Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988) Script

'When has love ever understood anything,'

'when has beauty ever known a thing,'

'It is at your very foot-steps, that the whole world lies.'

Greetings, landlord Jaswant Singh!

Greetings Mr. Totaram! What new?

I've brought the wedding news of landlord Raghuveer Singh's son Ratan Singh.

That's good news.

Greetings sir! Greetings!

Sir, can I say something? Tell me.

You sent your younger brother Dhanraj to the city, educated him, got him married and he even had a child by god's grace.

You even got your younger sister Parvati married and even she got a child.

Now you should also get married by god's grace.

Totaram, you know that I have another younger sister Madhumati.

After she gets married, I will get married by god's grace!

Here, take it.

Thank you.

Daughter-in-law, what about you?

Oh god!

Tell me brother, how's everything in Delhi?

It's all good brother. How's business?

By god's grace it's really good.

I suggest you to leave farming and help me with my clothing industry in Delhi.

It's highly lucrative.

No brother, we aren't going to Delhi.

I like it over here.

Don't worry Madhu, We're not going anywhere.

When do you want to go hunting? Let's go tomorrow? - Sure!

We have to go the wedding tomorrow.

Oh yes! It slipped off my mind.

Tomorrow is Raghuveer Singh's son's Ratan Singh's wedding.

Just check what time we have to go?

Give that to me.

Give it to me. Tell him mother!

Sir, now you decide.

Saraswati, tell them.

I like these 2 sets of gold and these 3 made of diamond studded gold.

What do you think Randheer?

Yes mother, I like them! Kamla?

I like them but it depends on brother-in-law...

Sister-in-law I like these!

Quiet! We don't ask the bride and groom for opinions Do you mean they got you married to me without knowing your opinion?

Of course.

Stop laughing! We have to decide the clothes after the jewellery.

Ratan, there are some reels of cloth lying in the jeep outside.

Get them.

Take them inside.


What are you doing here?

I've come to congratulate you.

Listen to me. Come with me.

I want your answer Ratan!

I'll give you an answer, come over here.

Madhu, this is happening against my wishes.

My family has forcefully fixed my marriage with someone else.

You'll have to decline it! They'll never listen to me.

Even after knowing that the baby in my womb is yours?

I know I've put you in a fix.

Did I have a choice?

I'll eat poison and die!

So you can get married? No Madhu, I have a way out.


I heard your sister has come from Delhi. - Yes.

Go to Delhi. I've a friend who will take you to a good doctor.

Don't panic. Leave in the morning and be back by evening.

The doctor will abort the child. Here is some money for the same.

I knew that you were a coward, but I learnt today, that you're a rascal too!


Please don't cry! Stop crying!

Dhanraj, don't do anything that will add fuel to the fire.

What worse can happen?

After ruining Madhu's life that rascal is getting ready for his own wedding!

We'll stop the wedding!

I'll speak to Ratan's father, Raghuveer Singh.

I'm sure that when he knows the truth, he'll make Ratan fulfil his promise to Madhu.

Tell me Ratan, is Landlord Jaswant Singh's accusation, true or false?

It's false father. Ratan Singh!

Ratan, I haven't come here to create a scene or say harsh things to you.

Humans make mistakes. Just like you made one.

But it's your duty to accept your mistake and fulfil your promise.

What mistake? What promise?

God knows why you all are making up stories and tarnishing my reputation!

Making up stories?

Is it false that Madhumati is pregnant ?

She must be. But I'm not responsible for it.

You're a liar and an impostor. You are a cheapskate!

Hold on Raj! Landlord Jaswant Singh!

Ask Dhanraj to control his tongue or there'll be bloodshed.

A bloodshed is inevitable Randhir Singh!

Raj! - Watch my sister's reputation tarnish?

I'll make a living hell out of this house!

Dhanraj! Shut up and let me talk!

Then you talk.

Curst cows have short horns!

Sir Raghuveer Singh, knowing that it's our reputation at stake,

I'm leaving the decision solely in your hands.

Landlord Jaswant Singh, I completely sympathise with you.

That's all I can tell you.

Keep in mind.

The consequence of this isn't going to be good.

Can I say something? Say.

Landlord Jaswant Singh was telling the truth.

What truth?

Madhumati had come to meet Ratan today.

I heard their conversation from the window.

They used to meet in hiding.

Madhumati is bearing Ratan's child.

Please listen to me and stop this wedding.

Convince Ratan to marry Madhumati.


A woman who loses her reputation before her marriage, isn't fit to be our daughter-in-law.

Listen to me very carefully, this matter is over today!

If anybody dares speak about it, I will not spare that person!

Randheer, please make your father understand.

Fighting isn't the solution to this problem Dhanraj.

The gossip will spread like wild-fire.

We will become social outcasts.

Do you think by keeping quiet the gossip won't spread?

By tomorrow itself it'll spread like wild-fire!

We won't be able to step out of our house.

I have decided to leave this village.

We'll sell all our property and this house and move to Delhi.

What are we going to do there?

It doesn't matter!

We won't have to listen to people's taunts.

A respectable man can tackle any problem in this world.

But he can't live the life of a disrespectable man.

Dhanraj, I'm sorry for whatever I'm doing.

But I have faith that Sir Kishan will give us a good price for our property.

I shall return by evening.


What happened Parvati?

Ratan Singh!

This is the corpse of my sister Madhumati.

As per your promises, she should've become a bride today.

But today her funerary rites will be performed.

But there won't be just one.

Stop! There'll be 2!

Stop Dhanraj!

'For the charge of murder,'

'Dhanraj Singh was sentenced to life-imprisonment.'

'His world became confined to a black room,'

'surrounded by four prison walls.'

'On the other end, Jaswant Singh sold all his land and property'

'and left his village Dhanakpur for Delhi.'

'In the house of Bhagwan Das,'

'he started a new life with his family.'

'He joined Bhagwan Das clothing industry'

'and with time became a successful businessman.'

'His life's only purpose was'

'to impart good education to Dhanraj's son.'

'Days turned into months and months into years.'

'Finally, that day arrived.'

Dhanraj Singh, Amritlal and Manohar Singh, The government has decided to release you six months earlier.

'Dear father,'

'you'll be happy to know that our exams have gotten over.'

'There is a farewell party in our college on April 10th.'

'Me and my friends are presenting a musical programme.'

'The family isn't interested in music.'

'If you were here, I would've asked you to come.'

'It's my bad luck that you are so far away.'

'But that day isn't far when you'll be sitting amidst us.'

'I'm looking forward to that day. Your son, Raj.'


I want to thank all the 2nd year students, who have thrown such a fabulous party for the final year students.

Thanks a lot! We'll miss you!

Today is the last day of our college.

I'm sure everyone has thought about their future.

I haven't thought of anything!

Today, there's only one thought that comes to my mind.


"Papa says that his son will make a name for himself,"

"That he'll do something great one day,"

"But that is something which no one knows,"

"where my destination lies."

"Papa says that his son will make a name for himself,"

"That he'll do something great one day,"

"But that is something which no one knows,"

"where my destination lies."

"Papa says that his son will make a name for himself,"

"Sitting together with friends, knowing what's in their hearts."

"Sitting together with friends, knowing what's in their hearts."

"What he will become tomorrow,"

"that's the dream of each and every soul."

"Someone will become an engineer."

"Someone will make a name for himself in the business world."

"But that is something which no one knows,"

"where their destinations lie."

"Papa says that his son will make a name for himself,"

"My dream is actually a face."

"A face that can make my world go round."

"My dream is actually a face."

"A face that can make my world go round."

"Spring season blossoming in her cheeks,"

"her eyes bewitching and her lips spouting love."

"This boy will perform this lovely feat."

"And carve a niche for himself in the world of love stories."

"Friends, look at the world as I see it."

"Then tell me where my destination lies."

"Papa says that his son will make a name for himself!"

The programme was entertaining.

Good fun! What about the holidays?

I'm in a soup! Why?

My aunt is making me work!

Come hunting with us. What say Shyam?

Sure. Done!

Done! See you!

Okay, see you!

The programme was good fun, I like it.



Brother Dhanraj?

Brother Dhanraj!

Brother Dhanraj!

Brother Dhanraj! Look it's brother Dhanraj!

Daughter-in-law, give him some rice. - Thank you.

How did you know that the farewell function was today?

Brother, as soon as I got Raj's letter... Enough!

You'll make me eat everything in one day? - It's only a little.

Brother Jaswant, after a long time I'm enjoying my meal.

Brother Dhanraj, when you were in prison, - Bhagwan Das.

It's my request to everyone, that no one will ever mention anything from the past.

Brother, how's business?

By god's grace it's really good.

Now that you've come, and Raj and Shyam are with us, we can make more progress.

This is Randhir Singh's mischief. I'll go to Dhanakpur tomorrow!

Brother, neither you nor brother Jaswant need to go to Dhanakpur, Raj and Shyam can do this!

Nobody even knows them there.

That sounds good.

Raj, you and Shyam will have to go to the village Dhanakpur tomorrow.

Dhanakpur? Yes.

You have to meet lawyer Bihari Lal to put forward a proposal in the court.

Okay. Listen!

Come home as soon as the work is done.


'Sub Division Office Dhanakpur'

I've wasted no time in putting forward your proposal to the judge.

Tell Jaswant Singh that the court's judgement will take time.

Can't it be done soon? No.

The proposal is against Randhir Singh.

He'll do something very quickly.

What will he do very quickly?

That's difficult to tell very quickly.

A legal case can't be resolved quickly.

As it is getting resolved, I'll inform Jaswant Singh of it's progress in Delhi.

Very quickly? Of course.

Randhir Singh is a dangerous man.

The news of your arrival in the village can reach him very quickly.

It's better that two leave from here very quickly.

Yes, we're leaving very quickly!

I have to go to some place. Quickly?

Strange man! C'mon let's get out of here.

Very quickly?

Me, sitting on a horse in my youthful days, and the horse galloping away,

the horse fell along with me under.

What happened?

I think this is Raghuveer Singh's mansion.

Maybe. Let's go ask them.

Let's go.

And then from there... Greetings uncle.

Greetings. Whose mansion is that?

Brother, that's Raghuveer Singh's mansion.

But he is no more now.

He has a son, Randhir Singh.

His entire clan is settled in Delhi.

But they come once every year to collect the land rent, with god's blessings.

That's landlord Randhir Singh's daughter, Rashmi.

The commotion in the mansion today, is because today is her birthday.

Please come.

Please tell me granny, is this the life-line?

You shouldn't read someone's palm on her birthday.

But one thing is certain, someone is going to step into your life very soon.

Maybe tonight?

Landlord Pratap Singh from Haripur said that he can't come.

His son Roop Singh is. You've seen him haven't you?

I have but when he was a toddler.

I had seen him then too. He must be grown up.

Brother, he's a perfect match for Rashmi.

True! As soon as Roop Singh arrives, send him to me.

Come Balwant!

Let's go. Let's go!.

Let's go inside.

Are you mad? Randhir Singh will kill us!

No one will know. But Raj...

Welcome! Mr. Gauri Shankar, please come! Welcome!

Wow! Wonderful!

Great! Bravo!

The harvest was good, wasn't it?

Randhir Singh, congratulations on your daughter's birthday.

Thank you.

Shyam, look that's landlord Randhir Singh.

He must be, let's go! Wait!

Are you coming? Okay let's go.

Where are you going? What?


You thought that nobody would recognise you here?

I.. We landlords have sharp eyes.

We can recognise our friends as well as our enemies.


You're completely muddled, aren't you?


I saw you as a baby.

Even then I recognised you!

That you are landlord Pratap Singh's son Roop Singh.

Ask me how? How?

By seeing this "R" stitched on your coat.

"R" stands for Roop Singh!

Come with me. No..

Come on!

Brother, he is your Roop Singh. He was standing there in a corner.

Did you recognise me? Yes! Hello.

A hello won't suffice. Give me a hug.

Maan Singh, meet landlord Pratap Singh's son Roop Singh.


This is Roop Singh? Yes, he's the one.

I don't know if my eyes are deceiving me but your face looks strange.

Face? Yes.

Last year, when I'd met in Haripur, you had a well-groomed moustache!

Moustache? Where did it go?

I shaved it off. Why?

Just like that. But why?

Just like that. But why?

Maan Singh.

Oh, it's empty!

Son, we're sorry to hear that your father couldn't come.

What happened?

Actually.. Was it the asthma again?

Yes, asthma! Asthma is a very deadly disorder.

Can I leave now? Leave?

I can't let you go without eating.

Today is our daughter's birthday.

Don't you want to congratulate her?

Wait, I'll fetch her.

Roop Singh, why did you shave off your moustache?

Just like that. Why?

Just like that. But why?

What does it have to do with you?

Let go. - It was your moustache, but you shaved it.

How many times have I told you that I'm Roop Singh!

Are you really Roop Singh? Yes.

Landlord Pratap Singh's son? Yes!


Come I'll make you meet another Roop Singh.

Dear, wait I'm just coming.

Dharam Pal, what's happening?

He fell, I fell on top of him and the landlords fell on me.

Who is he?

I've said that I'm Roop Singh! Nonsense!

Catch them!

What happened Rashmi?

Everybody fell on top of each other.

There was utter chaos.

What about the boy who came as Roop Singh?

I didn't see him. He escaped.

Randheer? Yes mother?

Did you find you who that buffoon was?

I just found out through the accountant, Dhanraj's son came to present a proposal against me in the court.

He had come on a red motorcycle.

If only I had come to know before he ran away, I would whip him so hard in front of everyone, that only his corpse would've gone back.

Listen! Priest Shiv Narayan's letter just arrived from Mount Abu.

He has invited all of us to his son's wedding.

We have an excuse to roam Mount Abu.

Close to that place is a temple of Amba.

I took an oath to offer flowers on his return home. - Yes!

Are you coming for the Sitanagar campaign trip?

It's difficult.

Father is sending me to Mount Abu with mother and aunt.

Mount Abu and Sitanagar are just 3 hours apart by bus.

Tell your father you want to go to Sitanagar.

I can't speak in front of father.

Take me along. I'll convince him.

Uncle, I was talking about Mount Abu and Sitanagar.

Have you been there?

No. You must!

If Mount Abu is like the earth, then Sitanagar is the sky.

But Kavita, how's the winter over there?

The winter is so good that you'll start shivering!

Then we'll stay in Mount Abu!

We're scared of the cold!

We want to enjoy ourselves! It's not like that..

One minute, I'll decide in one minute.



Where do you want to go? Sitanagar or Mount Abu?

Say something? Mount Abu.

It's decided. Kamla, I'm going to the office.


I told you that I get tongue-tied in front of father.

Never mind! Come to Mount Abu, we'll see.

Promise? Promise.


Yes, we've just reached. Everyone has come.

Priest, what time is the wedding? 6pm?

Okay, we'll be there.

Smile please! Broader!


I had to take a picture of the sunset. Don't move!

We're stuck!

I'm sorry, did it break?

No! It's all right.

Actually I took your pictures along with the setting sun's.

Hope you don't mind.

If the pictures come out good, I won't mind.

I don't know much about photography. I just try my luck.

It's very important to try your luck with new things.

Yes. But you've done a good thing.

What? - You're at the right place at the right time.

Really? You've selected a nice location.

But every object of beauty looks more beautiful in the setting sun's rays.

Yes, looks like you know a lot about photography.

Why don't you take a picture of me standing here?

Let's see how it comes out. For sure.

Raj! Is anyone calling you?

No, I don't know! It must be a mad man.

The light is a bit dim today.

Let's meet tomorrow, same place, same time?


Okay! See you!

'C'mon uncle, you are.. - What's there to get surprised about?'

Son, ask at the reception to send a blanket to the room.

It's very cold. Okay.

What a pretty face! Isn't it? Yes.

We need someone just like her for Raj.


Who were you looking for?

My cousin Shyam. Looks like he left!

It's great that you're staying in this hotel too.


So I can present you the pictures that I clicked of you.

I don't want them. Why?

If you keep photos of a person clicked against a setting sun...

Then that person dies? Do you believe in such talks?

I don't. But I'm not interested in dying early.

Let me see your right hand.

Hey! What happened?

Your life-line is just like mine. See?

It means... You'll have long life!


What will I get in this long life?

Name, fame, money and...


And anything you like.

I must go, I'll take more pictures of you tomorrow. Bye!


What kind of a room-service do you have? - Excuse me?

When I press the bell someone has to be at the door!

Hey look, it's Sir Raj!

Hello uncle!

Hello! Bless you!

These are Raj and Shyam's friends.

They often go hunting with them.

Looks like you've come to hunt here too. - Yes.

We had made the program with Raj and Shyam.

Sure, carry on hunting.

We have some work right now. We'll catch up later.


Aunt, today you and mother go sight-seeing.

I'll stay in the hotel.

If you're not in the mood, we won't go too.

It's really cold outside. No, you must go! Actually..

Hello? Rashmi? This is Kavita.

We've just arrived here. We're going to Sitanagar today.

What's the hurry? Let's go day after tomorrow.

No way! We're going by the 3 pm bus.

Be ready, I'll pick you up.


There's no question of you going out.

If you are going out for hunting, where are you going to stay?

At the hotel "On the rocks." Okay.

I'll be back in 2 days, we'll go to Delhi together. - Okay.

Oh no! What happened?

Nothing. Please! It's only a two day trip.

No Kavita. Sitanagar is very beautiful!

Rashmi, make aunt understand, will you?

Kavita, I won't go today. What?

Your wish! Bye aunt!



Why didn't you tell me?

No, I'll come! But tomorrow, I promise.


What time are we leaving tomorrow? 8 am!

C'mon buddy. Yes sure.


When did these idiots step in?

Yesterday! They fought at the reception and with the manager.

You want to stage a fight here itself?

Bad luck!


Brother Hamid, cancel the hunting program.


The hunter just got hunted.

Raj, did you recognise her? Who?

She's the same girl from Dhanakpur.

Which girl?

That girl from Dhanakpur! Oh yes! It's her!

I saw her in the dining hall yesterday. - Really?

Your folks want to fix you up with her. - Really?

They don't know that she is Randhir Singh's daughter!

Excuse me, is this your handkerchief?

Wild beasts!

Raj, She's coming right here!

Good evening!

Good evening.

I want to show you the pictures I took of you last evening.


Have a look.

And this one.

How did you like them? They're nice.

I got this set made for you. For me?

Yes. What will I do with them?

I mean don't trouble yourself unnecessarily.

Take them.


Thank you. My pleasure.

The sun is about to set. I'm going to the same place, where I took these pictures.

It's a nice place to spend some quality time.


Raj, if you're finding it difficult to spend time here, you can also leave.

You turned out to be a wolf in sheep's coat!

Where are you going?

To the market to fetch some things.

Do you want anything?

Okay, see you.

I know that you're going to meet Rashmi.

No, I.. Any other girl would be okay.

But she's Randheer Singh's daughter.

Think about it.

Come brother. Cheers!


I've decided I'll go to Sitanagar tomorrow itself.

At least make a call Delhi. I will.

But I'm definitely leaving tomorrow.

How long will it take? Half an hour! Relax!

What are you doing?

Isn't that the same girl from the hotel?

Hey Baps!


Just a minute.

Is it yours?

There's a beautiful place ahead for taking photographs.

Why are you troubling me? Troubling you?

Did I say anything wrong? I just want to get to know you.

Where did Baba get stuck?

What's happening friend? Nothing.

C'mon let's go. Be a sport!

What the heck!

Now you'll have to pay for it!

You? You?

What are you doing here? What are you doing here?


I'll tell you.

Let me drink some water?

You have some bruises.

Let me get some antiseptic for you.

God knows how my face must be looking right now!

How did this happen to you?

I was going to Sitanagar when our bus broke down.

I was taking pictures in the woods, when this boy and his friends came from nowhere.

They started harassing me.

I kicked him very hard. He won't forget it.

Are you hurt anywhere else?

No, nothing that can be treated by dettol.

There are sandwiches in this. Eat it.

What are you doing? Don't you want to sleep?

No, I'm not sleeping here.

Please drop me to the road.

I'm sure I'll find a bus.

I've forgotten the way. What?


I came here hunting with my friends.

They went after the prey and I got left behind.

Are you speaking the truth?

Do you think I'm spending a night in these dangerous woods by choice?

Very true.

Are you going to sleep? Yes.

Don't you want to chat?

Aren't you tired from straying in the woods?

I was. But after seeing you, I'm feeling refreshed.

If you want I can speak to you all night.

Can I come over there?

No, it's late. Go to sleep.

My bed is so far away, if I get scared at night, I can't even reach out to you.

You're a Rajput and you feel scared?

How did you know?

Your mannerisms are like that.

Thank you.

That was the first time that you ever praised me.

I'm ready to listen if there is more.

Can I come near you?

Good night.

"Why are you harassing me?"

"Why are you making me cry?"

"Hope you don't get sleep the whole night."

"Hope you don't get sleep the whole night."

Are you thinking about something?

I guess you want to know more about me. - Yes?

Why don't you ask me? What?

Fine, don't ask. I'll tell you everything.

I'm from Delhi. Where are you from? - Delhi.

Oh good!

I'm a Rajput and my name is Rashmi.

What's yours? Raj.

Raj! I guess it's important to tell you, that I've cleared my first year examinations.

I'm 18 years old and unmarried.

Nothing to hide in that, is it?

Now that destiny has brought us on this path, we don't know how long we'll be lost, it's better to get to know each other.

Isn't it?

There, I've told you everything clearly.

You've made a very good impression on me.

I only want us to get to know each other.

In case you happen to ask me my address, I won't decline.

First let's find our way to the road.

Let's go then! Why are you wasting your time in trivial talks?

Trivial talks? So was I the one?

There's nothing to laugh about.

If we don't find our way by evening, - Then?

Then we'll be stuck here forever!

Can that be possible ?


"What a wonderful day this is! Think about it."

"This madness, see it for yourself."

"You're alone, I am alone. I swear I'm having so much fun!"

"What a wonderful day this is! Think about it."

"This madness, see it for yourself."

"You're alone, I am alone. I swear I'm having so much fun!"

"Look at me now, very closely."

"Today, it's destiny that we've met."

"Look at me now, very closely."

"Today, it's destiny that we've met."

"When will this moment come again? Where is our destination?"

"What a wonderful day this is! Think about it."

"This madness, see it for yourself."

"You're alone, I am alone. I swear I'm having so much fun!"

"What do I tell you about my state?"

"I think of you all day and night."

"What do I tell you about my state?"

"I think of you all day and night."

"Darling, even then, look where you are and where I am,"

"What a wonderful day this is! Think about it."

"This madness, see it for yourself."

"You're alone, I am alone, I swear I'm having so much fun!"

This road was so close! It seemed so far away at night! Right?


The road that we were dying to find until yesterday, the same road makes me want to cry today.

You'll go your own way and I'll go my own.

You'll meet me in Delhi, won't you?

Even if you won't, say yes to make me happy.

That way I'll be able to wait for you.

Why are you saying that Rashmi?

When I came to Mount Abu, I never thought I would meet someone, who would sweep me off my feet.

That's what happened.

I don't know what has got into me ever since I saw you.

But it doesn't mean that I expect anything in return.

If I fall for someone, it doesn't mean that he'll fall for me too.

It's the same girl but who is that boy with her?

Raj! They're the same rogues.

The camera you see in his hand is mine.

Let's go Raj.

"She was all for the money!"

Where did you spend your night? With this buffoon?

C'mon friend, have a sip. No thanks.

We were together in the hotel. Go ahead!

We share everything, drinks, food, anything at all!

Return the camera. No Raj, I don't want it.

She doesn't want it back.

What do you want?

C'mon baby, say it in my ears.


I won't tell anyone, I swear on him!

There's a limit to everything. Raj!

It'd be better if you don't cross it.

Or else?

What will you do?

What can you do?

Me? What can I do?

I can kick you in between your legs!




Look, there's Raj!



Didn't I tell you that I'll come today?

And you've come in style!

By the way, that is Shahid. Hi!


That is Shyam. Hi Shyam!

That is.. Hamid.

Hi Hamid! And he is Raj.

Hello! Hi Raj.

Do you know he saved my life yesterday?

My bus broke down and some rogues surrounded me...

Enough! Looks like you have a long story to tell.

It'll take time to listen. They're staying here right?

We're staying in the hotel "On the rocks."

C'mon gang, remove their luggage! C'mon!


Raj, it's been 2 days. Are we going back to the hotel?

We'll go tomorrow.

Raj, does Rashmi know who you are?

No. - It's not good to keep someone in the dark.

"I've come from Alabama with the banjo on my knee."

"I'm going to Louisiana, my true love for to see."

"Oh Susanna! Oh don't you cry for me!"

"I've come from Alabama with the banjo on my knee."

"It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry."

"The sun so hot, I froze to death, Susanna don't you cry."

"Oh Susanna, won't you cry for me.."


I have to tell you something.

I wanted to tell you earlier, but I couldn't.

But I'm left with no choice.

Do you know who I am?


Good morning!

Raj, wake up! It's 10 am!

Where is Rashmi?

She went to Hotel "On the rock" with Shyam. - Why?

She had to call her mother in Mount Abu.

Please make a call to Delhi. The number is 616263.

Yes? Randhir Singh.

Madam, it will take sometime. I'll wait.

Let's go Shyam.

Rashmi, I'll be back.

Good morning sir. Good morning.

We have a reservation. Certainly.

Excuse me, is there a Mr. Raj staying here?

Mr. Raj? No sir, Mr. Raj isn't with us.

Isn't she the same girl from Mount Abu?

Oh yes!

I'm sorry!

You're forgiven.

I'll certainly ask your name. Rashmi.

It's a beautiful name. This is my wife Saroj.

Hello. - We had seen you in the hotel at Mount Abu.

Me too. Really?

You're Raj's parents, right? Yes. You know Raj?


No, I don't know him.

How did you know that we're his parents?

Actually I..

Shyam! Please come here.

Shyam! What are you doing over there? Come here.

Hello uncle, aunty! Shyam, why are you so scared?

Me? Scared? No!

Rashmi, are you in this hotel?

No. I've come camping with a bunch of boys and girls.

It looks like even Raj and Shyam are at the camp.

Yes. Shyam, go call Raj.

Call Raj? Yes! You have the car, don't you?

I have Hamid Khan's jeep... Go fetch him!

We'll go chat in the coffee shop. Come Rashmi.

Raj! Raj!

What happened? - Uncle is at the hotel. It's a mess!

Where is Rashmi? Rashmi is talking to them.


Our bus broke down.

I was clicking photos in the woods, when suddenly these 4 boys appeared.

They started to misbehave with me.

Raj, if uncle finds out who Rashmi is, we'll get a bad scolding.

Maybe even a thrashing!

No, Rashmi won't say anything.

And the surprising thing was that Raj was in the same jungle as I.

Really? I would've died in the jungle.

Then Hamid Khan and Shahid Khan arrived.

The 3 of them bashed the goons, I could hardly watch!

At least those goons learnt their lesson!

Here comes Raj.

You haven't called us in 3 days! We were really worried, So we came here.

You just heard the saga. How could he find the time to call?

Raj, the goon hit you with a glass bottle. Did it bleed a lot?

It's the pride of a Rajput to lose blood. Right Rashmi?

Absolutely! Are you a Rajput?

Yes. What did I tell you?

That this girl belonged to the lineage of landlords.

Dear, what's your father's name?

Father, have you booked the rooms?

Someone said that there are no vacancies We have the rooms.

That's it. Excuse me.

Your father Randhir Singh is on the line.

Excuse me please.

Raj, what name did he say? Randhir Singh?

I didn't hear it.

Do you know anything about Rashmi's family?


Raj, give me the car keys.

Saroj, go upstairs with Raj and Shyam, I'll just come. Okay.

Yes father, I'll come back in 2 days.


How much? It's okay. Done with the call?


Raj and Shyam have gone up with Saroj. I'll drop you.

Don't trouble yourself, I'll go by taxi.

Why taxi? We have Hamid Khan's jeep.

Come I'll drop you.

So you're from Delhi. Yes.

What's your father's name? Randhir Singh.

Is your father linked with the Dhanakpur? - Oh yes.

We belong to Dhanakpur.

Our mansion, land and property are there.



I want to ask you something... about you and Raj.

Are the two of you just acquaintances, or has it become more serious?

Answer me Rashmi.

I really like Raj. And Raj?

So does he.

Did Raj never ask you about your family background?

No. And you never asked him.

You made a big mistake Rashmi.

Had you known about where he came from, you would've hated him instead of loving him.

That's impossible. I can never hate Raj.

Even after knowing he's the son of the man who murdered your uncle Ratan Singh?

You? Yes.

I'm Dhanraj Singh.

I was the one who murdered Ratan Singh.

To mix and fix marriages with your family, are far-fetched thoughts Rashmi.

Even if I was dying of thirst, I would refuse to drink even a drop of water from your house.

As far as Raj is concerned, keep in mind, Raj will never go against his family for your love.

If that happens, let me assure you this much, that I'll kill Raj with these very hands, but never form any relations with your family!

I bought this for you from a shop in the hotel.

I really liked it.

I have a strange destiny.

In the whole wide world, I found only you to fall in love with.

You must've been disappointed on knowing who I am.

I already knew who you were.

I tried to reason a lot with myself, but what has to happen, eventually happens.

What next?

It's solely up to you.

But your father has threatened me, that if you go against the family, he'll kill you.

Your father would probably say the same thing.

But will you stop loving me because of these threats?

I can't live without you Raj.

Rashmi, neither your father nor my father, has the right to make decisions about our lives.

We are their children, not their properties.

But that's exactly what they think.

The day I start earning and have a house, my relation with them will sever.

Rashmi, I can't stay here for long.

I'm leaving for Delhi tomorrow.

After I reach Delhi, we can't meet each other for long.

But always remember, I'm with you every moment.

Whenever you see the setting sun, think of me.

Do you remember that the first time we met was at sunset?

You'll see how this setting sun will one day make us meet forever.


Raj, uncle is calling you. Why?

I don't know but everyone is gathered in the hall.

Come? Coming.

Dhanraj, don't be too harsh on the boy.

Raj, we've been deeply hurt... to learn whatever happened in Mount Abu.

I had never imagined that my own blood, my own son will try to establish, any sort of relation with the daughter, of this family's biggest rival Randhir Singh.

Tell us how this happened!

Did you know where she came from?

I'm asking you something Raj! Dhanraj.

If you made this mistake unintentionally, I could still forgive you.

I think you knew who she was... What are you saying!

Try to understand, if he knew that she belonged to that family, he would not... Brother!

Even if Raj did commit a mistake, I'm sure he won't repeat it.


I want to hear the same words from Raj's mouth.

Raj, promise me in front of the whole family, that you won't keep contact with that girl.


If that's your answer, it'll be better that I tell everything clearly to Randhir Singh.

Father, please don't call. Why?

Why aggravate the situation? I'm not scared of that.

All right, I won't meet Rashmi ever again.

You promise?


Okay, but don't think that the matter has been put to rest.

Don't even give me a chance to suspect.

Remember one thing, that from now on my eyes are set on you.

You may go now.


Oh hi!

Everything is fine.

You tell me.

Actually, the thing is...

I'll just check.

The delivery has been made. Yes.



Raj! Rashmi!

Are you fine? I'm fine Raj. How are you?

What happened after Sitanagar? Did your father tell you anything?

My family wants me to forget you.

Now, they think that I've already forgotten about you.

Father threatened me, that if I don't relent, he'll tell your father everything.

Did your father suspect anything? No.

You know I came here to buy something for your birthday.

But I couldn't understand what to get you.

I just want one thing Raj,

your company.

I'm ready to wait my entire life for that.

You won't have to wait your entire life.

Only till 22nd October, your birthday.


Wait for my phone call.

Rashmi, did you pick up whatever you wanted to buy?

Yes. Come, let's go home.

"Oh my beloved, wait a moment."

"Listen, the destination of love is calling out to us."

"Oh my beloved, wait a moment."

"Listen, the destination of love is calling out to us."

"The season of separation is now short-lived."

"How will the darkness not vanish or the storm not subside?"

"The season of separation is now short-lived."

"How will the darkness not vanish or the storm not subside?"

"How can we not find the destination of love?"

"Oh my beloved, wait a moment."

"Listen, the destination of love is calling out to us."

"Where love dances and sets it's foot,"

"from there emerges a new way, the barriers break."

"Where love dances and sets it's foot,"

"from there emerges a new way, the barriers break."

"Try and stop it if you can."

"where has the destination of love ever stopped?"

"Oh my beloved, wait a moment."

"Listen, the destination of love is calling out to us."

Place it there.

Read this letter.

Aunt, what's all this jewellery for?

Dharam, It's indeed good news.

At least tell us what Pratap Singh has written in it.

'Dear friend Randhir Singh,'

'in order to strengthen the bond of love,'

'that exists between our families, we request you,'

'to accept the marriage of our son Roop Singh'

'to your daughter Rashmi.'

Mr. Totaram? Yes sir.

Tell Pratap Singh that I've accepted the alliance.

We shall welcome Roop Singh and his family, next Wednesday.

Sure sir. Congratulations!


First, let me offer sweets to our darling daughter.

Rashmi, no need to worry. We'll find a way out.

Mine and Seema's friends are coming.

Don't listen to him!

One minute!

Mother, you prepare the invitee's list.

Son, according to me we should call close relatives and friends.

Okay. No need to create a noise.


I'm writing it down.

Tell me mother.

The aunt from Ajmer.

Why don't you repair the telephone?

What happened Rashmi?

I'm really worried Raj. A big problem has surfaced.

What? I can't tell you over the phone.

That's fine. I want to meet you.

Where? - Near our college library, in half an hour.

Okay. I love you Raj.

I love you Rashmi. Bye.

I'm going to the college library to return these books.


My family has fixed my marriage. What?

Next Wednesday is the ring ceremony.

Don't worry, everything will be fine.

I swear Rashmi didn't meet this boy in Mount Abu.

I was with her!

Then where did these pictures come from?

If this isn't Mount Abu, what is it?

I'm telling you the truth.

But who is this boy?

He's the same boy who came as Roop Singh on Rashmi's birthday night.

He's the same rascal's son!

Is he Dhanraj's son? Yes.

It's possible that Rashmi doesn't know who this boy is.

When she finds out that his father had killed Ratan Singh, she'll start hating him. That's true.

Don't worry.

When Rashmi returns, we'll tell her the truth.

No! Don't tell her anything.

Keep these pictures back in their place.

She shouldn't know that we found out everything.

We'll get her engaged this Wednesday and married next month.

Sister-in-law, that's my tea you're pouring, right?

Have biscuits. No.

Nothing like a cup of piping hot tea!

Please come brother.

Is Dhanraj here? No, he went out with my husband.

Brother, will you have snacks?

Sure. I'll get them.

Brother, someone has come.

I've come to meet Dhanraj.

Tell me, what you want to say.

Listen, Dhanraj's son almost came under my car today.

His bruises may be minor, but the path that he is treading on is very dangerous.

Where is Raj?

If he hasn't come yet, he will.

But I have news for you.

What news?

My daughter Rashmi's engagement to Haripur's landlord's son Roop Singh, is happening next Wednesday.

Next month is her wedding.

Dhanraj's son is trying to break this alliance.

That's a lie.

Today he called my daughter Rashmi and asked her to meet him.

I saw them with my own eyes.

I can make Rashmi understand.

But it's your responsibility to make him understand.

But one thing is certain, if he tries to meet Rashmi again, I will kill him.

Don't say a word to Dhanraj regarding this.

Did you hear me?

How did this accident occur?

I don't know I was going my way, suddenly a car came and rammed into me.

On purpose? Seemed that way.

But who was he? Landlord Randhir Singh.

Yes, Randhir Singh.

You had telephoned Rashmi today and even went to meet her!

How do you know?

Randhir Singh had come a while ago.

Here, at our place? Yes!

He has threatened to kill you.

Was father there?


Uncle, please don't tell him anything.

Why? He'll assume everything wrong.

And what's the right thing?

I haven't met Rashmi even once after Sitanagar.

It was important to meet her once.

To tell her that everything is over.

Is everything over?


Fine, I won't tell Dhanraj anything.

Only because I trust you.

C'mon in.

Balwant, take care of this.

Mr. Dharam, how long will they work?

The engagement is tomorrow evening!

Don't worry all the work will be done by afternoon.

Brother Dharampal,

Here's the final list. What?

We should give gifts to the groom's family?

Get me everything on the list. Okay.

Where are you off to? College.


Rashmi, forget about college for a few days.

Whether you should continue studying after marriage or not, your fiance will decide.

Someone I don't know will make decisions for me?

That's our tradition.

After marriage, the wife does what the husband tells her to do.

Go up to your room now.


You're Rashmi's grandma, aren't you?

My name is Raj.

You all know about Rashmi and me.

Please grandma!

Are they being cruel towards her? No.

Is she fine?

If you want to see her happy, quit following her.

You won't get anything out of this and she will have to bear all the torture.

Tomorrow is her engagement and she'll be married soon.

Why do you want to ruin her life?

Ruining someone's life is something neither families understand.

When they do understand, it'll be too late.

'Even after knowing that the baby in my womb is yours?'

'A woman who loses her reputation before marriage,'

'isn't fit to be our daughter-in-law.'

'There is going to be bloodshed. I'll make a living hell.'

'Wait, Dhanraj!'

Hello Kavita! Raj here.

Raj, where are you? I called you many times.

I need your help. What's the matter?

You're going to Rashmi's engagement. - Yes.

Do me a small favour. Yes.


All right!

"I'm leaving behind my father's house,"

"my husband's house seems lovelier."

Tie it! Did you like the earrings? They're nice.

Do you need anything? No thank you.

"Go deliver this message at my father's house."

"That my husband's house is lovelier."

"The new born son and his sister look alike."

Kavita, you've come so late!

We've been waiting for you.

You're such a close friend.

There's a lot work. What is it?

We have to get Rashmi ready. It's almost 6 pm.

The groom's family are arriving. Okay but stop this orchestra.

Okay. Sister Banna, stop this music.

Go downstairs and sing. Rashmi has to get ready.

The groom's family will be here by 7:30. - Okay.

Rashmi, wear these bangles and earrings.

Oh god! I forgot my scarf!

Take one from Rashmi's wardrobe.

Good idea!

Rashmi get ready soon. There's no time.

Every girl experiences sadness on her engagement and wedding day.

That's true.

You'll feel sad the day you get engaged.

That's true.

She's leaving her family behind.

That is true.

There's a fear of living in a new environment.

That's true.

But Rashmi, "You'll have to go eventually."

But Rashmi, "You'll have to go eventually."

Put this up over here. It should cover the entire patch.

Sister-in-law, should I wear this sari? - Wait Indu, I'm coming.

Seema, get Rashmi's clothes ready while she bathes.


Sorry! Seema, please get me another cup?


My name is Balwant.

I'm Randhir Singh's nephew.

The reason why you're waiting here, has become known to my uncle.

He has called you inside.

Get ready fast. I'll look outside.


I want to speak to Dhanraj.

Dhanraj Singh.

Dhanraj, this is Randhir Singh speaking.

Randhir Singh?

I came to your place day before yesterday.

Jaswant Singh must've told you about it.

No, he didn't say anything to me.

If he didn't, hear it out now.

Your son keeps calling at our place.

He's trying to entice my daughter.

Now that my daughter is going to be engaged today, he has landed up at our house.

I know how to set him right very well, but I'm giving you one last chance.

Make him understand if you can or I'll do it for you.


Here, speak to your father.

Hello. Hello Raj, come home right this moment!

Right this moment, did you understand?

All right.

Dhanraj, what's the matter?

Thanks a lot for telling my father everything.

I was doing everything secretly, now, everything is going to be public.

I'll tell my father the same thing.

Let me tell you one thing, that Rashmi and me refuse to be a part of your vendetta.

You and father can do as you please!

But you can't separate Rashmi and me!

Never! Never?



Take this you ***! And this! Randhir! Stop it!

Randhir! Stop it!

Mother, move aside! Will you kill him?!

Dharampal, throw this rascal outside!

Tell the watchman to break his skull if he's seen again!

Take him away!

You scoundrel.

Let's go. Take him away!

Kavita, what are we waiting for?

Oh my god! Get out!


Shut up! Come inside!

No one should find out!

Dhanraj, you're really angry.

I don't think you should speak to him.

Go to your room.

I'll talk to him when he comes.

It was you who spoke to him last time.

He told you a white lie and you believed him!

I won't call that a lie, I'll call it respect for elders and feeling ashamed.

If he had those qualities, he wouldn't even take Rashmi's name!

Doesn't he care about what his family and father went through?

It's not like that Dhanraj. It is brother!

How dare Randhir Singh threaten us in our own house!

He calls me to tell me that my son is at his mercy!

Why this disrespect?

Just because my own son has stooped so low, that he has to beg for his love to Randhir Singh?

Dhanraj, Raj is going through a bad phase.

Call it love or craziness, but people make such mistakes in youth.

We should empathize with him rather than scold him.


Let him come, I'll set him right!

What will you do? You will not interfere!

What will you do?

Hit him? Yes!

I'll hit him so hard that he'll forget that girl's name.

You have no right to interfere!

All right.

Hit him.

After all you're his father.

Who is he to me?

What say can I possibly say in his matter?

What have I done?

You brought him up and educated him, What did I do?

I did nothing.

When he would be down with fever... and his temperature soared high, you were the one to stay up... all night taking care of him, right?

At night, you were the one who would pray for his long life.

What have I done? Nothing at all!

Here, take this and hit him!

Hit him to your heart's content!

You brought him up for this day, didn't you?

"The groom's wedding procession will come out, "The night will be colourful."

Greetings! Greetings! Welcome!

Greetings! Hello!

"The groom's wedding procession will come out, Here comes my daughter.

Come dear.

Sit down.

Congratulations! Congratulations!

"My lovely sister will become a bride."

"And the groom will come all decked up."

"The groom will start playing his organ."

"The groom will start playing his organ."

"My lovely sister will become a bride."

Take this.

Sleep Raj.

We'll talk tomorrow morning.

Kavita, where is Rashmi?

She is resting. Where are you going?

It's late, I should head home. Okay.

Brother Dharampal Kamla, have you given them gratuity? - Yes!

Thanks! - Hope your daughter gets married soon.

Hope you become grandparents soon.

That I'll become for sure.

Bye aunty.

Bye uncle. Bye dear.

You can sit with me now.

There is no danger.

We've done it! Yes!

Where are we going? Raj's house!

How much? Wait here, I'll just come.

Shyam, Rashmi! What are you doing here?

I've brought Rashmi. She ran away from her house.

Call Raj! Hurry up!

Raj, Rashmi has come. Kavita has brought her here.

Pack up your stuff Raj, you'll have to elope.

Keep this money with you Raj, you'll need it.

Did you here anything Dharampal? They're not there.

Dhanraj didn't even speak to me but according to Jaswant, Raj left on his motorcycle in the middle of the night.

Whether he went alone or with Rashmi, he doesn't know.

He's lying!

The whole family is involved in in making her elope.

Why aren't you informing the police?

No! Don't even think about it.

We'll have to keep Rashmi's mistake a big secret.

She must be in Delhi itself. We'll find her!

We'll get her married to Roop Singh next month.

Uncle, I've found out everything.

They are on their way to Agra.

Last night, they stopped at the petrol pump and asked someone the route to Indore.

Oh god! What happened?

The gear box is busted.

What? Can't it be repaired?

Oh no!

Try and stop that truck. No.

Listen, this can't be repaired.

I'll hide this. Try and stop that truck.

He shouldn't suspect that we're runaways.


What happened? I want a lift.

Hop in! I'll drop you.

Pandu, help her climb in!

Who is he? He's with me.

Okay, we'll drop him also. But at least you come.

Thank you.

"I suffered a million whips, my lover.."

What's the village ahead? Solapur.

"I suffered a million whips, my lover.."

How many miles? 20 miles.

"I suffered taunts, my lover..."

What happened? Let me check.

His mouth is stinking of alcohol.

What should we do now?

We have to get rid of him! How?

Let's trick him into getting down. Okay.

Pandu, c'mon we have to push the truck. - Yes!


Where did they go?

Should I find them? Shut up!

What should we do now Raj?


Let's take a look.


Rashmi, there can't be a better place than this.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?


This is our drawing room.

And.. That's our bedroom!

And this is our kitchen.

It's missing a rolling pin!

Let's go check on our rose garden.

Beautiful! This is heaven!

Even civilization isn't far away.

If you liked it, let's pay the rent?

Rent? Yes! Come!

Any news?

Do you really not know... or are you scared of me finding out?

Don't worry, I'll hunt him down.

They haven't given the girl's name in print to avoid a bad name.

There's a prize money of 100,000 rupees to find Raj.

I don't want to say this but Raj's life is in danger.

Randhir Singh, this is Dhanraj speaking.

You have given my son's photo in print, remember one thing, if anything happens to my son, I'm the same Dhanraj as I was 14 years back.

Who was it? Nobody.

Here, take it.

How much? Rs. 45.

Give me those eggs. How many?


Hello! What's all this?

Take a look.

It was kept at the grocer's. I hid it.

Did anyone see you? No.

Raj, I'll do all the purchasing from the village below.

I've got ration for 8 days.

Ration? Yes.

There's rice and spices in this bag.

Vegetables in this bag and cooking utensils in this bag.

I'm hungry!

Make hot bread for me.

Bread! And mashed brinjal!

Mashed brinjal!

I'll get bamboo sticks for the roof.


Looks like it's going to rain tonight.

I'll have to quickly prepare the roof.

What happened?

Looks like you made this bread extra hot!

Never mind! We'll make something else.

I don't know how to cook anything Raj.

I haven't learnt anything! It's my fault.

I should've asked you if you knew how to cook.

I don't know anything Raj!

Slowly and gradually, you'll discover all my faults.

You'll get fed up of me. Rashmi, I have weaknesses too.

Will you stop loving me?

Tell me?

How can I get fed up of you?

I love you a lot Rashmi.

I'm ready to face any obstacle that comes my way, I just need your support. You'll support me, won't you?

"Even if we are alone, what's there to feel sad about?"

"If we want, anything can be within our reach."

"I need your support, your company."

"I am yours only my lover, since forever my lover."

"Even if we are alone, what's there to feel sad about?"

"If we want, anything can be within our reach."

"I need your support, your company."

"I am yours only my lover, since forever my lover."

"Even if we are alone, what's there to feel sad about?"

"This isn't a dream anymore All this is ours."

"This isn't a dream anymore All this is ours."

"This world full of happiness."

"This small courtyard of merriment."

"I need your support, your company."

"I am yours only my lover, since forever my lover."

"Even if we are alone, what's there to feel sad about?"

"No disaster is going to come our way."

"No disaster is going to come our way."

"See for yourself dear."

"You'll see how I face these obstacles."

"I need your support, your company."

"I am yours only my lover, since forever my lover."

"Even if we are alone, What's there to feel sad about?"

"If we want, anything can be within our reach."

"Only I need your support, your company."

Don't worry Mr. Pratap Singh, we'll reach Dhanakpur village soon.

Yes! Rashmi is very fine.


Good day.

How long should I pretend? Uncle! I found Rashmi!

Where? Look!

A little ahead of the village of Nadipur, is a broken temple on the Hanuman mountain top.

They both stay there.

Near the village of Nadipur on the Hanuman mountain top?


Is there any civilisation close by?

There's no civilisation within a radius of two miles.



Excuse me for coming without prior notice.

I was helpless.

I'm Randhir Singh's mother.

I've come here to beg for Raj's and Rashmi's lives.

Randhir found their whereabouts.

I fear that Raj's life is in danger.

What are you saying? Where is my son?

How do you know? I couldn't hear the conversation.

But Randhir has came to know about their whereabouts.

He's leaving tomorrow morning without anyone's knowledge.

Have come to take us? Yes.

I don't want anything bad to happen...

I'm very grateful to you.

But if your fear comes alive, a disaster will befall.

Here's Rs. 50,000.

Another 50,000 when the job is done.

What's your name? No need for that.

We were told that money is your only concern.

Who do I kill? He doesn't have a name.

We'll take you to him.

He stays alone in a deserted land.

There's no one around to watch.

What if there is? Kill that person as well.

Every murder will cost you Rs. 1,00,000.


Keep in mind, there shouldn't be any witnesses.

Or any trace of the corpse.

Okay! Get the remaining booty tomorrow.

My eyes shut for a second and you left?

I have to chop wood from the jungles.

Go tomorrow morning, not now.

We've run out of timber.

We can't make tonight's dinner or tomorrow morning's tea.


It's very simple to make mashed potato.

I can make that.

You will like it too. Okay.


Today instead of making plain bread, I'll make fried ones!



How long will you take? Just one hour.

Listen! Now what?

Tell me.

You go time will fly past.

What for? It could take 2 hours.

There he is.

Look over there.

What happened? That's him?


We want some proof of his death.

Is it okay if I get you

his choped hands?

What happened? They've gone behind Raj.

You're sure they can do this? Absolutely.

What if someone sees us?

They'll kill him as well.

Don't panic dear.

I haven't come here to scold you.

I'm just a helpless father who wants your happiness at every cost.

If you think that your good lies in whatever you're doing, I have no problem with that.

I maybe who I am, but I'm your father.

I can't see you unhappy.

You should've at least told me everything before eloping.

I'm really scared of you father.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't tell you.

Whatever had to happen, has happened.

For god's sake come home.

Your mother and grandmother have cried their eyes out.

How can I come alone?

No dear, not alone.

Raj will accompany us too.

Please forgive me father!

I misunderstood you! You're so nice!

Rashmi, Raj must be on his way. Why don't you pack up? Take this.



Father, will you have tea? I've learnt how to make tea.

No dear, I'll have at home. Why don't you pack?

Mother! What are you doing here?

Where are Raj and Rashmi? What are you doing alone?



Rashmi, my sweetheart! Grandmother!

Dharampal! Look!

We haven't come here to fight. We've come to take Raj back.

Dharam, where is Randhir? Mother, he is..

Father is inside. He has come to take me and Raj.

Mother, why did you take the trouble?

I came to take these two back home.

Yes grandmother. We were waiting for Raj to return.

Waiting? Why? Where is Raj?

He went to chop wood from the jungles.

Come mother. Randhir Singh!

Where is Raj?

I asked you something, where is Raj?

Tell me, where is he?

Randhir Singh!

Give me an answer! Where is Raj?

I told you he's in the jungle.

I'm waiting for him too! You're lying!

Dhanraj! Mother!

Stop Rashmi! Stop her!







Rashmi? Raj!


Rashmi! Rashmi!





No one can ever separate me from you.

Please stay with me. I'm with you Rashmi.


I'm with you Rashmi!



"Papa used to say that his son will make name for himself."

"He'll do something great one day."

"But that is something which no one knows."

"Where my destination lies, who knows."