Pumpkin Pie Wars (2016) Script

♪ ♪

♪ The smile, the charm, the words, the spark ♪

♪ everything, you had it ♪

♪ Guess I had a naive heart, 'cause boy I let you have it ♪

♪ You said I was your only ♪

♪ Never thought you'd leave me lonely ♪

♪ You're just a lost boy with your head up in the clouds ♪

♪ You're just a lost boy never keep your feet on the ground ♪

♪ Always gonna fly away, just because you know you can ♪

♪ Never gonna learn there's no such place as Neverland ♪

♪ You don't understand, you'll never grow up ♪

♪ You're never gonna be a man, Peter Pan ♪

Witness the intense concentration of our last two finalists, Faye McArthy!

[Crowd cheering]

And last year's winner, Lydia Harper!

[Crowd cheering]

Both life long friends, as theybattle for the title in this year's Lake Shore CountyPumpkin Pie bake-off!

Here we go!

Love the pie.

I just realized that Inever wished you good luck.

Probably because youdon't really mean it.

Look, I was going totell you, Faye, I just...

Tell me what? That you've thrownall our plans in the garbage and you're going to opena bakery without me?

It was my father's decision. It's his money, Faye, and he wanted togamble on me, alone.

Sure, after I've taughtyou everything you know.

You've never had a cookinglesson. If it wasn't for me, you'd still be usingpre-made cookie dough.

How dare you?

[Crowd gasping]


It's been years sincel've used that stuff!

Yeah right.

You only had one win!

Pre-made cookie dough.

This wasn't my call! If I wantedthe space on Fuller Street, I had to accept hisoffer immediately.

Even if it meantstabbing me in the back?

Ok ladies, let's leave theknives in the food please.

Looks like we may have tocancel our golf game tomorrow.

Are you kidding me?

It looks like it mightbe canceled permanently.


Faye! Please. You're my best friend.

We never made definite plans. It was all just a pipe-dream.

Oh, so that bankloan I applied for, that was just a "pipe-dream"?

Look, I'm sorryabout that. I am...

Don't be. Really. Idon't need you, Lydia.

I'm going to openmy own bake shop.

Right Reggie?

Um... yeah?

And for your information, lalready have a line of credit, a life time of recipes and thishere trophy, which I'm going to display prominently in thefront window of my new bakery.

Are you sure you want to gohead-to-head with me, Faye?

Is that a threat?

It's a dare.

Well, I guess this is war.

Take care, Reg.

Take care, Max.

Casey? I need youfor a taste test.

Casey, I need youfor a taste test!


We need to fix that thing.



Hey, Mom, I'm revising ouroperating budget and I need you to take a lookat these line items...

Casey, I don't knowwhat any of this means.

That's why I've got you!

Well, it means, if we cut a fewspecialty items off the menu we could come out of thered. Maybe, I hope...

I'm alsodeveloping a new advertising andmarketing plan for us.

And how much isthat going to cost?

I promise I'llbe conservative.

Well, if we get The BuckeyeHotel account, we may not have to worry, right? We'd bebaking a lot of pastries for a lot ofcontinental breakfasts.

Yeah, of course, but I can'tbudget based on "what ifs."

I'm figuring this out froma strategic standpoint.

You just focuson the baking.

Speaking of which, come. I want you to sample the front-runners forthis year's bake-off.


That's why we're introuble, you know.

In the past, profitssoared every time I won.

But now? Losing threeyears in a row to that... that traitor, Lydia Harper.

I bet her bakeryis booming.

I know, but this is your year... I can feel it!

And I promise you, we'regoing to turn the ship around.

From your lips toGod's ears, honey.

[Pots falling] Ow!


[Door closing]

What are you doinghere so late, Case?

I just came to checkup on her again.

She's resting. The medicationis helping the physical pain but the mental pain isanother matter entirely.

Did they really saysix weeks off her feet?

Could be longer ifit doesn't heal right.

Just pray shedoesn't need surgery.

I should've fixedthat step sooner.

C'mon, you both hada lot on your plate.

Well, I already arrangedfor a substitute baker for the morning, but that'sall we can afford now.

Unless you want to takeon some of the baking.

Of course, we all know whathappened the last time...

You start one fire andthen you are marked for life.

I'm just grateful thatthe fire department Is only three blocks away.

Alright, well I'll justfocus on working on that hotel account and thenew baker can focus on cooking until Mom'sback on her feet.

I have it allfigured out.

Not all of it...

Oh no, the bake-off!


That's not good! Whatare we going to do?

You're the public faceof The Sweet Factory now, you're going to haveto do it in her place.


Oh, you're serious!

Why not? You're a smart girl. You got a 4.0 at Wharton.

Dad! I almost burneddown the store.

Case, you didn't burn downthe store, and furthermore, I believe in you.

I don't believe in me. Notwhen it comes to the kitchen.

Go talk to your mother, see what she thinks.

And stop worrying, we're insuredif you burn down the place.

Cute, Dad. Really cute.

You want to enterthe bake-off?

No, but someone has to.

I'm just going to have to dothis myself, we have no choice.


You were saying?

You have to stayoff that ankle.

You can't stand foran hour, baking.

But we have to winthis thing, Casey.

Our businessdepends on it.

Look, maybeit's not so bad.

The bake-off is the centerpiecefor the harvest festival, everyone pays attention, but it needs a new story.

I mean, your big feudwith Lydia Harper is hardly a feudif she keeps winning.

And that story is you?

Me going up against her?

That'll get peopletalking about our place.

Okay, I'm listening.

Grandma passed all of herrecipes on to you, right?

You get to pass this on tome. It's the circle of life.

And maybe we get somefree press out of it.

Come on Mom, let me try.

For the bakery. For us.

Okay, for us.

And we've got enoughinsurance, so...

Why does everyone keepsaying that? It's not funny.

I'm just kidding.

But seriously, you needto beat Lydia Harper.

Because all this publicityyou've been talking about, it may help our businesswith some tourists, but a winning the bake-offwill bring in the locals.


I can do that.


Go get my mom. She willnot be able to resist my signature mac and cheesewith ham and gruyere.

Sam, she said no ahundred times already.

Maybe 101 is the charm.


Ah, that time of theyear already, is it?

All these years and you'restill having someone sneak you Faye McArthy'spumpkin scones?

I hate myself forliking them so much.

I have tried to recreatethis recipe a dozen times!

Well, I have something deliciousthat'll take your mind off that.

I already told you, Sam, we're not expanding the menu.

Is this or is thisnot our business?

It is our business butl'm still in charge.

Look Mom, you've won thebake-off three years in a row.

Why not ride the wave? We could have a full-service restaurantby the end of the year.

This place couldn't handlethat kind of volume.

So we build a second story. Or buy the place next door.

That sounds a lotlike expanding, and we do not havethe money for that.

We apply for a loan. It'llpay for itself in no time.

What is yourfavorite expression?

[Together] Create somethingunique for yourself.

Yes. And right now, you and Faye McArthy are like two sidesof the same coin.

Don't you want tobe more than her?

Of course I do. I always do.

Then this is how youtake it to the next level.

I'm sorry Sam, but it's just notfinancially feasible for us.

[Bell ringing]

Well then maybe I need toreconsider my future here because I didn't spend two yearsat the Cordon Bleu in London to make banana cupcakesand lemon bars for the restof my life.

[Bell ringing]

(Lydia) Hello, how are you? How's your day?

Wow. Only17?



Okay, I know that look. What have you heard?

That Faye McArthy broke herfibula or tibia or something.

And she has to stay off herfoot for more than a month.

So, Casey McArthy is enteringthe bake-off in her place.

She does the books.

Great. So it'll bean easy win for you.

Actually, it's going tobe an easy win for you.

Uh huh, I'm passingyou the torch, son.

And what if Irefuse the torch?

You can't refuse the torch, it's your birthright.

I don't think it is. Look Mom, I really don't want to take on yourfeud with Faye McArthy.

And it's not even Faye, it's her daughter.

Think of the publicity.

The Harper-McArthy feudmoves to the next generation.

Plus, it's no funfor me if I don't get the satisfactionof beating Faye.

Mom, it's apumpkin pie contest.

No, Sam. It is thepumpkin pie contest.

The TV news covers it.

The papers. The final roundis featured on the Culinary Channel show, "PieHeaven." And you know what happens every timelast year's episode airs.

We run out of pie.

We run out of everything!

Sam, I know we've been havingsome disagreements lately, but it's important to me.

Okay, fine. I'll do it.

But then you have todo something for me.

What's that?

I'm going to put togethersome sort of presentation.

A business planfor our restaurant.

And you willconsider it.

It's important to me.

Okay, it's a deal.

Great. Now let'stalk pumpkin.

It's important that you wearyour game face at all times.

In this competition, theyprey on your weaknesses. Hi!

It's a dog eat dog world and that is nothingcompared to the bake-off.

Every eye in town willbe on you, watching you.

Be careful what you say.

Be careful what you do.

There is no room for error.

There is no room for error.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

This is likeThe Hunger Games.

I don't know what that means, but I'm sure this is worse.

[Crowd applause]

Alright, alright. Saveit for the big show.

So we all know the rules. There's two rounds of judging:

Round one, all 12 contestants will bake their very own loaf of gourmet pumpkin bread.

Our three judges will thenchoose three winners.

For round two, finalists willbake an original pumpkin pie.

We've seen it all before folks, so let's please try and be extra creative this year, alright?

What's the best thing toput into a pumpkin pie?

[Everyone together]Your teeth!

Now please form a single fileline at the table to register.

Come on, you'llbe fine! Go!

Come by the shop!


Hey. I didn't know I'd begoing up against Sam Harper.

There was nothing that guywasn't good at in high school.

I mean, we weren'tfriends, thanks to your war withMrs. Harper.

That doesn't seem to haveruined your life dear.

I guess not, but, he's aprofessional chef.

He does all the bakingfor Fuller Street.

I can't compete with that.

Yes you can!

And with any luck, mediocrityruns through his Harper veins.

And you've got my bloodrunning through yours.

And I'll teach youeverything I know.

No way, Mom. Absolutely not.

The doctor saidthat foot has to heal.

And besides, I... I have to learn how to run things on myown sooner or later.

There's Eleanor Field, I've got to go talk to her about her granddaughter'sbirthday cake.

I've got no idea what a "Yo Gabba Gabba" is.

Anyway, I'll see youback at the car.



Oh! Sam Harper.

Casey McArthy.

I haven't seen youaround town lately.

We McArthys like tokeep a low profile.

Ah, of course. Howelse would you keep your secret recipeshidden from my family?

Exactly. So how'sbusiness on your end?


Wouldn't you love to know?

Nope. Just tryingto be cordial.

Ours is killingit, by the way.

The fact that you feelthe need to tell me that, makes it sound alittle questionable.

Feel free to thinkwhat you want.

I wouldn't want to burdenyou with actual facts.

So... are you ready? Thisthing could get ugly, you know.

Of course it will.

It's the world famousbake-off, after all.

But seriously Casey, you don't actually think you can beat me, do you? I mean...

I've been doing thisthing since high school.

Okay sure, maybe I don'thave your culinary training and all your yearsin the kitchen, but where I come from, we're taught to think outside the box. And fortunate for me, outside the box iswhere I live and breathe.

You're prettyconfident aren't you?

That's right, and I can'twait to see your face when this rookietakes first place in front of theentire town.

Game on, Miss McArthy.

Game on Mr. Harper.


I said mix the batter.

That's what I'm doing.

No, a spoon stirs, a mixer mixes.

Oh. Well, youdidn't say that.

I thought it was a given. You did grow up in a bakery.

Yes, and I've watched you dothis a million times, so can youplease go home now?

I have to practiceand I don't need to worry about youhobbling around here.

Oh, I forgot, yoursister is coming to town early to help usout with the festival.


Do you want to cometo the house early tonight just todiscuss strategy?

For your pitch meetingwith The Buckeye Hotel?

Yes! Now, can youplease go home?

Dad's beenwaiting for you in the car forthe last 15 minutes.

Just, keep practicing! You'll be okay.

Hey Mom, can you call me whenyou get this?

It says I need abaking pumpkin and I don't knowwhat that means.

They all look thesame to me. Okay, bye.

Isn't a pumpkinjust a pumpkin?

Actually, no, it's not.

I'm surprised youdidn't learn that at the bakery you runwith your mother?

As you know, I tend to thebusiness side of things.

She bakes. It's aperfect partnership.

But you're the one entering thebake-off, and you don't knowthe difference between a carving pumpkinand a baking pumpkin?

I do. I own a bakery.

It's just that myspecialties lie elsewhere.

Like on a spreadsheet?

I have manyother talents...

I'm listening.

You think I'm just goingto show you all my cards?

What? You think you'reholding a royal flush?

I just might be. So I suggest you fold now to avoidembarrassment.

I never fold.

Oh, this is good, we're just... carrying on an age-oldfamily tradition.

Harpers vs. McArthys.

It's heartwarming, isn't it?

Yeah I can't wait tosee how it plays out.


Good luck findingyour baking pumpkin.

Trust me, luck hasnothing to do with it.

So, what's abaking pumpkin?

Maple scones, oh and croissants.

Every hotel hascroissants for breakfast.

I'll have it all ready for mymeeting with them on Wednesday.

And stop worrying, I'llknock it out of the park.

Okay, okay.

See? I can handle thebusiness and the contest.

I can't believeSam Harper thinks I don't know what I'mdoing in the kitchen.

Honey, you don't know whatyou're doing in the kitchen.

Yeah, but hedoesn't know that.

Just be careful okay? I knowhe's cute and charming, but he is his mother's son, and she's a snakein the grass.

Mom, I have a businessdegree from Wharton.

We had entire classeson psychological warfare.

I think I can handlethe likes of Sam Harper.

Besides, this isour family business, and nothing is moreimportant to me.

That's my girl.

And... print.

For the first round, I will be making my mother's classicpumpkin bread.

That tastes like cement.

[Alarm ringing]

Oh, no no no. Not again!


[Alarm ringing]


Hello? Hello?

[Fire extinguisher spraying]

I see you found yourselfa baking pumpkin.


[Fire truck sirens]

Yes Captain, there willnot be a third time.

Please, take thisback to the guys at the station. On the house.

You're doing great work.

So, now you know.

I'm a completedisaster in the kitchen.

Uh... I just want tomake sure you're okay.

I'm fine, thebakery is fine.

And as much as itmight disappoint you, we will live tosee another day.

Contrary to what youmight think of my family, we really don'twant anything bad to happen toyour business.

In fact, it's nicehaving the competition.

It keeps us on our toes.

To be honest with you I'meven, sort of, looking to get out of the bakerybusiness altogether.


And do what?

A full-service sit downrestaurant.

That would servea family-friendly, American classic cuisinewith a gourmet flair.

The Fuller Streetrestaurant.

It would just take afew renovations.

A new space, maybe. I don't know.

So what's the hold up?

My mother, of course.

I want her to think bigger, but she's so concerned about the time, theenergy, the money.

But more thananything I think her whole life isfocused on the bakery.

I guess she worries a restaurantmight interfere with it.

Well, I hope youcan convince her.

That way, peoplewould only come here for pastries and allmy problems would be solved.

So things aren'tgoing so...

We're getting by.

We've been thereas well.

But I want to do morethan just get by.

My mother and I havean agreement of sorts.

I win the contest and she'llconsider the proposal.

What kind of proposal?

Right now, it's just amenu for the restaurant.

But I'm workingon a business plan, which is takinga little longer.

The most important thingl learned at Wharton was the differencebetween an idea and a plan.

Dreamers have ideas, and doers have plans.

The best advice Ican give you is...

Map out every last detail, from start to finish.

Thanks, I'll do that.

So what about you?

What's your recipe forthe preliminary round?

An idea or a plan?

Well, first it was anidea, then it was a plan.

And now, it's borderingon a colossal failure.

Look at us... what a pair.


Wait a minute! I got it!

You need a viablebusiness proposal, something I cando in my sleep, and with my motherout of commission, I need someone toteach me how to bake... without burningdown the town.

You want me tohelp you win?

No, just help each otherget what we both want.

Did I mentioned Iwas top of my class?

Do you know howmany job offers I hadafter graduation?

This feels a lot likeconspiring with the enemy.

I won't tell if you don't.

Alright, you've gotyourself a teacher.

So ten o'clock tonight. Text me first to make sure I'm alone.

My mother is failing miserably at staying off her feet.

Got it.

We have to be so careful, Sam. I don't know about your mother, but mine willpractically disown me if she has any idea that we'rehelping each other out.

Oh, trust me, mymother would as well.

Okay, I'll see you at 10.

Auntie Casey!

Alisa, you're here!

Oh I missed you!

I missed you too!


Hi big sister!

And you'rehere... again!

What? The baker fillingin for me called with some questions, so I hadBetty drive me over.

She insisted. Andl was just home, working on mybake-off recipe.

I just might have a shotthis year with Faye and Lydia out of the mix. Between those two, no one else has won that contestin well over a decade.

Well, that definitelychanges this year.

Maybe we can get some otherthings to change this year too.


It's no use, Betty. I've tried.

They're the Hatfieldsand McCoys of Emeryville.

Is it too much to askto want to have my good friends backtogether again?


And you know verywell, Mother, that you can answer questionsover the phone.

I'm so bored at home.

Why can't Icome in and help?

Because the doctor saidif you keep standing on that foot you mighthave permanent damage!

That's why. Now go home!

Alright, fine. I knowwhen I'm not wanted.

Muah! Bye, Lexi.


Bye honey.


So, I have taken the weekoff work, I am all yours.

Although I may have to do alittle work while I'm here because I have a big casecoming up next month.

Thank you so much. You have no idea how much I needyou this week.

Are you kidding? You andSam Harper taking over the family feud? I would notmiss this for the world!

We're not "taking it over." Wejust both happened to enter the bake-off for the first timethis year. That's all.

But mom says if you win thisyou're going to get featured on that Culinary show, "PieHeaven". That's pretty cool.

Don't set yourDVR quite yet, I'm a long way offfrom winning anything.

Oh Casey, you do so muchfor this place. You know you don't have to take onthis contest on as well.

You remember after Igraduated I could have moved away to work at thatbig company in New York?

I had a choice, but mom neededme, so the choice was easy.

I guess deep down Ireally do love this place, and it's forthat very reason I do need to takethis contest on.


I'm glad you're here.

I wish you a lot of luck.

Mom's driving me crazy!

I believe it.

Now stir it in with the cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger. We'll do each mix separately and thenblend them together.

Okay. Got it. I think.

"Cooking should be entered intowith abandon, or not at all."

Julia Child said that.

"If you're not goingto take it seriously, get out of the kitchen."Faye McArthy said that.

So how is it yougrew up in a bakery and neverlearned to cook?

I've always had moreof a propensity towards business and academics. That's why I'm the brains of The Sweet Factory andmy mother is the brawn.

Okay Miss Academic, try this. Treat the recipe like an equation. Follow the steps andit won't steer you wrong.

Actually I think cooking is moreof an art form. And art and I... we've always had thislove/hate sort of thing.

It just takes practice. You'll get it. Now, stir!

But you on the other hand... Thestar quarterback who went to work for your mom rightafter high school.

Went off to culinaryschool in France...

Almost to 350 degrees. Let's mix the pumpkin.

So how did you know thiswas what you wanted to do?

My grandma used to say:"you want to show someone you care? Cook for them."So that's what I do.

Sometimes a plateof chocolate chip cookies is allyou really need.

And while the bakery hasbeen great, it's time for a restaurant. Something withcommunity tables, where it's loud and busy and foodis served family style.

Now, that is the perfect wayto mix if you want your bread to be clumpy and uneven. Is thatthe texture you're going for?

Of course, who doesn'tlike clumpy bread.

Okay, you go ahead, show me the right way.

Use this.


Uh... in a circle, like this.

Look at that. Nota single clump.


I'm a prettygood teacher.

For a Harper.

Hopefully, nottoo good, though.

So when are we going to talkabout my business plan?

Tomorrow night. I promise.

Now let's call it anight before I collapse.

Mmm. Somethingsmells great!


Hey, you ready forthe big meeting?

Let me guess, she sentyou here to spy on me?

Actually no. I'm about toplay 18 holes of golf, and I need some snacksfor... uh for the guys.

Don't tell your mother, but Lydia's white chocolate macadamia nutcookies are better.

Bite your tongue, Dad.


Knock ´em deadtoday, Case.

[Cell phone ringing]

I told you I'd callyou when I was done.

Just tell me!

It went well. Theyloved everything.

Especially yourpumpkin scones.

Of course! Did you tellthem about all the different flavors weoffer seasonally?

This is not my firstrodeo, Mom. I told them everything wediscussed and there was not a single uneatenpastry at the table.

Yes! Great! So, what's next?

They're talking to afew other people but I feel like we have areally good shot.

That's wonderful Casey.

You have nothing to worryabout. I've got this.

[Cell phone notification]

[Bell ringing]

That was fast...

What was fast?

Oh, hi. Sorry, I was talking tomyself. What are you doing here?

I thought you were going to Momand Dad's to do your work?

I've been going over thesedepositions for hours.

My eyes are starting to glazeover. I need a sugar fix.

Okay, yeah. I'll put somein a to-go box for you.

Red velvet cupcakes okay?


Gosh Casey, you'vebeen working so hard!

Why don't you gohome, I can close up.


No, I... I have another practicerun in the oven and... maybe this one will be successful. I'll keep you posted.

You don't have toprove yourself to me.

You know I'm way worseat this than you are.

Was that Sam Harper?

What? Where?

He just tried towalk in here!

No, really? Are you sure? Are you sure it was him?

I don't know.

I don't know.

Sorry about thatearlier. I couldn't get my sisterout of here.

It's ok, I had to catch up onmy window shopping anyway.

So... where were we? Construction and renovation estimate here. Monthly rent increase.

Operating expenses, staff, insurance, etc.

Wow. You've thoughtof everything.

This is the differencebetween an idea and a plan.

You're really good at this. So tell me, have you... ever been tempted to call thatcompany back in New York?

Maybe once, after somesilly argument with my mom.

But then I realized how much I love it here.

I grew up in this place. Someday my kids are going to be here, doing theirhomework, eating donuts.

This is home.

I know the feeling.

But hopefully this puts youone step closer to your dream.

I mean, after I win tomorrow, you're going to need to take things in a new direction. Afallback plan, so to speak.

I wouldn't be so sure ofyourself, McArthy.

You still haven't seenmy recipe for prelims.

I haven't, but I had a prettygood practice run today, so you'd betterbring your "A game".

All I have is an "A game," McArthy.

Well, then I'll justsay, "good luck."

And to you. Andmay the best man-

Or woman... AHHHH!

Or woman... Win.

Please. Afteryou. Please

Alright, preliminaryround. How are we feeling?

I'm nervous. Whatif I mess up?

Okay, listen. Yourbig sister is about to give you some very sound, unsolicited advice.

When I first startedcollege, what was my major?

Pre-med, but if Iremember correctly, the sight of bloodmade you faint.

Every single time. In theory, I loved medicine, in practice, it made me unconscious. So I changed course.

Yeah, to law.

Exactly. It just spoke to me. And then I ended up loving it.

You need to findwhat speaks to you.

Yeah, but I already know. It's this place. The bakery.

That's what speaks to me and Ijust want to do right by it.

Then let that fuel you, and letgo! Have a little fun with it.

Wait, cooking issupposed to be fun?


Why didn't anybodytell me that?


Thanks, again, for helpingme out. I went over it in detail last night. Business plan is incredible.

Well, just don't tellanyone where you got it.

Your secret'ssafe with me.

More importantly, how are you feeling?

I'm fluctuating betweenterrified and being completely numb so... all in all, not bad.

Moment of truth.

Okay, stop being nice tome, people are looking.

We should probably givethem what they want.

It would make it worththe price of admission.

Let's do this!

You really think you'regoing to the finals?

Don't kid yourself Casey.

You know what Sam? When I wantyour opinion, I'll ask for it.

You don't know everything, Icould teach you a few things.

You don't need my opinion, you know you're gonna lose!

Can you believe this guy?

It's never too late tothrow in the towel McArthy.

That's ok, why don'tyou keep it since it looks like you're theone who's sweating.

Are you two going to bedoing this the whole time?

Oh, sorry.

[Crowd cheering]

Thank you, thank you.

Allright everyone, we are readyto begin the preliminary round.

Throughout the day, contestants will prepare their dishes in groups of three, rightbefore your very eyes.

Our 10AM group hastaken their places.

That's 60 minutes, no exceptions.

And the clock... starts... NOW!


Go for it Casey!

You've got this!

♪ Cast your visions and bring them back to shore ♪

♪ Come on and make a move ♪

♪ there's another world outside your door ♪

♪ So, pave the way may your story be your guide ♪

♪ You can take good comfort in all that you are inside ♪

♪ And if you fall down, oh you rise up well ♪

♪ Don't forget where you came from ♪

♪ It's not about the win or the lose yeah ♪

♪ That's up to you, it's the choice you choose ♪

♪ ♪

♪ It's not about the win or the lose yeah ♪

♪ That's up to you, it's the choice you choose ♪

Group three, pleasepresent your dishes.

The Sweet Factory'svery own pumpkin bread, fresh from the oven.

Thank you!


The Fuller Street Cafe'svery own pumpkin bread, cooled to perfection.


Gayle's very ownpumpkin bread.

Fresh and hot for you.


Wow, you have truly outdoneyourself this year, Gayle.

Okay, at the end of the bakinground we'll see if these dishes have what it takes tomove on in the competition.

11 AM contestants!


We'll be backin 15 minutes.

When your mom comesback with our drinks, don't tell her I let you havecotton candy before lunch.

Psst. Is this a privateparty or can anybody join?

I don't think that'ssuch a good idea.

You know the wallshave eyes around here.

You did greatthis morning.


Oh, I don't know. I thinkl forgot an ingredient.

I got so nervous witheveryone just staring!

I think we gavethem a good taste of what's tocome at finals.

You mean the famousfamily feud?

They're practicallysalivating.

Never underestimate this town'sdesire for some juicy gossip.


I'm proud of you, McArthy. Bye!



What did he want?

He just wanted towish me luck.

Uh huh.

You okay?

So what did thedoctor say?

Well, just two moreweeks on these things.

On those things, oroff those things?

Okay, he still wantsme to take it easy.

But I wasn't goingto miss the prelims.

Mom, why don't you go sit down. I'll bring you your food.


...and so I graciously handedover the reins this year.

What can I say? He's myson and he wanted this.

Letting someone else takecenter stage, Lydia?

Are you feeling okay or shouldsomebody call an ambulance?

Hello Faye, I just heardyour bakery is in trouble!

And from small business ownerto small business owner, I just want you to knowthat I feel I for you.

Oh please, no one is buying that old friend bit.

And I've heard our businessisn't exactly thriving.

Oh, it seems you've beenmisinformed.

We are having an amazing year.

Possibly the best yet.

Well, good for you.

It's a shame though, that weAre not competing this year, Cause I would love to win backwhat's rightfully ours We hold the title And we will continueto hold the title.

Well, you should be proud.

You've come a long way fromready made pie crusts.

Alright, that's it.


Mom, calm down.

Let's get away fromall this drama!

Mom, let's go, come one.

Wait, where'sthe kettle corn?

Uh... you ate it.

Not all of it.

Uh huh.

Well, why didn't youget the extra large?

My bad.

There has to besomething we can do to stop this fightingbetween our mothers.

Having to hidethis forbidden friendship isstarting to get old.

Is that what we have? Aforbidden friendship?

You make it sound so illicitwhen you say it like that.

I don't know, it's kind offun having a secret with you.

And if I don't makefinals? Then what?

Then I don't know.

You go back to being a Harperand I go back to being a McArthy, where we happilycoexist in perfect disharmony.

That doesn't soundlike very much fun.


It's time.

I don't want to just goto finals. I want to win.

Me, too.

Good luck, Sam. Ireally mean it.

Good luck, Casey. But not really.

Owww. Careful! That'smy stirring arm.



Thank you, thank you.

As promised sportsfans, only 3 out of our 12 contestantswill be moving forward.

Our first finalist, from group 3, a rookie who comesfrom a champion's bloodline in thiscompetition...

A legacy, if you will...

Sam Harper of TheFuller Street Bakery.


Our next finalist, from group1, someone who has yet to take home a title after nineyears of competing...

Betty Lund!


This is my year, Mister!

And our third and lastfinalist, another rookie who shocked us all withthis freshman entry...

Casey McArthy of TheSweet Factory!



A new generation ofHarpers and McArthys going head-to-head in anunbelievable showdown.

This is going to be oneof the most exciting final rounds we have everseen at this competition.

Hold on tight everyone, because four days from now we will have a newpumpkin pie champion.

[Crowd cheering]

You should be proud ofyourself. Why aren't you happy?

I am happy. I wasjust thinking that only one of us can win. Come on!

If I win what doesthat mean for you?

Well, I do have this spectacularbusiness plan that, if my mom can't see the potential, thenmaybe some investors can.

And if you win, that could bereally bad for our family business. Especially if wedon't land this hotel account.

You still haven't heardback from them yet?

No, nothing. I was reallyhoping we would, so I wouldn't have to goup against you.

Don't you realize we'repart of a family feud?

You're supposedto despise me!

I know. You're supposed tobe the competition in every sense of the word. Little dothey know, it was you that helped me into finals. Well, you and my mother's recipe.

You got you to finals. I was just the coach.

Does that mean you're not doneyet? Because right now I only know how to make one dish, and it's not a pumpkin pie.

As far as I can seeit, we can either help each other orhurt each other.

Okay. I can helpyou do a five year projection plan to furtherentice your mother.

Tomorrow night atten at the bakery?

I'll bring the wine?

It's a date!..I mean... lesson.

Let's go.

I said Jake, you have to go to bed, You know what night this is right? And he goes "Yeah."


Casey! Betty was just tellingme the funniest story about her son, Jake. You remember Jake?


He's single... and he has a boat.

Oh, that's great for him.

Why don't you take the nightoff honey, Your sister and I can close. You've been working sohard, you need to take a break.

Oh, yeah! That sounds...

I'd love a night off.

You're so lucky to have eachother. And this wonderful business. My kids... well, Idon't hear from them much.

I'm so blessedthese days...

Did somebody order somepumpkin moon pies?

Hey! You read my mind.

It's my superpower.

Not to mention Mom told meto drop them by on my way home.

You want to stay fordinner? I could uh... microwave somethingmarginally edible.

While that does sound enticing, No, I can't I have go home and practice my pie recipe. Ithink I'll be at it all night.

Are you using yourmother's recipes?

No! I came up with one ofmy own. Want to hear it?


Pumpkin silk chiffon pie, with bourbon whipped cream.

I can't waitto try that!

Um... did you runit by your mom?

No, I sort of wantto surprise her.

I want to show her thatl can do this on my own.

She's so incredible inthe kitchen and, if this is my business too, thenl want her to know I can cover for her if sheever needs me to.

I have to tell you honey, I'm really proud of you.

Making it all the wayto the final round.

Well, I haven't made a pieyet so don't be too proud.

I'm still a workin progress.

And getting every minute. Now go make that pie!

And save me a piece.

I will. I love you, Dad.

Love you too!

This would beyear five year?

Yes, and I would beconservative and estimate an 8-10 percentgrowth, year over year.

Then, minus the yearlyoperating expenses.


Makes a nice profit. Look at that.

You got it! You just createda five year projection plan.

It's not complicated, just follow the formula and itnever fails you.

You really light upwhen you talk numbers.

It's my language. No mistakes.

True. But mistakes are notalways a bad thing. Sometimes they lead us to what we'vebeen looking for all along.

It's how I came up with my friedmac and goat cheese appetizer, and now It's going to be thesignature dish on my menu.

Now that sounds delicious.

You have no idea.

[Oven timer dinging]

And that would mean your veryfirst pie crust is ready.

This is supposed tobe solid, right?

Did you put enoughshortening?

I think so?

No worries, let'stry it again.

Just take your timeand follow the steps.

I don't know Sam, some peoplearen't cut out for this.

Those people don'town a bakery.

Listen to me, you've got mybusiness plan in great shape, so I owe you and we arenot leaving here until you make a solid pie crust. Even if it takes all night.



Round two.

I didn't realizewhat time it was.

I need to get startedon the morning baking.

Thanks for notgiving up on me.

No, thank you. I feel likel'm one step closer to not being my mother'semployee anymore.


[Male voices talking]






...and I wasn't about togive up my golf buddy.

So, for almost ten yearswe've been sneaking off, twice a month, toplay in Green Point.

We've tried, and failed, topatch this rift for years.

I don't understand why theywon't even hear each other out.

Sometimes an argument takes on alife of its own. So, in order to stay out of the mess, we've had to resort to this.

Usually we're here whenit's still dark, but I was running late thismorning. and lo and behold, we run into you two, also sneaking around.

Oh, this is not whatit seems, we're just helping each other out. This is completely innocent.

But you have tokeep this a secret.

That means youcan't tell anybody.

You don't tell our secret, we won't tell yours.

Well, let's call them!

It's only been a fewdays since the meeting.

I don't want them to thinkthat we're desperate.

I'm just concerned, Casey. Business has never been this slow. We reallyneed this hotel account.

That's why I'm justgoing win the bake-off.

Now that my foot is better, letme help you with your recipe?

No, I'm good and youare going to love it.

I'm pulling outall the stops.

But this is my thing, Casey. I don't know why you won'tlet me help you.

Because you need to takeit easy, and I need to prove to myself, and to you, that I can do this alone.

What? You don't thinkl can win, do you?

I never said that!

Mom, I made it to thefinals, On my own.

I know that, Casey, but let'sbe honest. Baking just isn't...

Don't you thatthink this place is just as importantto me as it to you?


Great. Well, thenif you can't support me in this now, then I'll just quit!

Wha... Ok, ok! I'msorry. I support you!

What happened?

Hi! Come in.


I've been texting you. Did you get my messages?

No. I'm sorry. I've been hereby myself all day. I haven't even looked at my phone. It's been one of those days.

Why? What's going on?

A friend of mine from culinaryschool hooked me up with this restaurant group who may beinterested in the bakery expansion. I'm doing atasting tomorrow!

Wow, that's great news, Sam. I'm really happy for you.

I got the call and you werethe first one I wanted to tell.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I got into a littlething with my mom today but... it's nothing tobore you with.

Well, I have an idea. Iwant to go out and celebrate the good news and youlook like you need to have some fun, so how aboutl take you out to dinner?

What happened to not beingseen together out in public?

Trust me.

Can I open my eyes yet?


Yep. We're here.

OK. I admit it. Yougot me. I'm impressed.

That was delicious, and exactlywhat I wanted. What I needed.

Thank you.

Sorry to hide us away likethis. I just figured it was safer than someone seeingus together in town.

Are you kidding me? This is perfect.

I was thinking about whatyou said earlier. I think you've more than provenyour worth to your mother.

You're probably right, Iguess I've come to realize that I'm nevergoing to be her. And to be honest, I don't think I wantto be. I want the bakery to succeed but not at theexpense of losing myself.

It's true. I think weboth watched our mothers becomeconsumed with work.

It's certainly not the wayl want to live my life.

Yeah, me neither, andwhile I love that you're teaching me how tobake, I'm also fine with us simply complimentingeach other's skills.

You and me, you mean?

Well, I was speaking aboutpeople as a whole, but sure.

You have to admit, we do make apretty strong team together.

I don't know, I think thejury's still out on that.

Then I'd like tomake a suggestion.

You may, but youbetter keep it brief.

Unfortunately, thatmay not be possible.

Stop it! You andSam Harper?!


(Whispering)You and Sam Harper!!

What?! It just happened.

Casey, if mom finds out, she's going to lose it.

Well she's not goingto find out is she?

Besides, I don't even knowwhat this is yet.

Of all at the boysyou choose to kiss.


You picked Sam Harper.

Okay, take it easy, okay?

I don't need anymore pressure than I already do.

What pressure?

Sam. The business. The bake-off. Mom.

It's all just gettinga bit too stressful.

Hold it, is this pressurecoming from Mom, or is it coming from you?

Maybe a little bit of both?

Mom's worried, and righfullyso. Things are tight right now, but you are putting it onyourself to save this business.

It's a family business. It doesn't all ride all on your shoulders. Justrelax, It's gonna be fine.

You and Sam Harper!


[Door opening]

Mom? Dad? What's wrong? Is everybody okay?

I don't get it, we gave them thebest this town has to offer.

The hotel?

They just called. Wedidn't get the account.

Did they say why?

Evidently, someone camein with a lower bid.

To be honest Casey, I don't think we're going tomake it this time.

Here you go.

Thank you! Havea nice day!


Listen. Faye, if you needme I'll cancel my tee time.

It's okay, go. I'll be fine.

I'll drive her home.

Okay. Thanks, Case.

I'm sorry. Thisis all my fault.

Casey, how would youhave known someone would come inwith a lower bid?

I know, but I was theone who pitched them.

No, honey. This is myfault. I totally mismanaged the business. It wasn'tuntil you joined the company that weeven saw the black.

And now Lydia is finallygoing to get her wish.


No, that's not gonna happen.

It's not over yet!

I'm going to win thatcontest and I'm going to get us the press that weneed to get back on top.

But Casey...

No mom.

From this moment on I need you to believel can do this.

Look, I know I'm not you And, and I, I...

I know I don't have yourculinary skills in my DNA, But...

I do have your driveto succeed.

I know that honey I also know that you're thebackbone of this company.

All I do is bake.

And clearly not well enoughto save us.

Don't say that.

Everything you makeis better then the last.

Yeah, well...

You're the one who made itTo the finals.

You did.

All on your own.

Maybe I shouldn't havepushed you so hard.

You don't have togo through with this bake-off ifyou don't want to.

No. I started this thingand I'm going to finish it.

Now, do you want to hearmy pie recipe or not?


[Door opening]


Hi, Casey. Is yourmother around?

No, she's actually homeresting, for a change.

Can I haveher call you?

Are you okay, Betty?

I was having a day and... I needed a friend and... one of Faye'spoppy seed muffins.

Well, I get you one.

Thank you.

Every time I come in here I'vealways got something going on.

You must thinkl'm so pathetic.

No, of course not. I'm sorryyou're feeling so down.

Is there anything Ican do for you?

Can I use your restroom?

Of course.


Zucchini, goat cheese andarugula bruschetta.

Baconwrapped jalapenochicken bites.

And pepper jack stuffedsourdough pretzels.

It's a very impressivepresentation.

So? What do you say?

Your business plan, it's solid, we'll give you that, But 90 percent of all new restaurantsfail within the first year.

It's a very competitive field, which is why we look for establishments which canstand out from all the rest.

So, you mean, something like being featured on aCulinary Channel?

Exactly. That type of exposurecan launch a restaurant, even build a franchise.

If you can make somethinglike that happen, we'd be happy to talkabout the next step.

Mmm. This isdelicious, by the way.

Mmm, mmm.

I'm sorry, Casey, I justrealized I had another appointment! Tell your motherl'll call her later okay?

Sure. Of course.

Wait! You forgot yourpoppy seed muffin!

[Door closing]

Thanks for getting togetheron such short notice.

No problem, I was justteaching my niece how to carve a pumpkin for thefestival, but I think she was getting tired of medoing all the carving.

I love thosechildhood memories.

Yeah, Fall wasalways my favorite time of yeargrowing up.

So, how are things atthe Sweet Factory?

Between you andme, not so good.

I think there is a real chanceof us losing the place, which would break myheart. And my mother's.

Who would have thoughta pumpkin pie contest would have the ability toalter both of our lives?

If only there were someway we could both win.

One pie, one prize.

But come on, let's be honest.

There's no way I'mgoing to beat you.

Hey, come on. I taught you howto bake so you never know.

So, do you thinkyou can show me how to make a bourbonwhipped cream?

Well, I was going to perfectmy ginger snap streusel crust, but maybe I could bepersuaded to multi-task...

Well, sounds likea plan then.

Um... hello! What was that?

I thought you said you guyswanted to be discreet?

Oh no, was that obvious?

If sharing a steamyglance across a pumpkin table is being obvious, then yes, it was.

Sorry, I'll bemore careful.

Look at Lydia Harper, she's just staring at Mom.

It's kind of sad really. Theyused to be such good friends.

All three of them. I wish theywould have worked things out.

You can't saveeveryone, Case.

I'm not tryingto save everyone.

Okay, maybe afew people.

Don't stress about thiscontest. Just do your best.

Things will work out theway they're supposed to.

What will be, will be.

[Cell phone vibrating]

I'll be right back.


I've been waitingto do that all day.

What are youthinking about?

Something my sister said.

What's that?

That everything's gonna workout the way it's supposed to.

Does that includewhat happens to us?

I certainly hope so. But all of this sneaking around is reallymaking me anxious.

How about this, we keepour secret for a little bit longer and then, after the bake-off, we'll figure out howto make this work.


Okay, let's go.

So, what is it like? Because according to Betty, you werekissing Sam Harper.

I think Betty shouldmind her own business.

I knew it. You are trying tosend me to an early grave.

He's a Harper. The son ofthe woman who betrayed me.

Let's not forgetthat woman used to be your bestfriend Faye.

Reggie, don'teven start.

How could you beso naive Casey?

Conspiring withthe enemy?

Enemy? Mom please. He's been helping me.

He's the one whogot me to finals.

Then he's got an angle. Harpers always have angles.

They're verygood at that.

It's been ten years, Mom. Whenare you going to let this go?

Don't you dare turn thisaround on me, Casey McArthy.

You did this.

Could she bemore dramatic?

She just needs to cooloff. She'll come around.

No, she won't.

You could be right.

Hundreds of women inthis town to choose from and that's theone you pick?

She's not who youthink she is.

She is takingadvantage of you, Sam.

Distracting you from keepingyour eye on the prize.

You make her soundlike some kind of spy.

Well, I wouldn'tput it past her.

I'm sure her motherput her up to this.

Mom, nothing is moreimportant to me than opening myrestaurant. Nothing.

Do you really think I would doanything to jeopardize that?


Wait'll you see the businessplan I've developed.

Caseyhelped me.

So this whole Caseything is strategy?

Like, keep your friends closeand your enemies closer.

Well, I mean...

Okay, I like it. All's fairin love and pie, right?

As long as you bringhome the win son, I don't care who youspend your time with.

So I'm a strategy?

That's not exactly what he said. Maybe he was just trying to appease his mother, butit seemed that way, anyway.

I'll tell you right now, he cannot be trusted.

That family's motto is "Win at any cost."

It doesn't make any sense. He just... he seemed so...

Convincing? Charming?



You need to gotalk to him.

No, she doesn't.

Yes, she does.

Whose side are you on?

I am on theside of love.

That's the cheesiestthing you've ever said.

Love?! You're not in lovewith that kid are you?

Mom! It's been lessthan two weeks.

No one falls inlove that fast.

I think...

Do you have any ideawhere he can be?

If I had to guess? Probablywatching the game at O'Malleys.

Then you go talk to him. Mom and I can close up.

What's the matterwith you...

We can close up.

What are you doing here? People are going to see us.

What does it matter? Cat's out of the bag anyway, thanks tobig-mouth Betty.

Yeah. My motherwas furious.

Really? And what did youtell her? About me, about us?

I... didn't have a chanceto explain everything.

I know, my sister overheardyour conversation.

Something about mebeing a strategy?

Wait a minute, are youaccusing me of something?

No, I'm asking you. Wasthis some big plot?

Casey, no. She misunderstoodme. I swear to you.

Then why didn't youcorrect her then?

My mom can be very irrationalwhen she wants to be.

I was just tryingto calm her down.

I don't know Sam, maybethis isn't meant to be.

I know you don'tbelieve that, Casey.

We bring out thebest in each other.

Listen, we've come this far. Ourpie recipes are winners and one of us is going to takethis thing home tomorrow.

Let's just see it through.

You can always dumpme after the contest.

Hey, how come you twoaren't on the local news?

Can you turn it up?

And you really think this Is your year Betty?

Yes I do.

I mean, it's been tough When I've been up against The likes of Faye McArthy and Lydia Harper.

But this year, As everyone knows they're sitting it out.

And their kids are in.

So I'm gonna pullout all the stops.

...here to show what kind of pie we have to look forward to tomorrow.

I have invented themost divine pumpkin silk chiffon pie withbourbon whipped cream.

What? That's my pie!

And a ginger snapstreusel crust.

And that's my crust!

Mmm. Delicious!

Oh, it will be!

So, sweet little Bettyisn't so sweet after all.

So, what do we do?

You know what?

Working with you this pastweek, I've realized somethingvery important.

Something my mothernever understood.

What's that?

You can create something uniquefor yourself with a partner.

I'm listening.

We're going tosee your mother.

Come on!

There's no way. Betty wouldnever do something like that.

Think about it, Mom.

She could neverbeat you and Lydia.

But me and Sam? She sawan opening and she took it.

She thinks she canwin with our recipe.

But she's my friend.

No she's not, Mom. She's anopportunist with zero medals under her belt. That'sall that matters to her.

So, now what do we do?

You can't useyour recipe, and you can't useyour pie crust.

It's been all overthe local news.

They'll think youstole it from her.

We have a plan.


We all need togo see my mom.

Oh, ha ha ha.

Mom, if you won't do it forthe bakery, do it for me.


Mom? Are you here?


Mom, stop. We need to talkto you, it's important.

Lydia, it'sabout Betty.

So, how did Bettyget your recipe?

She came into thebakery and I guess when she excused herselfto use the bathroom, she must've seen iton the kitchen counter.

It never even occurredto me that I should hide it.

Really? I always hidemine in the store safe.

As do I! You never know howfar the competition will go.

Alright, takeit easy you two.

Well, I may have mentioned theginger snap streusel crust to her at some point but... it's Betty. She's my friend.

Well, sometimes friendsbetray you, so...

So how does allthis affect us?

You guys used to spend a lot oftime here, baking. Together.

That's ancienthistory, honey.

Look, we have a plan, butwe need you both on board.

Come on, can you putyour differences aside?

This is forour businesses.

Yes, but only one of ourbusinesses can win so...

Not necessarily, butyou'll have to trust us.

Are you in?

Okay then. It all startswith one pumpkin pie.

We enter as a team. There's nothing in the by-laws that says we can't join forces since we've both qualified for the final round.

Which is where you come in. We have 12 hours and we need your help to come up with a pumpkin pie to put all other pies to shame.

And no one does that better than you two.

I have an idea.

Sam. Pecans.


Can we take a minute? This may be long overdue, but I feel lowe you an apology.

Lydia, let's just finishhelping the kids...

Will you please just... just let me finish?

I need to get thisoff my chest.

I should've fought for youwith my father, but I didn't.

It's just... you're sogood at this, Faye.

You've always been betterin the kitchen than me.

I guess I...

I just didn't want to livein your shadow anymore.

What are youtalking about?

You've got morebake-off wins than me.

You were alwaysprettier and... the more populargirl in school.

You were neverin my shadow.

If anything, it wasthe other way around.

That's where you're wrong.

I've always beeninsecure around you.

The only way I was ableto beat you all these years was by practicallyliving in the bakery.

And that nearlyruined my marriage.

In the end...

I guess I just wanted to proveto you that I could do it.

Well, I wish you hadn't waited10 years to tell me all that.

I never wanted this togo on as long as it did.

Me neither.

But you know, in some strange way, I think we kind ofhelped each other.

It sounds like I wasthe motivation for you to become a betterbaker, and you certainly motivated me to startmy own business.

I'm sorry Faye.

Me too.

A fresh start?


Now, will you finallygive me the recipe for your pumpkin scones?

Let's not get crazy.

Tell me I'm not dreaming.

Nope, looks like the coldwar has finally ended.

This is the one.

Pumpkin cheesecake piewith a pecan caramel topping.

It's perfect.

Now you're going to have torecreate it at the festival.

And you only get one shot.

I have worked outevery last detail.

It's what she does.

Ok guys, let's do this.


Oh, no. Did someone dropout of the competition?

No. As a matter of fact, Betty, two of your competitors have decided to compete inthe final round as a team.

I don't meanto be difficult, but isn't thatagainst the rules?

That's what I thought, so I ranit by the contest officials and you're not going tobelieve what they said.

It's completely legal.

Okay. Great.

Makes it all the moreinteresting, right?

Sure does!


That's 60 minutes to bake andthe clock... starts... now!

Betty has my recipe.

Yeah, I know. Weknew this already.

No I mean, a pictureof my actual recipe in my handwritingon her tablet.

So she didn't just copy theidea, she took a photo of it?


Do you still haveyour copy of it?

Of course I do, it's in my bag.

Then we're going to make this afestival they'll never forget.

Betty's going down.

Pumpkin cheesecake pie witha caramel pecan topping.


Pumpkin silk chiffon pie, with bourbon whipped cream and a ginger snapstreusel crust.


Can I maybe haveone moment?

Betty, that sounds amazing!

How did you ever come upwith a recipe like that?

I... just years ofexperience I guess.

Really? And that's your reciperight there on the screen?

Of course!

In your handwriting?

That's weird, becausel have the same exact one in my handwriting! Could it be that I have the original andyou took a photo of it?

[Crowd gasping]

Please tell me you'regetting all of this.

Yeah, me and about100 other people.

That's not true!

Is that true, Betty?

Of... of course not, Bob. You... you know me!

You all know me.

Then you won't mind doing ahandwriting sample for us.

I just wanted towin. One time!

Is that toomuch to ask?

This is unusual Bob, What are we going to Do about this?

Ok... Sure.

Due to the disqualification, this is the only entry, and you know whatthat means...

Congratulations Sam Harperand Casey McArthy!

You are the 42nd annualLake Shore County Pumpkin PieBake-off champions!

[Crowd cheering]

I'm not sure if you're awareof this, but it's customary for the winners to kissin front of the crowd.

Did you make thatup Mr. Harper?

Absolutely, Miss McArthy.

[Crowd cheering]

Is it slowing downout there yet?

Unfortunately no. Oh Sam, there's some customers who want to pay their compliments to the chef.

Table six, please.

You two! Back again? That'sthe third time this week.

What can I say? The food is great!

Yeah, and we can'tcomplain about the prices.

We're going to have to startcharging you, you know.

They're eatingaway our profits!

Careful, you're starting tosound like your mother.

I'll take thatas a compliment.

Ah, good choice!

Thank you.

Half dozen pumpkin scones, fresh from the oven.

Baked by the one andonly Lydia Harper.


Not bad, Mrs. Harper.

Not bad at all, Mr. Harper.

♪ ♪