Q (1982) Script

Oh, hello again you little creep.

Here again today! How many times can you wash that same dumb window?

There's my girlfriend. I love you.

Oh, jeez.


No, only in black. I can give it to you if I call the factory.

Guess who's on my ledge again? That little jerk.

I know you love me. I know you love me.

Oh, that driving me crazy with that squeaking.

Yeah. I'll check with the factory and get back to you.

Ha! I wish he'd take a walk.

Huh? Hey, what are you looking for?

Looking for the head.

The only place I haven't looked is up in the parapets.

Won't be much left of it. You ever drop a cantaloupe from 40 stories?

All right, so what the hell do you make out of all this?

Well, I figure something fell out of one of the windows from the floor up above and hit him.

Sheared his head clean off. A big shard of glass or something like that.

There's no broken windows up there.

Oh, shit. Maybe his head just got loose and fell off.

Look, what do you want from me?

The entire gig shouldn't take more than three and a half minutes, right?

In and out.

Hey, Quinn.

Take it yes on the cashew chicken will you?

I'm sorry, I thought you had some.

You got to watch this guy, you know.

I'm telling you, he's a nervous eater.

You got to defend yourself over here.

Now, let's talk business.

I'm strictly a wheelman. I don't go inside.

And I don't carry a piece.

And my cut is 20%.

Oh, no, no, no. Your cut is 12.5%.

And you haven't worked in eight months.

Well, Quinn, what's it going to be? In or out?

I'll let you know.

You better let us know real soon, Quinn.

Oh, you're not the only action in town.

Oh! No, our friend has other prospects here.

I might have another job. Oh, yeah, huh, Quinn?

Working, yeah.

Better step outside, son. You don't want to see this.

He told the bellhop he was going to visit a museum.

What museum?

Boy, I'm telling you. Somebody did a terrific job on this guy with all the right tools.

Peeled him like an orange.

Not your ordinary psychopath, huh?

Bought a copy of "Q" magazine and took off.

In less than six hours, somebody skinned him.

Flayed is the correct term I think.

But you don't hear it much anymore.

At least not in that last ten centuries.

Well, if you think that's weird. Yesterday we had a window washer whose head just floated away like a balloon.

♪ You never show your emotions ♪

♪ you're always keeping it cool ♪

♪ you take your time, there's no worry ♪

♪ now everybody is pushing ♪

♪ they're trying to get through ♪

♪ dancing, dancing, go through the plan ♪

♪ but you know that you're in the air ♪

♪ when you can't even trust a friend ♪

♪ and too close to the flame ♪

What is this? What is this?

What-- where-- oh, no!

Oh, my God! Get it off!



Oh, Jesus!

Hey, who's up there?


Hey, we don't open till six o'clock.

Oh, yeah, I know that.

But I heard that you're looking for a musician on Mondays and Tuesday nights.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, so I play a little bit.

And I thought maybe I show you.

Where did you hear that?

Oh, I just, uh--

I heard it.

Go ahead, help yourself.

Oh, thanks. Do something.

All right, I will.

And I won't hurt the piano like them rock signers.

They hurt pianos. I treat them real nice.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Just play something, huh?

Yeah, I will. And, you know, this piano couldn't be hurt.

♪ Go away, evil dreams ♪

♪ leave my baby, or don't ♪

♪ go away evil dreams ♪

♪ go away now ♪

♪ she wakes up crying every night ♪

Hey, uh-- did you ever find that guy's head yet?

No, I looked around.

♪ What do you do? ♪

♪ Two straight hearts ♪

♪ too red wine ♪

♪ tell me a story ♪ Hey, that's all right. That's fine.

I got another job anyway.

Sounded okay to me.

Yeah, what the fuck do you mean?

Yeah, what do I know?

Okay, we go in on the hour. Give me the paper bag.

Stash this under your coat.

What are you giving me this for? I don't take revolvers.

Let's go. What do you mean?

I'm staying here, I'm not going anywhere.

We have a deal, man.

Not with me you don't. Hey, come on, dude.

You take an equal share, then you take an equal chance.

Let's go.

Hey, Morgan, I'm gonna wait here.

Move it. Now.

Is it loaded? Come on.

Christ, I could blow my nuts off.

Paul, who are those guys?

Put it down!

Oh, holy shit, no keys.

Oh, shit.

Where's my fucking bag?

Come on, come on, answer the phone.

Yes, hello, is Howard price there?

This is Jimmy Quinn. I got to talk to Howard price.

I'm a client of his.

No, well, get him on the phone. I'm in big trouble.

I don't care if he's in a meeting, get him on the phone.

Tell him I'm on my way down there-- not to leave.

Don't leave for lunch or anything, okay?

Jimmy Quinn is on his way, all right? Okay.

Hey! It's Jimmy Quinn! Come on.

Open up!


Just what I need.


Hey! I hear you!

Come on out! You get a year for this, you fucking wacko.


Hey, I hear you!

Ah, the hell with it.

I'm almost afraid of everything, but I never been afraid of heights.

Look at that.

A few minutes ago I was in the gutters.

Now I'm top of the world.

Let's go to lunch, fellas!

Come on, pack your gear, let's go to lunch.

Hey, who got my lunch pail?

What are you looking at me for? Look at this, it's me again.

Everything he's missing, it's me.

Your umbrella, your ruler, your Popsicle!

You wouldn't miss a Popsicle in a Popsicle would you?

Come on, let's go downstairs. We got one hour to eat.

Let's go, fellas, come on.

That's the third one this month! Cut the shit!

You son's of bitches.

If anyone ate that sandwich, I'm gonna shove the thermos up your asses one at a time.


She's says not to let them see me blow.

What am I supposed to say? Thank you?

And they make an asshole of me.

You know, his wife makes a damn good tuna sandwich.

I'm gonna stop by and see her and tell her about it one of these days.

The Aztecs identified flayed skin with the new garments.

Young vegetation.

Let me get this straight.

You're talking about human sacrifice now?

Willing sacrifice.

They give themselves to the God willingly.

A ritual was performed using various objects to indicate cosmic events.

Collimating in blood sacrifice to strengthen the forces of nature.

Performed by the high priest.

And the victims, you might call them a skin-- after they're skinned, the high priest puts the skin upon himself, wearing it as like a garment.

Of course, we're talking about the ancient Aztecs civilization, not this north American culture we see here.

I understand, Mexico. The gods they prayed to.

One God, Quetzalcoatl, the feathered flying serpent.

I can give you some interesting books on that subject.

Well, good, I need something to put me to sleep at night.

Now, if you think that's what happened here, then this case wasn't murder.

What do you call it?

Suicide possibly.

Oh, your Mr. Polly might've been coerced in one way or another.

But you must remember blood must be giving willingly for the God to appreciate it.

He must giveth himself otherwise the ritual is meaningless.

Well, they came to this museum.

I think that's very certain.

He met someone. He was engaged in conversation.

Maybe they had a couple of drinks.

And they went back to his hotel room, and they did the deed.

I find it difficult to phantom why a guy with a wife and two kids and tenure at a university would suddenly decide to give up his life without even a chance to think about it.

You see, gave himself a chance.

Why else did he come to the city?

Was there any other reason he should be here?

Well, that's what we're trying to determine.

You know, that's an interesting angle.

No vacation. No research.

Just some guy flies thousand of Miles to New York City to give his life on a sacrificial alter.

Maybe I should take those books of yours.

I'm not going to be able to sleep either if you keep looking at those horrible pictures.

You don't think anything like that serpent ever really existed do you?

Sure it did.

And the Aztecs killed for it.

Wouldn't be the first time in history that a monster was mistaken for a God.

And you have to figure out which it was?

A monster or a God? Some detective.

You don't believe in any of this stuff do you?

Why don't you turn off the lights?

In a minute.

Guess that's why I have to kill it.

If I can kill, it's not a God.

It's a good old fashion monster.

I better take my birth control pill.


Maybe it's a bird, huh?

Joanie? Yes.

Come on, open up. Oh, okay.

Lock it.

Must've been some wild party.

So where were you all night?

What happened? Did you get mugged?

Well, I hope you didn't go on the job appointment looking like this.

There wasn't any appointment.

Well, what happened?

I had an accident.

Well, I hope you got-- will you shut up?

Just give me a drink. Shut up.

You know you shouldn't drink.

Never makes things any better.

I said I was sorry.

And I told you next time you hit me, I'll break a lamp over your head while you're asleep.

Ah, come on, I'm hurting.

Just one drink, that's all I'm asking for.


Just one, all right?

At least you haven't thrown any punches lately.

And it wasn't my idea.

I go for Chinese with these guys and they tell me it's going to be easy.

They said diamonds were easy. I don't want another fact.

And I told them, "you know, I only drive. I don't go in."

They say, "you got to go in." I say, "no, I'm not going in."

They take the keys.

So what do I do? I got to go in.

And then I go running around the city with this.

Now, don't worry, I never fired a shot.

I just ran. I left them there.

They are not your friends!

How many times I got to tell you?

Why do you think you got to stick your neck out for them?

You know what? They're probably down at the police station right now giving out your name and address.

Probably saying it's all your idea.

Please, take off your pants and let me look at your leg.

Oh, no, no. Just leave me.

I just want to sit here. I think I'm going crazy.

Preparing your defense already, huh?

No! I mean, I went way up to on this building, 75-80 stories up.

And I'm up there, and I don't believe what I saw.

I saw a body up there. There was somebody murdered up there.

What are you talking about? Listen to me.

I see this body. I don't know what it is. Yeah, I think it's a--

I think it's a woman because there's a bracelet on.

But it has all been torn away. I've never seen anything like that before in my entire life.

Are you back on something?

I knew you'd say that!

And I knew they think that.

So I ran again. I ran twice in one day, I ran.

And kept running till I couldn't run anymore.

Until my side hurt so much I couldn't run anymore.

Then I go to sleep. I go to sleep under a God damn stair case.

I don't sleep, you know, because try to sleep. I can't sleep.

Come here.

Feel better? I stink. And I just want to cry.

You know, I haven't cried since I was a little kid.

I just want to cry. Go ahead, it's okay.

No, but I'm supposed to be a man.

Christ. I don't know what I'm supposed to be.

You know, everything I touch on the outside turns to shit!

Maybe I am an institutionalized person.

Maybe I can't make it outside the slammer.

That I belong inside there like an animal in a cage.

Right, we can have those conjugal visits once every four months if we got married.

Why do I stay with a dumb ex-junkie.

I don't know. Why?

Well, I think there's a lot of good in you somewhere.

Yeah, where?

I'm looking. I'm looking.

I get all this evil dreams, you know?

Evil dream!

Go up way!

And I walk upside up top of this building.

And I see dead things and a nest, you know?

A rat's nest.

No, well-- no, it couldn't have been a rat's nest.

It was bigger than that. It was big.

And there was something in it that looked like an egg.

But it couldn't have been an egg, I mean, there aren't any eggs-- I mean, there's no eggs that big.

Jesus. And there's a hole in the roof so it can get in and get out.

So it can get in and out?


I just want to sleep.

When you wake up, we'll have some nice bacon and eggs.

No eggs. I don't want to ever see another egg ever.

Quetzalcoatl, I am the plume serpent.

I fly and I crawl.

Earth and air.

Mud and sky.

I have fallen, but I will rise again.

All right, what did you bring me down here for?

I hope it's something good.

I thought you might want to look at this one.

What is it? Another skinning job?

Almost as crazy. Doctor said the heart was removed quite carefully and quite precisely.

Number two.

The human sacrifice theory, huh?

Well, listen.

The donor's heart is ritually removed, be presented to the gods.

Sure sounds like it doesn't it?

Luckily all we have to do nowadays is take the wafer and drink the wine.

That's what I call being civilized.

Personally I trust that curator or anybody else we talked to over there.

I think they're all a bunch of freaks.

And one of those freaks is probably the person running around, slicing people up.

Well, then what we need is to have a run down on all of the employees of the museum.

Everybody from the night Porter to the security guard, the works.

Well, what I'm particularly interested in is anyone who has any medical background.

You know, someone with some expertise with surgical tools.

Okay, captain.

Yeah, we all love you, Shepard.

So you don't think it's a lot of baloney.

No, I think there was basis in fact.

See, there was some kind of giant bird creature.

And it would appear again in nature.

But I doubt if new yorkers would mistaken it as a God.

Why not? If they come to fear it enough.

What else is God but an invisible force that we fear.

For centuries we've tried to make it into our image.

Give God two legs, pair of hands, lips, eyes.

Perhaps it's only our vanity.

I mean, we're only living in one small second of time in history of man kind.

Look at the tablets of ancient Egypt.

The Babylonians, go all the way back.

The figure of that serpent keeps turning up all the time.

The flying serpent in places as far away as Egypt, Mexico, and deep in the interior of China.

You know, perhaps at one time the whole world was covered with these kinds of birds.

And then they became extinct or almost extinct.

I want to thank you for the information.

I don't know what good it'll do me.

I can't even pronounce this Quetzalcoatl much less spell it.

Well, God is a much shorter word.

Just what do you believe?

Who knows?

I do know I'd like to get my hands on that thing once it's dead.

What an exhibit.

Remember the lines for the king tut over at the metropolitan?

Gods stuff and mounted.

Try not to damage it too much in the taking.

Are you kidding?

Thanks for the information. You scared the hell out of me.

Of the dozens of witnesses, most admitted under questioning that they saw only a shadow or some unidentifiable form.

Open up, Quinn!

...a huge bird might escape detection by maintaining high altitude.

We want to talk to you.

I said get your ass out here!

Open up, Quinn!

Hey, Quinn, you got goods that belong to us.

No, I don't.

No, listen, I got hit by a cab.

And all the stuff went under a truck. I don't have a thing.

Well, then there's no reason for you to be scared to talk to us.

Come on out!

Okay, I warned you!

Now stay away!

I still got a gun!

Ha! You got a gun, huh, Quinn?

Hey, Quinn, they don't sell guns with nerve.

You got to use your own.

And I'll use it!

This time I'll use it!

Open up, Quinn!

We won't hurt you.

♪ What do you do ♪

♪ what you do to make my baby fear? ♪

♪ What do you do ♪

♪ what you do to make my baby fear? ♪

♪ Go away evil dreamer ♪

♪ you better quit messing around ♪

♪ because I'm gonna get myself a gun ♪

♪ you better quit messing around ♪

♪ because I'm gonna get myself a gun ♪

♪ after I shoot you to pieces ♪

♪ right under the evening sun ♪

♪ I'm gonna shoot you to pieces ♪

♪ right under the evening sun ♪

Listen! Listen.

Let me tell you something.

The diamond company reported to the insurance company that the man that escaped got away with a pouch valued at $77,000.

Now, you're no crook are you, Quinn?

I lost it. Oh, yeah?

Then we're gonna hurt you.

Personally, I don't think you can stand very much.

So you're gonna tell us everything.

No! I'll tell you. I'll tell you.

Yeah, I'll tell you everything.

Well, take us there, Quinn.

I'll show you where it is.

We gonna have trouble getting in?

There's a watchman on duty.

We'll take care of the watchmen.

Excuse me, sport.

Have you seen this guy around here last couple of days?

Yeah, that's him. - When was the last time you've seen him around here?

Couple of days ago. He got-- no, no, no, that's it. That's enough, he's out cold.

You want the jewels don't you? Let's go.

Come on. Come on, let's go.

You know, Quinn, if that stuff is not here, you and your ass is going right down this elevator shaft.

Personally, I'll punch a hole in your chest.

Oh, shit. The heights again.

What? What's up there?

This is a dome. We're up under the needle.

There's a lot of stashes here. You sure can hide something.

You know, we'd have never found this place without you.

Yeah, it's a great idea isn't it?

Slow down, Quinn. Yeah, hold it, Quinn.

I got the gun right here so don't get cute.

All right.

Don't shake up there, Quinn.

Right behind you, Quinn.

Do you like heights, Quinn?

Yeah, he likes heights all right.

He likes heights all right.

What the shit?

What is this, Quinn, huh? Son of a bitch.

More heights, huh?

Yeah, we got to go up one more.

Yeah, don, our friend says one more.

Son of a bitch.

Your ass, Quinn.

Hey, Webb, is this fantastic, huh?

Didn't I tell you this is an incredible place to hide things?

Yeah, I thought of that, Dan.

Look at that sight! Isn't that incredible!

Huh? Look! You know, it's fantastic!

You got the whole lower of Manhattan.

Yeah, it's incredible here!

Yeah, yeah, he's doing fine.

He's doing great.

Hey, Quinn, is there another way out of here?

Get it, don! Bring it down here!

You stay right where you are, you hear me?

You stay right where you are. No. I'm going up.

Hey, don. Don!

Don, you better not be getting slick.

I'll kill you!

Doyle's already up there. Just keep going.

I'm sure it's up there.

Get him! Get him!

Eat him! Eat him!


Eat them!

You said you wanted to find it, huh?

Oh, boy, did you find it.

It's not my fault. It's not my fault.

I never killed anybody in my life.

I didn't kill you guys. You asked for it.

Sure as I'm standing here.

40, 41, 42, 43-- I am having such a good time.

I can't begin to tell you. 47, 48, 49, 50.

You dragged me all the way up here, so I can watch you do push-ups.

58-- I'm having more fun as the moments go by.

60, 61-- well, you have a wonderful time.

Oh! Look out!

Hiya, Quinn. Where you going, fella?

Oh, Harry, look at what we got here.

Now, that's it. You know the routine.

Look, just read me my rights. You want your rights, huh?

Read his rights. - Yeah, you got the right to remain silent, Quinn.

So shut the fuck up!

Also the right to take you up on charges.

Should have never turned my back on those guys.

Well, nothing was taken.

We checked all top floor offices.

Nothing was broken into.

What do you think those guys where after?

There must be something of value around.

Otherwise why would they hire me to guard the place?

I mean, they sure as hell weren't vandals.

I mean, there was no graffiti on the wall or nothing like that.

Let's take a seat down over there, all right?

Not to-- I can't remember too much.

Hey, somebody really did a professional job on your ass, huh?

I fell on my ass. I'm clumsy.

Yeah, right.

I understand you bumped into a taxi also, huh?

Beautiful fucking fee, but I'll tell you.

You know, your friends made you.

They named you and we got an APB out on a Doyle and a Webb.

Oh, those names don't mean anything to me.

They don't, huh?

Come on, sweetheart. You're not gonna tell me you're gonna take the fall for those guys, huh?

They said it was your idea from the start.

Said you got them together and then you ran out on them and didn't even use your gun.

Shit, I only told them, you know, I drive.

That's all I do. I don't go in.

I told them I don't go in.

Tell what I'm going to do.

Get somebody in here to type up your statement so you don't have to keep repeating it, okay.

Yeah, but I didn't say a thing.

So you better call my attorney.

Let me tell you something.

That constitution doesn't mean a God damn thing in a prison, you got that?

I think you miss the place, don't you?

I think you miss it. You like it up there.

You like the treatment, don't you?

That's why all you guys go back, isn't it?

Shut up!

Big black cops are worse than the white ones.

You damn right.

You got that message, didn't you?

An empty box or something?

Maybe it was three guys looking for a place to stay.

Uh, listen, can I, uh-- can I go to another room, you know, that's quieter?

Another room, huh? - Yeah, can't stand all the noise in here.

Um. You know, then I'll make a statement to you.

That's what I like.

A man who wants his privacy.

I think I might be able to find something for you.

A nice little quiet cubicle. Come on, get the fuck out of here.

Come on.

Uh, Paul, let me talk to you for a minute, will you?

Shepard, let me see you out here.

Just a sec.

Joey, take care of this piece, huh

you guys can call this anything you want.

Mass hysteria, anything you want.

But 43 witnesses and they all concur, okay?

Rooftop pool, 57th street and 2nd Avenue, luxury co-op, a guy is snatched out of the pool and carried away.

Joseph Peadrian, divorced, has a firm someplace in the garment district.

I mean, he's snatched out of the pool and carried off by something that flies.

That son of a bitch is getting bold.

You know, something I don't quite understand.

You don't seem at all surprised by this. Why is that?

Maybe it's time I showed you my report.

What is he talking about?

I'm becoming kind of a bird watcher.

You know, birds are six times stronger than men for their size.

And some of them have to eat up to seven times their weight just to stay alive everyday.

This is a very large bird we're talking about.

He's not putting us on?

Putting you on, huh?

Like a window washer with his head cut off?

A construction worker?

That woman taking a nap on a roof?

Yeah, big laugh. Big laugh.

Hey, hey, hey. Keep the voice down a little bit, all right?

Here. Come on, come on, come on.

Can we contain this a little bit among ourselves, huh?

Yeah, well, how do you expect to do that?

Why don't you ask the commissioner? How is he gonna stop a panic?

Hey, look, what about the ritual murders?

I mean, are we off that case or what?

Oh, will you shut up. This is that case, get it?

I don't see how it is the same case.

Hey! Hey. Hey.

I'll tell you what. Fuck off, Shepard.

All right. All right.

Hey, you guys through with me now?

Uh, yeah! Pal, I'm sorry.

We forgot about you.

It's okay, you can go home now.

We'll call you if we need you.

You're a little dense, do you know that?

Would you please come over here?

Just a little just a little.

You know, it can take us weeks to find where this thing's hold up.

I mean, it could be in the woods.

Away from the city someplace. It could be over in Jersey someplace.

My God, with a wingspan like you're talking about here, that thing could fly Miles into New York City every day.

And it would do that of course because, you know, New York is famous for good eating.

Bull shit. It flew that far, it would get spotted.

Nah, midtown Manhattan.

Moves out quickly, takes its prey back to the nest.

Look, the thing could be just smart enough to fly right in line with the sun.

So when people look up at it, it's blinded from it.

What I want to know is, how the hell does this tie in with the murders and the mutilations?

Well, that's what brought it back.

Awakened it from its centuries of sleep.

This thing has been prayed back into existence.


Okay, okay.

Before you put the straight jacket on me-- excuse me, captain.

Read the fucking report, okay?

I got to read a fucking report. I'll deal with your ass later.

Joe, take him downstairs.

Hold it. You got something to say to me?

You want to talk to me, huh?

Yeah, happy hunting.

Yeah, you got big ears also, huh?

Get him out of here.

Ease up.

Listen, you shouldn't done that to me.

You know, they're gonna hear from me!

Because with the stuff I know, man!

Right now, I am the most important man in New York City.

And, you know, I'm sitting in the tank back there thinking about it, thinking it over.

And I'm not talking about just burying this wrap.

More than that.

I'm talking about tens of millions-- fifty hundred million dollars in loses every time this city has to grind to a screeching halt.

And only yours truly can prevent that.

You're talking crazy.

If you know something, you have to tell them.

Well, sure, make them heroes?

Yeah, get promotions and I go to the shit house for five to ten.

You know, someone tried to break into the apartment.

Tell me something I don't already know.

And those two--

boy, they're no longer alive.

I took them on a little trip.

I mean, I set them up, and they got it good.

Okay, so that's something I got to square away with the police.

That I'm not responsible for that.

I did that in self-defense.

Are you all right, lady? Yeah.

Yeah, sure, she's fine. Just take it easy.

You got three more minutes.

I don't think we're gonna need the time.

Where are you going?

Quinn, you got to do the decent thing.

Forget your charges.

You got to tell them.

All my life I've been a nobody.

And right now I can be somebody important.

You expect me to give that up?

What are you going to do if somebody dies tomorrow or the next day or the next day?

I'm not gonna think about it. You know, it won't be my fault.

It'll be there's if they don't give me what I want.

I think I liked you better as a small time crook.

I'm only asking to be a big man for one lousy minute for Christ's sake!

Hold it down.

I want to get a message to the commissioner of police.

And try to get it straight.

From the reports, the damn thing is growing in size.

Getting bigger every day.

Another sighting, negative contact.

It didn't even come close.

There's no doubting its existence now.

If I may interject, sir, we have a very definite lead on these ritual killings.

Traces back to the museum. Former medical student who is now employed-- save it, sergeant Powell.

We're here to hear what Mr. Quinn has to say for himself.

Well, I see we got all the heavy weights here today, huh?

Look, you said you wanted to speak your peace, now go ahead.

Mr. Quinn, I assume you brought your attorney with you.

Oh, no. I do my own negotiating.

This is commissioner O'Connell.

Hello, how are you. Mr. Quinn.

Jimmy Quinn. - Would you sit over here, please, sir?

Yeah, sure.

Hello, sir, I don't believe-- uh, Mr. Quinn, just sit here, will you?

Now, wait a minute. Don't push me.

You guys got the education on me.

Got the experience.

I am just a little kid from the streets.

I'm out there with a lot of other guys shouting into wind and nobody here was listening, right?

We're listening to you now, Jimmy.

We can't ascertain if you're telling the truth or not, Mr. Quinn.

Sir, don't try our patience.

I understand that, commissioner. You want a little credibility.

That's what the New York times says, "we want credibility."

Well, what about one of the victims, female I think, with a gold bracelet on her wrist.

The kind of bracelet that once you put on you can't get it off.


Powell, what do you got?

Charm bracelet.

Yeah, that's correct.

She was sunbathing up on her roof.

It's the only piece of jewelry she had on.

We checked it out with her roommate.

It's missing.

Was this ever released to the press?

No, not to my knowledge.

Oh, come on, what, you think I read that in the press?

Well, did I read there were little dainty elephants?

Little itty-bitty, dainty elephants on that chain?

Now, Mr. Quinn, these little bitty dainty elephants were gold.

They must've been valuable. Why didn't you take them?

You don't strike me as the kind of guy who'd leave that kind of stuff lying around.

Well, I'm not the kind of guy who plays around with dead bodies.

Are you into that, huh?

Told them what else you saw.

A nest, big nest.

What do you want, Polaroid shots?

We believe you, Mr. Quinn.

What's the location of this nest?

Well, Mr. commissioner, you know there is nothing in the world that is for free.

Well, no doubt you've thought of terms.

Would you care to let us in on them?

Yeah, sure. And I don't need this.

I got my own little paper here.

Immunity for the job you got me on now and for anything else that might crop up on me.

You are beautiful, do you know that?

You think we can give you immunity for crimes we don't even know about?

Yeah, didn't Ford pardon Nixon for anything and everything?

I'm just asking for a Nixon-like pardon.

And if that could be arranged, what else?

Money. One million dollars in cash, tax free.

Sweet Jesus Christ.

And you pay the taxes on it.

I suppose if you pay the taxes, I got to pay the tax on the tax.

But you can work that out with the IRS.

I have never paid tax in my life, and I'm not about to start now.

Excessive, the city will never go along with that.

You paid that God damn lottery winner one million dollars!

And I'm saving the big apple ten-- a hundred million dollars!

Maybe a billion dollars. And you're gonna Welch on one million lousy dollars?

You know, if I had decent negotiator, he'd be asking ten million dollars and you know it.

And that's it? No, not exactly.

I want exclusive rights to all the photographs of the nest and-- of the nest and everything else up there, including of the remains of the thing once you killed it or whatever.

I want to sell them and own them and rent them.

I own the negatives and the book rights.

You want to make a bundle, huh?

Huh? Yeah, well, why not?

You know, a lot of murders and crooked politicians have done that.

So what's wrong with me?

Very well, Mr. Quinn, we can arrange to have the press kept out and the police photographers will be instructed to surrender the negatives to you or a representative.

What else?

Yeah, I want it all signed, sealed, and notarized with witnesses and then handed over to my lawyer in cash.

Banks are closed until tomorrow morning.

Open one.


A man died yesterday.

You've been sitting on this damn information.

You could've prevented it. How the hell does that make you feel?

Like a hero because I'm preventing tomorrow's death and the day after that and the day after that.

So kiss my ass in public.

I'm the Johnny Carson shit.

Piss ass!

Behave yourself, sergeant Powell.

Because I'm pissing all over you and there's nothing you can do about it.

I don't believe you're sitting in here, buying this garbage.

Sergeant Powell, you better wait outside.

Powell, you heard what he said.

Yeah, I'll wait outside. The stench in here is enough to make you throw up.

And I don't want any assholes like Powell laying cocaine on me!

And bum repping me!

Two years, three months!

Nineteen-years-old, I was bum repped by a cop like Powell because he wanted to get a conviction.

The other one I did. I'm all right, let me go!

I'm all right! The next one I did, that was legit but the city owes me one!

You set me up in business!

All right, Mr. Quinn, we get your point.

If it makes you feel any better.

Oh, what do you mean, "feel any better"?

I feel great.

Do you?

Can we get the God damn typist in here, so we can get started this thing?

I'll have to get the mayor's approval on the money.

What do you mean? You probably already got it.

I bet he authorized a million and half-- two million, didn't he?

Didn't he? I see you're not answering me.

While they're typing it up, why don't you let me buy you a cup of coffee, huh?

You buy me, I'll buy you.

Everything should be ready for signature in about 20 minutes.

All the units are ready to move just as soon as we ascertain the location.

At Mr. Quinn's convenience, of course.

Well, all you have to do is hand all the cash over to my lawyer who is that dull looking fellow in the next room.

You know, I met you once before, Quinn.

Right here if you don't mind.

The bar in the village, you remember that?

You were signing some kind of scat song.

There's a big dog on the floor.

Oh, you heard me play?

Yeah, you were pretty good.

Yeah, you told me to fuck off. Excuse me.

Madam, we're going to have two coffees, and I will pay the bill.


So you heard me play, huh? Sure.

You know who taught me how to do that?

A big seven foot spook in the box taught me that.

That big Niger maniac who came to me.

He killed five white punks. And he comes to me and says, "I'm going to teach you something, boy."

And he teaches it to me, you know?

It's one of the best things anyone has ever gave to me.

It's more than you'll ever give me.

Come on, Jimmy. I've given every thing I can.

You know, I talked to your girlfriend.

My ex, she turned on me.

Ah, she just wanted you to do the right thing.

Oh, come on, man. What is a white chick doing with a con like me?

I accept she wants to rehabilitate me.

She wants to control me.

She can go and shake her tambourines somewhere else.

Thank you. - Old Quinny is gonna take care of himself.

Ha! Sure you are, Quinn.

Couldn't even use that gun when you needed it to protect yourself.

You're not much of a killer, Jimmy.

But, you know, yesterday, that guy up in the swimming pool, well, you killed him.

Shepard, how dumb do you think I am?

You know damn well the bird killed him.

What? You think I trained the bird?

You're unbelievable. You come on to me all about my music, right?

Give me this nice song and dance.

And then you start laying a bum rep on me.

Who do you think I am?

No, no. No bum rap.

You say I have no nerve, huh?

Two guys up there, Webb and Doyle. I took them up.

You won't be able to recognize them because they're all over the place.

They're in little pieces.

And I lead them up there because they were putting heavy pressure on me.

And I walked them right into it.

Quinn, you're not going to lead us into anything like that are you?

Well, a few cops may die. I've seen this bitch in action.

She can move anywhere she pleases, in or out.

In and out of what? The roof.

There's a hole in the roof, and she goes into the roof.

Did you actually see this thing? Hey, what is this?

Hey, Mousekewitz, get these guys out of here. Get them out of here.

Take another photo. No, Shepard, get them back here.

I want my photo op here. Come on!

This city needs me now!

And get the owner of that newspaper.

What's his name? Murdoch!

Get Rupert Murdoch down here with his arm around me.

Come on, sit down.

I'll be on television.

I'm going to be on all the shows.

Yeah. You're just jealous, Shepard.

Jealous, what can I say?

You know, the only way you guys get your picture in the papers is when you get shot.

Look, you're Eisenhower, right?

This is d-day.

We're your soldiers. Tell us what to do.

What I do is I get a whole fleet of helicopters.

No, I'm with you. Fleet of helicopters.

Yeah, and they come-- okay.

They come up and they fly around.

And between them is this canvas thing that they take it over the top of the building.

Drop right down like-- canvassing, yeah.

Like a tent. Like a circus tent.

Circus tent? Is that going to be strong enough?

Well, it'll be strong enough to keep the mother in there, you know, while they're pumping shots into it.

You know, slow it down.

What? It is a mother, you know?

I'd seen an egg there. Boy, is it a mother!

Egg? Yeah.

There's an egg? Yeah.

Okay. All right, let me get this straight.

We call up Ringling brothers, and we say, "lend us a circus tent."

Of course, it's not going to be in very good shape when we send it back.

Yeah, well, they can sue the city.

Yeah, why not? Everybody else is doing it.

Like what is the building look-- it's top of it?

You want to know the shape of it?


It's a cone.

Like a cone.

Well, you know the building. Yeah?


great timing.

You know, pal, if you hadn't walked in that door, I would've spilled my guts all over the table.

Shepard, give me 15 minutes alone with her and I'll get any answer you want.

That's fine. Documents are in order.

Have my client brought back up.

So I guess we got to find somebody to tell what's his name that he's a rich man.

Oh, I want do that myself. I want to talk to that bastard.

Now, captain. Hmm?

Be polite.

That's the only way.

Uh, Shep.

Yes, sir.

I like you most of the time.

And that's why I'm giving you back this report unread.

I never saw. Never heard of Quetzal.

Quetzalcoatl. Quite so.

Unless you're looking for a sanity hearing, my dear boy.

Yes, sir.

Sir, two days ago, you didn't even believe this creature existed.

Now, wouldn't it be possible for you to suspend your disbelief just for one little degree further.

You are talking about the incarnation of some ancient Aztec God.

And it's my duty to kill it.

Now, it's much easier for me to think of killing a bird than a God.

So do away with that report.

A connection. A connection between the ritual killings-- there is no connection.

The appearance of-- two separate cases.

Keep them that way. A mere coincidence.

I don't suppose you have any objection if we continue to pursue this murder vigorously.

Not at all.

Get him without no connections, no linkages, understand?

Get me that bird!

All right, come on, let's go!

Looking good!

That's it, move in. That's it, go, go.

All right, here we go.

We're going, all set. Move those doors.

Okay, guys, she's right up there.

Go on up the stairs and keep going.

And when you hit the ladder, keep going up the ladder, you'll run right into it.

All right, come on. Let's go.

Come on, easy. Don't push me.

It's in the nest. Where the hell is the canvas to cover up the roof?

Oh, we didn't have time for that.

That was a good idea though.

We got our own way of covering the hole.

Quinn, lead the way. What are you talking about?

Well, you got your million dollars, now you're going to earn it.

Oh, come on, I want nothing to do with it.

Come on, go. Come on, go.

Go, move it.

Move on up there. Come on, let's get going.

Jesus, it's another one. Thing brings them up here and stashes the leftovers.

It so stinks.

I don't know why it didn't come down after me both times.

Maybe it's using you. Maybe it wanted you to bring us back here.


We don't want you to go on up there unarmed.

What are you talking about? Why is everybody giving me revolvers?

I mean, I don't want a gun. I point, you go.

It's up there, go.

Okay, Quinn, I'm first, you're second.

What do you mean?

Why do I have to go up there?


Jesus, look at that fucking omelet.

SWAT team moving into position below second level tower.

All other units stand fast.

Shepard only makes with the jokes when he's scared of something.

Everybody just stay where you are, okay?

Just hold back down there.

Fry up about 500 pounds of bacon.

We're gonna have us some breakfast.

Get the hell up here, come on.

Now, leave it. The scientist will want to look at it.

They didn't even get the bird. They got the egg.

If they had done what I told them to, put the canvas over the top.

Hey, Quinn, come on up here.


I'm coming as a witness.

This trip's worth a million bucks to me.

Hey, that's it.

That's my baby.

Hey, Shepard, one million dollar egg.

It's just a reflex action.

That's it!

I'll meet you downstairs.

I can't believe you guys, you know?

I told you how to do it. You put the canvas right over the top and what do you do?

Well, I guess you blew the big bucks.

What are you talking about?

Well, the money was for the mama bird, not the baby bird oh, come on, man. I told you everything I knew.

That was the deal. You fucked up.

You let the thing get away.

I let him get away. I told you how to do it.

Put the canvas over the top and the thing wouldn't get away.

Yeah, you screwed yourself. City is gonna demand a full refund, the unused portion of the funds.

Horse shit! I got that in black and white.

Now, just so it's not a complete lose.

That's for the coffee you bought me.

Oh, come on, man. You can't feed me an act like that.

I had that signed. Police commissioner signed that.

And I'll have my lawyer sue your ass.

Okay, you do that! You do that.

I don't know if we're gonna honor that amenity part of the agreement either.

It's in black and white. You can't touch that.

And I'll have you dropped.

If you'd done what I told you, you'd had that bird.

And here, take this and stick it-- stick it up your-- up your brain.

Your small little brain.

Oh, yeah?

See you later Charlie Christian.

I'm staked out in front of the museum.

The suspect just entered with what it looked like a medical bag.

Yeah, but there was another guy with him.

Like a prearranged meeting our something.

- Maybe another victim. Okay, hold your position.

I'll notify Powell and get right over there to the museum.

Is Shepard coming?

No, no, Shepard's staying right here in the tower.

He thinks the fucking thing is coming back.

Okay. Hurry up.

All right, Mr. magic, that's the man with the bag.

What do you say we nail him?

I found out he was a medical student at Columbia.

I knew he had to have some scalpels around.

Pick up your money.

Let's go.

How much did you make? Not much.

Bird must've been bad for business.

Attention all units, suspect and possible victim heading South.

Yellow cab, New York, 6-7-George-4-1-Frank.

Continue surveillance.

It's by one of those God damn lofts down there.

What the hell are waiting for? Catch him in the act?

This is a farce. There ain't no way we're gonna get a conviction.

All they're gonna do is throw him in the looney bin along with his victim.

I know. I know. Who the hell is gonna believe a ritual sacrificial murder in 1982.

Who the hell is gonna believe a cop in that get up?

What the hell is the statue of liberty doing up there?

Yeah, it's the original model they used to build the statue.

The liberty warehouse bought it and put it up there.

How do you feel?

It's cold.

The lights will warm you up in a bit.

That pal and the kid must be up on the roof by now.

Let's go.

I am the plume serpent.

I crawl and I fly.

Drop that scalpel.

Leave him alone!

Let us finish in peace! Get out!

He was coming from me. He was coming from me.

He's heading up to that statue!

Listen, know that all the doors of the roof tops are locked from the inside.

That means we got him trapped up here.

Check the other end.

Damn kite.

Okay, okay, so they trashed you!

Why trash up the whole apartment?

How do you like that asshole lawyer?

He's sending them their money back!

No fucking loyalty!

Well, maybe you're better off by forgetting the whole thing!

I mean, those two extra bodies up there.

That got talked about in court.

They press charges against you. They say you killed those two on purpose.

Then you're on their side, huh?


If you're through smashing up this place, why don't you take a walk!


I'm sure there's a park bench out there somewhere that it's going to fit you!

You mean that?

Yeah. I always thought, "well what the hell?

"This guy hurts so bad. He's been kick around so much that you can forgive him almost for anything."

But I saw you, Quinn. When you thought you had some power and it wasn't pretty.

And I don't want to share in that!

So you just take a walk!

Okay, fine.

I'll send for my things.

And if you can't wait,

throw them in the fucking incinerator.

All right, it's coming back.

Load tracer ammunition. I want to see the trajectory.

Get those guys into the basket!

Look at the size of thing.

Told you, didn't I?

Feel like saying a prayer? Yeah.

Let her have it!

Come on, feel like climbing, huh?

Not exactly. Ah, come on.

Well, if shooting doesn't kill it, I just might start praying to it myself.

Give me another magazine up here!


Shepard! Don't!

We got that damn thing.

Shep, we did it! We did it!

Okay, everybody hold your positions!

Everybody stay right where you are, all right?

Don't move.

Big. Yes.

I saved you all. I saved the whole fucking city.

And what do I get for it, huh?

Don't move, Mr. Quinn. Don't turn around.

What are you doing?

It was meant that we should meet.

Unit, check out the hotels on 8th Avenue.

You guys, across the street.

I'll go up here. Put Quinn under protective custody.

You are the betrayer. And now you must humble yourself.

What? What did I betray?

You must give yourself to receive forgiveness.

No, I understand. I understand.

You must make flesh holy, so it is good as a sacrifice.

I understand. I understand.

I fucked up all my life. Shh!

With your sacrifice and the sacrifice of the others, the plumed serpent will rise again.

A serpent?

A plumed serpent?

What? Do you mean that fucking bird?

But if you say the prayer with me, you will have salvation.

Piss-- piss on your prayer.

I ain't saying any God damn prayers.

I never did. I never will.

Fucking priest told me to say my prayers.

I didn't say my fucking prayers.

Cops tell me to say my prayers. I'm not saying my prayers.

And I ain't saying your prayers.

I've eaten shit from you.

I've eaten shit from city hall! Do it!

Look, I cannot do it until you say the prayer.

I'm not saying shit for you.

Hope you had your tetanus shots.

How did you find me?

We've been searching every flea bag hotel in town for hours.

Ever since--

this guy does not die easily.

I figured our fanatic friend here might look you up to get you to repent your sins.

Thought he was gonna get up again, huh?

All right, come on. I'll take you back to your girl.

No, I'm not going by there.

What're you talking about?

Well, we're not good for each other.

You know, she's doing me favors all the time.

I'm getting her into trouble. I got her in there.

What are you talking about? She's there waiting for you.

Next time I see, I'm gonna have a job.

Look, you with a job? Yeah.

What are you talking about? I'll be playing piano somewhere.

I'm pretty good.

Yeah, what the fuck do you know?

Yeah, that's right. What the fuck do I know?

But I know I'm not afraid anymore.

Just your good old fashion monster.