Prowler (2018) Script


At least two.

Boy and a girl.

Or two girls, two boys, doesn't matter.

But two for sure.

And we need at least three bedrooms.

It's true that they could share a room start with but as they get older and grow up, it'll be much better if they have their own space.

They need their privacy and all that.

Aren't you forgetting something?

Impossible, I've got it all worked out.

Well, I'm from a very traditional family.

My parents would kill me if I got pregnant before I got married.

Of course, first things first.

What's that? Nothing, it's just work.



Hey Alex, I'm Jeffrey, your probation officer.

I hope you don't mind me dropping in without warning.

Nice place, you've done well to get a place like this.

This is my brother's place.


This is your phone.

Answer when we call.

In case of an emergency, I've stored my number in the phone book.

I don't think you'll have any trouble finding work.


I mean, yes, I would like to work.



Greg, is that you?

Yes, Alex, it's me, how are you?

I'm okay.

Greg, I think...

I need to see you.

Of course, you sure you're okay?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Greg, how did you get this number?

Alex, what kind of detective do you think I am?

You were right.

Actually, you've been right all along.

I guess I wasn't ready.

But I am now.

I'm glad to hear that, Alex.

So, where do we start?

From the beginning.

Always from the beginning.

So tell me about that night.

I was walking home.


there's been an accident.

I just got back and I found her like this, on the floor.

They'd found some pictures.

She was seeing someone.

Apparently this time she really was going to leave me.

Alex, we need to ask you some more questions.

I've already said everything that happened.

Alex, we need more.

You need more.

It was then that they recommend that I talk to a lawyer.

He convinced me to make the deal.

Plead guilty to manslaughter.

What about the man in the car?

I forgot to mention that until it was too late.

When I did, they thought it was some sort of timely intervention.

Alex, we need to find the lover.

The man Lucia was seeing, that is the key.

Why are you doing this, Greg?

Why are you helping me?



You know I'm not staying tonight, don't you?

Lucia, I have to go out.

I'm meeting my brother, I told you this morning.

Oh yeah.

How is he?

Maybe I could come with you?


Is it always going to be like this?

Like what?

Like this!


What do you want me to do, sit down and have dinner?

Hello, honey, how was your day?



But when I got home, my wife had prepared dinner so the whole damn world has to come to a grinding halt because my wife has prepared damn dinner.

Is that what you want?


I want you to leave.

Go away.


I'm not going anywhere, I'm damn well staying!

I'll call the police!


Call them then, make yourself feel important, you stupid, old bitch!

Good evening.

Hi. Mind if we come in?

Yes, yeah, of course.

Just straight through there.

Hi, I'm Greg.

Bye. Bye.

Hello? You ready?

Yeah, yeah, just a second.

Think he's seeing someone.

For a while now.

But I don't care.

'Cause I'm also seeing someone.

Yesterday I left my wife.

Your wife?


Because it's the right thing to do.

I mean, if we're going to be together, we should be at least as honest as possible.

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah.

Everything okay at home?


Yeah, all good.

'Cause, you know, if something's happened, you can tell me, you know?

Yeah, yeah, I know.

Look, it's normal to be nervous.

But it's a big step, it's a big decision.

But everything's going to be fine.

You do believe me, don't you?

Tomorrow is a big day.



Where are your things?

Want me to help you pack?

Greg, do you mind if we talk for a minute?


Take a look.

I didn't need to see this!

Yes, you did.


I don't like this.

What don't you like?

The fact that your husband is unfaithful?


Call him.

Why? Call him.

Call him, I said!

What's that? Nothing, it's just work.

Where do you think he is?



Just leave, now.


It's all right, it's fine, it's all right, it's good, it's fine.


I gotta, I'll be right back, I'm just gonna...

Give me a minute.


Greg, maybe this isn't the best time.

Okay, tell me where.

You're late. Sorry.

I was doing something.

You're very busy for someone who just, what, two days ago got out of jail?


I've been asking some questions.

Looks like nobody knows this alleged lover.

Most think he doesn't exist and that you made him up.

Well that doesn't make sense.

What do you suppose would be my motive?

Yes, but the presence of a lover would indicate a third party.

A new suspect.

But also justify the fact that you were also seeing someone, right?

Your image would definitely improve in the face of a possible jury.

Yeah, but I never mentioned the lover, it was them who told me.


Just as they did, you happened to remember this mysterious man in the car.

What about the pictures and the suitcases?

This is nothing you couldn't have done.

Now Alex, what about the bouquet?

What bouquet?

Was there not a bouquet of flowers on the table?

How did you know about that, I never said anything--

Come on, Alex, what kind of detective do you think I am?

As I said, I've been asking questions.

Now look, if you did not buy that bouquet of flowers, it would prove that there was a third person in the house that night.

However they've been quite reluctant to share any information.

In any case, Alex, this is great news, right?


Least we have something.

Here, your uniform.


Cheer up, this is one of the best offers we have.

You know, nature, the outdoors?

You have something to say?

No, no.

You good? Yeah.

This is the address.

Seven AM tomorrow morning, don't be late.

There was something.


I've been talking to someone, a friend, a detective, he used to be a policeman.

He first contacted me a year into my sentence and came to see me a couple of times after that.

He thinks I'm innocent. A policeman?

He said he was one when Lucia was killed.

Do you have a name?


Any other details?

'Bout six foot, dark hair, 'round 50.

I was with him today, he said something...

Like what?

Oh, I don't know.

Okay, let me see what this is all about.

Seven AM, tomorrow morning.

Don't be late.

Break for five, yeah?

Nice uniform.

Tried calling you.

I was working, Greg.

I know, seen you.

It's good you're making progress so quickly.

Just an example of reintegration, eh?

I made progress too.

Do you know something, Alex?

It's becoming very difficult to get in touch with you.

Come on, man, lighten up.

Don't be so serious.

Greg, you've been a great support through all this, a good friend, but I really don't know if this is such a good idea.

I mean, I know I was the one who...

Greg, I've been in prison for eight years and I'm out.

Alex, this is not just about you.

What about Lucia?

Doesn't she deserve some sacrifice on your part?

Okay, I get it, you need some time.

What I need is for you to mind your own business.

And to leave me to mine.

Okay, I get it, you just need some time.


Just who is this Greg?

Nobody seems to know any Greg.

Why is he doing this?

I don't know.

You say he came to see you at work today?

It does seem he's rather obsessed with you.

Don't you think?

Are you sure this Greg isn't just some figment of your imagination?

Is this really happening again?

It's all right.

Take it, it's clean.

If this Greg is, or has ever been a detective, he may have found a way of listening to your calls.

Let me know if he gets in touch with you.


I haven't been completely honest with you, Alex.

I wanna change that.

We have to be honest with each other, right, if we're gonna be best friends?

As you already know, I knew your wife.

In fact, I think when I met her you were there too.

Good evening. Hi.

Mind if we come in? Yes, yes, of course.

Just straight through there. Thank you.

Hi, I'm Greg.


You got everything under control here?

I do, Yeah.


was a great woman.

I assure you, she was not easy to convince.

Certainly one of my greatest achievements.

She knew you were seeing Lauren.

I think he's seeing someone.

But she loved you anyway, she loved you anyway.

Do you remember that night?

I remember perfectly.

I was parked right over there.

Flowers were in the bag, everything was ready to go.

But I did something.

I was rejected.

And Alex, I just needed to do what I needed to do.

She was not ready to take that step.

So I was left with no choice.

I mean, again, I did what needed to be done.

And I think you know the rest of the story.

After that, I saw you a second time.

Nobody trusted you.

Nobody except me.

I knew, I knew you were innocent.

And that's why I thought I could give you my help.

Offer you my friendship.

We both were right, Alex, you know that.

Lucia had a lover

and that lover is the key

to this story.

Why are you doing this, Greg?

Hi, Alex.

Greg Solomon.

That's his name.

There's no record of any Greg Solomon having visited you in jail.

I've checked, there's absolutely nothing.

As for everything else, they're half truths.

He was a police officer.

A detective.

There were some rumours linking him to several cases although none of them was yours.

He left seven years ago, at least that's what it says on file.

After that very little was heard about our friend Greg.

Until now.

Hello, John?

Thank you.

So John,

what can you tell me about this guy?

Not much.

Come on, John, really?

You know I'm retired, right?


He didn't remember everything, but he did remember some things.

He confirmed that our friend, Greg, had a tendency to get involved personally with some of the victims.

What could I do?

We were mates.

So what do we do now? Now?

Now we wait for Greg Solomon to make his move.

Got some great news.

Alex, I want you to see Lauren again.

I want you to talk to her.

You know, go to a nice place.

Eat something, drink something.


'Cause friends care about each other.

Look, we're both still very young.

Okay, you've been the victim of a terrible injustice but we've still got our whole lives ahead of us.

I mean, this loneliness, it just doesn't make any sense any more.

And you've already redeemed yourself.

Lauren is the one we should share our lives with.

Lauren's already dating someone.

Alex, look, I love you.

But you're not the only one I've been looking after.

I've also been very close to Lauren.

Guy here, guy there, but nothing serious.

That guy from the other day, you don't have to worry about that.

But I really think we still have a chance.

I mean, look, I'll be there with you.

He wants me to move on with my life, to be happy.

"We can still be happy."

Those were his exact words.

He wants me to meet Lauren and wear this.

So he can tell me exactly what to say and what not to say to succeed.

This is sick, I can't do it, I'm not going to.

Just this once, Alex, just this once.

Don't worry, she'll come.



You look good. Thanks, so do you.

What do you want, Alex?


I just wanted to talk to you, to see you.

I just wanted to see you, to talk to you.

It wasn't me, Lauren.

You pleaded guilty.

Now I know why you didn't want to get married, you already were.

Is that why you killed her?

I didn't do it. It was a trick.

It was a trap. She was also seeing someone, she was going to leave me. She was also seeing someone, she was going to leave me. They had it all planned.

She decided not to go through with it in the last minute.

They had it all planned but she decided not to go through with it.

That last night, when we had dinner, she was the one who called me.

When I got home, she was dead.

I was with you.

And I should've stayed with you, you can't imagine how many times I've thought about that.

How many times I've thought about you.

None of that matters now, don't call me again.

This is great, Alex.

Alex, this was great.

This was just great.

Hi, Lauren, I'm Jeff, can I come in?


My main man.

Look, Lauren, I'm the agent in charge of Alex's case.

We know that you met yesterday, we were there.

I know it's hard for you to believe but what Alex told you, it's true.

We believe a third person could've been there that night.

Alex, yesterday was great.

Actually, it was better than that.

It was fucking amazing.

We gotta do it again, as soon as possible.

She said not to call again.

That's what people say in the heat of battle.

Did you see her eyes?

Alex, eyes never lie.

And those eyes said that she still wants us.

Call her.

Call her!


It's okay.

You okay?


Yeah, I'm fine.

Lauren, I'm sorry, I never thought...

Don't worry.


Alex, it's me, I need to ask you something.


Yeah, Greg Solomon.

No, why?

Some of our agents have seen him recently.

He was a police officer, he might be relevant to your case.

What, what's this all about, Jeff?

Don't worry, it's probably nothing.


Everything is fine, Alex, we'll be in touch.


Get out of there now.

Where do you want me to go? Just get out of there.

Thanks Lauren.

What do I do now?

You two had a nice time, did you?


You think you're fooling me, Alex, but you're not.

Okay, all right?

All right, fine.

What the hell, Alex?

I swear, I swear if you have anything to do with this...

Who was that?

All right, forget it, no, no, no, I understand.

Shit, think of Lauren.

I'm not the one who's been seen doing something this time.

It's you.

Maybe it's your incompetence that caused this situation.

Maybe you need to shut up.


What are you waiting for?


Alex where are you?

I've lost you.



Alex, my best friend.

Hello, Alex.

Meet me at the bridge in one hour.


Meet me at the bridge, one hour.


You're making a big mistake.

We all make mistakes, Jeff.

There are others that know what you've done.

Not just me.

You need to rethink your options.

Oh, Jeff, Jeff, look, look around you.


Anything look familiar?

This is Alex's house, it's his home.

Oh, Jeff.

Jeff, look at me.

These things happen, right?

Show a little dignity, little pride.


You know, do you know why I became a policeman, Jeff?

Huh, do you?

It's the uniform.

Since I was a kid,

fascinated me.

That uniform, it makes you, it makes you different.


Better than the rest.

People don't realise this, actually.

When we put on the suit,

it's like we become a superhero.

This is your moment,


This is your moment.

Be a superhero.

Hello, Lauren?

Superintendent Paul Stock, may I come in?


He's now under arrest.

So far he's not said a word beyond nonsense.

Of course, there's not much more he can say.

But this man, this detective, he came to see me. Who?


He told me about a third person.

I believed him.



I'm sorry, Lauren, but Greg doesn't exist.

We're still trying to establish if this is the delirium of a sick mind or merely invention.

I personally lean towards the latter.

He, Jeff, he really believed that this person was...

Lauren, Alex is a liar, a manipulator.

Eight years ago he fabricated the existence of a lover to absolve himself of the murder of his wife.

Shortly after he pleaded guilty.

As for Greg, well, Alex has even intimated that this Greg had been the lover of his wife.

Even managing to fool one of our own officers.

I'm sorry Lauren, but we need to take your statement to tie everything up.

No rush.

But I'd appreciate it if you would come into the station before the weekend.

I'll show myself out.




Is that you?