Qayamat: City Under Threat (2003) Script

Ever since the terrorists have started using mobile phones... we have developed a new software, from the security point of view lt has been fed into this system

Whenever words like murder, rape, RDX or bombs are associated... with the names of VlPs, their number will be flashed on this immediately l've noticed objectionable words being used several times since this morning... on this number. On whose name is the number registered?

We've checked the records of the cell-phone operator The name and address are fakes. Naturally The cell-phone company wants to sell its services... whether it's a tourist or a terrorist Switch on the location identification system Tell me where the cell-phone user is right now

The caller is at the poolside of Hotel Sunshine Keep me posted on every movement of his

Your cell-phone was out of range, sir. l'm at the poolside now. Go on That cell-phone is now out of range, sir

He's in room number 204 of the same hotel

There's no one in the room, Mike. Our system still shows...

that the cellphone is in room 204

Akram Shaikh, you will always lag behind So they knew we've been following them l found this map of Mumbai from the bedroom

This looks like L sir. L...? Could also be 7 What's with L or 7 that the terrorists could target in Mumbai?

7-ways, 7-bungalows...?

Lamington Road, Lokhandwala, Linking Road...?

Which means, one of the three is a woman

Mr Dara, they're here

Only we brothers have the right to search her

Many happy returns of the day, Mr Dara You turn 60 today and there will be a grand party this evening But we regret, we will not be able to attend So we thought of personally wishing you on your birthday You are a father-figure to us The Godfather in the business of arms-running Please accept your birthday gift

You're the one who has it, right? Strange!

How would it be with me? lt's with you!

But you were supposed to carry it! Rubbish. lt was you...

No, no. lt's not okay. We must give you the gift

l had to make you belong to me... this meeting was just a pretext

l wanted to steal your heart... this meeting was just a pretext Apocalypse... l spell apocalypse

l haven't slept many nights...' you are the one l've been thinking about l've even touched it... your body's as clear as crystal

A spell l wanted to cast... this meeting was just a pretext l wanted to steal your heart... this meeting was just a pretext Apocalypse... l spell apocalypse Apocalypse... you spell apocalypse

ln your arms, l want to live...

On your eyes, l want to be drunk The redness of my lips... l have preserved only for you

l wished to drive you mad... this meeting was just an excuse l wanted to steal your heart... this meeting was just a pretext Apocalypse... you spell apocalypse Apocalypse... l spell apocalypse

You've already killed, Dara However, children... times are bad l have news from the CBl that one Akram Shaikh is hot on your trail He'll always keep trailing. ln missiles and arms... we've gone too far ahead anyway. lf you get caught... l won't remain the Home Minister anymore. Do you understand that? lf this deal goes through, you will become the Chief Minister, Uncle Don't call me Uncle, okay?

You're very mischievous. Now tell me. what are you doing about Akram Shaikh?

Did that hurt?

l'll tell you!

Ali, Abbas... Damn it, Suresh-bhai!

Why didn't you tell me earlier? Why do you provoke violence in Gandhi's land?

Has he told you something?

A police beating is quite something else, sir Even the mute start singing

My suspicion was right, sir Small-time thieves four years ago, Ali and Abbas... are today's biggest arms-dealers Ever since America is keeping a vigil on other countries... these terrorists want to turn lndia into a marketplace for firearms We will not let lndia get a bad name in the rest of the world

You are now in-charge of the case Sir, Dara's murder, the seizure of the map from the hotel room... l don't know why, but l feel... that there's a storm in the offing. The city's under threat, sir

We've been after Dara for so many days for these weapons And now we get our hands on them What a figure! Sleek and sexy!

We only need a virus now. Funny!

Not even the girls l promise marriage every day are as suspicious l told you, you'll have the virus ln which case, the government will go down on its knees We can spell doom How about making a call to Brigadier Rashid...?

Our contact in the lSl This cake in the shape of lndia, in the flavour of pistachio... in green! lt's going to be fun relishing it

Ali Abbas! Have you got your hands on those missiles?

Yes, you need to help us now. And we will help you lt's like this, brother Every Muslim from the land of the infidels finds shelter in our land Anyone who teaches the infidels a lesson... becomes the King of the palaces of Karachi You must teach them a lesson too The serial bomb-blasts of '93 are fading from memory What Dara could never do, we will do Wow! Wonderful!

Take shelter from us. And take the money from them God protect you. God protect you

Mr Vajpayee wants peace. And we want pieces Pieces of lndia Especially this one... Kashmir

Our virus will show such magic in Bombay... that talks between the countries will collapse, even before they begin This virus could very well become a bigger issue than Kashmir

A delegation from the Defence Ministry has arrived, sir The director wants you to brief them on the virus

Sir, these important files are going to the U.N.

Please sign them

How are you, Gopal? How should l be? l hear you're going to brief a delegation from the Defence Ministry?

You will go to America to do a research at the director's recommendation... and when you return, you will be the join-director, sir!

How am l to feel? l've worked all night and prepared a progressive report on the virus

Our research team is being headed by a young, brilliant scientist Rahul Gupta

The enemy every day warns us of a nuclear war He prepares chemical and biological weapons Our intelligence have unearthed the information... that the enemy has developed this virus lf this virus is dropped in our country through missiles... people will suffer to death. No one will survive Air, water and land... wherever this virus explodes... it will affect the nervous system of everyone in a radius of 10 kilometers Our research team is therefore preparing an antidote An anti-virus, like the ones used for Cholera and Typhoid Should this virus be mixed in water... we're trying to develop something that will prevent it from becoming poisonous A virus as deadly as this one, no human brain has ever given birth to

But our research-team has made good progress ln a month or two, we will succeed in our mission

l've even asked for Vodka today

Rahul, there's no one in my house tonight Why? Where has everyone gone?

Daddy's in Bangalore, Mummy's...

Dr Kalam is there too. He's got a lovely lab

Tonight, l'm all alone in my house Now look, just don't be afraid. Keep the doors and windows shut Keep a torch within reach. lf possible, call Bunty over...

There's something l wish to tell you today


Will you marry me?

Sheetal, you...?

l've fallen in love

Something's happened to me, my love

ln your arms, my body... melts in the heat

Shut the windows, my love... let me draw the curtains Let's do away with the distances between us, my love A miracle... has occurred

Something's happened to me, my love

ln my arms, your aching body... melts in the heat

l've fallen in love

Something's happened to me, my love

ln your arms, my body... melts in the heat

l'm leaving for the trip. The boat's ready

You ought to have joined me, stupid l've got work to do. Some intense work l know your intense work. Listen...

Listen, Rahul...

l found the virus-ball lying outside on my table lt ought to be in the safe!

Sir, Gopal was here last evening

This is the Elphinston Jail Many notorious criminals used to be held here And how were they brought here? Just as you were brought here Mister, l'm the one she asked. Why did you answer the question?

Because l know a lot about this jail too Maybe you do. But why snatch my livelihood?

How will l tell you what else l'm going to snatch?

This jail is surrounded by the sea. No prisoner could therefore run away How do you know the detailed history of this jail? l know of the things that happened, and also what's about to happen Please come... let's go towards the lock-ups

This is the place where dreaded criminals were held for years... without any food or water. You sleep in your houses... with the air-conditioners on. But take a look in these jails You will learn a huge lesson! l was only kidding! l only wanted you to feel what those prisoners felt Take a look at these jails. Maybe they'll wash away your sins

May you be blessed in jail!

Everybody's in...?

What's happening here? lt's the beginning of a game You're the prisoners. And we're the jailors

lt's no use trying to use your mobile-phones We've jammed your mobile-phones here Who are you...? l'm no guide. l'm a scientist And now starts a deadly game

We're holding you hostages Till the government meets our demands, you folks will remain here We have no enmity against you. But you must do as we say Get us out of here!

Surround the jail with guards. Use the radars At every entry point, deploy motion sensors

James, what's this? lt's a motion sensor Whenever someone gets close to it, our computers will alert us And if someone even defuses it, we'll still get to know You mean we'll get to know immediately that someone has arrived?

Where have you placed the seven missiles?

One's in the tower, two in the library... two in the ammunition room, and two in the Portuguese room

l've connected you both to the C.M.'s phone

C.M., bad news for you We've turned the Elphinston Jail into a prison again What rubbish are you talking? Who are you?

Don't interrupt. Talk only when we ask you to. Go ahead now Why're you asking him to talk? Okay, shut up!

You talk. Who are you?

You speak up again! So let me tell you

We're madmen... by the end, we're going to turn you mad too

We've captured 213 tourists. lncluding some foreigners Who are you?

Who are we...?

Why? You want to get your daughter married to them?

Even if you want to, don't offer the guests any water lf they drink the water, they're doing to die!

With our missiles, we have targetted the seven lakes... which supply drinking water to the whole of Mumbai Our missiles are carrying not just explosives... there's also the virus we have stolen from the CDC Lab C.M., if you don't meet our demands, we'll let go of a missile... and the whole of Mumbai will perish with the water Don't talk, C.M. Just watch the teaser At the lake in Goregaon Full of emotions... and cries of agony

Cancel all my appointments for the day...

What's happening here...?

28 people are dead, a child's suffering... tell us something, sir!

The effect of the virus

Take a look at this, sir

l need samples of this water. Okay, sir

People have died a horrible death!

We've seen 29 bodies today, it'll be 2.9 million soon! l'm glad they haven't contaminated the air to terrorise us They've only contaminated the well water

One moment. Call from Elphinston Jail, sir

15 billion and a ship to get out of here What? Aren't you recording it?

Listen to what you've recorded You have 24 hours. l get it You speak up again? All right, go ahead You must speak now and then

As for what we can do, you've seen a sample at the well in Goregaon

l'll explain. Until we have sailed across the Arabian Sea... the 213 hostages will remain with us on the ship You're already using your brains... as to what you've got to do in the next 24 hours Tell him, James Anything done within a radius of 3 kilometers of this jail... will see our missile land in the seven lakes of Mumbai

lf you try to explode the missile in mid-air, they'll no doubt blow up But the virus will spread everywhere in the atmosphere... and kill all of you. You get that?

24 hours... to doomsday

These criminals who have taken over the Elphinston jail... are they indeed capable of doing something so dangerous?

They are. Akram...?

Ali Rehmani

He found many jobs, but because of his abusive nature... and his bad habits, he couldn't keep any job

Abbas Rehmani

Like this brother, very intelligent... dreams of becoming rich overnight The two of them deal in defence equipment only in name But actually, they're agents of international arms-smugglers

Laila Once the life of the discos in Bombay

She's the life of the two brothers now

James Ricardo. The gang's techno-brains He used to work for the NASA earlier Murthy, worked in an explosives factory. Expert at explosives Lop, a radar-expert

There's another thing. As smart as they are in committing a crime... they're equally adept at wiping out the evidence Which is why, we have only information. We have no evidence We have informers, no witnesses ls there no way we can survive this virus?

This virus spreads very quickly in air and water, sir ln Mumbai, it'll spread faster because of the humid conditions This virus could perhaps be destroyed with fire We're still experimenting, sir To begin with, alert the navy Seal the area, 3 kilometers in the radius of the Elphinston Jail So that no vessel, whether it belongs to the fishermen or the government... goes there. Also declare the area as a no-flying zone Alert all the emergency services. And please... think of a sure-shot plan to rid ourselves of this crisis l'll go and have a word with the P.M.

Why that smoke...? Reaction

O God! We must get the gas out of the chamber!

Else, they can't get out either. The gas will spread through the lab The experiment has succeeded Put the concentrate in the test-tube This virus can be destroyed with fire

10 seconds more

We've fixed sensors and motion detectors on all the ways to the jail lf the C.M. acts smart, they're going to get caught

We've even laid landmines everywhere You've got to watch your step, Laila. What for? lf you are blown up, we brothers are going to be widowed

l hope you've marked the areas where you laid the landmines l want to live. With her And l... want to die with her Even if we die, we'll take the whole of Mumbai with us

This news must not be leaked to the media Any contact with the tourists' kin? Yes, sir They have been taken into confidence What about the firebombs? The air-force's firebombs... will burn everyone there along with the virus l hope that moment never arrives

How are we to attack them? lf their radar intercepts our bombs, their missiles will all be fired And Mumbai...!

There is a way, sir. Which one?

To get into the jail through the water ln the sea is a secret way, where there are several other tunnels One of the tunnels leads to the septic tank in the jail And there's just one man who knows about it

But there's a problem, sir. What?

The man who knows about the way, is serving a term in the Pune jail What... ? How does he...?

He's the only man who successfully ran away from the Elphinston Jail What is he serving a sentence for?

Murder. There are other charges against him too

You want to take the help of a criminal like him?

Yes. Do we have a choice?

How will such a man pull off something so difficult?

Hatred is an intense power, sir He was once a friend of Ali and Abbas. He's their enemy today

Sir, call from the PMO

How did you find out so much about this criminal?

A man who can run away from the Elphinston Jail... is someone we must have information on. Sir, please take a look at his file l've only told you about the hatred he harbours in his heart But the sentiment that drove him to break jail... was his love for someone

Loneliness everywhere... somberness in the air Her memories... bring tears to my eyes

l breathe restlessly... there's an ache in my heart Separated from my beloved... life is no fun at all She torments me so much... that girl l miss so much

She makes me laugh... she makes me cry... she torments me so much

Sweetheart, beloved... you are the one l have loved Restlessness grips my heart... what ache have you given to my heart?

You are the one l have loved

You have stolen my heart

The glance you cast, robbed me of my peace... your dreams kept me awake all nights A thirst for you lingers on my lips... what love is all about, you have shown me You have stolen my heart

My feet no longer tread the ground... l've begun to fly Like fragrance, your tresses are spread in the air What spell have you cast?

You have stolen my heart

You have stolen my heart

ln your arms, l must live and die l have decided. You are the one l will love without reservations You are the one l have taken as my beloved

You have stolen my heart

You have stolen my heart

You're going away now. Stop me, if you can As if you'd stay back if l asked you to l could even lay down my life, if you asked me to Stop fibbing But l feel like talking with you. All day, night, evening and noon Just talking. So go on Your deep voice... it does something to my heart

So l'll keep talking. All my life. So much that you'll be fed up You will call me from Mumbai, won't you?

Are you going to think of me?

You're the only girl l can never stop thinking about The moment l've wrapped up daddy's business... l'll fly into your arms from Mauritius

l'm glad you went away to Mauritius There's no tension with the police anymore Everything's under control. Let's talk business Podar Seth's company has closed down. What happened?

That which is happening everywhere From Bikaner's bhujia to Dehradun's basmati rice... from potato chips to the computer chips... multinationals are storming into every trade Why're you playing a socialist? What do you want me to do? l'll explain. Peter, switch off the music

Podar Seth needs a new formula of a medical drug to start another company We've got to steal that formula from a multinational company Why wait for me to pull off something so easy?

You could've done it on your own. We couldn't have

This company has a very advanced security system. Ultra-modern

The alarm will go off the moment we pick up the floppy The police will take 2 minutes to get there... but the security guards will be there in 10 seconds Only you can steal that floppy and escape in 10 seconds The money? We've taken an advance We'll get the rest later. The most important thing... you can't enter the company's records room through the door You'll have to get in through the roof Suppose this is the records room and the safe is here... from a height of 150 feet, you will descend here The problem is: Laser beam traps are laid all over the floor They aren't visible, but the moment you touch them, the alarm will go off But these laser-beams can be seen through a smokescreen

She makes me laugh, she makes me cry... she torments me so much

l miss that girl very much Say something... don't be quiet. Just keep talking Your voice...

Forget about my voice and heed my heart

l'll come back soon

She makes me laugh... she makes me cry... she torments me so much

l miss that girl very much

He appears in my dreams... he steals my heart... he torments me so much l miss that boy very much

The first time l saw her, l went crazy about her'

She acknowledged my love and robbed me of my peace

He's the one l could die for... l'm not afraid of the world lt's his name l always chant, as l sigh wistfully What helplessness is this? Our love is yet unrequitted This distance shall be only for a few days... unite then, we must He awakens the ache in my heart l miss that boy very much

She makes me laugh... she makes me cry... she torments me so much He appears in my dreams... he steals my heart... he torments me so much l miss that boy very much

l miss that girl very much

l still can't believe it that you have returned Liar! You didn't come to the airport to receive me Your daddy was coming there. So what?

You could've met him too. ln his presence... could l have touched you like this? Strange guy, Ali!

You guys... here? For a cup of coffee, what else?

We're good friends of Rachait

Rachait, l must leave Don't you like our company? lt's nothing of the sort

Well...? Love?

You didn't give us a proper introduction to your girlfriend We'd have said a few words in praise of you

You've given that girl the status of art!

Looks like you haven't told her what you do for a living Every time l told a girl, she fled!

Love makes people talk. And you've fallen silent Let's talk business

lt's going to be very crowded there, there will be a lot of securitymen And the party's being held on the 20th floor lt's impossible for us to escape from there

What's gotten into you? l'm not in the mood. Where are you going?

Moods don't run the business. l'm not in the mood, l told you l don't want to do it. Relax, Ali Let's talk about it later

Something surely is fishy. lsn't there?

lt's his girlfriend You're through with talking, Rachait?

And you said you could go on all your life Well, Mr Silent...? What's up?

Sapna, l carry a burden on my heart So give it to me. Your burden and your sorrows

l am a criminal Ever since l was a child, l have been a thief

But l'm not using my poverty and helplessness as an excuse l'm just a thief

Maybe you've become quiet because you hear me say this

Maybe you'll go far away from me in just a moment or two l'm afraid to turn around and see. Even if you have walked away... l won't hold you guilty. But if you're still with me... l promise, l will give up everything. Everything.


l've made up my mind. l'm giving up all this ls that your decision...? Or is it hers?

lf you're in love, get married. That's a nice thing We'll dance at your wedding. But there's a problem lf one of us commits the theft, he won't be able to escape He'll get caught. And if he tattles on the names of anyone of us... the police could come to your house too Your family will be ruined before it's made That's just what we don't want! Now look... the necklace is worth 50 million. Do it one last time Once we have the money, we'll give up this profession too We'll also get married

The last time...? Of course. The last time!

l'm glad he agreed. Have you told him... the necklace has a computer chip with the army's secrets in it?

As is he'd have agreed then!

Before the chip is delivered to anyone else, it'll fall in our hands And we'll sell it to the lSl at any price we wish But the goose that lays the golden eggs is slipping out of our hands lt won't. Sapna will not be true for him

You have a beautiful necklace What business are you into? l run a diamond business

By the way, l don't dance with just about anyone

ln which case, you will remember me for a long time to come People think of me after l'm gone away

Out with the necklace Out with the necklace

You wanted to give the lSl classified information about the lndian army!

Bring these three guys along. Move it

Why do your friends Ali and Abbas want to kill me?

Take the body to the hospital Have him charged under TADA and locked away in the Elphinston Jail forever He'll rot in exile

We have another request. Our names mustn't be dragged into this case

This is the Elphinston Jail ln the last 150 years, not one prisoner has been able to run away from here

l see a rebellion in your eyes. But your lips are sealed

Maybe the onslaught of time has turned you dumb And we have now clipped your wings. Don't ever try to escape from here You'll either drop dead on the ground... or drown in the sea. Understand?

He ran away! ln just 2 months l know where he must've gone

Forgive me, although we don't know each other... l do know of the love that lies hidden in your heart

For Rachait

l think of the immense love he must've had for you... to lose his balance of mind l don't want to listen to anything about him You may leave l have nothing to do with people who break their promises

Please don't say that. l need your help l don't meet anyone. l know... you're dead, as far as the world is concerned Because you're from the CBl, l was compelled to...

That's exactly why you must go to Rachait with me


He won't turn you down And we desperately need him in this mission l'm dead for him! But he's dying every moment... with your memories. So tell him... to light a pyre of the memories. Even the smoke from the pyre... will be that of your love. Come with me just once Let him see that you're alive. He'll come back to life... and our mission will be successful. Sorry, l can't help you l implore you in the name of someone you must ever have loved You will never tell him that l'm alive Did you have to implore me in someone's name...?

Although she's no more... my love for her is still alive And here, although she's alive... the poor man thinks his beloved is dead

Why're you wasting your time over such a man?

He's lost to himself. What use will you have for him? l want to take a chance, jailer. Why take a chance for a man... who's alive just by chance? What does that mean?

Every 12 hours, the man drops dead. Dead?

Yes, every 12 hours, he suffers a fit He sees only shadows everywhere He then runs after them He assaults anyone who comes before him Out of control some times, he bangs his head against the wall

So how do you bring him under control? With tranquilisers

Although these tranquilisers affect his memory But he calms down instantly What happens when the effect of the tranquiliser has worn off? l didn't give him a dose, because you wanted to question him

Set him free

Please leave

Everyone here thinks you're good for nothing

But l think you can be of great use to me

l'm Akram Shaikh. From the CBl

Your name is Rachait, isn't it?

You have two objectives in life. Both of them... cannot be accomplished unless you're out of prison l can help you in getting out of jail lf you help me... to save the nation from a crisis The Elphinston Jail... does that ring a bell?

lt's now a tourist spot. But when it was a prison... no inmate could ever run away from it Except one man. You

ln the waters under the jail, is a maze of tunnels leading to the shores Only you know about them You were the one who ran away from there l want to use the same tunnel to get inside the jail You will go with me, because... you will fulfill an objective if you leave with me Two men are holding 213 people hostages in the prison The two men are your friends. The brothers... Abbas and Ali

They've placed all the seven lakes in Mumbai in target of a deadly virus lf their demands are not met, along with Mumbai... they'll destroy the entire nation. l know, it'll make no difference to you But if your enemies slip out of our hands this time... they'll have gone very far away from your reach You'll never find a better opportunity of confronting them Come with me and have your revenge

l forgot... your second objective. Your love

Love never dies, they say And the way you loved her, only someone in love can understand

She left you and went away to a world of her own But whichever world she lives in, you will meet her some day And what will you say to her?

That you were a criminal who served a sentence?

Won't you do something that will make you rise in her esteem?

So that she can say, no one has ever loved the way you have

lf you can fight a battle because you hate someone... you can fight it because you loved someone too Or maybe for the millions who live in Mumbai

No one can snatch that right from us!

We were born in a free nation...

Hey little girl... you talk as if the mutiny of 1857 has begun again You're in the habit of talking about the mutiny of 1857... and the struggle of 1942, aren't you? l'm your guide, after all You can't hold us back by force! l love fighting girls. What is your name?

Congratulations! You have just won your freedom!

Guards, open the door Welcome You've won freedom only from them. Not from me

This one's been instigating everyone. l suggest, you keep her separately

Lock her up in the old wing of the jail Who else wants freedom?

Hey C.M. ... Who's this?

Your father! Watch your language!

Watch your manners This is your mother speaking, son

Call me a genius Haven't we turned the heat on the whole of Mumbai?

You remember the demands, don't you?

Ali, you talk to him

You remember the demands?

150 billion and a ship to leave But who's going to give you asylum? There's just one nation... which gives asylum to the criminals of lndia

You have 20 hours to go

Get in!

The walls in this cell are very weak. Scream, and they'll collapse on you

You look handsome Time turns you into a savage, Time turns you human

We're all slaves to Time. Because Time is all powerful Your face has changed today, your clothes will change soon... maybe your Times will change too

Never have faith... never wait Don't ever have boundless love for anyone Don't ever have boundless love for anyone

Someone is faithful, someone is unfaithful... who knows what misdeamonour they commit ln love, l have been heart-broken... l have been deserted half way through the journey

Don't ever express it... don't ever wait for him Don't ever have boundless love for anyone Don't ever have boundless love for anyone

My suspicion was right, sir. The lSl has hatched this conspiracy l've received a report from RAW too lSl's Brigadier Rashid is behind all this He's the one who tried the virus on a few of our prisoners But our forces will give him a fitting reply Go ahead and accomplish your mission Hail lndia, sir. Hail lndia

Akram, this is Brigadier Rashid calling from Pakistan

Quickly say what you've got to Let Mumbai go to the dogs. You needn't worry about your job As soon as Kashmir is freed, we'll appoint you the l.G. there Allah-willing, Kashmir will soon be ours Hey Rashid, stop dreaming You've been fighting for Kashmir for the last 55 years... has Allah ever helped you? No You know why? Because even Allah wants Kashmir to be part of lndia lf not to us, listen to at least the will of Allah Because of Allah l have telephoned to help a Muslim brother of mine Why? Are there no Muslims in Pakistan anymore?

Help them, Rashid miyan. And if you think Pakistani's are not Muslims... it's a very sad comment But if they are and you still want to help us here... people in your country will call you a traitor, Rashid Miyan Not me! lt's people of your country that call you Muslims traitors!

Oh yes, there are some people here... who lecture us on patriotism every now and then Like you lecture us on lslam all the time Now look, Brigadier. My religion is lslam But my motherland is Hindustan. And thus l salute Mother lndia... the one you want to bleed. Stop doing it Else, we'll teach you a lesson the world will be left watching We'll finish you for good

At Sunset, we'll reach the prison. With high tide... we'll gain entry into the prison through the secret tunnels With me will be this special force of commandos And also Rahul Gupta, scientist of CDC He will tell us about the virus that is loaded in the missile

However close you get to the missile, whatever the emergency... do not even try to separate the virus from the missile Which is why l'm going to with you. And remember... the slightest bit of carelessness on our part... could make the entire mission fail. lt could affect the whole country This virus is very dangerous

The moment the mission is accomplished, one of you... will have to light smoke-sticks to signal us

Akram, can Rachait recall something? He will, sir The moment he sees the model, it'll all come back to him

This is the jail you were held captive at

Try and recall how you escaped from there

Remember something?

Officer, here are Rachait's medicines lf he has another fit, give him these medicines He will calm down immediately

Sapna, this is Akram You didn't go with me to meet Rachait. But l still want to thank you You haven't told Rachait that l'm alive, have you?

No, he still doesn't know that you're alive

This mission is so dangerous, there's no saying... whether he will even return alive

Rachait did not betray you, he gave you only love Because of that very love, he forget the way to live... the way to speak Hail lndia

l have influence in the Prime Minister's office, my child

You guys have played a very big game. Now listen carefully Bad news. Akram Shaikh, with 10 commandos, is coming to attack you And there's good news too. Your old friend, philosopher... is coming to you to be your friend for a lifetime Your guide

Be careful

Our old friend Rachait is coming. To fight against us Really?

ln that case, we must welcome him lsn't it the Rachait you guys often talk about?

Before you finish him, do let me take a look at him No, no, no!

Why not? Because he's a lover What if you fall in love with him?

The two of us will be ruined So we'll first kill him and then show you

The helicopter has dropped the commando force... about 3 kilometers away from the jail They're now moving towards the secret tunnels

Sir, our commandos have got into he Elphinston Jail

The jail was made and destroyed several times l don't know which map ought to be followed Rachait can help us only if he remembers something Sir, our commandos have got into the tunnel to the jail The cameras are switched on. You can take a look

Can you see something?

Careful, sir. There's a motion-sensor there

They've left the tunnel Stay here, Rahul. And take care of Rachait

Moron! Your government sent you here... and you came along chanting Hail lndia !

When we set chanting out Hail lndia... we only return victorious. Not from here You'll get killed! lf we die... scores of others will stand up. lf they are killed... millions of others will rise against you He's talking too much! Make a sieve out of him!

Akram Shaikh, your death is destined at our hands!

And your death is also destined at someone's hands Not me, but the One Above knows who We're the ones above! Can't you see that?

Now beg for your life!

He's down on his knees anyway!

Looks like they were told beforehand about our commandos' attack Sir, we've got signals from the second camera

He's still suffering. So let him suffer Are you guys thinking of shooting him? Here goes

Do what you will. You can't run away from here We're not running away. We're leaving... in a ship of your government, like their sons-in-law

Don't you know where we're going?

Very well too. There's just one nation... where every terrorist from lndia is hailed and welcomed

You got it right!

But that nation is a paradise for Muslims like us!

You're going to get kicked around in that paradise you're going to

Even in 1947, several people went across in search of their paradise They were subjected to a lot of humiliation That's what's going to happen to you too Whatever happens to us over there, we hate the infidels in this country!

Not Hindus, not Muslims... this country has a problem with traitors

l haven't killed you yet because you're a Muslim

lf you want to live, talk to the C.M.

And make him give us the 150 billion l'll get you even 1500 billion. On one condition Take all your friends with you, whose faith is money... and betrayal, their profession Whatever faith or religion they belong to

He spoke so much!

lt's all over

You're in a lot of pain, aren't you?

All l regret is that l'm leaving a mission incomplete... for the first time in my life. Nothing will happen to you!


Looks like God has called me over

From very far away...

someone's calling me l'm coming, my love... l'm coming No! Akram, we'll be able to do nothing!

No! Don't say such things. Promise me...

you will leave only after you have done what we had set out to do

They are not the ones who will bring doomsday... we'll bring doom to them

Hey C.M. You sent commandos here! l... l sent them to negotiate with you With guns in their hands?

Their guns spoke, so did ours. They're all dead-meat Now see what we're going to do!

Rachait, they're going to kill us! Get up!

They've got guns! We could lose our lives!

Do you get what l'm saying, Rachait?

l was crazy to come here to defuse the missiles! l've had my fuse blown and you won't say a word!

Say something... react!

They were here. They've killed Akram Shaikh!

The one who brought us here. He's gone away... and left us here! What am l going to do?

Oh yes! You remember the way back! We'll go back the way we came! l can't even remember a normal route, Rachait

l've burnt Rachait to death. His ashes will now flow into the sea!

Only his ashes will escape from this jail!

Sir, there's a girl called Sapna who wants to meet you She says she has permission from the P.M.'s office What am l to tell her, sir? Show her in There was a call from the PMO that a girl wants to see me She's the lover of the prisoner Rachait who has gone on the mission

ls Rachait all right?

Yes, we're trying to establish contact What does that mean? At the moment... those who have gone on the mission, are missing

What are you looking for...?

Looks like the effect of the medicine is wearing off He's getting the fits again

Sir, the scientist Rahul Gupta is right before Lt Pradip's camera

Switch on the beep of the wireless! Tap it, please!

Who's this? Khurana. CBl chief Sir, how do you know that l've got the wireless?

The officer lying in front of you.. He's dead, sir there's a camera fixed on his shoulder... through which l can see you Remove the camera from his shoulder and fix it on yours

They've all been killed, sir. Only Rachait and l are alive

l know all the commandos have been killed A traitor has leaked information to them

No, sir...

The two of you can complete the mission!

Do not lose your nerve!

There's someone standing right in front of you!

When death stares you in the face, you have only two options Either surrender or take him on

Hurry up and get to Rachait

Rachait! Get up! Come to your senses!

Only the two of us are left!

lt's very important for Rachait to regain consciousness On him depends the success of our entire mission But how are we going to sit here and bring him back to his senses?

Sir, l can help you

l can have a word with Rachait

Talk to him! Go on!


Rachait, this is Sapna

Are you listening, Rachait?

l'm alive, Rachait

Nothing has happened to me, Rachait l'm here in the control-room. Only for you

Only for you, Rachait l went far away from you, didn't l? l'll never do that again

You can give me any punishment you wish to

But once... come back Rachait. Just once

l want to live again... in your eyes, in your arms, Rachait

l'll wait for you l'm going to wait for you

l'll break every boundary in my love for you, Rachait Stand up, Rachait. Rise and destroy those... who have betrayed not just you, they have betrayed the nation too!

The CBl director says the two of us can complete this mission There are three missile stations here But which one is the closest, l don't know. You'll have to...

The General is very happy with you The way you have finished the commandos... he has decided to reward you with 5 billion rupees Thank you. Tell the General that we will finish anyone... who stands in our way. Before the lndian government makes another move... we'll put the pressure on them. We'll scare them a bit more ln a few hours, we're reaching your country. God protect you

Let me fire a missile on Mumbai!

Only then will the C.M. send the money

Abbas, what are you doing? l'm going to put the whole of Mumbai to eternal sleep! l only asked you to threaten them! l've said what l had to

Gopal, let the missile go. Let's do it Abbas, hold it!

Gopal, let go of the other missile Do what you want to. l'm hurling a missile at them l'll kill you! Ali!

Try killing me!

That's Mumbai...

Sir, they've fired a missile from Elphinston Jail

What have you done!

What fear or bargaining power do we now have!

That C.M. wasn't sending us the money! He'll send it now We won't get the money anymore We've contaminated their lake. All our efforts have been in vain!

Have you gone out of your mind? You guys were out of your minds l kept my nerve. Kept your nerve, my foot! l let the missile go, but l took out the virus l've fired a blank missile!

So you fired a blank missile?

Because the virus isn't a bullet you can fire at will The virus is priceless. lt's worth billions. Like me!

We're saved! We're saved, Laila!

Gopal, you're a genius. That l am!

We are saved. Abbas, don't ever do that again, brother Don't call me brother. You fired at me!

Out of love, brother. Don't be angry with me

You aren't angry with me, are you?

Let's embrace, brother C.M., do you see the power we wield?

We wanted to undo the dhoti you wear, not make you wet it Which is why we didn't load the missile with the virus They had taken out the virus from the missile Now tell us how many hours you have left Eighteen. Wrong! 10 hours You tried to act smart by sending those commandos So soon, how am l... Eight hours Listen to me, please... Six hours Four Two!

One Want us to fire the missile? No, no!

So let's settle at five hours. 150 billion and a ship Remember, we're really mad lf you ruin our mood, we'll put the whole of Mumbai to sleep Okay, l'll meet all your demands in five hours. All right?

What's happening, sir...? They're dropping missiles on Mumbai? ln the lake at Powai which provides drinking water? l'm going to answer all your questions lt was an exercise on the part of the defence ministry Why didn't you inform the public well in advance?

Many things the press get to know even before the government does How did you miss out on this one? You're the one who missed out, sir!

l can't believe this is the place they have kept the missiles

This is the compartment in which the virus is loaded

This is where the virus is. One mistake could ruin everything

Here's the virus in its hyper concentrated bio-chemical matrix form This is the deadly virus

One down. Now for the next

No one's responding from the ammunition room That's where the missiles are

Without this chip, they can't use the missile

Where are we landing?

Follow them!

Where are we going?

Rachait, they're firing! Do something!

We'll meet with an accident, Rachait!

Do something!

You, Sheetal?! Rahul!


Sheetal, you, l... l kept calling you like a madman! And here you are!

They kidnapped me, stupid!

That's all right. But what are you doing here? l'm on a picnic! l told you, didn't l?

But what are you doing here? l... l'm here on a secret mission You came to save me?

You came to save me! My God!

Listen to me Rachait, this is my girlfriend Sheetal And this is Rachait, a bit of a snob We have very little time. Here's the map Two more missile stations left. One in the library, one in the tower Now which one is closer, l don't...

Rachait is alive

Tell me something Why've you tied a red handkerchief on your mouth?

Strange man. Neither does he talk, nor will he let me talk You tell me. Do l talk too much?

Oh no. Where do you talk at all? Exactly. l wonder what he thinks That's a toy-gun, isn't it? You think it's a toy-gun? lt's a real one

Where are you guys headed...?

Has the money arrived?

Guns, missiles... what's going on over here?

Someone's coming

From behind, or towards the front? ln the front... back there, Rachait... Where's Rachait?

Give me the gun and tell me how it works. You go and stand there

Have you gone mad?

Rahul! What's he doing here?

He must be the one who decoded the missile

Before he gets to the other missiles, let's gun him down

Hey Romeo!

What have you come here for?

Brother... l made a mistake. l ought to have bumped him off with his Sapna! l made a mistake! A bloody mistake!

He has come here to die! You stinking...

Laila, we've buried Rachait You can shut the tunnel from the other side now So that they don't even come across his soul

l've pulled out the pin. Toss it at them quickly

What a bombshell! l must take her out on a vacation!

We have either lost the signals, or the camera is damaged

This is no technical glitch. The two of them have been killed When an officer like Akram Shaikh was felled... with outstanding commandos of the nation... what will these two clowns do? Mr Home Minister

Maybe you don't know my Rachait He can fight any power on earth. That's your love for him speaking Yes, my love possesses his soul. And it won't let him die There's no jail on earth from which he cannot escape History is witness to that

Rachait, they've blocked all the ways through the tunnels Come with us!

Shit! The path this way is blocked too!

We're going to die here! No one's coming to our rescue!

Why did you come here? Even if l were dead... at least you'd have lived! Our love would have lived on! l'm suffocating! l'm going to die!

Do something, someone!

Nothing's happening to us!

lt's loaded! l just loaded it

Gunpowder? What are you going to do with it?

Rachait, go to the tower l'll meet you there after l've defused the rest of the missiles

We haven't been able to establish contact! What are waiting for?

Just pay them if you want to save the lives of millions!

Dollars, Pounds... give them whatever they ask for!

Must we give you your share or will you take it from them?


Your pawn has told us everything ln any case, Akram had prepared a pretty comprehensive file on you

Half an hour to go and the money still hasn't arrived

Something is surely wrong We're going to make the government's plans go wrong now Yes, everything is in place We've made arrangements to jam the signals of all tv and radio channels You are the only ones who will now feature on every radio and tv channel

Mumbai's under threat. So is the rest of lndia l'm Ali. l'm Abbas ln exactly 30 minutes, the people in Mumbai will breathe their last Because your government does not care for you lf the government does not meet our demands in half an hour... we will fire the missile at Mumbai!

The missile is loaded with a deadly virus Which will kill you and the whole city, in a matter of a few minutes Listen, halt the transmission of all tv and radio channels immediately Tell the cable operators to suspend their services till further notice lt's such a deadly virus, anywhere it is dropped... not even an animal is born for 150 years, let alone a human being

213 people, we have...

Looks like the government has blocked all the tv channels That's all right. Our job is done Mumbai must've gone berserk!

Bloody bull!

Allah, Abbas and Ali are blowing up Mumbai As long as there is in Mumbai Haji Ali, no harm can do Abbas and Ali You're dominating every channel today Thanks. lt's all because of your patronage Even we have not been able to scare the lndian administration so much Get to the naval border as soon as you have completed your work l'll personally come to receive you there

Come here, my boy... they send a duffer like you to stop me?

l told you, Gopal. Never use science for destruction Sure, but l hope there are girls and beaches up there

l'll issue orders to the Air Force to blow them up l can't risk the lives of millions for the sake of just 213 hostages

l'll stop him! Go and fire the missile!

Ali, you fire the missile! l'll deal with him

No, no... you can't fire at me The moment you shoot, Ali will let go of the missile!

Let go!

Leave Abbas alone! Else, l'll kill this scientist!

Leave Abbas alone! Else l'll kill him! Don't worry about me!

Kill him, Rachait! Let him go, l say! l'm sick of these blackmailers. They hijack planes... explode bombs, poison our drinking water!

Don't spare him, Rachait. Kill him!

Laila... my Laila!

Laila has saved me. But what happens of you?

You're going to your Sapna! You're going to Sapna!

Kill that man and his brother! Let me die, Rachait!

You really... really...?!

Bloody thief! You're taking sides with the cops?

When it's a question of lndia and Pakistan... every lndian is on one side You're in a hurry to go to Pakistan, aren't you?

Your brother and Laila wanted to go there too

You're going there too

They've given us a smoke signal

Bless you, dear

Any news of Ali and Abbas? No, sir

Dear citizens of Mumbai, your Mumbai is whole safe now The two terrorists Abbas and Ali have been decimated... their missiles and the virus have been destroyed...

Mumbai is like the Mumbai of old. Beautiful Mumbai, our Mumbai Hail lndia

Rachait is now a free man. Go on. Live happily

Rachait, l made a grave mistake in understanding you

l didn't keep my promise

Hold on! Wait!

Here's the scoundrel! Why did you make a cripple out of me?

l only tried to save your life

He speaks! He can really speak!