Purple Rain (1984) Script

MC: Ladies and gentlemen: The Revolution!

[Cheering and applause]

[The Revolution begins playing 80s rock song Let's go Crazy]

THE KID: [Sings] "Dearly beloved

"We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life

"Electric word life

"It means forever and that's a mighty long time.

"But I'm here 2 tell u

"There's something else.

"The afterworld

"A world of never ending happiness

"U can always see the sun

"Day or night

"So when u call up that shrink in Beverly Hills

"U know the one Dr. Everythingfll Be Alright

"Instead of asking him how much of your mind is left

"Ask him how much of your mind, baby

“Cause in this life things r much harder than in the afterworld

"In this life

"You're on your own"

[Crowd cheers]

"And if de-elevator tries 2 bring u down

"Go crazy, Punch a higher floor

"If u don't like

"The world you're living in

"Take a look around u

"At least u got friends

"I called my old lady

"4 a friendly word

"She picked up the phone Dropped it on the floor

"Sex, sex is all I heard

"Are we gonna let tie-elevator bring us down

"Oh, no, Let's Go

"Let's go crazy

"Let's get nuts

"Let's look 4 the purple banana 'til they put us in the truck

"Let's go

"We're all excited

"But we don't know why

"Maybe it's cuz

"We're all gonna die

"And when we do

"What's it all 4

"U better live now

"Before the grim reaper comes knocking On your door

"Tell me

"Are we gonna let tie-elevator Bring us down

"Oh, no, let's go

"Let's go crazy

"Let's get nuts

"Look 4 the purple banana 'til they put us in the truck, let's go

"Let's go

ncvmon baby

"Let's get nuts "

[Crowd cheers]

[Let's Go Crazy continues]

[Electric guitar improvisation]

"Are we gonna let tie-elevator Bring us down

"Oh, no, let's go

"Crazy "

[Instrumental beat of Let's Go Crazy intensifies, background]

[Instrumental beat of Let's Go Crazy continues, background]

[Instrumental beat of Let's Go Crazy continues]

[The Kid pants over microphone]

[Crowd cheers]

"Let's go crazy

"Let's go"

[Crowd cheers to instrumental rock beat]

[Instrumental beat of Let's Go Crazy continues]

MORRIS: We're going to kill him.

[Instrumental beat of Let's Go Crazy continues]

What do you want?

I have an appointment with the manager.

No, you don't. He don't see no one.

[More cheering and clapping to the instrumental beat of Let's Go Crazy]


What are you, stupid or something?

JILL: Why don't you look where you're going?

"Are we gonna let tie-elevator Bring us down

"Oh, no, let's go

"Crazy "

APOLLONIA: Listen, I'm from out of town.

I have to see the manager. It's important.

I'm a good singer and dancer. Maybe he could use me.

Do you have any experience?


Follow me.

[Let's Go Crazy continues]

"He's coming

"He's coming

"Coming "

[Electric guitar improvisation]

[Crowd cheers]

[Song finale begins]

[Whispers] "Take me away."

[Cheering and applause]

Here. Fill this out.

I'll have him call you later.

I don't have a phone.

When will he be back?

Well, you can try tomorrow.

O kay.


[Scattered conversations, background]


Why don't you stay awhile? See how it's done.


JEROME: [Whispers] So sexy!

MC: Ladies and gentlemen:

Please welcome The Time.

[Cheering and applause]

[The Time begins playing Jungle Love]

[imitates monkey screeching]


"I been watching you

"I think I want to know ya"

[Jungle Love continues]

[Jungle Love continues]

[Jungle Love continues]

[Jungle Love continues]

I really liked your song, too.

[Jungle Love continues]

[Bongo drumbeat, background]

FATHER: [Yells] Listen to me!

You come home when I say come home. You got no business in the streets.

MOTHER: Leave me alone.

FATHER: Come here!

I said, "Now!"

FATHER: Do you hear me? THE KID: Morn! Dad!

FATHER: Keep this place clean!

THE KID: Please, Dad, she's heard you!

MOTHER: He wants to kill me.

He's crazy.

MOTHER: Look what he's doing to me.

BILLY: I don't get it.

An important meeting like this and he doesn't show up.

The Kid must've forgotten who owns this club.

I got to make some changes. Fast.

It's going to affect all the bands.

It's the second time he's missed. I'm telling you he's fucking up.

You know what you need to do? You need to get rid of him.

The last three bands that came out here went on to be big stars.

I thought The Kid was next, but he's ruined it. He ain't even pulling them in.

He just plays a lot of shit that nobody wants to hear.

Like his old man, Francis L.

Did he ever mess his career up!

Ruined his wife's, too.

Now The Kid's doing the same shit.

I hear he's having a problem with his band...especially Lisa and Wendy.

They won't be together for long. I'm telling you, you need to get rid of him.

I need to get somebody commercial. Something that will work every night.

Like a girls' group?

Yeah, a girls' group. Yeah, Morris.

Something sexy, but not dirty. I got enough problems.

I'll lay it on you straight. I put together something hot...

...and The Kid is out, right?

THE KID: It's kind of dead in here. Where is everybody?

JILL: I don't know. Billy and Morris were sure looking for you.

That's nice.

Maybe I'll come back at a better time.

Think tonight this place-'ll be jumping?

Well, I'll be here.

JILL: Wait!

I've got something for you.

What? A subpoena?

A song Lisa and Wendy wrote.

Why didn't they give it to me themselves?

I liked it and wanted to listen to it.

JILL: They told me to give it to you when I was done.

You really liked it?

[Instrumental rock beat]

Three and four, five...

Oh, Lord! Cut!

[Microphone screeches]

You ladies don't seem to realize how valuable my time is.

You're going to make my boys look bad.

BRENDA: Let us come up with our own steps.

We tried that. Remember?

MORRIS: You're in the best possible position you could be in.

So, what's the matter? Your shoes on too tight?

Let's have some action!

MORRIS: Let's have some asses wiggling.

I want some perfection.

[Morris hoots]

[Instrumental rock beat continues]

I think I'm going to need a drink.

MORRIS: This ain't happening. The bitches are okay, but...

...we need something more exciting.

We should be doing better. Any ideas?

That Apollonia babe we saw last night.

Why don't we find out where she lives?

I already got that. Jill gave me everything last night.

What are we waiting for? Let's go!

No, I want her to come to me. I'm the only star in town.

SUE: Morris, who do you think you are"!

I waited up all night for you!

I'm tired of you doing this to me!

Who the fuck do you think I am?

SUE: Let go of me, you thick-headed creep!

SUE: Morris!


[Sue screams]


Such nastiness.

Let's go.

[Slow, melancholic rock music, background]

THE KID: Give me that.

That. On your boot.

Hey. wait!

Give it back to me!

You can have it later.

I want it back now.

Who gave it to you?

A person.

Male or female? -Huh?

You're lying. I can tell just by your reaction, you're lying.

THE KID: So, you gave it to me.

It's not yours anymore.

[Slow, melancholic rock music continues, background]

Do you see something you like?

Let's go.

[Rock song Take Me With U by Prince plays in background]

"I can't disguise the pounding of my heart

"It beats so strong

"It's in your eyes

"What can I say

"They turn me on

"I don't care where we go

"I don't care what we do

"I don't care pretty baby

"Just take me with you

"Come on and touch the place in me

"That's calling out your name

"We want each other oh so much

"Why must we play this game?

"Don't care where we go

"I don't care what we do

"I don't care pretty baby

"Just take me with u

"I don't care if we spend the night at your mansion

"I don't care if we spend the night on the town

"All I want is to spend the night together

"All I want is to spend the night in your arms"

[Music fades]

THE KID: Where do you come from?

APO LLO NIA: New O rleans.

THE KID: What are you doing here?

APOLLONIA: I heard about the club and I thought I'd try my luck.

THE KID: You're in the business?

APOLLONIA: I'm a singer.

First Avenue is really famous.

APOLLONIA: A lot of bands make it after playing there.

It must be really exciting.

Is that what turns you on?

What do you mean?

Making it.

It'd be nice for a change.

It's all I dream about.

And you]

APOLLONIA: What do you dream about?

Will you help me?


Pardon me?


Want to know why"!


'Cause you wouldn't pass the initiation.

What initiation?

For starters...

...you have to purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.


You have to purify yourself in Lake Minnetonka.

[Light instrumental rock beat, background]

Wait! That's...

[Apollonia screams]

[Apollonia gasps]

THE KID: Hold it.


That ain't Lake Minnetonka.

I don't believe it! How could you do that to me?

APOLLONIA: Damn you! I'll kill you!

[Motorcycle engine revs]

Are you sick?

How many girls have you done this to?

[Apollonia shrieks and moans angrily]

[Motorcycle engine revs]

Come on. Let's go.

I'm not going anywhere. That was a rotten thing to do.

I'm sorry.

I tried to stop you.

[Instrumental rock beat continues playing softly background]

I must have looked ridiculous.

No, you looked great.

THE KID: That took some nerve. I wouldn't have gotten in that water.

Come on.

[Engine revs]


THE KID: Come on!

[Engine revs]


THE KID: Okay, okay...

Don't get my seat all wet.

[Instrumental version of Take Me With U plays softly, background]

MORRIS: The girl has expensive taste, but can she sing?

JEROME: As fine as she is, she doesn't have to know how to sing.

[Jerome spits]

MORRIS: Hey! Watch it, man!

Stay out of the set tonight. I want you to work the floor.

What for?

I want to know when that sweet thing shows up. You see her, come get me.

Cool. I come get you, let you know the girl's there.

Not if I'm with my other babes. That wouldn't be cool.

I don't want to break their hearts.

We ought to have a signal.

A password.

O kay, what's the password? -You got it.

G ot what? -The password.

The password is what? -Exactly.

The password is "exactly"? -No.

Hold it, hold it. Slow down.

The babe walks in. You see her. -I see her.

You come get me. -I come get you.

I'll have some sexies on standby, so you glide by me and you saymwhat?

O kay.

The password is "okay"? -As far as I'm concerned.

Say the password! -What?

Say the password!

The password is "what."

That's what I'm asking you. -it's the password.

The password is "it"? -The password is "what."

"it." You just said so!

The password isn't "it," it's-- -What?

Got it. -I got it?

Right! -"it" or "right"?


[Dez Dickerson begins playing 80s rock song Modernaire]

[Modernaire continues]

[Modernaire continues]


I heard through the grapevine that you had a new tune written by...

...a couple of great girls.

Did you hear it?

I knew it. He didn't listen to it.

LISA: He probably dropped it under his bike and rolled over it.

Wow. All right.

You think about this.

WENDY: I'll be honest with you.

I think you're being full of shit.

LISA: Forget it, Wendy.

Let's get out of here.

Every time we give you a song, you say you'll use it, but you don't.

WENDY: You think we're going behind your back.

WENDY: You're being paranoid as usual. LISA: Wendy!

Shut up, Lisa! Please.

You should know by now that we wouldn't hurt you.

WENDY: You should know by now that we wouldn't put...

...a dark cloud over your head.

WENDY: It's just to make you feel good.

You've felt this way with us before, remember?

"The nominees for best actress are..."

Fuck it, Wendy. Let's break.

PUPPET: Why should he do your music?

He's been doing fine without it.

Next thing you know, you'll want to use his motorcycle.

You can really hurt people.

WENDY: Doesn't that mean anything to you?

Doesn't that make you feel like shit?

LISA: Come on.

I'm so tired of this.

[Door slams]

You tired, too?

God got Wendy's periods reversed.

MATT: About every 28 days, she starts acting nice.

Lasts about a weekend.

What difference does it make?

We're still a group, right?

[Door slams]

MORRIS: So, what was that you were saying about timing?

[Women giggle]

I like that. So cute. Makes you look young.


What? -Right. "What."

What? -You got it.

I sot it"!

[Rock music plays]

PUPPET: You don't need those girls...

...or their stupid music.

All you need is me.

I don't know.

Life's a bitch.

[Instrumental version of Purple Rain plays on tape deck]

[Door opens]


Five minutes.

[Door slams]

[Tape stops]

Apollonia, I'd like you to meet Morris E. Day.

The pleasure is all mine. -Please excuse me.

[Whispers] Too sexy?

Have the waitress bring a bottle of their best champagne.

Your lips would make a lollipop too happy.

You think so?


Who's paying for this?

MORRIS: I think you know that.


[Rock beat plays, background]

MORRIS: Keep the change.

[Morris clears his throat]

Get my change.

JEROME: [Whispers] Of course. Anything.

[Morris slurps, Apollonia giggles]

Would you require anything else besides my company to make you happy?

Either there's something in my drink...

...or you're the finest woman I've seen in ages.

What did you say?

You look nice tonight.

I wish you could see my home.

It's so exciting.

In my bedroom...

...I have a brass...



I have an Italian cook.

Gino Sesacagrattchi, or something like that.


It's rare that I put my cards on the table with young ladies, but...

...I'm going to make you love me.

MC: Ladies and gentlemen:

Please welcome The Revolution.

[Cheering and applause]

[The Revolution begins playing The Beautiful Ones]

THE KID: "Baby, baby, baby

"What's it going to be?

"Baby, baby, bib)'

"Is it him or is it me?

"Don't make me waste my time

"Don't make me lose my mind, baby

"Baby, baby, bib)'

"Can't u stay with me tonight?

"Oh, baby, baby, baby

"Don't my kisses please u right?

"U were so hard 2 find

"The beautiful ones...

"...they hurt u everytime

"Paint a perfect picture

"Bring to life a vision in one's mind

"The beautiful ones Always smash the picture

"Always everytime "

[Audience cheers]

"If I told u, baby

"That I was in love with u

"If we got married

"Would that be cool?

"U make me so confused

"The beautiful ones

"U always seem to lose.


"What's it gonna be, baby?

"Do you want him?

"Or do you want me?

"Because I want u!

"Do you want me?

"I gotta know!

"I gotta know!

"Do you want me?

"Baby, baby, bib)'

"I may not know where I'm going, baby.

"I said, I may not know what I need.

"One thing, one thing's for certain, baby.

"I know what I want, yeah. And it's to please you, baby.

"I'm begging down on my knees. I want you!

"I want you!

"Baby, baby, bib)'

"I want you!

"Yes, I do! "

[Cheering and applause]

[Applause continues]

BOBBY: Man, that was great. MATI': Pick one song and split.

Can't do it any better than that.

Did you see Morris's face?

Of course I did.

What's this one-song shit?

Billy, don't worry about it.


BILLY: Hey, I'm warning you!

[Footsteps clang]


We'll have to go to your place.

What for?

I want to show you something.

No, we can't.

Why, is somebody there?

Why do you always think there's somebody else?

Let's go.

Yeah, but we're not going to my place.

[Motorcycle engine revs]

[Mother giggles]


Are those your folks?


Freak show.


[Chandelier tinkles]

[Experimental rock beat plays on stereo]

[Rock beat continues with simulated moaning]


APOLLONIA: if you think you scared me, you didn't.

Oh, Yeah?

[Simulated moaning with rock beat continues playing on stereo]

APOLLONIA: So who's the lucky girl?

APOLLONIA: Sounds like she's having a good time.

THE KID: She's crying. It's backwards.

Makes me sad when I hear it.

Sounds like she's laughing, doesn't it?

APOLLONIA: So what did you do to her?

Do you always treat your women like that?

I don't have anybody right now.

[Woman whimpers and moans on stereo]

King Kong?



[Instrumental rock ballad begins playing on stereo]

[Instrumental rock ballad continues]

[Instrumental rock ballad continues]

See you later? -When?


I have something to do first. -What?

It's a secret.

Will you come see me tonight?

About 8:00?


[Band plays Instrumental version of Purple Rain]

WENDY: What's the matter?

[Wendy plays upbeat rock tune on guitar]

You like that"! Is that better?

Where is everybody?

You're late. They left.

What are you doing here?

"But I'm here to tell you, there's something else."

Our music.

Can't you guys get off it?

Can't you just leave it alone?

THE KID: I told you already. I'm not going to do your stupid music. Get off it!

Yeah, we'll get off it.

[Synthesized drumbeat stops]

[Window buzzes and clicks]


[Window buzzes]

Good morning!

What are you doing here?

I think I have something you might be interested in.

Yeah? What?

A little song and dance. That is, if you can sing and dance.

The Kid's going to help me.

[Morris and Jerome laugh]

No, he isn't.

He's never done anything in his whole life for anybody but himself.

That's not true.

Yes, it is. What's he done for you?

I've got things to do.

What you gonna do?


Okay, straight up.

I have a little group and you'd fit in real well.

Just come by. Maybe we can work something out.

Just business?

You can make up your own mind. Just come by.

I know you could use the break.

Don't you want to be a star? I do.

This just might work out for both of us.

Know any good pawnshops?

Sure. Why?

I'm thinking about buying a guitar.

[Instrumental version of Purple Rain plays on stereo]

[Door slams]

FATHER: [Yells] You do what Isay! Do you hear me?

You do what I' say!

[Bang, glass shatters]

FATHER: You keep this place clean!

You belong here and no place else!


You have no business leaving! You're always sneaking around!

You're a sinner!

Shut up! You don't care about me.

Don't I keep the heat on?

I don't like it here!

MOTHER: You never talk to me.

THE KID: Dad, please!

What's the matter with this house?

You're crazy!

FATHER: [Shrieks] Shut up! THE KID: Dad!

[Mother gasps]

[Suspenseful instrumental beat, background]

MOTHER: I'm just trapped here.

You'll always have a roof overhead.

[Sobs] You don't let me have any fun.

I could make you happy...

...if you just believed in me.

If you just believed in me.

You never...

I would die for you.

[Melancholic instrumental melody, background]


[Window rattles]

What is it? -Open it.

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

How'd you do it?

You like it?

[Apollonia giggles]

APOLLONIA: Thank you.

I'm going to join Morris's group.


I'm going to join Morris's group.

[Apollonia gasps and sobs]

APOLLONIA: Just leave me alone.

I don't want you around this at all.

I don't want you in my life this way.


Don't I make you happy?

Don't you like the way we are"!

APOLLONIA: I want to do it. You should trust me.

THE KID: Do you know Morris?

Do you know what he is about? He doesn't care about you.

Are you jealous?

[Experimental rock music with synthesized sound effects]

Where are Lisa and Wendy?

They haven't shown up yet.

They call?

[Blasts amplifier to distorted volume]

Hey, Kid.

CHICK: The boss wants to see you.

Tell him I'm rehearsing.


You having some problems?


No? Where are Lisa and Wendy?

Hey, that's cool.

Morris says he's got a new group called Apollonia Six.

BILLY: You know anything about them"! THE KID: No.

Tells me they're real hot.

BILLY: He says, "Billy, you're gonna like these girls."

Got one problem, though.

What's that?

I got three acts. I don't need four.

That means one of you has got to go.

BILLY: What would you do in my position?

[Rock song When Doves Cry by Prince plays, background]

"Dig if u will the picture

"Of u and I engaged in a kiss

"The sweat of your body covers me

"Can u my darling, can u picture this?

"Dream if u can A courtyard

"An ocean of violets in bloom

"Animals strike curious poses

"They feel the heat The heat between me and u

"How can you just leave me standing? Alone in a world that's so cold

"Maybe I'm just 2 demanding

"Maybe I'm just like my father 2 bold

"Maybe you're just like my mother

"She's never satisfied

"Why do we scream at each other

"This is what it sounds like when doves cry.

"Touch if you will my stomach

"Feel how it trembles inside

"You've got the butterflies all tied up

"Don't make me chase u Even doves have pride

"How can u just leave me standing

"Alone in a world so cold

"Maybe I'm just 2 demanding

"Maybe I'm just like my father 2 bold

"Maybe you're just like my mother

"She's never satisfied

"Why do we scream at each other

"This is what it sounds like

"When doves cry"

[Music fades]

Ma, what happened?

[Mother sobs]

THE KID: [Yells] Where are you?

Where are you?

Answer me, motherfucker!

[Melancholic piano melody plays softly]

Is that yours?

Of course it's mine.

Whose else would it be?

FATHER: I got lots of them.

They're all different, too.

I'd like to see them. You got them written down?

No, man.

FATHER: I don't write them down.

I don't have to.

That's the difference between you and me.

I thought you weren't going to play anymore.

I saw Morn up the street.

THE KID: She looked pretty bad.

How did she get that way?

You got a girlfriend?

Yeah, I got a girlfriend.

Are you going to get married?

I don't know.

Never get married.

[Rock song Computer Blue by Prince begins, background]


"Yes, Lisa

"ls the water boiling?

"Yes, Lisa

"Shall we begin?

"Yes, Lisa

"Where is my love life?

"Where can it be?

"There must be something wrong with the machinery

"Where is my love life?

"Tell me, tell me

"Where has it gone?

"Somebody please please tell me what the hell is wrong

"Until I find the righteous 1 Computer blue

"Until I find the righteous 1 Computer blue"

[Instrumental version of Computer Blue continues]

[Instrumental version of Computer Blue continues]

APOLLONIA: What are we doing here?

MORRIS: What do you mean?

[Computer Blue continues, background]

APOLLONIA: I don't want to be here. I don't want to hurt anybody.

It's not about hurting anybody.

We open at The Taste tomorrow.

This is business. We need the exposure.

Anyway, you don't want to disappoint them, do you?

Your horns are showing.

[Computer Blue continues]


[Music fades]

It's a little empty tonight.

Of course, money isn't everything.

The Kid is in rare form tonight.

[Rock song Darling Nikki begins]

"I knew a girl named Nikki

"I guess you could say she was a sex fiend

"I met her in a hotel lobby

"Masturbating with a magazine

"She said how'd you like to waste some time

"And I could not resist when I saw little Nikki grind"

[Darling Nikki continues]

"She took me to her castle

"And I just couldn't believe my eyes

"She had so many devices

"Everything that money could buy

"She said sign your name on the dotted line

"The lights went out

"And Nikki started 2 grind

"Nikki "

[Darling Nikki continues]

"Woke up the next morning

"Nikki wasn't there

"I looked all over and all I found

"Was a phone number on the stairs

"It said thank u 4 a funky time

"Call me up whenever u want 2 grind"

[The Kid shrieks]

"Come back Nikki, come back

"Your dirty little Prince wanna grind"

[The Kid shrieks]

[Darling Nikki continues]


[The Kid breathes heavily]

What's wrong with you, Kid?

I don't have time for your bullshit! What do you want?

I told you before. This stage is no place for your personal shit!

THE KID: That's life. BILLY: Life, my ass, motherfucker!

This is a business, you ain't too far gone to see that yet.

BILLY: I told you before, you're not packing them in like you used to.

Nobody digs your music but yourself.

[Yells] Fuck off!

Just like your old man.

BILLY: You got it. Tell me I'm wrong.

You're not blind.

BILLY: Look around. No one's digging you.

Buddy! What a fucking waste!

BILLY: But, like father, like son.

Lay off that!

Let me give you some good advice.

Your music makes sense to no one...

...but yourself.

That was fucked up what you did. Morris and I don't like it.

I don't care.

It's obvious you don't have what it takes to be on top.

But to show you we're sympathetic to your problems...

...here's some tickets for tomorrow's show.

Enjoy it.

Don't forget to bring a girlfriend.

[Instrumental rock beat begins, background]


MC: Now, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, Apollonia Six!

[Apollonia Six begin singing Sex Shooter]

[Sex Shooter continues]

[Audience cheers and whistles]

[Sex Shooter continues]

[Sex Shooter continues]

[Audience cheers and whistles]

[Applause and cheering]

Morris is squeezing you, Kiddo. Kick ass tomorrow night, or else!

[Apollonia giggles]

APOLLONIA: Did you hear those people applauding?

They loved us!

We're all gonna be big stars.

I can feel it!

MORRIS: "Ain't nobody bad like me."

Morris, you're a genius.

[Saxophone plays jazz music, background]

Let's go, baby.

Where's Jerome?

In his skin!

[Morris chuckles]

Is he gonna come?

I gave him the night off.


[Cackles hysterically]

[Motorcycle engine hums]

[Morris shrieks]

[Tires squeal]

Ain't this a bitch!

MORRIS: I just had my coat cleaned!

Four-hundred-dollar cashmere!

[Motorcycle engine revs]

Get on!

Come on!

[Tires squeal]


MORRIS: Motherfucker!

You long-haired faggot!

[Instrumental rock beat, background]

[Subway train rumbles]

[Snickers] No.

Why are you doing that?

Don't tell me what to do.

Don't drink that. Give it to me.

[Apollonia shrieks]


Go ahead. Go on.

[Instrumental rock beat, background]


[Sirens blare]

[Officers shouting commands]

[Dispatchefls voice drones on CB]

[Mother sobbing]

PARAMEDIC: Get up the stairs and don't let anybody in.

[Mother sobbing]

[Dispatcher continues on CB]

[Distorted sound effects, background]

[Distorted sound effects continue]

[The Kid gasps]


FATHER: Come here!

Do you hear me?

[Short, rapid gasps]


[Short, rapid gasps]

[Sound of subway approaching]




[Light instrumental melody, background]

[Instrumental version of Purple Rain plays on stereo]

[Tape stops and rewinds]

[Instrumental version of Purple Rain plays]

[Tape stops and rewinds]

[Instrumental version of Purple Rain plays]

[Tape stops and rewinds]

[Prince plays Purple Rain on the piano]

[Uproarious cheering and applause]

MC: Ladies and gentlemen:

Please welcome The Time.

MORRIS: [don't want to see you no more. Gentlemen, are we ready?

We're gonna do this number!

What time is it?

You got ten seconds to get to the dance floor.

[The Time begins playing 80s rock song The Bird]

[Audience cheers]

[The Bird continues]

[Audience sings along]

[The Bird continues, background]

[Audience cheers]

Last call for alcohol!

If you ain't guzzling, get the hell out of here!

Thank you.

[Thunderous applause]

[All talk at once]

JEROME: The Revolution who? Fuck them! They might as well go home.

JEROME: What's happening? You ain't even sweating.

You ain't even sweating.

ALL: [Sarcastically] "Let's get crazy!"

ALL: "Let's get nuts!"

[All repeat "Let's get crazy!" sarcastically]


How's the family?


[All talk at once]

THE KID: Let's go.

LISA: Yeah, let's get them.

MC: Ladies and gentlemen: The Revolution!



I'd like to dedicate this to my father.

It's a song the girls in the band wrote, Lisa and Wendy.

[The Revolution begins playing Purple Rain]

"I never meant 2 cause u any sorrow

"I never meant 2 cause u any pain

"I only wanted one time 2 see u laughing

"I only want 2 see u laughing...

"...in the purple rain

"Purple rain, purple rain

"Purple rain, purple rain

"I only wanted 2 see u bathing...

"...in the purple rain

"I never wanted 2 be your weekend lover

"I only wanted 2 be some kind of friend

"Baby I could never steal u from another

"It's such a shame our friendship had to end

"Purple rain, purple rain

"Purple rain, purple rain

"I only wanted 2 see u...

"mundemeath the purple rain

"Honey, I know, I know, I know times r changing

"It's time we all reach out 4 something new

"That means u 2

"U say u want a leader

"But u can't seem 2 make up your mind

"I think u better close it

"And let me guide u 2 the purple rain

"Purple rain, purple rain

"U know what I'm singing about. Come on, raise your hands.

"I only want 2 see u...

"...only want 2 see u in the purple rain"

[Electric guitar improvisation]

[Vocal improvisation]

[Vocal improvisation continues]

[Electric guitar improvisation]

[Cheering and applause]

[Cheering and applause continue]

[Cheering and applause continue]



[Excited cheering and applause, distorted sound effects]

[Cheering and distorted sound effects continue]

[Cheering and applause continue]

[The Revolution begins playing rock song I Would Die 4 U]

"I'm not a woman I'm not a man

"I am something that you'll never understand

"I'll never beat u I'll never lie

"If you're evil I'll forgive you by and by

"I would die 4 u

"Darling, if you want me 2, u

"I would die 4 u

"I'm not your lover

"I'm not your friend

"I am something that you'll never comprehend

"No need 2 worry No need 2 cry

"I'm your messiah and you're the reason why"

"1611! u

"I would die 4 u

"Darling if u want me 2 IOU

"I would die 4 u

"You're just a sinner I am told Be your fire when you're cold

"Make u happy when you're sad Make u good when u are bad

"I'm not a human I am a dove

"I'm your conscious I am love

"All I really need is 2 know That u believe

"Yeah, I would die for u

"Darling if you want me 2 IOU

"I would die 4 u

"Yeah, say one more time IOU

"I would die 4 u

"Darling if you want me 2 IOU

"I would die 4 u"

[I Would Die 4 U continues]

[I Would Die 4 U continues, audience sings along]

[Audience cheers]

[Baby I'm A Star begins]

[Audience cheers and claps to rhythm]

"Hey look me over

"Tell me do u like what u see

"Hey I ain't got no money

"But honey I'm rich on personality

"Hey check it all out

"Baby I know what it's all about

"Before the night is through

"U will see my point of view

"Even if I have 2 scream and shout

"Baby I'm a star"

[Baby I'm A Star continues]

[Audience cheers]

[Baby I'm A Star continues]

[Audience cheers]

[Audience cheers wildly]

[Instrumental improvisation of Baby I'm A Star continues]

[Audience cheers wildly]

[Audience cheers wildly]