Pup Academy S1E12 Script

The Thing with King (2019)

I don't think she's ever looked so good.

You've really taken to this place, and it to you.

Proud of you, kid.

Thanks, Grandpa.


Still proud.

Do you wanna get that?

-Yeah. -Yeah, thanks. That's good.

Thank you very much.

You pups ready for the most exciting day at Pup Academy yet?

Pom-Pom is finally going to look my way?


All you can eat kibble day!

Nope. It's even better.

Wait a minute.

Hold on!

Do I get to be a unicorn for a day?

-Huh? -Huh?

Wow, Rotty.

There's a lot I don't know about you.


Progress report day!

So exciting.

I think we have different definitions of exciting.

What could be better than being graded and learning where you've excelled and where you could've been better?

Let's bounce before all this good student stuff goes to my head.

See you later, fleabags.

Well, you both get an A+ from me for being awesome amigos.

I'll second that.

Dos Amigos excellente!

Yeah. I mean, you guys are okay. I guess.

You softie.

Look at it gleam.

Good job, Charlie.

Oh, it wasn't me. Kid did it.

In fact, since everybody's getting their grades today, I was thinkin'.

Maybe it's time to give him this.

A master whistle to the academy?


Charlie, that's a huge responsibility.

Are you really sure he's ready for it?

He's made a few mistakes, you know.

Well, did he terrorize Headmistress Gruff with a lawnmower?


Did he get lost in the Wildwood? Perhaps.

Am I starting to talk myself out of it? A little bit.

If we don't give him responsibility, how will we know he can handle it?

Sorry! Run away hose!

I can't handle it!

Hoses these days.

Well, I still think he can handle it.

The whistle, not the hose.

Yeah, here we are We're always learning something new There may be ups and downs But we'll be comin' through So pay attention We'll pick up a thing or two Uh-oh-o-oh I'll be right by your side No matter what No matter what You got me day and night No matter what No matter what I'll always be there For you And I know You're there for me too And we got that bond For life No matter what No matter what I got you like that

"Should our great constellation grow dark, and the heart of friendship lose its spark, the bond between a boy and a stray will ignite a friendship that saves the day."

You must have that old prophecy memorized by now.

I've got to be certain about this, Reginald.

Getting Spark to love a human is proving to be... a challenge.

You can lead a dog to a tennis ball, but you can't make him chew it.

Very well said, Reginald.

Chicken and waffles!

The tents are back.

Do you know what that means, boys?

Of course I do.

Of course I do.


Yeah, I wanna hear what Tail thinks it means.

The circus is in town.


The Wolfehead Wag is tomorrow.

The one day everyone in town and their dog is here.

We can't let one stray in this year, Lou.

It's not our job to catch every stray.

Yes, it is!

That is literally our job!

And this year, while every dog in Wolfehead is here, we'll be elsewhere.

Oh! Look!

There's three mangy strays right there.

Shouldn't we go after them?

Isn't it literally our job?

Okay, come on. Move!

They're on the run, Lou!

Good luck in there, Spark.

Hope you did as well as I did.

Straight C's!

C's aren't really the goal, Corazon.

Speak for yourself.

I happen to know one letter.

C, for Corazon.

And Corazon equals awesome.

So you do the math.


I think I'll be lucky if I get straight C's.

Why would you say that?

Well, remember when I told Gruff I was gonna go into the Wildwood?

I'm not scared at all!

Spark! Off to detention.

Oh, yeah.

And the two times I snapped at Morgan?


-That wasn't cool. -Don't forget the time I ate your special hot gravy kibble lunches when you weren't looking.

Oh, hi, guys.

They just ran out of hot gravy kibble.

What? That was you?

Spark, you're next. D-O-G's waiting.

Run along.

Well, here goes nothing.

If I get expelled, I just want you guys to know, being friends with you, well, it's been better than kibble.

But not hot gravy kibble.

That stuff's irresistible.

Wait, did she really eat our kibble?

Grandpa? You wanted to see me?

Yes. The pups are not the only ones getting reviewed today.

Oh. Don't you think you should have dressed up a little more then?

Not me.




Did you make the review before or after I drenched you?

Before. Don't worry about it, Muffin.


Oh, sorry. Old habits die hard.

Because you've done so very well, I'm officially not calling you Muffin anymore.


Definitely not Pumpkin.

And I have something for you.


This was my great-grandpa's and then it was my grandma's and then it was my dad's and then it was mine and then it was your dad's.

And now, now it's yours.

A whistle?

Oh, not just any whistle.

A broken whistle?

No! A special whistle.

Like our school whistle, one that humans can't hear.

Come on. Come with me.

Okay. Go on, give it a try.


That whistle is the master key to the school.

Blow it, and it opens all the hydrants at once.

You can let in any dog, any time, whether they have a tag or not.

So, it's like an "in case of emergency" thing?

That's right.

When would you use this?

Well, let's say a dog loses its tag, someone has to help get the dogs in or out.

It's a great responsibility.

And one, I think, you've earned.


Wow. Thanks, Grandpa.

You deserve it. Come on, we have work to do.

Hey. Come on.

As you know, I had big expectations for you.

I'll get my things.

And so far, you have fulfilled them.

Go on.

But the best is yet to come.

Spark, the whole purpose of Pup Academy is to teach pups how to be a best friend.

I'm pretty sure I'm acing that.

Just ask Corazon and Whiz.

I can't believe she ate our kibble!

Just don't ask them today.

And we are all very hopeful that, one day, you'll find that special bond with a human.


Until then, it's an A in all your classes.

And B+ for attitude, though.

I'll take it.

Our first progress reports. I feel all warm and validated.


Now I can kick back with Izzy and enjoy the Wag.

The Wag? What's that?

The Wolfehead Wag. The annual dog festival.

Yeah, they've got everything.

Treats, games, snacks, toys, fancy schmancy dog biscuits.

Spark, you should totally come.

I don't know, sounds like a "dogs who have humans" thing.

Well, I'm sure Morgan will be there.

You could hang out with him.


Sounds like a yes to me!

See you there, Spark.


See you later.

What a great day.

Kid's got spunk. I'll give her that.

Well, we're about to turn that smile upside down.

What do you think?

I think you need bigger hats or a smaller head.

No. I'm making a Project Puppy video at the Wag to raise money for National Adopt A Pet Day. Remember?

Getting dogs out of shelters, one by one.


Dogs and humans dressed alike, it represents their bond.

It's cute, right?

Hello? Earth to Morgan?

What's up?

My grandpa gave me this today.

It's the key to the whole school.

It opens and closes the portals. Any time, any place.


It was my dad's.

It's just made me think about him and stuff.

I bet you miss him.

Yeah, I do.

Hey, Corazon, it's nice to see you too.

How do you not have a dog?

I work at a school for dogs every day, Izzy.

Yeah, but, I mean, as a best friend. How do you not want some of this?

I do sometimes, but I'm not sure.

Come on. My mom's going to be picking us up any second.

I'm going to start loading the equipment into the driveway.

-Help me with the rest? -Sure.

Maybe one day.

Come on, Whiz. As soon as these sheep are in the pen, we're off to the Wag.

Okay, Whiz. Think fast.

Gotta use your intellect.

I got it.

Staring contest.

You blink, you go into the pen.

I blink, I'll continue to be terrible at herding sheep.

Okay, Whiz, you're on.

I can do this all day.

And go!

Hey! What? Yeah. Bug off.

You blinked! I win.

Thank you, mister butterfly.

No way! That butterfly. Give me a do over!

Hey! A deal's a deal. Now get in that pen.

Yeah. You got lucky this time. Move it on in, herd!

Yes! I did it!

Come on, boy!

Come on, Whiz!

-Wakey, wakey. -Huh?

Eggs and bakey.

Eggs and bakey?

Is that what you're calling those two now?

I want to be eggs.

Guys, I wanted to be eggs!

Whatever you want, King, I'm not interested.

You are if I say you are.

Remember your two friends I saved?


I need a favor.

I need help getting two pups away from Animal Control.

Spark, remember.


The "Paw-pact."

Ring-a-ding-ding, King's calling it in.

Yeah. You owe us.

Every dog in Wolfehead is coming to the Wag today.

Which also means Pup Academy will be empty.

Wait a second, you know about Pup Academy?

Know about it?

I used to go there.

And guess what?

You are getting me back in.

You want me to let you into Pup Academy?

Not a chance.

Nobody says no to King!

Oh. So you're going back on the "Paw-pact"?

After I saved your friends?

Well, that's a shame.

Imagine if I went back on saving them?

The golden, that lives in the blue house?

The shaggy one that lives on the farm?

Yeah, that's right.

I know where your friends live.

You hold up your end of the "Paw-pact" or me and my boys pay them a visit.


But how am I supposed to get all of you in?

That's for you to figure out.

Meet me at the bell tower when the clock strikes noon.

And you better have an answer by then.

Here at Pup Academy Best, best friends We will learn to be

And cut!

Thanks for participating in Project Puppy. Make sure you check out the website.


Whoa, boy.

Corazon! Down!

Whoa. Hey.

Seems like my dog really likes your dog.

Which is weird, because he's pretty much afraid of everything.

Yeah, well, that's Corazon.

Everybody loves him.

Even Whiz.


How did you know this is Whiz?

Did I say Whiz? I mean, gee whiz, I gotta go whiz.

My dog's a whiz.

Anyway, whizzup?

I'm Iz-zy.

And I'm Juh-ames.

Oh, wait a minute.

I've seen you before.

You're one grade below me, aren't you?


Hey, guys. What're you doing?

Hey, Spark.

Oh, hey, Spark. We're observing how humans meet.

Yeah. It's taking forever.

Sniffing butts is so much quicker.

Noted. Could I borrow your academy tags for a little bit?

I could lend you my tag.

-Great. -Except it's against the rules.

Oh. Not great. Corazon?

He's usually so shy.

It's like these dogs are his best friends and they spend every day together.

That's hilarious.

Yeah. Best friends.

Every day.

Except when school's out.

Yeah. Hilarious.

Hey, since Whiz has made such sudden and instant friends, maybe he could be in Izzy's video?

Yeah, it'll be fun.

I even made this special collar for our stars.

"Best Friend"?

For the dogs in our video. I need all the faces I can get.

Human and dog. You in?

Sure, why not?

Oh, hey. There's George.

Maybe he'll give me his tag.

Wait up, George!

Was Spark acting out of the ordinary just then?

Can't we just go in and get one little snack while we wait?

What's the worst that could happen?

Is a quick snack worth getting caught by Animal Control?

Totally depends on the snack.

Like ducks in a barrel.

Wait, we're supposed to be collecting ducks too?

What? No.

What did I tell you, Lou?

Pineapple on pizza is a crime.

Yeah! And, this Wag is crawling with strays.

I can smell the accolades already.

Animal Control specialist of the year.

Third year running.

Aren't we the only Animal Control specialists in town?

Oh. What did I tell you?

Stray puppy.

Come to Mama, stray.

Nope. Not a stray.

Oh, yeah. Definitely a stray.

We've been trying to get this one off the streets for weeks.

There's no mistaking her.

Oh. Well, then how do you explain... this?


Yup. That's me.

Morgan Edwards.

As in, property of.

How cute.

The pup found a home without our help.

I love a happy ending.

That's a pretty funny lookin' dog tag there, kid.

Yeah. You sure it's not some kind of whistle?


First, gross.

And second...


Clearly, not a whistle.

It's the newest thing. Dog tags that look like whistles.

You guys gotta get with the times.


I'm watching you.

I'm watching you too.

Leave this dog alone.

Okay, Lou.

Walking away with confidence.

That was a close one.

Whoa, that was epic.

How did it feel to say you had a pup?

It was cool.

Come on. We have someone in the booth. I need your help.

Hi, welcome to Project Puppy.

Hey, pup. I didn't think you'd show up.

You done playing besties with that human over there?

That's none of your business.

All you need to know is I have this.

The master whistle.

You swiped a master whistle?

Well done.

You're even slicker than I thought.

Only because of the "paw-pact".

And I'm never doing it again.




Blow that whistle, let us in to the academy, and the "paw-pact" is settled for good.

Okay. I'm impressed.

Lost Dogs!

It's time! Away you go!

Come on, go! Go!


I thought it was only you, Head, and Tail!

Give or take.

Blow the whistle precisely at 3 to let us back through.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to take.

Back... after all these years.


Come on, Kingsley. You'll be late for assembly.

Okay, right behind you.

Here goes nothing.

Boss. Hello?

Shouldn't you be inside?



Oh, no.


Oh, hey, D-O-G.


Lou! Stray!

Gotta go!

Leaving so soon?

That dog.

-That stray dog that was just here. -Yeah.

Which way did she go?

-That way. -Let's go.

We're in, boys. Let's go do this.

Now this is a doghouse.

I smell kibble!

Hang on, lunch. Tail's-a comin'.

Hey, Kingsley.

Hey, Wink.

You ready to try out our new moves in fetchball today?

Sure am. I'll see you on the field.

Couldn't even keep my picture on the wall.

I was a stray.

And I was sure I was going to stay that way, until I got invited here, and found the human.

You know him as our apprentice caretaker, Charlie's son.

I know him as my best friend.

Best friend.

I thought you had what it took to be our stray, but I was wrong.

You've broken every rule at Pup Academy.

I have no choice but to expel you.

I didn't ask to be a pet.

You taught me best friends were forever.

Now, the only human I ever loved left me.

What did you expect?

He didn't just leave you, he left us all.

I never thought I'd say this, but I can't eat another bite.

Yeah, me neither.



Don't tell us it's time to go.


It's time to show this place how I've always felt about it.

Head, Tail.

Trash this place.

We thought you'd never ask.

Messing stuff up is my jam.

Time to do what we do best.

Let's create havoc!

Come on, be patient, Spark. It's almost 3.

Away you go, strays.

You know, we do good work.

Just one last thing on my to-revenge list while the others finish destroying this place.

-Lead the way, Boss. -But the food is here.

Okay, c'mon. Move!

So long, free kibble.

Nice work on the hallways, boys.

Boss? What're we looking for again?

My tag.

You had a tag?

Wait, does that mean you were a puppy once?

I just want back what's rightfully mine.

What's so important about that thing?

It's mine.

And it's a key to this place.

Who's to say we don't come back here for more food?

Or make this place our hideout?

Boss, I gotta hand it to ya.

This place is ripe for the pickin'!

Hey, geniuses. You missed a spot.


Finally! Time to get those Lost Dogs out of there and be done with this.

Holy Dinah! Look at all these strays!

Where did they all come from?

-It's the taco truck all over again. -Seal the perimeter.

It's the taco truck all over again!


Seal the perimeter!

So we're square?

Absolutely. Favor repaid.

"Paw-pact" complete.

And if you stay quiet, you get to go back to your precious school like nothing ever happened.

Stay quiet? About what?

Oh, you know.

What did you do, King?

See you at school, Juh-ames.

You got it, Iz-zy!


What a day.

Do you mind sticking around to help me pack up?

Don't really have a choice, Mom drove us.

Oh, hey, there you are.

Whatcha looking at me like that for?

Morgan brought Spark to the Wag?

They've come a long way, those two.

Oh, hey, thanks.

Wait, why is Spark wearing Morgan's whistle?

I'm not sure.

I was pretty clear about how important that whistle was.

Two new friends. Sharing a moment.

This is what the beginning of a best friendship looks like.

Do you have any idea how weird you're being right now?


Hey, you hungry?


Hey. Where's she off to in such a hurry?

I don't know.

Maybe she's going wherever she goes when she's not at Pup Academy.

I mean, it's not like she has a home, right?

I've been thinking.

Maybe it's time I get a dog.

And so, a new friendship blossoms, and--

You really gotta knock that off.

Who would do such a thing?

This place is a mess.


Some of the cloaks are missing.

The entire academy is in shambles.


Kingsley did this.

Are you sure it was King?

His tag's missing.

His scent's everywhere.

Oh, this mess.

He was here with his Lost Dogs.

Oh. He's never forgiven us for expelling him.

But how could all those dogs even get in here?

You'd need every hydrant open at the same time.

That's impossible, unl--

Oh, no.

The whistle.



Puppies. Gather round, students.

Puppies, please. Puppies, gather round.


I bet it was cats.

There's been an incident at our beloved academy.

In all my years, I've never seen anything like it.

Does anyone have anything they want to admit?

I like cat food.

I'm sorry! It's just so delicious.

I don't always lift my leg.

Sometimes I howl at the sun.

I don't really think that's what she means.

It is not.

There has been an... an incident in the school.

We will be taking classes in the Assembly Hall for the next several days... or weeks.

Wait, does this mean no homework?

How will this affect lunch?

Puppies, please.

Now is the time for focus.

Let's everyone meet in the Assembly Hall.

I said move along, pups.

-Now. -Now.

Except you, Spark.

Everything okay, Spark?

Are you in trouble?

Yeah, I think I am.

All right, everyone, settle in, settle in.

D-O-G seemed pretty mad.

Maybe Spark's been eating everybody's gravy kibble.

I think this is about something a little bit more serious.

More serious than gravy kibble?

Whiz, have you gone mad?

You broke so many rules, and the worst of all, you let Morgan down.

It's a long story.

King saved Corazon and Whiz, and in return, I had to--


I can't make excuses for you anymore.

Charlie, her tag.

I never really belonged here after all, did I?


What's going on? What happened?

King and the Lost Dogs, and there's only one way they could've got through the portal.

Wait, what?


I'm afraid so.

What? No. There's no way she could've done all this.

She's just a pup.

Well, she had help.

And she had the whistle.

And I know you're the one who gave it to her.


I thought you were ready.

I blame myself.


How could you?

You should probably go to school today. I've got work to do here.

Spark, it's time for you to go.

Just tell Morgan I'm sorry.


My video already helped three dogs get adopted.

You're awesome, Izzy. Way to go.

And this is a token of my appreciation to thank you for you helping me.

Just in case, you know.



I figured if you were ready for a pup, it'd be Spark.

That's really nice, but it's not gonna happen.

Do you think Spark's okay?

I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

Spark's a tough cookie.

Whiz, she missed lunch.

She never misses lunch.

Perhaps we should check up on her.

Just to be safe.

-Spark? -She's not here.


She's not here either.



Where could she be?


She's not out here either, Corazon.

Spark? I don't see her in here.


She's not here.

Nothing. No Spark, nowhere.

I'm exhausted.

We've looked everywhere.

Where could she be?

King, I wanna talk to you.

Get out here, right now!

Not so loud, kid.

The pack's napping.

We had a big lunch.


Oh, excuse me.

-So, what's up? -I knew I shouldn't have trusted you.

Your little raid just got me expelled, King.


Well, that's Pup Academy for you.

Stay in line, do as we say.

There's no room for free thinkers like us.

I had friends there.

I had a life, and then you came and ruined everything.

Sooner or later, they'd have let you down.

That's what humans do.

Anyways, kid, you're a stray, one of us.

Your pack is here with the Lost Dogs.

The "paw-pact" is done, and so are we.

I'm never going to let you trick me again.

Sorry, kid.

Life isn't fair for a stray.

Back to square one.

Once a stray, always a stray.

I knew I was better off alone.

The constellation is dimming, more than ever.


There's something I have to show you, Charlie.


What is that?

I never knew that was there.

Reach in and get it, please.

It is the heart of friendship.

Its glow tells us how much power the constellation has.

There was a time it was so bright, I couldn't look at it.

And now, I've never seen it so dim.

"The bond between a boy and a stray will ignite a friendship that saves the day."

The heart of friendship.

I was sure it was Spark.

Well, we were sure it was King too.

We have to keep looking.

If this is happening now...

If time is running out...

What do we do?

I don't know, old friend.

I don't know.

What is a dog?

A dog is the best friend you'll ever know.

Someone who loves you.

No matter what.

-Someone who will take care of you. -And protect you.

-Who's there when you're up... -Or down.

The best friend...

You'll ever have.

Adopt one today.

Donate to your...

Local humane society.

We get 'em off the streets, so you can get them into your home.

-Let a pup... -Into your heart.

Adopt one today.

I always hated the Wildwood.


Yes, Wolf, I promise, it's done.

D-O-G expelled Spark. It's finished.

You saw it?

I could practically taste her little puppy tears.

Oh, yes.

I can sense the constellation getting weaker.

We still have a deal?

I get the school, right?

And I get D-O-G.

Now, return to the academy and continue your ruse.

I will gather my pack.


The era of dog and human friendship is about to end.