Pushing Tin (1999) Script

Continental 901, eight miles from marker...

...maintain 2000 till intercepting the localizer.

TWA 732, runway 04. Newark altimeter is 2992.

Continental 525, turn left heading 140.

Maintain 5000, 220 knots.

Please let that mean you're finished. Yes.

We're here all week.

Contact Boston Center now. Ed, Tower wants them out faster.

I've only got so much room. Airspace is finite.

Ed's going down the pipes. I am not.

You are. It happens when you use the word "finite."

American 427, heading 210. Traffic 5:00 above you.

Correction, below you. No, no! Blow you? Blow me, correct.

Nick, could you take Allegheny 2629? Sure, I got room for the whole fleet.

You don't have to take it. You're full.

Teamwork. Don't be a pain, Pat.

Off the rubber! Get off!

Allegheny 2629 reduce speed to 180 knots. Altimeter 2992.

One-eighty, 2629.

KLM 3729, three miles southeast bound. I put him ahead of you. Caution...

...turbulence. - He's in sight, 3729.

Thanks. Turn 20 degrees left. I'll keep you on the ILS.

"4 out of 5 dentists surveyed recommend sugarless gum."

Sugarless gum, sugarless gum, sugarless...

...gum, gum, gum, income, become... Continental 962, head 140.

140, Continental 962.

American 7736, contact Newark tower, 118.3.

Thanks. - You do good work. American 7736.

I need more planes to stay interested. I'll be damned.

Continental 428, descend to 5000. - 6 to 5. Continental 428.

Continental 961, go to Robbinsville. - To Robbinsville.

He shoots. He scores.

It's sleek, it's crisp. Is that crisp vectoring or what?

I got them lined up like Rockettes.

You think Tina looks good lately? Too muscular.

We see her every day. It'd be like sex with your wife.

Extra-crispy makes me ill. I'll take them.

I want a side of berries. White toast for me.

Whatever toast you got. No butter, wheat toast.

I gotta start again. Not to worry there, Kim.

Everybody loses the picture sometimes. Take the weight off.

Don't worry, he bails us out too. She was gonna sit here.

Two eggs easy, crisp bacon, browns, wheat.

A 3-egg ham and cheddar, no onion, rye.

A 3-egg sunny, tall buttermilk...

...pigs, browns, double white and side berries.

Move it! Strive for greatness. I'm a restaurant critic for The Times.

Pardon me. Would you join us until something opens up?

We'll wait. My mother'd be ashamed of me sitting.

She'll have a heart attack if I tell her.

I think it would be okay.

How you doing? Good.

Come on, now. Part the Red Sea. Have a seat.

Thank you. Barry, Ron, Ed, I'm Nick. You are?

Karen. Nice to meet you.

I'm Beverly. Hi, how are you?

Thank you. You're welcome.

I'm married.

You were about to attack him, huh? Do you work together?

We're in aviation.

Pilots? How can you tell?

I drive a plane.

What are they doing? What are they doing? Karen?

You're safe.

We're air traffic controllers. So you work in a tower somewhere?

No, we work in a big building on the island.

A TRACON. A what?

Terminal Radar Approach Control.

It's not near an airport. We funnel planes through New York.

Tower turns you over to us. 7000 a day.

More planes closer together than any other place.

It's true. It sounds tough.

It is. I don't know what the big deal is.

Seems to me like you just sit around talking on the radio.

It's much more complicated than that. It's complicated.

This job can be a bit stressful... Stop saying it's stressful!

Hey, baby. Hey, honey.

You hungry? No, we ate at Ted's.

Lipstick. Where are you going?

School, to talk about Nicky's attention span.

What about it? Apparently he doesn't have one.

How do I look?

Do I look parental and concerned?

You look great. Maybe I should go too.

That's okay. I can handle this.

I want you to stay, get some sleep. Sleep is boring.

I worry about you.

Do you have to go right away? Why?

Oh, that feels good.

Will you at least hurry back?

From what? The attention thing.

Save it, honey. There's a casserole in the...

In the fridge. Fridge.

Be fast. It'll be like it never happened.

We need one of those chairs, the things that the old people have.

Yes, I'll be right there. I'm...

I'm sorry, Sister Beatrice.

Yes, I understand. I'm sorry.

Yes, I'm very sorry. Yeah, bye-bye.

I hate conferences like this. I always feel like a failure as a parent.

She's a nun. They're very unhappy people.

I'll help with his homework. Only when you work days.

He'll be a third smarter. You work days 12 times.

It's not a third. Like what? 12 into 31. It's like...

I've got my art class tonight. What are you talking about?

The adult extension class, Drawing the Human Form. I told you.

You know, I just...

...I need to feel a little more...

I need to have a life of the mind.

Will there be lots of bare-assed guys? No.

They come later. That's why you're doing it.

Do you think it's a bad idea?

No, I think all that stuff is good.

Whatever makes you happy, you know?

You're happy, aren't you, Connie?

Yeah. Sure.

What a funny old question.

This is the radar to show us all the planes over New York.

Kennedy, La Guardia and Newark are all within 20 miles.

7000 flights take off every...

What are you doing? Let it go.

Okay, guys. Right up here.

Cute kids, Pat. They all yours? In the past, I laid my share of pipe.

Each of these blips is an airplane. Mind stepping off the rubber?

Did you know that an air traffic controller...

...is responsible for more lives in a shift...

...than a surgeon is in his life?

It looks like a computer game. This is no game.

You make a mistake here, there's no reset button.

Don't touch me.

I hear controllers have the highest rates of depression...

...nervous breakdowns, heart attacks and alcoholism.

Don't forget suicide, kid. He always researches our field trips.

He's been online since he was 4. Pat.

What? Take them somewhere else.

Okay, this way. Here we go.

Controlling air traffic's much like conducting an orchestra.

Mr. Feeney used a metaphor. Can you say "metaphor"?

That wasn't a metaphor. That was a simile. "Laying pipe" is a metaphor.

I got a departure, he didn't tag up.

What did you give last? 28 and 8.

Climbing to 8? I don't see him. There!

Turn him left!

I don't see his prime! Turn him.

Turn him! I'm not seeing him!

I don't see him. Right there.

He's got no data block. Is there gonna be a crash?

Get these kids out of here. Come on, kids.

Econojet 2166, traffic at 2:00. You see him?

That's a negative.

Correction. I see him! He's headed right at me!

2166, immediate left turn heading 070. Expedite!

Immediate. Roger.

They're in pieces. No, please.

Econojet 2166. Left turn expedited.

I told you to turn him! Go, Ronnie. Go, Ronnie.

Knock it off! Big guy.

Nick, plug in. Why are you upset? Nobody got killed.

Wasn't a squawk. Not my fault. It's okay.

There's a Jetlink... I got the picture.

There was no squawk.

We're waiting for you in hell. How about a wet one?

Kiss it. There was no ident.

Oh, no. It wasn't my fault.

Get back to your scope.

You're done. You're through.

Econojet 2166, reduce speed to 170 knots.

Jerk! Can we use the street too?!

It looks like I wet my pants. Fuck.

That's what I'm talking about.

Continental 1250, turn left 130.

Continental's lined up. Jetlink's in fourth.

This looks like a parrot cage. You're almost molting.

See you.

Come on! Sorry.

Jetlink 3596, reduce speed to 190 knots. Fly heading 090.

Lots of dinks for a weekday. Let's fly up close to them big jets.

- Sparta 753 for Newark approach. Hey, Sparta 753. Is this Jethro?

How's my favorite redneck? - You mocking me, son?

Before you run out of cornpone or whatever you use for fuel.

We wouldn't waste good moonshine to fly.

Am I supposed to find New York by the smell?

Sparta 753, turn left heading 070. Maintain 2000 till localizer.

Cleared ILS runway four. - ILS runway four.

Let's get dinner. I wanna see if you're as ugly as you sound.

I'll find a place where we don't need shoes.

Is your pig there or are you sleeping alone?

Can I have your attention? Turn off your scopes.

This is the new man. This is Russell Bell.

Russell's worked Albuquerque, Denver, Phoenix.

He's wanted in three states.

This motley group does the impossible: Make me look good.

Setting up a tailgate for the Giants game. Meadowlands. Who's in?

Who's up for it, huh? It's...

You're all business.

Okay, let's get Russell checked out ASAP.

Welcome aboard, Bell. Get you started on your paperwork.

What's that? Who cares, if he makes the cut.

That is one man closer to my getting a quiet job upstate...

...seeing a shrink with big tits.

At least we know when he's here, he won't be robbing our homes.

I don't know. I think he looks kind of interesting.

You'd like to bring him down your main runway?

Go die.

Like a wholegrain muffin?

That kind of interesting? Hanging left today?

Jetlink 2946, your company traffic's at 3:00. Slow down to 180.

I am at 180.

Correction, 160.

I heard of this guy. I got a buddy in Denver...

...who mentioned a weird guy who was the best controller.

In the sticks. Till you hit five, living is easy.

If it's him, I also heard he's crazy.

He stood on a runway and let a 747 fly over his head.

What for?

To understand what wake turbulence felt like.

That's bullshit. That's bogus.

We allow five miles between planes for wake turbulence.

That's what I heard.

It would've killed him. You've seen him. Sure it didn't?

Hey, Russell.

You've met Ron Hewitt, our very own Emily Post.

Let's go, smiley.

Nick Falzone. I'm called "The Zone." Shake it like you mean it.

So we're going out after work for a few drinks...

...a few laughs. You wanna join us?

You don't say much.

Trudy, hit us up. Bring us seven shots, will you?

Russell, word is you're a good controller.

What's the most planes you had to handle?

I didn't have time to count. Why? Our washout rate's a mere 50%.

We wonder if the new guy will go wacko when cornered.

And you will get cornered here.

Don't unpack.

I just move them around so they don't collide.

I felt that way, but they're human beings.

Kind of dampens it. Nobody told me that.

One more round, then I'm cutting you off.

They test you, you're blowing it without my help.

We heard you stood on a runway in New Mexico...

...and let a 747 part your hair with wake turbulence.

That happen? No.

That's what we thought. No, that was in Arizona.

You really did that?

Why? My life was short on excitement.

Of course, all that's changed tonight.

I'll get the tip. No, we'll flip for it.

Nope. On the quick, you ready? Can't we flip?

Everybody take a match. I hate this! Why do we do this?

Reindeer games. Got it? Strike on the count of three.

Wait, wait, wait. I'll count.

One, two, three.

First one to drop it pays the tip. Wait, mine's burning faster.

Mine's burning faster. Another conspiracy.

It's burning faster than yours.

Shit! We'll see if Ron owns a wallet.

I own a wallet. It's not fair. It's cheap matches.

Guys, Ron's paying.

Game's over, guys. Come on.

You guys, what are you doing?

I guess that's it.

I guess I'd better get out of here.

Jesus, what was that all about? Nothing.

Hey, Tommy, Dr. Freeze is back.

Tina, guess what?

Dr. Freeze has returned. I'm coming.

Ed, Dr. Freeze is back. He's working with a new therapist.

Five dollars says he gets to the scopes.

Dr. Freeze is back to try it one more time.

Who's Freeze, Tommy? Who's Freeze?

He froze up on the scopes so bad, they took him out in an ice-cream bag.

It's a big sky. Lots of room.

They won't hit. Lots of room.

It's a big sky. Lots of room.

They won't hit. Lots of room.

There he is! Morning, doc!

Good to see you.

All right, doc. Come on down.

Lots of planes waiting out there, doc.

Come on, doc. You can do it. Come on, baby!

Lots of sky.

Lots of sky. Looking good, doc.

United 2417... On approach.

...climb to 4000.

You got it. It's yours.

One, two...

I don't know, sir.

Lots of sky! Goodbye!

Give me the money!

I had the door. You had the doorway.

What's the difference?

Two inches from the door. From there to there...

Not to worry. How's it going?

I got to the door. Way to go!

That's your best since you went down. I got hypnosis to thank.

Good to see you. Come back soon. You too.

You're an hour late.

USAir 2166, turn left heading 120. Altimeter 2992.

I'm up to my ass in airplanes... Roger. USAir 2166.

Looks frightening, huh?

Continental 2591, contact tower 118.3. Take care, thanks.

Brought your chair with you. Yeah.

Is that a good-luck charm? I thought you were busy.

Continental 2735, caution wake turbulence.

Contact tower 118.3. Thanks.

Got you, 2735. Good day.

Okay, chief, slide on in. Let's get you all saddled up.

Delta's due for a right turn. Jet... I get it. I got the picture.

Delta 532, turn left heading 140, maintain 4000.

- Was that 140? You'll be right up his butt.

Delta 532. Up his butt.

Jetlink 3601, fly south heading 180. - Jetlink. 180.

Eagle 4912, descend to 4000. - Five to four. 4912.

You got two airplanes headed towards each other.

Yes. You gonna turn one?

After I put the Jetlink between them. You wanna be in the paper?

If I don't, everyone loses the connections. Delta 532, slow to 160.

Continental 2478, slow to 140.

Jetlink 3594, increase speed to 230. - Did you say 230?

That's right. I need it now. Come on. Pedal faster.

2478, traffic at your 10:00. - We've got him in sight. 2478.

532, verify visual contact with 2:00.

That's affirmative. He's hard to miss now.

What's the problem? He almost put three planes together.

They had visual.

These two planes are going nose to nose!

Continental 2478, turn right heading 060, slow to 140.

Delta 532, slow to 160. - 160.

Continental 2478, descend to 3000. - 2478.

Delta 532, make a hard left turn heading 090.

It's too steep a turn.

- I'm gonna kiss my tail. Make the turn or I'll spin you.

You'll land nice and easy sometime before Christmas.

Left heading 090. Delta.

Delta 532. Scary, but I must say, good job.

Thank you very much. Good job.

Nice talking to you, Bill.

Yeah, you too, Nick.

Nick, come on in. Come on, boy.

Come on in. Jeez. Take a seat, pal. Go ahead.

I called the traffic manager about Russell. He sent me this.

Watch it again! This is funny stuff. Play that again.

Do you believe that?

He's a fucking cowboy. You know that?

It's funny you should say that. They told me he's part Cree Indian.

He's a half-breed. He doesn't fit.

There's an aluminum shower in his future.

Passenger safety is our highest priority.

Keeping them alive is second to keeping them on time.

I know he brings them in steep and tight.

But those airlines won't be on my ass about delays...

...while he's on the scopes. He pushes tin.

So, you gonna sign off on him or what?

Everyone likes him, I like him too. Everyone loves him.

What's not to like? Exactly.

Ask all your buddies down there, all those guys.

Let me tell you something, Pat Sajak. I say the guy's a loose cannon.

Takes one to know one, Nicky.

Take a dog. I'm gonna run out of burgers.

Damn it!

I left a note to use alternate climb-outs.

Who's on departure? Probably Harrison.

Harrison, you asshole!

Every 747 tomorrow will blow his roof!

Well, at least it drowns out Falzone.

You believe he's never had a lesson? More beef, Todd?

My grandmother made sweaters. You remind me of her.

Thank you. No, I don't mean it badly.

I want you to make me one. Would you make me one?

Thanks. You're welcome.

A red one? Lf you want.

Barry gnashes his teeth while he sleeps.

Ed did that until he got this jaw clamp.

Does it work? Very well.

He's gone through three.

Is it expensive? It's worth it.

Turn angry postal workers into a fighting force.

Discipline would be a tall order...

...but it would be perfect for kamikaze missions.


Hi. Welcome. I'm Ed Clabes. This is my party. You're...?

She'd make you pay for it. Shut up.

Real nice job. How are you doing? I'm Crystal.

Zone, give me a beer. Put them back in their holsters, boys.

That's Russell's wife. Russell's got a wife?

You invited Russell? Julie said he sounded interesting.

Problem, Nick?

We get liquored up alone. It's a tightknit group.

It might upset our balance.

What's she doing with him? He's got her parents tied up.


How are you? We were just talking about you.

Zoner, get the man a beer. Coming up.

I don't drink. He doesn't drink.

I met your wife. Very nice lady.

Why don't I show you around?

Let's go. Thanks so much for coming by.

Glad you worked that one out.

She's coming this way.

Act like you could give a shit. Relax.

Nick Falzone. Hi.

Maybe your husband mentioned me. Right.

This is Barry and Ron.

Could I have a vodka tonic, please? Sure.

Move out of the way. It's the perfect accompaniment for burnt steak.

Honey, I need a refill. Hey, muffin.

Hello. I'm Connie Falzone. I just met your husband.

I'm Crystal. Nice to meet you. Oh, hi.

Have you met my husband, Nick?

No. Let's try that again. I'm Nick.

Here he is. I'm here all week. Nice to meet you.

So, Mary, do you have children? No, I don't.

You don't?

No, please, come and sit down. Jeez, Louise!

She does a nice job for us. A fine job.

My God.

All right, game, game. Free-throw contest.

I'll start. Okay.

Get a room. We're having a free-throw contest.

Oh, come on.


Very nice. One!

You know how it is. You ask where he wants to go for dinner...

...and he goes ballistic.

"I make 800 decisions a day. You could make one tonight."

God forbid you make the wrong one. Because they never are.

They can't afford to be. Always sticking up for her husband.

Don't forget. Connie's a first.

Mary, what number are you?

I'm sorry. Number what? Which Mrs. Bell?

Tanya and Crystal are seconds. I'm a third. Linda's a fourth, right?

At O'Hare, my best friend was a fifth.

Or that's what she put away every night.

It's not that funny. Come sit down.

Seventeen! New record for The Zone!

Too bad. Too bad.

Ladies and gentlemen, world record! Seventeen, Nick Falzone.

It's a natural gift. Anyone wanna go through the motions?

I'll go. Russell Bell.

What's important is that Ed came home with $100,000 last year...

...and he barely finished school.

Even after we save money for the kids' college and Ed's breakdown...

...it's still a good chunk of change. Well done.

Excuse me.

Oh, by the way, I'm a first.

Well, she's not gonna be the last.

Think they're real? Lf they are, we'll have to kill her.


You trying to take my job?

Sorry, Barry. You the bartender here? Nick!

Nick. Nick, third time. Nick!

I'll make you a tropical drink.

You'll feel no problems. What makes you think I have problems?

Everybody's got problems, don't they?

Is this the biggest glass? I could find a bucket for you.



Nice talking to you. Sixteen!


That is 18! That is a new record!

I wanna go home.

We're leaving. You'll get your winnings tomorrow.


$100 says you can't hit it from there. Come on!

All right, 50ยข. You said $100.

I did say $100. You don't have to.

He's a gambling man. Come on.

You could do a three-point shot.

You were very close.

Close enough. We'll call it even.

You either make it or you don't.

See you. Thanks a lot.

Yeah, see you Monday.

Okay. I'm gonna shoot. I'm gonna shoot.


Did you have a good time? Yeah. Did you?

Yeah. Good.

What'd you think of the Bells?

I don't know. They're all right. She's a little standoffish, but...

You know, I think she's a bit of a sauce monster.

I think she's insecure. Maybe.

Though she's very, very pretty.

You're prettier. Oh, gee. I don't think so.

No, you are. Anybody says different, I'll chop them into ground beef.

Will you?

You're my guy. I know how to talk, right?

Yeah. Not bad.

What do you think of him? He's weird, isn't he?



He's sort of...


Eagle 4912, do not exceed 150 knots. I'll give you a spin.

Jetlink 3889, can you increase to 190?

No problem. 3889.

Northwest 3518, descend. Maintain 2000.

I have a hole. I need a plane. We can't get them all down at once.

Where's the hole? Here. Can you get me one?

You got it. Go ahead.

744, cleared ILS runway 4. You're clear for approach.

1783, descend. Maintain 5000. I got two more heavies.

I'll take them. Here.

1698, traffic, 12:00. Do you see him? - Will look.

Keep searching. Inbound speed 160. Now, 1698.

Easy. I want an airplane!

Where? By the United!

You'll have to slow that 747. I won't slow...

747's with Russell.

United 3426, you have traffic at 3:00.

Continental, heading 141.

Maintain 3000. Turn left 120. What's Bob got?

This guy's got... What's he doing with that Delta?

I want the Delta. Kennedy rerouted a JAL heavy.

I got it! You don't have space.

I got a hole. I gotta take it now. Where's the hole?

Behind the Delta. He'll bounce around but I'll get him down.

He's got no hole.

It's a hole. Gentlemen, please.

Bring the Japan in. I'm telling center to slow them.

This is nuts. It wasn't a hole.

It was. Was not.

Yes, it was. It wasn't a hole.

It was. He's in it.

Ladies! It's a hole.

Can we direct some traffic?

You wanna come with me? Where?

Doughnut fix.

Yeah. Let's do it.

Don't get any greener.

Get out of the road!


Oh, good. It's open.

I want a croissant. Croissants are bread.

Croissants are pastry. No. Pastry's sweet.

Not all of it.

They don't have croissants.

Mrs. Bell?

God, please take me now.

Is there anything I can do? No, I'm fine.

Is this man bothering you? What did you say?

Go away. Move it. Go battle evil on aisle 12.

You have no idea how I hate this. What?

Men feel superior when women cry. I don't. I cry all the time.

You do? I'm famous for it.

I've never cried at the supermarket.

I cry at old movies, songs, weddings. I cried like a baby at my own.

Where's Russell tonight?

Gone. He's gone where?

I don't know.

He takes off on his motorcycle and says he'll see me tomorrow.

I understand.

No, you don't understand. That's not it.

Men aren't the only reason women cry. He's nuts for leaving you.

That's just Russell. It's just something he does. All right?

This is what I have come to do. Discuss my marriage...

...in a supermarket with a fucking stranger. Goodbye, Mr. Falzone.

Mrs. Bell?

God! What?

Listen. I know this great, I'm talking great, Italian restaurant.

It's a family-owned, local joint. Best things aren't even on the menu.

You're asking me out? No. My wife has an art class.

I hate eating alone in restaurants. It's a humanitarian gesture.

You should eat before you hit that vodka.

Whatever I order will be on me. It's all right. We'll get you a bib.

Tell me something. Are there people who find you charming?

Well, they pretend because I try so hard.

He's fantastic, yes?

Here you go.

Come on. See, that's a nice smile.

First time you used it?

I'm really not as big a bitch as you think.

I've formed absolutely no opinion of you.

So who are you? What do you...?

What do you like to do? Do you work?

Yeah, I do. I'm a social worker.

Is that right?

I took some classes, but I can't even get volunteer work here.

Nobody in New York needs any help. No, we're all doing fine.

Cheers. It's better than the frozen food section.

I never get drunk. I drink a lot. I got the constitution of a walrus.

Do that thing. Put your hand up there. Yeah, see?

That's definitely your evil side. It's an angel.

You like the evil one. That one's bad.

It's got a nice Dorothy Hamill vibe going.

So besides getting tattoos, what are your hobbies?

Everybody's good at something. I read.

You like to read? Fiction, romance stuff?

Sure. Well, that's fun.

Tons of fun. And I grow things.

Pardon? I grow things.

Flowers? And plants, usually.

Some flowers, yeah. Just...

That's nice.

Wanna know something?

I was crying in the supermarket because I lost a plant today.

My fuchsia hybrida voodoo died this morning.

I carried that plant on my lap all over the country.

It was like a pet.

I'd take it into every bedroom and put it by the bed...

...and it'd make everything feel cozy and familiar.

Now, what, you think I'm crazy?

I think you're a very intelligent woman, who is in a new city...

...who is lonely and a little scared.

I love my husband.

I love my wife.

Here you go. My best Barbaresco.

Goddamn it, I'm in love with you. I'm in love with you too.

Enzo, when you love somebody, it's no good.

He's gonna go sing now.


Thanks for eating with me. Thank you.

Hope you had a good time. I did.

Good. I did.

Be all right getting home? You've had a lot of wine.

Want me to follow you? No, I'll be fine.

No Russell at home, no fuchsia hybrida voodoo.

Hey, you remembered.

It's my job, listening and remembering things.

Yeah, I'll be fine. Okay.

Then I guess this is good night. Good night. See you around.

I've had quite a bit of wine. You should follow me home.

Well, good night.

I'm so sorry.


I wasn't talking to you.

Who were you talking to?

God, I guess.

Do we go directly from afterglow to shame?

Russell's not gonna come in here and burst in on us, is he?

No, he's usually gone all night.

How do you know? Where does he go?

I don't know. I mean, don't you ever ask him?

You're really interested in Russell, you know that?

No, no. What do you mean?

Can I ask you something personal?

Whatever we do, let's not get personal tonight.

Have you ever done this before?

That is a truly horrible question.

It's the first time I've ever cheated on him.

I don't know why I did it. I didn't want to be alone and he's...

He keeps to himself a lot.

What time is it, anyway?

Hey, I better...

I better get going. It's getting kind of late, you know?

I got my wife coming back from art class and I don't know if...

Bye. Right.


...Mary, if we don't talk or anything...

...don't take that as a reflection on you or anything.

You strike me as someone who might take things...

Who might take that stuff personally. Don't think...

Mr. Falzone? Nick! Call me Nick.

What are the fewest number of words you can use to leave?

I see. Very few.

I want you to know I never planned on sleeping with you.

It was strange, and I enjoyed it and I'll see you around.

Hey, baby. Hey.

Wait. Come here. I wanna show you something.

Ready? Come here.

Did it in class tonight. J.F. K.?

You could tell? Looks just like him.

You know, I feel like I know him.

Yeah, we all do. That's an original Falzone. We gotta hang it up.

I'm gonna hit the shower. Guess what?

I had a hot date tonight. You did?

With who? Listen to this.

I run into Mary Bell at the supermarket.

She's crying. She had a nervous breakdown.

Her plant had died. Some craziness, right?

So I took her to Enzo's. Enzo's?

That was nice of you.

Russell split town on her and she was having a nervous breakdown.

Sweet kid, so I just sobered her up a bit, you know?

It was real nice of you.

Well, I didn't know... I should call her.

Have you seen Russell around anywhere?

He was here a minute ago. Yeah? How did he seem?

What do you mean? How did he seem?

I'll give him a complete physical the next time I run into him.

- Hello. Hey, honey.

Great. Nicky, what's up?

You wanna have dinner tonight with me? Relax a little together?

Sure. Okay. At Enzo's?

No, someplace else. - Where?

You pick. - What's wrong with Enzo's?

- Bad experience with Mary Bell? It would've been better with you.

I mean, Enzo's would've been. - Right.

They treat us better when we're both there.

- I hadn't noticed that. Right. Enzo's it is.

I love you. - I love you too.

What's that racket? Enzo's getting good, huh?

Mr. And Mrs. Falzone. How are you?

I'm fine, thanks. Jesus Christ.

Mr. And Mrs. Falzone, welcome. It's so good to see you.

Your table is this way. Wanna leave?

It's Russell. Yeah, I know. I saw him.

Don't worry.

Is there a table by the window? Sorry. We're full tonight.

They should join us. Who?

The Bells. No.

Why not? This is a romantic dinner.

We're in that mode. Your husband has a beautiful voice.

Hi, Mary. Hi.

Nice to see you. Bruschetta.

Bruschetta. Nick, my friend.

Enzo. And Connie.

This place is filled with beautiful women.

You and Russell work together?

He's an interesting guy. And a beautiful voice too.

Thank you. I'll be back with the specials.

Would you like...? With little Nicky and the ADD thing?

Does he need Ritalin? Could he grow out of it?

Yeah. We've done all the allergy tests. Honey?

He's not allergic to chocolate or wheat.

I think he should be okay. Maybe some sort of relaxation.

Summer camp? He's focused on the ice.

He got cross-checked in the first period and he remembered.

Third period, he zeroed in on that punk.

He got a five-minute major. Very focused, tough individual.

Little man in a big man's shoes. You okay?

I guess their kid plays hockey.

You play sports? I bowled when I was an alcoholic.

Did it help?

This is ridiculous. What is?

Would you like to join us?

Well, not a drink, but...


I'd really appreciate it. Why not?

I wouldn't trade it for anything. That was a great way to grow up...

...with no electricity or running water or anything.

My grandfather was raised on a reservation in Oklahoma.

Is that where the alcohol problem began? It must've been hard, socially.

Not at all. We drink a lot.

I don't, but the guys at work do.

It's more a spiritual thing. Was that a problem at school?

What, liquor? No, being Indian.

Half. I'm sorry. Nick said...

No, don't apologize. I'm half.

Right. My dad's Irish.

Your mom's...? My mom's Choctaw.

Choctop. Choctaw. Not Choctop.

I thought you said Choctop.

My grandmother's Italian, and that's hard.

In the '50s... It's hard to be Italian?

No. I love it.

I don't speak it or anything. It was hard for them, the acceptance.

Tastes like chicken. They say that about crocodile.

My dear friends. We have many requests for another song.

Russell, would you do another for us?

Don't ever call me at work again. Don't ever go to Sorrento's again.

Fine. What do you need?

I told Russell.

You told him what? About us.

Why did you do that? Why would you do something like that?

What are you, fucking nuts? Why would you do that?

Tell me why you'd do... Are you sick?

Last night was a major moment in our marriage. We reached this honesty...

...and he shared something with me that was unbelievably personal.


Like I'm gonna tell you.

It was important I share with him in return.

You know I gotta work with this guy? We work together!

I know. It's okay. He's not upset.

Yeah, right!

He's all right about it. Bullshit!

You understand? It's never all right! I'm a man! He's a man! Trust me!

It's never all right. Ever! Ever!

He was moved that I was so honest. Oh, Jesus!

He surprises me. Maybe it's for the best.

Assuming that Russell doesn't shoot me in the eyes...

...l'll change. I haven't been the best husband.

I acted on the occasional wrong impulse. I've taken the detour...

I'm way too sober for this.

I wanna say something then you do what you must.

I must be losing my mind.

To do that to another controller is inexcusable.

It was 99% alcohol... You don't wanna hear that.

I don't even wanna hear it or say it.

Whatever we have to do to make it right, I wanna make it right.

So if you wanna take a swing at me...

...I want you to know, I wouldn't swing back.

Come on.

It's okay.

Have a seat.

Sit with me.

It's okay. Sit with me.

My grandfather said, "If you wanna sleep at night...

...don't marry a young, beautiful woman."

Well, I did.

A 40-year-old man, I married a beautiful 19-year-old girl.

I've learned to accept things. I know the dangers.

I've also been on the other side, the one following the little pink panties.

It's torturous. We're men. We can't help it.

It's not fair.

We have a huge burden on us.

Jesus, you're being incredible about this, Bell.

I mean, amazing. Really.

You're married to a beautiful woman. You should understand.

Connie? Yeah, Connie.

I mean, she's gorgeous. My God, she's gorgeous.

You must go crazy when men gawk at her.

If this happened to you...

...if you were in this situation, you'd understand.

You might not like it, but you'd understand.

I don't think I would. You might be surprised.

I really don't think so.

Human beings can tolerate a lot of pain.

You never know until it happens.

Hi there. How you doing?

Fine. Nick invited me for lunch.

It's a beautiful day for it.

With your complexion, you must get a great tan.

I spend 10 minutes outside, they have to do skin grafts.

Where'd you learn to sing like that? I'm sorry?

Your singing was beautiful.

My father. He was a professional singer, among other things.

What are you listening to? French tapes.

You're learning French?

I like to learn new things. Me too.

You speak it? French? Me? No.

I've always wanted to learn, though. They say it's the language of love.

I'm not sure how much I love it.


That is nice.

If you're interested, I'll loan you these when I'm finished.

That might be fun. What might be fun, sweetheart?

Hi, baby. Bye.

Hi, Russell.

Au revoir.

What might be fun, sweetheart?

What might be fun?

Oh, Russell? He's got French tapes he's gonna loan me. Be able to...

You barely know the guy. You call him Russell?

I know him. What's your problem with him?

I don't have one.

He's a lowlife, but that's his problem. It's not mine.

I don't like what he said about you. What?

He said you were attractive. Really?

He used the word "attractive"? Yes, he did.

What was the context...? The context was... I don't remember.

Right. That was the context.

I got 30 minutes. I don't wanna talk about him.

We'll talk about what you wanna talk about.

Does he call you Connie or Mrs. Falzone?

No, honey. It's "babycakes."

Tommy boy, I haven't seen you in years.

No kidding. What are you doing here?

I'm filling in tonight. Who for?


Where'd he have to go tonight? I don't know. He called me to switch.

Well, is he sick?

No, he sounded good.

Hello. This is the Falzone residence.

We're not in, but leave your name and number and we'll call you back.

How do you turn it off?

You there? You screening? Don't screen. Pick up.



Okay, talk to you later. Bye.


Let's welcome to tonight's Muscle Queen contest, three young ladies...

...whose mission it is to tone the whole body.

I don't know. I think she's screwing around with Russell.

Connie and Russell Bell?

Okay, what do you got? Nothing concrete. I got a gut feeling.

That's not... Connie's crazy about you.

Besides, only scum would screw around with another controller's wife.

There are exceptions to every rule. What's wrong with you?

And now, our first contestant, Miss Tina Leary.

I did something stupid.

What did you do? Like, really stupid.

I ran into Mary Bell at the supermarket.

She was upset over a plant. She was a mess.

Forget about the plant. You know how she looks.

I felt sorry for her. We went to dinner. We had too much to drink...

Okay, wait. You bopped Mary Bell? Did you?

Just once.

A controller's wife. I broke the rule.

At least you're disgusted with your behavior.

That's something, isn't it? It counts for something.

That'll teach Russell to take on more planes than you.

I think he's trying to... You're starting to worry me.

You're starting to worry me.

This job can get to people. Sometimes this job gets to people.

The universe tends towards chaos. What?

It tends towards chaos.

We're the last line of defense against chaos in the sky.

It can be too much of a burden.

You know? It can be more than the human mind...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I got it.

You're not screwing my wife, are you?

This is crazy.

Baby, you look so good!


What's going on?

Everything okay? Hey, buddy.

Run along. I need to talk to Daddy. Hey, Dr. T.

What is it? Sit down, Nick.

I've been explaining to the kids what it means that Daddy...

...won't be around anymore.

Hey, Connie.

Wait a minute.

Do you even wanna hear my side of this?

What's your side of my father dying?

It's a terrible shock. He's been sick for three years.

You're never prepared.

Don't worry. They can stay with Laura and Kevin.

But I gotta leave tomorrow. So I've left three casseroles...

You assume I'm not going? You never take time off...

I'll take time off.

I'll take time off. You sure?

I got these for you.

Are you okay? Oh, yeah, yeah. I mean, no, no.

Oh, my daddy's gone.

Was that French?


Did you say goodbye in French?

Yes. I did. That's lovely, Connie.

I'll never forget the first night I met him. He was a wonderful man.

He said he thought no man was good enough for his daughter.

Then he met me, and he was sure of it.

He said, "If you're not good enough for her, then no one is."

He had a sense of humor.

He spoke his mind. He wasn't devious.

He didn't sneak around behind your back.

He didn't ride around on a motorcycle.

I didn't realize you knew French.

I've been listening to tapes for weeks.


Russell Bell, he loaned them to me.

That was considerate of him. What is it with you?

At this time...

It's like you don't trust me anymore. What are you saying?

I read that when a person does not...

...trust another person...

...it's because they, themselves... They themselves what?

Are you turning this around so it's about me?

Is it, Nick?

Is this about you? What are you talking about?

You look me in the eye...

...and tell me you've never cheated on me.

Come on.

You want me to...

I'm gonna be sick. I'm gonna be... I'm gonna be sick.

This is not okay.

You are an asshole!

Capital A-S-H... Stop hitting me!

Asshole! O-L-E!

The captain, here. Shortly, we'll be descending.

The cabin crew will complete...

I know it's too early to ask you to forgive me.

But do you think you could someday imagine starting to think about it?

I just want you to know that if the situation were reversed...

...in my heart I'd forgive you. There's nothing to forgive.

What do you mean? Wanna know why? Because I did it too.

Russell et moi. We did the deed.

Le grand of freaky-frick. We went all over the house.

We went upside down. We went sideways.

We should have worn helmets.

What's going on? Didn't mean a thing.

No, this plane. I called. The TRACON's supposed to bring us straight in.

We've been informed there's traffic ahead at the airport.

They've asked us to delay our landing.

It shouldn't be long. We'll keep you advised.

Guess I get to spend quality time with my husband.

Who's on approach right now?

The captain's turned on the seat belt sign.

We're experiencing a few bumps. It'll be over soon.

This is crazy.

They don't even fit me anymore. Where are you going?

I need a drink of water.

The "fasten seat belt" sign is on. Sit down!

I'm with TRACON. Plane's in danger. Is that a threat?

The man in control is under emotional strain.

The captain's fine. You think the captain's in control?

Return to your seat. I need to talk to the captain.

Sir, sit down! Just 20 seconds.

Right now! Okay. All right. I will.

Captain! You are not allowed in there! Sir!

Return to your seat or... It's being put in bad...

This plane's being put in bad weather intentionally!

The controller has lost his mind!

No water? They had sparkling. I want flat.

You should've asked nicely.

I have to go to the washroom. You can't drink from the washroom!

I'm going to ask the flight crew to buckle in.

A little turbulence.

Captain! Listen to me!

I have the proper identification! I'm an air traffic controller!

There's an unstable man on the ground controlling this plane!

I gotta talk to the captain!

We've just been cleared to land.

Will you please just give the man a drink of water?

Sit down! I'll get it myself.

Thank you for your patience. Thanks for flying Dynajet.

...we're looking at snow at least until rush hour.

The accumulation is already five inches.

I need an alternate route in tonight.

Somebody on the scopes is about to go on mental health leave.

Airport conditions: One inch of hard-packed snow on all runways.

Runways cleared for three landings before replowing.

Tower advises visual range of 1/4 mile at 2000 feet...


Repeat, please.

Who is this? How...?

Hey, Falzone.

Were you on approach last night around 1:00 a.m.?

What are you doing? Wrong answer?

Nick! Knock it off!

What are you doing? Nick, come on!

Leo, we gotta talk! There's a bomb in the building.

What? A what?

We just got a call. There's a bomb. Well, that's a hoax.

It came in on the secure line. I just wet myself.

That was me.

Take out this place, and you close the whole sky.

The guy said it's good to go at 11:00.

What do we do? We clear the building.

We're stopping all takeoffs.

Central Flow's holding all incoming flights.

All we gotta do is land or reroute...

...every plane in our airspace within the next...

...26 minutes.

Listen. I know I can't ask any of you to stay...

...but I need two volunteers to handle approach. We can do it.

It'll be fun.

These guys are coming in with close to zero visibility.

The human body has a finite capacity for handling stress.

I don't mind losing my health, but I wanna keep my ass.

I'll stay.

Good. I'll stay.

Not him! Why not?

We'll talk later. Let Barry do it! I'm fine.

I like Russell's idea. Russell's on. Come on, clear.

Move away from the building.

Get behind the yellow tape.

Move away from the building.

Hold those people back!

Here's the bomb squad. I'm gonna get some answers.

Sir, how many controllers are in the building?

We got two.

Come on! You rolling? Okay.

There are two controllers...

...inside the threatened facility...

...who are frantically and very courageously...

...guiding aloft planes to safety.

Go to 4000. Turn right heading 330, speed 180.

Delta 2202, left heading 040. Maintain 4000.

No. I can't take any more unless fuel emergency.

Pull Delta. I can take it. Northwest 2442, Newark altimeter 2891.

3861, traffic below at 4000. What the fuck's wrong with you?

Eagle 49, proceed to outer marker, ILS runway four. Fuck you, Russell!

Turn, Northwest. He's in the turn. Go to two.

What did I do? Save it for the hearing!

You'll go down in flames! Kiss my ass!

United. That wasn't to you.

What is it? Enjoy your last session!

What?! Will you take that thing off?!

Give me my feather! You can't have it.

1361, you're clear for approach.

You don't need it! Give it to me!

Your luck's run out! Why do you take my shit?

You Riverdance motherfucker! Give me my feather!

It's mine. It's mine. You can't have it.

2297 to 6000. Here we go. 1077245...

Shit! Jesus Christ!

Switch over to the main speaker.

Continental 2130, 137 miles from marker...

I'm clear. Me too.

Gotta go! Now! Get out now!

Give me my feather! I don't want to talk about it!

Sparta Air 753 checking in.

Newark approach. Sparta 753.

Sparta 753 checking in. Anybody there?

Sparta Air 753.

It's Jethro. Sparta 753, do you read?

753, this is Newark approach. If you read, squawk ident.

He'll miss the localizer. He's below minimum.

Sparta 753, this is Newark on 121.5.

Sparta 753, Newark approach. Sparta 753?

753 has radio failure. Can you plug me through?

Shit. How about company frequency? Thanks anyway.

Communications are down.

What the...?

I'm gonna try the center.

Center, Sparta 753 descending. Needs a turn and a climb.

We can't reach him. If you can get to him, climb him to 2000. Thanks.

Godspeed, son.

753. I am not receiving. Ya'll get fired again?

Come on, Nick! Get out of there! Get out of there!

Get down, Nick! Get down! It's gonna blow!

What the...?

Get him out of there!

Get out of here!

All right. All right. Where's Russell?

He came out before I did! No, he didn't!

Operator, listen.

Connect me with Sparta Base Operations in Greensboro.

The pilot?

Who shall I say is calling?

Sparta Air 753, ILS runway four, left.

Everybody, get down! Stay down! Get behind the vehicle.

Get back, people. Down.

My God, he made it! Look, it's Russell!

Please! Stay back behind the line!

What happened? Are you okay?

After a search of the building, no bomb was found.

The call was a hoax...

...that put many lives at risk in the sky and in air traffic control.

While controllers ran for their lives...

...one man guided the pilots to safety.

Russell Bell, what made you stay as time was running out?

It's my job.

While the identity of the hoax caller is unknown, New York has identified...

Perfect. Perfect.

Come on.

Come on.

The kids and I are going to Felicia's for a while.

Come on, this is crazy. I left some casseroles in the fridge.

Put the suitcases away, okay?

I've lost you. I'm here.

This is not... I'm right here.

It's not all about the cheating, okay?

You know, I think that's messed you up more than it has me.

Put the suitcase down, sweetie. We used to be...

...so much in love, Nick.

And anything less than that, it just feels like nothing.

Do you understand? You're making a big mistake.

Do you understand? No, and you don't either!

Motherfuck... Why do I bother, you know?

You're gonna leave?!

Is there anything even in those suitcases? Connie?

You know I'm gonna make this up to you, don't you?

- You all work with Russell? I'm right there.

I said something good about you but it got cut out.

See the guy with the hat right there? Hey, sweetie.

I'll have a double tequila.

Russell's gone. He took off with that crazy wife.

- Russell Bell is a hero. I must say, I think he is.

We've tried to find out more about...

3451, turn left heading 060. Expedite!


What's the matter? This TWA got in my airspace.

He's got a data block. He was supposed to be at 5000.

Tommy, sit down for Nick. Sure.

Zone. I don't need him.

Let's go have coffee. It had to be an operational error!

You had a deal. Yesterday, he lands a zillion planes.

Today, he takes two and almost crashes them.

I'm going to work. I had a deal. So you've slapped my wrist.

Do the paperwork and let me get back. Why don't you take today off?

Go play with the wife. Just make sure it's your wife.


Who's ready? I am.

He's a go-around. Landing gear not green.

Also, focus here on USAir 4844 and United 2417.

Nick, are you all right? Are you on that? Are you on that?!

USAir 4844, descend 3000. What's going on?

2417, turn right heading 120. Correction.

2417, turn right heading 220. Resequencing for runway 04, right.

You want to pull the tapes? There's nothing to hear, so...

I want you to go home.


You get three deals in two years and then I gotta yank you.

Go home. You're dangerous right now. Just get some rest, Zone.

It's a slow day. We can handle it.

I'll come back in the morning. Come back when you're ready.

Front door's open. Hey, Barry.

Place looks great. Come on, have a seat.

See? That's an endurance contest.

Straight knockout competition.

They burn themselves with the sand and the cactus...

...and the magnifying glass on the nipples. But, see...

...there's no order to the torture. But that doesn't matter because...

...it's who's gonna fall first. It's a point or a demerit system.

But it's... That's what... What else can it be?

It's good you're taking time off.

You look great. You were getting tense there.

And that day you kicked Russell in the butt...

We can laugh about it. Laugh at what?

When you kicked him. He put me in a thunderstorm.

Is that what you think?

He had a medical emergency on ASR approach. He had to spin seven planes.

The guy had a heart attack. Russell got him down.

He did a hell of a job.

Leo, it's Nick.

Yeah. Great, great. Do you have any idea where Russell went?

Where did he go?

Operator, I'm trying to trace a friend in Colorado.

Mr. And Mrs. Russell Bell. Yes, Bell.

Meadow Creek, Colorado. No, I just need the address.

You caught one!

Let me take a look.

He's a big one. You caught Moby Dick. Good work.

Why'd you let him go? He wasn't big enough?

He knows I caught him, and so do I.

Don't quit on my account. It's too cold anyway.

I called your house and Mary said you'd be here. She sounds good.

She said to tell you, "See? I told you Colorado wasn't far enough."

That's what she said. What are you doing here?

Do I need a reason to see my good buddy?

My life is shit.

Connie left me. She's my high school sweetheart.

15 years, I never forgot an anniversary or her birthday. Just wedding vows.

And I miss the hell out of her.

I had two deals in one day, in a half-hour.

One more and I'm gone.

All the way gone.

I keep trying to figure this thing out because...

...before you, I was "The Zone." Everyone thought I was the best.

Including me, most of the time. And...

...I could always keep my shit together.

You know, control things. Stay in control.

And I've lost it.

I've lost the reality of my reality.

And I want my wife back. I want me back.

I got me to blame for where I am.

Maybe not.

We both played this stupid game.

It helped my marriage and hurt yours. That's true.

There is a way out, but you can't think your way out of it.

Thought is your enemy.

I gotta think less. I had that thought, actually.

You have to let go.

Let go?

Let go of what? Let go of you.

What have you done for you lately? I'm not following.

Jump in. On the scopes?

No, in the water.

The river? Yes, jump in the river.

It's too cold for the fish, right?

You're thinking. If you jumped in, you'd be out by now.

What's the point? Jump in the river.

Jump in the river!

In the river? Jump in the goddamn river!

I'm going in! Good!

It's cold! Jump!

What's this gotta do with my life? Cleanse yourself of your sins...

...and be born again!

That kind of thing.

Bullshit, man! Bullshit!

Bullshit, bullshit! Bullshit!

I didn't come 2000 miles for acute hypothermia...

...and some Sunday-school lesson out of a fucking fortune cookie!

Forget it! You want me to go in? I'll go in!

It's too late. It's official! The results are in!

You're nuts, Riverdance!

I always suspected it, and now I know! Why did you quit?

Doesn't seem your style.

I left because I was afraid of one of two things:

Either I was gonna kill you or a plane full of Japanese.

Well, at least I got to you. You sure got to me.

Good luck, Bell.

You want your life back?

Do you really want it back? What's it look like?

Come on. Great. Fine.

Anything's better than that.

Where we going?

Let me put it this way. You'll wish you'd jumped in the river.

All right. What do I do? Brace myself? Should I relax? Lean in?

It's a 747 coming at you.

Clapping for Tinkerbell won't make any difference.

Don't you get it? To tightly hold on to sanity is insane.


To gain control, you gotta lose it. I can't hear you!

What was that you were saying?

Thank you.

Hey, how's it going, Zone?

Are you gonna stay for a while today?

Hey, that's very good news. Carry on.

He's here.

Good to have you back. The rest did you some good.

How are you? How you doing?

Good to see you guys. You look good. You too, man.

What the fuck?

What do you want to do? Where do you want me?

Where do you want to be?

Approach looks fun.

I'm impressed.

Kick some ass.

Tear them up, Zone. Lock and load.

Canadian 1160, reduce to 180. Traffic at your 11:00.

Hey, Pete. Hey, Zone.

What's cooking? You got three in trail.

The heavy needs a turn at 10.

And the overflow's closed, so you got a full plate.

One too many cups of coffee. Right.

Sure. Stay with it. I know you can do it.

What's my name? What are you talking about?

Come here. What's my name?

Come on.

No Fly Zone. No Fly Zone.

Not bad. Where's your money?

I had you getting to the headset. And then?

Anybody got me making it?

Nobody had me making it. Tina?

I was out 5 bucks when you left your car.

Were you?

I had you making it. Thanks, Ed.

I was the last one in.

Today's your payday.

Continental 2653, turn right.

Correction: Turn left...

...heading 28... Make that 260.

Traffic's at 12... Make that 1:00. That's my boy!

Nick, I won!

American 393, welcome to my sky.

Descend and maintain 4000.

USAir 2994, turn right heading 010 to join the localizer.

No, with Felicia in Wisconsin.

But, you know, it's all behind me now.

I'm on my way back to New York...

...to pick up my things and start my new life.

It's like I've been released from prison. You know? I'm...

I'm free...

...and I'm independent...

...and I'm facing the future alone.

I have the kids. I'm exhilarated. Tell me about you.

Steve and I are on our honeymoon.

You are? Yes.

That's fantastic. I'm... The captain would like to see you.

He would? Yes.

Would you hold...?

Now, just take a seat.

We wanted you to hear this. Control, could you repeat directions?

269, descend and maintain 3000, heading 160...

...if Connie will have dinner with me.

Oh, jeez.

- Or you're 23rd in line for landing. What?

We gotta talk, Connie.

Just press the button. I'm not gonna fight with you.

I wake up in an empty house, and I hear you and the kids.

I know you're not there, but I hear you.

I can't work. I can't concentrate. I can't sleep.

I look at the scopes and see you. - Could you confirm our heading?

Not until I finish. Have dinner with me.

Nick, I'm not...


Lunch at Enzo's, Thursday.

Come on, lunch at Enzo's.


I can't Thursday.


- I don't know. "I don't know" is good. That's fine.

I've never heard him talk like this. He needs you.

Please, just coffee? Give it a chance?

~ Return to me ~

~ Oh, my dear, I'm so lonely ~

~ Hurry back, hurry back, hurry back ~

~ Oh, my love, I am yours ~

~ Return to me For my heart wants you only ~

~ Hurry home, hurry home ~

~ Won't you please hurry home I am yours ~

~ My darling If I hurt you I'm sorry ~

~ Forgive me And please say you are mine ~

~ Ritorna me ~

~ Cara mia ti amo ~

~ Solo tu, solo tu ~

~ Solo tu ~

~ Mio cuore ~

~ Mio cuore ~

Thank you, captain. Runway 4 left cleared ILS, contact tower 118.3.

Connie, I've been thinking about this a lot.

My mind, it's like a broken computer.

- You take... Nick, would you quit talking?

What can you do?

- It takes a good beating... You're losing me.

- I think I'm ready. Nick, quit with the talking okay?

You're right. I know. Okay.