Pup Academy S1E1 Script

The Stray's First Day (2019)

Our academy faces its greatest challenge of all time.

Humans are more distracted than ever.

The bond between humankind and dog is weakening, and Canis Primus, the constellation that powers our school, is fading.

I must let you know I'll be making a few unconventional choices for new students this year.

Which is why D-O-G and I asked you to gather here tonight in front of Canis Primus, the Great First Dog.

Unconventional? How?

A sheep dog who, while timid, makes up for it with wisdom.

Okay, Whiz, so have at it.

You show those sheep who's boss.

Okay, Whiz, you got this.

You're in control.

All your research suggests that sheep are naturally intimidated by the very sight of you.


I lost him.

Hello, Whiz.

Who are you?

-How do you know my name? -It's my job.

I also know about that new tag on your collar.

How did that get there?

You've been selected to join a very special school for pups.

Tomorrow, when you hear the whistle blow, and you see the hydrant glow, through the doorway you shall go.

I do like learning.

And another with a heart of gold, who has trouble focusing, but has no trouble having fun.

First, this video, and then a scholarship to the best film school in the world.

Yeah, maybe one or two steps in between.

Whoa! Fur alert.

Do not move, Corazon.

Brush needed, stat.

I'll be back.


Focus, Corazon.

You know the word "stay."

You can do it. You can...


You can run, tail, but I will catch you.

Who are you?

And why are you here?

I'm here to invite you somewhere special.


My girl Izzy will love this.

She'll not be able to see it.

As long as it stays on your collar, it's invisible to the human eye.

Mind blown.

When you hear the whistle blow, and you see the hydrant glow, through the doorway you shall go.



I'm gonna need a little more info, yo.

A sheepdog who's afraid of sheep?

A goofy golden?

I must be missing something.

Pup Academy is built on pedigree.

It was, but the stray will need friends.

And underdogs stick together.

Excuse me.

Did I just hear the word "stray"?

Stop, thief!

I lost him.

Don't get any bright ideas.

I'm not sharing.

Oh, I'm here to share something with you.

This is a dog tag, which would mean I have a human, which I don't because I'm a stray.

So, not sure I'm interested in whatever you're selling.

There's food. Think about it.


Okay, maybe a little bit interested.

Tomorrow, when you hear the whistle blow, and you see your tag glow, through the hydrant you shall go.

Must I remind you what happened the last time we allowed a stray?

The prophecy clearly states--

The prophecy. That old thing again?

I believe it is the key to saving our school.

The world has changed, and if Pup Academy is going to survive, so must we.

Okay, honey. Don't forget, I'm working a split shift tonight, -so your dinner is in the freezer. -In the freezer.

With a sticky note that says, "Love you, Morgan."

Which reminds me... Whoa, whoa!

I made your favorite. Meatball sandwich.

You know, they have these things called "phones" now, Mom.

You can text this. Send an emoji. Save a tiny tree.

-All right, let's go in. -Okay. Here's good.

Don't need to be the new kid whose mom also walks him to school.

Cool. It's just that is on my way to work, so...

Ish. And you know that. I know that.

They don't know that.

He looks nice.

-Mom. -I know, sweetie.

I'm just hoping that now that we moved back, you're gonna make some new friends.

I voted no to the move, and yet, here we are.

I know, honey, but today is gonna be great.

I love you. I'm proud of you, honey.

Have fun.

Hey, I'm Morgan Edwards, and you're in the middle of a conversation.

Hey, I'm Morgan.

-Nothing. -Nothing.

Well, I can tell Mom I officially tried.

Oh, no!

That's a meatball sandwich. Hey, get back here!

WHERE PUPS BECOME DOGS I know we need him, but he is younger than any apprentice we've ever had.

He'll be fine.

I hope.

The whole "Grandpa needs your help at a secret school for dogs" can be a bit overwhelming, but he'll adjust.

Just like I did.

Look at that.

Oh, I don't know how you do it.

The magic of thumbs.

Look at them babies go.

Big day tomorrow, old friend.

Good luck with Morgan.

Yes. And good luck with the new students.

Are you sure the stray is key to saving the school?

As sure as I can be.

If the prophecy is right, the boy and the stray will save the day.

Okay, let's do this. Open the hydrants.

-There's the stray again. -Let's get her.

We got you cornered this time.

-Darn it! -Had her cornered.


Check it out, delivery.

Oh, great. Looks like I've got company.

You snagged a whole human's lunch, bag and all.

Very impressive.

The Lost Dogs are always in the market for a pup who can carry her weight in lunch.

Unless, of course, you're a pet.

-Then? -No pets allowed!

No collars, no leashes. No humans!

I'm nobody's pet. I'm a stray.

-Oh, no. -You led Animal Control to our hideout?

I didn't know they were following me.

I was just looking for a place to eat this lunch.

-Everybody scatter! Go! -Run!

Go around.

Blow the second whistle, Charlie.

Bye, Corazon. Be good.


There's something I was supposed to do.

Oh, yeah!


Can't we just talk about this?

Please work. Whoa!

When you see the hydrant glow, through the doorway you will go.

Well, here goes nothing. Whoa!

Ouch. That looked painful. Where did she go?

I don't know. That dog is fast.

But we'll catch her.




That was awesome!

What am I wearing?

Standard issue uniforms. Obviously.

Where are we?


Am I dreaming?

Maybe this is all a dream.


Nope. Wide-awake.

Perhaps we should introduce ourselves.

Hey, I'm Corazon.

I'm Whiz.

I'm Spark.

And keep your cold noses to yourself.

How impolite.


I'm Headmistress Gruff. Welcome to Pup Academy.

"Where Pups Become Dogs."

Little do your humans know that when they go to school, so do you.

Humans? Then what am I doing here?

Each year, we select special pups to study here and take our teachings back to their community.

You, the few, the proud, the furry, have no idea how special you are.

"Dudette" read my bio.

That's me. Special. With a side of awesome.

Welcome, pup-pup puppies!

Meet our head cheerleader, Pom-Pom.

I'm Pom-Pom!

On your way to your first assembly, Pom-Pom is going to take you on a tour of Pup Academy.

Let's go! P-P for puppy!

U-U are you!

Everyone, follow me!

Well, they did say there was food here.

-Right this way, pups. -Come along, Spark.

Okay. Here goes nothing.

-Yeah! -This place is amazing.



Still eating Fruity O's, Muffin?

I'm ten, Grandpa. You gotta stop calling me Muffin.

It's Morgan.

Okay, Morgan.

Wait. What are you doing here so early?

-Are you living with us now? -No.

How would you feel about missing school today?

And skip a day of awkward conversations with kids I don't know?

Hold up. What's the catch?

Oh, it's take your grandson to work day.

You mean, you're finally gonna tell me about your job?

Oh, why tell you when I can show you.

Please tell me you're a plumber.

Welcome to Pup Academy!

These are your lockers.

Go, lockers.

There are water fountains, like these, throughout Pup Academy.

Remember to get six to eight s-s slurpings a day!

And when you need to go...

Marked it.

Excuse me.

...we have the d-d dog park.

It's mine now.

Now it's mine.

And every pup's favorite hangout, the Dog Bowl!

Humans learn table manners.

Here, you'll learn under the table manners.


Wait. Whoa. Is kibble your word for food?

Why are we talking when we could be eating?

We eat after assembly and morning class.

K-K for kibble!

But I'm S-S for starving!

Hey, I do the cheers around here.

Now, take my hand, boy. It's your destiny.

-Wait. -Okay.

Let me get this straight.

-You're a caretaker at a secret school. -Precisely.

And we're gonna get there through a secret portal?

Yes. This toilet.

And you can't tell me anything more.

Well, not out here. You know, it's top secret.

Out where?

Out here. Oh, and not in there.

-In the toilet. -Now you're getting it. Yeah.

Grandpa, this is insane.

You're right.

Oh, what's gotten into me?

You need your special dog tag.

I'm gonna call Mom at the hospital. Check you out. Check you in.

Because, you know, you can never be too careful.

-Whoa. -Morgan, I know how crazy this seems.

But I need you to trust me, because I really need your help.


I'll go first.

You'll be number two.

Can we really not talk about ones and twos right now?

Yeah, okay. I'll see you there.


I know. It takes some getting used to.

We just flushed through a toilet to a whole other place.

-Yes, and it seems odd the first time. -Does every toilet do that?

If you have an official Pup Academy tag, yes.

Anything with water and pipes will get us here.

Get you where?

The most important school on earth.

And we got here through a toilet?

You're really messing with the wonder of this moment.

Students, take your seats for assembly.

Front row seat.

Let the learning begin.

I see a tushy in my cushy that's not my tushy.

Where's that coming from?

-Who said that? -I did!

Oh, down there.

You have got to be kidding.

Keep laughing, newbie.

Big words, small fry.

You know, I might look small, but I run this place.

Most pups are out of here in four dog years, but they keep bringing me back.

I may have misunderstood how school works, but, I don't think flunking out is a bragging point.

I'm not afraid of you.

Well, you should be.

I'm Bite's big bestie, Rotty, and I've got chew toys bigger than you.

I am totally afraid of you.

You must be the smart one.

That he is. But I'm the awesome one.

And I'm the one bored of this conversation.

You think you're so tough?

I better not see you alone in the hallway, newbie.

Okay, everybody, please take your seats.

Saved by the dean.

You got lucky this time.

But you three just made my list.

Welcome to Pup Academy, where you will learn to be the best "human's best friends" you can be.

This great hall shares our proud history.

Long ago, The Great First Dog, a brave, wise wolf pup, rescued a small child from a pack of ferocious wolves.

This small wolf pup and that child bonded, and the first friendship between human and canine was forged.

The spirit of their bond was so strong, it moved stars and ignited our guiding constellation: Canis Primus.

Our academy formed to teach the world the power of friendship between human and dog, and to ensure that this great connection always remains strong.

If the bond weakens, the constellation fades, and if it ever fades to black, then dogs could cease to be human's best friends, forever.

You, the chosen few, will carry forward to the world our mission of unconditional love.

There's a dog loose in this school.

Actually, only dogs in this school.

Yeah, of course.

-What? -Yeah.

And now, Headmistress Gruff will lead you in our school howl.

Now everybody!

Here at Pup Academy Best, best friends We will learn to be All the things we need to know Into dogs We will grow Wait. What's that sound?

The school howl.

We're really late. C'mon!

What is this place?

Oh. Hang on a second. Here comes my big intro.

And this is Charlie, our Human on Campus.

That's me. Your HOC.

Charlie has taken care of our academy for over 400 dog years.

Four-hundred dog years is not as old as it sounds, thank you very much.

Wait. Are you talking to dogs?


This is amazing.

So, tell me straight up here.

Man to man.

When these dogs bark, you can understand them?

-And they can understand you? -Yes.

So, you couldn't understand me when I was trying to explain what L-O-L means, but you can talk to dogs?

That's right.

And one day, you'll be able to too.

All of us can.

All of who?

Our family.

The Edwardses. Edwardseses?

I never really know how to pronounce that.

Well, your great-great-great- great-great-great grandfather, he founded this place.

-Really? -Yes.

Our family have been caretakers at the Pup Academy for generations.

It's an incredible responsibility.

And one day, all of it is gonna land on your shoulders.

I'm not exaggerating when I say the very fate of friendship depends on you.

This is your destiny.

Pretty cool.

You still get hiccups when you freak out.

So, how's it going?

Better than expected.

Let's go get some water.

Human schools are grouped by homerooms.

At Pup Academy, you're grouped by doghouses.

Sniffers, Barkers, Howlers and Growlers.

You guys have red ties, so you are the Howlers.

Here's your L-L Lockers, H-H Howlers.

Okay, gotta run. See you in class.

We just partied at assembly, and now we're in the same posse?

The universe talks.

And it's telling me we three are meant to be buds.

Dos Amigos.

It's tres.


You get it, man!


Hey, 'sup? Name's George. I'm also a Howler.

Hey, everybody! Name's Mullet!

Looks like we're all in the Howler's House.

Which lockers you guys taking?

Hey, like, we're right next to you.

My human plays the drums a lot, so, I yell to be heard.

Even when I don't have to.

It's a hard habit to break.

Oh! Time for your first classes.

Your Pup Academy school year starts now.

Hello, I'm Professor Fitz, and this is Canine Languages.

Like all classes at Pup Academy, you'll learn all the things you need to know to become a good dog.

In this class, we'll work on the mastery of the bark.

You, sheepish little dog.

Did someone say sheep? Where?

It's Whiz, right?

Let's start with the most basic of barks.

The "Welcome Home Human."

I guess I could do that.

Whenever you're ready.

Any time now. We're all waiting.

Is there a mouse in here?

Who can show us the "Welcome Home" bark with a little more energy?

Oh! Oh, me!

Corazon, that's your tail, not the human.

This sort of behavior is beneath us at the academy.

Izzy loves it when I do that.

Who is up next? Spark, is it?

Would you like to give something new a try?

Barking? This I can do.

Somebody needs to work on their indoor bark.

What? That's how we bark on the streets.

Class dismissed.

Welcome to Human Behavior class.

Where we learn to understand humans, who are very complicated.

Today we'll start with how to figure out what our human needs, even when they don't know they need it.

Now, who knows what this human needs?

Beats me.

-I D-D don't know? -How do I help?

Just sit in the chair and do nothing.

Well, I'm gonna nail this.

Does anybody know what he needs?

This one's easy.

What kid doesn't need to be kept abreast of the events of the day?

A newspaper?

Seems my calculations were incorrect.

Okay, somebody else give it a try?

Focus, Corazon. Let the force guide you.

I got it.

That is so weird. Who doesn't like smelly slippers?

Time to sneak out of here. I need kibble.

Spark, where are you going?

I was just going to get this leash!

-Yeah. That's it! -Good dog, Spark!

You're absolutely right.

Well done.

Wait. What?

Clearly, this lazy human needs exercise and fresh air.

Gold treat for you, Spark.

Good dog, Spark.

-I was a good dog? -All right, here you go.

Way to go, Spark.

Yeah, that was totally awesome.

Thanks, guys. I've never been a good dog before.

Recess. Off you go, everybody.

Finally, a moment alone. Time to get to that kibble stuff.

And trouble.

Now, where were we?

You really don't want to corner me.

You want a piece of this, fleabag?

I do! I totally want a piece of that!

A piece of what?

Hey! I'll ask the questions around here.

A piece of what, Bite?

Hey! Leave Spark alone!

I said...


What did you just say to me?

Someone found their bark.

I said, leave her alone.


Say that again.

I dare you.

Guess one was all I had.

-You're barking back to the wrong dog. -No, you're barking back to the wrong dog!

Whoa! Time-out. What's going on over here?

Is this fighting at Pup Academy?

Coach K9, I'm pretty sure we have a rule about that, don't we?

Oh, you bet we do, Fitz.

Absolutely no fighting on campus at any time.

Save it for the fetchball field. Come on, move it. Let's go, pups!


Let's get out of here, Rotty, before we catch some fleas.

This isn't over, fleabags.

You were right, Whiz. She did need our help.

You guys came back to help me?


All that fun we had at the hydrants and stuff?

We're the Dos Amigos!

Friends, right?


Yeah! Let's go!

-Friends? -Fetchball!

I've never had friends before.

What do you have against Spark?

We gave Spark and those other underdogs a chance.

But it's only their first day.

All the more reason to cut our losses now.

The attitude.

My bark meter.

And fighting in the hallway.

D-O-G's unconventional students have been a terrible influence since they've arrived.

I'm not vibing with all this negative talk.

Give a pup a chance.

You know, fetchball is a good test of character.

We could see how these underdogs do on the field.

I like it.

And when...

I'm sorry, if they lose, we confront D-O-G and discuss removing the underdogs, and no more stray.

She was the biggest mistake of all.

The fetchball field is that way. Come on. Hustle up.

-Fetchball field is that way. Let's go. -Fetchball, let's go!

Pups! Come on, it's time to play fetchball!

Off you go.

Yeah, right, sorry.

C'mon now, hustle up. It's fetchball time!

That's it. Have fun. Let's go fetch! -Hold up, Spark!

You're going the wrong way. Fetchball is about to start.

Dos Amigos needed on the field.

And you're one of us.

-They don't want me here. -But we need you.

Meeting you guys was the best part about this place, but...

I don't belong here.

-Don't leave. -This school isn't made for pups like me.

What? Why?

Is that a logical decision?


Fetchball is the official sport of Pup Academy.

Why, you ask?

To teach you pups how to fetch.

Humans love to throw things as far as possible, over and over, and no matter how many times you bring it back, they just keep throwing it.

They find that fun.

We use fetchball to hone those skills.

There are four colored zones, each with a basket to match the item to fetch.

Morgan, you're up. Like we rehearsed.

FETCHBALL RULES The human-in-training will randomly launch one item into the fetch circle.



Two fetchers from each team will challenge for that item, and the winner will take that item and place it into the proper zone.

So, a shoe goes into the cubby.

A ball gets dunked into the net.

A bone gets buried in the hole.

And a chew toy gets put into the toy chest.

Morgan, scoreboard.

Now to win, a team must place one of each item into their basket.


Like a million, trillion.

Don't worry, I get it.

Not sure I can play it.

Okay, let the games begin.

The newbie Howlers will play the defending champs the Growlers.

Hut! Hoorah!

Well, fetchball season is upon us.

I'm Headmistress Gruff, and giving color commentary today is Professor Howard.

-Howard? -'Sup, G-Money?

You can call me "H-Dawg."

I would rather not, and please don't call me G-Money.

Coming back after another winning season for the Growlers last year, Bite has dominated the game four years running.

In the fetch circle are the fetchers.

In blue, Bite and Rotty for the Growlers.

In red, Whiz and Corazon for the Howlers.

And in the zones, two snatchers from each team.

Looks like Spark's not on the field. G-Money, what's the "sitch"?

Seems Spark abandoned the underdogs.

I told you strays have no loyalty.

The game is not over yet, Fitz.

I can't believe Spark left.

We're a player and a friend short now.

I know. It's a "humungo" bummer, but we gotta be in the moment.

Let's go fetch!

And there's a bone going straight to Whiz.

That looks dangerous! Safety first.

It's an air-grab by Bite!

Keep up the good work.

And Bite buries the bone.

-Point, Growlers. -And the Growlers strike first.

-That one's mine! -Rotty's on the move!

I got him! I don't got him.

That's Air Rotty flying over George.

-Where did he go? -Unbelievable!

That's a score!

Yeah! I scored.

This could be the shortest game in fetchball history.

That's two items for the Growlers, and nil, nada, zippo, zilch, zero, for the Howlers.

-I got it! -And Corazon picks up the pace.


H-H for Howlers!


You're so good at fetchball.

Will you go to prom with me?

Corazon, in the basketball hoop! Not the box!

And Corazon places the ball in the toy chest!

That's a zero, G-Money.

Wrong zone!


I mean, oh, no.

Is he okay?

Dude, focus! Balls go in the basketball net, not the toy chest. Pay attention.

I am! To Pom-Pom.

That dog makes my tail wag.

Morgan, the Howlers are gonna get slaughtered without Spark.

Have a look for her, will ya? Yeah.

Come on. I could've sworn it was one of these.

-I just wanna get out of here. -Spark!

You here, Spark?

Oh, hey. There you are.

My Grandpa wanted me to take you to the fetchfield, but it looks like you're looking to leave.

I'm pretty sure if you want to go through that hydrant, you'll need your tag.

I think you dropped it.

You want it?

Tough first day?

Yeah. I'm not sure where I belong either.

But I get the feeling this place might be worth a chance.

Well, maybe I'll see you around.

Oh, and by the way, you owe me a sandwich.

There's the launch!

Could this be it for the Howlers?

Oh, the Howlers sure are missing Spark.

If teamwork makes the dream work, this is a nightmare!

Point for the Growlers!

Bite now doing his trademark victory dance.

Oh, yeah! Put your paws up!

Not the game I was expecting, G-Money.


Did you find Spark? They could really use that pup out there.

Yeah, but I don't think she's coming back.

Right you are, Howard.

I thought this was gonna be super fun.

It's the exact opposite.

Super not fun.

And we are back.

Do we have to go back out there?

Let's go, pups.

Come on, team. Let's crush these chumps.

Get on your marks. Get set.

Is that Spark coming on the field?

-Go! -It certainly is!

Hot diggity dog!


Hey, it's Spark!

Spark is back!

Boy, are we glad to see you.

Hey, we're the Dos Amigos, right?

She can't play. She's a quitter!

Technically, she never started.

Well, the stray came back.

The stray is still a stray.

She'll disappoint you, just like the last one.

Time to kick some tail. Whiz, I'm pretty sure you're the smartest.

Hello? I'm right here.

-Get me up to speed. What goes on here? -I'll call out the objects and the zone.

You just go with it.

Let's play fetchball!

And there's the launch!

The ball goes in the net. I'm on it.

Well, she may be late, but she seems to be making up for lost time.

Point, Howlers.

The Howlers are finally on the board.

Well, the Howlers got lucky with that play.

Double-launch. A bone and a shoe!

Corazon, grab the bone and bury it.

-Spark, grab the shoe. -I'm on it.

-Put it in the box. -Spark grabs the shoe.

And Corazon gets the bone.

Two points for the Howlers!

Double play!

It's a tie game.

Only one more object for each team.

That is not possible.


-And the Growlers call a time-out. -Time-out for the Growlers.

We cannot lose to these chumps.

Rotty, you take down Spark, and I'm gonna show her why they call me Bite.

Bite's your name. Why would she call you anything else?

And we are back.

Ball. I got it!

Whoa! Spark's got the ball!

Get off of me!

Spark goes down hard.

Oh! That's gotta hurt.

Pup down! Injury on the field!

That's a collision she won't soon forget.

Anybody get the license of that truck?

Now you know why they call me "Bite."

You bit an opposing player? That is a red penalty bone.

-You're out! -You've got to be kidding me.

-Get in the box, now. -Bite gets a red penalty bone for biting!

Isn't that his name, G-Money?

Spark, are you okay?

Oh, yeah, better than ever.

That's weird, because you're not looking so good.

Come on. Walk it off, Spark.

It's good, let's go. Good hustle.

We can't lose to the Growlers.

Me staying at the academy depends on it.

Yeah, "dude-rella."

I might be a little slower, but I'm not leaving again.

Whiz, any more tricks up your sleeve?

Any ideas?

Thinking and I got it.

So, the Growlers need a shoe, we need a chew toy.

We know it's a double launch.

If a shoe is launched, I'll grab it, run for my life, and play keep away.

Corazon, if the chew toy is launched, you grab it and chase your tail wildly.

No problemo, "Whizallemo."

-That's where you come in, Spark. -But she's injured, Whiz.


Which is why they won't be watching you.

Corazon, you pass Spark the chew toy, and just keep spinning.

Spark, you play dead and lie on the chew toy.

When I say, "Oh, no, everybody is after me!" you sneak out the back and place it in the toy box.

And that's what we call "Operation Bait and Switch."

This next launch is critical.

With both teams neck and neck, it's anybody's game.

-Oh, boy. -It's a double play!

Oh! You're mine, squeaky frog.

I'll grab the shoe!

What's Corazon doing?

No clue, G-Money. But it's making me dizzy.

He's amazing.

My leg! It hurts so bad.

Spark's down.

Looks like Bite's bite was worse than his bark!

Hey, give that shoe back.

You want this shoe? Then come and get it!

Rotty, ignore Corazon!

Get Whiz.

Oh, no! Everybody is after me!

Okay, I'm on. That's my cue.

No, we've been tricked.

Get Spark! Stop chasing Whiz!

Other way, dude.

Go, Howlers!

Spark's on the breakaway and Corazon's still spinning.

The old bait and switch trick.

I bit her. How is she even running?

-Go, Spark. -Go, Spark!

Somebody stop her!

And look at Spark push through that injury.

Nothing can stop that pup!

No way!

-Brilliant. -Howlers for the win!

H-H Howlers!

I can stop spinning.

Is it just me or is the ground moving?

We won, guys!

The Howlers have defeated the Growlers in an amazing comeback.

Who could have predicted this?

That's the first rule of fetchball. The unexpected is inevitable, G-Money.

Don't call me G-Money.

Well, seems like the unconventional stray pulled off an unconventional win.

She got lucky today.

But remember, there's always tomorrow.

Great first day, students. Now go!

Human school is out for the day, and you have to get home before your humans do.

We're super glad you came back, Spark.

We certainly are.

Unless this is all a dream.

Nope! Still wide-awake.

I'm not sure this place is for me.

But, hey, we're the Dos Amigos, right?

-Right! -Actually, it's...

You know what? It's the amigos part that counts.

Bye! See you later!

Well, seems like the stray might be here to stay.

I hope it wasn't too boring without me around here all day.

I wonder if tomorrow will be as great as today?

-Good job, Muffin. -It's...

We'll let it go this time.

Get in that outhouse and flush yourself home before you're late for dinner.

-Promised your mom you'd be home by 6:00. -What? She knows about all of this?

Of course. Why do you think you moved here?

Who do you think worked out a deal with the new school so you could split your time between classes and the "family business"?

-As long as you keep your grades up. -Maybe I just work here without school?


C'mon, outta here.

Okay. Bye, Grandpa.

Well, friend, in my humble human opinion, we made a little headway today.

A little, perhaps, but we have much more to do, and there are those who live to see us fail.

Well, I'll be...

Here at Pup Academy The best, best friends we will learn to be Everything we need to know Into dogs We will grow

Yeah, here we are we're always Learning something new There may be ups and downs But we'll be comin' through So pay attention We'll pick up a thing or two like Uh-oh-o-oh I'll be right by your side No matter what No matter what You got me day and night No matter what No matter what I'll always be there for you And I know you're there for me too And we got that bond for life No matter what No matter what I got you like that