Pup (2013) Script

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Start the countdown!

Nine, eight.

You forgot 10.

Okay. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four--

What about seven?

I said seven.

Well, start over again, just in case.


(Screaming) Folks! Now!



KANUTO NARRATING: Hey, stop it, stop!

What's going on around here?

Okay, okay, that's better.

People ask me nowadays what happened back in the beginning?

So to each and every who asks me, my answer is always the same.

That's where the whole story started.

Once upon a time, in a peaceful land, was a beautiful farm

(Bleating) where lived a lot of animals.

All of them were happy.


BUTTERFLY: Let's go, you fat old cow, or you'll miss it.

I'll have you know, I'm in the prime of my life, and I go to the gym every day.

BUTTERFLY: Obviously gaining weight and not muscle.

And even if, like in every family, somebody argues a bit from time to time, at the end of the day they were all good friends.

I was just a puppy back in those days.

And the youngest and happiest kid on the farm.

Hey, that's me, Kanuto.

I was supposed to get trained to become the best sheepdog.

In fact, that's what they were expecting from me.


Off you go. Fetch.

Fetch. Come on, Kanuto.

(Barking) Fetch.

Good dog.

Oh, good boy. Yeah.

Good boy. Here we go.



Hey, Kanuto, guess what?

I still got it.


Come on. Oh, get it. Oh, nice.


Come on, you're a good dog.

Very good dog.



(Sheep bleating)

And today's lesson... herding.

Now, pay attention, Kanuto.

If a sheep leaves the flock from the rear, you have to run around in front of it to cut off its escape, and chase it back in.

It's not complicated.

And then you go back to where you were, unless where you are is where you were in the first place.


Then you got to keep an eye on the left and on the right.

It's not a job for a butterfly.

You've got to be constantly on your toes.


And sometimes you have to run around like this to get a better view of the flock.

So you've got to be a midfield player and a sweeper, got it?



I never got into hot water, much less knew about it, until the fateful day that hot water changed my life forever.

MAN: Quick. I need more hot water.




WOMAN: Come on.

Come and see, Kanuto.

You're not going to be the youngest on the farm any longer.

MAN: Here's the first.

(Woman laughing) Oh!

You... I'm going to call Victoria.

MAN: And here's the second.

Oh, you'll be Cloe.


MAN: Here's the third.

Oh, and you... Fancy.

MAN: Here is... okay, something strange.




What on earth is this?


She can be part of our herd.

I like it. It reminds me of something I stepped in once.

It seems we have a black sheep in the flock.

Well, she's so cute.

Pride of the year. We'll call her Blackie.

Blackie, please meet Kanuto.

Kanuto, please meet Blackie.

I'm sure you're both going to be the best of friends.

(Kanuto whimpering)

He's got a big head for such small paws.

And from that moment, nothing was ever the same again.

(Door creaking open)

One, two, three.

Every little lamb must learn good manners.

Now dance, my little princesses. Dance.

(All gasping)


Ready? Fetch!

Fetch, Kanuto.

Good dog. Good dog.

Now try to pick up the stick, Kanuto.


Come on, Kanuto. Fetch.

Come on, fetch.


Couldn't you at least give him a hand?

You don't expect me to put that in my mouth, do you?


(Rooster crowing)

Being elegant requires one to know how to carry oneself and to always do as one is told.

Now, girls, let us continue.

Get in line with your sisters.

And one.



Why, yes.

* You're feeling like you're left out

* Your life doesn't make sense

* What's the matter with you, you always ask yourself ALL: Huh?

* Get in the game

* Well, do fret, come and play

* Now is your time

* You got to act like a star, so put your best face on

* No matter what you look like, whether you're black or white

* With the right attitude (Screaming)

* You'll be the star at the farm (Sheep shocking)


Hey, Blackie, where are you going so fast?

I'm just looking for something fun.

(Snoring lightly)


And up you go.

Aah! (Grunting)

Aah! Stop it, Blackie! That's not funny!

Well, I thought it was hilarious.


(Static crackling over TV) Huh?

MAN OVER TV: Engines beginning throttling down now at 94%.

Normal throttle for most of the flight, 104%.


(Gasping) Full throttle now to 65%, shortly.

That's exactly what I want to do.

I'll never, ever play with you again.

You're too naughty.

Never, ever!


Oh, hello.

You, too, are travelling?

And where will you go?

I'm going to the moon.

Ah, to the moon.

So you'll join the others?

The others?


All those black spots there are sheep, like you.

Oh! I didn't know.

But I can tell you, even there you'll be the most beautiful.

Oh, yeah?

You think so?

I can assure you.


Well, then--



"And then the handsome prince kissed her.

And she knew that his kiss would seal their love forever."


Did she have a pretty dress?

That doesn't matter.

Beauty lies within.

BLACKIE: Of course you'd say that.

I'd say the same if I looked like you.

But I'm not you, am I?

(Murmuring) Shh!

Here she comes.

What's going on?

Are you guys expecting a photo shoot?



Oh, man.


(Sheep bleating)

(Clearing throat)




Are you talking to me?


Are you talking to--?

Oh, hey.

Uh, what are you up to?

I'm setting off for the moon.


Oh, cut all this moon business. It's boring.

Squeeze your zits. Huh?

There's a big one on the end of your nose.

Huh? What? A zit?

Where? Where?


Oh, Blackie.


(Objects crashing)

(Sheep bleating loudly)





Stop. Stop.

Have you all gone bonkers?

What on earth are you doing?

Buzz off, Kanuto.

For once we're all having fun.

And Blackie has promised us a treat if we fly well.

You've got to stop this right now.

It's too dangerous.

Oh, go on. Let them do it.

It's really cool flying.

What has that nutcase promised you?

She's going to show us how to do makeup like her.

Look, I've already tried it. What do you think?

It's great. Uh-huh.

Yuck. It's disgusting.

Are you sure this thing's safe?

No worries.

It's going to be real fun. Come on, Pepe.

Do like you do in a swimming pool.




Wow. Way to go, Theo.

This is cool, huh?


WOMAN: Brian. Hey, Brian.

Isn't it time you milked the cow?

Uh, uh, no way. No.

No way! No way! No!

MAN: Have you seen the milk pail, sweetheart?

WOMAN: It should be by the door.


Kanuto. Kanuto, come here. Give me that.

I'd prefer not to go so high, if you don't mind.

If it's no bother. Baa.

(Grunting and neighing)



Oh! Moo.

(Both groaning)

Not bad.

But it just needs a fraction more oomph.

Uh, JoJo?

What? Um, tell me, JoJo, do you suffer from vertigo?

Uh, no.


(Laughing) Right.


Bring it here. Right now.


Stop, stop.

Come back here.

That dog is an idiot.


Now, where have you gone?

When I catch you, I'm going to chuck you in that bucket and boil you up for stew.


Have a good trip.

And enjoy yourself.

I'm going to miss you, Blackie.


It's never going to be the same here again without you.

I'm suddenly feeling bad about leaving you all like this.


What's going on in that head of yours?

Right. I'm off now, guys.

You can keep the catapult.

Do you think I could get to Hollywood on that?

It depends on the wind.

Are you guys crazy?

And you, where do you think you're going all by yourself?

To the moon, pea brain.

How many times do I have to tell you?

You're off your rocker, Blackie.

How can you possibly expect to reach the moon with that thing?

Everything's been worked out.

She'll reach the stratosphere and orbit the earth twice before she-- KANUTO: Oh, yeah?

And how is she going to breathe up there in space?

Ever give that a thought?

Uh... oh.

Blackie, Blackie, can you get a move on.

I'm getting a bit worn out over here.

Oh, sorry, guys.

Um, okay, it's time to go.

So let it go, and see you.





KANUTO: Come on, girls.

We got to rescue her before the farmer comes back and discovers that she's missing.

What about the others?

We'll rescue them too.

Come on, let's get going now.


See you, girls. Send me a postcard.

You cad. What?



Oh! Kanuto.

Kanuto, where are you going?

Where are you taking everyone? Come back.


Come on. Don't stop.

Faster, faster. Hurry up.


We're going as fast as we can, Kanuto!

Blackie is your sister.

We've got to find her. Follow me.

To the moon?

No way. Not even in your wildest dreams.

Is Blackie really our sister?

All sheep are brothers and sisters.

It's always the same old story.

By the way, what time's curfew tonight?


Whoops. I'm sorry, Kanuto.

You okay?

Oh, Theodora.

Have you seen Blackie anywhere around here?

No, but I saw her fly over us.

What a liftoff. How'd you do that?

Oh, they had JoJo climb on Pepe's back.


Didn't he get vertigo?

A little, but not bad.

Where was Blackie heading?

I think it was that way.

Towards Wolf Mountain.

Thanks. Come on, girls. Let's get going.

And you, go back to the farm before anyone sees you're missing.

Yes, Your Highness. As you command.

He's kind of becoming a drill sergeant, isn't he?

So it seems.

(Music playing)

(Music playing)



KANUTO: Blackie! Blackie!


Blackie, can you hear me?

We're here.

(All panting)

Come on, girls. One last push. We're nearly there.

Go higher? You're joking.

This is no laughing matter.

CLOE: No way!

But Cloe--

Kanuto, we're worn out.

We're too tired to go another inch.

Right. If that's the case, okay.

Stay here and wait for me. I won't be long.

CLOE: But Kanuto, what about the wolf?

Have you forgotten? Don't leave us.

(All bleating)

The wolf? What wolf?

There's no wolves here.

The tigers have eaten them all.

ALL: Don't go! Don't leave us here all alone!

FANCY: Don't go, Kanuto.

I implore you.

ALL: No! No! Mm-mm.

Stay here, and whatever happens, stay together.

I'll be back within the hour.

If anyone's all alone and lost, it's Blackie.

No! No!

I told you he had a crush on her, didn't I?

That's one for the gossip columns.



The indignity of it.

Oh, my, my.

This is quite a predicament.

Hey, you down there.

Stay. You seem to be someone I could get on with.

Would you like to be my friend?

If I were, what's in it for me?

Well, for starters, with a face like a flatfish, you must have a problem making any--

Hmph! My face looks like what?

Don't go there.

Is it a yes or a no?

I'm afraid it's no.



(Screaming and crying)

KANUTO: Blackie?

Are you okay?

At last!

You took your time.

I've got fed up waiting.

You've got fed up waiting?


I've been stuck up here now for over two hours.

I can't believe you took so long.

You got a lot of nerve. How dare you?

If that's the way it is, you can stay right where you are.

It'll make it easier for the wolf to find you.

No, no.

I implore you, Kanuto.

Please don't.

Oh, all right, but we're going straight back to the farm.

Oh! To the farm?!


Oh, please don't cry.

Take it easy.

(Branch cracking) Everything's--


Going to be--

Ah! Ah! Ah!

(Both screaming)





Uh, just don't think, Kanuto. Okay?

Of course not. I don't have a brain.

I knew it.

It's a strange sort of match.

More like The Odd Couple.

I think he's cute.

There is something about him. He's very sweet.

Whereas she, just a pain in the neck.

(Wolf howling)


Oh, what was that?

I don't know. It wasn't me.

Must have been the wind.

Of course it was. Definitely the wind.

Now let's all calm down. He'll be coming for us soon.

So let's all take a deep breath on three.

One, two, three.

(Wolf howling) (All gasping)



We mustn't think about the wolf.

Who knows a good story?

I know one about Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

Uh, no. Perhaps not.

How about the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf?

Oh, no. Oh, I also know one about the little boy who cried wolf.

Never mind. Shh! Nobody move.

I'm a huge sheepdog!

Come off it.

If you say you're huge he'll know you're small.

What if he's into reverse psychology?

Then he'll think she's saying she's big to make him think she's small.

Then he'll think she's really enormous.

Hmm. Um, can you run through that again?

We are no sheepdog!

Oh, my God.

Nobody's coming to rescue us.

We're doomed.

(Sobbing) Doomed!

So, my lovelies, out for a bit of fun, are we?

(All gasping) Hoping to bump into Prince Charming?

What are three princesses like you doing in a place like this in the middle of the night, and with no minder?

(All squealing) Mm, not bad.

How would you three lovelies like to become supermodels?

But please, allow me to introduce myself, my dears.

Though surely you all recognize me.

I am Karl Wolf.

Karl Wolf!

The Karl Wolf?

The famous couturier?

Not couturier, darlings.


I prefer that.

Better. Less vulgar.

(All shrieking excitedly)


I can make you all queens of the catwalk.

(Sheep screaming indistinctly)

Oh, no. Victoria, Cloe, Fancy.

What's happened to them?

It's all my fault.

I bet I'll be crowned queen of the moon as soon as they set eyes on me.

All you ever think about is yourself.

There's no one else here, is there? Hmm!

Grumbo, seat belt.



Canine patrol at your service.

(Knocking at door)

Grumbo, on your feet. Discipline.

That's what every good farm dog needs, is discipline.


Grumbo can herd cows, hunt, track, tie knots, mow your lawn, and he's also a first-class sheepdog.

We already have a sheepdog, thank you.

Kanuto? You call him a sheepdog?

Speaking of which, where is Blackie?

Blackie isn't the only lost sheep on this farm.

You know darn well what I mean.

It's all Kanuto's fault.

He looks all business, don't he?

WOMAN: That may be, but as soon as Kanuto's back, this pit bull can clear off.

Have him on trial for a week.

After that, you can tell me whether you want him or not.

MAN: If he finds Blackie, he's staying.


This isn't good.

(Music playing)

(Music playing)

(Music playing)


Go on. Take it.

Take it. Come on.

MAN: Yeah. There they are.

Got them.

Now look me in the face, you circus dog, because as a sheepdog you're a joke.


You got nothing more to worry about, Blackie.

Daddy's here.


Rest, Blackie. Rest.

You're back home now.

No one's going to bother you now, especially Kanuto.

So put your head down.

Bad dog.

You're a bad, bad dog.

Is that how you look after the flock?

Where are the rest of the sheep?

Stop. Huh?

Where do you think you're going?


Have you got something wrong with your eyes?

Who are you?

Your worst nightmare, darling.

So I'd advise you to get your act together before I lose my temper and dye you white, just like you deserve.


But first, give me 10 push-ups.


Yeah, push-ups.

You know what push-ups are, don't you?

Uh, well--

PEPE: Oh, I know what they are.

Yeah, push-ups.

They're sort of pancake, aren't they?

Pancakes yourselves!

Here, watch a real push-ups pro.

Push-ups pro.

(Grunting softly)

Well, he looks happy with himself.

Yeah, but so does the village idiot.

What did you say?

I, uh, I said I couldn't do it better myself.

You there.

I gave you 10 push-ups.

So get to it.


And the rest of you, general inspection.

Empty your pockets on the double.

Hey, you. I can't hear you counting!

And a half.

Is that the best you can do?

The rest of you, general inspection.

Stand to attention.

Never in my whole life have I seen such sissies.

But believe you me, it's all going to change.

That includes you, half-pint.

You're in for a tough time, too.

Get in line.

Right, you sissies.

Hit the dirt and give me 50 push-ups. Jump to it.

Uh, excuse me, but I've already done mine.

Oh, I'm sorry, madam. You must be worn out.

Why didn't you say so?

Well, yes. I'm a little tired.

I understand. You poor thing.

Maybe you need to go on vacation. A week off, perhaps?


Uh, yeah.

GRUMBO: Right! In the hole! Ah!

Where do you think you're going? Get back here.

Hey, come on.

What are you running from? Come here.

Get back here.

Have a nice time.

We'll see how you feel after a day in the hole.

(Door closing)

Anyone else want a free vacation? Huh?


MARVIN: What a goon.

I'm only interested in her from a professional point of view.

She's a member of my flock, if you understand.

Ex. Ex-flock.

You mean that pain in the neck?

He won't last a week.




Are you going to try and discuss the plan with me?

Or continue to try and convince me that you're not interested in her?

Uh, okay. Right.

You distract Grumbo whilst I help her escape.

Nothing to it, hey?

How do I do that? I don't know.

Just goad him until he chases you.

If he chases me?

Are you mad?

(Grumbo humming)



He's got a screw loose.






Hey, you.

Yeah, you.

Who, me? I'm coming.

What do you want, quackie?

Can I tell you something private.

Uh, at ease.

When I grow up, I want to be just like you.

Mm-hmm. What?

Just like me?

MARVIN: Yeah. I'm fed up with people kicking sand in my face.

I want to learn how to be big and strong, like you.

KANUTO: Blackie? Blackie?

(Knocking at door) (Gasping)

Can you hear me? Blackie?


Aah! Shh!

Don't make so much noise.

Blackie? Is that you?

Who do you think it is? Santa Claus?

Are you okay?

I'll be better as soon as I can get out of here.

What? You're going to escape?

But how?

Wait and see, and you'll find out.



Blackie, what's going on?

Blackie, stop?

He'll hear you.

Wow, you're so cool, man.

Big and tough and ferocious.

(Thumping) You're the real deal.

Hang on a second, will you?

Hey, I didn't even finish what I was saying yet.

I want you to teach me martial arts, karate, and all that stuff. Listen, son, I know there's a dog somewhere deep inside you.

I can see it from your beak.

If you like, I'll give you a quick lesson.

You should always learn the ropes from the master.

Blackie, Blackie. Please, Blackie, talk to me.

Hang on. Let me help.



Oh, this door is imposs-- Whoa!

Oh, Kanuto.


You didn't even try to pull from your side.

Don't think, Kanuto. Just don't think.

And don't say anything either.

With, woof, riff, woof.


That's better. Much better.

Much, much better. Keep going.


Yeah, not bad.

A bit timid, though.

Try again. Ruff.

(Music playing)

(Music playing)

There. Sorted.

Let's get out of here.

Yeah. It's time to help the others.

What are you talking about?

We're going to the moon.

What about the others? They'll just have to do like us.

But you can't just leave like that.

Why shouldn't I?

Look, Blackie, we can't go to the moon on a whim.

What if what you saw on TV was fake?

And besides, we must rescue the others.

Look, honey, you're the one who lost them, not me.

So you do what you want.

Me, I'm going to the moon.

Bye, then!

Bye, then to you, you stuck-up piece of sh-- Sheep.


I'm off on my trip, and all you can say is "bye, then"?

Hi, then.


But, you're not Kanuto.

You're, Karl Wolf, fashion designer.

Come, pretty pretty.

I have the most precious projects for you.

What does she think she's doing?

That she can go to the moon all by herself like a grownup?


Blackie. All by herself.

What's this? It smells like--



She's been wolf-snapped.


KARL: I'm a genius, as the whole world knows.

And now I've found the most perfect model.

Amongst all the arts, all of which I excel at, I have chosen the most creative and imaginative one, fashion.

Naturally, I could have become a famous painter or writer, or both.

But I lack the patience.

I take it that that is your natural colour, my dear?

Your breath smells.


(Blowing and sniffing)

No, it doesn't.


Anyway, what you've just been telling me is a load of trash.

I'm not interested.

* We can fly there

* To the end

* We can take off anywhere


What are they?

Gypsy songbirds.

I've had them imported for my personal indulgence.

They're also delicious.

Would you like to choose one for dinner?


BLACKIE: I'm a vegetarian.

That's a shame.

What if we move straight to dessert?

I'm afraid I have to go.

Dance with me.

Look deep into my eyes and feast on the mind of a genius.




(Indistinct chattering)

VOICE: Dinnertime.

Faster, faster.

(Indistinct chattering)

Girls? Girls?

FANCY: Kanuto! Over here!



I knew you'd come to our rescue.

Over here! All three of us.

Dear, dear Kanuto.

Quick! Quick!


Kanuto. Dear, dear Kanuto.

Are you all okay?

Has the wolf hurt anyone?

Don't mention that poser.

All he was interested in was our wool.

That's why he gave us all the come-on.

Yeah. All he wanted us for was to make his tacky rags out of.

He gave us a line about making us supermodels, and we ended up in this sweatshop.

And, as usual, once he saw Blackie he only had eyes for her.

Blackie? She's here too?

Yup. She's up on the terrace.

With smarmy Karl.


ALL: Well done, Kanuto!

Come on, girls. Let's get out of here.

So, little mongrel.

You think you can mess with us.

You make me laugh.

Ha, ha, ha.


Did you say mongrel?


Watch this, then, daddy longlegs.

Stinking mongrel.

We're going to turn you into a bath mat.

Ha, ha, ha!

And this mongrel's going to turn you into spring roll with seaweed.

Don't make me laugh.

Ha, ha, ha.

Don't make me laugh either.

Ha, ha, ha yourself.


(Singing in foreign language)

(Singing in foreign language)

(Singing in foreign language)

We shall see who is--

You really should do something about your breath.

And you don't know diddly-squat about the moon.

Oh, one drop of my Fu Shi cobra venom and you will die like dog.


Hey, Fu Shi, can you swim?

What about swim?

Come and fight.

(Speaking gibberish)

Oh, no! Beep, beep!

We are flee!


Oh, this is horrible!


Wait for me. I haven't finished yet.

(All chattering)


Quite successful.

(All chattering)

Stay with me, Blackie.

I am besotted with your 100% natural black wool.

It is perfection and beyond.

(Growling) Ideal for creating the most exquisite garments.

Garments that will be worn only once, of perhaps never.

KANUTO: This sheep is mine.



Who are you?

Where have you sprung from?

(Whimpering) (Growling)


You guys are pathetic.

I'm out of here.

Bye. Ciao.

Wait. Wait.

My angel.

Your what?!



Yeah! Yeah! Too bad.

Good for you, Kanuto.

Go on, you three.

Run, and don't stop till you get to the farm.

Please, please don't go.

Run, I said. Now.

ALL: No.

Blackie. Where are you?

Blackie, come back here immediately.


Oh, it's you.

You're going straight back to the farm.

Walk in front of me where I can see you.

Oh, really? Yes, really.

Why should I?

Because I say so.

On what grounds?


"Because" ain't an answer.


You've never seen me angry before.

One of these days I'm going to bite you and--

Go on, then. Bite me.

You ain't got the guts.



Guess what, girls?

You'll never guess what happened to us.


(Fly buzzing)

What's been going on here, huh?

GRUMBO: Evening, ladies.

Empty your fleeces and jump to it.

Can't you get it through your thick skull?

You cannot go to the moon!

And can't your pea brain register that I'm special?

The farm's too small for me.

I'm going to the moon, because I want to, you idiot.

Don't you call me an idiot.

If it bothers you so much, why do you follow me?

Idiot. Hmm.


Because I'm your--

You know full well why.

Stop pushing my buttons, Blackie.

No, I don't know.

Tell me.

I... I--

You-- You what?

I don't know how to say it.

I won't tell anyone, I promise.

Right. Here goes nothing.

I love you!

I already knew that.



You've known all along?

So why do you treat me like dirt?

Well, it's been working well so far, hasn't it?

Look, Kanuto, over there.

What? What?

Where? There.

Right there, dumbo.

What? The "no trespassing" sign?

What did you think I was pointing at?

The bus stop. No.

Are you all trying to tell me that Kanuto saved you from the wolf?

It's true! He did.

You should have seen how he knocked him out cold.

Come off it.

Get out of here.

If you'd seen the wolf, you wouldn't be here to tell the tale.

All he wanted us for was our wool.

I've been face-to-face with the wolf and you haven't.

He's heartless. Dangerous.

And he hasn't a trace of compassion.

Don't play me for a fool.

We're telling the truth.

Kanuto saved us all. (Gasping)

Are you trying to tell me you've seen the wolf and I haven't?

No, no. All I'm saying is--

Are you calling me a liar?

No, of course not!

Look me in the eyes when you call me a liar.

I'm telling you, you never saw the wolf.

But I saw--

I saw--

Pee. I need to pee.

Welcome back to hell, darlings.

I give it to you, it's a great sign.

Look, there's another one next to it.

Great. Now let's get back to the farm.


Do you love me or not?

What's that got to do with it?

Well, don't you want to make me happy?

Of course. But you'd be happy back at the farm.


No, Blackie. No!

Blackie, wait for me.

Don't worry. You don't have to come with me.

No, no. Blackie, no.

Stay here and have a rest.

I'll go by myself.

As usual.

No, no. No!

Please, Blackie. Listen.



I wonder where this leads to.

That's none of your business.

Who says?


What on earth is that?

A space centre.

So you see? I didn't make it all up.

(Gasping) Whoa!

What's happening? What was that?

It's just the wind.

Don't flock out.

(Creaking sounds)


(Toilet flushing)


GRUMBO: Hey, you! Huh?

Dump face.

I flushed, I sprayed, I cleaned the bowl.

I promise.

Why aren't you globalized?


Yeah. Get globalized and jump to it, huh?

Uh, what do you mean by globa-- Glob-- Glob--


All puffed up, like a balloon.

Uh, what on earth for?

In life, one must appear larger than one actually is.

Get it, web-foot?

Take a picture of the others and copy them, see?

Forward march.

Right turn.


This is all Blackie's fault.

I hope Kanuto comes back.

Me too, but I don't care whether Blackie comes back or not.

GRUMBO: Right turn.

Impressive, aren't they?

As a parade, yes.

But their milk's churned.

That never happened when Kanuto looked after them.

Yeah, but all Kanuto caused was chaos.

Now we've got a real guard dog.

We don't need him anymore.

If only Blackie was back, everything would be perfect.

Maybe Blackie's also found someone better.

Someone better than you.

No way.


Do you want to bet on that?

Anyway, if they're not back by tomorrow, I'm going to look for them myself.

And I won't come back until I've found them.

Something's wrong.

I can feel it in my bones.


Hey, look.

It goes all the way up to the spaceship.


Don't touch anything.

Let's see.



Quick, jump.

No, no. Don't jump.

Just joking.

I'm off to the moon.


I'm off to the moon!

And I've managed to do it all by myself, without anyone's help.

Be careful. It doesn't look very safe.

Don't tell me you're scared of heights.


No. Stop it.


(Laughing) Come on, Kanuto.

Jump with me.

It's fun.

I found a spaceship.

That's enough. Stop it! Stop!

How can you treat me like this?

You can't jump like that in a cable car.

You're right. You're right.

You're always right.

And that only applies to rusty cable cars that are about to fall apart.

No. It applies to everything.

Everything I do upsets you.

The only way I can please you is by remaining silent.

Like this.

(Muffled dialogue)

I will never say another word.


Come on, don't get upset.

I guess it's okay if you hop a little bit, but seriously, be careful, okay?

(Metal creaking) Oh! Aah!

(Blackie screaming)

Calm down. I'm here.

Oh, wow.

What a relief.

Quick, grab my paw.

(Voices chanting indistinctly) BLACKIE: What was that?


I think we've got company.

No, you don't say.

You've got a strong grip--

(Chanting in foreign language)

Yuri? No, it can't be.




Yuri, is that you?


Sorry, guys, but I think you've got the wrong dog.

Yuri, you're back.

Ahem. Excuse me. Hello.

Hi, how are you? Et cetera.

But does that thing work?

(Speaking pidgin Russian)

His name's Johnny.

He's a pastrino who's scheduled to come on our next mission, courtesy of the Russian Space Exchange Program.

He's a real whiz kid, I can assure you.

Is that his spaceship?

It belongs to all of us, including Yuri.

Yeah. Also to Yuri.

Sorry to disillusion you guys, but my name's Kanuto.


LAIKA: Nyet capisce. Nyet Kanuto.

You were born here.

You are pastrino.

An astronaut dog, Yuri.

But does that spaceship work?

We only have to press the button.

Oh, were you expecting me? Huh?

(Creature braying loudly)

Save yourselves. It's Pinky. Quick, quick.

Back to the base.

(Pinky howling)

Hurry up. Get a move on.

(Alarm blaring)


We're safe. She's gone.

Voston, lights.

Aren't you going to get in your basket, Yuri?

That's your basket there, Yuri.

You know full well.

Are you talking to me?

Obviously to you.

Not to that black rug you brought with you.

Hey! You want to know what you can do?

Stop. Look, guys, can someone explain to me what's going on?

Okay. Settle in. We'll tell you everything.

Voston. Video.


Here we go.

(Computer beeping)

You can stay too, but just don't butt in.

Get it?


LAIKA: We were chosen from thousands and thousands of dogs to be astronauts.

We, and you too, Yuri, are pastrinos.

Extraordinary dogs whose capabilities have been genetically enhanced, giving us amazing powers.

Our mission was to go to the moon.

To the moon! You see, Kanuto? You see? I was right.

(Speaking Russian)

He wants to know if that's your mascot.

She seems to be as much a pain in the neck as Pinky is.

Can you deactivate her?

Mascot? Deactivate her?


For our mission, they plan we take a mascot.

A sweet little pink sheep, genetically modified not to grow up, and not to eat too much.

(Computers beeping)

But there was a hitch, as you will now see.

In those days, genetic modification was in its infancy.

And the scientists never foresaw that this would happen.

MAN OVER MONITOR: Houston, we have a problem.

Look. Over there.

Give us the password. Deactivate her.

Put her in front of the camera, quick!

(Roaring) Too late!

There's a password to deactivate her.

But the guys who wrote her program died before they told it to us.

There you are.

That's why ever since we've never been able to deactivate Pinky.

She's kept on growing.

And she's still angry with us.

So the spaceship's getting rusty, and our chances for a moon shot have been zilch.

But now that Yuri's back, things will be all right, right?

Is it really possible to go to the moon?

The rocket's been ready for years.

There's plenty of food and water on board.

Enough to get us there and back.

So, what are we waiting for?

Have you got cloth ears, bonehead?

We can't get to the spaceship.

Like I said, while Pinky's lurking out there, it's impossible for us to go up the path without being spotted.

Is there another way to get up there?

No. And it's also the only way to get out of the valley.

But you've just told us there's a password to deactivate her.

Yeah, but we still don't know what it is.

We've tried loads already, but none of them have worked.

And she is extremely dangerous.

This is getting beyond a joke.

How can you possibly be scared of a pink sheep?

Bunch of scaredy cats.

Let me take care of this.

That's enough. Blackie, shut up.

We have to think of something.

I'm sure if we put our heads together, we can come up with a solution.

Do you think so?

Of course, guys.

Now, let's use our brains.

If we think as one, we can do it.

Well, judging by the size of their skulls, I'll bet you'll overdo it.


(Speaking Russian)

What did he say?

He said that while we have a negative force among us, we'll come up with nothing.

Right. Blackie, leave us alone.

Wait a minute.

I'm a sheep.

I can help you.

No. We're going to help you leave, okay?


I pity you guys.

You really are a pathetic bunch.


Why don't we set up a trap.

A trap?

Yeah. We can reach the summit if we neutralize her.

Johnny has studied Pinky closely.

I'm sure he can work something out.


(Speaking Russian-sounding gibberish)

He said she loves pink.


GRUMBO: Once upon a time, there was a dog from the 11th Marine Dog Division, who aspired to be decorated with the Auxiliary Sergeant's Medal.

And one day, he was on patrol with his company, lost in the deepest swamp somewhere around the 28th Parallel, when suddenly he hear a noise.

And then, on this dinosaur-infested island, there once lived a pirate who--

Yuri, it's wonderful.

You're such a good storyteller.

His name is Kanuto!

And if it wasn't for me, he'd never have come here.

Really? And so what are you going to do when he's on the moon?


Yeah. What are you going to do when he's on the moon with us?

Hey. What about me?

Poor Blackie.

I'm not sure you could survive the trip.

Are you kidding?

I have to go.

That's not possible.

You won't be able to get into an astronaut suit.

You're not built right.

Not built right?

Ha! You can talk, with your fat head and your stupid little paws.

Okay, okay. Calm down, Blackie.

Come with me. We need to talk.


(All gasping)

Take good care of everyone till we get back, okay?

Hurry up, Brian.

We've no time to lose.

What happens if we only find Blackie?

We still come back, eh?

I'll pretend I never heard you say that.

Right. I'm in charge now.

And as you're all about to see, things are going to change around here.

From now on, you're all going to do exactly as I say.

(Snoring lightly)

Blackie? Blackie?

Blackie? Blackie?

She's gone. No! No!

She can't have done.

If you decide to go with her, we understand.

We can go to the moon some other time.

No. Let's do it.

I've had enough of her petty tantrums.

Come on.

I wish we were there already.

(Pinky growling)

(Pinky laughing)

So how about that?

What do you think?


Say something. You first.

Wow. It's great.

It's really great.

It's perfect.

(Speaking Russian)

LAIKA: He says he loves it.

Right. Here's the plan.


Here's our base.

And here's the spaceship.

And here beside it is Pinky territory.

Right? I'll attract Pinky's attention and lead her here whilst you guys leg it to the ship.

Once she's fallen into the trap, I'll catch up with you, okay?

We'll wait for you to get there before we start the countdown, Yuri.

Okay, okay. Now off you go.

LAIKA: Aren't you coming, Yuri?

Yeah, yeah. I'm coming.

How much further is it?

Not far if we were skateboarding.

(All grunting)

Sorry. Keep the noise down, you guys.

Hush up.

Look, we're nearly there.

Pinky usually hangs out in that clearing.

There, behind the rocks. Uh--

And that's the only way to get to the spaceship. Right, Yuri?

Uh, well--

It's time for you to do your stuff.

(Pinky grunting)


(Breathing heavily)

Oh, wow, baby!

That thing's enormous.

You have good powers of observation.

But, uh--

You're not chickening out, are you, Yuri?

Not you.

Uh, okay.

Let's go.

Hey, do you want to play hide-and-seek, you big lump of lard?


Ah, come on, you pink porker.

It's party time!

(Panting and snarling)

He's done it. He's distracted her.

Faster. Faster.



I got to find a way to deactivate her.



Peace, love... dove.






Wow. Even her nose hairs look pink.

Nose hairs.

Nose hairs.


Got it.



Maybe I can't deactivate her, but at least she's moved out of the way.

Oh, no. She's breaking free.

Oh, no.




Stop! Halt!

Get moving. She's coming.

Faster, faster.

(Speaking Russian)

Pyjamas! Smoothie! Coconut!


She's catching up. She's nearly here.

Pink sheep! Smelly feet!

Rollerblades? Train?

Bell? Swell?

Glastonbury Hill?

No, no, no, no.

Is it open? (Muttering in Russian)


(Music playing)

(Music playing)

(Music playing)

Calm down!

Calm down! Gently now.

Take it easy.


Launch now!

We're not leaving without you.

Start the countdown!

(Snarling) Do it!

Okay, Johnny. Go for it.

COMPUTERIZED VOICE: The captain and his crew welcome you aboard this flight to the moon.

The duration of the flight will be three and a half hours.

And in-flight refreshments--


Yuri! Yuri!


Yuri, hurry up.


BLACKIE: Hey, you! Fatso!

Yes, you. Don't you dare mess with that dog!

Blackie, you came back to save me.

Hey, what else is a girl supposed to do?


Nine, eight.

You forgot 10.

Okay. Ten, nine, eight--

Hey, you. Lay off my sheep.

I'm not leaving you ever again.

You mean it?

Yes. I've realized that there are a lot more important things in life.

But dreams are important too.

BLACKIE: Not if we can't share them with the ones we love.

What about seven?

I said seven.

Well, start over again, just in case.


Ten, nine, eight, seven--


Kanuto, I think--

I think--

I love you.

Nice day for a launch.

Zero. Liftoff.

(Engine sputtering)

People of the moon, we come in peace.

Pinky's followed us to the moon.

Calm down, you dorks. I'm here to save you.

I don't believe it.

Yuri's deactivated her.

It wasn't me. It was Blackie.

But how did you know the password?

I didn't.

I was just speaking to Kanuto, and--

You said you loved me.


I've been stupid and selfish.

But from now on, I don't want to go anywhere without you.

Will you forgive me?



Don't be too hard on her. She came back.

So you don't want to go to the moon any longer?

You're quite sure?

A part of me still does.

But I'll do whatever you want, Kanuto.

We'll go wherever you decide.

Why did you have that obsession about the moon?

I could have had anything else I wanted.

And the others didn't seem to like me much.

But now you've got me.

Yes, but--

But suppose I become ugly.

Will you walk out on me then?

No way.

I want to go back to the farm.

KANUTO: Come on, let's go home.


MARVIN: Brothers, sisters.

I call upon you to unite.

This globalization is an infringement of our liberties.

Sheep, goats, bulls, cows and mad cows, bulls, horse and donkeys, chickens and pullets, lend me your ears.

All animals are equal.

Down with guard dogs.

Solidarity is life, man.

We may be different species, but we are united.

GRUMBO: Hey, you bird brain.

Stop quacking and get down here and give me 50 push-ups.

When Kanuto ran this place, no one had to do push-ups.

Get ready to suffer.

Five, four, three, two--

Whoa, dude!

(Breathing heavily)

What happened to "one"?

When I catch you, I'm going to give you one right on the beak.

Excuse me, but he's just a poor little duck with certain mental deficiencies that prevent him from fully expressing his emotions.

Back off, you fat cow.


Are you looking for a rumble?


Right. Everyone on your faces.

You're all going to eat dirt.

It's push-ups time.

Starting with you, fatty.


You wouldn't appreciate being treated like that yourself, would you?

So stop messing with us, you dirty mutt, or I'll hoof you!

And I'll hoof you up the backside.

All right, guys.

It's catapult time.



VOSTON: Are you sure you don't want to come with us?

We're astronauts.

We're going to build another spaceship.

All of us.

And this time, with Pinky's help.

Thanks for everything, pals.

We're going to miss you guys.

We only have to close our eyes to see each other.

No, Pinky. Not you.


Oh, no.


(Both laughing)


(Indistinct chattering)


A one, a two, a three.

Let go! Wow!

(Grumbo howling)


BLACKIE: Even though I'll probably wake up one day and still feel like going to the moon again, will you still be my boyfriend?

Do you know what I love about you?


Your imperfections.

Mmm... oh.

Do you mind if I give you a kiss?


So long as you stop calling me "darling."

Uh. Uh--

Ow. Look.



Uh-- (Gasping)


Now there's something I've never seen before.


I'm going to create havoc.

I'm a one-dog army.

(Throat being cleared)

Excuse me, young man.



So, feeling better?

Huh? No?

Don't kill me, pretty please.

Just don't kill me!


I presume that this is your natural colour, am I right?

Yeah. Sure.

Funny question. Why did you ask?

You look like a sensitive soul, dear boy.



KANUTO: Are you ready?

ALL: Yeah!

Well, say something.

What do you think?

Uh, it's beautiful?

Oh, yeah. It's interesting.



What is that thing?

Haven't a clue.

Why is this water such a funny colour?

I told you, I slung some grenadine in it.

Taste it. It's delicious.


I prefer to have minty drinks.

They're better for my milk.

Has anyone seen Blackie?

She's watching TV.

What's that?


What's it?

Oh, nothing. Just a little moon I knocked up for her, in case she has a relapse.

(All mumbling)

WOMAN OVER TV: And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for.

The final result. Yes!

Who, out of Sharon or Luna, will become this year's new shining star of song?

And the suspense is mounting.

Five, four, three, two, one.

And it's Sharon.


Sharon is our new shining star!


And what a disappointment for Luna.


BLACKIE: Oh, no!



Blackie, why are you crying?


I've just seen it, Kanuto.

I've just seen what I want to do with my life.

I want to be a star!

A rock star!

Quick, a microphone.

Get me a mic!

Oh, no. It's not starting all over again, is it?

Someone please tell me it's not starting all over again?!

(Sheep bleating)

(Music playing)

* We can fly there

* Through the air

* We can take off anywhere Dear boy, that's not knitting. It's rope-wrestling.

It looks dreadful.

It's an abomination.

I thought it would be a bit difficult.

Right. Put down your wool.

* Let's go to the moon

* Come on, let's go to the moon

(Cow lowing)

(Dog barking)

* We can fly there

* Through the air

* We can take off anywhere

* We can stop now, we can stare

* We don't need to take good care

* Let's go to the moon

* Let's go to the moon You're crazy.

* Let's go to the moon

* Come on, let's go to the moon

* And then do some

* Let's go to the moon You're crazy.

* The moon So crazy.

* Let's go to the moon

* Come on, let's go to the moon

* Ah, ah

* Come on, let's go to the moon

* Let's go to the moon

* Let's go to the moon

* Let's go to the moon

* Come on, let's go to the moon