Ptaki spiewaja w Kigali (2017) Script's 4:22 p.m. Kigali time at the studio of RTLM.

Notice to all the cockroaches listening now...



What are you doing here?

Shh... Don't move, okay?

Rwanda belongs to those who really defend her And you, cockroaches, are not real Rwandans.

It's our good luck that there are so few Tutsis in our country.

They are no longer ten per cent, they are now at eight per cent.

If we exterminate all the cockroaches, nobody will judge us, because we will emerge the victors.

Come and rejoice, friends Cockroaches are no more God is merciful...

I have visa, and I'm during the evacuation.

What do you have in the box there?

No, sir, please!

Check here!

You can check, there are only dead birds, there is nothing.

I want to know why you kill our birds.

You killed the vultures. No, I didn't kill the birds.

You said you have dead birds.

Yes, I have dead birds, because I found them.

I'm making research. You found them where?

We want the vulture to eat the Tutsi.

And you kill it!

Where is money?

I can give you a box of cigarettes. I'll rape you.

Please, because I don't have any money and I have to go.

No. Please let me go!

If you don't give me money, I'm going to rape you.



No! Eat the Tutsi! Eat!

You killed the vulture, now eat him!

I'm a witness, I can testify.

She's from the Tutsi minority.

Due to the current situation in Rwanda, she ought to be... We'll look into it.

Look... you have two options.


We direct you to a refugee center... or Ms...

Keller. Keller...

becomes your legal representative and you stay in her care.

Ms Keller becoming my legal representative is not an option.

Claudine... Please.

Direct me to a refugee center.

Are you sure? Yes.

What are you doing?

This might not be your best choice. Please!

Direct me to a refugee center.

Don't be stupid.

Why don't you talk to her?

She has no idea what such a center looks like.

As you wish.

Do you have any luggage?

Just this bag.


Here you are.

Follow me, please.

During the past few weeks, we've all looked on in horror and despair as violence on a massive scale has erupted in the African state of Rwanda.

200,000 people are believed to have died and up to 2 million have fled their homes.

Whatever the causes of this terror, the fact is it's the ordinary people of Rwanda who are paying the price.

What kind of an idea is that?

I'm sorry. I cannot accept your resignation.

What about the grant?

I'm done with Africa.

It isn't the only place with vultures. Move your research to India.

Have you read the latest Scientist?

You're not getting it. I'm not interested any more.

Why don't you take a sabbatical? Have some rest. Some therapy perhaps.

Let's get back to it later, talk it over.

Are you sure?

Now, how was it? Tell me.


Have you heard from your daughter?


She's suing me for more alimony.

Can you manage, financially speaking?

Yes, I have the grant money. I'll be fine, don't worry.

Don't be a stranger. Come by for a cup of coffee.



Take care!

I'm not gonna drink with you, I've told you.

Did something happen?

You want to talk?

They have dark spots, bright spots, or no spots at all.

And what's their beak like?

Beak! You have a beak!

All right.

This conversation is over.

Over. Okay.

Quit it!

Don't start again.

Please... come on!

Don't start again. Jesus!

I can't, you know.

I've started organizing your archive.

You've collected so much it'll take me half a year to wade through it.

Everything's fine at the uni.

Danusia sends her regards.

I'm Katarzyna Falska, from the refugee center. Can we talk?

Come in.

Did I wake you? No, I'm working.

Your testimony says you've been a longtime friend of the family... and the only person she knows in Poland.

She's been granted a refugee status. She should leave the center.

You want me to take her in?

That would be the best solution.

No, a terrible solution. Why?

Because it's your business.

Your institution has appropriate means.

If you're so concerned, take her in yourself.

I have thought about it.

But I can't. I already have two boys from Chechnya.

Then I don't know how to help you.

Then why did you bring her here?

I did bring her here. Bought her a ticket, got her a visa.

I've done my part. That's it.

I can't even begin to imagine what must have happened there.

And I realize it's difficult for you, too.

But it's just another reason why you're the one person to understand her.

You are the only one that can help her.

No, I'm not.

Last Thursday Claudine tried to kill herself.

Well, tough luck. It happens. I don't think you really mean that.

I think you should go now.

Hang on.

Give it to her, will you?

That's all the cash I have.

Her name and surname?

Claudine Mugambira.

It's C-L-A-U-D-l-N-E. I know how to spell it.

Why is he asking my name? Sorry?

Why is he asking my name?

Because he needs it. For what?

For your papers, for the work.

Date and place of birth?

Date and place of birth?

Careful, it's not a toy. I'm careful.

Could you answer, please?

1971, 5th August, Butare.

Got it? Of course.

What are you...? Ah, okay.

What did I tell you?

Leave it be, I'll do it.



Normale primaire.


Just write, "pedagogy studies."

I'll leave it be. Yeah.

Parents' names?


Claudine, be careful. It's for mice.

And mom's name?

Could you spell your mom's name?


Mukande Anastaze.

But could you spell it for me, please?

Just leave it blank. There's no point.

Fine, give it here.



Just write "Mukande." I don't know how to spell it.

Jesus Christ!

What's wrong? Claudine!

We should take her blood pressure. What? Just open the window.

Shall I get her some pills? What pills?

It happens to her every other day.

Claudine, sit down. Just lift her.

And her father, Jean-Paul?

An ornithologist.

We worked together researching the vulture population in Central Africa.

Fieldwork, mostly.

How long have you known the Mugambiras?

For over three years. I mean...

I knew Jean-Paul best, but I met all of them. I lived at their house.

Still, I just cannot see why Ms Claudine Mugambira should not return to Rwanda soon.

The situation is stable... enough.

Her ethnic group, the Tutsi, are in power now.

I believe it is a moral obligation to grant permanent residence to a daughter of a Rwandan scientist murdered during a genocide.

Dr Keller, it's not for you to define the priorities of the Polish government.

It is not that simple.

One doesn't kill a million people for no reason.

This is all more complicated than you think.

I know the reason.

I'm all ears.

Do you know who set everything up over there?

Little white dicks like you.

Except they studied at the Sorbonne.


It's been a few days now. She comes in, hangs around, then disappears for the day.

She does nothing.

I don't blame her.

It's impossible to work in this mess.

She isn't cut out for this job. She's afraid of animals.

Excuse me, didn't you know who she was?

Don't you know what she's gone through?

Who told me she should work here? It was your idea.

What am I to do with her now? Her studies won't start until autumn.

Perhaps she should do something else.

Can't she translate or teach a language?

Are you firing her then?

No! I'm just wondering.

Other workers are watching her. This can't go on, her doing nothing.

Stop smoking in here!

Will you?

I'm just wondering how to help.

Some help! Shove it up your ass!

Except you are beyond help! Quit splashing!

Beyond help! Go help your mom, you idiot!

You and your constant grudge against the world!

If I borrowed a car from my father, would you go play tennis with me?

If I borrowed a car from my father, would you go play tennis with me?

I can't. I'm going to the disco.

If I borrowed a dress from my sister, would you go to the disco with me?

If I borrowed a dress from my sister, would you go to the disco with me?

I can't. I'm going to pick some mushrooms.

If I borrowed oilskins from my brother, would you go sailing with me?

If I borrowed oilskins from my brother, would you go sailing with me?

I can't. I'm going to play tennis.

Fuck you then.


Why are you sitting like that?

The fish, is it from the ponds? From Witek?


What's up?

Why are you sitting...?

They've found her.


It's freezing...

Marie-Christine, my cousin.

They've found her.

But it's in French.

"We have the honor to inform you that...


is alive and is in diocese of Butare, Communique Sacre-Coeur, Rwanda.

This is the only information that we have for now... but we'll keep you updated.

You can now write to the person."

So it's good news! Yeah.

Very good.

Don't cry!

Give it to me. We will frame it.

Did you eat anything? No.

Why does he keep giving us fish? Who wants to scale it all again?


Do you want eggs?

Maybe. And bread.

I don't understand what you mean.

I'm telling you you cannot go to Rwanda... without Polish residency.


Or you won't be able to come back.

Wait a second. But... she's been granted refugee status. I don't quite understand.

Yes, but she will lose it once she goes back to Rwanda.

Especially now that Tutsi are in power. The situation has changed.

She's no longer in danger of any repressions.

Do you understand?


You'll lose it. Your refugee status.

Lose it. Automatically.

Wait. So, you mean I will never be able to go back home again?

No, you have to wait.

Hold on three or four years.

Once you get Polish residency or a Polish passport, and you can spend all holidays in Rwanda.

I'm sorry, but that's bullshit.

I'm sorry, but that's the law.

I'm so sorry. It's not my fault.

You cannot come back to Rwanda now. Really.

I think it's too risky.

And don't worry, three or four years, it's not...

Stop saying, "three or four years"! And it's not about holidays!

Okay. It's the only way, I'm sorry.

Maybe she's got AIDS?

No, she hasn't. She got tested thoroughly on arrival here.

It's obviously psychosomatic.

I don't know.

From bronchitis to pneumonia, falling ill over and over again.

I can't just keep stuffing her with antibiotics.


She needs therapy.

I suggested it. She didn't want it.

Besides, who can I send her to?

Marczak, that idiot?

How would they communicate?

Well, obviously...

Marczak's an idiot, I'm an idiot...

You're the know-it-all around here.

No, I'm not.

Do you have any pills for PTSD?

Or shall I put her on psychotropics?

What about you? Me?

The picture of health, aren't you.

Not so much.

But I'm getting by.

If you don't like it, don't come over.


You know what?

Don't call me.



Is Ms Anna Keller home?

No, she's not.

What is it about?

Could we please see your papers?


It's just a routine check.

One second.

Claudine... Mo...


How long have you been here?

Why, what is it?

Nothing, it's just...

I'm just asking. Are you going to stay long?


Is anyone else coming?

Any family members?

Why do you even ask?

Well, perhaps someone is coming.

They're all fine, my papers.

Come on. The papers are okay. Our apologies.

False alarm.

An alarm?

Raised by concerned citizens. Have a nice day.

Best of luck.

I'll call Anna tonight, I'll learn something.

She's kind of cool, isn't she?

One may be cool, but if more arrive... who knows.


So you want me to, to what? To praise you? To write songs about you?

Get out! Get out of the car!

Get out! Get out of the car!


I will go!

Get out! And don't come back! Ever!

I will never come back! I don't need you! Close the door!

So what? What? You also need my...

Here you go.

Everything you gave me. I don't need you!

I can survive without you! What else?

You are so smart? You are so brave?

So take it off! You are so brave?

I will take it off!

No, because you will wash it! No, you will wash it.

You are so smart? You are so nice?

You want everything? Yes, I want everything!

Yes, I want everything back!

I want my life back!

Stupid cow!

I've made up my mind.

I want to go back to Rwanda.

I want to go and try to find their bodies and give them a proper burial.

I can't keep on running away.


I understand.

What's that one?



That's a funny name.

And that one?





You can say, Tetrao tetrix.

It's also difficult.


Can you finish your research?

So that there is at least something left after my father?

What's that one?



Isn't this kingfisher cool?

I lay in wait for three months near Sułowo before I snapped it.

Does your dad know you want to sell his collection?

Of course.


Horst would never sell his archive.

Especially not to me.

It's not for sale.

Look, Anna...

I'm retired now.

You must have some friends left at the department.

All I have left is rheumatism.

That picture of seagulls. It's doctored, isn't it?

Oh, come on.

Not bad.

Who's going to notice?

Kids come here. They learn about ecology.

What will remain when we're gone?

Nature will.

I'm sorry.

Hello? Yes?

The last ones have no labels. It's fine.


These two separately, please. The gulls and the waders.

Don't mix them up. We won't.

Set them up tight, lads, so nothing rattles on the way.

Did you hear me? Certainly, sir.

Is this everything? Yes.

Krzyś, fetch me that little white file from the car, will you?

A chunk of your father's life, eh?

All of his life.

Thank you.

No, thank you.

I admire you, Anna.

I'd never part with these things.

They're in good hands.

Please take care of them.


Please give your dad my best.

Mind the bumpy roads, lads.

Don't cry, stupid.

We made a deal of our life.

Thanks, Anna.


All this charity, it's past the expiry date.

We have to burn everything.

If we don't burn it today, we'll find everything tomorrow on black market.

Is he HIV-positive?

We have many thousands of cases like his mother here.

Everyone a victim of rape.

Even of group rape.

Now it's better.

She doesn't spend all day here.

She gets used to the situation.

Wouldn't it be better if...

Wouldn't it be better if the boy stayed here with you?

Nobody here has a family.

He has a mother, he has you.

He has a family.

Who sent you?

No one sent us. We used to live here.

You're lying!

I'm not lying to you, I swear.

See, my whole family have been killed.

Let me explain. They killed my family.

I had two brothers, little siblings.

I don't know anything about it. I know you don't.

This woman is the one who saved me.

We lived in this house.

She used to work with my father. They did research on birds.

She stayed here, at this house, back in the garden.

Don't lie. This isn't your place.

Check over there. There's another house that looks the same.

You must be wrong.

Do you really think I'd mistake my own home?

I swear to God this is my house.

I'm not here to get you out. It wouldn't be possible.

I don't want to live here. What do you want then?

Only to visit the place.

You've seen it. You can go now.

Just a quick walk-around.

It's my first time here since they were killed.

She was wearing it when they killed her.

It's my mom's.

I bought it.

It's not true.

It's not true. It's my mom's.

This t-shirt was my brother's.

It's the only thing I've got left.

Can no one tell me where they are?

We don't know. Some say here, others say in the toilets.

But where exactly?

In this toilet and that one.

They dumped others in that small forest near Gahembe.

Over there.

So are they here or are they there?

We don't know either.

They would dump them anywhere.

Everywhere. Even in toilets.

Just cover it up.

Did you notice?


There are no more birds.

Complete silence.

There used to be so much commotion.

Mommy used to joke that...

Dad had built the house not for her, but for the birds.

Living off the three magic words:

"development for Africa."

Have you seen all the charities that've been here?


I can't even keep up with the imported French cheese and champagne.

What about your old friend? This general... whatshisname, this fat Hutu?

He ran out of luck.

Lost weight.

He's been on trial in a tribunal in Arusha.

What about you?

There's business to be made.

How much can one lose?


Yes. Professor Bitero.

He's a professor of sociology.

And he is responsible for killing people in Claudine's district.

We have to find him, because maybe he will know where the Mugambira family were buried.


As in "burials"?

Which burials?

They bulldozed dead people into ditches.

This earth will be restless for at least 100 years.

Will you think about it, please?

Oh, come on!

Can't you come here as a regular muzungu?

Excuse me... Get some rest?

Maybe go see them gorillas?

I'll give you a discount.

Excuse me, and I'm gonna have another one. Bottle.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Someone's left this for you.

When was it?

In the afternoon.


We fled to Uganda.

I thought you were all dead.

It's like I am dead.

How old are your children?

One is one year old, and the other is two and a half.

How did you know I was in Kigali?

Kigali is small.

It's the one thing that never changes here.

You're right.


Go home.

It's late.

It's him all right.

Kneel here. Down!

You'll sing for us now.

Sing like igishwi bird!

Fucking cockroach!

Sing! What are you waiting for?

Give us a thrush now!

A thrush! We're waiting!

Sing, Jean-Paul!

Sing like a male thrush!

Go on!

Thanks, Wolf.

Are you sure you want to meet him?

Tomorrow at 10:00.

Tell me, Professor...


You were our friend...

my father's friend.

You were my godfather.

Yesterday it was us, today it is you.

Let's see for those of tomorrow who they will be.

I only wish to find their bodies and bury them, nothing else.

Keep looking. You'll have a job for the rest of your life.

Who is it again?



This is your grandfather.

I've put together some money.

I spoke with the nuns. They'll look after you... so you won't lack food.


You must take care of yourself, Christi.

I will try my best and get you papers so you can join me.

Maybe there they'll be able to treat you.


And never come back.


Can I ask you something?

Did you love my father?


Here you go.

Are you hungry?

What do you say?

Are you going to eat?

How was your day?

Well, have some of it at least!


That's right.