Proceder (2019) Script

WARSAW, 1999

Lucky son of a bitch.

Your size.

Nice kicks.

You're fucking crazy? Not now.

Yeah, now. Faster, man.


We're fucked. Run!


Move your ass!

Let go!

He knocked my tooth out!

Who in Poland has all the teeth?

Good morning, Mrs Woźniak. Morning.

Turn that off.

Chill, mum. I wrote something for you.

So you'd relax a little.

Look in mother's eyes, she's suffered a lot Many tears she cried for her son Did and would do anything She cried so many times, it happens often So make sure, kiddo you put your name In the right style. Everyone's after money Don't say I'm lost What's with these shoes?

You've got money for new shoes, but not to share living expenses?

I've said it a thousand times.

At home you wear slippers!

I've got something for the home.

Enjoy. Look me in the eye.

You look away, you lose.


Neighbours are having an ongoing party?

They're fucking poverted.

Or perverted. Whatever.

Łysa? Show lady some respect.

Go get some cigs. On my way.

Long time, no see.


I heard about your hurdle race.

You are quite a sportsman.

Good you didn't break your legs.

Sorry, Łysa, there's no shop nearby.


Maybe we go further... Sure thing.

Get in.

Who's that chick?


That Łysa? Yup.

She has friends in Ząbki. Worked with Granpa.

Are you fucking me?! You would feel it in your ass.

She's hot. Wonder how many she banged.

A lot. Likes younger dudes.

Then I should get interested. C'mon.

Let's get high.

Chada is not jealous, stays in your psyche Doing your thing You're limitless Welcome to Poland, where they kill for cash Stab you in the back when giving you a cake And pouring you a drink. Yo, man!

Hi, sis.

Yo, Pablo.

Why so fucking slow?

I'm fucking tired.

I start my shifts at 7 am, even on Sundays.

What's up with your tooth?

Give me a break. Lost it at work.

I'm broke.

What's the job?

I pack plates into boxes.

How much do they pay? 4,20.

For one plate? Per hour.

You're shitting me!

And? They didn't pay anyone yet.

The whole staff is waiting. And?

I can't go fucking public.

I'll steal some plates and sell them tomorrow.

And get the fuck out of this country.

Where to? Germany.

You can go with me.

Sounds like communist meddling.

Expectations, salary on time, what fucking else?

The system has fucking changed.

It's capitalism.

Time to act on your own.

Time for young and resourceful ones.

All that matters are drugs, not canned meat.

Fuck it, I'm good here.

Then why you're going around toothless?

And you, Chada? What's you're up to?

What's up?

Got something good?

I always have top notch stuff. For twenty.

Put in on my tab.


But pay me back!

I'll have some coke next week. Not my thing.

Yo, man!

There's one thing you give and take It's not about money, it's about respect There's one thing you give and take It's not about money, it's about respect There's one thing you give and take It's not about money, it's about respect There's one thing you give and take It's not about money, it's about respect Lout will be lout, forever and ever, Amen Stay with your bros and you'll be safe Making hip hop is our mission Help your mate, so he won't hit the bottom Let him know that you're more than a beggar What counts is respect You don't follow? Then you'll get slated You were raised for nothing Begging and crying won't help Begging and crying won't help I trust my judgment even when I'm wasted I know who's loyal and who's a scum I know respect and it won't change I rhyme for my bros, that's what I love Got nothing more to say, Klima - respect!

That was good.

Come by tomorrow at 11 am.

We'll talk.

Be there.



That's the guy from the TV.

He hosts some show.

You feel that? Nice one!


Black sun rising over us Over roofs, over our family rules I...

It's ok? Very nice.

You got something more?

Anything else on the table?

Lowlife knows no lie, only the truth Cause one man's lies... Enough!

Sit down and listen.

It needs some work. Some smoothing up.

Too much swearing.

Here's the plan. You'll rap.

I'll take care of songs.

You'll get a songwriter. Make some numbers on women and summer holidays.

And in a month you'll appear in "Blaise's Bike".

Sounds good? Now listen.

Something like that.

That's how I see it.

We gotta do something about your vocals.

You'll take a couple of singing classes and we're golden, right?

Come on.

Wanna try?

Yes? Thanks.

As you wish.

There's a deal.

They brought new goods to Olszynka.

Razors, irons.

Irons sell well.

They always fucking do.

Because every fucking businessman wants his shirt ironed. Am I right?

Last time wasn't enough?

It will be different this time. Just drive!

I'm out.

Think about it.

What time do you get home?

I had something to do.

Look at you. What happened?

What kind of business was that?

Personal. You work night shifts too.

I have to go.

Be at the hospital at 3 pm.

Got it? Yes.

Don't be late! You better hurry.

Take care of this. Will do.

Something extra for the family.

Home appliances are selling well.

Aren't you forgetting something?

You gotta make a living.

I could use a man like you.

You have something to offer?

In a couple of weeks you can own a car.

Pablo's already said "yes".


I'll think about it.

Think, for fuck sake.

But don't overthink.

Chada and overthinking?

Cigs again? You don't even smoke.

I don't wanna look at you, you fuck.

It hurt? Good one.

"It hurt?"

I don't smoke.

If theoretically there was a job, what theoretically would we do?

Surprise me.

I'm here, mum.

Good. Wait. It's crazy busy around here.

Communism fell apart and what?

Chicken butt.

They destroyed everything.

I trusted them.

And I didn't?

They're worse than looters in 1945.

At least they didn't steal land.

Where did you work?

Rosa Luxemburg factory. 35 years.

Light bulbs. At least you got enlightened.

At least. Why are you late?

Fucking nice shades.

Watch your language.

Got them from a patient.

Look at you! Couldn't you dress nicer?

People are looking.

Stay. Chief?


That's my son.

The culprit itself.

If he's hard-working like you, we'll hire him.

He can start today, we'll do paperwork tomorrow.

Don't let me down.

I throw you in at a deep end.

I heard you're a rapper?

My son listens to that music.

To Vienio?

No idea, but he listens to hip hop.

Come on, get change.

Move out of the way!

Shall I repeat or send an official decree? There's a line.

I don't forbid you to stand in it.

What a nation!

40 years they were queueing and can't do otherwise.

Still, need someone to think for them.


There's a line.

Don't keep me waiting.

Take this fur.

I'd rather not leave this fur in here.

Should I go to the restroom, it might get stolen.

So you won't go anywhere.

I'll make an official complaint.

Do you know who I am?

Ticket, please.

Next, please.

Yes, Pablo?


Remember the drill? Yeah.

You need to stop.

Your back wheel is loose.

Better pull over.

Right rear wheel.

Shit! Stop!

You're late.

I've just... Joking.

Just joking.

You're funny.

When we'll get money for the car?

What car?

Just joking.

I'm recording and need cash.

To pay for the studio.

You need to wait.

But I got this.

What's that?


Take it.

You sell it, you'll get 3%.


Fucking lunatic.


You know what you're doing?

Get the fuck out.

See me as lost, not a stupid one I know where my problems are coming from In the streets I learned how to make money I counted the cash, not school degrees Alcohol and drugs, I rely on myself now.

Only I can fight my own disease I often ask you, God for a piece of advice More often, I keep away from your light I know perfectly well that my lyrics and rhymes Don't make me any better than you I'm just a human, don't wanna change the world It's hard to persevere and meet my goals I'm fighting myself, my hands are heavy I struggle to join them for a prayer I lack humility, my heart begs for mercy I know I'm no role model to follow I'm fighting myself, my hands are heavy I struggle to join them for a prayer I lack humility I know nothing 'bout faithfulness I know I'm no role model to follow

Yo. I'm busy, man.

Join us when you're done.

What we were up to?

Up to no good.

I'm more of a West Coast... kinda guy.

Jersey? West Coast.

But I respect Diddy.

It goes for itself.

And you?

Wanna hear something?

Wanna hear something? Shoot.

I don't give a fuck.


Let's go to sleep, 'cause nothing interesting will happen here.


What's going on?


Oh, God!


Tomek, I beg you.

Such a disgrace in front of deputy mayor.

Do you realize that because of you we've just lost a grant for new windows?

Patients complain. It's freezing in here!

Show me this fur.

Here it is.

30 years as my employee.

I could get you fired in a flash.

I'm sorry.

One more thing.

I reported it to the police.


Don't think he'll get away with it easily.

I'll take the fur cost out of your paycheck!

That's against Labour Code.

It meant something in communism, now we've got capitalism.

Is it a hospital or a company?

A company! And a costly one!

We need money!

WARSAW, 2001 Hey there!

Got a lighter?

Sure I do. Thanks.

Here you go.

It's tricky with this wind. Let's try again.

Nice ride. Nothing beats V8 sound.


Live to the fullest, be an artist to the end Stacking loot, take as much as I can Own a private airport and more than one car I dream about it as every other guy I wanna live like Messi, have loads of cash Be a fucking Count Monte Cristo style Not to wear any masks, peel out down the street Live and abundant life What did you do this time?

Police came. They want you at the station.

You can't drive, cunt?

I really didn't mean that...

I'll get you, you fuckers!

Spend money like Tyson and have no regrets Live every day like it's my birthday Live to the fullest, brag about my successes For once feel like I owned a Ferrari Have no problems at all and always be on top Damn! Leave it!

Open the door!

Have no problems at all and always be on top Drink champagne and smoke with my crew I want a fairytale life, my own private Eden

I want a red Ferrari and my own gun collection Be wherever I want and never worry again WARSAW, 2004

Nice ride.

It's yours.

For doing a great job. Really?

But watch out for thieves.


For a wedding.

I'm getting married.

Dude, your tyre is flat.

What? Your tyre is flat.

What? Your tyre is flat. Whatever.

You know better than to mess with me.

Best wishes to newlyweds.




Kids, of course!

But most importantly, money.

Uncle Stefan will take care of everything else.


All the best. For breakfast tomorrow.

After the wedding night.

Meet Szajba.

You're Chada?

We like to eat, right?


If you love freedom, do everything to avoid jail.

But live as if every day was your last one as a free man.

Good one.

Trust me.

I'm on temporary leave.

Be in Nieporęt in an hour. I wouldn't miss it.

I was nice, bought her cigs.

C'est la vie.

Chicks don't like nice guys.

Keep that in mind. Now you look good.


Good evening. Tomasz Chada?

And what if?

Eat shit.

Come with us.

Come on.

Open your mouth!

Feels good?

You'll tell us everything!

He said anything?

Nope. Plays a tough one.

You can't drink before swimming.

Open it!




This girl, Łysa.

I'm the only one bold.


And now, how many do you see?

Answer me! How many?

Say it, you fuck! Great reflexes.


Chief inspector, Żaneta Braniszewska.

Circumstances have changed.


Enough foreplay.

Now you'll tell us everything.

Otherwise... you'll be charged with possession and drug dealing.

And theft of deputy mayor's fur.

See, bro?

You won't get out of jail quickly.

You know what they do... to pretty chicks like you?

Shall we do a line?

You want to? You love that.

There's plenty. No one will know.

You want to, you fucker?

He said anything?

Not yet, but he's about to.

I'm taking him over.

Say what?

Take him to the nearby bar.

My treat.

Hurry up.

See ya.

Return it to the dispatcher.

Stop staring and get the fuck out.

What happened? What did you do this time?

Police searched your place again.

Leave it! What happened?

If I had a son like that, I'd kill him!

Shall I call you Mrs Łysa now?

Why look like shit?

You're high?

Mum's in hospital.

Had a heart attack after a police search.

It happens.

There's a gig.

Revived cars. Passats?

Bulk quantities.

Old and new ones.

Bring them to the Tinsmith to Goździków Street.


My mum's barely made it.

I'm not asking for a favour.

You owe me.

Lowlifes, that's what we are One is a car thief, the other is a smuggler We walk arm in arm, always in the name of God We seek the truth and illegal profits I'll be there in a sec.

No worries, mum.

We seek the truth and illegal profits You're at the crossroad, every way leads to jail Politicians are liars, so we never trust them Here you steal That's what we're after Times have changed, no 3:10 train to Yuma We've got our views and laugh at law and order Always live against the rules

Open the fucking door!

Did you go to the bank to get my paycheck?

Money should be on my account.


Oh, God. Slowly.

Now, take envelopes from the cupboard.

Split money for rent and gas.

Electricity and phone bills. I'll take care of it.

OK. No worries.

Done. I'll run the water.

What the fuck? One hundred for a living?

What's up, loser?

The engine will die when you stop. The flow meter must be replaced.

Got legs? Then use them.

You need my help?

Take care.

Hey! You look familiar.

WARSAW, 2005 You are not raising your leg.

Which one? Left one.

Do I need to? Wait.

I'm Tomek. Michał.

Can I try?

Stand in the middle.

Your board is smaller than mine.

You lean on one leg and slide the other.

Crouch down.

And jump.


Now slide this leg as if you stepped in poo and wanted to wipe it off.

That's it! Hold on.

That's great.

I'll hold it, try to jump off this leg.

Once again.

Step on the tail.

One more time. Good!

High five!

Wow! You saw that?

You were great.


I'm doing it.


I owe you something for the lesson?

Mr Instructor?


Just joking. Flowers will do.

Or dinner.

You're fucking awesome.

I'll be rich and famous too.

But you need to know one thing.

Hip hop is my number one. Really?

Where does this put me then?

Somewhere. I'm being serious.

By my side.

You want some?

No, I'll have a drink.

We leave behind bluffing and pretending Of hopeless artists and worthless actors We've got each other, nothing we can't do We've got each other, The rest doesn't matter

Who's next?

Wanna go to a concert?


We gotta talk.

What's up?

You got more of that?

I'm recording a solo album.

Chada is making it solo.

Fine by me.

I have a record company.

You found yourself a label?

Seems like I do now.

This is my solo, so no more losing I'll say what needs to be said Surrounded by people who I can count on Raised in the streets and very ill-tempered Fucking cops continue their haunt Chada is not messing with you If you're broke, then steal this album I'm not asking you to pay for it I shed some light in a room full of darkness But you're still feeling anxious Just like you I've got a plan for life But it's not for white collar scums I play hip hop for shitty money I'm the donor and you're the recipient What the fuck?

You need an invitation?

Tell me how much I owe you. No more stealing.

My mum is sick. I'm making an album.

I've had enough.

We're not settled yet.


She has a kid.

A boy or a girl?

Michał. He's a smart boy.

He's six.

Nice age.

You were such a cutie then.

You started acting up later. Mum...


You're not taking drugs anymore?

I've told you already.

That's good.

When will you invite them for dinner?

Tell me.

Yo, bro.

How are you? Been better.

Behind the scene my crew waiting Raised in the streets and ill-tempered Fucking cops continue their haunt Chada is not messing with you If you're broke, then steal this album I'm not asking you to pay for it

Rewind a little.

Get in here.

Take a break.


I need cash.

For what? That's my business.

Why are you snuffling?

Got an allergy. Yeah?

What's that?


I found it in your things.

You don't get it, you knucklefuck?

You douchebag?

I invested money in you.

I believe in you. I let you in the studio.

You're good. Get your shit together!

Record the album, write songs.

He was such a good boy.

He was doing really well in school.

Nice. I don't believe it.

Is it that hard to believe?

I'll show you how cute he was.

Mum, don't. Come on!

Here you go.

Holidays in Szklarska Poręba.

Workplaces had their summer centres.

Unions too, nurses involved. Interesting times.

See how cute he was?

I've got more photos.


This one is so cute!

He looks just like you in this one.

Look at this.

Handsome little gentleman. Nice haircut.

Ironed pants, white shirt.

I made sure he always looked elegant.

Almost like you.

Finish dinner and I'll grab another album.

Mum, stop. Let go of me.

Not everything at once.

You can't get upset.

It's old stuff.

I'm clean. I swear.

Of course, you do.

You can't trust me once?

Trust you?

Did that more than once.

I've trusted you already.

What are you doing?

You're just like your father.

Are you going somewhere?


This house is too small for the two of us.

You stay here.

Stay here.

Don't bother looking for me.

Stop! Sit down.

You're not going anywhere.


What else are you gonna do to your mother?

Go ahead.

I can't help you anymore.

If you can't stand me, I'm moving out.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Can I finish my potatoes? I'll buy you chips.

OK? Fine.

I'm sorry, I'll try...

You said we'd get chips.

Go upstairs, I'll be in a sec.

I'll make you chips at home.

Wait for me over there.


You know what you're doing?

He lost one dad. He can't lose another.

You should understand that.

Your father wasn't around.

Quit that shit. You're not my wife.

You can treat your mother like that, not me.

You're done? I'll be back soon.

Start using your fucking brain.

Fill it up.

It's 5 am and I'm ready To take another step, get closer to heaven I carry ash in my pocket, I accept criticism if I need to, I'll admit to mistakes I've made I live that shit, nothing ever changes I'm going mental and act like a kid I appreciate life, think about my needs Nothing ever fell from the sky for me Dark thoughts in my head, drowning in problems You got something?

I'm in a bar.

On Wiatraczna Street.

Hi, Pablo. Yo.

You look super fly.

Nice, right?

You risk, you prosper.

Sit down. I'm working for Łysa.

They call me "Crime" now.

Better than "Dime". Got dough?

Fuck, man.

For old times' sake.

From a friend.

WARSAW, 2007 You're done? Thank you.

Can I play? Sure.

There are two of us, one nice and organized Other not suited and a bit derailed First keeps his word and is a smooth talker Other make promises, but never calls back First avoids parties, stays away from troubles Other calls his dealer and smoke another one First wakes at dawn and hits the gym Other wakes at dusk, feeling like a failure First one records in a studio and cleans his place Other is never clean and records shit First greets neighbours, has a healthy diet Other starts a fight and eats junk food First saves up money and does people favours Other spends everything, sinking into debts First enjoys a book and asks if you're free Other vulgar and rude...

Are you listening to me?

Is anybody there?

Michał, go out for a moment.

Maybe you should find a normal job.

I'm sorry. That's your work.

I've offended you, my prince.

Cause I've asked you to pay the bills?

Buy food from time to time?

Clothes for the kid?

His name is Michał.

I have a job. Making an album.

You're making it since fucking ages!

No one gives a shit!

I give a shit. What are you doing?

What are you doing? Dreaming.

I'm talking to you, Tomek.


Speak back to me.

What's up?

Where are you going? Stay!

Let go. Or you'll hit me?

Like your mother?

Please, don't. Calm down.

Tomek, stop.

Order a pizza and a friendly delivery boy.

You fucking faggot!

Never call me on this number.

I'm not saying that again. What's up?

I want my job back.

I work with Pablo now.

I know that.

Problem is, you know too much.

Maybe you need something extra.

I can work on my own.

We need to step back a little.

Haven't you watched the news?

I'm sorry for the other time.

We'll talk about it.

I need you now. Like never before.

Maybe I'll need a job done for Tinman.

Maybe Beetle or else. I'll let you know.

Now what?

We set out some carrots?

And throw in a rabbit.

Good morning.

Two pears, please.

He took a bait.


Where did you find it?

I got lucky. I had to steal it.

Fuck me!

It was parked in my neighbourhood.

What a fucking coincidence!


Freeze! Police!


You're looking for someone? Say what?

For you.

Without a warning?

I could have left.

We wanted to surprise you.

And you did.

Can I use my phone?

Which number?

Who should I call?

Last dialed number.

And I'm fucked.

Don't move.

Officer Zapolska, Central Anticorruption Bureau.

Who are you calling?

Someone who will teach you manners.

Make that call.

You're getting soft?

What now?

No one answers?

He was 28, living in slavery and pain Quickly he lost all of the control You have a smoke?

Go fuck yourself.

He took hard drugs, guy got him addicted He was hopelessly drifting in that fateful river Had another problem, his father was a drunk He blamed him for ending up in a rehab He didn't hear anyone laughing Had problems with people that had no hope Was afraid of dreaming, he chose a street life But was always full of doubt He had enough, raised his eyes to the sky She was there and told him to jump He did as she said, he wanted to die There was no turning back

We will bring you prawns in a second.

Thank you.

Good evening. How can I help you?

Your room is ready.

One moment.

Room 316. Fifth floor.

Problems with the lady?

Police? Not sure if that's relevant, but there's a drunk man who uses someone else's ID.

Don't leave me now.

I'll do anything.

I can check tickets in trams.

I'll do whatever you want.

I can deliver pizza.

Get down, you idiot! Shut up and put your gun away.

Put it away.



You hear me? You've reasons to live.

Don't move.

We'll get you...

I know you. My chick is your fan.

And you wanna jump? Really?


Got you!

Hands down. Good call.



Get out of here!

Police! It's serious! Get out!


Where am I?

Praski Hospital.

My mum works here.

Worked. Left six months ago.

I got you best producers, sold out tickets and now what?

You'll hold my mic. Fuck!

I need a doctor!

Calm down. I woke up yesterday.

What the fuck did you just pull?

Cops are watching you.

DA issued a warrant for the arrest.

They're waiting for you to get better.

What can I do about it?


You barely made it.

Let's say you got crazy because of this.

I've already talked to a lawyer.

He'll put you in a psych ward. Like some lunatic?

You prefer jail?

Where are you going? To the chapel.

Not possible. I'm barely walking.

I wanted to thank God for being alive.

It's against the rules. Back to your room.

We'll go together. Don't pull anything.


Holy Mother.

Holy Mother.

My dear mother.

You came to me.

I thought you abandoned me.

Look at that halo over your head.

You're so beautiful.

Take me to Bethlehem with you.

Shepherds came to Bethlehem...

My dear and sweet mum.

I'm not worthy of kissing your feet.

You also came to me?

My dear father! Doctor!

You're not gonna leave me this time.

Lord is my shepherd!

I have everything.

Lord is my shepherd.

I have everything.

He let me lay on green pastures.

Calm down, mister.


Try to relax.

That's right. Relax.

Just try to chill.

Your friend came by, but the chief didn't let him in.

Did he say his name?

He did.

Pablo. You've got nice friends.

One for your friend?


One for my future wife.

You're missing her.

Why should I?

You're right next to me.


Aren't you bored in here?

Not anymore.

You wanted something stronger.

I got you this.

A toast for your future wife?

You know what did you just take?

I always know.

Maybe it shouldn't be mixed with alcohol.

It's best when mixed with alcohol.

Not there.


Come on!

Come down here!

We're going to Germany.

We'll be filthy reach!

What the fuck?

It concerns Chada.

Don't sleep, you nuts, take your pills and work your ass off!

Take your pills and work your ass off!

I wanna shoot, Pablo!

Come to us, bro!

Hurry up!

Cops are coming.

Drop your weapon!

Suck my dick!

Enjoy, girls.

Can you sleep on the upper deck? I'm afraid of heights.

Did you hear that slut?

You know the flow?


So you're fucked!

Leave him!

Leave this fucker, or you'll get more time.

Leave it for now. It's Chada.

Shut da fuck up!

You're fucking blind.

If you're Chada, then prove it.

Rhyme, Chada.

Still breathing, got an appetite for life Air doesn't smell like women in here Feel this vibe, it's a fucking prison Clocks measure years, not hours in here He's good. Get your ass down and make him coffee.

Play it again.

He's good. He's rapping.

Hold your head high, it'll be all right Those are only fucked who have no return tickets Imagine that not everything is lost The time will come and you'll hear the bell again Sign this. For my kid.

What's that? Was released yesterday.

For Kinga.

That'll make her happy.



Now I'll rap for you.


Cops fucked you deep, no drugs there in town But I'll bring some tomorrow and we'll hit a disco We'll screw up some more, and hunt for hot chicks You can take these fucking lyrics and shove them up your ass!


I was joking.



New board games sponsored by EU.

Have fun.

What's that?

What the fuck do you think?

Domino? No. Scrabble.

How you play that?

You make up words. What words?

You know any? I do.

So put'em on the table. There are many games.

Many ways of playing it.

We can come up with animal names.

What animals?

Don't you know any animals? I do.

Got one.

What's that? A turtlet.

Like in a shell?

You're saying they're not real?

What's so funny? I just remembered something.

What exactly, you fuck?

Open the gate.

WARSAW, 2010 Breathe, Chada.


Good morning, Mrs Woźniak.

New beret. It's you!

I heard steps and thought that maybe your mum is back.

You know where she is?

She left. Where to?

Aunt forced her to come and work in Canada.

She took a plane. I see.

Thanks. You look really nice.


I'm by myself.

Go to Opole?

It's top quality style, Chada is back again Will tell you how it is, how to struggle to live But I know I don't convince everyone Your rent for this month is paid.

OPOLE, 2019

We'll settle later.

Freaking nice?

Nice as fuck.

Thanks, bro. But you know...

Play it cool in here.

Everyone around knows who I am.

I'll behave, relax.

I don't drink anymore.

You're like a saint now?

I rehabilitated, man.

You heard how much Łysa got?

Ten years. And she's pregnant with Szajba.

With that bagger? With that gangsta.

She'll have the baby in jail.

Fuck the police!

You're mental.

You'll ruin your window bars.

You should go to jail, rehabilitate.

Calm down a little. I'm not working with you, man.

Dogs bark their asses off.

And now... Thanks.


Make some noise for this dude!

Can't hear you.

Shall we go on?

Shall we?

Chada, Chada!

Not until recently my life was a disaster I was living a total madness Broken marriage, problems with law Try to realize that Cops came for me in the morning But I never told why, where and who A fucked up phase Lies, robberies and thefts Shit is getting thicker in these streets That take away our hopes Like one body sometimes you lost a will to live I was naive, my partner screwed me over I'm blaming myself, not whining about it It got hot, I went into hiding If I let you down, then please forgive me If he says something, he means it He tells how it is and never complains He doesn't claim he has it under control When taking a line fourth day in a row He's one of a few who sees hip-hop As his autobiography and sets of laws He has some hardcore stories to share That's what I wanna hear, so, Chada, go on, man!

Make some noise!

Blue sky above, music playing within us I go on with my shit and I can't stop Lines are full with anger, no wonders You won't stop us, don't even try that Blue sky above, music playing within us I go on with my shit and I can't stop Lines are full with anger, no wonders You won't stop us, don't even try that

"Chada comes from another planet, where no diseases, that decimate Polish rap scene, exist.

That album was written by life itself...

Kudos, man.


Now, excuse me.

And here's... your contract.

For your next album.

That's for the beginning.

I'll transfer you the rest.

Not sure if I should sign it.

Say what?! Buddy...

What's going on?


My man!

You got me. You can't fool your ID number.

Come on. Time for shopping.



I'll leave bags with you for a moment.

Can you sign this for me?

Your name? Justyna.

Mary Christmas.

Calm down. I need to calm down?

Yeah, you. Wait a sec.

Do you always have to make a fuss?

What? A fuss.

Do I have to tell you again to watch your fucking language in front of a kid?

I need to watch my language?

Don't shit yourself.


Got any Christmas plans?

Maybe a dessert?

Time for a pie? We'll bring plates.

What's after the dessert?


Why not now? 'Cause I say so.

Unless you sing a Christmas carol.


Mary was rocking her little baby...

See how we spend Christmas?

I'll record that.

One more time.

My precious angels.


There is no Christmas... without a Christmas tree.

Hi, dad.

Why the long faces? Feels like a funeral.


Thanks, dad.

Where's soup?

Can you ramp?


What you want me to ramp?


Top quality rap.

Now you're a rapper. Can you ramp?

I don't know.

It suits you.

You can keep it.

You look like a pro.

Thank you.

Happy birthday... That's not a carol?

Tomek, where are you? Here!

Where you're off to? Midnight Mass.

We can go all together.

I need to think about... things and stuff.

I need to talk to God.

Your family is awesome.

Thanks, man.

For what?

For everything.

Where are you going?

Where the fuck are you going?

I'll be back in an hour.

Leave some borscht for me.

I thought you're in jail. Police buy from me.

Got stuff? Sure. Tonight is busy.

Soon yuppies will come in need of a line after supper.

How much? One line.

See ya!

Take care.

Staff sergeant Kamiński.

Warsaw headquarters.

ID, please. Prepare for revision.

What the fuck are you doing?

You know how much it cost to bail you out?

I'll pay you back. I wonder how.

I'll make an album. Go on tour.

I'll figure something out.

When? Before or after serving time?

It's not about the money.

So where are we going?

Jail or rehab.

I made the choice for you.

What rehab?

I'm not going to rehab.


I'm already clean.

Stop the car!


Stay in the fucking car!

What are you doing? Fucking hell.

Close the door.

We're living in times, when people from different backgrounds meet either in therapy, or in a morgue.

Used to meet in church.


Yeah, you're right. Joining us today is a second-year psychology student, Monika.

It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Monika.

Also joining us is a new colleague.


Introduce yourself.

You're sick?


I knew it.

I'm good with people.

You got me figured out. Should be another way around.

We can do it whatever style you like.

You know what?

It's good that you're here.

So, the pillow is me and I'm my father? Yes.


Just like at home.

Don't you remember?


You were giving your daddy blowjobs.

Don't sweat bullets, Maruś.


Get the fuck off me! Stop it!


What was that? You ruined the exercise.


Your medicine.

Give me your number.

Only you can help me.

You know that I have issues.

Give it back.

Meds for a number.

Just give me your number.

Let's go home, dad.


Let's go home. I don't know you.

Let's go home.

Time for a smash hit.

You, rapper guy.

Rapper in a cap.

Come and sing for us.

All yours.

It's all women's fault They take their clothes off showing off almost naked Bodies. It works with women.

Women are... hot.

Get down!

Women are...



Welcome to our humble home.

What day is today?


For lunch is fish.

If you see my mum, tell her about me.

Or better not say anything.

Just take her number.


For you: Mr Szajba.

What the fuck have you done?

I can explain. Didn't know it was a set up.

You thought you're that smart?

Cheat your mum. Cheat your dad.

But you can't cheat life.

I got life for two heads.

Understand? Yes, sir.

You got scared? Yes, sir.

Answer me. You got scared?

Don't be scared when it's bad.

Be scared when it's all good.

'Cause it means something will fuck up real soon.

Will you remember this?

How was it outside?

Have you fucked lately?

For sure you got some.

Got any pics?

For sure you do. Everyone does.

Do you have some?

Not at the moment, but my lady is hot as fuck.

Big boobs. Jamaican style ass.

Freaking crazy. You can go balls deep in this one.

You're missing something?

You. I'm serious.

I've got money from the album.

I can buy everything.

That's good.

Almost everything.

Monika... Tomek.

I came here as a doctor.

I really want to help you out.

You want to help me? Yes.


I'm a normal guy, not some thug.


I'll be on parole soon.


It cannot be like that.

It's unprofessional.

Do you get that? I've got only you.

Give me a chance.

That's a chance.

That was a chance.

I've just come out of a relationship.

We don't know each other.

Stop talking bullshit.

That was nice. Really smooth.

Time's up.


She's really smoking, man.


Almost shit it out.


Take it.

Go over there, don't get caught.

Give me some.

Leave me some, fuck.

You lost your fucking mind?

What the fuck are you doing?

Sit down, you crazy shit.

I don't fucking believe it.

They ask in Russia in the 60s, what teeth would you like to have?

The first says: golden, of course.

The second says: silver ones.

And the third one... Made of jeans.

Will you give us a sec?

That's your crib for next month.

Chief banned your visits.

Was it worth it?

Did someone show up?

From those who I'd put up on a list?

Who's there? Your mum.

Mr Krok and Monika Szadek.

She came.

Do I have a chance for parole?

After what you did? I fucking lost it.

You need to earn it.

Take this to kill the time.

We're ready.


A table tennis contest is coming.

You can win a nice prize.

I don't know how to play.

So teach yourself.

I need to talk.

Past is past.

I heard about the contest.

I don't follow.

What you want for losing?

Full set? Exactly what you fucking wanted.

I'll open a fucking library.

Management decided to award you for your sport spirit and setting a good example.

You're getting a ticket to the theatre.

I'd advise you to go.

It's financed by our sponsor.

There'll be food and drinks.

This prize is a fucking joke.

Did you play by the rules?

You made a joke out of it.

You want a ticket for your girl or not?


Looks good, gentlemen.

Do your job.

Take your positions.

And we're ready.

I don't care what they say.

You're saving me from losing it completely.

You're a woman that...

I want to satisfy you.

My angel with the divine body.




We gotta go, gentlemen.

High time.


You go first.

Time to go, gentlemen.

You'll finish during the break.

One last bite.

Enough, gentlemen.

Time to go.

All right.

Come on.


Over here.

Who's watching who? Sorry.

Nothing like Christmas at home.

WARSAW, 2013 Merry Christmas, Chada.

4-8, open the gate.


I'll wish you a happy new year when you're back on December, 30th.

That's the latest collection, it's very expensive.

I'll take two. Merry Christmas.

Same to you. That's all.

I'll pay with cash.

Can I see a smile?

That's the best gift.

It's more than enough.

Rest is for you to get a cab and here's a bag for you.

I can't... Merry Christmas.

Shall we start?

Take this. Sorry.


Ho, ho, ho!

Were you good this year?

Good morning. Good morning... evening.

Evening! What a firm ass!

Like a teenager. I've brought something...

A tie and a flask.

A tie? Thank you very much.

For you, I've got a purse and perfumes. Here you go.

And for you, I've got cash.

Careful. You can get whatever you like.

Fuck. Sorry.

A tie for the lady, a purse for the gentleman.

And perfumes as well.

Don't get nervous.

No need to...

Good dog.

Come on.

Come with me.

Show me what you can do.

You need to know how to chop wood.

I heard that you like cars.

Yeah, since I was a kid.


How many have you stolen?

How old are you?


And yet you look 46.

I'd rather have my daughter date someone her age.

Someone who has a goal in life.

What can you offer her?

You'll leave after Christmas and never show up again.

And I'll make sure that she forgets you.

That will be difficult.

Is that so?

Cause we're gonna be neighbours.

LOT FOR SALE We'll see about that.

Please proceed to the waiting room.


That's a really good investment.

I know a lot about investments.

Don't look.


There's nothing here.

But there will be.

I don't get it.

I bought it.

This land?

Here's a living room.

Gym on a lower level.

Here's a room for the baby.

A couple of meters forward...


With jacuzzi for the lady.


And the bedroom? Stay.

Right here.

Let's try it out.

I left the door opened.

Report from a place, from which it is hard to escape Where rarely someone will show you compassion It's not picture perfect, you follow your instincts Every day you witness tragic statistics Report from a place, from which it is hard to escape Where rarely someone will show you compassion It's not... Have you lost your fucking mind?

You didn't report back to prison?!

Once you do, they'll lock you for 10 months.

I'm recording. Need money for a house.

And what about live shows?! And Facebook?

If you're in prison, people will forget you.

They better remember my music.

It's about your life, man. Don't you get it?

Yeah. You're right. I'm lost.



At least let's make a video.

Can I finish or we're off?

Oh man!

From the top.



Yes? Where's your Tomek?

He's recording and then making a video.

And you know where he should be?

I notified the authorities.

You'll thank me for that.

You will.

Are you serious?

I called the police.

Are you fucking insane?


Careful how you speak to your dad.

You're not in the army.

She should...

You see? That's his fault.

You're not going anywhere.

My dear daughter.

Police are on their way.

Hi, get out.

It's a nice place for a video, right?

Come on in.

What the fuck are you doing here? You'll talk later.

Wait a sec.

Still driving that Passat?

And you're still stealing cars?

High five!

What's new?

We've raised some cash. It's for you.

For a new ride. Come on, man.

Thank you, girls.

Tomek, take your spot.

Let's start this shit.

We'll look at the camera.

Play music.

Respect for my crew, we never lose hope Everyone plays his role and no one snitches Police went crazy, they threatened my lady You won't find me until I decide to show up Chada is here again, you have my word Cheesecake anyone? Sure he's not around?

Let's make one thing clear.

One sec.

Tell guys to bring DA warrant.

I'm afraid we're gonna make a mess.

Is it necessary? My daughter made it clear.

He's not here. People tell us many things.

Different things. Maybe we'll find some stolen goods.

What are you suggesting?

I know people in the army. Oh, really?

People in high places. Exactly.



Crowd artists are here.


I brought extras.


How did you find them? I hung posters.

What were they saying?

Who told you? Who, the fuck?

Fucking idiot. Cops are coming.

There's no time.

Police are on their way.

Where is he? Tomek?

Come on.

Police are coming.

Take my bike. It'll be faster.

Come on.

Careful with the clutch.

You're running this place?

Where's Chada?

Where? In prison.


Riding in these conditions?

You know what...

Wife went into labour. I'm going to the hospital.

ID, please.

One moment.

I was joking.

Straight and left at the crossing.

Then straight again.

Do you have a smoke? I got all nervous.

Take a puff.

One more?

It'll be a boy.

Dad, it's for you.


Maybe you'll get a raise. Can you move a little?



Cash or card? Card.

Whenever you're ready.

One moment. Still processing.

One more second.


Member points?

No. You want to become a member?

Thanks. Throw it away?

Yes, please.

You want a receipt? No.

Thank you.



Who's calling? Unknown number.

Answer it.


I love you.

That's all.

Wrong number.

Let technicians track him down.

Take it home. Might be useful.

No, thank you.

Where's the bathroom?

You wanna pee? Yes.

On the right. Thank you.

There's no toilet paper.

You want it or not, you're moving forward The time has come to accept the truth Take a deep breath and stand on the edge There's no more certain way to die It's like dancing with your fucking enemy Often someone trips you over I've got my reasons and that's the reason why I'll take our secrets to the grave, guys And even if I'm drowning in the worst sewage Don't judge me, God will do it better I'm ready and will face it I'll help you out, if only you call me If you forget, then you're dead


With this ID number, you'd make a career in here.


Look at me.

Look at me.

Second name.


You remember your whole ID number?

I'm listening.


83-06-100-911. Call me.

We've got time. Not so sure about you.

Parents name.

Maria and Jan.


I'm relaxed.

What's up? Junk.

Fucking European inventions.

Why you're laughing at?

At the handsome man in the photo.

What photo?

That one. Turn around.

Damn it.

Little fucker.

What now?

Shall we notify Warsaw?


You fucking clown.

You think you can come here and get buck?

Make fun of the force?

We've had many like you.

No doubt. What's more, it's up to me when and in what shape you'll go to Warsaw.

You know what?

You look familiar.


You'll be his Pamela.

Come on.

You know what he does to her?


Who gave you a black eye?

I stepped on a broom.

Careful not to get another one.

Cause of your stunts, no one gets to leave.

No doubt that I love you, no matter what Only you can save me from going insane OPOLE, 2016

No doubt that I love you, no matter what Only you can save me from going insane Glad that I have you and get to walk by your side I had my heart broken before and it hurt real bad You give me strength and I won't lose faith In this rotten world. You're like a refreshing bath I try to take care of you, just like you took care of me I'm taking you there.

Nice, huh?

Can you put me against the wall?

It seems uneven.


It's big, isn't it? Yeah.

We'll get by.


Why did you zone out?

What's on your mind?

Plenty of things.

What will you do?

You'll go out tomorrow, lead normal life.

I'll get married.


I wanna find my mother.

You will.

I believe in that.

I wanna live a normal life. No screw ups.

I'm rooting for you.

Limpy? Yes.

Get the fuck out. One sec.

Get the fuck out.



Łysa says "hi".

Time has come.

We need to remove the floor.

It was done many decades ago.

We need new tiles.

These are almost ancient.

Chada, Chada!


4-8, open the gate.

Hope that's it, Chada.

Give me a sec.

Chada, Chada!

What's your name? Weronika.

Hi, everyone.

On this chilly day, it's below 10, but we're happy and smiling.

Erikson has even put the gel in his hair.

We're hitting the road today, starting on a high note.

We're supporting...

The Game.

Got it?

Got it. Great.

What's going on?

Everything's fine.

Everything's fallen into place.

Let's go.

It's fine.

Thank you! Can we take a picture?

After the show.

See you later. Take care, Chada!

Good morning, Mr Chada.

We're honoured to have you as a guest.

Please follow me. Your room is ready.

Bellhop will take care of your luggage.

I hope you'll be satisfied.

Over there.


Hi, mum.


Yes, ok.

Try to calm down.

Stop yelling. Ok.

It's almost 300 km.


Ok, stop...

I'm sorry. Don't leave me now.

I'll be back. Not now.

I'll be back.

You gonna miss the show.

I'll see others.

Can we take a shower together?

Make it quick.


Can we do an interview?

One moment. Tomasz!



Hi, mum.

You'll be back next week?

I'll pick you up.

I love you very much, mum.


Can we talk now?

All good?


Are you sure? Can we?

After the show, dolly.

Good luck, bro.


I have nothing to add, I feel this vibe Don't know any other. What should I rap about?

I have nothing to add, I feel this vibe Don't know any other. What should I rap about?





Translation: Sylwester Stachowicz