Puen Tee Raluek (2017) Script

Movie released by YTS.ME Group



Come, do it now doing what?

Put your hand next to me

Don't move, otherwise it will draw crooked off

Reserved My dad has talked to your dad They will give us a unit

But this layer has only one unit

He never said that he could not choose the penthouse Ancient confusion But I like it Promise me, after completion We move together to live it is good

No regret it is good

Wait Don't forget to use the ring I gave you So we are like Shuangmei Mark Don't you remember?

The mall has a new sticker camera OK, we see the school tomorrow My business is over when you do this What do they say?

Banks are going bankrupt collapse?

You can't do that

All my cash and assets...

What happened?

Thailand becomes Asia's economy The dream of the fifth largest country has come to nothing The government announced the Thai baht exchange rate fluctuations Leading to an unprecedented drop in the Thai economic index Thailand is about to go bankrupt Due to the economic collapse, many companies closed their businesses The government ordered 16 financial institutions to cease operations At present, the core of Thailand's economy has ceased operation More than three million people are expected to be unemployed this year Numbers continue to rise

The company goes bankrupt, so I have to sell something Thai baht devaluation From 25 Thai baht to 1 US dollar down to 56 Thai baht Debts of various industries are high and bankrupt overnight We lost this battle

"Dilapidated households rich market"

Directly affected is...

The people's life is very difficult Get out!

Without income, the public can only live and work hard The real estate market has frozen nearly 200 billion baht Overhead demand for residential buildings and skyscrapers Nobody wants to buy now

"No entry"

My dad is a bad guy

How can he do this to you?

Here's what I bought for you

Your dad still want to commit suicide?

He is so poor What to do will not be successful When he wants to commit suicide My mom hid the gun so that he could not find it

But I know where she hides

and so… Do you want to kill your dad?

No, I can't give up

I am still relatively easy to commit suicide

Are you stupid?

Who are you dead?

Our family will be seized next week

My mom may take us to somewhere else

I'm afraid I can't see you again

Don't worry too much

Here's for you

This is my tuition Anyway, I don't want to read that rotten school

Without you, am I good?

You less exaggerated

What can I call at any time?

don't Cry

"Happy birthday to you!"

"Now call you Miss."

"I hope we Can go through this difficulty together Thai baht currency has been fluctuating since 1996 Stock market investors began to manipulate the market Spread rumors at the same time Said that the Thai economy is in crisis Now it is a daytime shower As a result, stock is gradually being shorted Bank of Thailand's stance is firm Don't reduce the Thai baht, in order to defend the Thai baht Intervene...


Why don't you talk to Daddy? Continue to build Sat-horn Building? do you know?

I went back to stock broking for a few days There is a big passenger to give me money to buy stocks We will be rich again Really? Dad?


Not bad right?

"I must move somewhere else."

"I may never see you again."

Where did the money go?

What money, Mom?

The school called you have not paid tuition Where did the money go?

I have spent it How can you spend it?

I gave you a lot of money What did you bought?


Let go

Do you know how hard it is to make money?

Even used to buy this meaningless thing My daughter will not mess like this

Am I still your daughter?

Did you think of me when making your decision?

Help me transfer to school casually Also forced me to go to the streets to help you sell things

I will be very shameful when I see my friend

If you let me choose I will not want to be born as your daughter

Since you feel shameful Get out Just die to the edge

"Dad hit me again"

"I can't stand it anymore."


Ok Give you Miss Pay money I am sorry Scream of Life Wes Kraven directed

You don't have to worry about it Believe me, you will make big money

It's fun to talk to people who understand things Those scholars don't know what to say

do you know?

Waiting for the market temperature, those scholars are unemployed So they want to blindly scared

But I think...

Currently Those moths that extinguish the fire will die first That's right

Wen How did you come?

Only you?

Wait for me, we'll go home together I'll dump with guests first Yes That oil group, as I said The most stable array In any case, the government has to subsidize them

That's right

Right, it is time Trust me I have inside information

Message Center switchboard, hello

181810 It is meaningless to be alive I am going to the building waiting for you I remember with that velvet bag

Are you afraid?

Don't be afraid If you continue to live, how much will be hurt?

Don't let me die alone

promise me

happy Birthday

Don't want to see anything, don't want to see the sky My eyes want to rest forever

Other important news Investigate the project of "Man Yi Hao Life" apartment building


It has been found that the blueprints have not been constructed according to the design Officials have revoked construction licenses The following is the chief executive of the contractor development company Interview with Parivian Ryan Vichaya This is the responsibility of the contractor We are about to file a complaint against them If you continue to develop the plan, will be informed


Miss Pa, the car arrived Belle and the manager are waiting for you in the car OK, I'll go right away

Sat-horn Building Construction Project

Fortunately, you continue to build this building Otherwise, our company will be declared bankrupt don't worry

I have also experienced that kind of thing I know how terrible it feels I will not repeat history Mani project is a pity We have invested a lot of money Did not expect that kind of thing happen

The structure is 100% safe The structure of the building was completed before the shutdown

I am sorry what's up?

You can see the building is still very attractive Has been idle for 20 years Because the other half belongs to my dad's partner It's hard to find land right in the city center As long as you are willing to give us a loan, I would like to...

Miss Pau, Man Arnold loan you have not paid We are going to file a bankruptcy application for you How could you approve another loan to you?

Even if you confiscate all of our assets for resale Not enough full loan And you have to sell it all But if you give me a loan to build this building We will have enough money Manui and Sat-horn are paid two pen counts to the bank This is good for you and me, right?

I will give you a week You clarify with your partner We have to make sure that the project will be carried out as scheduled Otherwise, I must file a bankruptcy application for you

Absolutely no problem

Hey I just stroll I'll drop right away OK, Mom

"happy Birthday"

Why did you bring it back?

Dirty and old I have never seen a real pager Only seen online You know old stuff Open to it!

Scared to death Can also be used Do you have a message? tell me Yes!

Rose is red Violet is blue please tell me… Point solution I will hang you?

Very old fashioned and also…

1,2,3, shark live

4, 5, 6, lizard bulge Bu

7, 8, 9, friendship is long and long

10, hanging you hung to the eyes wet

Writing is good, but using the map is much simpler Right In those days they wanted to say such things to strangers Will not be awkward?

what happened?

Don't want to see anything, don't want to see the sky My eyes want to rest forever Hide in the shadow of the moon Just want to dream, no longer awake

I feel really sad

As if heard Should be the lyrics come wait for me

found it Passed to you

This is the link it is good

Don't want to see anything, don't want to see the sky My eyes want to rest forever

Peach Last message It is meaningless to be alive I am going to the building waiting for you I remember with that velvet bag

Do you think the same as I thought?

It may be nothing Maybe just a joke Oh shit!

Scared you!

Are you scared? I am sorry Don't open this joke Tin back to you Okay

Is it you, Belle?


You want to point?

I have the alarm

Belle Someone broke in Call the police Faster!

How many people live here?


My husband passed away long ago

We did not find anyone searching everywhere I went to see the fire escape Wait for me here Okay, police officer

What are you looking for?

My cell phone It must be in the room I'll look for it Wait for me to get it

Sorry, my wife what's up?

How long was the hand print on the wall?

When the maid's gone, I locked the door No one came in again later Try fast turn

What is the problem? Press play


I thought Belle was no longer sleepy after age five This is her first time sleepwalking again?

Yes, doctor you sure?

Sometimes the patient will sleepwalking for many years But don't know their sleepwalking Because they are sleeping alone

Doctors… Why did Belle begin to draw while dreaming? in fact… When the patient is sleepwalking No matter the way It is good to see or do anything They are all done according to subconscious instructions

For example, her current symptoms Is caused by the imbalance of neurotransmitters Does she need to be hospitalized again?

Not necessary I will prescribe medicine to improve her condition Re-open sleeping pills If she is still sleepwalking Don't wake her up immediately Please take her picture We can use to analyze symptoms it is good

# Sick # sleep a lot # declined visit

I heard you want to come, I'll pick up something instrument This should be done to send you

When I see you reminds me of the instrument I don't know what she is alive What will I do now?

Enough, Mom The instrument has been dead for 20 years She may have been reborn Into the wealthy daughter, lived comfortably More comfortable than me Mom, only you can't let go As for this contract...

It's okay

But the number can't Now the land in this area has risen a lot Probably tenfold Have you seen the status of that building?

Construction spending and devaluation must be counted You know it too Our dad only finished 60% of the project I try to give you the highest amount Since it is so troublesome, don't get up again Trouble is dead, too hard to do

oh Don't be excited Wen is like family Price can't be higher anymore But if you want more I can give you 10% of the profits

Profit dividend?

What if you don't make money?

I can't get the slightest bit Right?

How do I know if you will keep your promise?

You know I can't understand the number of discs

Then you are free and many more Well, I am out of respect for our father Not like this If you can give me your bonus as you said Then deal it This contract is good enough The price can be negotiated

Belle took sleeping pills

9:00 to go to bed So far no sleepwalking

If you are hungry, there is a salad in the fridge I will ask you to go later than usual Until I'm sure Belle no longer sleepwalking


I saw a piece of Belle's sleepwalking Do you think she is just sleepwalking? of course

Yes, ma'am

Wen and instrument

"happy Birthday"

Are you coming alone?

come in

me too


where is it?

How long have you been there?

Beautiful scenery

Are you lonely?

How long have you known with my mom?

What do you stand there?

Don't want to see anything, don't want to see the sky My eyes want to rest forever



Did I sleep around last night?

Have you recorded it?

No You don't sleep long time Ugh… The doctor said sleepwalking symptoms will eventually disappear I have obediently take medicine, how will still sleepwalking?

mom I want to cancel Saturday's birthday party I kind of only a panda , video will be ugly

Ok Wait for you to fill it up again Want me to send you a birthday present?

Alright My phone is broken Can I send my new cell phone as a birthday present?

Try it if you don't believe it Lights will always flash when the ring look like this

Thank you


I'm sorry for leaving you that day

I did not come back to see you later

From now on… I will do more good deeds and often pray for you


Can you please put my daughter?

1,2,3, shark live

4, 5, 6, lizard bulge Bu

7, 8, 9, friendship is long and long

10, hanging you hung to the eyes wet

What's wrong, Amon?


and many more! what happened?

Why do you run away?

I ask you, what did you see?

She is behind you

Who? who is it?

Who are you talking about?

I ask you, who are you talking about? answer me!

What do you mean?


Sorry The child into a messing story Please ignore him


What are you looking for?


big scissors Right there your mom I asked the scissors to close It's all here

Belle, you scared me Give you You run out and ask you to put the scissors back I am going to go to the market

it is good I am up now Is Belle still awake?

Go to the market and go quickly

"Alive is meaningless..."

"Alive is meaningless, I am going to the building waiting for you."

Miss Pa, you have a registered letter




What happened?

Are you OK?

Inhale, take a deep breath


Where did you get it from?

I obviously have thrown away

I remember that…

At that time I was almost 15 years old

That is our impulsive decision We want to commit suicide together So that everything can end

But after the instrument committed suicide

I'm scared

She left her like this I did not tell anyone about it Did not even tell her mother


This Saturday I am about 15 years old

As old as you were then Belle This matter has nothing to do with you Belle look at me Hear me out You can't do anything I am here Belle, look at me Mom, I'm so scared Calm down Can I stay with you?

Don't mess around Belle Mom, I really die?

I will not let anyone hurt you Please help me

Hurts? do you know?

I'm actually good for you I caught in this dilemma Although all this has nothing to do with me

But I think back You are not suicide right

mom Can you promise me?

From now on no matter what happens You can't give up life Don't have the idea of suicide

it is good

I promise you

Adults are shaking hands

Belle Belle...


Why do you do this?

I really want to sleep

Nothing, good girl Go to sleep I will accompany you

Belle Belle


The doctor helped her inject the medicine Let her rest will be better

no matter what happens Don't let her leave your sight If you want to go or do other things You have to find someone to replace you If she woke up Call me right away rest assured We gave her sleeping pills She will wake up long after she sleeps If you don't understand me I'll look for someone to take care of her


I'll be back soon

What did you tell me yesterday?

Do you really see her?

What does she look like?

I am also not certain I am scared to see Only saw one Girl wearing a red dress

Can you take me to find her?

Please let him go

I beg you!

As long as he helps me I am willing to give you a reward Not a question of money I'm worried he will be short and long Please don't force him to do it Please, my wife

How many people in their home work here?

8 people

All will be expelled tomorrow Miss Pal Please calm down Think twice please Please don't fire us, we have nowhere to go it is good

I'll take you


Are you hurt?

I'm not really going to fire your family But I really have no choice She is coming to claim my daughter Please help me this favor

what happened?

Nothing, Amon

who is it?

Natty There are workers in the building site?

No As your bidding evacuated everyone

instrument is it you?

where are you?

instrument Kind of come out

Amon, wait! don't go!

Help me pass it to her please


is it you?

Is it instrument?


Can you put my daughter?

Can you let her daughter?

I beg you, instrument This thing has nothing to do with Belle Please stop pestering her again Do you want to give life to her daughter?

Injustice, debt owners I'm sorry to you If you want revenge, find me

Where has she been? where is she?

I don't know

Amon Amon!

Are you OK?

Let go!

I'm going, I am so scared!

Amon Amon!


Amon, it's me let me go!

Amon, it's me Amon! it's me I can't do it… Can not help you anymore Of course you can Please help me, I beg you please Your daughter is going to die anyway Don't!

My daughter can't die!

My daughter will not die!

Amon What do you see, Amon?

Amon What's wrong, Amon?


I am so scared, I don't want to help you again Mom saves me!

So scary!

Nothing to be scared of Amon, calm down Amon...

All right Amon Calm down, don't be afraid I'll take you back to find your mother Don't be afraid Nothing will happen

I am sorry


Wen What's wrong?

aunt Can I talk to you?

Miss Pa, what's the problem?

This is a private matter

I think we should...

I have something important to tell you

You have something to say to my mom, I should also be there


I am sorry

Wen... what's up? tell me

That day…

Instrument suicide...

I asked her out

We made an appointment to commit suicide But I am scared I ran away How do you tell us now?

After 20 years

just now… Instrument came back to fulfill my promise

My daughter is 15 tomorrow

She wants to fill my daughter's life aunt… Please help me please?

I beg you You want to help me You can love me or hate me But please help me, I beg you Please look for instrument to talk please? enough! enough!

Let go!

Mom, let's go home

Wait, wait a minute What happened to the contract?

Cancel it The reason to ask your boss Go away! and many more I told you to go away Speak slowly Mom, let's go

Miss Pal Belle disappeared Missing? how come?

She locked me up and escaped from the hospital what? say it again She locked me up and ran away I'll be right there Immediately notify me when I find her Ok

Mom, save me I don't know where I am when I wake up It is not a hospital here Belle calm down Say it slowly Where are you? don't know This is a dark room Look around you what did you see?

Belle Old things are everywhere Grandpa and grandmother photos And your childhood photo with them


"Parvijan Ryan Vichaya" mom…

"Thank you, Miss Palin."

"You've been taking care of me since I was a kid."

I wish you peace and health

"Please stay with me until I get married."

"Love your Belle"

mom I want to pee

Will it hurt?

Will it be too tight?



Belle stop Belle I told you to stop Belle Stop!

Belle Belle Please stop!


You're back?

Please enter

No, Belle!


I want to go with you Wait for me Belle, no Instrument, don't haunt my daughter again Let her go!

Please, I beg you Instrument, don't take her away

1,2,3, shark live

4, 5, 6, lizard bulge Bu

7, 8, 9, friendship is long and long

10, hanging you hung to the eyes wet

1,2,3, shark live

4, 5, 6, lizard bulge Bu

7, 8, 9, friendship is long and long

10, hanging you hung up to your eyes wet

1,2,3, shark live

4, 5, 6, lizard bulge Bu

Please stop Let go!

I told you to let go!

No, Belle If I die, it is you harm Don't move It's your fault! stop! I told you to let go of me!

I call you stop! let me go!


I am sorry

mom Don't you sleep?

mom what happened?

Please relax for me

mom I am Belle ah

Aunt Zhu came soon Nothing to be scared of

mom… mom I beg you to come back

Enough, instrument

In the face of father bankruptcy

Remember how angry we are?

Although we are powerless Don't you remember?

Why do you hurt my daughter? mom!

Those who have not kept their promise are me You should come to me

"Belle, don't forget how much I love you / mom."

Mom, don't leave me


I want to fulfill our promise What do you want?

Although everything is my beginning But who is not you want to die?

Is this really what you want?


Wen, don't shoot Wen Please don't hurt me instrument… Do you really want me to die?

Then I'll send your mom to funeral This matter has nothing to do with my mom The meter is dead Correct You died a long time!

Don't haunt my daughter!


Hand closed okay?


Wen, please don't hurt me Beg you, Wen I ask you close your hand?

Answer I am so good!

never mind

"on Saturday"

Are you going to commit suicide? how do you know… I will be safe after your death?

Her goal is me

If I die She will give up



Why do you do this?

mom shell…


Please don't do that Belle Why do you do this?

You know how much I love you, right?

Please don't bother me As long as tonight, you may be fine You may be fine

You are coming, right?

Don't scare me, I hate it If you want me to die, take me away Let my mother let it go!


Which building?

Abandoned Sat-horn Building, is it?

Correct Sat-horn building Please send an ambulance immediately






Tonight will die!

I want to die because of you!






instrument Instrument, don't do this I beg you

Don't let me die alone promise me instrument! instrument! Don't! happy Birthday Instrument, stop hand!


Belle! stop!


Give me the gun!


instrument I bet you dare not shoot at me bring it on! Kill me! shot!


Belle Belle, can you hear it?

Belle never mind Someone will come to save you right away You have to withstand Help!



Bullet removed However, the injured brain was seriously injured Patients must rely on equipment to survive Even if you choose to continue treatment The patient can't fully recover

I am sorry Let you wait so long


instrument Really sorry We will meet again one day

But not like this


I will not commit suicide Belle

I fulfilled my promise

Belle, you can't give up

Miss Pa, everything okay?

I just heard about your daughter Unfortunately

Conscious This box was originally placed in the closet Do you want to take it? thank you

Hello, Miss Palin, can you hear it?

I'm Belle I don't know What happens to my birthday?

But I want to tell you I love you

I love you all over the world

But you must be strong I hope you feel happy every time I think of it

Even though I may not be with you I will always guard you far

Sorry for using your cassette to bring recordings That's it, Mom Goodbye

Let me help You come back early I changed my diaper and fed her twice with a syringe Trouble you You're welcome I'll go first and see you next time

How are you, good girl?

Do you know what I found today?

look Who allows you to bring this cassette recording?

This is Platinum Edition I can't find it now

Thank you anyway

I will always be strong

Belle, please get well soon

I'll pour water to you

Why are you holding my hand tight?

Don't want me to go?


Belle, can you hear it?

If you can hear it Just squeeze my hand twice