Puthiya Niyamam (2016) Script

Akshaya, are you still sleeping? Have to go to school.

Mom, I woke half an hour before.

'She is my mother Vasuki Venkat Mayuri.'

'Mom and Dad had inter-cast marriage'

'My mom learned Kathakali(dance) when she studied in Kerala'

'After that, she became a famous Kathakali artist.'

'I welcome you all for the 'Woman's time' show.'

'In south India, Bharadhanatiyam is famous'

'In Andhra, Kuchipudi dance is famous Like that...'

'Poor mom. She slipped inside bathroom and fractured her hand'

'I don't know how many among you'

'know about the Kathakali dance that takes place every month in...'

'...Bharat Kathakali Association. Usually...'

Hey, will you take a bath or not?

Don't make me angry.

Always playing...

Its time for your school bus.

'Because dancing is'

'not everyone's cup of tea.'

'It is not possible for...'

Get inside fast. Sir, greetings.

Bus was little late today.

Sister, what breakfast today? Same Idly?

No, Dosa... Get inside.

I asked you to wait. Mom, bus has come.

Hey Akshaya, can't you hear me? What mom?

Who wil take this ID card, irresponsible.

What are you looking at? Get in.

Good Morning, Vasuki aunt. Good Morning.

Good girl, give me the bag.

Leave me, don't touch. Carefull.

Hey what are you doing? Can't you speak without touching the girls?

Where is the servant lady who travel in this bus?

She is on leave today.

What I did sister? Shanthi sister, call the police.

We should not leave them easily.

Vasuki, children are late for the school.

Look at him. Sister, I did nothing ...

No need to say anything, first leave...

Leave... Why are you blaming me like this?

What happened to you Vasuki?

Why reacting like this for a small issue?

Do you think this is a smal issue?

If you have girl baby you will understand it.

'What happened to mom today?'

'I don't know why she changed like this'

'Its a big insult in front of my bus mates.'

'But my dad is not like her. He is a famous celebrity.'

This song belongs to which movie? Not song. Its an advertisement.

Ready? Yes.

Greetings, I welcome you all for the 'Movie Review' show.

Today we are going to see two movies which were released this week.

First, a young director who's name is Anandha Parameshwaran.

He directed '2 girls and 3 love story' a new generation film.

And John Soloman who directed the film called 'Love wil win' old generation movie If they copy scenes from some stupid Hollywood movies and claim that they are their original stories they think people will go crazy and make it a super hit.

That is a big misconception that our directors have.

'Box office.'

'This is the program which made my father a celebrity.'

'Not only in this show'

'you can see my father in night time news channel'

'Venkat Mayuri'

In his previous block buster movie, director used his heroin only for song and dance.

Even the same has happened in this movie.

Heroin has a role of admiring the hero's super power...

This is the character of the heroin in the unlogical movie.

'Love will win' movie didn't conveyed any new story and ended with hero's fight.

'And also he is a best sculptor too.'

'My mom is the main model to my Dad.'

'Not only that, my father is an Advocate too.'

'My father handles divorce case mostly.'

'So, my mom will bullie at my father by calling him 'Divorce Advocate''

'Good morning, Vizag!'

'In todays 'City Crawl' show we are going to speak about...'

'Deepika IPS who got transfered to Vizag recently'

'Vizag people are happy because of her transfer'

'Especially for women...'

'Because rowdies are scared of her...'

Hello Abhishek.

This is why we say should not marry the girl whom we love.

If she become our wife, she won't behave like our love.

Both has difference.

Hello, family is like a finance company.

Husband is Cashier Wife is a Manager.

If both have no adjustments, then the company should be closed permanently.

The husbands who all say their wives are so happy. They are liers.

No wife is happy in this entire world.

If you want divorce let me know.

Vasuki, the price of the vegetables have raised.

Is this onion or a precious jewel?

What happened?

Akshaya no need to travel in school bus anymore.

Why? Is Akshaya refused to travel in bus?

No, this is my decision.

You have to drop her in school daily.

Okay, then bus fee monthly 1000 is a profit to me.

Yearly, it costs 10,000... she have seven years to complete her school so 70, 000 profit... you are the perfect finance minister.

If you try in public election, you will win so easily.

After thatyou should not ask me any commission amount.

Let's buy a new car... Akshaya will be safe while going to school.

What safety lies in car?

Most of the accidents are happening for car users.

We will take a decision later.

There is nothing to discuss more about this.

My daughter's safety is more improtant to me.


Is one car enough?

[sanskrit chants]

Do you want me to do any worship for you?

I want a Chatra Samhara Pooja to be made.


Who is your chariot Vasuki?

Your mother-in-law?

'This is Kavitha aunt who stayed in our flat.'

'She is a news reader.'

'My mom doesn't even like her a bit.'

'My mom has a doubt on her whether she loves my dad.'

'This is the reason why my mom is angry on her.'

Where is Akshaya?

She was here.



Priest. Tell me?

Do you have any special worship for love?

Nothing like that.

Akshaya! Dear.

Did you see Akshaya?

I am looking at her from her childhood.

Why sudden doubt? Do you ask this Akshaya?

Mummy. You are here.

Come home will give you nicely.

Did you meet Kavitha? Yes, I met that non sense.

Chathru Samhara Pooja Which costs 30 rupees.

We don't get any slave workers in any country other than here.

God is really great.

If comedian Vadivelu convey the same comedy, you will laugh.

You will be quiet if I convey this.

Even this Venkat has some humor sense know that...

You bought a car in loan.

That is why mom is angry on you.

I have to buy in loan because she asked me to buy soon.

Now a days people buy a jet in loan and then they don't even pay properly.

But I won't do all that. You must know it.

I got loan and I will pay properly.

"It's the super hit song'

''Veedu aaradugula bulletu.' Listen and enjoy.'

I am planning to leave this Advocate job.

Rowdy field is always best for me. If I ask money, he gets angry.

Tell me if you want to murder anyone.

I think all my weapons are useless.

Hold on for a minute.

He owns a car but he travels in a bike, such a miser.

Good morning. Sir, you nailed yesterday's show.

You said that kissing story so easily.

Yes, I will say everything infront of media.

If you try to kiss after listening it, I will break your 32 teeth.

Do you understand what I am saying.

Go now.

Who has come?

Ramyakrishna and her mom has come.

Ramyakrishna! Yes.

According to Ramya, Madhavan is not a successful husband.


She ran with him and got married. I will tell you everything.

He is such a rowdy guy. He have money to buy liquor.

It's been one year since they got married.

Not yet he took her to Goa or Singapore for a holiday trip.

Ask her to answer.

He doesn't have money to buy a vanilla cake and celebrate on there anniversary Atleast once in a month he doesn't take her to textile shop and get her 10 sarees.

He won't do that also. What kind of husband he is?

Is he taken her to any cinema after her marriage? Ask her.

She will finish her work in hospital and work in kitchen for him.

So, do you sleep in the kitchen?

He need rice alone in night time.

Is rice good for health, will get diabities.

Rice is good. No one is dead who had rice and slept at night time.

Come to the point advocate sir.

Okay... Point number one.

She says her son in-law is a miser. Exactly.

No one is here to support Madhavan.

So I am going to tell you something about him.

And you should not mistake me.

It's not misery if he can't buy a big vanilla cake on his wedding anniversary.

It is not misery, if he cannot buy 10-20 sarees per month.

Don't insult him by calling miser as he didn't buy TVs for mother and wife, A person will drink who cannot treat his wife as queen and home as palace.

The husbands who worry like this will stay in front of Tasmac shop daily.

Give her... No need, I only drink juice.

Ramya, you have to understand your husband.

This world doesn't belongs only to the winning husbands.

Even the loosers have to live in this world.

You are a nurse right. Drinking liquor is a disease.

A nurse's duty is to cure the pation disability instead of avoiding them.

If you end your wedding life by listening to others, you and your husband will suffer.

I said what I want to convey. Then its up to you.

Sorry sir, I don't need divorce. Ramya, what happened?

Mom, please don't force me. Hey wait.

I cannot live without Madhavan. Ramya!

This is lovable wife and she is unaffectionate mother-in-law.

Hey advocate you will feel sorry for this.

I swear on God you and your wife will fight and get divorce.

It will surely happen. Hey move.

You sent the lady who came to give us money.

You made a big mistake. Now we lost a case.

And we gained her curse. Are you happy now?

I am the one who handled all three of her divorce cases.

Now she came to spoil her daughter's life too.

Some women behave this way. They are allergic to marriage.

Now someother advocate got new case.

Who's next?

An IT husband has come Gopalkrishnan to complaint about his IT wife.


Gopa... Krishna.

Ask him to come.


Mr Gopalkrishnan.

I want divorce, no worries about the money.

That's what we expect.

Sir will try to confuse you... Mr Gopalkrishnan, be steady.

I will be with you. Come...

I wish I had come here earlier.

"I'll show you a movie.."

Akshaya, where is dad?

Daddy is down. Along with Kavitha aunty.

"I'll show you a movie.."

"I'll give you food if you're hungry"

"I'll kiss you if you're in the mood"

Do you know what Venkat.

A boy who stay in Thiruthani killed his own mother. Come.

I got shocked by seeing the footage.

He must be a North Indian. Who said, nothing like that.

He is not North Indian. Our South Indian guy only.

A husband who doubt his wife, asked his son to kill his own mother After hearing this, the son killed her with an axe.

Head went separately Body mutillated.

Our Andhra Pradesh is the place where this kind of pure and honest people live.

People born in this beautiful place aren't simple.

Pandu have bought Kerala Lottery ticket.

Even you are here.

If the laundry boy doesn't come, even rich one shirt looks like a beggar shirt.

Because of Pandu's absence I have to wear crushed shirt.

Then I have decided, I have to leave this job for sure.

We will learn something if its needed.


She's gone.

Wife must listen to her husband. I leave now...

Leaving without ironing my dress? You itself iron well.

Then your colestrol wil get reduced.

Mr Venkat.

Shanthi sister, do you know to iron well?

Please listen to me I have read your entire case.

Its too complicated even harmful to your marriage.

Anyone will ask forgiveness in the first night room.

In first night room boy and girl should not rewind the past.

And not to forward. Only play...

Do you know the one who already aborted her baby will say in first night?

I don't even know all this I am scared now.

But you have said the flashback of your past love to your husband.

Madam, sometimes you shuld not say some particular matters to all.

Especially to your husband. Because they cannot bear the pain.

Why didn't you eat?

Sorry madam. I asked here.

While coming tomorrow please don't forget your purse and come.

They reduce the petrol price and suddenly increase, okay.

They spend more money for there marriage but not a single penny for divorce.

Dad, I have a doubt.

Does mother have some other connection?


She is thinking something all the time.

Even Einstein will think like this.

She will always think of you that how will you be in your future.

You eat her preparations and question her?

Should not ask any doubt.

What? Nothing.


I came to lock this gate. Dogs are disturbing outside.

These dogs bite Kavitha's scooty and also cycle.



Shall we go to Jungle book movie? My wife has to decide that.

No need to go anywhere.

This mom is too boring.

Akshaya, I wish you to get failed in atleast one subject.

They you will be my real daughter.

Dad can you tell me any three writers name in Telugu?

Teacher asked.

Mahesh babu, Allu Arjun, Pawan Kalyan.

Its a mistake that I have asked you.

'Rain will be heavy for two days in some places.'

'An important person has been arrested'

'in drug issue at 5 star hotel.'

'IAS officer Deepika arrested him immediately and'

'she said drug habit is increased among students and family woman.'

'She informed whoever uses drugs will be punished definitely.'

'In Vizag, she found drugs in five places in a week.'

Sir one emergency case, can I call them?

Yes... Srinivasan sir please come.

Sir, I am Salsan Srinivasan. Work in MTC as Diplo Manager.

Do you know Katta Bomman? Who is he sir?

You don't even know that? What to say sir?

I worshiped a lot and then my wife got pregnent.

Congratualtions, you are lucky I need to talk about that now.

Why are you wishing me sir. That baby doesn't belong to me.

How do you know that?

Vasanthan is a driver who travels in Thiruvanmiyur to Parrys route.

I was shocked that he use to have a final trip to my home.

When wil you reach home daily?

It will become mid night sir.

He leaves the house before I reach.

If you ask Chandran he will tell you more.

Who is he?

My house night watchman.

Hey where are you coming? Sorry, our watchman won't lie.

He wil come to duty sharp at 6 a.m.

He said everything to me And also...

Not even a small fraud incident will happen in our quarters without his knowledge.

I want Divorce sir.

Then I will find some perfect girl and marry her.

While I go back to home she must wait for me with so much of love.

Won't you drink Boost? Yes I need Boost now.

You understood me well. I know all.

Srinivasan. Sir.

According to you, you are an unfit layland bus.

I am uncondition volvo. Wife must have shyness, but she don't have.

No law said that shyness is must in marriage life.

Is this a theory, husband must be active partner and wife must be passive partner.

If wife gets active, immediately you will say bad about her.

Hey, will that night duty watchman will only watch your wife?

No, what I mean is...

In your imagination Vasanthan and Chandhan has been created.

The characters which you have created, am I right?

Look here.

How your wife's baby will call you?

As father... Then why divorce.

Madam, we found Raju's body over here.

Did you get any evidence in murder spot.

We found arm string.

This must be done by her brothers madam.


A girl must have killed.

Srinivasan, there is no need that all a goood wife should be dumb.

All wives will expect her husband to be a hero, atleast infront of her.

Tell me need divorce?

No sir, he is my son, I agree. Daddy...

You came so soon?

School principal expired, Vasuki is not in flat.

I called her, not picking it I don't know with whom she ran.

Is she your wife? Get lost.

Sir come with me can you tell me your wife number.

Why? A small work.

Why you need my wife number man?

I have not yet travelled in Volvo bus.

How he came to know that I am your wife, Venkat?

Still mom's number is switched off.

Vasuki must have informed to anyone while moving out.

How she will know that principal will expire at 10.30 Mom has some other connection dad.

Hey talkative. Don't blame or misjudge my wife.

Your dad is in connection with your mom.

Let us decide later whether she has connection or not.

If Vasuki has any connection Venkat if you're a fool, I won't accept you.

Have to take revenge Divorce Vasuki and marry me.

Get down first you monkey face.

Its a mistake that i gave you lift.

I just sat on the seat.

Get down and close the door. Venkat, I won't get a taxi here.

Its hot. Close the door.

Come by walk. Hey, I was just joking.

What is your problem with my wife? I don't like her.

She must have some basic knowledge right.

Eventhough she have not got degree.

She is an intelligent one.

That is why I became her fan. Always making fun.

Did you noticed, mom is not normal nowadays.

She will keep the room clean but now she keep all the washed clothes in my room.

My room is stinking so badly.

I don't know what happened to mom.

What are you doing? Terrace is there for drying clothes.

Go and put there Terrace is full.


Do your work... Why talking like this?

Then how I have to speak.

Terrace doesn't belong only to us.

Acrophobia. What?

I don't know how to explain you about the psychological problem.

They will be scared when they are in highest places.

There is no treatment for this? Its not a big problem.

If we start treatment for this, it will go unstoppable.

Everyone has some problem like this.

Don't say this to anyone and insult her.

Even you should not ask, okay? Okay.

I will drop you and move out Where?

Today date is 15th right she will be there.

I guessed when your phone is off.

I am sure you will be here.

I am hungry today.

Nothing is packed in tiffin box.

You might have informed me. Akshaya got scared.

Venkat, if you get a good wife, the home looks so beautiful.

Socratis felt his home as hell because his wife is not perfect.

Umargaiyam felt his home as heaven because his wife take bath in rose water.

I got a curse because my wife lacks bathing habit.

I can't go near her her mouth stinks so bad.

Get divorce for me first. Do you know who I am?

It's me...

Mandodthari Raghu. I know well about your case.

I am an advocate in court I am here for my wife...

Our special guest Deepika has arrived now.

'Story of Ravana in a dance performance. '

Lets talk about that later, Ravanan is waiting, go...

Okay bye.

'We request everyone to come and occupy the seats.'

We have identified the killer. We are watching her.

We will arrest her by tomorrow. Today is the only day for her.

Sorry, little late... Its okay madam.

Answer me Paul Raj, where is your Advocate. I cannot waste my time.

I want divorce.

Not only divorce I will get you tickets for second honeymoon.

I can understand what you say.

But I don't know how to start the case and where to start.

But I'll win in this case Venkat sir...

Coming Balakrishnan.

Gopal, sir should not know that you gave me money.


You go and look at the stage play.

What? Nothing much.

I already told you that I won't take this kind of cases.

Divorce case is our specialty.

Hey look.

It's not enough if you say in words that your wife is not perfect.

Court needs evidence. Do you have any?

First bring the evidence I will teach all the technologies to you.

Do you think I am a fool?

Never, you are a very intelligent guy.


Look, my wife video clip. Where?

My goodness. Bravo, what a clarity.

In which camera have you captured.

If it is captured in slow motion, will be perfecit.

This Krishnan is a best friend to me and my wife Kamala.

Kamala. Tempting name...

We all work in a same company called IT park.

Night shift for me... They both are in Day shift.

I started to doubt on her over acting that is why I fixed camera in the room.

Who is this artist? Kalakshestra Vasuki.

Normally ladies won't handle the Ravanan character.

Not even a man can handle this character other than Vasuki.

Look, how he betrayed me so badly.

What sin I did sir?

Some girls will consider this kind of things as a big issues.

They make mistakes not because of our mistakes.

Some will get as wife some as curse. Anyways...

I will handle your case. Venkat, let's move.


Come to my office tomorrow, lets talk.

Okay sir... I leave now.

Sir you understand my feelings right.

Yes. Thank you.

Mr Gopalkrishnan I said right sir doesn't like betraying wife.

Let this video be with me.

My mobile?

This is not mobile this is evidence.

Understand. We have to move the case by this video only...

Thank God we got the video. Mr Balkrishna...

The event place did not even have water to wash face.

Please stop talking I have headache.

I know why headache, PMS Premedical Syndrome.

All girls will have this kind of headache before periods, its usual.

This is the reason for 20% divorce in America.

As we adjust the problems even they do the same...

We are husband and wife. We are leaving after the program.

We are not wrong people. That you chase and stop us.

Congratulations Vasuki.

Ravanan was excellent. Thanks.

If you need any help you can call me without any hesitation my number is... I have your number.

Okay, keep in touch Vasuki.

Good night.

Don't make friendship with her okay.

She is such a Feminist.

She think of herself that beating men is the only fine way.

Deepika IPS...

'In this week show we are going to review about two movies.'

'First movie is 'Naidu Pettai' a horror movie.'

'Another is 'Both didn't study well' a comedy film.'

'If we look Horror movie, '

'its too funny If we watch comedy movie, its too scary.'

'We can understand one thing so clearly.'

'Directors don't have any original stories anymore. So they..'

I don't think she is a bad lady...

You are talking about whom?

I am talking about new DCP Deepika. You still think about her.

But you said she is like a man. That was so correct.

Tell me can we admire a girl with moustache?

Men are men. Women are women why they said.

If any gets changed from this then life will become boring.

According to men like me, a girl should be so polite and calm.

Like my Vasuki...

Leave me, crazy you are.

You are in the intention of escaping from me, what will I do?

Who is this, calling me in the night time.

Yes, my wife is a dancer Is this a problem for you.

Your problem is she is not a Christian.

That is why you don't even step into my home.

You don't want my wife but you need only your son, what? Property?

I don't want your properties.

I know how to take care of my wife and daughter.

Okay will talk to you later.

Going to sleep here even today? Yes...

Akshaya got scared last night too. Even I got scared last night.

Daughter's mother should not sleep with her daughter she must sleep with her father.

I am hungry for past one month. Can't you show me some love.

I have hip pain from past one month.

Good night. Have a pleasant sleep This will happen to a good worshiper You stay happy.

I would have born as a fish.

'The eyes which didn't see you are not eyes.'

'The thoughts which don't think you are not mine.'

'Though how many years pass...'

'We cannot forget this song.'

'This song was written by Vijay'

'I love this song'

'Only the one who fell in love will know'

'how love have changed them totally.'

'Shall I tell you something even I love someone'

'He is already married So what?'

'We should not love the one who got married.'

'According to love, its a pleasant moment.'

'If you need any help you can call me without any hesitation.'

'My number is... I have your number.'

Supriya, I need a good advocate. Don't say anything.

I can't adjust with him anymore. Okay.

Ma'am, the party which held near Kovalam, 4 girls where used drugs.

SI Shankar arrested all the Four girls.


There are so many girls who are below 15 years use drugs regularly.

And many house wives are involved in this.

I don't know how I am going to start the raid, from which home?

Whatever happens, I am going to take serious action on this.




'Where is he going in such a hurry?'

'Where he went?'

Brother, where is that black person Pandu's home?

We have dark skin tone so you call us black one.

Foreigners started color separation, its still in country because of you all I object this... I said by mistake, forgive me.

Take left and then right, you can see him.

Thanks a lot.

Hey buddy... Tell me.

You won Kerala Lottery man. Really.

Lottery seller Muthu said, you won 10, 000 Sure? Yes man.

Cut the call and come here immediately.

Will come for sure.

Okay. Bye.

Where is Pandu?

He's gone to his home town will be back after 2 days.

Can you iron cloths for us. No sir, union won't allow.

You all Antina Arcot cadets who we are selected from this school.

We are going to handover you a thing.

Its drug free Andhra Pradesh.

I think you guys can do it very well.

If anyone you know who use drugs in your home or your relatives or friends.

You have to inform us immediately.

We maintain details personally which you give.


Will you all inform? Sure ma'am.

Ramya. Ma'am.

Whoever it is tell them will talk to them later.

Yes ma'am.

Hello. This is...

Hello madam this is Kalakshetra Vasuki speaking.

Girls nature is to hide their problems with themselves however the problem is big.

My wish is no girls should be like this anymore.

Open your heart and react for it.

Consider me as your friend or your sister.

Tell your problems to me, I will solve your problem with confidentiality.

I am with you. Open up your mind.

In a right time and to a right person you have to say the problem.

Madam, some people make problem with me.

Who is that? Tell me.

Speak up. You are not alone Vasuki.

Come on Vasuki tell me.

They are two people.

Fish for sale... Red snapper, mullet and crabs.

If you cook fish which you buy from Raghu, it will taste so good.

Raghu is always so funny.

Go fast Vasuki, it will get over soon.

Fry my fish and taste.

It will taste so good. Yes...

Come, I was waiting for you.

It keeps on moving.

Look at this fish, its not a normal fish Its a hot fish.

Your husband can buy a fish which is bigger than this.

But instead of that, this Raghu's fish will taste so good.

Even a silent fish will jump after looking at you.

Any other? Next is fruit seller Subhu.

His way of speaking is not good madam.

Everyone looks at me in a wrong way.

Subhu, I will take care.

If you buy Subhu fruits, you will love it.

Try once, will taste so good.

You might have not tasted an apple like this before.

If you taste once you will start liking my apple.

If you taste Subhu's apple once you won't leave.

They know well that girls won't react immediately.

That is why they do all these non sense.

No one is there to question them.

If we say this to husband, we have to fight.

Finally, we have to take that blame too.

The person who faces all these will know the pain, sufferings.

You didn't stand against this at anytime?

What safety we have to stand against them?

All the women who live here have to live by not bothering all these.

We cannot speak up anything easily and we hide inside your heart and live.

Not only gas and vegetables are the problem.

Even this our problem.

No one is here to listen to the problems of the girls like me.

I will take care. Don't worry Vasuki.

No girl should be molested in this city. Rascals.

I am going to put an end for all these by today.

You won't get any problem. Be relaxed.

Ramya ask to arrange for the jeep, I will tell you where to go.

Hey advocate is coming.

What happened?

Police beat Subhu and took him in jeep.


Half of the apples which he sold has wax.

That's why police arrested him.

Okay I will make a call.

To whom you are calling? To our area Councilor.

We can get him out. Don't worry.

Can bring him out sir?

If we beat also he won't become good.

He must die sir. You are right.

Even Che Guevara said punishment is the only way for evil behaviors.

Who is Che Guevara?

Don't know him, that's why have to read bible.

He is just a Christian but not read bible.

He don't know who is prime minister.

Well said.

'Today, we are going to learn how to bake a cake.'

'Everyone likes cake.'

Have you heard about the girl's case who's name is Poornima Rao.

She killed her husband by feeding slow poison.

Do you know what kind of poison she used?

The vegetables which was nurtured by enormous poison.

And the food items are prepared by the vegetables.

The person who ate will die.

But no problem for the cooked person.

What should I do now? Buy fish from that Raghu.

If you prepare a hot and tasty fish curry for me.

I will finish the food first and then do rest of my work.

Understand? Fish seller didn't come.

Didn't come?

He will come daily right What happened to him?

It tastes something weird what fruit is this?

Police arrested Subhu. So?

Police arrested Subhu and fisher man Raghu is missing.

What is happening in this country.

What do we do with a man who sells coats wax on apples and sells them?

We should cut him into pieces like an apple.

I think I can't cook today Where did fish seller go?

Hello. Good morning.

Good morning. Hello. Secretary.

Our fish seller Raghu is missing.

He might have caught by other state sea army while catching the fishes.

I think your mouth wants his fish alone because of the taste.

He is such a crazy one.

Hello Madam. '- I am always with women.'

'I have solved your problem Subhu is in hospital now.'

'So, you just relax.'

Thank you madam. Thank you so much.

'Your husband is a very silent person right.'


If he comes to know what actually happened, he will kill them all.

'What happened like killing them.'


'Vasuki, I am a police officer.'

'You didn't tell me what was the actual problem.'

'I don't like the person who hide the truth.'

'I can't help you, I am sorry.'

Madam I...

'If you openly speak up your problem to me, then I can help you.'

'Consider me as your friend.'

'Tell me what happened?'

'Tell me.'


I am a Advocate's wife.

IPC 376 held on that day.

What you said?

Vasuki. Yes...

I am the one... who was its victim.

To be honest, before 14 days.

I am the person who was so happy in this entire apartment.

The happiness doesn't have any big reason.

'You are anesthetic.'

'I have removed your male organ.'

Vasuki, close her eyes.

Take off your hands mom. I missed the scene.

You don't have to see that.

They are showing so much of violence.

Have to be very careful with you too.

What story is this. Keep quiet.

I will give a rude review in next movie time show.

The girl who was born in Palayankottai and wished to work in California.

And worked as a nurse in Bangalore Her name is Malini, 22 years old, her love...

This Director Sripriya's

'Malini 22 Palayankottai' is a love failure story

'This is film raises voice over women's rights.'

'This movie clearly says what will happen' if a girl is molested and she gets angry.

'This is a brave try in Telugu film industry.'

'It is a very good movie'

'Greetings to Sripriya.'

Lie, what you said in theater last night?

Director Sripriya is a good friend of mine.

'Uncle, who will fill water into this?'

'Oh my God.'

'Instead of filling water in Coconut, '

'if you fill dams, we won't face power cut issue.'

I can smell the drugs. I feel this for so many days.

Maybe Akshaya?

New generation, we can't trust anyone.

Stop kidding, come with me. Lets check who is that...

Can you smell it.

How drugs will come here.

Do you know something, the drugs which grow here will be sent to foreign.

What we buy here are all useless drugs.

Not even a bit of cigarette is here.

I can clearly smell it. Go and check there.

No one is there.

Tell me frankly, did you tried Drug?


If you have not tried, then how can you recognize the drug smell?

My brother is so fond of drugs smell.

Me and my father suffered a lot.

Yes, he is specialist in drugs right.

I forgot that, now where is sir? Haridwar or Nepal?

Let him stay anywhere but someone is smoking drugs here.

I have doubt upon Shanthi sister's son.

Arya? He is a small boy and also teacher's son.

He won't commit mistakes.

Come with me. Have to meet mom by tomorrow.

Why can't you trust my words.

Shall I reply you in Rajini style, If I said for one time, its counted for 100 times.

How's it?

Vasuki sister's perfume smell was so good.

She has a fragrantt body man.

Get this.

It is enough for your mom if she sees son and grand daughter?

She hates me all the time right.

Yesterday daughter-in-law but today mother-in-law.

It is vice verse. You know all these still you both keep fighting.

Okay leave all that. I kept cake in that box.

I prepared for your mom, will she eat?

I will somehow convince, no worries.

I leave now...

Bye... Bye.

Sister if you have saree give me will iron and give you.



Me and Arya will leave by today evening to Goa for a film festival.

We can buy best liquor there.

While coming shall I bring one Fenni for advocate?

Get lost!

You by for you and your sister, you fool.

'He is Sudheer, brother of Kavitha who stays here.'

'Engineering student.'

'That day...'

'On that day...'

What pose is this remove the crown first.

I will inform to Shanthi sister. She has gone for the temple.

She will return by tomorrow.

They called me, but I refused to go with them.

Why should I go to temple when my God stays here?

Sister, what is the meaning of Vasuki.

Snake right.


That is why sister looks so beautiful.

The real serpent queen.

Its a perfect name.

What perfume do you use sister? Patra Right, Cleopatra.

Leave my way.

What happened sister. I said you to move.

Let your mom return. I'll tell her what you are up to.

Hey who said she is my mom?

She is the second wife of my father.

We don't have mothers. Sister...

Why you closed the door. Open.

If we move to Goa today, will come after one month we should not get bored so we need some hot memories.

Get rid of the clothes.

Hold her leg.

Pandu, open the door.

Pandu... Open.




Don't be so stubborn.

Come on, sister.



Where are you escaping?

Sister, soil will eat our body. Its not a mistake if men eat.

You please forget all this incident as a bad nightmare.

Forgive me Sister.

Where are you running?

Shut up!


Sudheer! Cover her mouth!

She's going to scream and get everybody's attention.

Put her on the floor.

Let me go!

Leave me!


Leave me.




Leave me.

Don't panic, we will handle you carefully, its not new for us You are the 6th person in this flat. Stop.

Leave. Hey do you know what is this?

If you try to shout, I will upload this scene in internet.

Grandma, do you know our flat looks so beautiful.

Really. Will your flat looks so beautiful than this house.

I will say, flat is not a safety one.

If any accident happens, you cannot jump and escape easily.

Nothing like you said mom. How was the cake Grandma?

Delicious, Mcrennet cake will always taste so good.

If I say the truth, you should not spit the cake.

The cake was prepared by your daughter-in-law.

I knew it when I tasted it. Why what happened?

Mom will forgive Eve who made mistake but not your wife.

Her only mistake is she loved me, nothing other than this.

Mom is ready to worship by hurting herself asking you both to separate.

Tell your mom whatever happens her thoughts won't come true.

In bible they said to show love to every living things.

Its not enough if you keep the bible on hands, have to read.

That's why I don't come here.

'After I got conscious, '

'I have come to know that they didn't murder me'

'That three persons crushed me like a paper and throwed me in dustbin.'

'I don't know how to wash this stain.'

'I felt ashamed to cry so loud.'

'Before my husband and Akshaya came home...'

'I first thought to commit suicide.'

'But if I die now.'

'The hungry dogs who bit me so badly will escape.'

'So I have decided not to die for any reason.'

'Why should I get punishment? I did nothing.'

'The one who should get the punishment for there mistakes.'

'They are them.'

'Only solution for this problem is.'

'I have planned to trouble them for the sin which they have done.'

'All three must diein a cruel way.'

'When my husband and Akshaya came home, I behaved like a new Vasuki.'

Tell me Sudheer, you took room?


Nothing special here.

Vasuki slipped in the bathroom floor. No, she is fine.

Not fracture and all.

Okay I will call you back. Bye.

Take care.

Sudheer has lot of humor sense. He said....

The advocate who get divorce case will face he divorce, is it Vasuki.

Hello, what happened Vasuki, why not speaking?

Want me to speak?

Snake rider will die because of his snake Thief will die while robbing.

Is this enough, or want more? What....

I am not aware of all these proverbs much.

What Venkat will get you while coming home Apple or Mango?

If he brings Mango, give me two. Vasuki...

I have a surprise for you.

Look who has come.

What happened to your hand?

I was taking a shower in the bathroom...

Nothing to worry she slipped in bathroom.

If you are careless, this will happen.

Stop that man.

She got hurt already and now you are scolding her.

I didn't come here for you. I am here to meet my daughter-in-law.

Beautiful house. You maintain so clean.

Vasuki, want to talk to you a lot come.

Venkat, no Kathakali for some days.

You are not angry on me right.

Is it paining badly?

Who said she is not a Malayali.

Remove the bidhi and look, she looks like a Malayali girl.

Then let us change her name...

Nice name but it won't fit for her.

From today she is our house owner.

Then handover the keys to her. I wasted eight years.

I should have come here already to meet you.

Venkat, after she gets cured, you should come to our home with her, understand.

Don't order like this. Mom, can you come here?

What happened to you suddenly? Vasuki did any black magic?

Even I lived as a daughter-in-law. I can understand her thoughts.

Because of my stubborn attitude I wasted eight years.

You can stay here for two days... No I need to leave now.

I will come later first you bring her to our home.

Okay have tea.

'I thought of celebrating the day '

'when my in-law accept me and come home.'

'But today...'

'I lost the pride of being her daughter-in-law.'

'I cannot be a perfect wife for him anymore.'

'Getting separated from him is the best idea for me.'

This is what happened madam.


'I can't even imagine it.'

'Vasuki, just give me ten minutes time.'

'Look, what I am going to do to them all.'

No madam, I am not going to handover them to anyone.

I have to kill all the three with my hands.

I have to kill with my own hands.

I am alive to kill them, that is the main reason.

'Hand over them to me. Law will punish them.'

'I don't like to stand in front of the reporters and media.'

'Vasuki, I won't say your name. Madam.'

'By God's grace they left the pen camera on the spot.'

'They both left town before 12 days to Goa.'

'Third culprit. That laundry person.'

'Where is he? He is gone to his native on the same day.'

'They both will come home for sure soon.'

'But I don't know when he will come back.'

'This is the right time to take revenge on them.'

'You have to stay with me madam. Not as a police officer.'

'As a sister.'

'Vasuki, court have to punish the criminals who made mistakes.'

'We should not.'

This is not the case which moves to court.

This is a case which I have to finish.

'Vasuki, what I am saying is...'

'I don't worship you only for my sake.'

'I worship for all the women who was affected by harassment.'

'Before they spoil another girl's life.'

'I have to take revenge on them.'

'For that you have to protect me.'

Parvathi madam you said you don't want to look at your husband's face.

Its been 25 years of your marriage.

Not only today, you don't know your husband's face before too.

You itself think well.

You know your husband's phone number, car number.

Bank balance also.

And also you know ATM pin number.

But you don't know where your husband have mole in his body.

If I ask, you will blink.

Husband and wife doubt each other because of this, many people's marriage ends.

I am here to guide you that you all have to walk upon the faith road with balance If I say this, you will say it as philosophy.

Okay I will send the divorce notice tomorrow, rest in court.

'In this world, their own decision is supreme judge for them.'

'I will stand with you, whatever your decision is.'

'You are not a single person. Revenge is the reflex.'

Whatever happens, my husband and daughter should not know it.

I trust you totally. '- Yes, you can trust me.'

'What you want to do to them?'

I want to kill all three. I just want that.

What are you doing still? If you sit like this, you will get hip pain.

Actually I was taking reference about the Nalandhamayandhi Drama.

You check that reference but you forgot this guy was hungry for so long.

Okay, you check it well.

Okay good night.

It has become her duty that she use to talk alone in night time.

'Hello.' Hello.

Madam will call you tomorrow. '- Okay.'

Hey, tell me. Still away?


I am getting calls continuously.

I was listening to a girl's suffering.

I am planning to close some case without filing it, what you say.

You are right.

When I listen to some girls complaint...

I feel like destroying all old laws and have to bring new laws.

There is no use of imprisoning the criminals who won't change.

Extreme justice is extreme injustice. Don't forget that.

Okay leave that come to the point.

What happened about that advocate matter.

I have spoken to a person, very intelligent one.

I will sms the number to you. Okay send I will speak to him.


You won 10,000 today will win One lakh maybe in future.

That flat is a lucky place don't leave it.

Okay, okay. Its all by God's grace.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten...

Vasuki sister is still happily going with her husband.

Master your position is okay Shanthi sister move a bit.

Brother, slitely move. Murli ready?



The best Teacher award which our Andhra Pradesh Government give.

This year Mr Yoganand headmaster get this award.

Lets ask what Yoganand sir wants to convey to the young students.

Tell me, sir. Greetings.

I am not only a teacher. I am a proud father too.

I am going to tell you all what I say daily to my son.

10% intelligence 90% attitude... is not the life.

Intelligence will take a person to a good place.

At the same time, attitude will spoil one's life totally.

Other state people need election authority in Andhra Pradesh or not?

Nice topic. If we do this, our channel will get good reach.

You just mail me who are all going to participate in this program.

Hey Pandu, where have you been?

Brother, I have Asthma.

I went to my home town to meet...

Hey Cut... Venkat.

What are you doing there?

Today this is the special news. Our Pandu has come.

Tell me what you want. Need money or good doctor?

I will do anything for you, tell me.

No problem if I don't get food but my dress should be very neat, now go.

Whoever it is need punctuality.

Then you alone have that. Anyways congratulations.

You have a surprise on the behalf of the association.


Do you know what is the topic today? What is that?

Other state people need election authority in Andhra Pradesh or not?

I am going to rock.


Hello... He came.

'What is the name of that sex mania?'


The incident which happened on that day...

He came to show food for the eagles.

Hey Arya I reached here.

No problem here.

Vasuki sister is happy here you all come here.

Hey wait...

I want to hit a woman police now I did.

Stop you brats.

Come fast. Stop, you rascals.

Move fast. Come on move...


So, you are not going to leave Gopalkrishnan...

He is affected so badly.

So I have planned to go to his home. We have booked room in hotel.

Planned to correct him, okay go. But you have office on Monday.

Okay bye. Gopal, ATM in this way.

Any hot news?

I got an interview from Star TV.

And Arya's father got best teacher award.

That's good. Then, that laundry man is dead.

Our Pandu? Yes, yesterday.

Hey, how Pandu died?

I have a doubt man. What is there to doubt in this man.

He got lottery money, so have smoked many cigarittes.

Not like that.

He has wheezing then what is there to doubt Hey!

Why are you getting tensed man. I still have doubt in this.

What to say sister. It is like naming a blind man 'Kannappan'

Pandu... they have named him as Drug Ramaswamy, Avin Aarumugam.

What a silly name!

If I ask why you take so much of drugs, he will say that he is a poor one.

How poor people get money to buy Drugs, I don't know.

I was looking for both of them.

In our country many students have addicted to bad habits when studying.

They are in attitude because they think their mistakes won't be found we have to beat and correct them.

This is the topic which I am going to speak in news hour.

How is it? Okay don't forget to watch.


How Pandu died mom?

How do I know that?

'Need to talk with you. Are yo free now?'

Yes I am free... '- Listen to me first.'

'Do you have pepper.' Yes.

'Take hand full of pepper.'

'Make it as powder.'

'Grind it well like powder.'

'Take his inhaler'

'and fill with pepper powder.'

'He is a asthma patient, Pepper powder will'

'stick in his throat well.'

'After two minutes... it will start to cut his vain.'

Mom! Mom!

Can't you her me I am hungry, give me breakfast.

First take a shower and come.

Akshya, come out fast.

You know well other bathroom won't suite me.

Wait for a minute dad.

No I can't come out first.

Vasuki, ask her to use her bathroom why is she using my bathroom.

Akshya, how long will you take bath?

Are you sleeping inside? I was in the middle of the shower.

How long.. Go fast.

While fighting for a good cause No need to have criminal feel Vasuki.

You are not fighting only for you.

You are fighting for other girls too who are quiet after getting affected.

The weapon which we are going to use against them is different.

It is a deepest psychological attack.

Words are too sharp than the weapons.

Hereafter you are going to talk to them as Deepika IPS, not as Vasuki.

You have to speak in my voice.

You have to keep talking to them and make them to cross the psychological barrier.

After that they both will become imbalance.

They will lose control. Madam, I don't understand.

They will find their own death.

Yes, it will be a clean suicide. Now you will receive a courier.

Go and get that.

It is a mobile with a sim card which was brought in my name.

It has a voice processor which will convert your voice into mine.

First Kavitha's brother Sudheer.

I thought him like my own brother madam.

Now party is going on in Kavitha's house.

It is the best time to make call to him.

Murali, ready right. I will be there in ten minutes.

Yes, that Sharika issue.

How can I skip after madam said will come for sure.


Hello, who is this?


Useless people!


You are one among the worst boys in the Vizag. Right?


This is reporter Kavitha's brother Sudheer

2B Lotus apartment.

Who are you?

I am DCP Deepika IPS

We have some formalities before arresting the criminal.

I have been noticing you and Arya for past few days.

What? Anytime...

You will be in our custody.

I have all the evidence about you and Arya.

I have the pen camera which was with the dead Pandu.

It has all the sin which you have done.

You have captured the video of your own sister, you rascal. No. I don't know.

I don't know about that.

Your friend Arya might have captured.

Its a time for you both to accept your crime.

You cannot escape anymore Police surrounded your apartment.

Arya... Open the door!

Open the door! Who is this?

Where is Arya?

Arya and father went to Kumbakonam.

Didn't he inform you? No?

Stop it... Hey why did you stopped it?

Get out What happened dude? I asked you to get out.

Come on, lets leave.


Arya pick up.



Sting show famous Kavitha's bathroom clip is now getting viral.

You are the first person who is going to watch it before everyone see.


In a fraction of second her video got flashed, all channels say this.

Do you know who is she?


I have sent you a video in watsapp, watch it.

Your brother is the one who captured this video.

Hello. Sister.

Don't call me as sister. You are not my brother anymore.

Leave the flat right now.

We are not going to attack her. Just her channel.

Madam, i know your reporter Sharika very well.

Please don't telecast that clip..

She is our lunch, dinner everything.

Two to three times in three months our guys will go to adventure trip to Ooty.

They will get more horrible clips over there.

If other channels play that clips what will happen about our channel, tell me.

Are you happy now?

Sharika cut her vain and admitted in the hospital.

Now her channel people will leave you easily.

Now channel war going to start. Please leave me alone.

I need some space.

If you can't answer immediately you will speak English.

Vasuki, Kavitha is happy over there.

Even you are happy. All the woman in the world are happy.

Men are shouting all the time because of tension.

Any help? Thank you.

Hello, sister. I stayed with a rogue like you.

I don't even know what thought you had in your mind.

Trust me sister, please. - I have come to know about you well.

I made so many mistakes.

You don't have to say anything. I didn't capture that video sister.

I don't want to hear anything. Sister please listen to me.

Arya is the one who captured that video.

Get lost. Get lost from my life forever.

'Death is the only escape for you right now.'

'Your final escape from all your sins.'

'Ms. Kavitha Mohan don't worry.'

'That video was not spread. I have deleted it.'

I am Deputy commissioner of police.

You are the friend of Sudheer who committed suicide right.


Don't forget that you are speaking with a police officer.

We have all the evidence that you are the reason for his suicide.

His last call is only for you.

We found a bathroom clip from Sudheer phone.

Sudheer sister have said that you are the one who captured the video.

So, the rapist who police is searching...

We identified that you are the one.

You got under the surveillance.

Hey, you are Sudheer's friend right?

DCP madam want's to meet you. What is the matter.

What is there to talk to him. I know him very well.

I will bring him to station tomorrow.

Okay. Okay.

Come Some think suicide is the only solution for a problem.

If you speak anything to the police they will prison you as criminal.

Hey Arya.

Why he committed suicide? I think you will spoil my name Venkath, they are doing like this I don't know what to do.

Come and get in the car.

Hey Arya. Hey Arya.

Look Venkat, he is moving alone.

Leave him master he is in tension.


Like some media say, this is not a murder.

Sudheer committed suicide. Once a junkie, is always a junkie.

No need to doubt in this. Its a suicide.

The evidence is we found drugs from his pocket, he is a drug user.

But people say Sudheer family have some doubt. - No.

All his relatives know he is a drug addict.

This is the end for all the drug users.

His death is a warning for all of them.

Nothing more to say Press meet is over, okay.

She will be here only.

Can you come now. Okay will come.

Okay Venkat.

Master going to collect award , but he is missing. Will check and come

'I am Deepika IPS.'

'Deputy commissioner of police. Like you rascals won't forget my face.'

'You might have seen me somewhere in the city.'

'You are missing for past two days Where are you hiding?'

'Police is searching you for past 48 hours.'

'A bad news for you.'

'Your father Yoganand Master committed suicide.'

You spoiled six girls life, he doesn't like to live as a criminal's father.

He wrote a letter and hung in the rope.

You are the one who killed your father.

Police found the place where you are now.

You are the master mind behind all these crimes.

I was searching for you for so long.

There is a only way to get escape from this.


You have no other option other than death.

Your final escape is death from all the sins.

Vasuki sister, are you not coming.

They are taking away Arya's body.

'According to post mortuary report'

'we cannot identify any marks from Arya's body.'

'As per doctor's report It is a suicide.'

'So Vasuki. You are safe'

'I am going to close this file.'

'No one is left right...'

'Why are you crying Vasuki?'

'Its a police officers duty to wipe affected girls tears.'

'People have to live peacefully, that is called Law and Order.'


Lets end 'our relationship.'

'If you see me anywhere, you should not behave like you know me before.'

'Don't try to contact me.'

'This is done.'

'Lets end our relationship right now.'

Lets end our relationship right now.

We got justice.

You are in a decision of committing suicide when you started talking to me.

But today, you got self confidence.

Your husband and daughter doesn't know anything about this.

'They should not know anymore If they come to know...'

'You cannot live like old Vasuki.'

I have changed you as old Vasuki without knowing to anyone.

From this minute you can live peacefully without any pain.

That is my target I have achieved it.

'Destroy the contacts and details which we had.'

'No one should recollect it.'

'Even you and me...!'

'Good bye Vasuki.'

'Good bye.'

On that day, I went to terrace to dry up the clothes.

It was my fault that I stood still after seeing the incident.

To be frank, I am so scared of that boys.


Don't ask anything to Vasuki.

She should not know that you know all these.

'Hey, not even a cigarette bit is here.'

'I can smell well Look over there.'

'I have a doubt on that Shanthi sister's son.'

'You mean Arya? He is a small boy and also teacher's son.'

'He won't do all these mistakes.'

Everything got over and I don't know what to do, at that time.

DCP Deepika IPS overtook my bike and spoke to me.

This is the opening shot which I written in my story.

'If you need any help, don't hesitate to call me, my number...'

'I have your number.'

The words which I said to my wife about Deepika is all for an intention.

She just need a person to ask her problem and give a solution for it.

So she need powerful woman.

That is my new number which I bought personally.

Fine with number what will you do for Deepika's voice?

My God is Technology only.

Technology has power to save or destroy one life.

In now a days technology, its so easy to change male voice as female and vice versa.

There are so many software are available in the market.

I used all those technologies.

I am the one who spoke to Vasuki when she made a call by next day.

Yes Deepika IPS.

Oh Ravanan. I know...

Right now I am little busy will call you after finishing my work, okay.

You can trust me Vasuki.

Now you have to decide what you want to do to them.

I want to kill all the three.

I just need that.

What are you doing here?

He came.

What is the name of that Sex mania?

'From that day I started to follow her.'

'Before that I cleaned two garbage trashes.'

'My assistant was waiting to kill someone.'

So this is the chance I gave him.

Raghu and Subhu.

I will kill Raghu and Subhu sir.

I have total setup of police uniform.

And sir, I feel so happy.

At least now you accepted me as rowdy, thank you.

Hey Deepak, make arrangements for police setup, we got a work.

I will come now.

'Police arrested Fruit seller Fish seller is missing.'

'What is happening in this country.'

'I started my play from Pandu.'

'I gave money and said he won Kerala lottery'

'and I made him to come here.'

Vasuki, you don't have to get criminal feel when fighting for a good cause.

You are not fighting for yourself you are fighting for others too.

Don't forget that..

We are going to use a different weapon.

A latest.. Psychological attack.

I have sent you a video in watsapp check it.

Your brother is the one who captured that video.


Its been dark for some days It is changed now I changed it.

You don't feel bad for killing them.

Lord Kannan didn't fought for his wife.

He fought for his death.

But I fought for my wife. For my VasukI.

I will always tell my clients that a family must always be happy.

If any brad plan to spoil my family's happiness.

I am not a God to be quiet.

I am a normal human.

My wife, daughter and family are important to me.

Nothing is big for me. I just need them to be peaceful.

I cannot live with Prakash anymore. I want divorce.

You don't have to get tension. I will send divorce notice by today.

I got transfered to Delhi. Have to leave by today.

Inform me the case date, I'll leave now.

Okay. Bye.

Hello, Sathaiah. I met the man you referred.

Yeah, we'll meet next time I come. Okay?

She is Deepika right why didn't you speak to her?

They are in high posting will they remember me?

I saw her inside she didn't spoke so even I spoke nothing to her.

You said you want to buy something for the dance, come.

Shall we go for a trip?

Now? Where?


Lets go to the Temple and worship. You want me to tonture my hair?

Even after tonturing, I will look like Superstar Rajini.

'The one who are happy after listening the song'

'a shocking news to all'

'Five years jail for Kishore kumar who raped a girl in moving bus.'

His advocate is such a dumb I would have took him out.

The one who trouble women must be hung.

They should not live.

'We need new laws to avoid such gruesome acts.'

My cover story is going to rock. In which?

It is going to be published in India Today.

What if husbands become wife lovers.

A playboy can do anything but only wife stay in a husband's heart.

He will sleep in 3000 beds, But husband will sleep 3000 times in a same bed.

A real husband will treat other woman as his mother.

According to animal research, man is a polygamist.

There are so many living things which stays with single pair.

Even human have to live that way Then he is called a perfect husband.

Why you came here Didn't go with your daughter?

Her father stays here alone right You only said, mother have to sleep with father not with daughter.

When I said? Yes, you said.

Not only that.

You said family must be happy all the time.

So, shall we arrange a brother for Akshaya?

Akshaya is just gone to sleep. Wait for some time.

It's very late already. Come here.

-Vasuki. -Naughty.

You starved me for so many days.