Psycho In-Law (2017) Script

Excuse me!

Special request from the bride.

Would you mind bringing it to her?

I have to assist an elderly guest.

[Door knocking]


Sorry, I thought you were my sister.

Thanks, this is exactly what I needed.

I m going to beat all of you!

Wait, what are we doing though?

Animal names.


Next animal has to begin with the last letter of the previous.

But no repeats or you are out!

Oh okay.



Umm, P...

Polar Bear!




Harper, you re up.

Animal that starts with a K. Can she do it?




I already said Octopus.

You did?

She did, she s right.

Boom! Got you dad!

Oh, I see how it s going to be.

You re going to gang up on me?


Girl power!

That s right!

100 percent.

Wow, I love this.

You made this?

Everything you see was made by me.

Wow, you do beautiful work.

Thank you.


Can you buy me this necklace, please?

It s so awesome and beautiful!

She has great taste.

Yeah, great expensive taste.

Maybe for your birthday, kiddo.

But that s eight months away, c mon, Dad!



Hey Tee?

What do you think about the sandwich shop across the street for lunch?

Sounds great.

I ll meet you there, I m going to look around.

Your daughter is so adorable.

Oh, well we re just dating.

But you re right, she s the most adorable thing ever.

She loves this necklace...

You can have the rest, Tina.

I saw you eyeing it.

Thank you.

Here, how about I trade you?

What is that?

You got me the necklace?

It s a back to school present.

Another one?

I can t help spoiling her.

Let s see.

I really love it!

Thanks Tina.

Thank you, Tina.

So what do you want to do now?

More shopping.

More shopping?

Brock asked me to move in with him.

You re kidding! Already?

C mon, you guys have been dating what, six months?

That is fast even by normal standards.

Normal standards?

You know what I mean.

You re his first relationship since his wife passed.

Well, he s my first relationship since Chad called off the engagement.

So technically, we re both on the rebound.

Look, I just don t want you to get hurt.

Don t worry, I read all the Girlfriend of Widower blogs.

They have blogs for that?

Yeah, hey have a blog for everything.

They even have a checklist on how you know whether or not he s moved on.

He barely mentions Lorna and he hasn t posted on her memorial page since we got serious.

Okay, you check and regularly.

Yeah, I m not an idiot.

Anyway, you ll be happy to know I said no, I m not moving in until we re ready to make a more serious commitment.

Aww, my little sis... all grown up!

So Simon is in hedge funds--

No, that s Greg.

Simon is in tech.

Okay, but Simon s wife, Petra, is a podiatrist?

That s close, she s a pediatrician.


It s a party, it s not a standardized test.

Everyone s going to love you.

Oh, by the way, Joyce and her boyfriend Duane, they re at the house.

Your ex mother-in-law?

I thought they were in Europe?

Yeah, I had the dates all screwed up.

I thought they were coming back next week.

They stopped by on their way home from the airport.

Of course, I m excited to meet her, finally.

I find it completely puzzling.

He plans this big party--

Oh, I don t know how big it is, Joyce--


Did you see the size of the platters?

Lorna always included us in everything.

So maybe he wants to introduce Tina to his friends first.

Probably just a dry run before she meets you.

Do you have my heart meds?

Uh, yeah.

Here. Thank you.

We re gone two months and she s practically moved in.

Joyce, we ve been traveling ten hours straight.

What I need now is a hot shower and my own bed.

I told him we were staying, we have to stay.

Nona! Where are you?

In your Dad s bedroom, Sweets!

Just freshening up!

Look at you!

How gorgeous and grown up you are.

Is it my imagination, or have you grown a foot since I was gone?

I m going to be taller than you soon, you know.

Don t get too big for your britches.

Oh, I love your necklace.

Tina bought it for me!

Dad didn t want to get it.

He said it was way too expensive.

Well, it s lovely.

Do you have your school list ready?

Because you know how much I love taking you school shopping.

I already have everything.

Wow, your Dad finally got organized?

I find that hard to believe.

No, Tina took me.


[Car horn]

Yay, they re here!

Nona, this is Tina!

Hi, so nice to meet you.

Lovely to meet you too.

This is Duane.

Hi there.

Hi, Tina.

Welcome back.

I ve got ice cream melting, so I gotta go to the kitchen.

Harper, will you join me?


Brock tells me that you are a lawyer.

Is that what you were doing in Europe?

No, we were sight seeing.

I like to get out of the office as often as I can.

Doctor s orders.

Duane has a heart condition.

Stress isn t good for him, but he loves his law practice.

Just like Lorna.

She was the youngest lawyer to be partner at the firm.

Very impressive.


Is that how you two met?

Lorna invited me to an event that she chaired.

She dragged me along to everything.

And where was that?


Whittendale! They re both alums.

So, what is it you do again?

Some sort of decorating, something or other?

No, I am an interior designer.

Oh, is that what they re calling it now?

Who needs a drink? I know I could use one.

[Doorbell ringing]


Party, party!

Hey, oh my gosh.

I m so glad you made it!

This is my sister, Ellen.

Ellen, this is Joyce and Duane.

Duane is an attorney, and Ellen is a paralegal.

Cowgill and Chase.

Any thoughts about law school?

Oh yeah, more school and ridiculous loans.

My firm specializes in financial services.

To be honest, not really my cup of tea.

Well, Chester and Field has a very strong criminal defence department, if you re interested--

Thank you.

All right, this isn t a recruiting luncheon.

Where would you like this wine?

Come with me, I ll show you.

Thank you.

That chick s got a stick up her butt.

That s Joyce, Lorna s Mom.

Whoa, seriously?


Within the first minute, she made sure to tell me that Lorna was the youngest partner at her firm and that she went to Whittendale.

I get it must be hard meeting me, but come on.

Well you have now done your duty and you get to sit back and enjoy the party.


Hey Tina, can I borrow you for a sec?

Of course.

Tina, this is Petra.


I ve heard a lot about you.


Dad, can you help me?

Uh yeah, just a sec hon.

Duty calls, excuse me.

Brock here, I got your favorite.

Oh, thank you.

Yeah, you re welcome.

So... do you know Brock from med school?

No, actually Lorna and I were best friends from college.



Tina, I m just going to be honest with you.

Brock was miserable, he could barely function when Lorna died three years ago.

But he s a completely different person now and I m eternally grateful to you for that.

Thank you.


Actually, I am in desperate need for some design advice.

Oh, well I d be happy to help with that!

Thank you.



How are you, sweetheart?

Good, how are you?


I was just asking Tina to weigh in on my remodel.

Simon wants to keep his recliner and I have no idea how to design a room.

No, first of all, recliner and design do not belong in the same sentence.

Yes, that is what I told him!

Well, I need a refill.

You know what you should do with that lazy boy?

Take it in the backyard and put it at the edge of the property.



How s it going?


Your friends are pretty great.

Well, you re pretty great with them.

I m kind of killing it, aren t I?

You kind of are.

Do you need any help out here?

No, I think we re good.


You know how you said that you didn t want to move in until we re ready to make a bigger commitment?


Well, I ve been thinking about it.

Why are we waiting?


Let s get married.



I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you too, but what about Harper?

I ve already talked to Harper.

So what do you say?

Will you marry me?

Yes, yes!

I promise, I will buy you a proper ring.

Any kind of ring that you want.

Oh my gosh!

Oh my gosh, I can t believe it!

We re getting married!

Daddy, you did it! It happened!

Wait Harper, no c mere!


Guess what Ellen?

Tina and Daddy are getting married!

She can t be serious.

It s true, everyone.

Spur of the moment, but she said yes.

Talk about a bigger commitment!

You better call Mom, or I'm gonna spill the beans!

Well, congratulations.

Thank you.

Come here!

Okay, photo.

I knew being gone all summer was a big mistake.

What were you going to do?

Keep him on a leash?

I never said he shouldn t date, did I?

But getting engaged after three months?

Nona? What s wrong?

Nothing, Sweets.

Go get in your PJs.

Where s Dad?

He's dropping off Tina, he ll be back soon.


It s fast, I agree.

I mean if he were single, fine.

But he has a child, my grand daughter.

Who's looking out for her?

Hey guys.

Where s Harper?

She's changing for bed.

Oh, that s good.

That was quite a party, Brock.

I m going to get started on the dishes.

Listen, Joyce.

I know this is a lot to take in.

Honestly, I didn't plan on proposing today.

Tina seems like a very sweet girl, don t get me wrong.

But to make a life long commitment now?

How well do you really know someone after three months?

It's been six months.

I didn t want to make it public until I knew that we were serious.

Three, six, c mon Brock!

You and Lorna were together for two years before you got engaged.

That was different.

Yes, it was different.

Because you didn t have Harper to consider.

Tina is great with Harper.

They get along really, really well.

What happens when there s a new child in the mix?

Have you discussed that?

Another child, what child Joyce?

A baby, Brock.

Tina could decide that she wants one.

Tina s having a baby, Dad?

No, Tina is not having a baby.

Listen, I cannot get into this right now.

I gotta get Harper to bed.

Kiddo, school tomorrow, we're going to bed.

I want Nona to put me to bed.

Nona has to go home.

Don t be silly, I missed my girl.

You can go help Duane with the dishes.

Let s get you in bed.

All right, let s take off this pretty necklace.

We don t want it to break.

Okay, Nona.

There we go.

What is going on with this dresser?

I had everything organized before I left.


If Tina has a baby, that means I ll have a new sister or brother, right?

Yes, that s right.

But if she does have a new baby, you ll always be my number one.

You mean Tina will be too busy to take care of me?

Well, newborns are a lot of work and Tina s baby will be hers.

Just like you are your mama s baby.

And mine.

But you ll always have me.

And if you ever need to talk, just call me anytime, okay?

Our secret.


Okay, now say good night to mama.

Good night mama. I love you.

I miss you every day, sweet angel.

How are you going to handle all the wedding planning with your new business?

I don t know, I ll work it out.

I promise I won t buy a wedding dress without you, okay?

Well I should hope not!

It may be my one chance, my only chance.

I heard that, Mom!

All right, I gotta go.

Brock s got early morning rounds and I have to take Harper to school.

And apparently deal with my client who thinks that the workday starts at 7.

Send Brock my love and my congratulations!

I love you, bye.

Bye Mom!

She wasn t listening.


Okay, see you later.

Bye. Bye!


Good morning.

Brock s on his way out.

I know. That s why I m here, to take Harper to school.

You re taking Harper to school?


Tina! Did you bring my sneakers?

You know I did!

Should we try em on, make sure they fit?

Brock, I thought I was taking Harper to school.

That s been our routine.

We re trying to build a new routine so that Tina and Harper can bond.

I thought you might like to have your mornings back?

Brock, being a mother is more than just showering a child with gifts.

It s a big responsibility.

She s new to this.

Her heart s in the right place.

They fit great, thanks Tina!

Hey, Tee.

Here is Harper s new calendar for school.

Can you put it on the fridge in place of the old one?

Of course.

All right.

Bye, dad!

Bye bye, I ll see you tonight.



All right, should we get you ready for school?

Yeah. Cool.

What d you have for breakfast?

Cereal. What did you have?


[Phone vibrating]

Everything okay?

Yeah, just dealing with a needy client.

Harper, what do you want for lunch?

Lunch is already packed.

Oh, thank you!

And don t forget your smoothie, Sweets.

Guess what, Nona?

Tina says they have amazing papaya smoothies in Hawaii.

Dad and Tina are going to take me!

You ve already been to Hawaii with your mother, Harper.

I have?

Yeah, when you were a little girl.

Well, that just means you get to go twice.

Lucky you!

Go grab your books, we gotta hit the road.

[Phone vibrating]

Look I know you re busy, if you want me to take her to school, I m happy to.

It s all under control, thank you.

Harper, let s go!


Whoa, you re not going anywhere with your hair looking like that, young lady!

I already brushed it, Nona.

Well not enough, clearly.

There we go.

[Phone vibrating]

I forgot my necklace!

Go get it. Hurry please.

Can you believe this old thing?

This is why Brock needs a woman like you in the house.

[Phone vibrating]

Thanks for packing her lunch.



I can t find the necklace you gave me anywhere.

Okay well, you know what?

We re just gonna have to find it later, because we gotta go!

Yeah, go. I ll lock up.

Bye Nona.

Bye, have a good day.

I m just saying something is off about her.

She s super controlling, that s for sure.

I think she s always been a part of Harper s life.

You think?

Brock doesn t talk about it and I hate asking, so, you know, what do you do?

Thank you.

Thank you!

He was feeling it.



The fact is she lost her only daughter in a car accident.

That s enough to make anyone crazy.

Yes, that is tragic.

But this is your marriage, you ve got to set boundaries.

I did this morning.

I told her I would continue to take Harper to school.

And she backed off a little.

I still think you should say something to Brock about it.

So I can come across as the needy a-hole trying to get rid of his late wife s mother?

No, Brock hates drama.

She s a part of Harper s life and I just have to deal with it.

Good luck.

Duane, I think you re being ridiculous.

I really don t see what the issue is.

I just don t think we should be meddling in their relationship.

How long have you known him?

Have you ever known him to be this impulsive?

Think about it, this is a man that takes seven months to plan a three day vacation.

Well, that s true.

A quick background check is all I m asking for.

Just to be safe.

You have that investigator you use?

For very specific work purposes.

If anything ever happened to Harper, would you ever be able to forgive yourself?

Fine, I ll call Grant.

Do you want some more salad, Harper?

Yes, please.

Yeah sure, thanks.

So, I reserved a moving truck for the end of the month.

Which means that you have to clear out the hallway closet to make some space for Tina, okay?

Okay, Dad.

And maybe we can figure out something to do with those boxes of nail polish and lip gloss that are in there.

Hey, a girl needs to pamper herself.

Oh no!

Pre-teen, already? Eww.

Speaking of which, after my lunch with Ellen, I found this cute store and got you something.

Do you like it?

I figured it was time to replace your old one.

You threw out my brush?

The handle was really worn and it was missing bristles.

You shouldn t have done that!

It wasn t yours!

Harper, she didn t know!


What did I do?

It was Lorna s.

Oh my God.

I m gonna go talk to her.

Maybe take it easy on the gifts for a little while?


She s finally asleep.

I m really sorry.

I will never do anything like that again.

Do you think I should say something to her in the morning?

No, just leave it.

She knows you didn t do it on purpose.

I just don t want to mess anything up.

I m not the girlfriend to goof around with anymore.

We re... we re getting married.

She wants this. She does, trust me.



She s crazy about you.

I hear that that runs in the family.



Oh, hang on.

What is this?


This picture, what is this?

It s from a trip we took to Kauai.

What is it doing here? I ve never seen this before.

I don t know, maybe Harper put it there?

I can t get rid of all our pictures, Tina.

I know!

I would never ask you to do that, ever!

I just...

I don t know where your line is sometimes.

You never talk about your feelings.

I didn t know we were talking about our feelings, I thought we were...

I m sorry.

Come on.

I am spent.

Can we just go to bed?

[Cell phone ringing]

Harper? What s wrong?


I can t sleep.

What is it, Sweets?

Talk to Nona.

All right!

I packed you an extra fruit roll up so you can trade.


Harper, you need to get dressed.

It s almost eight.

I am dressed.

It s Pajama Day, it s on the calendar.

Oh. Well, good.

Did you brush your teeth?


All right, let s get going.

Can Dad to take me?

Tina s gonna take you.

You never take me anymore. Please, Dad?

You can take her, it s okay.

Are you sure? Yeah.

But you better get going, or you re gonna be late.


Bye Tina.


Bye Tina.

Okay, got it.

No, that should just about do it.

Thanks, Grant.

Well? What d he say?

She s clean.

Nothing at all?

Nothing except for a few photos he found online of her sunbathing.

Nude photos?

This is not porn, dear.

Grant thinks a vindictive ex must have put them up.

He needs to send them, now!

So I m thinking probably a week for the initial design and then we can meet in person to go over it.

Great, what day?

Does Saturday work for you?



Let me get back to you about a time, okay?

Okay, I m excited.

Great I m excited too, Libby, thanks.

Bye. Bye.

Hey babe, what s up?

It s not Pajama Day.


Yeah, we showed up and Harper was literally the only kid in pajamas.

Oh no!

Yeah, I m going to give them hell for putting the wrong day on the calendar.

I m sorry, that might actually be my fault.

I thought I gave you the new one?

You did, but I was frazzled getting Harper out the door and I might have left the new one on the counter.

Do you want me to run home and get her some new clothes?

No, the teacher had her put on her gym clothes.

Look, these things happen, they do.

But they re important and 10 year olds are very self-conscious.

I know, I m so sorry!

I m so sorry!

Hey, I ve got to jump.

Can I give you a call later?

Okay, bye.

Hello there, stranger.


You staying for dinner?

Yeah, these boxes aren t going to pack themselves.

I will order Chinese.

Damn girl.

At that rate, you re not getting out of here until next Christmas.

Yeah well, the way things have been going the past week, maybe that s a better idea.

Stop trying to bribe Harper with gifts and you ll be fine.

Okay, for the record: Joyce held up the brush and said:

Can you believe this old thing?

That s why Brock needs a girl like you around the house.

Uh-huh, and you, desperate to be the perfect step mom, ran out and got her a new one.

Oh my God, she set me up.

I bet she knew it was Lorna s brush and she knew how Harper would react.

Seriously, that is just--

Psycho? Yeah!


Brock is going to hear about this one.

Where would we have the ceremony?

We could set up a trellis over there.

Works for me.

What do you think?

Oh, I love it.

I don t have to keep looking.

Me neither.

But I m not waiting 18 months to marry you.

Well, the only other option they have is six weeks from now.

Let s do it.

Yeah? Yeah.

You realize a lot of people probably won t be able to make it on such short notice.

Good, I was hoping for a small wedding.

I guess I should move the tastings.

Can you do Saturday morning before my meeting with Libby?

Yeah, morning s great.

I don t have to be in the clinic until afternoon.

Okay, I ll set something up for Harper.

I think Joyce already set up a play date with Amber s Mom.

Does this have anything to do with me screwing up Pajama Day?

What are you talking about?

I m just wondering why Joyce is scheduling play dates.

Joyce has always been really involved.

She s helps out a lot.

Well, maybe if she would stop turning Harper against me, I could help out too.

Hey, what s going on?

She told me to throw away the hair brush.

Joyce actually told you that?

No, she implied it.

Look, I m doing the best that I can to be respectful.

I know that she s Harper s grandma and you re both very attached to her--


I know this conversation isn t comfortable, but we have to have it!



Joyce was driving the car.


When Lorna died.

A truck was turning left in front of her and she tried to swerve and it was too late.

I ve made peace with it as much as anyone can.

But Joyce...

I can t imagine the guilt she must feel.

She raised Lorna on her own.

Men came and went, but Lorna was the only thing that mattered to her.

They had a complicated relationship.

She micromanaged Lorna s life, especially when it came to Harper.

I don t think she ll ever forgive herself.


I get it, I m sorry.

I ll do my best to make it work.

Thank you.

Joyce, what are you doing here?

The nurse sent me back.

I wanted to have a word in private.

All right.

Everything okay?

Well, no.

Harper called the other night.

She was very upset.

Tina thought you said something about Harper needing a new brush?

Do you really think I would tell her to throw Lorna s brush away?

My God, Brock!

Tina is sweet, but it worries me.

She s easing into things.

So is Harper, Brock.

This has been rough on her.

Now you re rushing into this new marriage?

Harper doesn t feel that way.

Maybe she s not comfortable telling you how she really feels.

Look, I wasn t going to say anything.

But Duane thought I should mention it.

He did a search on Tina.

Why is Duane doing a search on Tina?

Because he s a criminal defense lawyer and maybe a little on the paranoid side.

But the point is, after a straight forward search, some pictures came up.

Yeah, so?

She s having fun at her sorority.

Brock, you are bringing Tina into your life to raise your daughter.

To be a role model.

Who knows what else could be out there?

All I m asking is for you to take a step back before making things permanent.

Just really think things through.

I have thought things through.

Joyce, we re getting married.

And what I need from you is your support to help make this easier on Tina.

My support?

You have had nothing but my support for years.

School drop off, pickup, homework, babysitting 24-7.

I know more of the moms of the kids in Harper s class than you and Lorna ever did!

You ve done so much.

And I appreciate all of it, I do.

But Tina wants to be involved.

I want her to be involved.

This is good for everybody, right?

You can finally get back to being a grandmother.


Yes, of course.

If that s the way you want it.

Do you really think this is the best thing for Harper?

I am her mother!

I can decide what s best for her.

It s not going to kill her to have cafeteria food once in awhile.

A homemade lunch keeps her energy up.

Her energy is fine, Mom!

How would you know?

You re not the one that drops her off and picks her up from school every day.

I m thinking we should change that.

Maybe bring in a baby sitter.

You ll finally get a break.

While you re busy in trial for six months?

Do you really think this is the best thing for Harper?

I m her mother, I can decide what s best her!

You re all over me about everything!

Ripping apart every decision I make!

I have done nothing but support you.

I have raised your daughter for seven years, while you were busy making partner.

I would never treat you like this.


Tina and Daddy are getting married!

Daddy and Tina are going to take me.

No, no, no!

Not happening to me!

Not happening!

So where are you girls going?

We re going to get a slice of pie.

You know that new place?

The one on Western?

I m not sure how long I ll be.

Take your time.


I just really want to support Petra.

She s having a hard time with Brock moving on so quickly.

Give her my regards.

I will, love you.

You too.

Excuse me.

I m looking for 22 Point Cliff?


Hey, I m Grant.

Sorry, the streets can be a little confusing.

You re the private investigator?

That s what the card says.

Where exactly is your office?

You re looking at it.

So if we knock down the south wall, I suggest that we set up a train track area to keep the kids busy and allow the mothers to shop.

Brilliant, I love that idea.

What about finishes?

Have you given any thought to that?


I feel like it should be clean and modern, with just a hint of vintage.

But definitely kid friendly.

I like it!

Would you excuse me just a second?

Yeah, sure.


Can I help you?

Detective Vic Jeffers.

I m looking for Ms. Tina Williams.

Yeah, that s me.

What is this regarding?

Are you familiar with Kristen Scott?

Yes, she s my old business partner.

Is everything okay, did something happen?

We received information that you stole her identity and racked up charges on her credit cards.


That s ridiculous!

She believes you did it to damage her credit and reputation.

I have absolutely nothing to do with this!

We re conducting a criminal investigation.

I m going to have to ask you some questions.

Well... of course.

Just let me finish with my client, please?

Take your time.

I need to get back to the shop anyway.

I have no idea what this is about--

No need to explain. Thank you!

How can I help?

This is Kristen.

I m not here, so please leave a message.

Hi Kristen, it s Tina.

I have no idea what s going on, but I assure you I would never do anything to harm you or your business.

So just give me a call back, bye.

Tina Williams.

It s Jamie, Amber s Mom.

Hi Jamie, I m on my way.

No need, Joyce already picked Harper up.


I couldn t reach you.

I needed Harper picked up by one.

Joyce told me two.

Amber has a recital at two.

We barely made it in time.

I tried to call you earlier, but you never responded.

I was in a meeting.

Next time, you probably want to keep your phone close by.

I always do, even when I m in a meeting.


Schedule an ultrasound for Mrs. Benson, please.


Hey hon, how was Libby?

Kristen s accusing me of stealing her identity.


I need to talk to you, this is crazy.

I ll come meet you.

I m at the apartment.


Can you ask Dr. Chen to cover me?

I need to be out the rest of the afternoon.

Hey, we re back.


Thanks for staying with Harper.

Happy I could help.

[Cell phone ringing]

It s Ellen, I gotta take this.

Everything okay?

She s having some issues with a former business partner who s accusing her of some pretty serious stuff.

How awful.

Yeah. Where s Harper?

She s upstairs watching a movie.

I didn t know what time you d be back, so I made dinner.

Thank you, you re a huge help.

I need a beer.

Well, I m just glad I was around for the mix up with Amber s Mom.

What mix up?

Tina got the time wrong and Harper was left stranded.

Why didn t Amber s Mom call her?

She did, several times.

Look, I know Tina has a lot going on, but parents should know they need to be reachable no matter what.

I m gonna tell Harper that dinner s ready.

Yeah, okay.

All right, thanks, El.

I ll keep you posted, bye.

She s gonna ask one of the lawyers at her firm to advise me.


I m glad she did that for you.

I don t understand why this is happening.

When we split a year ago, I bent over backwards for Kristen.

I took one client, she took ten.

So why does she think that you re trying to ruin her credit?

Because she s nuts!

This is why we re not working together anymore.

I didn t know that you felt that way about her.

I was trying to move on and focus my energy into building my own business, you know?

You believe me, right?

Hey, yes!

Of course, come here.

Hey, it s going to be okay.

We re a team, we re gonna get through this together, all right?

You did your job, you set her up, but it s still not enough.

An ongoing criminal investigation and he s sticking by her.

Can you believe this?

You know what they say about guys.

I don t need a lecture from an adolescent about the male anatomy.

Wait until they press charges.

That s bound to give him cold feet.

The wedding is in six weeks.

I don t have time to wait.

What about her past relationships?

Didn't you find anything on your state of the art equipment here?

She has had one serious relationship before your son-in-law.

Chad Davis.

He s an investment banker.

They co-signed an apartment lease for eight years.

She d never invest that much time without a ring.

Well, it ended last May.

Although... it seems he kept his name on her car lease.

So maybe he s holding out hope?

Is Tina headed to the office today?

She s gotta get some paperwork together for the lawyer.

Poor thing.

Well, why don t you stop by and bring her some cookies on your way in?

Cheer her up.

Yeah, I could do that.

That s very sweet of you, thank you.

No pun intended.

Hey, be good for Nona.

Don t worry Dad, I will.

Bye Joyce. Bye.

Here, you keep stirring.

I've got to make a quick call.


It s Joyce, she s in the office.

Go ahead and send the e-mail now.

Okay, I m on it.

Alrighty, let s add the nuts.

Let me get this straight.

I have to hire a cyber expert to prove something that I didn t do?

Does that make sense?

If you want to stay out of jail.

Trust me, I don t want to go to jail either, but...

Fine, add it to my tab.

Thanks Jim, bye.




What are you doing here?

I was in the area meeting a client.

Can I have a word?



This space looks great.

It s a work in progress.

Why are you here?

I had a lot of time to think over the summer.

About us.

Right, and I m the one that got away.

And you always want what you can t have.

I was an idiot.

I m engaged.

I m aware.

And I wouldn t be here, if I didn t think I had a good shot.

I know things aren t great.

What? Who told you that?




Hey, what s up?

I m Chad.

Okay, guess I ll see myself out.

Nice to meet you man.

I didn t ask him to come here.

He just showed up.

You re telling people things aren t great with us?

I vented to Ellen one time, that s it.

My life is complicated.

It s a lot to take on with Harper.

You don t think I can handle Harper?

I think she s a big responsibility.

If this is about that play date, if I knew I had to be there at one, I never would have agreed to pick her up.

It was right in the middle of my meeting with Libby and I...

I messed up.

I m not beating you up over that.

Come on, you have ten years experience on me.

Tina... do you really want this?

Of course I want this!

The question is whether or not you want this.

Sometimes I wonder if this whole thing is moving so fast because if you pause for a second, you...

I d miss Lorna?


I do, every day.

But I need to get on with my life.

She d want me to be happy and... you make me happy.

You make me happy, too.

So, why have you been talking to Chad?

I have not talked to Chad.

I have zero interest in speaking to Chad!

Look, I have a police detective breathing down my neck, and now Brock is wondering whether or not I m fit to raise a child.

Okay, I cannot deal with this right now.

I swear to you, I have not spoken to Chad since you guys broke up.

Then why would he say that you did?

Because he s a manipulative jerk.

He knows exactly how to get to you.

He always has and he always will!

Why now?

You ve gotten a lot of congratulatory posts about your engagement.

You guys still have a lot of mutual friends.

Yeah, that s true.

Unfriend them immediately.

What I don t understand is while Chad was at my office, Brock showed up with a tin of homemade cookies.

Brock made cookies?

That is weird.

No, Joyce and Harper did.



Wait, you think Joyce set this up too?

I can t say anything about it to Brock until I have proof.

I m sure as hell not talking to Chad about it.

I ll talk to Chad.


[Door knocking]

You owe me.


There she is... the bride!

I am right here, woman!

Oh, you look gorgeous!


Oh, no.

There s no way I m letting you spend $4,000 on a wedding dress!

Oh honey, it ll probably be the only time I get to do it.

From your mouth to God s ears.

Now this, this is a bridesmaid s dress I can wear again.


No stealing my thunder.

Hello? 10! 9.8. You're good.

That s where you keep your phone?

Yeah, it s close.


News on the Chad front.

You are not talking to Chad!

No, I m not. Ellen is.

I m hooking up with him.

I m kidding, Mom!

Okay, he said he deleted the email thread with fake Ellen.


He said the email looked totally legit.

Had my law firm name and everything.

What is this email exchange?

What are you up to, girls?

It just has to do with her psycho in-law.

Alright, you listen to me.

You have got to stop this psycho in-law business.

All day long, I ve been hearing nothing but digs against this poor woman.

You want to get along, you have to make nice-nice!

I m serious, girls!

Mom, this situation is way more complicated than you think.

Leave it to me.

Ugh, where are they?

Hey guys!

Hi sweetie!

You must be Joyce!

You know I told Tina, even though I m only gonna be here for a day, I simply must meet Joyce.

I m glad you did.

And you must be Harper.

You re Tina s Mom?

And mine.

Table s ready guys.



Yeah! Okay.

Don t you just love this place?

The girls always bring me here when I visit.

Before I forget, I have a little surprise here for Harper.

A Chocolate Pen?

Amber has one too!

I ve always wanted one of these!

Look, Nona!

Well, it s a hit.

My granddaughters turned me on to them.

They can t wait to meet you.

They re going to be your new cousins.

I m going to have cousins, Nona!

I ve never had cousins before!

Well then, maybe you can spend the summer with us.

With my cousins?

With your cousins and uncles and aunties.

And my new Grandma.



Hey, how are you?

Good to see you.

You too!

I wanted to tell you, Joyce has really enjoyed spending time with you.

I think it s been good for her.

She's had a struggle with how quickly Brock has moved on.

You two had coffee together a couple of weeks ago and dessert the other night?


Gosh, I haven t seen Joyce since the party.


Yeah, is everything okay?

Yeah, everything s great.

Good to see you.

Well, give Joyce my love.

I will!

All right, take care Duane.

See you later.

So good we had time to meet, Joyce.


Well, we should get you home, Sweets.

But I want to go to the airport with Grandma.

Nona wants to take you home.

You ll see me next time, sweetheart.

But that s not until the wedding!

I know.

Excuse me, it s the lawyer.

I ll be right back.

Hey Jim, how s it going?


I want to come with you!

I know!

Okay, just keep me posted.


Well, the cyber expert tracked down the IP address used to send the threatening email to Kristen.

A coffee shop on the west side.


At least that ll get the police off your back.

She s got a vendetta.

She ll just say I used my personal laptop.

This is ridiculous!

You need to get a better lawyer.

And Ellen, is this really the best that you can do?

The best that I could do is have Duane s firm to represent her.

They re the best criminal defense team in the city.


Duane takes on much bigger cases.

Corporate cases.

You know, he strikes me as the type that would stick his neck out.

He can t talk to a partner?

Well, I ll certainly ask.

Thank you, Joyce.

Well, you need to go.

You need to get to the airport.



Give your Nona a hug.

Thank you, Nona.

You re welcome.

All right, we gotta go.


I ran into Petra today.

She said she hasn't met with you.

For pie or coffee.

I m going to take a bath.

Grant called me.

He told me you ve been meeting with him.

Well, you weren t going to do anything.

Dammit, Joyce!

Why can't you just let this go?

You mean just stand by and watch her take Harper away from me?

I knew this was going to happen from the beginning.

As soon as she entered the picture.

You have got to go to the police--

With all her niceness and sweet smiles.

Go hug your Nona!

Like I m some kind of charity case!

Joyce, you have got to come forward.

She s facing all kinds of serious charges!

You were always on her side.

I m on the side of the law!


Dammit, Joyce!

If you don t go to the police, I will.

And who's gonna think I could do this on my own?

You re the one with the contacts.

Your name is all over my emails to Grant.

You could be disbarred.

Lose your license.

Or worse...

What the hell is wrong with you?

I need a pill.




Time to delete all the mutual friends with Chad.

Notification... Lorna's page?

My true love, now and forever?


Harper is asking for a good night kiss.

Hey, what's going on?

I m confused.

Are we getting married too soon?


We ve been through this.

Yeah, but your post makes me think otherwise.

My post?

On Lorna s Memorial Page.

If you need more time, then you should take it.

I did not post that.

I did about two years ago, but I didn t re-post it.

Then who did? Harper?

Harper doesn t know about this page.

But Joyce does.

Joyce doesn't have access to my account.

Maybe she got ahold of your iPad or something.

How? She doesn't have my passcode.

Then she found another way.

I don't know what to tell you.

She doesn't want me around!


Tina, Joyce is just worried about Harper.

Right, and I can never fill the shoes of her perfect daughter.

Hey, I get it.

I know Joyce can be a bit much.

She's Harper's grandmother.

I'm trying to make this whole thing work here.

For Harper's sake.

Can you just roll with me a little bit on this, please?


[Cell phone ringing]

I gotta take this.

I m on call.


Brock, I need your help!

I need you to come over right now.


I already called 911, but they're not here yet.

What s wrong?

Duane collapsed, I think it's his heart.

Please hurry!

Yeah, I ll be right there.

Joyce thinks that Duane is having a heart attack.

I ll be back soon.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh...

Is it true?

One pill would've saved him?

Maybe it could have bought him a little more time.

I looked everywhere for the pills.

I couldn t find them anywhere.

I don t think I want to be alone right now.

Would you mind staying with me for a little while?

Yeah of course, I ll stay.

Thank you.

Whoa kiddo, let me help you with that!

I got it, Dad!

Let me take one side...

Poor Duane...

It s so sad, he was such a nice man.

I can t believe he s gone.

The weird thing is they don't know what happened to his nitroglycerin pills.

It s like they just vanished.

Brock called the pharmacy, he had them refilled last week.

And once again, the common denominator is...

No, no, don t say it.

Hey Tina?

Where are we putting the dresser again?

Hang on one sec!

My advice to you is after the wedding, get as far away from that woman as you possible can.

Like, out of the city.

I'm already looking at houses in Palmdale.

Hey Tee?

I'm coming!

All right!

Come on girls, we gotta focus!

Ellen, what did you do with Tina's shoes?

I gave them to Tina.

You did?


The Bride should not be worrying about her shoes!

You are the maid of honor.

Never mind, I found them.

[Cell phone ringing]

Demote me, okay?

No Tina!

You are not doing business on your wedding day.

It s a lawyer, I have to answer.

Will you get my makeup from the bathroom, please?

Hi, Jim.

Oh my gosh, really?

That's the greatest news ever!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Best wedding present of all time.

Have a good one.

Okay, I'll be in touch. Bye.

They found the person who stole Kristen s identity.

Honey, that s great news.

Get this: her name is Delilah Jenner and she's already in prison.

Wait, but how can she steal your identity if she s in jail?

I don't know.

Or send a threatening email from a coffee shop?

I don't know, I'll have to ask the cyber guy, after the wedding.

Unless she partnered with somebody on the outside?

Come on girls, we have to focus.

We re not going to make it to the salon.

You know what? You guys go on without me.

I forgot to get Tina something borrowed.

You realize this now?

Your appointment is in 30 minutes!

Go ahead and cancel it.

I ll go with Au Naturale Beach Waves.

Once again...

Hey, is everything okay?

Everything's totally fine.

I'll meet you guys at the venue.

Okay, come on Mom.

I'm not demoting her, I m firing her!

Second degree grand larceny.

Assault with a deadly weapon.


That s downright thuggery.

You are supposed to be a much more sophisticated hacker.


That's weird.

Hi, it s Ellen.

I m out of the office and I can t get on the server.

Is there any way that you can check name of the attorney that represented a Delilah Jenner?

March 23, 2014.


No, that s exactly what I needed.

Thank you so much.

[Cell phone ringing]

Hello, this is Joyce.

Hi, Joyce. Big day huh?

Oh, hello Ellen. Yes, it is.

I've got a little something I was wanting to give Harper after the ceremony and I could really use your input.

Is there any way you could stop by my apartment right now?

My mom and my sister are at the salon.

Can't this wait till after the wedding?


We can t talk this anywhere near my Mom, because she's gonna want to put her two cents in.

You re the only one who really knows Harper.

Well, I m still getting ready but I ll be over as soon as I can.


Thanks, Joyce.

Do you think Ellen's here?

I didn't see her car outside.

Tina, let's stop worrying about that.

The photographer is here and we're way behind schedule.

Now get up those stairs, move!

[Door knocking]

Thank you for stopping by.

Come in!

May I offer you a glass of wine?

Don t we have to be at pictures soon?

We've got a few minutes.

I m in a celebratory mood.

What do you say?

Not for me, but feel free.

Lovely view.

Can t complain.

So what s this special surprise you have for Harper?

Before we get to that, I was curious.

Did you ever have a chance to talk to anyone at Duane's firm?

You know, about representing Tina?

Considering everything that's going on, it's been hard.

Of course, I figured.

I discovered that there was a conflict of interest, anyway.

As it turns out, Duane represented the felon that set up Tina and made it look like she had stolen her business partner s identity.

I have no idea what you re talking about.

A felon who also happens to be in jail.

Though I guess if there was access to the felon s files, all of the information that you'd need would be right there.

I wouldn t know.

I don t know anything about computers.


But do you know who probably would know though?


Oh wait. He s dead, isn t he?

You took care of that, didn t you?

You got rid of all of his pills.

You are a vicious, ugly person, and I don t have to stand here and subject myself to your horrible lies.

You have made my sister s life a living hell.

And as hard as you have tried to ruin her relationship with Brock, you failed.

They re getting married and you re stuck with that.

So here s what you re going to do.

Admit to Tina that you set her up and you ll have a shot at maintaining a relationship with Harper and Brock.

Otherwise, I ll keep digging.

And maybe I can t prove right now that you were involved, but I promise you that I will.

Up to you, Joyce.

You have no idea what it s been like.

Losing my daughter.

Watching while everyone else's lives go on without her.

My baby!

My everything!

I need help.

You do...

Do you think you can help me?

Please, Ellen, please!

Do you think you can help me? Please!


Thank you.


[Cell phone ringing]

Still no answer, this is getting ridiculous.

[Cell phone ringing]

[Cell phone ringing]

[Cell phone ringing]

Oh my God, what happened?

Excuse me.

Special request from the bride.

Would you mind bringing it to her?

I have to assist an elderly guest.

[Door knocking]


Sorry, I thought you were my sister.

Oh, perfect.

That's exactly what I needed.

Absolutely not!

The first champagne on your wedding day should be with your groom.

Could you please take this downstairs?

Thank you.

Joyce, the server is bringing you a champagne.

Looks like you could use it.


She hasn t even checked her messages.

I m sure there s an explanation.

Mom, I can t get married without her.

Well then...

Everyone will just have to wait.

I ll go tell the staff.


Is Ellen here? Has she come yet?

No, I haven't seen her.

This is not like her.

Not answering her phone.

Maybe was an accident?

Give me a second.

Let me call the hospital, okay?


Could you take Harper please?

Hey Maria, this is Dr. Nichols.

Can you do me a favor and let me know if Ellen Williams was admitted today?


She was?

Can you put me on with Dr. Sanders?


[Cell phone ringing]


You have her phone, where is she?

What did you do?

You left me no choice!

You had to be in control, don't you?

That s how it was with Lorna.

You have no idea what you re talking about!

She couldn t stand it either!

Hey Steve, it's Dr. Nichols.

Can you give me an update on an Ellen Williams?

Tell me.

I love Harper and I could've loved you too.


I think she did something to Ellen.

Sweetheart, she's gonna be okay.

Ellen's gonna be okay.


Thanks, Judge.

We couldn t be happier.

Right there!

That s a perfect picture.

Tina, you have to do it now!


Ellen s the next bride!

Okay, I did not catch that!

It hit you on the head.

That still counts!


Looks like I'm gonna be buying another wedding dress!

So, who s up for some brunch?

Let s get pancakes!

I could definitely go for some pancakes.

With strawberries!

And whipped cream...

Nona loves blueberries on her pancakes...

Nona gets plenty of blueberries at her new home.

Come on, let's go.

Well, I'm hungry.

I love my daughter, she is brilliant!

She'll come by soon.

She s one of the youngest lawyers to make partner at the firm.

Did I ever mention that to you before?

A few times.

Let s get you back to bed, okay Mrs. Miller?

Of course.

I always made sure she had a substantial lunch.

None of that school cafeteria garage that they fed the poor children.

You don t even know what s in it...

It could be rat poison.

It could be crushed glass.

You don't know...