Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge (1991) Script

Wait here. I don't know how long I'll be.

Yes, sir.

Heil Hitler.

He won't last five minutes.

How do you know?

Because the others didn't.

Doctor Hess, General Mueller is waiting impatiently for the results of your Deathcore project.

I know! I know!

We are generous enough to give you a lab with the best of equipment...

... and the freedom to proceed as you wish.

We expect something in return. This just won't do.

Well, then perhaps General Mueller should have given this project to Mengele or one of the other butchers instead of me.

The loss of our troops on the Russian front is crippling us.

You said you could devise a drug that would give this dead soldier movement...

... so he could be used as a shield for the living troops, yes?

If you lied about your abilities, then you are a traitor, doctor.

I didn't lie!

But I need more time! - I don't have the authority to extend time...

... but I must report your failure.

This world ain't big enough for the both of us, partner.

I will conquer the world, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

I wouldn't say that, you sidewinder.

I never know what they're going to do or say.

Let me hide in your pocket.

You have been stealing.

Father, I didn't steal a...

Peppermints, peppermints everywhere, look.

It's a good job you put plenty of candy into Peter's pocket...

... or we might have been very angry with you. Mightn't we, Peter?

I will forgive him.

All right, children. Now the puppets are very tired. They must go to bed now.

Sleep? Puppets need to sleep?

Puppets need sleep just as much as you do.


Please come back and see us again soon.

Ok, Mr. Toulon.

Come, Peter. Come, children.

Come, Peter.

You have a devoted audience, Mr. Toulon.

I know I'm devoted to them.

They love your puppets.

The children enjoy the show, and I'm rewarded by their laughter, which is honest.

If not always prudent.

I wonder if they laughed so hard if they truly understood what they were watching.

Oh, I'm sure they would. Political satire is one of the marks of a healthy society.

I didn't get your name.

Lieutenant Erich Stein.

Fellow puppeteer.

I've been carving marionettes since I was ten years old, and I must say your craftsmanship is superb.

You are very kind, Lieutenant.

How do you manipulate them without string-works?

Motorization. It is my own method.


Almost like magic.

One day, I'd like to see you work.

I'm sure that could be arranged.

You are an artist, Mr. Toulon.

I just hope that you'll be allowed to continue practicing your art.

Eight shows a week is enough practice for me.


For your own sake, you might consider changing the subject matter of your shows.

It is just a puppet show. The children like it as it is.


Thank you very much. Goodnight, Mrs. Toulon...

... and goodnight to you.

Fellow puppeteer.

Good night.

My god.

Just a young man, I assure you.

He wanted to frighten me.

He didn't. I think he was impressed with my work.

For all the wrong reasons. Lieutenant Stein could be a real problem, my darling.

Not if we don't show fear.

Come on my friends. Time for dinner.

You gave quite a performance tonight.

How come you always manage to be first in line for dinner, eh?

You have such a big appetite.

You could easily be the first in line if you wanted to, because you are bigger than anybody else.

But you're not a bully-boy, are you?

And you, always laughing about everything, always joking as a friend of mine would say.

And for you, well, life is just one big battle for you, isn't it?

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, and you are happy as a sandboy.

You know, Elsa, for years I have been trying to paint you a portrait.

Oh, Andre, you didn't.

No, no, no. Every time I tried, you finished up looking like my mother.

I'm hopeless with canvass and paint.

Oh, Andre.

It's beautiful.

She is the image of you.

Oh, darling.

What have I done to deserve you?

You didn't do anything.

Experienced men are very sexy.

Sometimes, I think my life began when I met you...

... and now I would die without you.

I'm never going to leave you. Never.

The show itself is a disgusting burlesque of the Fuehrer and makes a mockery of the Reich.

Yes. Have the men ready to leave immediately.

Sir, there is something else.


Lieutenant, what is this?

I may be wrong but it seems as though these wooden figures are walking about on their own.

You're not mistaken, sir.


Explain this.

I really can't, sir.

Mr. Toulon has developed a method of animating his puppets without string.

He claimed they were motorized, but it's much more than that.

I've seen them walk.

React to sound as if they could hear.

It's as if they were alive.


... have you lost your senses?

It's the truth, sir.

In the pictures.

Well, Krauss, I must speak to Toulon before the Gestapo does.


Have the car brought around.

I never take things at face value...

... but if Stein is even half-right, this could be very important to my work.

If Toulon has the information, I will get it for you, doctor.

Oh, yes, yes. And you'll end up killing him, and we'll learn nothing.

You have an obligation to the Deathcore Project too.

I have an obligation to expose the dissident and to silence him!

If Toulon can be of use, I'll take that under consideration.

Get me General Mueller.

It's doctor Hess.

Yes, it's urgent.

Mueller, yes?

I'm sorry to bother you, General, but we have a matter brewing that might delay the progress of the Deathcore Project indefinitely.

We need to talk to a puppeteer named Andre Toulon who can assist us.

No, I understand, you need to speak to Toulon before Krauss clubbers him up in his torture chamber.

Put him on.

It's General Mueller for you.


Major, I want you to cooperate with doctor Hess completely, and that's an order...

... and I don't want this kind of call again.

I'm tired of separating you two like fighting schoolboys.

Yes, sir, General.

My only request is that ... ... you let my men do the job.

Do not interfere.

We wouldn't want to see you injured, Hess.

Just like the real thing, huh?

Only more intelligent.

This theatre is closed...

... by the authority of the German High Command.

Your career as an entertainer is over, Mr. Toulon.

This is one of the puppets I was telling you about.


Mr. Toulon...

... I would like to talk to you later about your work.

And here's... the miracle, yes?

That's what I saw, yes.

That shouldn't be difficult to analyze.

All we need is the process.

Mr. Toulon, would you work with me when... - No!

Elsa, Elsa.

Take what you want, you bastards, and get out of here.

That would be you, puppeteer.

Oh my god, what have they done.

Put him in the second car, and take him to Gestapo headquarters.

I'm not leaving my wife.

Elsa, my darling.

I'll call for an ambulance. Get him out of here!

You'll be all right, I promise you. You'll be all right.

Leave me alone, damn you filthy murdering swine.

And put the toys in with the toy-maker.


I believe it's time to get back to work, doctor.

My god, Krauss, that wasn't necessary.

You got what you needed.

And this will solve all your problems, doctor?

If the pictures are correct, I know it will be of use.

But a great deal depends on Toulon sharing his secret.

I'm under orders as well, and... the higher authority wants a demonstration of your results... yesterday.

I'll get with Toulon... as soon as Major Krauss makes it possible.

You should have waited to kill the woman. We need this man's cooperation.

It was stupid of you, Krauss. Unworthy of you.

General, I don't see the death of the Jew woman as a problem.


They're both sitting in front of me now.

I see.

Thank you.

You ought to be congratulated, Krauss. Mr. Toulon has escaped your custody.


All clear, Major.

I want a thorough search of the living quarters.

Nothing. Get out.

Major, we have looked everywhere and found nothing.

All right.

Burn it. Yes, sir, Major.

Search every building within a five-block radius. Yes, sir.

Mr. Toulon, you... are a genius.


Leeches. You suck our life's blood away.

Elsa... Oh god.

No thing must stop me from seeking you out and making each one of you to your knees for what you have done. And you will cry me "mercy," and I will have none.

No mercy, my friends. No mercy.

What are you doing?!

Guard! Guard!

Report to the morgue! Hurry!

Elsa, this is the best I can do for you now.


But you can still revenge yourself.

I'll be one hour. Take the car to be serviced, then return here...

... and, Erich, expect to be out all night.

Yes, sir.

Have the car ready. Have yourself ready.

Have your ass-hole ready.

I don't believe it.

Good night, fellow puppeteer.

This is excellent, Major.

This is nothing. There is no progress here.

Open your eyes, will you?

That is true he remained animate for just a few minutes.

There was no sign of violent rage this time.

This subject could be controlled from the field.

He was in a suicidal state, so he simply related back to his before-death behaviour.

Give me a soldier who is killed by the enemy in battle...

... and the results will be very different.

Toulon's genius is at work.

I need to speak to that man, Krauss.

And so do I.

You're not my driver.

Where's Lieutenant Stein?

Dead, sir.

Oh my god.

You're saying that no one saw him leaving, nothing at all? - No, sir. I found him and contacted headquarters.

Have the body removed and send the report back to me.


This is exactly what we found at the marionette theatre.

This is Toulon's, isn't it, Major?

I want every inch of this city searched.

Find him.

I don't care how many patrols it takes.

Find him!

Toulon, give yourself up. We'll find you.

It will be worse for you, believe me. Give up.

"Help the blind"

I think we will be safe here.

Tomorrow we start all over again. Killing murderers in the middle of a war.

This is not enough, doctor.

We're almost there. If I can get to Toulon, I know we can prolong the soldiers' new life...

... but I must get to him.

Reich's headquarters has informed us that there's not enough time to wait for Toulon's recapture.

General, we are very close to finding him.

This toymaker, Major, managed to kill one of your men. How is that possible?

An investigation is underway. 203.

Lieutenant Stein was very careless.

That seems to be a problem of yours, doesn't it Krauss?

Now I don't want any more excuses.

The humiliation to me...

I'd rather have you two shot than be disgraced in Marshall Goering's eyes once again.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a top-level meeting.

Now, be careful. Mueller will be well-armed.

Of course, so are you.

I wish I could handle Goering as well as I can handle you.

What is this joke?

I am giving you fair warning...

... your place is in the lab...

... not with the Gestapo High Command.

We need Andre Toulon, Major.


Just a moment.

Yes, Krauss here.

What happened?

Oh my god.

Yes, five minutes.


Mueller's been killed.

I'm coming with you.

My friend, we will make repairs on you very soon.

Mr. Toulon?

It's me, Peter Hertz. Your puppet said I stole the candy, remember?

How did you find me?

By accident, Mr. Toulon. Peter and I have been hiding in this cellar...

... for two days.

The Gestapo or the SS?


I need a place to keep Peter till I can get him to Switzerland.

We didn't know you were here, Mr. Toulon, I swear it.

You won't give us away, will you?

I would be a fool if I did.

Now we're all fugitives together.

Yes, fugitives.

This is where it happened, yes?

Look at the blood stains, Krauss.

The General was hit standing in the middle of the hallway, then he fell.

And this... is the first bullet fired.

If the assassin fired and missed...

... why didn't Mueller shoot back, yeah?

I'm sure he did.

So why is there no body?

Mueller could not have missed at such a close range.

I don't know.

Excuse me.

I've never seen a bullet this small.

What is it, Hess?

My god...

... I should have known.

The Gestapo found out my wife was originally from Warsaw.

So they came to our house and arrested her, claiming she was a spy.

How did you escape?

We didn't. I came home just as they were taking her away.

I found Peter hiding in the kitchen cupboard.

Ah, here comes supper. Good boy.

It's a picnic.

You like this, don't you, boy?

Yes, it's been a lot of fun, but...

... I'll be glad to go home.

Mother says she will be back soon, and we'll all go to Switzerland together Yes, we all go... together.

10 000 marks for the information leading to Toulon's capture.

I want these posted all over the city within the hour.

When you find Toulon, you're going to execute him, aren't you, Krauss?

Did you know that Toulon taught medicine in Paris?

Quite a background researching in chemistry.

I wonder why he gave it up? Curious.

Answer me!

Yes, he will be executed immediately, and it will be my good pleasure to fire the first bullet.

I won't allow it.

Andre Toulon is an enemy of the Reich and of the New World Order.

When the tin gods are destroyed, the new world will be rebuilt by geniuses like Andre Toulon.

Something you and I will never live to see, Krauss.

I know you won't, doctor... ... but until I get that order...

... you will continue the work. Guard!

Until Toulon is captured, I think it best you work under proper supervision.

See that doctor Hess is escorted home. Stay with him until you heard from me.

Heil Hitler.

You should be in bed.

I like to stay up late.

The way they move... ... it's magic, isn't it?

Yes... ... and they can live forever.

What happened to his arm?

He got hurt doing me a favour...

... and I can't get the parts I need to make him a new arm.

However, he has five more.

I could get it. Yes, I could go to your workshop, with everything you need.

I'd be your assistant.

No, Peter, you stay here until your father says it's safe for you to leave.

You could be my assistant, and you look after my other puppets for me.

All right.

You know...

... that one looks a lot like the man that came to see my mother the day she went away.


Sorry, Peter, now you go to bed and tomorrow I'll put it on a special puppet show for you.

With the six-shooter? With the six-shooter. Goodnight. Goodnight.

Father, did you hear the soldier?

Yes, I did, Peter. I want you to stay inside, out of sight.

Mr. Toulon kept me safe, and tomorrow I get to be his assistant in his puppet show.

I want you to stay away from Mr. Toulon.

It's for your own good.

Now go to sleep.


You wouldn't volunteer for a medical experiment, would you?

No, no. I didn't think you would.

Then... I must go out.

Well, come on. Follow me.

We don't want you getting into trouble with Major Krauss.

It's all right, private. I'll let you know when I want to escape.

Toulon must have kept a record.

You could at least help me find it.

Thank you.

What do you think you're doing?

What are you doing here?

Are these things for yourself?

You know...

... if you really want to help Mr. Toulon, Peter, you'll tell me where he is.

All I want to do is talk to him...

... and if I see anything that's not right, I will leave right away.

I am his assistant, you know.

Yes, I know. You are a man of authority.

But I don't want to harm Mr. Toulon...

... because...

... I don't want you mad at me.

I can't tell you exactly.


Wait here. That's an order.

Mr. Toulon, I brought a friend.

Don't be afraid. I'm doctor Hess, Mr. Toulon.

I remember you.

I didn't come here to have you arrested. - He promised me he only wanted to talk.

Peter, take these tools you bring and clean them like a good assistant.


Killing you would be no problem for me, doctor.

I know, I just wanted to speak with you.

Be careful what you say. My friends are very sensitive.

I thought we could talk doctor to doctor.

You have the wrong man.

You taught medicine in Paris.

Chemistry and anatomy were specialties.

The Gestapo does its homework. I'm impressed.

To hell with the Gestapo!

I came here on my own.

I've come to learn of your genius firsthand.

Your promise was incredible. Why did you stop teaching?

After the war, I couldn't stand the sight of blood.

So my skill in anatomy took a different direction.

They're amazing. What is their secret, please?

It was given to me during a trip I took to Egypt with Elsa 15 years ago.

It is ancient and very simple.

It is in the archives of every museum on the continent, it will be found.

Not so. I have been working on a drug for over a year to re-instil animation...

... and all I have is random movement at best. And even then only for a few minutes.

But I look at your wooden creations, and they are alive as you and I.

You had my serum?

Yes. Completely organic.

But I have used it but cannot duplicate what you've done.

You didn't know your subjects, doctor.

When I call these puppets my friend, it is no mere affectation.

I knew them in life.

Hence, sight of them.

The book-keeper. Very funny. Full of tricks and practical jokes.

Shot by the Nazis.

Herman Strauss, truck driver. Executed for smuggling food to the Jewish ghetto.

And Elsa. You were there when they took her from me.


But what gives them life?

The will to live.

I knew each of them before they were cut down by the Nazis...

... and they all wanted the same thing: the chance to go on fighting.

That was the difference--they wanted this life after death.

They volunteered.

Yes. The secret of the new life cannot be duplicated in the laboratory.

It is the human spirit.

Oh. An Excellent likeness.

The reward is 10 000 marks.

I don't want your money. If I show you where Toulon is hiding...

... all I want is freedom...

... for my wife and my son...

... so that we can leave Berlin and never return.

First show me where he is.

As good as new.

Are you going to send one of your puppets to visit me, Toulon?

Not just now.

At some other time we could have worked together and done great things.

What this means?

Doctor Hess went there almost an hour ago. He wanted me to stand guard.

When you see Hess, shoot him. That's an order.

Let me get my son. Make it fast.

Get away from my son.

Peter is safe, Hertz. This is doctor Hess.

A friend.

I don't care who he is. Stand away from my son.


... Peter, come to me.

But father... Peter!

Go with your father, Peter.

Who saw you coming here? No one.

Father, no. Be quiet, Peter.

It's the only way we can be a family.


What about Toulon?

You don't understand.

We do what we must for mama.

Hands up!

Come on!

Come on! I'd rather see Krauss the butcher dead than you. - I cannot.

Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry.

Hurry. Hurry.

Come on, before they come around the back way.

Go. They're coming. Stop!

Around the block. He can't be far.

What did you say to him? Nothing, Major. I said nothing.

He was warned, yes? No. He was warned, yes? I said nothing.

Father! Go, Peter. Run! Run!

Oh. He's done with.

Keep fighting.

Men like you need to survive.

Look my friends. I got us home.

I will help you, puppet master.

My god.

Like looking into a mirror, is it not?

Now you can see what a small man you really are, Major Krauss.

Is this what your puppets are for?

For your temper tantrums?

You think I'm afraid of this?

You will be afraid.

No, Toulon.




Are you travelling alone, Major Krauss? No.

She'll be boarding in a few minutes.

Look, mother, dolls. Not dolls. Puppets.

I never heard of a boy playing with dolls before.

Where are you and your son travelling?

Switzerland. And then maybe to America.

Have you enjoyed Berlin?

No, I have not. I had very unpleasant experience. I am recuperating.

I hope you're well now.

Well, some people lost their heads, but friends saw me through.

All aboard. The express to Geneva is leaving from track number 7.