Pumpkinhead (1988) Script

Go On, Do Your Prayers, Eddie.

Go On.

God Bless Mama And Daddy...

And The Farm.


[ Thunder Rumbling ]

Mama. Hmm ?

What'S Wrong With Daddy Tonight ? Nothin', Eddie.

You Mind Me, And You Go Right To Sleep, Ya Hear ?

[ Wind Howling ]

[ Horse Neighing ]

[ Horse Whinnies ]

Will It Be All Right ? Should I Be Afraid ?

[ Indistinct Growling, Wailing ]

[ Bird Crowing ]

[ Growling Continues ]

[ Man Grunts, Coughs ]

[ Man Gasping ]

[ Growling Continues ]

[ Man Screaming ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Knocking On Door ] Tom Harley !

Open Up, Tom ! It'S Me, Clayton Heller ! Tom !

[ Knocking Continues ]

Please Open The Door !

Oh, For God'S Sakes, Tom, Open Up, Please !

It'S After Me, Tom ! It'S Gonna Get Me !

God In Heaven, Tom. We Can'T Just Sit Here.

We Have To, Ellie. This Has Nothing To Do With Us. [ Clayton Continues Shouting ]

What Kind Of A Christian Are You, For God'S Sakes ? You Gotta Help Me !

Tom ! Mom, Look !

- See To The Boy. Tom, It'S Gonna Get Me If You Don'T Open The Door !

For God'S Sake, Please Help Me ! Oh, Tom !

Why Doesn'T Daddy Let The Man In ?

Please Open The Door ! He Can'T, Honey. He Just Can'T.

Get Away From My Door. Get Away From Me And My Family.

Tom, Please ! [ Sobbing ]

You Gotta Help Me, Tom.

It'S Comin'. I Didn'T Kill That Girl.

I Don'T Know Nothin' About That, And I Don'T Want To.

They Said I Did, Tom, But I Didn'T.

I'M Sorry. I Am. But I Can'T Risk My Family For You, Clayton.

Now I Got My Shotgun Here. Get Away.

Get Away Afore I Have To Use It.

[ Thunderclap ] [ Gasping ]

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Creature Snarling ]

[ Grunting, Groaning ]

[ Groaning Continues ]

Gypsy, Ready ? Ready ?

Hey, Pick It Up. Come Here. Come On.

All Right, Ready ? Go Get It.

Come On.

[ Sighs ]

Well, Young Man, Come Up Here.

Thank You. What'Ve You Been Doin' ?

Playin' With Gypsy.

Uh-Huh. That'S Good.

You Know Somethin' ? When I Was Your Age, My Great Grandmama Used To Wash My Hands.

And She Was So Old, That The Skin On Her Hands Was Thin As Tissue Paper.

It Felt So Good.

Guess What ? Last One In The House...

Will Get The Privilege Of Washin' The Breakfast Dishes.

Get Outta Town.

Come On, Gypsy. [ Gypsy Barks ]

Not At The Table, Billy. But He'S Awful Hungry, Daddy.

Put It In The Bowl.

Is It Story Time ? I Reckon.

Wait. I Gotta Get Somethin'.

Daddy ? Hold On.

I Made You A Present. You Did ?

I Like Presents.

Oh, Well, Now This Is Somethin'.

It Goes Around Your Neck.

This Is Somethin' Special.

Do You Really Like It ? I Love It.

You Don'T Have To Wear It Every Day Or Nothin'. Just When It Strikes Ya.

Give Me A Hug. I Ain'T Never Takin' It Off.

All Right, Now, Wait A Minute. Once Upon A Time...

There Was This Scruffy Old Man, And You Know...

He Was One Of Them "Yes And No" Kind Of Guys.

[ Laughs ] So Anyhow, He Was Very Proud...

'Cause He Had This Very Clever Son, And He Knew That One Day...

This Son Was Gonna Grow Up To Be Somethin' Very Special.

So, Then One Day--

Really, Tracy, You Know, Joel Is A Great Guy Once You Get To Know Him.

Honey, Get Me A Beer.

[ Horns Honking ]

So How Much Further Is It To The Cabin, Steve ?

Uh, About 50 Miles.

Why Do You Always Have To Carry That Stupid Rifle With You ?

'Cause You Never Know What You'Re Gonna Find In The Jungle, Yo.

[ Beer Can Pops ] Oh, Sorry.

Thank You, Klutz. [ Laughs ]

Okay, Come On.

Let 'Er Rip. Now ?

Get The Potatoes, Kid.

[ Muttering ] [ Gypsy Barking ]

Sweet Potatoes. Come On, Get It Over There.

Wait, Steve, Pull Over ! What ?

I Want To Take A Picture. These People Can Get Pretty Weird, Trace.

We Heard A Story A Couple Years Ago About A Guy...

Who Killed His Wife And Ate Her Just To Get Rid Of The Evidence.

No ! That'S Disgusting.

No, The Cops Found Like Her Foot Or Something In This Big Pot...

With All These Carrots And Onions, Like Foot Stew.

You Know, I Think This Was The Guy Too.

This Was The Guy !

Get A Few More Of These. Here You Go. Get A Few More Of Them, Boy.

[ Steve ] All Right, Here We Are !

[ Tracy ] Where ? Downtown Bradley Mountain.

[ Steve ] Cabin'S The Next Stop, Just A Few Miles From Here.

Kimbo. Yeah ?

Help Me Out.

All Right ? Mmm.

This Is Your Last Chance To Shop, Lady.

[ Steve ] These Guys Are Animals. Civilization Is Behind Us.

No, Gypsy !

Hook Shot ! No, Gypsy !

[ Barking ] Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Nice Dog.

No. Gypsy ! [ Barking Continues ]

Made A Friend There Already, Huh, Joel ?

Gypsy, No ! Check Out This Kid'S Glasses.

- We'Re Talkin' Coke Bottles. Jesus !

What ? All I Said Was-- We Heard You, Man.

Come On, Scratch, Let'S Do It What'S Your Name ? Billy. This Is My Dog Gypsy.

Oh, Hey, Gypsy. How'Re Ya Doin' ?

[ Chris ] Hey, Gypsy.

Come On. I Thought We Were Gonna Get Everyone Settled In First.

Listen. If You Wanna Stay Here And Play With The Vegetables, That'S Fine With Me.

I'M Goin'. Fetch, Boy.

Go Get It. Come On, Gypsy !

Come On ! Come On ! Yeah !

Good Dog ! That A Boy, Gypsy !

[ Engine Starts, Revving ]

[ Gypsy Barks ]

Who Is That ?

Come On, Joe.

[ Snorts ] [ Children Arguing ]

Shut Up ! Stop It ! You Shut Up !

You Young 'Uns Just Stay Put Now, Ya Hear ? Yes, Sir.

What'S That ?

It'S A Camera, Stupid.

Yeah, It'S My Camera. See ?

Hey, Can I Take Your Picture ?

[ Chuckles ] There You Go.

Good Afternoon, Mr. Wallace. What Do You Know Today ? No More Than I Did Yesterday.

Honey. Honey !

Uh, Do You Have Any Beer, Sir ? No. No Liquor.

Hessie, Look ! What ? Jimmy Joe, You Give That Here.

Jimmy Joe Gots The Ball And Won'T Give It Up !

Give It Here ! Come On ! Give It !

Jimmy Joe, You Done Bad.

Y'All Know What Settles On Bad 'Uns, Don'T Ya ?

Pumpkinhead. [ Girls ] Pumpkinhead.

Y'All Stop ! There Ain'T No Pumpkinhead !

What About Old Mr. Foley ? He Moved Away.

Uh-Uh. Pumpkinhead Got Him.

Teared Off His Head And Drank All The Blood.

Did Not! Did Too !

Shut Up, Hessie !

Keep Away From Pumpkinhead Unless You'Re Tired Of Livin'.

[ All Chanting ] His Enemies Are Mostly Dead, He'S Mean And Unforgivin'.

- Stop It ! [ Chanting Continues, Indistinct ]

-Stop It ! -Bolted Doors And Windows Blind.

Guard Dogs Prowlin' In The Yard... Pumpkinhead. Pumpkinhead.

Won'T Protect You Till You'Re Dead.

Nothing Will From Pumpkinhead. So Keep Away From Pumpkinhead.

Stop It ! Stop It !

- [ Motorcycle Revving ] [ Sighs ]

I Mean, Well, You'Ve Got Him Pretty Scared.

Pumpkinhead. All Right.

Get In The Truck. Come On.

Hey ! [ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Come On.

Here You Go, Billy.

I Was Just About To Say Something Myself.

That'Ll Do It For You, Mr. Wallace ? That And My Feed.

Oh, I Left It Up At The House. Give Me A Couple Of Minutes.

I Ain'T Got It. I'M Due Back Now.

Suppose I Drop It Off Right At Your Door ?

Be There Before Dark.

[ Motorcycle Revving ]

Billy, Bring Gypsy Inside Out Of The Sun For A While.

Yes, Daddy.

Gotta Admit, He'S Pretty Good. He'S A Jerk.

Yeah, But He'S A Talented Jerk.

Nah, He'S Just A Jerk Jerk.

Billy, I Want You To Stay Right Here And Mind Things, Okay ?

I Gotta Fetch Somethin' Up At The House. Yes, Sir, Daddy.

Then We'Ll Take Us A Little Ride.

Do You Have To Encourage Him ?

Maggie... He'S My Brother.

Be A Good Boy, Now.

You Man Enough ? Go For It !

[ Engine Starts ]

Gypsy, No ! [ Barking ]

[ Barking Continues ]

Little Boy ! [ Screams ]

Are You Okay ? Little Boy !

Gypsy !

[ Maggie ] No !

Jesus. [ Sobbing ]

[ Whimpering ]

- [ Chris ] Don'T Move Him. He Just Came Out Of Nowhere.

Is He All Right ?

[ Tracy ] He'S Cold.

It'S Gonna Be Okay, Billy.

All Right, Keep Him Warm. Keep Him Warm.

It'S Gonna Be Okay, Little Boy. Oh, God.

Hey ! Stay Here. We Gotta Do Something. You'Re Gonna Be Fine.

What The Hell Do You Think You'Re Doin' ?

We Stay, I'M Fucked, Man. Is That What You Want ?

It Was An Accident. I Almost Hit Him Myself.

Yeah, But I'Ve Been Drinkin'. They'Ll Fry Me. You Gotta Help Me, Scratch.

Call An Ambulance. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

Hurry !

What Are You Doing ? What Are You Doing ?

Get In The Car. Get In The Fucking Car. No, We Can'T Just Leave Him.

Damn It ! [ Kim Sobbing ]

[ Engine Starts ]

Hey ! Joel, Get Back Here ! Where The Fuck Is He Going ?

Forget Joel. Forget-- Oh, Fuck !

It'S Gonna Be Fine. Everything'S Gonna Be Okay.

Hey, Come On. Chris, Did You Get Through ?

No Phone. What About That Guy At The Stand ?

He'S Gone, He'S Gone, He'S Gone !

Oh, God. Get To The Cabin. There'S A Phone Over There.

It'S All Right. Chris !

Take Care Of Her, And I'Ll Stay With The Kid. Well, Yeah.

Go Help Chris With Maggie, And I'Ll Stay With The Kid.

Are You Sure ? I'Ll Stay With Him. Go ! Go !

Come On. It'S Okay, Maggie.

It'S Okay.


Billy ?

Billy ?

Gypsy ! [ Whistles ]

Billy !

Gypsy !

Billy. Billy, Daddy'S Here.


It'S Okay.

Nobody Saw Him. It Was An Accident. But Can I Help ?

[ Engine Starts ]

[ Chris ] Okay, Maggie, Come On. Come On, Maggie.

Maggie, Come On ! Listen. Just Get Up To That Cabin And Get On The Phone.

I Just Stay On This Trail ? Yes ! Stay On The Trail.

Did You Call For Help ?

Oh, Jesus. This Is Crazy.

[ Dial Tone ]

[ Phone Clicks ]

Damn You !

He Just Ripped The Phone Cord Out Of The Wall ! What ?

I'M Gonna Drive To The Nearest Town.

You'Re Not Goin' Anywhere. Hey !

Hey ! What'S Up, Man ?

Chris, Please. Joel Was In Another Accident A Couple Of Months Ago.

A Girl Was Hurt. He'S On Probation Right Now. If The Police Find Out--

They'Re Not Gonna Find Out About It !

Look, Man, I'M Real Sorry About That, But That Little Boy Down There Needs Our Help Now !


Just Give Me The Keys, All Right ?

[ Grunts ]

[ Both Grunting ]

[ Sobbing ] You Okay ?

Yeah. Go. He Wouldn'T Stop.

[ Grunts ]

It'S Gonna Be Okay. It'S Gonna Be Okay.

[ Indistinct Whispering ]

Once Upon A Time...

There Was This Old Man,

And He Had A Very, Very Special Son.

Daddy. Yeah, Baby ?

[ Groaning ]

Are You Okay ? Steve ! Steve !

[ Chris ] Hey, Steve, Let Us Out ! We'Re In Here !

I Just Don'T Believe This ! I'M Not Going To Jail.

Come On, Steve ! Damn It !

The Kid'S Father Showed Up. He Took The Kid Away.

I Think Everything'S Gonna Be Okay. Really ?

You Tell Him What Happened ? I Told Him It Was An Accident.

And ? And He Just Looked At Me.

What Do You Mean, He Just Looked At You ? I Don'T Know.

Don'T Lie To Me !

He Looked At Me Like He Wanted To Kill Me.

[ Pig Oinking ]

[ Goat Bleating ]

Get Over There-- [ Continues, Indistinct ]

Lookin' For Your Pa. Hey, Bunt !

Sir ? Fetch Your Grandpa.


[ Chickens Clucking ]

Grandpa, Pa Wants You. Mr. Harley'S Outside With The Feed.

[ Mr. Wallace ] You Go On Out And Unload The Feed.

I'Ll Be Out Directly.

[ Dog Barking ]

[ Cows Mooing ]

Well, Here'S What I Owe Ya. Keep It If You Can Help Me.

I'M Lookin' For An Old Woman.

She Lives Somewhere In The Mountains Hereabouts.

Some Folks Say As How She'S Got Powers.

I Never Heard Of No Such Woman.

Mr. Wallace... Please.

I Can'T Tell Ya What I Don'T Know.

Bunt. Sir ?

Get Over To The House. You Told Me To Do This First.

You Do What I Told You, Boy, And You Do It Now.


What Killed Him ?

City Folks Run Him Over.

Left Him. I'M Sorry About Your Boy.

You Got To Tell Me. She'S The Only One That Can Help Him.

Like I Said, I'M Sorry. You Got To Tell Me, Goddamn It !

She Can'T Help Him. All She Can Do Is Take You Straight To Hell.

Now, You Go On Home. You Go Home And You Bury Your Boy.

Hold It !

Mr. Harley, I Heard You Talkin' To My Grandpa.

I Know Who You'Re Lookin' For.

What'S Your Trade ? What ?

Her Name'S Haggis.

She'S Up On Black Ridge.

Get In Back.

Uh-Uh. No Way.

You Got To Show Me. Get In Back.

Okay, But I'M Only Going Part Way.

That Old Woman Scares The Piss Out Of Me.

Stop, Ed ! Stop The Truck ! Stop !

This Is As Far As I Go. You Keep On Straight.

Follow This Road Till You Can'T No More.

You Come To A Cabin, That'S Her.

[ Door Creaking ]

[ Owl Hooting ]

[ Door Continues Creaking ]

[ Mouse Squeaking ]

Who Are You ?

Uh... Ed Harley. I--

'Fraid Raisin' The Dead Ain'T Within My Power.

This Is--

This Is All I Got. This Is Everything.

Nothin' I Can Do For Him.

When I Was Young-- I Said, There'S Nothin' I Can Do.

I Saw It. What ?

What Do You Want, Ed Harley ?

Say It.

[ Mouse Squeaking ]

Say It ! Say It !

When I Was Young, Folks Used To Talk About You.

Said As How You Knew Things.

Said If A Man Had Been Wronged, He Could Come To You.

You Called Upon This Thing... In That Man'S Name, And That Man, He'D Be Avenged.

What You'Re Askin'...

Got A Powerful Price.

They Killed My Boy.

They Run Him Over, And They Left Him.

Ever Hear Of Razorback Holler ?

There'S An Old Graveyard...

Way Back Deep In Them Woods.

Mountain Folk Used To Bury Kin In There, Kin They'S Ashamed Of.

Bring A Shovel.

The Thing You'Re Lookin' For Is In There.

Bring It Back Here.

Some Things I Gotta Do To It 'Fore It'Ll Be Any Use To Ya.

That Graveyard-- How Will I Know--

You'Ll Know, Ed Harley.

You'Ll Know.

Leave The Boy.

[ Door Creaks Open, Shuts ]

[ Bird Squawking ]


[ Gasping ]

When We Get Out Of Here, Joel'S Gonna Be Carrying His Balls Home In A Knapsack.

Remind Me Never To Piss You Off, Tracy.

I'Ll Tell Them It Was My Fault, That It Was My Bike That Hit Him.

The Worst They'Re Gonna Give Me Is A Slap On The Wrist.


Um... Look, I'M Really Starting To Worry About Maggie.

Bring It Here.

[ Door Creaking ]

[ Door Closes ]

What Is It ?

It'S What You Wanted, Ed Harley.

For Each Of Man'S Evils, A Special Demon Exists.

You'Re Lookin' At Vengeance--

Cruel, Devious, Pure-As-Venom Vengeance.

Give Me Your Hand.

[ Gasps, Groaning ]

[ Sighs ] Oh, God.

[ Bones Cracking ]

[ Snarling ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Groaning ]

You Can Go Now, Ed Harley.

Now It Begins.

[ Horn Honking ]

[ Engine Stops ]

[ Gasps ] What'D You Do, Daddy ?

[ Sobbing ]

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

Well, Fuck It. Let'S Just Kidnap Chris And Tracy And Go To Mexico.

Oh, Guys.

You Gotta Do The Right Thing, And You Gotta Do It Now.

They Killed Our Boy, Lynn Honey. Now They'Re Gonna Pay.


Here. Look.

Look, Maggie. Look At It.

You Always Found Your Strength From This.

Well, Find It Now And Come Back.

I Need You.

Steve. Steve.


It'S Okay. I'M Sure The Boy'S Gonna Be Fine.

I'M Sure His Father'S Taking Care Of Him.

[ Screaming ]

[ Maggie Screaming ] Steve ! No !

[ Screaming Continues ]

[ Gasping, Groaning ] [ Screaming Continues ]

Help ! Steve ! [ Screams ]

[ Panting ]

I'M Always Fucking Up.

My Whole Life, One Big Fuck-Up.

But It Stops Now.

[ Sighs ]

- Help Me ! Help Me ! Maggie, What Happened ?

It'S Killing Him !

Lock The Door.

Steve ! [ Cocks Rifle ]

If Those Scum Hurt My Brother, I'Ll Rip Their Fucking Hearts Out. Steve !

Hail Mary, Full Of Grace, The Lord Is With Thee--

Whatever You Saw Out There, It Wasn'T The Devil. It Was !

There Is No Such Thing. There Is ! I Saw It !

Oh, Man, Be Okay, Steve. Be Okay ! We'Re Gonna Find Him, Man.

[ Shuddering ]

They Should Be Okay, Right ? I Mean, They Took The Gun And Everything.

God Is The Only Thing That Can Stop What'S Out There, Kim.

Just In Case God Doesn'T Show.

Oh, God, Steve.

[ Chris ] Cabin, Man ! Come On !

[ Yells ] Oh, Jesus.

You All Right ? There Was Something At The Window.

What About Steve ? We Couldn'T Find Him.

What Are We Gonna Do ? I Don'T Know.

We'Ve Gotta Get Out Of Here ! We'Re Not Going Anywhere Without Steve.

Maggie, We Don'T Know What'S Out There ! Steve Is Out There !

She'S Right. Now, Come On. We'Re Gonna Find Him. Maggie, Wait !

[ Screaming ]

[ Screaming Continues ]

Here, Help Me ! Maggie !

Tracy !

Maggie ! Maggie ! Goddamn It ! Tracy ! Wait !

[ Tracy Screaming ]

[ Growling ]

[ Screaming Continues ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Whimpering, Screaming ]

[ Screaming Continues ]

Maggie ! Maggie ! Did You See Something ?

I Saw Something. I Don'T Know-- Just Stay Close, Okay ?

[ Gasping ]

[ Gasping ]

It'Ll Pass, Ed Harley. Let It Finish.

No, You Gotta Stop It.

It'S What You Wanted.

No ! Not Like This ! Not Like This !

I See It. This Is Wrong.

Nothin' I Can Do.

It'S Gotta Run Its Course Now.

What Did You Think ? It'D Be Easy, Neat And Clean And Painless ?

You'Re A Fool !

If You Won'T Help Me, If You Don'T Help Me, Then I'Ll Do It Myself.

I'Ll Do It, I'Ll Do It Myself.

You'Ll Fail, Ed Harley. You'Ll Fail And You'Ll Die Too.

Then I'Ll Die ! Then I'Ll Die !

And Pay The Final Price All The Sooner.

Goddamn You ! Goddamn You !

He Already Has, Son.

He Already Has.

Maggie !

[ Clattering ]

Oh !

[ Groaning, Skin Squeaking ]

No ! No !

I'M The One You Want !

No ! No--

No !


Oh, My God, Joel ! What'S Wrong ? It'S Got Kim.

What'S Got Her ? It'S A Thing.

What Thing, Man ? I Don'T Know ! It'S A Thing !

[ Screaming ]

Kim ! Kim ! Kim ! Come On, Man. Come On, Man. Tracy, Come On !

Kim ! Kim !

[ Kim Screaming ] Joel ! Oh, My God.

Kim !

[ Sobbing ]

No. No !

[ Screaming, Thud ] No !

Joel, Come On. We Gotta Move, Man !

Come On !

[ Grunts ]

Help Us !

Hello ? Why Is This Happening ?

I Don'T Know ! We Gotta Move. Let'S Go.

Help ! Somebody Help Us ! Help !

Help Us ! [ Pounding On Window ]

Anybody In There, Please ? There'S Something After Us.

Please !

Where'S Steve At ? Please !

Don'T Be Mad. I'M Cold.

Come On. Steve'S Dead.

[ Shivering ] Come On, Man.

Come On.


[ Chris Grunting ]

Oh, Shit. It'S Locked !

Okay, Just Get Back.

Empty Your Hands, Son.

Get Away From Here.

Go On ! Git. Look, Mister.

We Got Something Chasin' Us. We Just Wanna Use Your Truck. Okay ?

Please. Git Off My Land.

Don'T Make Me Have To Shoot You.

Please ! We Just Need Your Help. I Can'T Help You.

You Folks Is Marked.

Marked ? What Do You Mean, Marked ?

[ Gunshot ]

[ Growling ]

[ Growls ]

[ Firing ]

Joel. Joel, No ! You Don'T Know If It'S Dead !

[ Gunshot ]

It'S Dead.

[ Stabbing ] [ Screams ]

Joel ! [ Joel Screaming ]

[ Crying Out ]

[ Thunderclap ]

[ Growling ]

Oh ! Hey. Come On.

Come On. [ Crying ] What Is It ?

I Don'T Know ! But Whatever It Is, It'S Not Gonna Get Us. Do You Hear Me ?

It'S Not Gonna Get Us ! There Must Be Somebody That Can Help Us !

Come On !

Bunt, Get Away From That Window.

Grandpa, You Sure That Thing Ain'T Gonna Hurt The Animals ?

It Only Kills What It Was Called Upon To Kill.

Them, And Whatever Gets In Its Way.

Our Animals Will Be Fine.

You Get Away From That Window, And You Get To Bed.

- [ Pounding ] Help ! Help Us !

Get To Bed Like I Told You. Now.

For God'S Sake, Please.

Help Us ! Come On, Man ! Let Us In.

Damn !

[ Crying ]

Bunt ? [ Whispering ] Go Back To Sleep, Hessie.

What You Doin' ? Nothin'.


If I Tell You, You Gotta Promise Not To Tell Nobody. Not A Soul.

I Won'T. Cross Your Heart.

Now Swear. I Swear.


I'M Gonna Help Those Folks, Hessie. I Got To Find Out If It'S Real Or Just A Story.

Grandpa Will Whip You Good If He Finds Out.

He Ain'T Gonna Find Out.

Be Careful.

Of Course I'M Gonna Be Careful.


Shh. Come On.

It'S You. Did You Get A Look At It ?

What'S It Look Like ? Is It Big ? Who Are You ?

Man, What'S Goin' On ? I'M Tryin' To Help You, For Christ'S Sake !

My Name'S Bunt. I Live In This House Here.

How Come Nobody Answered The Door ? Didn'T They Hear Us ?

They Can Hear You. They Ain'T Allowed To Help.

They Ain'T Allowed To Let You In. They Can'T Get Involved.

What Do You Mean, Man ? A Man Back There Said We Were Marked.

We Can'T Talk About This Here. Come On. I Know A Place That Might Be Safe.

Come On.

I Know Where We Can Go. Come On. Come On.

[ Squishing ]

Ain'T It Neat ?

About 40 Years Ago They Tried To Start A Congregation Around Here.

I Didn'T Work Out, I Guess.

I Figure It'S A Holy Place, So It Might Not Like It Here.

Come On.

Come On. Watch Out.

Bunt. What Do You Know About That Thing That'S After Us ?

It'S Some Kind Of Demon.

Before Tonight I Didn'T Believe It.

I Thought It Was Just Somethin' That They Made Up To Scare The Little Kids.

But When The Sun Went Down, My Grandpa Fetched The Whole Family Together.

And He Told Us That Some Outsider Folks Had Done Somethin' Real Bad.

He Wouldn'T Say What. He Just Said...

That Pumpkinhead Was Gonna Be Out After 'Em...

And That We Better Stay Inside Till He Got 'Em.

Pumpkinhead ? That'S What It'S Called.

'Cause It Comes From The Old Pumpkin Patch Graveyard.

Do You Know Why It'S After Us ? No, Ma'Am.

But You Must Have Done Something Bad.

According To The Legend, If One Man Does Something Bad To Another Man--

It'S Gotta Be Something Real Bad, Somethin' Like Killin'--

Then That Other Man Can Have Pumpkinhead Conjured Up To Take Revenge.

The Kid At The Stand.

What ? What ?

There Was An Accident Earlier.

One Of Our Friends Hit A Little Boy With A Motorcycle.

Where ? At The Fruit Stand A Couple Of Miles Down The Road.

Gosh Almighty. Billy Harley.

You Know ? You Heard About It ?

[ Muttering ]

I Took His--

I Saw His Pa, Mr. Harley, This Afternoon. I Took Him Somewhere.

Well, Was His Son Okay ? I Can'T Say For Sure.

But If That Thing'S Huntin' You, I Suppose Not.

Oh, My God.

Your Friends, Where Are They Now ? They'Re Dead.

[ Wind Begins Increasing ]

Do You Know The Spot On Bradley Mountain Where People Park Their Cars ?

Yes. Can You Take Us There ?

[ Wind Howling ] Uh-Huh. I Think It'S Here Now.

[ Roars ] Go !

Go On ! Move It !

[ Wind Continues Howling ]

Wallace ! Wallace ! Open Up !

Wallace, Open Up. Wallace !

We Gotta Stop It !

We Gotta Stop It, Or It'S Gonna Kill 'Em All !

Open Up Or I'Ll Blow The Goddamn Thing Off The Hinges.

Lose It, Harley.

You Get Away From Here. Get Away From Me And My Kin.

This Way.

- [ Chris ] Stay Here. [ Tracy ] No.

Stay Here !

[ Engine Revving]

Chris !

[ Roars ]

[ Chris Screaming ]



Come On. Please.

Lady, You Gotta Get Up. We Gotta Go.

Please. We Can'T Stop It. No One Can.

Somebody Can.

Mr. Harley. Come With Me.

Mr. Harley, It'S Pumpkinhead. It'S Real.


Come On.

Get In.

Get In The House. Do You Wanna Live ?

You Okay ?


Thanks To You. Well.

I'M Gonna Go Outside And Talk To Mr. Harley.

I Want You To Stay Here.

Mr. Harley ?

Mr. Harley.

It Was An Accident.

He'S Dead.

Nobody Saw Him Until It Was Too Late.

Can'T You Stop This ? Can'T You Call It Off ?

Nothin' Can Call It Off.

But I'M Gonna Send It Back To Whatever Hell It Come From.

Oh. [ Whimpering ]

Oh, You Old Dog.

[ Growling ]

[ Moans ]

Mr. Harley ?

[ Wind Howling ]

[ Moans ]

[ Snarls ]

Mr. Harley, Are You Okay ? [ Choking ]


[ Moans ] [ Pumpkinhead Screams ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ Gasps ] [ Bunt Screams ]

Kill Me.