Pyewacket (2017) Script

Darkness I charge you with this sign, mother in the night, are mine.

I teach you the mystery of rebirth, work my mysteries in mirth.

Hear with my ears and speak with my tongue.

Drawn to the heart and lip, five points to this fellowship.

I bring you ecstasy and rebirth, all things living on my own.

From me they come, and to me they go.

I invoke you and call upon you, brought by seed and earth.

Hear me with my ears and speak with my tongue.

I invite you to come.

Get in, psycho.


What? What?

What the fuck?

You're fuckin' weird, dude.


Mom? Wait a second.

Honey, I said give me a second.

I just wanted to see if you were okay.

Where are you going on a school night?

I'm going to that book signing, remember? I told you.

Do whatever you want.

I don't care.


You get one of those tattooed on you.

Bad ass motherfucker.

Hi. Hi.

It's an amazing book. Thank you.

I find it really fascinating because the writing is so good...

...and you take the subject seriously. Thank you.

But I just wish that maybe you could write a little bit more about rituals.

I think you've got enough of them in there, no?

Just careful what you believe in, all right?


What's your name? Leah.

Leah, that's a lovely name. Thanks for coming.

Yeah, thanks.

I love this part about evil.

"I don't think the devil's role is to create evil...

"...but rather to expose the evil in the hearts of men...

" challenging their loyalty to God."

Fuck, that's cool.

I don't care if this guy looks like my dad, he is still fucking cool.

Here. Thanks.

Do you think our parents will always be our parents?

What the hell does that mean? Like, I mean like...

...we're supposed to look up to them...

...but they're really just fucking people, right?

Like walking in on them taking a shit?

No. Like...

...I mean like, they're just people...

...and they fuck up and they make mistakes and...

...really they're just fucking people.

It's weird.



Okay. Yeah.

Okay, bye.


What's wrong?

You tell me.



Leah, get downstairs.

So, are you gonna tell me that the book signing just ended and...'re home right after like a good girl, huh?


I called the library, and I know what time it ended, so...

So? So I'm tired of you lying to my face...

...but I'm trying to do the best I can, okay?

I'm having a really hard time here. I need you on my side.

Well, you're all over the place.

What is that supposed to mean?

It means I don't even know who I'm coming home to anymore.


...I just can't do it here anymore, okay?

I'm trying, but I feel like I can't breathe.

This place feels like your father's funeral every fucking day.

I have to move on.


I didn't want to say anything in case I changed my mind, but...

...I signed a lease on a place up north from here.

I'm selling this house.

Honey, I need a fresh start, please understand.

We're moving?


When? By the end of the month.

Fuck, fuck.

You're making pancakes?

Sure, why not.

Sit, sit.


I'm going to be late for work... enjoy.

Oh, I... I need to go to the new place today.

I want you to come with me.

I'll pick you up after school. Okay?


Yeah, okay.

Are you serious? Yeah.

That's fucking bullshit, just like that?

Yeah, I don't know what to do about it.

She's taking me up there tonight. I'm sure I'm gonna fucking hate it.


No, I shouldn't. She's picking me up soon.

That's fucking bullshit.



So, what are you gonna do about work?

Everything I do from the office, I can do from home.

And maybe I'll get a little hobby job on the weekends.

We can do it together, that could be fun.

I spend the weekends with my friends.

Well, you'll make new friends at school.

Okay, we should talk about that. I was thinking...

...I can transfer you after the holidays.

Does that sound good? No.

No? No.

I don't wanna change schools, Mom.

Why don't you just let me get my license? I can drive myself down.

When you can afford your own car and learn to drive, absolutely.

Well, when are you gonna let me do that? It's like your way of controlling me.

I really don't want to fight with you today.

Would you be happy finishing this school year and then transfer next year?

I will drive you in the morning, pick you up after school.

Take it or leave it.

You have everything? Are you sure?

Yeah. Lunch?

Yup, bye. I'll be right here after school, okay?


Aw, Fuck. What?

My mom's waiting for me.

We'll see you this weekend, right? We're going to that, like, stupid carnival thing.

No, I have to be up north with her.

Shit, that's too bad.

Okay, cool, see you later.

See ya.


Hey, kiddo, how was your day?


And you shouldn't call me that either. Well, that's how you're acting!


Get down here, right now! What?

You know, you better start respecting me... Or what, you're gonna uproot my life?

God, you are acting like such a brat! How else am I supposed to act, Mom?

I am driving over two fucking hours a day, so you can be with your stupid friends.

Don't call them stupid! Come here, come here!

What? Fucking don't touch me. Give me your hand. Give me your hand!

What is this? A pentagram!

You wanna be a Manson chick or something? It's ridiculous.

Ever since your father died, you've been into that occult crap!

It makes me feel better! And my friends do too...

Your friends? Your friends are losers, Leah, like you're becoming.

I give up, I give up.

Oh, you give up?

Moving on is impossible with you.

Every time I look at you I see your father's face.

God, I wish I could just wipe it off.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I wish you were dead!

Darkness, I charge you with this sign, mother in the night, are mine.

I teach you the mystery of rebirth.

Upon you, I teach you the mystery of rebirth, brought by leaves and seeds.

Hear with my ears and speak with my tongue.

I invite you to come.

Drawn by the heart and the head. Five points to this fellowship.

All things living on my own. Ecstasy, and for me they come.

For me they come.

Drawn to the heart. I spin my mysteries in mirth.

Darkness, I charge you with this sign.

Darkness, mother, I teach you the mysteries of rebirth.

Five points to this fellowship.

I bring you ecstasy and rebirth.

All things living on my own.

For me they come and to me they go.

I teach all things living on my own.

Hear with my ears and speak with my tongue.

I charge you with this sign.

Drawn by the heart.

Darkness, I charge you with the sign.


Darkness, I charge you with the sign. Mother and the night are mine.

I teach you the mystery of rebirth.

Work my mysteries and mirth.


I call upon you, brought by leaves and seeds.

Hear with my ears and speak with my tongue.

I invite you to come.


You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. Just give me a second.

Oh, my God, honey! Let me see.

Honey, what happened?

We need to clean this.

I know, I know.



All right.

Okay, hold this.

You can tell me...

...if you...

No, it... it was an accident.

Where did you go?

I just...


...Leah, I am so sorry.

I should have never said that.

Honey, please forgive me.

Oh, God.

Oh, my God, this is so cute!


We saw this from the street. It is the cutest store.

And I was wondering, do you have any application?

Because I would really love to work here on the weekend.

I think it would be so much fun. All right.

Okay, uh, you know what...

Such a cute store!

I think it would be fun to work there on the weekends.

You all right?

Yeah, let's go get some lunch.

Sounds good.


You okay?

Not a scratch.

He said we were lucky.

I can't believe how close that was.

Did you know...

...that your father drove thirteen hours straight... he could lay eyes on you as soon as you were born?

He never told me that.

Oh, yeah.

He was away on a job.

He couldn't afford a flight.

I told him it was okay. I mean, I understood if he couldn't make it.

But you know your dad.

He rented this car anyway and he drove straight through.

And the best part is, he did make it.

He rushed into the delivery room.

I mean, I barely remember, but...

...I've never seen him so excited.

And he thanked me...

...every single night for a year after that.

For what?


He said you were the best thing that ever happened to him.

I know I've been hard on you.

God, I'm so sorry.

Mom, Mom, Mom.

There's someone in the house!

Leah, I don't hear anything.

I swear there's someone up there.



Are you sure? No. See for yourself.

Go on.

So, let's have a break. When we come back, we will answer questions... I'm sure you all have many, as we do, as we go into today...

...which is absolutely fascinating.

Bullshit. Why would I make that up!

'Cause you're nuts. I don't know. No, it happened. It's happening.

It's real, it's fucking real.

I can't believe you wanted to kill your own mother.

That's the scary part.

I mean why?

God, I would never do that.

I regret it, okay? And don't be such a fucking hypocrite, Rob!

You do rituals all the time to try and get girls and they never fucking work.

Yeah, but that's not Black Craft shit! You want to kill your own fucking mother!

I'm just saying if it worked, then maybe you deserve it.

Fuck you.

Fuck you too.

Leah. Lee.

Leah, come on, sit down.

Listen, Leah, we're here, okay? We want to help.

Why did you...

But what do you want to do about it?

I don't want to go back.

I can't go back.

Okay. I'll go.

I think it's cool.

And I want to see some weird shit. We can, like, get it on camera or something.

What do you say?

Can I? Can I come up tonight and, like, stay over?

What about your parents? They don't give a shit what I do.

It's a waste of time. She's just looking for attention.

Well, we're gonna find out while you sit at home and jerk off tonight.

Fuck you.

Hey, Mom, is it cool if Janice sleeps over tonight?

Oh, hey, Janice! Hi.

Did you check with your parents? Yeah, they said it was cool.

I'd really like to come up if that's okay.

Sure, of course. Let's go.


Fuck, man. This is brutal.

Aw, I love this. Thank you, girls.

Thanks so much for dinner. It was really good.

Oh, you're too kind. All right.

Okay, I'm off to my room to get some work done.

You girls gonna be all right? Yup.

Oh, Janice, there's a pillow and a blanket on the couch for you.

Okay, that's great, thanks.

And thanks again for letting me stay.

All right. Goodnight.


"Thank you, thank you, yes, thank you."

Shut up. Get back to work, you have lots of dishes to do.

I'm timing you, you take nine million years.

If you get this shit on my leather jacket, I will kill you!


I'm just happy you're here.

Yeah, man.

Are you gonna put up posters or something in here? It's so weird.

Uh, not yet.

Okay, what are we doing?

Get your phone out. Okay.

Okay, it was... are you recording?

Yeah. Wait, hold, there.

It was just up here, and it was making a ton of noise... let's just...

You just want to wait? Yeah, just give it a minute.

Should we like, summon it?

Like, call its name?

Totally rando, but I would pick Billy Corgan over like...

...any guy.

Hands down, seriously.

Leah, don't worry, I believe you.

I wouldn't be here if I didn't.

Maybe I'm nuts, like Rob said. Ugh, fuck Rob.

He's just jealous because he likes you and he knows you're into Aaron.

What? No, I'm not.

Oh, my God. You two, it's too fucking obvious.

Why, did he say something?

I'm just wondering.

I will tell you if you smoke this joint with me.

Like, your mom moved, like, most of the shit, but like, all the fucking owls.

Dude, they're everywhere. I don't get it. She put one in your room.

She says, she's just like watching me. It's fucked up.

That shit creeps me out. Not much creeps me out, but that shit does.

I don't know what it is about owls. I don't know.

They can turn their heads all the way around.

And their eyes are huge. Where did you do it, by the way.

Over there in the woods.

Well, show me, come on. Let's go. No, it's way too dark out.

We'll use the fucking flashlight on my phone.

It's not that far, right? What's the point?

Because I want to see it. That's why I came up.

Come on, please.

Where are we going?

This way? Yeah, it's just a little further.

Watch out.

You see it? Right up ahead. Oh, yeah, that?

Yeah. It's perfect.

This, right? Yeah, right here.

Right here.

Yeah, you're right. It is really creepy out here.


It's really scary.

What are you doing?

Janice, stop that.

Hey, stop that.


Janice, what are you doing? Stop.

Hey, where are you going?



Come back!



Janice, this isn't funny anymore!

You're an asshole, I'm leaving.

Wait! Leah, wait! I'm fucking around.

You're so funny.

You are such a loser. What?

I was just fucking around. It isn't funny, I'm stoned.

I know, I'm sorry.

Okay, I think I'm just gonna go to bed. I'm tired.


I love you. I love you too.

Hey, I'm sorry. I was just, like, fucking around.

No, it's fine. I'll see you in the morning.

Goodnight. Goodnight.



Where's Janice?

So strange.




What is it?

My car.

Hey, Janice, are you okay?

Janice, unlock the door. Janice, what's going on?

Please open the door. Hey.

Take me home. What?

Please, please, take me home! Janice.

Janice. I just wanna go home.

You need to open the door. I don't want to be here anymore, please.

Please just unlock the door.

I'll get the keys.



Janice, what's wrong? What happened?

I'll make you something to eat. You'll feel better.

No! No, I'm not going back inside that house!

Hey. Don't touch me!

Okay, let's go.

Okay, take out your books and pick up where we left off.

Chapter two, part two.

From the paragraph that starts with...

"...Evening was coming on when he reached home."

Finish the chapter and write a paragraph...

Oh, okay.

No, I really don't know. It was the strangest thing.

I'm worried about her.

Yes, please keep me posted. Thank you.

Janice hasn't left her bedroom.

Any luck?

I texted her all day and nothing.

She really scared me.

Do you know if she's going through something?

No, I don't think so.

I got a call from the gift shop and...

...they want me to come in tomorrow.

I really wanna do this. Please don't get mad.

Why would I get mad?

I won't be able to pick you up from school tomorrow, so you'll have to take the bus.

At first I thought no, but it'll be good for you.

What do you think?

Okay. You'll be okay alone?

I was really fucking worried about you, man.

Like, are you okay? You won't answer any of my texts.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

What about Janice? I haven't seen her since she went up with you.

Look, I... I really gotta go. I'll just talk to you later.

Leah, if I did something, you'd tell me right?

Yeah, I just really need to go now, okay?

I'm sorry.

A dark spirit like Pyewacket is very manipulative.

So, am I right to assume that during the ritual... believed in it as much as you believe I'm talking to you right now?

Yeah. Okay, then we have to assume it's here.

You need to think of it as a river.

Evil is simply waiting across on the other side...

...and you used yourself as a bridge to bring them over to your side.

And once they fulfill the task you asked of them...

...they'll start hurting the person they communicated with.

And that's you, Leah.

With black magic, it's thrown back.

It starts with you, and it will end in you.

To undo this, you need to perform the exact...

...the exact same ritual in the same place...

...but in reverse.

At every step you ask for forgiveness.

Leah, this is very important.

You have to do this, before it gets to your mother, or it's too late.

Pyewacket can take many forms... don't trust your lying eyes.







911, what is your emergency? My mom just died.

What is your name? I'm Leah Reyes.

Okay, everything's going to be okay. Okay.

I need you to tell me where you are and exactly what happened to your mother.

I don't know. I don't even know where I am. I know know where I am...

...and I don't know what to do. Please help me.

Okay, just stay calm. Leah!

Who's that calling out, Leah? Can you put them on the phone?

I don't know. Leah!

Can you put her on the phone? Leah?

Are you still with me?

Leah, it's nice to hear from you. Aaron, please help.

What happened?

Aaron, I can't be here any more. Please come get me.

I can't get the car until later when... No, please, I need you right now.

I don't know if I can drive that far.

Aaron, just please come.


Come inside.

Close the door.

Where were you?

Where did you go?

Out for a walk.

With that?

What were you gonna do with it?

I should put it away.


Just let me in.

Just open the door.


Come out of your room!

Right now!


Please, please.




Please, please.

Please, please.


Please, please.

Please, please, please, please, please.

Get away from me!

Get away! Honey, let go of the knife.

Get away from me!

No, I know who you really are! I know who you really are!

Get away from me!

Please just...

...give me the knife.

No. No. No. No. No.

Don't touch me.

Okay. No. No.


Leah, what were you doing in the woods earlier?

I was calling for you.

And why do you have a knife?

What were you gonna do with it?

I'm gonna hang onto it tonight.

What is it?


What's that smell?

Leah? What are you doing?





Leah, wake up. Come on, wake up.

Leah! Leah, come on, wake up! Wake up!

Just tell me where you are and exactly what happened to your mother.

I don't know. I don't even know where I am. I don't know where I am...

...and I don't know what to do. Please help me.

It's okay, stay calm. Leah!

Who's that calling out, Leah? Can you put them on the phone?

I don't know. Leah!

Can you put her on the phone? Leah?

Are you still with me?

We didn't find your mother's body in the woods, Leah.

The only one we found was in your house, burnt to ash.

Was that your mother?

Let's try this again.

How did the fire start?