Pup Academy S1E10 Script

Secrets Unleashed (2019)


Don't move!

Morgan. Stop taking pictures!

Delete those photos.

Delete them?

I spent all morning taking these.

Look. The fetchball field, the Dog Bowl, and inside of my pocket?

Okay, that one I'll delete.

This school is a secret for a reason.

-If those photos were ever to come out-- -They're not going to get out!

I'm creating digital archives for the academy.

Digital never fades, and all these pictures here are really old.

I took them.


All right, go ahead.

Upgrade the archives.

Just be careful!

I'll be careful, you just relax.

I am relaxed!

Yeah, that's my relaxed look.

Don't worry, Grandpa, the secret of Pup Academy is safe with me.

Atta boy. But this?

I'm sending to Mom.

No, you give me that! Please don't show that to your mother! Delete it!

Yeah, here we are we're always learning something new There may be ups and downs But we'll be comin' through So pay attention We'll pick up a thing or two Uh-oh-o-oh I'll be right by your side No matter what No matter what You got me day and night No matter what No matter what I'll always be there For you And I know You're there for me too And we got that bond For life No matter what No matter what I got you like that

I'm so sorry, Corazon.

The vet said it's just for a few days to stop you from chewing on that hot spot.

-Izzy! Come on! -I'll see you when I get home from school.

Bye, boy!

School's in sesh.

Ouch! Oh, yeah, the cone!

You've met your match, cone.

Nothing can stop Corazon.

Except maybe the floor.

And maybe the wall, again.

Pup Academy, here I come.

Okay, that's not gonna work.

Do over!

When in doubt, back on out.

My butt's stuck on something.

Excuse me. Okay, I'm gonna do that again.

When in doubt, snout it out.

I really wish I hadn't gone butt first.


This might be a very long day.

Yo, Morgan! You heading to Pup Academy or human school today?

Pup school in the a.m., but I'll see you at lunch.

-Meet in the caf? -Sure.

-And when you get there... -Let me guess.

You want to know when you can go back to Pup Academy?

Did I mention that I really, really, really want to go back?

Yes. Like, 2,012 times.

I'm just waiting for the right time to ask my grandpa.

I know.

Oh, I shouldn't be "FaceTiming" as I walk.

I'm about to walk right into a street pole.


Hey, Whiz. What's up?

Whatever you do, don't laugh.

It's me. Corazon.

I know you can't see me because I'm completely hidden by this bush.

But I won't come out until you promise you won't laugh at me.

We won't laugh at you, Corazon.

Are you sure?


But we can't make any promises for the rest of the school.

Oh, man! You're in the cone?

How'd you even fit through the hydrant in that thing?

Ignore them.

Every dog gets the cone at some point, you're just getting it out of the way early.

You just have to hold your head high, and pretend it's not there.

But I also recommend you still watch where you're going.

What's this?

I feel bad that I haven't been able to get you back to Pup Academy, so I brought the school to you.

Oh, my gosh! Is that Corazon?

Yup. Pictures, videos, I captured a lot.

Oh! And here's him trying to go through a doggie door.

There's Charlie mistaking him for a lamp.

Oh, my gosh! Look at all the dogs coming through the hydrants.

What else do you have on here?

Are those dogs playing football?

They call it fetchball.

Oh, my gosh, those uniforms are so cute!

Are those dogs playing a sport?

What dogs? What sports?

What are you two up to?

-We're just hanging. -We're just leaving.



You know, every time I see you two together, -you're always whispering about something. -Do we whisper around him a lot?

I think so.

You're whispering again.

Hey, can you please send me the rest so I can look at them?

Sure. But promise to delete them after you look.


And there you go.

I don't have them.

I just sent it to you. You accepted it.

No, I didn't.

Who did then?

You sent the Pup Academy photos to Leon?

I sent the Pup Academy photos to Leon!

-How does that even happen? -I don't know, I've got clumsy thumbs?

Why did you just send me 128 photos and videos of dogs?

You see, the thing is, 'cause...

Leon, it's not a big deal. He sent them to you by accident.

Just give me your phone, and I'll delete 'em.

Oh, yeah sure.

-Well-- -If it's not a big deal, then why is he making those noises?

Totally not a big deal. Can we just delete them now?

You only wish.

Wow, that old guy looks mad.

-Oh, no! -What are we gonna do?

See? I slowed this video down frame by frame.

I'm telling you, that dog is leaping out of a fire hydrant.

Oh, man, this is bad.

I know.

Do you think I'll be allowed back to Pup Academy after this?


Now, look at these dogs.

Are they vampires?

Some secret cult?

It looks like this man is talking to a dog.

But, like, conversation talking!

And look at that. It's like a big school.

Leon. Really? Another one of your conspiracy theories?

Aren't you the kid who was sure bigfoot worked at the bubble tea kiosk at the mall?

The evidence was right in my drink, Jen.

Why else would there have been a six-foot long hair in it!

Really? Remember when we were seven and you said Halloween was just an excuse for aliens to dress up in costumes and "walk amongst us"?

It is! And I'll tell you something else.

There's a reason you two were hiding this from me.

These videos are from a secret school for puppies!

Catch ya later, dude.

Or as they say in your secret school, "Woof. Woof."

Oh, man. We really need to delete those files.

-I have a plan. -Stop whispering.

Great hustle, Spark. Way to hut, hut! Hoorah!

Go, Spark!

Hey, Bite.

Hey, Rotty.

What'cha doing?

Watching the Howlers practice.

That looks dangerous!

Whiz, it's fetchball, not stare-ball.

Go fetch!

Come on. Come on, boy! Go fetch.

Oh, smart thinking, Bite!

Figuring out their moves for today's big game?

Nope. This cone thing is pure comedy.

You can't run forever, ball!

Corazon! Hut to it!

I got it. I got it!

I don't got it.

Oh, yeah!

We're gonna kick your tails today, Howlers!


Corazon, you all right there?

Remember, Corazon, just hold your head high.

Okay, close enough.

Hey, Leon.

Look, if you're here to throw me off the trail, you will fail.

Actually, I'm here to tell you not all of your conspiracy theories are crazy.

Go on?

Remember in second grade when you were positive I cheated on my baking soda volcano?

No mere child could have created a model volcano that precise.

It's true.


What's the password?

My aunt is a professional volcanologist named Jess.




The only reason I beat you in that science fair is...




Yes! Delete.


Is it the end of lunch already?

It feels so good to come clean.

See ya!

I knew it all along.

The photos.

They're gone!

This contraption is a vacuum cleaner.

It's used to pick up the messes humans make.

You might feel that you should chase it but--

Rotty, it's not a toy.

Rotty, you can't have it. No, it's mine.

The point is, one of your jobs as a best friend is to help your human keep their homes clean.

Much like a vacuum cleaner.

Unlike dogs, humans can be messy eaters.

Especially, when they are watching the big, glowy screen.

Which is why today's class on "cleaning up after your human" is a very important one.

"Oh, no! I can't take my eyes off that big, glowy screen long enough to make sure every popcorn kernel goes into my mouth."

You will be graded by the amount of mess you clean up.


We get to eat?

Best class ever!

Let the learning begin!

I love this part.

I can't reach it.

Oh, no!

The scary part of the movie.

Nicely done, Corazon!

You used your disadvantage to your advantage.

I have to go.

-Oh. -Oh. You scared me.

I was just teaching that cleaning lesson at school.

Too bad you don't have a pup, yet.

You got a sec?

Yeah, okay.

Did you know that your dad programmed the "Woofie-Talkie" so if the words "Pup Academy" ever ended up on the Webbynet...


If the secret of Pup Academy ever got out, an alarm would sound?

That's pretty cool.

Oh? Is it?

Because I just found something very interesting on your school's site.


"Pup Academy? Is it real"?

And then this article came up just moments ago.

"Are fire hydrants a secret portal to a world we don't know"?

So should I be expecting an alarm any time soon?

Anything you wanna tell me?

So, are you in trouble?

No. Worse. He's disappointed in me.

I have to fix this. Fast.

Or I won't be allowed back at Pup Academy.

I mean, because it's the right thing to do.

"Oh, no," I thought, realizing all my photos had been deleted.

Except they were all backed up.

On the cloud.

They're on my tablet.

My computer. My watch.

And now: The Wolfehead Web!

No one's gonna believe you, Leon.

All I need is one person who does, and the world will remember the name Leon Kovalicadingo!

Hey, Leon. Miss Johnson just got some awesome new computer imaging software

-in the tech lab. -Oh, no.


And a teacher?

That could help prove my "secret school for dogs" theory to be true.

I'm going to bring you two down!

Bring us down?


Someone's gonna use those photos to find the school, Izzy.

I ruined everything.

Not if I ruin everything you ruined first.



Good afternoon! I'm Headmistress Gruff.

It's a glorious day for some fetchball action, with the Howlers and Growlers facing off in the center circle.

Ready to go down in flames, Conezone?

The name's Cora-cone.

Wait, that's not right.

Growlers are trash-talking Cora-cone.

I mean, Corazon.

Everybody's laughing at me!

Hold your head high, Corazon.

Just go with it.

The Howler's have some work to do today, G-Money.

That's a colossal bummer.

Insightful as always, Howard.

Leave it to the Growlers to take advantage of someone's disadvantage.

Let's play fetchball!

"Use your disadvantage to your advantage."

This is gonna be so easy.




Whoa, nobody saw that coming.

And if they did, they sure didn't give me any advance warning.

Corazon! Run!


And he's off! Way to go, Corazon.

Point, Howlers!

You've gotta be joking!

That's not fair!

What's not fair?

There's no rules against wearing a cone.

You can wear a cone too if you think that'll even things up.

Enough! Go fetch! Hut!

Double launch this round, with a shoe and a stuffy up for grabs.

Little tug of war between George and Gracie.

It's a clash of the titans!

Spark's on a breakaway with the shoe.

Rotty close behind.

But Spark slides it in clean!

And that's a point for the Howlers!

One plus one. How many's that make? Two!

Yeah! That's how many points they just got!

Go, Howlers, go!

And there's the launch!

Boom! Right in the cone.

Oh, come on!

Not again!

And Corazon, picking up the pace.

Can he make it to the hole to bury the bone?

And that's a point for the Howlers.


I love this game.

A time out for the Growlers.

Bite's giving his team a rousing pep talk.

Do something, you oaf.

You're making us look bad.

This is so exciting!

Howlers are in the lead with a chance for a total shutout!

Corazon's got it.

And that's it! Howler's win!

Beating the Growler's four to nothing.


Whoa! That's catchy!



What is happening?


I love it when you wear a cone.

You're the best!

I am never taking this off.

Charlie, still not feeling any better?

I know the mistake Morgan made, but he's trying to fix it.

You think he can?

I hope so.

I hope we never hear that terrible alarm warning again.


Go to the school's website.

There's a new video up in project puppy.

I'll stay on while you watch.

Hi! I'm Izzy.

And this is Corazon.

Say hi, Corazon.

Hi, Izzy.

You know, there's been a lot of talk about a video of a "secret dog school you can travel to through hydrants."

What are you doing?

And I'm here to show you how you can make a fake video just like it.

First, film your dog walking past a hydrant.

Then, film just the hydrant.

And if you cut the video just right...

Your dog is disappearing into what somebody really gullible would believe is a secret school for dogs.

Try it with your pets, and we'll put it on the school's website!

You think it'll work?

I don't know, Morgan, but I gotta go.

I'm about to walk into that same street pole.

Look, my ferret disappeared into my plant.

No! It's true I tell you!


Sure, Leon. I should have known this was your "thousands of Santas" theory all over again.


Look around you.

Nobody believes that it's real.

We're safe.

We are. But clearly one person knows about our family secret.

Otherwise, why would she make a video trying to protect it?


I followed my dog. And found it myself.

It's not Morgan's fault.

And she didn't tell anybody.

Well, we have to work even harder to keep the secret.

But luckily for us, the very first person to get into Pup Academy without permission is someone we can trust.

So, maybe she can come back to Pup Academy?

I think we can arrange that.

Yes! I get to go back!

When? Today? Tomorrow?

What are you two so happy about?

Leon! Why do you always come out of nowhere like that?

Morgan was just showing me a video about a secret kitten academy.

You wanna see it?


You know that Kitten Academy actually exists.

Wait, what?

Cora-cone, Cora-cone Like a king on his throne Through this dog a tasty bone

'Cause his name is Cora-cone There it is, Corazon.

A new Project Puppy.

I'm calling it "Adventures In The Cone Zone."

Oh, right.

Now that your hot spot is healed, we can take the cone off.

What are you doing?

I am never taking this cone off.

This cone made Pom-Pom notice me.

This cone is awesome!


Please take this thing off me.