Prom (2011) Script

High school.

It happens to everyone.

And for four years, it has a way of dividing us.

Athletes, overachievers, drama queens, misfits, jokers...

But then, just before it ends, when we're almost out the door...

... one night has a way of bringing us together.


It's the one night when nobody cares who wore the varsity jacket and who got cut from the team.

It's the night when you might find yourself singing at the top of your lungs with people you've never even spoken to.

The night when that cute guy from your math class might finally make his move.

Prom's our night, and each of us wants it to be unforgettable.

That's why I've been working all semester to make it perfect.

For me, and for all the seniors at Brookside High.

Hey, Nova.

We were three weeks away and everything was going as planned.

Well, almost everything.

Has he asked you yet?

It's 8.00 a.m.

He will! You guys are perfect together.

You're in all the same AP classes, swim team co-captains, you've both been, like, class everything since kindergarten.

Trust me, it's going to happen.

Has he asked you yet?

Well, he will.

He's never once made a move.

Well, he's Brandon. He's shy.

Or, maybe he's just not interested.

Don't you want him to ask you?

Yes, I want him to ask me. It's prom!

Here he comes.

Hey, Nova!

It's happening. Bye.

Wow. Beautiful.

Brandon! Thanks.

Posters look great. Nice job.


I'm gonna do the cafeteria.


You know, Rachel, I found that prom dress you were talking about.

Thanks, Nova. We'll be there.

You know, you could go.

No, thank you.

Prom's like the Olympics of high school.

You wait four years, three people have a good time, and everybody else gets to live on with shattered dreams.

My stepbrother, folks. Can you believe he's single?

Come on, Lloyd. Your fear of girls has gone from cute to clinical.

It's just prom.

Ask somebody. And be creative.

This is your last chance to make anyone remember you even went here.

Wow. Nova, that looks awesome.

Thanks. Make sure you and Tyler aren't too late.

We crown prom king and queen at 9.35. Just saying.

Hey! My queen!

Hey, Tyler.

Hi, Tyler. What's up, man?

So, I saw the posters, and I thought about you.

And about a party bus.

Oh, yeah!

Hey, Tyler, can we talk?

OK, so you can only listen to one artist for the rest of your life, and Stick Hippo does not exist. Go. Oh, man.

No Stick Hippo, the greatest band of all time?

Jack White. You get three epic bands, and counting.

Lucas, you blow my mind every day.

OK, next one. Grunge rock supergroup, 1990-96, no Dave Grohl. Go.

Good one. OK, how 'bout...

Look at them.

I want to go to prom.

Well, Megan Brooks went when she was a sophomore.

So it can totally happen.

It's like they're in a trance.


See you later. Bye.

Lucas, you gotta ask her out. Dude, you're crazy.

She doesn't want to go out with me. I've got nothing to offer.

No car, no cool parties, no prom.

Check it out.

Prom this year is gonna be so much fun.

Oh, my gosh. I really want to go with Dakota. That'd be amazing.

Hey, Rhoda, I turned 18 last week.

You know what that means, right?

They can try you as an adult?

Rhoda! You break my heart.

It means we can finally run away together.

You, me, the open road.

So, what are you in for?

Let me guess. Trouble at the model UN?

Prom poster crisis?

Wait, I know.

You're receiving an award for most awards.

Actually, I'm in trouble this time.


They caught me riding around school on my little moped because I think I'm such a rebel. It's not a moped.

It's a 1972 Norton Commando.

It's adorable.

Jesse Richter? My office, now.

Nova, I'll have those papers for you by lunch.

Richter, Richter, Richter.

Let's see.

"Jesse has cut last period every Monday for four weeks."

You know what this means? I'm consistent?

You do realise you're only cheating yourself, right?

You know, I had a talk with myself about that.

Turns out I'm OK with it.

I don't have time for this.

Today it's cutting class. Last month it's fighting in the cafeteria?

You don't care about anything. And you and I both know...'re going nowhere.

The good news is, the really good news, in a month and a half, that's not gonna be my problem

'cause I'm going on vacation, and you are gonna disappear forever.

You wanna do that with a diploma, that's up to you.

Six weeks, Richter. Six weeks. Do you think you can handle that?

Yeah. I'll leave this place in one piece for ya.

Because in September, you're gonna be right back here.

Get to class.

What is this?

An earring?

Very good. Why was it in your car?

Wait, I know. I drove half the girls' soccer team to Papa Gino's last week.

You did?

Yes, OK? Now stop acting crazy. You know you're my girl.

And you're gonna be the prom queen, up there looking beautiful.

What is it?

You need to ask me.

I know, OK? Don't worry. I've got plans.

Here. For the soccer team.

I got it! I got it!

Pick it up.

Come on, you guys.

I got it. I got...

OK. You guys got it?

Yep. You guys all right? Yeah.

Feel like I'm carrying all the weight. Me too.

I feel like you're carrying all the weight.

Lower it.

Careful of the stars. Let it down.

Hey, man, relax.

OK. Are we... done?

What? Well...

...that was the last of our prom decorations.

But we still have to figure out a floor plan, come up with a schedule of who's selling tickets, get the voting system down for prom king and queen, and...

But you know what? I can totally do that stuff later.

So, you guys are... done.


In three weeks, "Starry Night" will be Brookside's best prom ever.

Our theme is "Starry Night"?



I can't thank you guys enough for all your hard work, but when those couples walk through the door and see how perfect it is, it's gonna be so worth it.

Plus, you each get two free tickets to prom. Ali.

Awesome. Thank you.

Mei. Thank you.

Rolo. Sweet!

Brandon. Thank you.

So, Rolo, who are you gonna take to prom?

My girlfriend. Athena.

Athena? She's Greek.

And where does she live?

Canada. So, she's Greek-Canadian?

There's a very vibrant Greek culture in Canada.


So, how did Justin take it when you told him about New York?

I haven't exactly told him yet.

Mei, you have to tell him.

He thinks you're staying here and going to Michigan with him.

You got into Parsons. It's a huge deal.

I know, but I haven't decided if I'm going.

It'll be like breaking up with him. How can I do that?

Hey, hey, hey! Prom's looking good.

Guess I better find a hot girl to go with.


What are you doing here? Come with me.

Bye, guys.

Right here.

What's going on? You'll see.

"P." It's for the paralysing crush I had on the new girl in my math class in the eighth grade.

Her name was Mei, and she was awesome.


It's for the really long time it took me to get up the nerve to ask her out.

"O" is for the only girl I've ever called my girlfriend, and the only one I ever want to.

And "M" for University of Michigan, of course.

Because that's our next chapter together.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, because before graduation and college and the rest of our lives together, there's something that I need to ask.

Yes! Yes!

Hey! Hey! Prom?

Yes! Yes!


Yes! Oh, yeah.

Darrell. Come on. Get him. Let's go.

Come on. Don't...

Darrell. Darrell!

Looks like it's just us.


Do you have a minute? I was... I was hoping to talk to you alone.

Yeah. Sure. What do you want to talk about?

It's about prom.


We've been working on the prom committee now for several months, and, since we're on the committee, I think it's a good idea for us to arrive a little early on prom night.

You know, make sure everything's copacetic.

I suppose that makes sense.

So, driving-wise, we should go together.

You want to...



Well, you know, people get so carried away with the whole prom date thing.

I say why not be practical about it, you know?

Brandon, I...

Is that a yes?

I'd love to.

OK, then.

Here you go.

Or do you want me to hold on to it?

So it's a date.

And Ethan got to be line leader because it was his birthday.

But my birthday's in July, which is totally unfair.


Every summer birthday gets celebrated on one day at the end of the school year.

And there are like six of us. And two of them are girls.

And they made Mike S. line leader first and his birthday isn't even until August, so I said... Mom!

Hey! What are you doing home?

Well, the place was dead, so Lou gave me the afternoon off.

I actually get to see my kids. Cool!

You see what came in the mail?

Wanna try it on?

Nah. Since you're here, I think I'll call work and see if I can pick up some extra hours.

Come on, sweetie. Let's all take tonight off.

Who keeps opening this door?

There's nothing but garbage down there.

Dad, if Mom got the hang of this, then you can, too.

Here. Watch.

Just click this, and... There we are.


Hold on. What?

You just have a little grease.


It's paying off already.

Boy. I don't know about this.

It's super easy.

Make sure I'm online. And then choose me from the contacts menu.

And next fall, we can talk whenever you want.

OK. How 'bout midnight? Every night of the week.

I don't know about that, Dad.

Georgetown on a scholarship, boy.

It's just like we always talked about, huh?

You heading off to achieve great things.

It's the heading off part I'm just...

...having a little trouble with. That's all.


You deserve an awesome prom, so... why wait?


Tyler, this is beautiful.

Told you I had plans. And what is prom without a romantic dinner?

You got Taco King.

Vegetarian burrito, extra guac.


...will you go with me? To prom?


Come on.

Thanks, Tyler.


It's like Apocalypse Prom.

Hey, there.

How you doing, Nova?

Nova, what do we do now?

Yeah. Is prom, like, cancelled?

We could always postpone till after graduation.


I don't wanna tell the entire senior class to return their dresses, cancel their dates.

If we do that, then... The terrorists have won?

People are counting on us.

Prom's three weeks away.

So we work before school. After school.

I would, but I can't. I'm starting my internship.

And I'm... I'm in the spring musical.

Yeah, man. I mean, this was already my hardest class this semester.

I'm tapped out. I got nothing left.


Nova. AP tests are coming. I'm already behind.

We need to get these kids back into class, OK?

There has to be something we can do.


Mr Dunnan, the prom decorations are completely destroyed.

Nova, I know.

The prom committee worked very, very hard.

Everything was in that shed. There's no one left to help me.

Mr Dunnan, what are we gonna do? What are you...

Bill. Sir.

Principal Dunnan? Mr Dunnan? Richter!

Get that pile of junk off of school grounds.

You can't ride that back here. Right. Sorry.

Wouldn't want any school property to get damaged.

You think it's funny when people's hard work gets destroyed?

It's just a bunch of dumb prom decorations.

Wait. No. Prom's ruined.

The boys and girls of Brookside have been robbed of their right to stand around in a gym and drink punch.

Put the flags at half mast.

I got a better idea. You're gonna help her rebuild.

What? What?!

Nova, you need help. Richter, you clearly need a way to stay out of trouble for the next couple of weeks.

Him? Mr Dunnan, I really don't think he...

Little Miss Sunshine's right. You should listen to her.

No. You're gonna do it.

Who knows? You might even learn something about hard work and dedication.

And if this prom isn't rebuilt to her specifications, you won't graduate.

You can't do that! You can't keep me from graduating.

You know what? I had a talk with myself about that...

...turns out I'm OK with it.

Hey, guys.

Hi, you.

What's with the helmets? Varsity made us wear them.

It's... humiliating. I think it's cute.

Yeah? We could get you one. Maybe it'll catch on.

Well, you could get me pink. It'd match my outfit.

That'd be pretty. And safe.

Well, I need a serious cram session for the elements test.

Yeah. Any time. Just think of me as your lab partner.

You are my lab partner.

Good point. I'll see you guys later.

Are you OK?

Yeah. Fine. Helmet.

Your sister's right. There are tons of girls out there who'd be thrilled to go to prom with you.

All you have to do is ask one of them.

Thank you, Oprah, for that nugget of wisdom.

You can do it. Just be... Lloyd.

That hasn't exactly worked out for me, like, ever.

She's right. It's not that hard.

This coming from the guy who hasn't asked anyone out since middle school.

You guys have been together forever.

Your whole lives are planned out. Next year...

Dude, I just don't understand how your sister convinced you to ask someone.

You've been ignoring my advice for years. Right, Mei?

Lloyd, she's out there. Now go find her.

So do you think you're gonna go to prom?

I don't know yet. It depends.

Do you know what? I really wanna go. Only if he asks me, like...

Alice, you know he's gonna ask you. So, it'll be OK.

What is that? Oh, my God.

Who did this?

I don't know. I mean, what kind of sick twist would put creepy serial killer letters on a person's locker?

It's OK. Oh, God!

What did I do wrong?

So? I was never here. You never saw me.


Come on, guys. Work it.

Well, now you have to ask her out.

I don't know, dude. You're killing me here, man.

There you go, fellas.

We totally had that.

Hey, Lucas. You're looking good out there, bro.

Really? He is?

You've got real varsity potential.

He does?

I gotta go.

Wow. Thanks, Tyler.

Hey, I'm having a team barbecue on Thursday. You should swing by.

Really? Yeah. Totally casual.

Bring a friend if you want.


I was thinking more like a girl, Lucas.

Oh. Right.

You know some of those, don't you?

Yeah. Of course. Tons.

All right. See you there, bro.

Here you go.

Just some dumb prom decorations and you're going to help her rebuild them.

Yeah. Sure he is. If he ever bothered to show up.

Glad you could make it.

No place I'd rather be.

Great. You know what?

Why don't you move that stuff from there... over there.

Do you think you can handle that?



No. I was just taking inventory of this...

...bucket. That would be one.

You want some help with that?

Yeah. Sure.

Why don't you give it a long, brooding stare until it carries itself across the room.

Wait. Nova, hold on a second.

I just wanna say one thing.

Lift from the legs.

He's a menace. A rude, arrogant menace who'd rather look down on everyone else than make any effort of his own. And he was late.

I don't know if Dunnan is doing this to punish him or me.

What's his name again?

Is that Jesse Richter? Yeah.

That that punk that stocks shelves down at the market?

I think he works there.

Well. Well, I used to run with his dad, OK?

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Is there any chance Jesse might actually help you?

Kitty, he's a punk, all right?

He's not gonna all of a sudden turn into an upright citizen.

I didn't say that.

I'm just saying it seems like you could use some help, Nova.

Three weeks isn't a lot of time.

Yeah, help, sure. But he's a...

He's a walking misdemeanour. Thank you, Dad.

"I'm a tough guy.

I have long hair and drive a motorcycle.

I can lift heavy things."


Be right back.

You should see this guy, Dad.

It's like he enjoys watching me suffer.

This kid gives you any more trouble, you just come to me, OK?

Nova, it's Brandon. Hey, Mrs Prescott.

Brandon. Hey, invite him in. I'II... I'll set another place.


Brandon, what are you doing... I got into Princeton!

Wow! Congratulations. Yeah!

Thank you. That's not all.

I'm a finalist for the dean's scholarship.

That's amazing.

The interview for the scholarship, it's the same weekend as prom.

Oh. I hate to leave you hanging.

No. I, I... I totally get it.

There's still some time for you to find another date, right?

Yeah. Totally. I'll be fine.

Fine. All right. Cool.


I just can't believe he would do this to you.

I mean, two weeks before. Yeah. He's a jerk.

A loser. I hate him.

I've always hated him. He's an idiot.

Guys, it's not that big of a deal. Honest.

Besides, prom's not even close to being ready. I still have a ton to do.

But who are you gonna go with?

Well, lots of people go to prom without dates.

No. You don't have to do all this, Nova.

Yeah. Just because Brandon bailed on me doesn't mean I'm gonna bail on the senior class.

I'm fine. Now go.




It's a varsity party and Tyler invited me.

No way. No, really.

And he told me to bring a girl.

Wow. Tyler Barso's barbecue.

That's almost a "triumphant Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock" moment.

Really? Well...

No. That could be your Hendrix moment.

Hi. Hey, Simone.

But first, fly check.

Pit check. OK. Now breathe on me.

Wait, why? You wanna ask her out with butt mouth?

I don't think so. Come on. Hit me.

I didn't get anything. Hit me again.

Dude. I just had a cough drop, all right?

My olfactory nerves are compromised. Come on.

What are you guys doing?

Extra credit! Yeah. Yeah.

I gotta go. He's... weird.


So, I'm glad you're here today.

I mean, I knew you'd be here. This is our class.

Not that you never miss class or anything.

I mean, you don't miss a lot of class.

You have excellent attendance as far as I can tell.

I try.

There's a lacrosse team barbecue on Thursday and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me.

I mean, unless you have a lacrosse issue, which some people do, sometimes.

That sounds like fun. Really?

Yeah. I love barbecues.

She loves barbecues.


We start every day at three.

Dude, relax. It's 3.15.

I'm not a dude, and I know what time it is. You're late.

All right, dude.

What's this supposed to be?

It's a celestial fountain.

Well, it's gonna leak all over the "celestial" floor unless you purge the line and unclog the intake.

I know that.

Hey, Rolo. Hey.

Can I see Athena's profile?

No. She doesn't have one.

Really? No profile?

Actually, she had to take her page down 'cause she got grounded.

What's she in for?

She was out clubbin' till late.

So Athena likes to get up in the club, huh?

Yeah. Big time.


Come on. Come on.

No! No, no, no, no, no! Stop, sir!

Stop, truck!

No, no! Jen.

Jen, you missed it! There was a sign!

No! No!

OK. Come on, baby.

Stop, stop, stop! Stop!

And... it's leaking.

Yes, it is. Happy?


You act all tough, but I know you.

You're the guy who cried when the class hamster died in third grade.

Yeah, well, Heady didn't make me build a cosmic canopy.

You remember her name?

You just need a hamster to love, don't you?

This is a disaster.

A hurricane's a disaster. Smallpox. Locusts.

Those are disasters. This is just a fountain.

And it's just prom.

Just prom?

Yeah. Lame DJ, balloons, poofy dresses.

Not something to get so worked up about.

I forgot. School functions conflict with your "thinking that I'm better than everyone" time.

Well, for the rest of us, prom happens to be fun.

Not for the guys. You gotta buy dinner. You gotta get the little flower thing.

Don't pretend you don't know what it's called.

And then there's the tuxedo, the ultimate symbol of conformity that a bunch of other guys have already sweated in.

Whereas you opt for the long hair and black jacket.

The whole "motorcycle" thing. The ultimate symbol of nonconformity.

At least I don't wear it posing in front of some stupid backdrop.

People keep those pictures forever. In a box in their attic.

A lot of people worked really hard on prom.

And it all burned down.

Look, I'm sorry.

Prom is obviously really important to you.

I just don't get it.

All this for one night.

Yeah, you're right.

But... it's the last night, and it's the last dance.

And for that one night, who we were for four years of high school... doesn't matter.

It's just all of us together in this one perfect moment.

And I wanna be a part of that.

It should be this next block. Thanks for driving, Corey.

Yeah, sure thing. I'm a driver. I can drive.

As long as it's during daylight hours and with adult supervision.

Now, slow down.

What is that sound? I could swear it's my mom nagging me, but no, that's impossible since she promised to be quiet during this car ride.

Use your signal. Mom.

Aren't you coming, Corey? Right.

Only Lucas was invited. Silence.

But it's a team barbecue.

Yeah, it is, but it's... varsity.

Everybody's in the back. Go ahead.

Hey, Tyler, what's up, man? My man, what's up Oh. That explains it.

You kids have fun... without me.

If you guys need a ride before sundown, you know, just give me a call. I'll be here.

Hello, hello. What's up? Lucas, you made it.

What's up, man? This is Simone.

We've met.


Doesn't everyone know Tyler Barso?

Hey, you know what?

Come inside. Let me show you guys around.

Come on.

Hey, my man. Hey, what's up?

Hey, Tyler, what's up? Sean!

Tyler! What's up, buddy?

I'll be right back, OK?

Hey, ladies. This is, this is Lucas, and he's on the team.

Oh, yeah? What position are you?

Seated, usually.

You're funny.

Hey. Don't talk to me.

Come on. Don't play it like that.

I'm glad you're here. I miss you.

I had no idea this was your party.

Are you sure about that?

There wasn't a teeny, tiny part of you that wanted to see me, too?

How many more twinkly lights do we really need?

A lot.

You collect these things?

Kind of.

Whenever I have an event: college tour, scholarship dinner, awards banquet, I always just stick 'em there.

I know, it's kinda dorky.

No. It's impressive.

No. Not this song. You hate this song, too?

There's like eight words in it and two of them are "party."

If this were my world, Corey and I would have veto power for all music released into the airwaves.

Really? Just you guys?

Well, you too, if you wanted.

Yeah, thanks.

So, do you just talk the talk or can you walk the walk?

Do I play?

No. I don't.

You wanna learn?


Put your hand like this.

No. OK.

That's a "C."


Yes, but you have to strum.

OK, wait, wait.

OK, try now.

There you go. You'll be a rock god in no time.

Do you have a boyfriend?

I'm sorry.

I mean, it's none of my business.

C, C, C, C.

No, it's OK.

There was one guy.

But it turns out he's not exactly available.


It's fine. I'm over it.

It's perfect! She doesn't have a boyfriend, she told me.

And she plays guitar. Lucas.

I mean, it's just like you said, right?

You never listen to what I say. She's into me.

Which is why I'm gonna ask her to study as soon as I see...


Did you forget what day it is? Friday?

Yes, which we've established and designated as "Stick Hippo T-shirt day."

Where's yours?

I guess I forgot.

All right. Well, I have an extra, you know, for emergencies...

Tyler! Great party, bro!

Hey, you the man, Luke!


Mei? You have a very important decision to make.


And I want you to know that whatever you decide, I support.

What are you talking about?

The limo. Both Mark and Izzy want white, but I said I thought you and I were more the classic black types.

Aren't we? I guess...

What's wrong?

It's just... Do I get any say in this?

Yeah, yeah, of course you do.

How many other things have you figured out?

I mean, who says I even wanted a limo?

All right. Look, we don't have to decide this right now.

Forget I said anything.

Go for it!

OK, what do I say?

Just pretend you're a normal person.


Hi, Kristen! It's Lloyd.

I'm in your Civics class.

Really? You lent me a pencil.

I was like, "Do you have a pencil?"

And you were like, "Yes." So, I brought it back...

Here... it is. But wait, that's not the point.

This might seem out of the blue, this is out of the blue, actually, but, prom is coming up, as you know, and I am looking for a date, and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go with me.

Are you serious?

Well, I know it's a little last minute, but I'm really fun, I swear.

You know, I have references... No, it's not that.

I have a boyfriend. Didn't you know that?

Oh. No, I guess not.

I thought everyone knew about us.

I'm Kristen, he's Anton. We're Kranton.

I mean, how could you not know about us?

You'd have to live in a cave. I don't.

Yeah, I mean, we're always together and the five minutes I'm talking to you have been the longest we've been apart in months.

Huh. Yeah. You're back.

God, I missed you.


OK, I'll just... slip it in.

Just slip it in there.

Just... Right in front of me. OK.

Well, talk to ya later then, "Kranton."

...and she called him.

Hey, Simone. Hey.

Listen, if you wanna study for the elements test after school...

I'd love to. I really need it.

Cool. How about we meet in the library?

Perfect. I'll be there.

Hey, I thought we were gonna study.

Dude, I'm sealing the deal.

OK, yeah. I'll just study by myself. That's much more efficient.


You must've worked all night.



I have a kid brother. He's seven.

And because of my mom's work schedule, I have to pick him up from school.

Why are you telling me this?

It's why I cut class and I'm late getting here.

I just want you to know, I'm not blowing it off 'cause I'm a slacker.

From now on...

...we start at 3.15.

Hi, Simone. Welcome to the library.

Hey, Simone, you ready to study?

Hey, Simone, didn't see you there.

What am I saying? Of course I saw her.


What do you want?

Can I give you a ride home?

I have plans.

Listen, I really need to talk, Simone.

All right, there aren't a lot of people I can do that with.

Just a few minutes?

Why won't you answer my texts? You know why.

I mean, you said it was over between you and Jordan.

I never would've gone out with you.

Please don't ice me out like this, Simone.

I know it's messed up about Jordan, but we've been together for a long time.

OK, she's been talking about prom for years.

But, Tyler, this isn't... You're such a special girl.

If you weren't, I would never expect you to understand.

Just give me until after prom.

You're missing my...



Archfield's prom is this weekend, and Ali just found out that their theme is "Starry, Starry Night." They have an extra "Starry."

So? It's gonna sound really stupid.

I just thought that we were creating this one-of-a-kind night, and turns out there's another one a couple miles away.

Just makes it feel so... ordinary.

Well, maybe we should check out how starry their night really is.

You can do it, Nova.

Do what?

Trust me.


So, how are you gonna get us in there?

I'm gonna fire my grappling hook gun, climb onto the roof, and crash in through the skylight.



Good thinking.

Oh, man. This is pathetic.

These totally come in a kit.

That's lame. And a balloon wall, really?

These lights don't even twinkle.

And where's the cosmic canopy?

Complete amateurs.

Why are you doing this?

Well, I hadn't broken in anywhere in a while, and I thought...

I'm serious.

You don't care about prom. So... why help me?

It's nice to be around someone who believes in something so much.

What are you doing?

What do you mean?

You were gonna kiss me.

No, I wasn't. Well, why not?


Nova. If I'm about to kiss you, you'll know it.

What was that?

Hey! Who's there?

We gotta go.

Nova, this way.

Black and white? Come on!

We did it!

I have a record now.

A rap sheet. I have "priors".

You don't have "priors".

A stern warning and a call to your parents isn't exactly your "first strike".

What if they tell Georgetown?

Nova, it's fine. They're not...

You! Hey, you! Dad...

What'd you do to her? It's OK.

OK? What are you, out of your mind? He was doing all this for me.

What? Breaking into a school? Getting stopped by the cops?

Please listen to me. I deserve the blame, OK?

Really? Whose idea was it?

Dad, Archfield had the same exact... You're right. It was my idea.

This isn't you, Nova. Let's go.

Kid's a loser.



Tyler. Hey, babe.

It's over. I know about your sophomore.

I'm really sorry I didn't make it to the library.

The library! I totally forgot.


I gave a girl a ride home. This isn't about her. It's about you.

I was out with the team. Tyler wanted to show me some moves. Varsity stuff.

I'm looking good for next year, so...

Tyler showed you.

Yeah. We must've lost track of time and forgot about our plans.

What are you so upset about? I'm not upset. I'm done.

Well, I'm still really sorry.

I would've hated waiting all afternoon for someone to show up.

Yeah. That would've sucked.

Prom's right around the corner. What are you gonna do, not go?

Don't worry about me, Tyler.

You just keep worrying about you, since that's what you're best at.

Out of the whole collection, these two are my favourites.

This Harvey Kuenn's worth, like, 40 bucks, and this Al Kaline would go for 80 at least.

You must have some allowance, kid.

My dad left them behind.

Charlie. Why are you carrying those around?

They stay in the basement.

What are you doing here?

The way my dad talked to you, you didn't deserve that.

And the way Dunnan treats you...

A lot of people are wrong about you.

And... I was one of 'em.

You came all the way here to tell me that?

I even ditched last period.

For her, that's a big deal.

What are you, his peer counsellor or something?

Hey! Talking about? Peer counsellor!

Can I at least just see it on you?

No! I look like a manatee.

No one will ever see this dress on me.

Cut is wrong, the colour is wrong, the fabric is wrong.

Everything is wrong!

No, don't! Mei... Now what are you gonna wear?

I don't know! Nothing.

What is this about?

I know you. It's not about a dress.

Look, if you don't want to go to prom, just let me know.

What are you talking about?

Well, first it was the limo. Now the dress.

You're obviously looking for excuses not to go.

I never said that. You don't have to.

I know when I'm being blown off.

You don't wanna go? Fine.

Prom's off. Problem solved.

Good bye, Tyler.

Hey, Jordan, I was thinking. Are you?


I like it better that way.

Me, too.

There you go. Thank you.

So, you say you two have been working together at school?

Something like that.

Can I get a refill before I barf, please?

My favourite kind of customers.

Waitress! Cleanup on aisle five.

You gonna clean that up?

I think we should go. Are you gonna clean that up?

Do you hear something? Nah, I don't see anything either.

I want you to come with me.

Jesse... You can do it.

Do what? Trust me.

Those idiots aren't worth it. Come on.

They'll get what's coming to 'em. Stuff balances out.

Wake up, Nova. What does that mean?

It means it's easy to believe in that stuff when everything always goes your way.

You think that everything goes my way?

That I have no problems in my life because my dad didn't leave?

You think sometimes I don't wanna just forget everything, get on my motorcycle all angry and misunderstood and go beat some people up?

I have to work my butt off just to try to get things to go my way.

Everybody does.


I bet you could beat some people up.

Yeah, I could.

OK. Let's go dress shopping.


So, how come you don't have a date?

He bailed on me.

Well, there must be somebody else you could go with.

Like the class president or something?

I am the class president.

Come on. There must be some honour student out there who you could go...


That looks fantastic with our garnet pendant necklace.

Necklace? With the price of this dress, the only necklace I'll be able to afford'll be made out of candy.

That guy who ditched you made a big mistake.

This is awful. You've been dissed, trampled, humiliated, stomped on.

Your heart's just been, like, torn out and ground up in...

I get it! OK?

What's that?

Hey, Simone. You didn't happen to see anybody put this in my locker, did you?

Why? What is it?

Tickets. To see Mechanical Sandwich?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. They had an interesting single, but then they changed bass players on the second album and totally ended up sucking.

Yeah. Their second album was pretty lame.

I don't even know why Stick Hippo's opening for them.

What?! What?!

Hold on. How do you know about this? I mean, I'm a certified Stick Hippo webmaster, and even I didn't know about this.

Well, it's kind of a secret gig.

I got the last two tickets. Oh, I like your site, by the way.

You're the one hit. Dude, she's the one hit!

Wait. That means my mom's been lying to me.

I bet they're great live. Are you kidding? They're the best!

Where are our seats?

This is like a "you guys" thing. OK.

Just get me a T-shirt or something.


Do all assigned books have to be so torturously boring?

Oh, yeah. This is rough. Ethan Frome?

The worst! The guy falls in love with his wife's cousin, goes sledding with her, she winds up paralysed. Snore.

That is an incredibly accurate plot summary.

Hey, listen. You don't happen to have a date to prom, do you?

Me? Yeah.

I mean, I know it's a crazy thing to just ask...

No. It's sweet. I don't think we've ever talked before, have we?

Maybe not. I'm Lloyd.

Betsy. Short for Elizabeth?

That's right. Pretty.


So, what do you say, Bets? Prom?

Well, it could be fun. You seem nice.

But I have a date already.

I mean, we're just friends, we're going as friends, but, prom's Saturday.

I can't cancel now.

Yeah, no, I underst... Yeah.

It's too bad. If only we'd met sooner, you know?


Isn't it funny how you can go to school with somebody for so long and not even meet them till now?

Yeah. Funny.

Like sledding and getting paralysed.

What are you doing?

Can't a guy ask a girl to prom?

I thought you were taking Jordan.

It's over.

I ended it for real.


I mean, if you want to think about it, you can just bring your answer to school tomorrow.


I got this for you, too.

I'd love to hear you play sometime.

Rolo. Wow.

That's a good look for you.

How do I know which one to pick?

Well, do you know what Athena's wearing?

Yeah. This.

Nice try.

What do you mean?

You'd have to be a Victoria's Secret model to pull this off.

Well, that's what she's wearing.

What magazine did you rip this out of?

Oh, no, no, no. She sent it to me.

In the mail, of course.

Because her e-mail privileges, they were revoked when she stayed out clubbing. Clubbing.


All right, Rolo. I guess I'll see you guys at prom.


Wonder if they'll be too high?

I don't want to be taller than him. Taller than who?

You got a prom date, and this is the first we're hearing about it?

He hasn't asked me yet, but...

...tomorrow's our last day working together, and I think he's going to.

Is she talking about Jesse Richter? Are you talking about Jesse Richter?

Wow! Nova likes bad boys.

Who knew? You rebel!

It's more than that. I've never felt like this before.

You and Jesse Richter. I don't believe it.

Yeah, no one will. Why not?

Because you're you, and he's...

And he's not exactly Brandon.

He's kind of on the other side of the planet from Brandon.


Well, maybe that stuff isn't as important as I thought it was.

Maybe there's more to a person than being valedictorian or class president.

So sweet!

Hey. Hey.

Hey, Jesse.

Hey. I'm here about Nova.

Is she all right?

Yeah, she's fine.

In fact, she's, she's better than fine.

Top of her class, full scholarship next year.

Big plans.

I know.

OK. You know.

But maybe you don't know how much work she's done to get where she is.

She's in the home stretch now.

And that's where you came in.

Right at the end.

You don't even know me.

No, I... I do know you.

Come on. I was just like you.

Struggling to get by, angry at the world.

You know, no plans for the future.

And you might even figure it out.

But it's not fair to drag Nova down while you do.

So, if you care about her as much as I think you do... won't be the thing that holds her back.

OK, so the President of the United States comes to you, says that we need a new national anthem, any band, any era, right?

There's, there's Simone. I'll catch you later.

Hey, Simone. All right.

Hey, Lucas.

So, on Saturday, what do you think? Pick you up at six?

Actually, I've been looking for you.

Because Saturday's prom, and do you remember that guy I told you about who wasn't available? Well, he asked me.

And we're going.

I didn't mean to mess up your plans. It all happened so fast.

No. I'm happy for you.

I'm really sorry, Lucas.

Let's go. I'm starving. Huh? Go.

You guys are going for pizza?

You're the man, Luke!



So, I was thinking we should check the speed of the disco ball, make sure it's not too fast or...

OK. Great.

That looks good. Right?

Or is that too slow? Is it too slow?

Nova, just tell me how you want it.

Well, don't you have an opinion?

My opinion is I wanna set this thing and be done with it.

That's fine, then.

I can't wait until you turn on that fountain under these lights tomorrow night.

Me? Well, who else?

I won't be here.

You didn't think I was actually gonna go to this thing, did you?


I've wasted enough of my time on prom.

I don't think it was a waste of time... for us.

What "us"?

You expect me to believe that this hasn't meant anything to you?

That you don't feel any different?

How I feel or how you feel doesn't mean anything.


Your world may be all disco balls and celestial fountains, but that's not where I live.

Where I live, I'm a bad guy who's going nowhere, and that's the only reason I'm here.

None of that stuff matters.

As long as you feel the same way about me as...

...I feel about you.

I don't.

OK. So, just to be clear, that is a "no."

Yeah. OK.

I know the feeling.

What's her name?



I didn't ask her. What happened?

She's going to prom.

Shoulda known. Prom.

That soul-crushing mistress.

Yeah, well, she's going and now she'll never know how I feel.

You gotta tell her.

You don't even know me. Don't I?

Shy, nice guy, always waiting for the right time to make his move, and the right time never comes?

Before you know it, you're a senior, couple weeks from graduating, and... you saw.

You can't keep waiting for the right moment to happen.

Make it happen. What do you have to lose?

Hey. Hey.

I have to tell you something.

I got accepted to Parsons.

For design.

In New York.

New York.

I didn't even know you applied.

I didn't think I'd get in.

And I was wait-listed and I thought "no way."

And then I got in.

Justin... I'm gonna go.

Say something.

How could you think I wouldn't be proud of you?

This is why you've been acting so crazy about prom.

Prom is supposed to be this "forever" night.

And we're supposed to be this..."forever" couple.


You know, nobody knows the future.

But I do know how I feel about you.

And what if that's not enough?

Mei, look at me. It's enough.

Do you think... What?

Anyone would notice if I wore my homecoming dress?

Who cares?

Dude, get off me! Shut up. Idiot.

Hey. See me now?

Hey, hey, hey, hey! Get outta here! Stop it!

Break it up! Get off of him!

Move it!

Let me see you. You OK? Are you all right?

God, look at you.

Look at you.

Come on. Come get inside.

OK, ready? OK.

Do we really have to do the whole picture-by-the-fireplace thing?

Come on. It's gonna be great.


Because the balloons are right and the tablecloths match the napkins?

Lots of people go to prom without dates.

This is about someone in particular, isn't it?

I know it didn't make sense. It just... just felt right.

Why can't I have that?

What did I do wrong?

I had a talk with him.

You did what?

I was protecting what we always talked about for you.

You've worked so hard. I didn't want him to...

...ruin all the great things you had ahead of you.

I know you think you were doing what's best for me...

...but tonight could've been one of those great things.

And he's not the one who ruined it.


What are you doing?

I meant to hit the window.

Why are you in the tree?

I have to tell you something.

Lucas, my date's gonna be... Don't go to prom.

You're not seriously asking me that.

I love you... more than a friend.

Love implies more than a friend.

Yes. It does, and I've missed every chance to tell you until now because I was stupid and scared.

But now I'm in this tree, and you're so beautiful.

And if you walk out that door, I might as well stay up here forever.

Don't go.

Tyler? You're going to prom with Tyler?

I didn't know how to tell you.

I'm sorry, Lucas. I have to go.

Yo, Tyler! How's it goin', man?

What's up, baby?

Chillin'. Chillin'. Lookin' fresh, lookin' fresh.

Hey, let's get together. Let's do this picture thing real quick. Come on.


Nova! Hi.

Brandon! What are you doing here?

Well, I made it back early. You did it, Nova Prescott.

Starry Night. I mean, it's all that you said it would be.


Everything's OK, right?

No. It's not.

She came by herself.


Wow. I can't believe it.

You know, the first time I met him, he'd just been in a fight.

Yeah, like father like son.

What are you talking about? Come on, Mom.

You married a fighter and look where it got us. Look where it's got me.

I did not marry a fighter.

I married an idiot that got into fights. There's a difference.

You are a fighter. You've been through a lot and you're still here taking care of this family.

I'd bet on you every time.

Not everybody feels that way.

She does.

You know, your dad never knew what the hell was important.

What was worth fighting for.

If he did, he'd be here... see how great you turned out.

Even if it fits, you're still the bigger man.



I was a jerk, Corey.

And I'm sorry.

The band... is back together.

Hold on. Mom! Let's go!

Hippos forever! Oh, yeah!

All right. Top five tragic band breakups of all time. Go.

Oasis. The Kinks.

This is awesome!

Go. Have fun.

Really? You sure?

Yes. Go. Enjoy your youth.

Come on!

I can't believe she dumped Tyler and came alone.

I know. It's awesome.

Hey. Where you been?

They're about to announce king and queen.

You didn't break up with Jordan to be with me.

She dumped you.

Well, yeah. Technically. But...

You know, Tyler, all you had to do was tell the truth.

Was that really so difficult... tell the truth about how you felt?

I mean...

Attention, attention! We're about to crown the king and queen.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have tallied the votes and are proud to announce Brookside's new prom king is...

Tyler Barso!


Congratulations. Thank you.

And what's a king without a queen?

In a landslide win...

Jordan Lundley!

Please make room for the king and queen's official dance.

No. I'm not gonna dance with him.

One second. Are you sure?


At the request of the queen, she will be sitting this dance out.

So, it'll just be the king's dance. By order of the queen.


Shall we?

Actually, Tyler, there... there's somewhere else I have to be.

Oh... my... God.


Nice dress.

You brought your sister to prom?

Yeah, it's... I can explain.

I think that rocks.

Where have you been?

Amazing. I mean, that version of "War Craving"?

The best!

Hendrix. Woodstock.

Come on. Let's dance.

I think I'm prom'd out.


The fountain stopped working.

You guys can figure it out or just leave it off.

You're here.

Will you go to prom with me?



I thought you'd never wear that sweaty symbol of conformity.

I thought about that, but then I realised...

...I kinda rock it.

It's so romantic.

Prom, a night when nice guys might not finish last.

When friends might completely surprise you.

When the person you were throughout high school could change in an instant.

Maybe you find what you're looking for.

Or maybe you just find yourself.

It's true, one night can bring us all together.

But it's more than that, 'cause when it ends...

... it's really just the beginning.

You're about to kiss me.