in circulation.

Not like this one. Where did you get it?

What are you guys getting at? What is this?

Mind your bladder, Marvin. Think back. Where'd you get the fifty?

I borrowed it. ─ From whom?

Someone I know.

It's a girl. She works here. ─ At what?

She sings songs. She has a hat-check concession on the side.

Is she always good for a fifty?

I needed that fifty bucks for the doctor. Tips have been lousy.


Hi, Sam.

Who are your friends? Leftovers from last night?

They came in to see me. But they want to see you.

Well, I don't blame them.

What are you boys doing? Working up a chain letter?

If you don't mind Miss, we'd like to talk to you for a few minutes.

No. I'm not supposed to sit with the customers.

That's alright. We're not customers. We're Police Officers.


Right over there, Miss.

We just want to ask you a few questions, Miss.

Like what? ─ Like for a start, what's your name?

Lily Marlowe.

I hope you'll excuse me. That sounds a little phony.

It is. ─ What's your real name?

You know, it's been so long, I can't remember. Isn't that silly.

Either of you detectives seen a gold cigarette-holder around anywhere?

Never mind. ─ What's your address?

305 Sycamore Avenue, Hollywood.


This is the fifty you gave the bartender.

It is.

Listen, we got work to do around here. Now, you fellows can come back later.

Now Lily, you know better .. ─ Are you the owner? ─ Yeah.

Carry on, Sergeant.

Now be my guest .. This won't hurt a bit.

Where did you get the fifty?

You know, I've see all this on Dragnet. ─ Save the jokes for the customers.

Come on, think. ─ It was a tip.

$10.95 the set.

A fifty-dollar bill is a pretty big tip. What did you do for it?

Just put this down in your little book.

Ready? ─ Uhuh.

Not what you're thinking.

Okay, how did you get it?

I have a lovely voice.

I sang "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" five times.

He was loaded. ─ Who?

The guy who gave me the fifty. ─ Who was he?

I don't know.

I really don't know. ─ Come on, don't pull a blackout on me.

Who was he? What was his name? ─ I never saw him before or since.

I miss a man like that.

Alright, what did he look like?

I didn't notice. ─ You can do better than that.

You know, I don't like this kind of work.

He was probably a nice guy.

But that wouldn't make a difference to you, would it?

If he was a nice guy, he's got nothing to worry about. Now come on, give.

Well, he was bigger than you.

Around forty. Dark hair.

Anything else? Any distinguishing marks like scars or moles on his face or body?

How should I know?

How about his voice .. Any accent?


Anything else you can remember about him?




Thank you very much. You've been a great help.

If he comes back to hear you sing, please contact us will you.

I want to give you something to remember me by.

That's all Mr Housely, thanks.

That's Sergeant Farnham. We'd appreciate your help.

Yes, Sergeant.

Anything? ─ No.

Miss Marlowe doesn't seem to care for Police Officers.

I can't understand why. ─ Just certain Cops.

Anything else I can do for you gentlemen?

Would you like me to sing something?

We'd love it .. But we can't afford it.

He makes a bad impression at first, but .. He loves you. Believe me.


Who do we look for now?

First we look for a haystack, then we look for a needle.


Don't you think you've given the taxpayers their money's worth for one night?

Aren't you going to invite me in? ─ No.

Well, at least at the pup is friendly.

Alright Murgatroyd .. Beat it. Don't be long now.

Look, if you've got time to kill ..

Why don't you blow your whistle and arrest somebody?

I think you forgot something.

I don't know what you had in mind, but I'm going to take a shower.

I'm afraid that will have to wait a little while.

Make yourself comfortable.

Now, why don't you really try to remember what he looked like?


The man who gave you the fifty bucks.

How long have you known him?

All my life.

Since I was a little girl I dreamed I'd meet a drunk in a bar who'd give me $50.

And we'd live happily ever after.

It's stuffy in here.

Do I pass?

Detective, dear ..

I'm going to tell you a little bed-time story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl.

And she could have been my twin.

Who got in to trouble in a big city far away.

She was framed for something she didn't do.

So today she doesn't go in for framing other people.

You feel the point?

Is that the end of your story?


Nobody is going to be framed.

Now, why don't you try real hard to remember.

And see if you can't come up with something good for me to go on, huh?

You know, withholding information from the Police could ..

Gets you in all sorts of trouble.

I'd like to keep my job at the club.

I get hungry three times a day.

You'll keep eating. Now come on, think back.

Alright, he had a moustache. A thin one.

When he gave me the fifty bucks I told him I thought it was a pretty good tip.

He said he could afford it because he had a good day at the track.

Will you buy that?

Sure, for now.

Seeing you just after 12. Let's make it about 8:30, huh?

I'd appreciate it if you came down to Police Headquarters about 9:15.

And looked over our picture gallery.

And ..

Wear something simple.

I'll pick you up myself. ─ You've been grand.

I just don't know how to thank you.

I bet you do. Goodnight.

Yes, come in.

Well, any luck Miss Marlowe? ─ Uhuh.

She checked all the mugshots in R & I.

And? ─ Nothing.

Well, that figures doesn't it.

I mean if he only works in New York, he wouldn't be in our files.

Sit down Miss Marlowe, please.

You know, I telegraphed the description that you gave us to New York and ..

We hope it may help them back there to come up with some new evidence.

I also sent out a special bulletin to stores, the racetrack and banks.

And suggested they put on a special watch.

So you've given us a lead, Miss Marlowe.

It's .. It's kind of slim.

But still something.

Bruner tells me that you'd be willing to help.

Oh, well Bruner tells me I haven't got any choice.

Well that isn't exactly true.

However, I think I should explain to you.

We're looking for more than money in this case. We're looking for a killer.

Now, the man who gave that fifty-dollar bill may be the one.

And there is no-one, at least that we know of, who can identify him for sure.

Except you.

And if we should spot him, he could be dangerous.

Of course, you'll have plenty of protection at all times.

Thanks Captain.

But you know, I think I'll just sit this one out.

You see, I'm no good during the day time.

My eyes hurt .. I work nights, you know.

So, I think I'll just toddle back to bed.

Excuse me.

Yes? ─ "Lubin, Captain."

"Things getting hot. Just got a report from Hollywood Park on the New York job."

"Two twenties and a fifty came in. What's our next move?"

I'll call you back.

Well Miss Marlowe, you heard that. ─ Uhuh.

And? ─ I wish I'd never seen that fifty.

Well, I'm glad you did, because ..

You know, let's face it. Unless you help us, we won't have much to go on.

What about it now? Will you go out to the park with the boys here and ..

Take a chance that you might just see this fellow?

Close that blind. The sun is hurting her eyes.

No, never mind. Leave them like that. I guess I'd better get used to it.

Oh and you can save that speech about being a good citizen, Captain.

I'm crazy about horses.

Excuse me. Do you have a match? ─ Sure.


Sergeant, five days has been enough .. I resign.

Take it easy, baby. We got track security men all over the place.

The guy wouldn't have a chance. Look ..

Why don't you look around over at the ten-dollar window, huh?

And stop worrying. Jack and I are watching you, too.


Five on eight.

Five on number eight.

"The horses are nearing the starting gate."

Number eight please.

Well, only two more races.

Oh .. You know I work nights, too.

How about me, honey?

Don't I come in the club every night? Never leave your side for a minute.

Now he might come back, to hear your singing.


"They're off, and running."

Oh .. Did you see those diamonds?

Yes, honey. But we're not looking for diamonds.

I am.


She must be tired. ─ Yeah.

Not a bad dame.

What kind of talk is that for a married man?

I can't take much more of this stake-out. ─ What do you mean?

I didn't know there was this much money in the world.

People throw it around like it was confetti.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

You know some day I'll come out her on my own time with a wad of dough and ..

And a girl like .. ─ Like Lily, maybe?

Yeah, maybe.

Francie would like you to come out to the house on Monday night for dinner.

Bring somebody. How about it? ─ Monday? ─ Yeah.

Sure, I'd like it.

Why don't you ask Lily?

Maybe I might just do that.

"I want you to know."

"I could never feel as others do."

"And even though I may kiss you."

"I could always .. Let you go."

"But I've told my heart."

"That I'll never fall in love."

"Didn't .. Oh, didn't you know."

Who won the fourth race?

Go ahead .. Knock off again.

It will do you good.

I'd love to but if I do, I'll never get up.

Say, I'd look great turning up to the track in this outfit, wouldn't I?


Oh .. I'm so stiff. ─ Here. Let me do that.

Turn around .. Come on.

Just relax.

Oh Sergeant, dear. That feels great.

Just what I need .. Thanks.

These last three days I've learnt a lot about you.


You're not half as tough as you like people to think you are.

Can you guess my age and weight, too?

You need somebody to take over. Look after you once in a while.

Only .. You couldn't have invented that could you.

You know, somewhere in my dim past, I seem to have heard this before.

I've said it before .. To all sizes and all shapes.


With you I mean it.

Don't ask me why.

Alright, I won't.

What time is it?

Three fifteen. ─ Oh no.

You ever been married?

Yeah, I tried it once .. When I was 18.


He was a great guy.

Broke .. Never sober.

One day he went on the wagon, took a look at me, and thought I was his first wife.

Now, I've grown up since then.

I'm crazy about money now. Isn't that awful?

Of course, I haven't struck gold, but ..

I haven't given up hope, either.

Does a man figure in this?

Yeah, a man figures.

If he likes the things I like. And can afford them.

No. I've pulled up lame. I'll have to let this one go.

Yeah .. This time I mean it.

A fifty showed up after the last race.

Somebody bought one ticket and got forty dollars in change.

A big rush at the last minute.

The teller didn't get a chance to check until after the race.

Let's circulate. Come on, Lily.


Lily. ─ Yes?

Take these, and look up there in the stands.

See what you see. Over in there. ─ Alright.

You know, I'm going to be a little bit sorry when this case is over.

You are getting to be a habit with me .. Day and night.

See anything? ─ No.

Going to miss me?

Right now, I'm too tired to know.

You kind of like that diamond bracelet on that old girl yesterday, didn't you?

Loved it.

I guess I'm going to have to start saving my money.

You do that, huh.

Come on, let's .. Mix a little, huh.

That's him.

What are you doing? ─ Relax.

What are you doing?

Just take it easy.

Now we stick the loose ones back on top.

Are you crazy? ─ I've got to phone in.

Give me that. ─ No ..

Go on back. It's Police officers.

Go on .. We've got to keep that road clear.

We dragged the body out here.

He sure was a big guy.

Is this the box? ─ Yes, sir.

This where it landed? ─ Just about there, Captain.

Get a chance to count it? ─ No, no.

We were picking the stuff up all over the canyon here.

What time did it happen?

About .. Six-fifteen, thirty.

You've gone over everything in here? What about these bags? You've checked these?

Yes, sir.

Well .. Here you are, Captain. ─ Nothing else, huh?

No. That's all .. Can we move the body? ─ Go ahead. ─ Alright.

Sixty-seven hundred.

This identification, probably forged or stolen.

"Edgar H. Brown" it says here.

Why don't you boys knock off? You've put in a good day's work.

Fine. ─ Thanks.

Win any money at the track? ─ No, we were a little busy.

Okay, see you later. ─ Right. ─ Bye.

Oh boys .. Don't forget to thank Miss Marlowe for me.

Oh no. I'll take care of it personally.

What did you do with it? ─ Just keep driving. I'll show you.

That's good, because somehow, we're going to put it back.

Oh we are?

What do you suggest? Going to Michaels and telling him we overlooked it?

That we accidentally picked up $80,000. ─ I don't want any part of it.

You wanted it as much as I did. It was written all over your face.

Alright, maybe I did in a way. Who wouldn't?

Sure, I thought of what I could do with all that dough.

But wanting it and taking it are two different things.

Who said we took it?

It just wasn't there.

Who is to know how much was there in the first place?

Nobody can prove anything.

It's marked money. What are you going to do with it? Use it for wallpaper?

I don't know about you, but I know what I'm going to do with my half.

Keep it a while .. Then sell it.

Slow down. It's right up there on the right.


That's us over there. The little one. Number 36.

The best place I could think of in a hurry.

We like to go fishing weekends.

The man rents it to us by the month and for a bit extra he keeps it here for us.

It will do for a while.

That's great.

What makes you think I'll go along with you?

Jack .. We're partners.

We've got a lot to lose.

Especially you. You've got Francie and the kid to think about.

Thanks for reminding me.

We both got keys.

Number 36.

You've done a pretty good job all the way around, haven't you.

I think so .. Now, when we get together Monday, we have something to celebrate.


I know I sound like an old nag, but please don't drink so much.

It's supposed to be a party, isn't it? ─ Of course.

We're supposed to be celebrating what great Cops we are. Isn't that right?

Oh, Jack. ─ So we'll eat, drink and be merry.

I'll handle it.

I've been meaning to fix this leg.

Why don't I make the drinks. ─ Just sit down, will you.

What's the matter? You two had a lover's spat?

Dinner won't be ready for a while. I'm doing something special.

I hope you like spaghetti. I did a nice sauce.

No thanks.

Maybe it is too hot for it? ─ Oh no. I love it.

Well, you haven't seen the Farnhams until you've seen Bridget.

I'll go bring her out. ─ Leave her where she is, Francie.

But it's cooler in here.

Besides, Lily and Cal would like to see her, wouldn't you?

Oh go on. Bring her in. ─ Go ahead.

I don't want Bridget in here.


Look Francie .. Why don't I go in and see her?

Have you ...?

One ginger ale, one club soda. Is that correct, Sergeant?

That's right.

What are you waiting for? It's a charge. ─ Oh, I know that.

I saw your picture in the paper when you tracked that man down.

The chase and all. That was great.

Thanks, son.

If you keep on like this, you'll really louse things up. You know that, don't you?

I can't even look at my own kid any more.

I can't look in the mirror without gagging.

Come on Jack, snap out of it.

Look .. Leave this whole thing to me will you.

Believe me, it's going to be alright.

Well, I tried "Sleepy Time Down South" on her but and wouldn't go for it.

She's a little doll, Jack.

Spike this for me, Sergeant, will you. ─ Sure.

Dinner won't be long. Jack, why don't you give me a hand with the salad?

He's great on salads.

There you go Lily. ─ Thanks.

Cal. ─ Uhuh?

What's the matter with Jack tonight?

I don't know. Maybe his feet hurt too.

Too bad you're working tonight. ─ Why?

Oh, we could go down to the beach and .. Cool off.


No .. No, this is Sunset 25690.

I never saw you boys so jumpy.

What are you doing? Running a bookie joint on the side? ─ No.

Nothing that legitimate.

Oh, it was great, Francie.

Oh no. I'm stuffed. I can't eat even another bite.

That was wonderful. You're beautiful and you can cook.

Oh, that's too much.

Francie, let me give you a hand with the dishes, huh?

Oh, thank you Lily. ─ Jack ..

You don't know what you're missing. It was good.

You know you got a nice place here, Jack.

Well, you will have as soon as all this green stuff grows up.

It's just like some cheap murder mystery.

What do you mean?

I planted something else besides flowers there.

What are you talking about?

I buried a key there. It has the number 36 on it.

Some people plant flowers in their back yards.

I plant keys.

Would you like us to leave?


She's smart. Wouldn't let me do a dish.

Well, Lily is going to make a new woman out of me.

She's going to get me a new hairdo, and might even go for a new dress.

Don't you listen to Lily. She'll get you into bad habits.

Baby, are you about ready? It's getting a little late.

Yeah. Francie, I forgot. I'm a working girl. Got to go.

Oh that's right.

So long, honey.

Thanks for the dinner. It was a wonderful dinner.

I'm glad you liked it.

Will you give me the recipe for that sauce sometime? ─ Glad to.

Francie, thanks for having me. ─ I'm so glad you came.

Goodnight, Jack. ─ Goodnight. Goodnight Cal.

See you tomorrow, Jack. ─ Goodnight.

Bye. ─ Bye.

I don't think they had a good time.

Oh, I was just kidding about the dress and the hairdo.

We'll save that money.

Never mind, you spend it on yourself.

It's ours. We got it honestly, didn't we?

Of course we did.

I'm sorry, Francie. I've ..


Yes, sir.

No .. He just left here. I don't know where he's going to be.

Alright, I'll tell him .. Maybe I can reach him at home later.

Yes, Captain. We'll see you first thing in the morning.


Is anything wrong?

No .. No, nothing is wrong.

You've always told me when something bothered you.

Listen, Francie. Why don't you get some rest?

Maybe I can help.

Nice people. ─ Huh?

Francie and Jack. ─ Oh, yeah.

Too bad.

What do you mean?

People like that not getting along.

Maybe they're having a little trouble in the dough department?

Could be.

A guy with house payments to meet.

And a wife and kid to look after. He's got it rough. Figures.

Jack seemed to have something else on his mind, though.

Maybe he did. Maybe you got something on your mind. What is it?

Nothing. I was just thinking.

You know, I hand it to Francie, the way she runs that house and everything.

I couldn't do it. Must be something wrong with me.

Ain't nothing wrong with you.

You wouldn't want to be a Cop's wife, would you? ─ No.

Rice is for eating, not throwing.

That's the way I feel.

We're a lot alike, Lily.

We won't settle for just anything. We want the best.

And you know what? We're going to get it.

Yeah .. That's why I'm putting the show on the road.

What do you mean?

I thought I'd try Las Vegas for a while.

It's quite a spot. You ever been there? ─ No.

I thought with all that loot floating around ..

There ought to be a way of getting some of it for little me.

Don't you think? ─ Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Who is going to stake you? Oh, that's a silly question, isn't it.

I don't like that. ─ So you don't like it.


If it's money that's troubling you, maybe I can afford you.

How does that sound? ─ Like a pretty cold proposition.

Thanks. I'll make it under my own steam. ─ Yeah, I bet you will.

You should be a smash with that voice of yours.

That's what you had in mind, isn't it? Singing.

Shut up .. What I do is none of your business.

It has been.

You .. Dirty little Cop.

What's to keep me here? ─ Me.

That's a laugh. I was getting along fine until I met you.

Sure, I was broke. I still am.

But I didn't have to answer to anybody and that's the way I like it.

So, that's the way you like it, is it? That's why you're running out, huh?

No .. You're stuck for me. That's why you're running out. Same as I am for you.

Isn't that right? ─ Leave me alone will you.

Answer me. ─ Leave me alone.

Isn't that right? ─ I don't know.

Isn't that right?

Bruner and Farnham are outside, sir.

Are you sure about the fingerprints on those suitcases?

I'm positive.

That's funny. Because here in Bruner and Farnham's report.

Thanks, Stimson.

Tell them to come on in. ─ Right, sir.

The Captain will see you now.

Hello boys. ─ Captain.

Sit down.

I was just looking over your report.

"Checked all contents of car."

You told me that you checked those suitcases, didn't you?

Yes, sir.

And you report here that you did.

That's right.

Now, I can't figure out how you could do it.

Do what, sir?

Well, how you could check those bags without leaving any fingerprints.

Because your prints are everywhere around the place except on those two suitcases.

There was just the dead man's.

Well .. You know Jack probably figured that ..

That he had, you know in all the excitement and everything.

So, it was a mistake, huh?

A pretty careless one, don't you think?

Those bags might have been important clues in this case.

That's no way to slough off possible evidence.

I'm sorry, sir. ─ It won't happen again, sir.

By the way, there was ..

There was almost $200,000 in that box.

Yeah, we read that in the newspaper.

That leaves around $100,000 that's still missing.

We know some of it was passed.

Probably some of it was sold on the hot-money market, but not that much.

The bonding company will undoubtedly send out a .. Special investigator.

He'll want to talk to both of you and ask you a few questions.

Oh sure. Any time.

Oh .. Is that all, sir?

That's all. Thanks boys.


Stimson, you have somebody bring up those two suitcases.

"Yes, sir."

Want a cup of coffee, Jack? It's hot. ─ No.

Didn't your Mom ever teach you to say "no thank you"?

How does it feel to have your hands on that kind of money?

I didn't feel anything.

I hear there is a lot that hasn't turned up.

Now, if you'd like to make a small investment, Jack.

I know a guy who's drilling an oil-well near Segundo.

There is a grand or two still open.

Cut it out will you. Cut it out!

What's with you? You looking to start something?

What's the matter with you guys? Can't you take a joke?

I don't like the joke.

You alright? ─ Yeah.

Your boyfriend is a little over-trained.

"Sergeant's Bruner and Farnham."

"Report to Captain Michael's office. Bruner and Farnham."

"Captain Michael's office."

You wanted to see us, Captain? ─ Yes, boys.

I want you to take a look at the clothes in these suitcases.

This coat here. Farnham, slip yours off.

Try it on. ─ Are you serious?

I want to show you something.

Alright, sir.

Because you are a pretty good fellow.

It's snug isn't it? ─ It certainly is.

What's all this, sir?

Why, the driver of that car was bigger than you .. Wasn't he?

It's a cinch he couldn't have worn this coat.

He must have had a partner.

Maybe that's where the rest of the money is.

I wonder where they were going to meet.

No labels here of course. It's a pretty well-tailored coat.

We'll check all these clothes. I believe the stitching will give us something.


That's alright. Go ahead.



Well send him home. I'll have Lubin find a replacement.

The Police surgeon down at Georgia Street.

Why didn't you tell me you're a fighter? We could use you at the Police Benefits.

It wasn't anything, Captain.

We were just horsing around in the locker-room.

Not quite the way I heard it. Well, let's forget it.

That's all, boys.

I go down for four.

Four, ten, sixteen, eighteen. And in spades.

Sergeant, dear. That's another game.

And do you know something? You owe me twenty bucks.

Nobody can be so bad. You're not trying. ─ Sure I am, honey.

Well, you're not very bright.

I can't keep my mind on the game tonight.

Come on, give me the twenty.

There were only three customers in the Emerald Club tonight. Very bad for tips.

There you are. Plenty more where that came from.

Good work.

Your deal.


"I saw your picture in the paper. Smart Cops, you boys."

"But not too smart."

Who is this? ─ "Never mind the details."

"That money belongs to me. Are you going to give it up?"

"Or I'll have to tell the teacher all about it."

Who is this? ─ "Don't waste my time, Bruner."

I know how much was in that box.

I'll let you know where and when.

What's that for? ─ That's for goodnight.

They want me down at Central. ─ Michaels?

Uhuh. There you go.

Sorry to break it up for you. ─ Well.

Too bad. First time I ever lost a man to a man.

That was fun while it lasted.

You and I are going to last a lot longer than you think.

Come on, I'll drive you home.

Francie .. This is Cal. Is Jack there?

Oh Cal .. Where is he? What's wrong? ─ "Wrong?"

He's in trouble. I know he is.

I heard him take the car out an hour ago.

At 2 o'clock. I tried to stop him but ..

Been out riding?

Francie was worried about you, Jack.

Frankly, I was too.

What have you been doing? Checking up on our "investment"?

What do you want?

Is it still there? ─ I don't know.

Somebody was tailing me. ─ Sure somebody was tailing you.

Do you know who?

The guy whose coat you didn't fit.

I got a phone-call tonight.

Do you know we've got a partner in this deal now?

He'd like to meet us. With the money.


He said he'd let me know.

You ..

You weren't trying to cross me up tonight, were you Jack?

Cal .. I'm .. ─ Jack, is that you?

I'll meet you at Rousseau's in an hour.

Okay .. You've got a deal.

Hi Murgatroyd.

Come on, Murgatroyd.

Who is it? ─ Me.

Lily. ─ Huh?

Honey, I got to talk to you.

Oh Honey, I'm beat. Not now, later.

Not later, now. ─ Cal.


How would like to go to Acapulco? Some place like that?

Well .. This was worth waking up for.

Oh, I haven't got the clothes for it. ─ We'll buy clothes down there.

Yeah, that two hundred dollars you lent me will help.

It wasn't a loan. ─ Huh?

Since when can Cops go around passing out money like that?

Cal. ─ Yeah?

When did your rich uncle die?


That's too bad. I'm sorry.

You must have done him a big favour once.

Yeah, I did.

I've heard of smart cops doing favours once in a while.

Do you know something? I don't blame them.

After all, look at the risks they take for us tax-payers.

Lily, I want you .. I've never wanted anything like I want you.

Maybe we ..

Maybe we can even get married down there.

I always wanted to go to Mexico.

I'm crazy about hot food.


Yes, he's here. ─ Who is it?

It's Jack. He sounds funny. ─ What do you want?

Keep your shirt on. I'll be there.

I'm supposed to be on duty. I just took off for a little while.

Can you .. Leave tomorrow? ─ Sure.

Okay, I'll ..

I'll call you later.


Yeah? ─ Tell me something.


Did Jack's rich uncle die tonight too?





I've changed my mind.

What are you talking about?

Maybe I don't need that diamond bracelet.

I'm kind of used to having you around. I don't want anything to spoil that.

Nothing is going to spoil it, baby.

Yes, but maybe we really don't need these things.

That's what you say today. But tomorrow you see something in the window.

Something with a price-tag on it. A big price-tag .. And you'll want it.

And even if you don't, I will.

And we're going to have those things.

Alright, have it your way.

Take care.

Give me a cup of coffee, Annie will you .. Black.

What took you so long? ─ What's the hurry?

I've got some news for you. ─ Yeah?


We're not going to give the money to that hood.

Well, now you're talking sense.

We're going to turn it over to Michaels in the morning.

Oh, we're going to turn it over to Michaels, huh?

And what are you going to do for another job, if and when you get out?

I don't know. But I'm not going on like this.

I .. Oh hi, Betty.

I thought you wanted to do so much for Francie and the kid.

Not this way.

Jack, will you believe me? I know what I'm doing about this money.

We take it down to Mexico and sell it. So, we take a beating on it.

But they'll be plenty left for both of us.

Aren't you getting a bit ahead of yourself?

What do you mean? ─ What about our "partner".

What about our partner?

When he calls, we'll keep the appointment with him.

We'll shoot in self-defence. Might even get a big promotion for it.

Now we murder ..

You're sick, Cal .. I should have known that a long time ago.

You don't care about anything or anybody. You're sick.

Coming from you Jack, that hurts.

We're no better than that hop-head money-pusher that you dragged in.

Maybe even worse.

He's got an expensive habit to support. That's his excuse, but what's ours?

A couple of sticky-fingered Cops.



So we're going to come clean.

We're going to turn that money in before it's too late.

We've both got good records.

Maybe they won't be too hard on us. I don't know.

But we're going to come clean.

Is that the way you want it?

That's the way it's going to be.


Well .. What are we waiting for?

Come on, call it.


You lose.

It's under the cushion in the sack.

So, you were going to run out on me! Drop that sack!

Come with me, Cal.

I'm not running out on you .. Shoot!

Let's lay you over here. That's good.

A little more. Right up against the trailer. That's it.

Let's see now.


You're going to be alright, Farnham.

You're lucky.

Where is Bruner?


He's better off.

Captain .. Georgia Street is on the way. Can I help?

You can pick up all this money that Farnham found.

That's the voice.

That's the other guy.

No, Farnham.

He's one of our men.

There never was anybody else.

"A Policeman, unlike most men."

"Lives close to evil and violence."

"He can, like all men, make his own Private Hell."

"The good pass through it with minor burns."

"The evil stumble and fall."

"And die .. In strange places."