Prometheus (2012) Script

Get Charlie.

Dr. Holloway!



Come quick!

-Did you date it? -Thirty-five thousand...

...years. Maybe older.

You gotta be kidding me.

lt's the same configuration. l mean, it's gotta predate the others by millennia.

l think they want us to come and find them.


What happened to that man?

He died.

Why aren't you helping them?

They don't want my help.

Their God is different than ours.

Why did he die?

Because sooner or later, everyone does.

Like Mummy?

Like Mummy.

Where do they go?

Everyone has their own word.



Whatever it's called, it's someplace beautiful.

How do you know it's beautiful?

That's what l choose to believe.

What do you believe, Ellie?

Good morning, David.

Transmitting message.

No response.

Whilst this articulation... attested in the lndo-European descendants... a purely paralinguistic form... is phonemic in the ancestral form dating back...

...five millennia or more.

Let's attempt Schleicher's fable.

Repeat after me.


-Mr. Lawrence? -Yes?

-Flimsy, sir. -Thank you.

You do that once too often. lt's only flesh and blood!

Michael George Hartley, you're a philosopher.

And you're barmy.

-lt damn well hurts! -Certainly, it hurts.

Well, what's the trick, then?

The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.

The trick, William Potter... not minding that it hurts.

The trick, William Potter... not minding that it hurts.


Destination threshold.


Destination threshold.

Attention: Destination threshold.


How long?

Two years, four months, 18 days...

...36 hours, 15 minutes.

Any casualties?

Casualties, ma'am?

Has anyone died?

No, ma'am. Everyone is fine.

Well, then wake them up.

Try to relax, Dr. Shaw.

My name is David.

Your mind and body are in a state of shock... a result of the stasis. lt's all right. Perfectly normal.


We're here, baby.

There, there.

Drink plenty of water. Drink plenty of fluids.

Hydration aids muscle mass.

All crew, consume shakes with high caloric content.

What the hell is that?

lt's Christmas.

We need the holidays... show time is still moving.

Mission briefing... about to start, captain.

Might wanna make your way down.

Well, l haven't had any breakfast yet. ls this seat taken?

Hi, l'm Millburn, Biology. Nice to meet you.


Look, no offense, but...

...l've been asleep two years. l ain't here to be your friend. l'm here to make money.

You got that?

Okay. l bet a hundred credits it's a terraforming survey.

No, if it's a survey, they would tell us. lt's a corporate run, they're not telling us shit.

Come on.

-A hundred. -All right, you're on.

You look nervous, El.

-l'll try to keep my feet on the ground. -l know you will.

Good morning.

For those of you l hired personally...'s nice to see you again.

For the rest of you, l am Meredith Vickers. lt's my job to make sure you do yours.

Okay, then. On with the show.

Weyland Corporation.

Building better worlds.

Hello, friends.

My name is Peter Weyland.

l am your employer. l am recording this, 22 June, 2091. And if you're watching it... have reached your destination.

And l am long dead.

May l rest in peace.

There's a man sitting with you today. His name is David.

And he is the closest thing to a son l will ever have.

Unfortunately, he is not human.

He will never grow old...

...and he will never die.

And yet he is unable to appreciate these remarkable gifts...

...for that would require the one thing that David will never have.

A soul. l have spent my entire...

...lifetime contemplating the questions:

Where do we come from?

What is our purpose?

What happens when we die?

And l have found two people who convinced me they're on the verge of answering them.

Drs. Holloway and Shaw, if you would please stand.

As far as you're concerned, they're in charge.

The Titan Prometheus wanted to give mankind equal footing with the gods...

...and for that, he was cast from Olympus.

Well, my friends, the time has finally come for his return.

Doctors, please.

The floor is yours.

Okay, wow.

All right. l never had to follow a ghost before.

Okay, let me show you why you guys...

...are here.

These are images of archeological digs from all over the Earth.


...Egyptian, Mayan, Sumerian, Babylonian.

That's Hawaiian there at the end, then Mesopotamian.

Now, this one here is our most recent discovery. lt's a 35,000-year-old cave painting from the lsle of Skye in Scotland.

These are ancient civilizations. They were separated by centuries.

They shared no contact with one another, and yet....

The same pictogram...

...showing men worshipping giant beings, pointing to the stars...

...was discovered at every last one of them.

And the only galactic system that matched...

...was so far from Earth that there's no way...

...that these primitive, ancient civilizations could have possibly known about it.

But itjust so happens...

...that that system...

...has a sun...

...a lot like ours.

And, based on our long-range scans, there seemed to be a planet.

Just one planet with a moon...

...capable of sustaining life.

And we arrived there this morning.

So you're saying we're here because of a map you two kids found in a cave. ls that right?

-No. -Yeah.

No. Not a map, an invitation.

From who?

We call them Engineers.


Do you mind...

...telling us what they engineered?

They engineered us.


Okay, so do you...

...have anything to back that up?

Look, if you're willing to discount...

...centuries of Darwinism, that's....

But how do you know? l don't.

But it's what l choose to believe.


Miss Vickers would like to have a quick word before the adventure begins.

Wow, nice place. lt's actually a separate module with its own self-contained life support.

Air, food.

Anything Miss Vickers would need to survive a hostile environment.

Okay, so she lives on a lifeboat.

Yes. l do. l like to minimize risk.

David, why don't you make the doctors a drink? l'll take a vodka. Up.

Charlie, look. lt's a Pauling Med-Pod.

They only made a dozen of these.

Miss Shaw.

Please verbally state the nature of your injury.

Please don't touch that. lt's a very expensive piece of machinery. lt does bypass surgery. What do you need it for?

There might be some confusion about our relationship.

Weyland found you impressive enough to fund this mission.

But l'm fairly certain your Engineers are scribblings...

...of savages living in dirty little caves.

But let's say l'm wrong, and you do find these beings down there... won't engage them... won't talk to them.

You will do nothing but report back to me.

Miss Vickers, is there an agenda that...'re not telling us about?

My company...

...paid a trillion dollars to find this place and bring you.

Had you raised the monies yourself, Mr. Holloway...

...we'd happily be pursuing your agenda.

But you didn't.

And that makes you an employee.

But if we can't make contact...

...why did you even bring us here?

Weyland was a superstitious man.

He wanted a true believer onboard.


So no response? l'm sorry, no.

Maybe they didn't understand it.

How are your lessons going, David? l spent two years deconstructing dozens of ancient languages... their roots. l'm confident...

...l can communicate with them...

...provided your thesis is correct.

''Provided it's correct.'' That's good.

That's why they call it a thesis, doctor.

What are you smiling about?

Mr. Ravel, Mr. Chance, take her down.

-Roger that. -Yes, captain.

Descent trajectory mapped.

How we doing?


All right, boss.

All personnel...

...this is the captain.

Brace for entry.

Yes, captain.

That means you too, Vickers.

All systems...

What is the atmosphere?

Atmosphere is...

...71 percent nitrogen...

...21 percent oxygen...

...traces of argon gas.

Whoa, now, that's weather.

Just like home. lf you're breathing through an exhaust pipe.

CO2 is over 3 percent.

Two minutes without a suit, you're dead.

Peak portside.

Whoa, 52,000! lt makes Everest look like a baby brother.

All right, take us around.

We'll use that as our point of entry.

Terrain data rezzing up. We've got...

...a couple of hard spots.

Could be metal.

No radio, no heat source.

Nobody's home.

There is nothing in the desert...

...and no man needs nothing.

What was that?

Just something from a film l like.

Let's go through that gateway.

Reduce airspeed by a hundred knots.

Going through. Nice and slow.

Keep it steady, boys.


No, what are you doing?

Dr. Holloway, why don't you take a seat?

Right there. God does not build in...

...straight lines. Starboard side, this valley! Captain...

...could you put us down there? l wouldn't be any good if l couldn't do that.

Mr. Ravel, starboard 90 degrees.

-One mile, port bow. -One mile, port bow.

Engage landing sequence.

Switch to manual.

-Commence landing. -Easy.

-Roger that. -Yeah, baby, yeah.

Bringing her down in five.

-Preparing RCS thrusters. -Four.

Two. Easy does it.

Generator systems are inactive.

Temperature is at 2.724 K.

Captain, would you...

...tell the survey team to suit up...

...and meet us in the airlock.

Only six hours left of daylight.

-Leave it till morning. -No, no, no. lt's Christmas, captain...

...and l want to open my presents.

You, boy.

You're coming with us. l'd be delighted.

Attention: Ramp will open in five minutes.

Hey, Jackson...

...what's that for?

Expedition security.

My job is to make sure everybody is nice and safe.

This is a scientific expedition. No weapons.

All right, then.

Good luck with that.

David, why are you wearing a suit, man? l beg your pardon?

You don't breathe, remember?

So why wear a suit? l was designed like this...

...because you people are more comfortable interacting with your own kind. lf l didn't wear the suit, it would defeat the purpose.

They're making you guys pretty close, huh?

Not too close, l hope.

Attention: Ramp will open in 15 seconds.

Ramp will open in five...

...four, three, two, one.


This is just one small step for mankind.


You ready to do this? l know you are.

Hey, Fifield. l want a spectrograph on this. l want to know if it's natural or if somebody put it there. l can't tell you if it's natural or not. But what l can...

...tell you is, it's hollow.

Prometheus, are you seeing this?


We see it.

Okay, ready?

-Yeah. -Let's do it.

-After you. -After you.



Prometheus, we're going in.

Copy that.

What's back here?

Some kind of a corridor?

Mr. Fifield, let's get a grid of the structure. l want the whole interior. lf there's anything in here worth looking at...

...these pups'll find them.


Yeah, pups. My pups.

Prometheus, we are now mapping.

Copy that.

Well, l'll be damned.

Fifield, you got a read?


Pups are saying this way.

Look at this.

Oh, Charlie.


The sunlight is heating the water.

Check out the humidity.

Yeah, and look at the CO2 levels.

Outside...'s completely toxic, and in here...

...there's nothing. lt's breathable.

What are you doing?

-Don't be an idiot. -Don't be a skeptic.

There's something generating an atmosphere.


-Dr. Holloway is correct. -Cleaner than Earth...


They were terraforming.

Please don't do-- l'm not wearing this thing anymore.

Wish me luck, baby.

Do you copy? Do not remove your headgear.

You crazy bastard.

Connect our suit cameras...

...if you want to continue watching this freak show. We are taking our helmets off.

Copy that. Switching feeds.

Well, come on. Pay up.

-Pay what? -What do you mean, ''Pay what''?

Something is manufacturing breathable air down there. That, mate... terraforming. -No, no. The bet was why we came here. lf you said a dead old man wanted to talk to Martians, l'd pay.

Come on, a hundred credits.

Put it towards a lap dance with Miss Vickers. How about that?

lt's minus 12 in here.

So why is this water not frozen?

Maybe it ain't water.

Maybe it's Martian piss.

That's your scientific theory? ls it? Mr. Biology?

Whatever it is, it sure is collagenous.

Some kind of sediment, perhaps.


What was that?



What is that?



What was that? l'm really glad we didn't bring weapons.

-Come on, El. Let's go. -Whose idea was that?

Keep up!

Come on!

Where did he go?

Wait, wait, wait.

There it is. There it is. There it is.

Oh, my God, Charlie. We found them.

What do you mean ''them''? lt is them, Ellie. lt looks like a door...

...and he's been decapitated by it.

Son of a bitch.

They were right.

What did you want them to be? Wrong?


...please tell me you can read that.


No, l'm out of here.

Hey, Fifield, where are you going?


Look, l'm just a geologist. l like rocks. l love rocks!

Now it's clear you two don't give a shit about rocks.

But what you do seem to care about is gigantic dead...


As l don't really have anything to contribute in the gigantic...

...dead body arena...

...l want to go back to the ship, if you don't mind.

Anyone wanna...

...join me, hey? You staying?

No, ship's good.

Yeah. Ship very good.

Congratulations on meeting your maker.

Thank you.

Pull yourself...

...together, man.

And l thought you were the crazy one.

Do you have the carbon reader?

Thank you.

How long's it been dead?

Two thousand years...

...give or take.

What are you doing, David? l'm attempting to open the door.

Wait. We don't know what's on the other side.

Oops. Sorry.

Look, Ford. lt's the head.

An amazing state of preservation.

-We'll take it in. -Yeah.

Remarkably human.

Beautiful painting. lt's a mural.


Stop. Don't touch it.


Please, don't touch anything.



Oh, no.

Charlie, the murals are changing. l think we've affected the atmosphere in the room.

Charlie, do you copy?

Oh, the head!

Ford, quick, help me bag the head!

-Boss. -What you got?

We got an incoming storm front.


...and lots of static. This is not good. l see it.

Ground crew...

...this is Janek. l need you to hustle back right now.

Ground crew, do you copy me? l got 200-kilometer...

...winds of airborne silica...

...and enough static to fry your suit.

Copy that, sir.

We need more time. l'll be closing the outer...

...doors in 15 minutes. l sincerely hope you can make it.

Charlie! David!

We must leave now.

This is just another tomb.


-On three. -Two, three, up.

Let's go!

Easy, easy, easy. Careful.

David, we are leaving!

Come on!

Damn it, they've already taken off.

Come on, let's go.

Prometheus to ground crew. You're running out of time.

All right, come on. Let's go.

Go faster!

Charlie! The head!

Ellie, no!

What are you doing?

Hatch closure... five seconds. -Shit.

Damn it, hold on!

Goddamn it.

Door closing.

Ellie, don't move!


Grab my hand!


No, Ellie!


Got it.

So, what was that, Ellie?

You could've compromised the mission. Not to mention...

...almost killing yourself!

Are you all right?


Thank you, David.

My pleasure.

Doctors, it's real good to have... back, but where's Millburn and Fifield?

Aren't they back yet?

-Get them up for me. -All right.

We've been here before, Fifield. l don't know. lt all looks the same to me.

Boys, this is the captain. Listen up.

Between the static electricity and the wind speed...

...well, there ain't no safe way to come get you.


The temperature is dropping rapidly, so get your helmets on and stay warm...

...until the storm passes.


...can you get a message to the scientist and his zealot girlfriend?

You got a pen nearby?

No. No, l think we got it.

Tell them l said...themselves.


Copy that. All right, boys, keep your head down...

...and we'll come get you in the morning.

Well, which way now?

All right.

Well, which way, huh?

Sample is sterile. No contagion present.


So are they all dead?

What? Who?

Your Engineers.

Are they all dead or aren't they? l don't know.

We just got here.


Do you care if they're dead?

Weyland cared.

Dr. Shaw.

Have a look at this.

-That's not an exoskeleton. -No. l think it's a helmet.

-Let's see if we can lift it up. -We should... able to prize this open. lt's too heavy for us. David?


Like so.

What is that on its head? lt looks like new cells.

-ln a state of.... -Change.


Changing into what?

Can you run a stem line into the locus coeruleus? l think we can trick the nervous system into thinking it's still alive.

-Thirty amps. -Okay.

No more.

Let me make an incision.


Go up, 40.

Okay, 40 up.

Did you see that?

-Yes. -Yep. See?

Go up another 10.

Okay, up 10.

Maybe it's a little...

-...too much. Go down 10. -Okay.

-Down 10. -Down another 20.

Okay, l'm trying. l'm trying, it's not going down.

Full down. Ford...

...stop it.

Oh, God.

David, contain it! Now!

Contain it? Turn it off!

Oh, God. The smell!

Oh, God, look at that.

Look at that. lt's getting worse.

Mortal, after all.

Ford, take a sample.

Let's have a look.

No, sir, l will take care of it.

Yes, sir, understood. l'm sorry.

Fortunately, slightly premature.

Of course, sir.

Miss Vickers.

What did he say, David? l don't think he'd want me to tell you.

What did he say? l'm sorry...

...that's confidential.

So help me God...

...l will find the cord that makes you run and l will cut it.

What did he say?

He said:

''Try harder.''

Cup of tea, ma'am?

Genetic view.


Let's have a look at its DNA.

lsolate the strand.


Compare it to the gene sample?





DNA match.

Oh, my God.

lt's us. lt's everything.

What killed them?

Big things...

...have small beginnings.

Am l interrupting? l thought you might be running low.

-Pour yourself a glass, pal. -Thank you, but l'm afraid... would be wasted on me.

Right, l almost forgot you're not a real boy.

l'm very sorry that your Engineers are all gone.

You think we wasted our time coming here, don't you?

Your question depends on me understanding what you hoped to achieve by coming here.

What we hoped to achieve was to meet our makers.

To get answers.

Why they even...

...made us in the first place.

Why do you think your people made me?

Because we could.

Can you imagine how disappointing it would be... hear the same thing from your creator?

l guess it's...

...good you can't be disappointed.

Yes. lt's wonderful...


May l ask you something?

Please do.

How far would you go... get what you came all this way for?

Your answers.

What are you willing to do?

Anything and everything.

That's worth drinking to, l'd imagine.

Here's mud in your eye, pal.

Good health.

lt's those things.

Are they real?

Of course they're real.

Jesus Christ. l mean....

Look at the pile.

Look how high up they are. lt looks like...

-...they were running from something. -Okay. Don't touch, okay?

Man, this thing is opened up from the inside.

Almost like it exploded.

Looks like a scene out some sort of holocaust painting, you know?


So, whatever killed them is long gone, right?

Millburn, Fifield.

This is Prometheus.

What is your position?

Prometheus, this is Millburn.

We are at 7-4-0...

...1-4-7-7. Why?

Just got a ping about one click west of you.

What do you mean ''a ping''?

Well, whatever...

...that probe is picking up...'s not dead. lt's reading a life form.

-What? -Okay, what do you mean, ''a life form''? ls it--? ls it moving?

No, l don't think so.

Captain, you're...

...obviously not seeing...

...what we're seeing here.

If you were, you wouldn't be talking about a ping. l know, boys.

Your signal has been coming in sporadically since the storm hit.

That's no good to us down here! ls it--? ls it moving? Are these things moving?

No. No, itjust disappeared, actually.

Must be a glitch.

What do you mean, ''a glitch''?

All right, boys.

Sleep tight.

Try not to bugger each other.

Captain, what do you mean, ''a glitch''?

Millburn, what does he mean? Wait.

Now, he said--

-He said one click west, yeah? -Yeah.

Now, we....

We don't want to check that out, do we?

Shit, no.

Where are we gonna go?


Yeah, east.

A fucking glitch, man. ''Pings, glitch, life form.'' What the fuck?

Based on the behavior of the subject in these holographic recordings...

...we're attempting to identify what caused the head... combust. l can't help but wonder...

...was there an outbreak here?

You rang...'am? -l have something important... tell you. What is that?

This is...

...a rose that l had frozen with the champagne. l was gonna give it to you when we found what we came for.

We did find what we came for.

They were here. This is--

The most significant discovery in the history...

...of mankind. Oh, l know.

lt's incredible, it really is.

But l wanted to talk to them. l mean, don't you want to know why they came?

Why they abandoned us? l just want answers, baby.

We were right, Charlie. l have proof.


Their genetic material predates ours.

We come from them.

-You're kidding me. -No.



Okay. l guess you can take your father's cross off now.

Why would l want to do that?

Because they made us.

And who made them?

Well, exactly. We'll never know.

But here's what we do know:

That there is nothing special about the creation of life.

Right? Anybody can do it.

All you need is a dash of DNA and half a brain, right?

l can't. l can't create life.

What does that say about me?

Ellie, that's not-- l didn't mean-- l wasn't talking about--



Hey, hey, hey.



Elizabeth Shaw... are the most special person l have ever met in my life...

...and l love you.


How much longer will this take?

l don't know. l'm just a captain.

That thing sounds like a dying cat, by the way. l'll have you know that this thing...

...once belonged to Stephen Stills.

Am l supposed to know who that is?

You know...

...if you wanna get laid... really don't have to pretend... be interested in the pyramid scan.

You could just say, ''Hey, l'm trying to get laid.'' l could. l could say that, right?

But it wouldn't make sense...

...why l would fly myself half a billion miles from every man on Earth...

...if l wanted to get laid, would it?

Hey, Vickers.

Hey, Vickers. l was wondering....

Are you a robot?

My room.

Ten minutes.

Well, if you can't be with the one you love Love the one You're with Love the one you're with


What's all this black stuff?


ls that tobacco? ls that tobacco... your respirator?

Yeah, sure.


On behalf of scientists everywhere, l am ashamed to count you amongst us...

...Fifield. Really.

-Hey, Millburn. -Yeah?

You see this thing?

What do you think this thing was? Some kind of a god?

Something they worshiped? What?

-lt kind of looks like-- -What's that?

What the hell is that?

Oh, my God. Okay.

Just stay calm. Stay quiet.

This is okay, l can handle this.

Hey, baby.


Come in, Prometheus.

We have an elongate reptile-type creature.

Maybe 30, 40 inches, with transparent skin.

And it's beautiful.



...we have two.

Look at you. Look at you, baby.

Jesus, look at the size of that. What is it?

-You need to stay calm. -What's there to be calm about?

You need to stay calm because she is beautiful.

What makes you think that's female?

She's a lady. Look!


She's mesmerized.

Come here. Come here.

lt's okay. lt's okay. lt's okay.

Hey, baby.

You're strong!

You should... me now.

Get it off.

Cut it here, man! l ain't touching that!

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

-lt's getting tighter. -l ain't touching it!

Cut the thing, man, for God's sake!

God, you're making it worse! lt's tightening! lt's tight-- lt's breaking my arm!


Cut it off!

Cut it off!

Cut it off!

Cut it off!


Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! Oh, Jesus! lt's in my suit.

Jesus Christ.

Shaw, you up?

Yeah, what's up?

The storm passed, but l can't reach Millburn...

...or Fifield. Taking a few men down, see if l can rustle them up.


Any idea where they are?

Last time they radioed in was where you found your head.

Okay, we're coming.

All right.

Chance, you're coming with me. Come on.

All right, boss.

-Ravel, did you fix that glitch? -No, captain.

-lt's gotta be in the hardware. -What glitch, captain?

One of them probes picked up a life form.

Pops up every hour...

...for a couple of seconds and then it's gone. l can find the probe and fix it.

Knock yourself out.

Be careful, doctors.



All right, come on down.

David, are you alone?

Yes, Miss Vickers.

Uplink your feed to my room.


You son of a bitch.

You cut me off.

What is this?

-Charlie? -l just tripped.

Oh, my God, you're sick! l'm okay, baby. Come on.



Hey, Chance. l wouldn't touch...

...that if l were you.

Dr. Shaw?


Do we have any idea what is...

...oozing out of these vases?

No. They weren't like this last time we were here.



Who is it? Which one?

-Who is it? -lt's Millburn.

-Ellie. -Don't touch him. Hold on.

Ellie, honey.

Charlie, what's wrong? l need you to look at me, okay?

You know infections..., what do you see?

This is not good, baby.

You look at me, you tell me what you see.

Oh, my God.

Ford, get over here. lt's okay. Janek?

-What? -We have to go now!

What do you see?

Honey, what do you see?

Holloway's sick. He's not good. l see movement... his esophagus.

-Come on, baby. -No. l'm okay.


Come over and help me!

-l'm okay. -Ford, get over there. What's happening?

-l'm okay. -Let's go!

Help me with him. l got you. We're gonna get you out of here.


...come in.

-Watch your head. -Okay. l'm okay.

-Holloway. -Get him up.

-Come on. -Prometheus, come in. ls anyone there?

This is Vickers. l need a medical team standing by the airlock.

Full quarantine fail-safe.

Holloway's sick.

Sick with what?

-Just do it. -Let's get him back to the ship.

-lt's not safe down here. -Charlie? l'm suiting up.

-Charlie, talk to me. -Move!

-What was that back there? -Let's go, people!

We've gotta move! We've gotta move!


He don't look too good.

Did he catch something down there? We had our helmets off. l don't know.

Prometheus, this is Janek. Make sure that back door is open.

Aye, captain.

Oh, God. l'm so sorry.

Come on!


Prometheus! Why is that door not open?

Vickers, that is an order!

Get that goddamn door open!

-Look at me. lt's too late, l'm sick. -No, it's not.

Come on!

Ford, help me!

Airlock crew, if you can hear me, it's Janek.

Open that back door right now!

Hold that door!

Prometheus... you copy?

Goddamn it, open that door! That is an order!

Open it.

What the hell is this?

He's not coming onboard.

Vickers, this is a sick man. l see that. That's why...

...he's not coming on!


Chance, get over here!


We can still help him!

Help yourself. Everybody but Holloway back on this ship! l won't leave him!

Then stay!

Wait! We could...

...put him on the Med-Pod!

Please don't do this. lt's okay, Ellie.


What are you doing? l love you, baby.

-l love you. -No. l'm telling you, stay back!

Do it.

Stay back!

No! No, Charlie!

-Do it. -No!






My deepest condolences. l'm going to have to take this. lt may be contaminated. lf there's a contagion, we were all exposed.

You need-- We need to run blood work on everyone who set foot in the pyramid.

Yes, of course.


l understand how...

...inappropriate this is...

...given the circumstances.

But as you ordered quarantine fail-safes...'s my responsibility to ask.

Have you and Dr. Holloway had any intimate contact recently?

Since you and he were... close...

...l want to be... thorough as poss--

My, my.

You're pregnant.


From the look of it, three months so.

No, that's impossible. l can't be pregnant.

Did you have intercourse with Dr. Holloway?


...but 10 hours ago.

There's no bloody way l'm three months pregnant.

Well, doctor...'s not exactly a traditional fetus.

l want to see it.

Don't think that's a good idea.

David, l want to see it.

Now, doctor....

l want to see it. l want it out of me.

We don't have the personnel... perform a procedure like that.

-Our best option-- -l want it out.

Put you back into...

...cryostasis until we return to Earth.

Please, get it out of me.

Get it out of me!


lt must be very painful.

Here, let me give you something.

That's it. There, there.

Someone will be along shortly... bring you back to Cryo Deck.

lt must feel like your God abandoned you.


To lose...

...Dr. Holloway after your father died under such similar circumstances.

What was it that killed him?


How do you--? How do you know that? l watched your dreams.

Dr. Shaw?

We're here to put you... an anti-contamination suit, take you back to Cryo Deck...

...go to beddy-byes.

Dr. Shaw?

She's doped. Prepare her.

Emergency procedures initiated. Please verbally state the nature of your injury. l need a Caesarean.

Error. This Med-Pod is calibrated for male...

...patients and does not offer...

...the procedure you have requested. Seek medical assistance...






Foreign body. lnitiate.

Surgical procedure to begin.

Running diagnostics.

Oh, come on.

Get it out! Come on!


Oh, God!

-Come on! -lnitiating anesthetics.


Commence surgical procedure.

Oh, God.

Oh, God!

Oh, God!

Oh, God! Oh, God!

Oh, my God!

Come on!

Bridge... hangar. This is the captain.

-Yes, captain. -Can you see what l see?

Fifield's monitorjust popped up.

What? Where?

According to what l'm looking at, it's outside...

...the goddamn ship.

Barnes, open the door!

Fifield, do you copy me? Come on in.


Wait a second.

Hey, Wallace.

Take a look at this.


What the hell is going on down there?

l'm coming down there.

Chance, you're suiting up.

-Come on. -Don't let it on the ship!

Take him out!

Got him!

Do it!

-You ready, Chance? -Yes.

Come on!

Get in the rover!

We gotta get out of here!


What is that?

You've been asleep.

You were on the ship all this time. Why?

Well, l.... l have a few days of life left in me. l didn't wanna waste them...

...until you could deliver what you promised.

To meet my maker.

There we are, sir.

-Nice and clean. -Haven't you told him they're all gone?

But they're not all gone, Dr. Shaw.

One of them is still alive.

We're on our way to see him now.


Turn me around.

You convinced me that...

...if these things made us...

...then surely they could save us.

My stick, please.

Well, save me, anyway.

Save you from what?

Death, of course.

Stand me up.

l'm all right. l'm all right.

Yes, sir.

But you don't understand.

You don't know.

This place isn't what we thought it was. They aren't...

...what we thought they were. l was wrong.

We were so wrong.


Dr. Holloway's dead.

We must leave!

And what would Charlie do... that we're so close... answering the most meaningful questions...

...ever asked by mankind?

How can you leave without...

...knowing what they are?

Or have you lost your faith, Shaw?

Okay. Okay.

Come in.

Where the hell are you going, doc?

You know what this place is?

Those Engineers? This ain't their home. lt's an installation. Maybe even military.

They put it out here because they're not stupid enough... make weapons of mass destruction on their own doorstep.

That's what all that shit is in those vases.

They made it here. lt got out, it turned on them. The end.

lt's time for us to go home.

One of them is still alive.

Don't you want to know what they have to say?

l don't care.


All you do is fly the ship.

That's right.

But you must care about something, captain.

lf you didn't, why are you here?

How about this?

No matter what happens down there...

...l can't bring none of that shit back home with us.

Can't let it happen. l'll do whatever l have to... see that it doesn't.

Make sure you do, captain.

So you came after all. l thought you wanted me to.

After all your attempts to stop me from coming here...

...l'm surprised to see you. lt's all right. Leave us.

Yes, sir.

lf you're...

...going down there, you will die.

Very negative way of looking at things.

That's exactly why you should have stayed at home.

Did you really think l was gonna sit in a boardroom for years...

...arguing over who was in charge...

...while you go look for some miracle on some...

...godforsaken rock in the middle of space?

A king has...

...his reign, and then he dies. lt's inevitable.

That... the natural order of things.

Anything else?



That's it.

l didn't think you had it in you.


Poor choice of words.

Extraordinary survival instincts, Elizabeth.

What happens when Weyland is not...

...around to program you? l suppose l'll be free.

You want that?


Not a concept l'm familiar with.

That being said...

...doesn't everyone want their parents dead?

l didn't.

Dr. Shaw.

So pleased you could join us.

You can take your helmet off if you like, sir.


The air is perfectly breathable.

Are you sure?


Wait. We still don't know how Holloway got infected. lf it's in the air. lt's not.

How do you know that?

Smells fine to me.

-Shall we? -Please.

The bridge is just up ahead.

What is this? lt's a cargo hold.

Janek? Are you seeing this?

How many is there, Shaw?


What the hell?

Ravel, give me those schematics.

Putting it on the table now.

Strip away the dome. lsolate that area, bring it up.

Bringing it up, captain.

Enlarge that.

Rotate it.

That is a ship.

Jesus Christ. lt's a goddamn ship.

A superior species, no doubt.

Their hypersleep chambers...

...will impress, l trust.

So they...

-...were traveling somewhere. -l've managed to work out the broad strokes. lt's fairly evident they were in the process of leaving...

...before things went to pot.

Leaving to go where?



Sometimes to create... must first destroy.

Where is he, David?

This way, sir.

Are you sure he's alive?


And you can speak to him? l believe l can.

l'm all right, l'm all right.

Speak to him, David.

Tell him we came, just like he asked.

Ask where they're from.

What are you doing?

Ask him what's in his cargo. lt killed his people.

Shaw, enough.

-David. -You made it here...

...and it was meant for us. Why?

Enough. For God's sake, shut her up.

l need to know why!

What did we do wrong? Why do you...

-...hate us? -She opens her...

...mouth again, shoot her.

David, continue. Tell him why l came.


Ford! Move!

There's nothing.

l know.

Have a good journey, Mr. Weyland.

Time to go home.

Mr. Chance, take us home.

Oh, no!

Hey, cap.

What the hell was that?


Come in!

Shaw, is that you?



...listen to me.

This ship is taking off!

-What? -What is she talking about?

You can't let it leave!

You have to stop it!

We're not stopping anything, Shaw. We're going home.

Janek, if you don't stop it...

...there won't be any home to go back to.

lt's carrying death, and it's headed for Earth.

-Shaw, this is not a warship. -l know.

Let's go. l know that.

But you must do it.

Captain, let's go!

Janek, please believe me! Please!

l told you to get this ship going.

Mr. Ravel.

Warm up the ion propulsion.

-What are you talking about? -Sir.

Burning ion in the atmosphere--

-Turns us into a bullet. That's the point. -What are you doing?

This is my ship. l'm telling you... take us home!

Vickers, l'll eject your module onto...

...that surface. Two years of life.

You want it, or you want to stay with me?

You got 40 seconds to get... the escape pod.

You're crazy.


...l can handle this myself.

Feel free to join Miss Vickers.

All due respect, captain.

You're a shit pilot and you're gonna need all the help you can get.

Well, if you can't be with the one you love lf you think this means the bet's off...'re wrong.

Why don't you pay me on the other side?

All right, get us as close as we can.

Only got one shot at this.

Lifeboats away!

Twenty seconds... evacuate.

-Countdown initiated. -lon propulsion... online.



Come on!


-Three. -Let's do this.


lmpact imminent.

Hands off!

Oh, God.

No. No.

No! No! No!

Oh, God.

Warning: You have two minutes of oxygen remaining.

Warning: You have 30 seconds of oxygen remaining.

Airlock sealed.

Oxygen levels now stabilizing.

Elizabeth, are you there?

This is David.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, l'm here.

You need to get out immediately.

He's coming for you.

Who's coming?

Airlock breach.


l'm so sorry.

Oh, God. l'm sorry. l'm sorry, Charlie, l can't do it. l can't do it anymore.


Are you there?

Dr. Shaw...

...can you hear me?


Yes, l can hear you. l was afraid you were dead.

You have no idea what afraid is. l know we've had our differences...

...but, please...

...l need to ask you for your help.

Why the hell would l help you?

Because, without me, you'll never leave this place.

Neither one of us is leaving this place. lt's not the only ship.

There are many others. l can operate them.

Dr. Shaw?

Dr. Shaw!

Over here.

Where is my cross?

The pouch in my utility belt.

Even after all this... still believe, don't you?

You said you could understand their navigation...

...use their maps.

Yes, of course.

Once we get to one of their other ships...

...finding a path to Earth should be relatively straightforward. l don't want to go back to where we came from. l want to go where they came from.

Do you think you can do that, David?

Yes. l believe l can.

May l ask what you hope to achieve by going there?

They created us.

Then they tried to kill us.

They changed their minds. l deserve to know why.

The answer is irrelevant.

Does it matter why they changed their minds?


Yes, it does. l don't understand.


...l guess that's because l'm a human being...

...and you're a robot.

l'm sorry. lt's quite all right.

Final report of the vessel Prometheus.

The ship and her...

...entire crew are gone.

If you're receiving this transmission...

...make no attempt to come to its point of origin.

There is only death here now, and l'm leaving it behind. lt is New Year's Day...

...the year of our Lord, 2094.

My name is Elizabeth Shaw...

...the last survivor of the Prometheus.

And l am still searching.