Qimen Dunjia (2017) Script

The first study of Qimen and Dunjia was found in annals of unofficial Chinese history.

It's a very ancient text, so it's impossible to determine which parts of it may be true.

Nowadays, 'Qimen' is taken to mean 'time' and 'coordinates'.

It's used to boost luck and avoid misfortune.

Whereas 'Dunjia', as far as we can tell, is hidden inside an orb device called Qimen.

It yields limitless power.

Even if tiny or widely separated, these two natural opposites are indissolubly linked.

They form a causal circle.

We in the Wuyin Clan must spare no effort in locating the Dunjia device.

The enemies from beyond the sky must be beaten.

Peace and order must be restored to the earth.

KAIFENG POLICE DETECTIVE BUREAU They're gambling again. Let's go.

This place is like a casino.

Place your bets!

He can lift it.

Or he can't.

I bet he can't.

He's not that strong! It's ridiculous!

Keep your hands away!

CHAPTER 1: NO TRUTH ON EARTH Yes! He can't lift it.


This is the new constable.

He's just reported for duty.

His name's Dao Yichang.

Show us your strength!

The third round.

He's a tough one.

He'll cramp our style if he's here.

Sketch some fake 'wanted' posters.

And send him out to look for them.

If he doesn't catch them, he can't come back.

Good plan!

How much did you lose?

I wasn't playing.

He's here to make trouble.

Well? Did you win any money?

Come back tomorrow.

We won big today.

Luckily, I managed to fix that chain under the stone.

If I hadn't, we'd have lost big-time.

Don't mention it, take these.

We can't use the same trick anymore.

See you later. Okay, see you at Place of Three Lives.

I'll heat up the wine and wait for you there.

Come, young lad.

Come on, look at these sketches.

Take this. Thank you.


Look at these sketches.

Seen any of these people? This one?

This one. Take a look.

He's hopeless.

You must be the stupid new constable.


You take those sketches seriously?

A piece of bean curd, please.

You haven't even looked at them!

You don't look great at all.

If you were in this rogues' gallery, you'd be the first one I'd arrest!

You're not thinking straight. At sixes and sevens!

Can't you see these are random sketches?

Take this one.

Isn't it that black dog?

And this one.

Isn't that him?

The silly kid?

You're spitting into the bean curd.

Disgusting! Who'd eat that?

You want it if it's free?


He's on the list!

Watch out! What the heck?

Be careful!

Make way!

Innkeeper! I want your biggest room!

Big and cheap!


We have house rules.

No pets allowed in the inn.


That's six words.

But there are eight written there! Cheat!

We're all educated people.

How could we cheat anyone?


Pets are not allowed here.

Especially not fish!

Eight words, right?

Go someplace else! Get out!

You're rejecting me?

Since you don't allow pets, I'll eat mine!

Is that okay?


Well, this will be a first.

Go right ahead, show me!

You're forcing me.

Really forcing me.

Okay, I'll eat!

I'm eating!


Give me a room!

I'm not your pet!

I'm eating!

Give it to me, quick!

Don't make any trouble!

Give me a room!

Give it to me!

I want my room!

Damn fish, don't move!


Thanks for your assistance.

However, whether he's a man or a fish, if he did something illegal, he must be arrested.

That's absurd!

How can you arrest it?

Don't go!

Is that a fish?

Could be a red carp, a green carp, or a donkey.

Forget everything!

A carp!

PLACE OF THREE LIVES Two days from now, I'll leave for Hangzhou.

Please tell the madam I want you to come with me.

All right? Okay.


Will you come again tonight?

Why are you hiding?

I'm not!

I was passing the toilet, so I took a leak.

Lies! Don't run!

Why would I lie about taking a leak?

You're a Taoist monk!

You again?

Why are you stalking me?

Stalking you? Who do you think you are?

A girl!

Excuse me!

We haven't met, right?

Of course not!

But you're coming on to me!

Stop playing tricks.


I'm a constable, working on a case.

And you're a very skillful woman!

Don't try to flatter me.

Aren't you here to catch that fish?

Where is it?

It went upstairs.

I was chasing it, then you got in my way.

Shit! Jiaojiao must be in danger!

Jiaojiao, are you all right?

So you're a regular here.


You left this morning and you're back already!

May we expect you this evening too?

Have you seen anything strange?

Aren't you strange?

Popping in and out all day?

You think we're at a loose end here?

Who's Jiaojiao?

Oh, it's you!

When did you change your name, Nose Hair?

Nose Hair?

A threesome? That'll cost extra.

No. Listen. Extra cost?

We've never talked about money, have we?

So you're also a regular here.

If I wasn't, she wouldn't survive.

She has a huge appetite, wants everything.

And she doesn't mind who's paying.

Don't try to fool me.

Or I'll let him see how ugly you really are.


Ask her where the fish is.

She has nothing to do with the fish.

Really? Then why are you here?


Don't panic! I'm here!

Why so heavy?

Where's the fish?

What damn fish?


Save her first! The fish comes second!

Speak up! She's so delicate.

How can you let her suffer?

Nose Hair, why are you pretending to faint?

Why are you howling?

I thought you were heartbroken just now?

Officer Dao.

If you don't pull me up now, you won't be able to see me later.

I wouldn't dare come here again!

You look so different with and without make-up.

I'm finished!

Mirror! Mirror!

My face.

It'll take ages to recover.

Where did this painting come from?

Why haven't I seen it before?

Isn't it "Upstream at Qingming Festival"?

What's wrong with it?

Speak up!

I'll tell you.

The fish brought it here.

Told us to keep it for a few days.

Someone's supposed to come for it.


Someone important.

That's all I know.

I really don't know anything.

What do you want?


Then I'll take the painting with me.


If you take it, I'm done for.

I'll bring it back in two hours.

Okay then, take it.

Just two hours, okay?

What's the problem?

The police should impound the evidence.

It's a trifle.

There you go. Thank you.

He's woken up. He slept for a long time.


Have you seen the people in these sketches?


You've asked me that already.

Yes, I think you're right.

Did I just fall asleep?


You dozed off while on duty.

But you've already forgotten.

Can you remember your own name?


Thank you for your custom.

As requested, 200 sesame-seed buns.

I didn't order those.

You're forgetting again?

Are you serious?

Everyone here heard you order them.

You... 35 copper coins.

That's outrageous!

You showed up earlier with your sketches.

Then you nodded off, and slept until sunset.

I'm asking you to pay for the 200 buns you ordered.

This new guy is so gullible.

What are you constables like now? Your memory is like a sieve!

How can you crack any cases?


"Upstream at Qingming Festival" is based on the actual topography of Kaifeng, the capital.

But the two huts by the river don't exist in reality.

The left side of the painting is missing.

There should be more.

Who told you to make so many copies?

You said eleven, didn't you?

Just one.

Just one, not eleven? Uh-huh.

He's looking at the fish again.

You've fallen into someone's trap.


Something's wrong.

It's a trap.

They're back, those creatures who want to crush Wuyin.

That fish wanted you to catch it.

But why?

They wanted to track us to our secret base.

I've never come across such a strong aura.

The creatures that sent the fish are very strong.

They can now sense the location of the fish.

What a coincidence!

Our earthquake sensor is showing a reading.

They're moving fast!

It's them?

We thought the fire in the sky two days ago might be related to the creatures.

But we didn't expect them to be faster than us.

We haven't located them yet.

But they've already found us.

We have one hour to move our base.

And Big Brother?

He's already on his way to Luoyang.

We need to find a way to defeat these strong enemies.

Although we followed the Qimen coordinates and found the powerful Dunjia device, great powers are required to activate the Dunjia device.

So our late leader ordered Second Brother to continue his search for the right person to find and open the Dunjia device.

However, there's no news from him yet.

It seems that we Wuyin Clan are no match for the creatures.

So, we need to find Great Fortune-teller, the master of weaponry.

In a Luoyang teahouse, he got a box inscribed with the names of weapons.

It was the divine instrument of legend, the Destroyer of Worlds.

It might help us fight our enemies here.

This secret must remain secure.

So we must use codes.

Pangolin, Ghost, Goldfinger.

Head for the North-east area.

We will store our clan treasures temporarily.

At the Tenshe and Taiyin co-ordinates.

Far Sight, Sharp Ears.

Keep our communications private.

Thunderbolt, Lightning Bolt and me.

The fish stays here.

We need to divert their attention.

Sun is the mark, moon is the sign.

Cloud begets wind, thunder begets lightning.

This code is for Second Brother.


If he can find our new leader, when they return, they'll know where we are.

JINGSHI HALL THE WORLD'S FOREMOST CLINIC The coordinate above Zhifu and below Jingmen.

This is it.


We at Jingshi Hall are the foremost in Chang-an.

Come back when you have enough money.


If my calculations are correct, it's here.

APPLICATION FOR ENROLLMENT EXAM Look! A blind man has come to apply!

Hey, blind man.

Are you here for the exam?

Don't waste time looking around.

Pay first, chop-chop! Come on.

Quick! Over here! Over here.

Thank you.

What are you doing? You really can't see, can you?

Excuse me.

Is this where I apply for the exam?

What do you think?

Why else are you here?

I've come to study medicine.

But you're as blind as a bat!

How can you study medicine?

That's what they all said.

But so what?

No harm in trying, is there?

Try what? Do you know scope of the exam?

It's just an exam, right?

By the way, I'm familiar with the "Materia Medicum", "Principles and Species of Roots and Herbs", "Theory of Meridians and Channels", "Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon", "Yellow Emperor's Outer Cannon", "Four Medical Tantras", "On Typhoid Fever", "Views on Extending Medical Knowledge", "The Treatise on the Spleen and Stomach", "Priceless Prescriptions", and the "Taiping Holy Prescriptions for Universal Relief" canon.

I've memorized them all.

And I've recently written four books on the medical sciences.

I'm now working on making pills from medicinal soups.

In that case, brother, what is your name?

My goodness!

I say, Director, do you accept blind pupils?

If you believe all he says, you're as blind as he is!


Look at his name!


Zhuge Qing.

He's a Zhuge! Right!

Everyone in Chang-an knows the Zhuge family are our sworn enemies.

They're known for sending people to our clinic to steal our knowledge.

Now that this Zhuge has arrived, it calls for stalling tactics.

I'll keep him here.

You find a way to deal with him.

It's impossible!

How could they send a blind man here?


It doesn't matter if they sent him or not.

We just need them to know that we'll operate on anyone named Zhuge.



What operations?

Please explain.

Maybe I can give you advice.

Good, those beside you are the senior doctors specializing in limb and organ transplants.

We're assembling a human from the parts of others to see what the results will be.

That's a pointless exercise.

I know a lot about that.


I've made this case study.

It's upside-down!

The woman you see here didn't have the strength to truss a chicken.

After I operated on her, not only could she do housework with one hand, but also lift ten men with the other!

And look at this man.

That's a drawing, it proves nothing.

The man has four legs!

Does he even look human?

You're having us on.

And these guys look like senior doctors?

He's not blind!

Take off his dark glasses.

Let's continue.

Stick to the point.

Can you really transform people like that?

I've never failed.

Ask a teacher to volunteer and I'll show you.

And if you fail?

If I fail, bury him and call the police to arrest me.

Do you know why this place is called Jingshi Hall?

They say it's because your clinic has patients with many weird illnesses.

If you can cure just one of them, I'll take you as a student.

You'll be officially enrolled.

Wonderful! Principal.

That's more than reasonable.

But if you should fail, I will do the transplant experiment on you.

Please give me a patient.

RECORD OF THE INCURABLES Choose one yourself.

Where's the room with the patients?

Are we there yet?

He can't see a thing.

How can he choose a patient?

Mind the wall!

Which room do you want?

Straight ahead.

Mind the steps down.

We're there.

Out of the way!

Here, take the key.

Go on in.

Poor guy.

Why did he choose that room?

Nobody who's gone in there has ever come out alive!

Nobody has ever seen her as a patient.

Even food servers won't go in there.

Who are you looking for?

There's no one else here.

So I must be looking for you.


There's nothing here for you.

Sit wherever you like.

Did you come here yourself or did someone send you here?

Who are you?

I'm a doctor.

I'm here to treat you.

You don't look sick at all.

You're so hungry!

I can smell the food.

So I've probably found the right person.

Who are you looking for?

Someone very important.

That can't be me.

I'll know once you've eaten this.

If you're really the one, I'll get you out of here.


And here's some pickled chili.

My name is Zhuge.

What about you? What's your name?

What should I call you?

Whatever you like.

I have no name.

No family.

I see that on your arm there's a little red circle.

So I'll call you Circle.


Is that a name?

It is now.


So cute.

Take your time.

I can tell that you're not sick at all.

I'll take you out once you've finished eating.

Really? For sure.

KAIFENG CITY Look at this calligraphy piece.

Why are there so many earthworms?

Oh no!


Look, the Temple of Ancestors.

Their target is the Temple instead of us.

Damn them, they've hurt so many people!

I think they're looking for something underground.

Let's get down there before they do.

There's someone buried here. Come and help.

Xiao Han!

Over here!


Quick! Look at this!

Can you see someone over there?


Is the pillar below broken?

It's going to collapse. Let's go around it.

Brother Xiang.

We need to check if anyone's there.


You go in first to check.

I'll send people to back you up in a bit.

Anyone in there?

Brother, do you think there's any good stuff down there?

He's a very serious kid.

Let him go alone.

Anyone there?

He's the constable who ate 200 buns.

Let him be.

Anyone there?

What's this?

Qibu, do you know?

Show up!

It's an attack formation.

Who were those people?

There's the mark of our Wuyin Clan on the chain.

So you think those were members of our clan?

The unusual movement of the iron ball must be related to the earthquake.

The creature trapped inside the ball must have sensed something.

After all these years, it's still strong enough to survive captivity.

This guy fell and landed here.

Leave him. Let's deal with the ball first.

Should we knock him out?


No need. We'll deal with him later.

Who on earth are you people?

It's coming!

The aura is palpable!

Is that it?

It's come to release the creature inside the ball.

We can't let it get out alive.

Here, water.

Make way!

You and I have to become one body.

Become one body?

So will your body be discarded?

Or will it be mine?

Do you know how many people I've killed?

Many more than these few here.

To handle this scum, I am all that's needed.

They are so naive.

They'll fight each other even for small benefits.

I pretended to be imprisoned in the ball, just to let them start killing themselves.

So, you're saying I've wasted my time rescuing you!

My immense powers are not limited to my body.

They're also in the Destroyer of Worlds!

Follow me.


We're hiding right beside the police headquarters.

The creatures won't expect that, right?

Who knows?

Those creatures could be hiding everywhere.

Are you sure they're not in the police station?

You're right.

Sister is here! Let's go.

Someone's injured.

It's him!

He's still bleeding.

Use the wound medicine.

How did this detective end up in this state?

We ran into one of the creatures.

He was badly injured trying to save us.

Third Sister, Second Brother is back.

Let him do it.

I'm back!

You're back.

Wait a moment.

What's up here?

You're injured?

Who is he?

He's in the worse shape. Treat him first.

Have you found our new leader?

Yes, here. Where?

Have you forgotten the Three Nevers and Four Don'ts?

Three Nevers and Four Don'ts?

Three Nevers. Never be clingy.

Never be talkative, Never lose your temper.

Four Don'ts.

Don't show off. Don't forget to take your medicine.

Don't betray confidences.

Don't... don't... don't squander money.

Don't squander money.


Is she really our...


That's right.

She's our new... leader.


Say what?




I can tell you, I have more grievances than I can count.

Before I lose it completely, you'd better explain.


I'll try to explain.

I... went into the incurables area.

And scary things began to happen.

Don't touch me!

Why are we hugging each other?


It's like this, actually...

No-one has ever hugged me.

I like it.

Can we keep doing it?


You were sent out to find our new leader.

And what have you come back with?

She's one of the creatures!

Zhuge, you've made a big mistake.

Fine. Let's take a look.



That really is the mark of the leader.

I'm the one you're looking for, aren't I?


How did you get that mark?

I don't know. Why were you at Jingshi Hall?

I don't know.

I've asked her all this.

She can't remember anything.

Who are your family?

Where are they?

He's my family.

It feels so good. Feels so good.

This 'Circle' is pretending to be stupid, hiding her identity.

She clings to us as if we're connected.

I think it's inappropriate.


Very inappropriate.

What about him?

He's badly injured.

Just ditch him here?

Return him to the police.

He's badly hurt, and he saved us.

Occupational injury!

Back at the police station he can convalesce on full pay!

And this stupid girl from nowhere, she can go back where she came from.

Circle has the mark of the leader on her.

It's quite different.

She's not "from nowhere".

Zhuge has his reasons.

And it's chaos out there!

She's just a girl. Where can she go?

I'm not going anywhere.

All right, you can stay.


Tie her up!

You know, Third Sister seems to ignore trifling matters in normal times.

But she's actually very careful about details.

In fact, I don't think Circle is pretending to be stupid.

I think she really is stupid.

Maybe she really is our new leader.

But maybe Second Brother brought her here just to make us feel better?

That wouldn't be a bad thing.

It's like the sun shines in here, while it pours down outside.

No arm, no leg, what kind of constable are you?

Go back home! Get out!

How can we take care of him?

The Wuyin Clan has its secrets.

I know our house rules.

Bring him along.

Let him go when he's recovered.

No worries.

I've already deleted his memory.

I understand.

If it weren't for him, we wouldn't be seeing each other now.

Dragonfly, I have a gift for you.

Today is your birthday.

Another dragonfly hairpin?

My name may be Dragonfly, but I have enough "dragonfly" gifts.

Aren't you a fortune teller?

Can't you tell what I really want?

There's nothing under heaven that I can't foretell.

But when it comes to us, I've never dared to discover what's coming.

What if it's something bad?

Let nature take its course.

As you know, our house rules state that if fellow disciples fall in love, they must be punished.

So this hairpin demands a slap.

Sister, feel free.

All right. Now it's my turn.

Why? You showed emotion.

You blushed when I gave you the gift.

By our house rules, you're in line for punishment too.

Okay, I admit it!

Go ahead! As hard as you like.

Speaking of house rules. You and that woman "Circle" are hugging each other all the time.

So she should also be punished.

That's a matter for further investigation.


Then let's find Big Brother right away.

He'll confirm if she's our new leader or not.


Brother Zhuge.

You've got new clothes.

Another threesome?

What tickles your fancy this time?

You're so intimate with him.

You clearly know her well.

Are you kidding?

You think I'm so easy?

Do you have any idea what she really looks like?

You think I could get off with her?

Why do all the women here have bruised eyes?

Blood on their lips too!

Were they hurt?

Were they hurt?

Wearing make-up is not getting hurt!

Why do they paint their faces like that?

To make men like them.

Big Brother says he'll use her to speak to us.

That's Big Brother's voice!

Mankind doesn't know this, but alien creatures are among us.

They don't usually trouble us.

But lately, something has changed.

Something ordered that fish to pass that painting to Nose Hair.

The final intended recipient remains unknown.

The Destroyer of Worlds was found in Luoyang.

Five clan leaders will be needed to activate it.

This is no coincidence.

The painting and the device are connected.

The situation is critical.

We'll need our new leader to deal with it.

We must meet soon to make a plan.

This ends my message.

Big Brother's message has ended.

It will be deleted automatically in three seconds.



Why do you always channel stuff through her?

Even Big Brother does it!

Leaving us such important message through her.

Because messages have to be transmitted accurately.

She even gets his facial expressions! She's the best.


We're off to Luoyang to find Big Brother.

But this constable has to come too.

And the creature.

Isn't that crazy?

What goes in this big box?

For safety's sake, you have to hide inside it.

What about the others?

Don't they need to hide too?

Why only me?

They have to hit the road.

They don't have your special privileges.

This letter outlines your confidential assignment.

It's from your superior at the police station.

When you get to Luoyang, you must hand it to "No Name".

No address provided, you figure it out yourself.

When did this happen to me?

How did you people come to know me?

Why didn't my superior brief me about this in person?

The police station is full of spies.

Hence the special arrangement.

There's a police seal on the letter.

See for yourself.

You were injured in the line of duty.

Very admirable.

They supplied you with this metal crutch.

And a couple of other things too.

Good fit!

Don't show off. Use the crutch!

Where's my blade?

What are you up to?


Where did you get that make-up?

Look at your face!

I found it in the wagon.

Lots of women paint their faces like this. I've seen it.

They say it makes people like them.

Are you okay with my injuries?

I'm fine.

You look good.

It's beautiful!

How about me?

Would you admire me more if there was more blood?

No need. We have to go.

They admire you so much.

I'm in full agreement with you.

You know what I'm thinking?

I'm hoping she isn't the real leader.

If she is, we're done for.


CHAPTER 4: FIVE CLAN LEADERS, ONE DEVICE The leaders of five clans have all come!

You're so punctual.

The legendary greatest marvel of all time, the Destroyer of Worlds, is right beside me.

Please show yourselves.

The Tang Clan.

The Diancang Clan.

The Seven-color Hell.

The Kunlun Clan.

The Beggar Gang.

Stop nagging!

It's just the five of us.

Show us that damn toy!

Let's see if it is fun to play with it.

It is rumored to be a device with limitless power.

Strong enough to overturn the seas and crush the mountains.

We'll see if this is true or not.

But why such a powerful device was sent to me and who did it is still a mystery.

So everyone here better be careful with it.

It's empty!

It's merely a rumor.

It has been in your care.

Weren't you aware that someone switched it?

This is an omnipotent device.

It must contain some hidden mystery.

Great Fortune-teller.

Allow me to see.

Let me try with our Tang Clan's Star Codes.

Let him do it.

So this is the Destroyer of Worlds?

Vaporizing to an orb when the destroyer device is sought.

It's one of our Diancang codes.

So the orb is just one part of the device.

Allow me.

Dark clouds presage rain.

The door to hell opens.

Lord of Hell, may I also take a look?

Eight arms molding the heavens.

Dragon swells the sea.

Kunlun Clan's Fiery Palm!


Do the powers of the five clan leaders need to be combined to activate the device?


So each of us has some connection with it.

Except for the leader of the Diancang Clan.

He hasn't done anything!

We Diancang Clan have codes for this device, so only we could make use of it.

Give it to me!


Your aura is familiar to me.

It's the same as that fish.

So you and the fish are traps!

Who sent you here?

What's the purpose?

You are not Great Fortune-teller!

You're from the Wuyin Clan!

You're right.

He wouldn't belong here.

So I'm representing him to meet you.

The Wuyin Clan style!

Zhifu! Tengshe! Taiyin!

Liuhe! Gouchen!

The sky above, the earth below!

You are not the leader of the Diancang Clan.

You are an alien creature!

Where is the clan leader?

I got rid of him already.

Can't you see?

As for how they join us, these are the men I enslaved.

To help them attain the highest level of martial arts skills, I have fed them strange flowers and essence of toad!

Their skills are now great.

But from here on in, they must obey my commands in every move they make!

Eight-armed Ape!

Who are you?

So this is your plan.

To make the clan leaders your slaves.

Eight-armed Ape.

Use your Eight-armed palm power to slay Great Fortune-teller!

Lord of Hell.

Soul-sapping Palm!

Unguided Flying Rings!

Fiery Palm!

That Destroyer of Worlds.

I made it to serve my plan.

Give me back the orb!

A new power has joined the Wuyin Clan.

It might help them open the Dunjia device.

You fear that my power isn't mighty enough.

So you want to use this device to fight the Wuyin Clan.

So what?

I won't give it to you.

I can send these clan leaders to locate their source of new power and finish off the Wuyin Clan!

White Tiger!

Red Eye!

The sandstorm is getting worse!

It's impossible to know our direction!

What shall we do? Keep going.

Legend has it there's a ship in this desert that can shelter us from the storm.

What place is that?

The Nether Mansion.

Where is it?

Follow me!

NETHER MANSION This is the Nether Mansion of legend.

What's in there?

Don't know, it's been derelict for years.

We can't go on under this weather.

Let's take shelter here. Go in.

Stay wary, the creatures could attack at any time.

This place must have once been home to a great clan.


Big Ox dropped you hard just now.

Are you hurt? No.

We haven't hugged for ages.

Let's hug later, I brought some food for you.

I can smell it.

Tell me, why do they keep talking about a leader and about the Big Brother of the Wuyin Clan?

Who are these people?

How do you know all that?

I'm telling you, I can hear everything they say about me behind my back.


Dragging someone so useless along for the ride.

I'm leaving her behind tomorrow.

Then we can race into Luoyang on horseback!

Talking about me?

You think too much.

Can you help me by listening to what Dragonfly and Dao are saying?

I'm going to Luoyang on a secret mission.

What about you?

Are you going just to protect that girl called "Circle"?

Are you taking her somewhere?

If only it were that easy.

We're destined to be stuck with her.

Thank you.

You don't speak ill of me.

And you stand up for me.

If you weren't here, they'd treat me worse than those people at Jingshi Hall did.

No way.

You're the kindest man in the world.

Without you, I wouldn't know how to handle all this.

All right.

How many slaps does that warrant?

Circle, I have to explain.

We don't know how they began, but the Wuyin Clan follows certain house rules.

We cannot...

I know.

Anyone who develops feelings for someone gets slapped.

I've heard it all.

Brother Zhuge, I'd even give my life for you.

A slap here or there is nothing.

Slap me as hard as you can.

That will tell me how fond of me you are.

Circle. Come on, ten slaps at least.

Good! Ten!

Right now!

Come on.

Come on.

If you don't do it, that will mean you have feelings for her too.

Then you'd have to slap him ten times too.

Brother Zhuge, I don't mind going first.

How many slaps do you want?

The more the better, right?


You've caught on fast to our house rules.

Twenty, then.

Okay, Sixty-nine slaps.



Four. Come on, harder.

Five. Harder.


Seven. Go on.



I ask the world, what is love?

I wish someone would slap me with such enthusiasm.

Tell you what, we brothers are more than willing to make your wish come true.

For sure!

Masters, with your remarkable inner skills, one blow from you would finish me off.

How about this?

If my martial arts skills improve in time, I'll ask you to give me face.

To give me face.

Let me see.

Is she an alien creature?

Zhuge, you've made a big mistake.

Like that with an alien girl.

Who are your family? Where are they?

Wait for me here.

Don't move.

So there are alien creatures hiding here!

We barely made it out of the Temple alive last time!

Strong aura of the aliens, stay wary.

This thing came from the chest that Circle was hiding in!

Is this our leader?

Will it eat us?

Hard to say.

Your hand!

Watch out!


It's me!



It's me!


Are you all right?


It's all right now, Circle.

What happened?

Let's get going.


Just look at me.

How can I go on being a constable?

Even if I went home, that wouldn't work either.

Isn't going home a good thing?

I'd make my folks lose face.

I don't know how that feels.

I don't have "family".

If I left these people, I'd have to go back to Jingshi Hall.

You plan to leave?

I don't want to bring Zhuge more trouble.

Come on in.

It's been a rough trip, huh?


Too many people out there, all gossiping.

Better stay here, don't go outside.

I'll go downstairs and bring you a meal.

We've made it to Luoyang. I'm here to say goodbye.

I have my duties.

I'm off to look for that "No Name".

I see.

Take care.

I want to say goodbye to Circle too!


Constable Dao.

Luoyang is a big city. It's not easy to find someone.

We will stay here for two days.

Come back if you need us.

Go on in.


In Jingshi Hall, whenever I felt bored during the winters, I'd make flowers bloom.

When I did that at Nether Mansion, I heard you cry out.

It was as if you were in great pain.

Why was that? It's really weird.

It was like my bones were coming out from my wounds.

Let me see your wounds.

Boss. What can I get you?

Two bowls of roast goose and rice, to go.

You got it. Xiao Er, two roast goose rice.

What do you think? Those five clan leaders are all important guys.

But they fought tooth and nail over that Destroyer of Worlds device.

Then it turned out to be just some stupid box they were fighting over.

And no-one knows where they've gone!

Haven't you heard? The Destroyer of Worlds isn't real.

Some book writer made up the whole thing.

Just to sell more of his books!

Don't believe a word of it.


Are you okay?



I know now, doing this to me will hurt you!






I hope, from now on, Circle.

None of you will find me frightening.

I'm not your leader.

Don't waste time on me.

Your head is bleeding. You have to survive this.

This won't last long.

Circle! You shouldn't say things like that.

You can't die! Don't scare me!

I owe you so much. I'm resting, not dying.


Yes, take a rest.

That'll be twenty coins.

Take the dishes and go!

I don't want you in my sight!

It's been a while since I slapped you and my hand is getting itchy.

That constable of yours went to say goodbye to Circle.

And he hasn't been seen since then.

I'm worried for our leader's safety.

What are you implying?

Constable of mine?

Didn't you say you'd have never seen me again without his help?

Why are you being so nasty now?


Like the things you said behind Circle's back?

She found them nasty too.

She eavesdropped on me?

She doesn't need to.

If she wants to hear, she always can.


Back there, she almost killed us all.

And you're still defending her.

Defending her?

I've come close to dying twice!

What do you think I'm after?

I know, but so what?

All I see now is that you're... disgusting!

Remember how in the old days we were so happy slapping each other?

Now it's become such a sad thing.

Don't you think so?


I'll never slap you again.


Anyhow, even if you did, it wouldn't feel the same as it used to.


The new leader can change this house rule.

Big Brother!

That waiter just now!

Circle, what is it?

They're coming!

Take care, everyone!

They're coming!

Zhuge! Circle!

Zhuge, Circle says... the more powerful ones are yet to come.

Get her out of here now! All right.

Circle, come here.


Dragonfly, are you okay? Dragonfly!

That bastard poisoned me.

They're here for Circle!

Get her out of here!


Your arm.

What did you say? What...

You go!

No, no.


You're injured! Let me.

You can't beat him. Protect the others.


Don't argue!


Got you!

Let's all go.




Where's Dao?

It seems he stayed behind.


You want more?

What's wrong with my leg?

Come on.

No, I can't fight like this.

If you want to see Big Brother, follow me!

Forget it.

Get on the wagon.


Stop! That's enough!


Serves you right.


Who are you?

You never learn. Try my Fiery Palm!



Do you need to rest up?

I'll live. Don't hassle me.

Big Brother!

Since you're here to save us, why were you in disguise?

I had no choice.

I've been watching you.

Circle isn't the new leader of the Wuyin Clan.

Not only is she an alien creature herself, she's actually their most powerful tool.

Her specific task is to bring down Wuyin.

So now we should...


It's my fault. I should do it.

Because it's your fault, I won't let you do it!

You don't trust me?

It's not about trust.

I know you too well.

I'll do it.

You heard what we just said, right?

To start with, I didn't want you to be our new leader.

But now, I hope that's what you are.


I know that bringing me along was very dangerous.

You and Brother Zhuge, from here on out, you must protect the others.

Protect them well.


You don't believe me?

This guy doesn't know our codes.

Who are you?


Circle, I'll go to help him.

The two of you, get away quickly!

Another Big Brother!

He has Circle.

Protect the leader and get her out of here.

He wouldn't have come alone.

Get her away quickly.

Lord of Hell.

You've mastered the Wuyin art of disguise.

That's nothing.

What I want is that little thing's blood.

It will give me much greater powers.

Eight-armed Ape!

How dare you challenge me?

Just like you, I want the blood of that girl too.

You want to rule supreme?

You underestimate me.

I did underestimate you.

You're wounded. Your strength is ebbing away.

Eight-armed Ape!

You'll have a sorry death.

Go to hell!


I'll never forget your slaps.

Even if I die.

Big Brother's in his grasp too!

Big Brother!

You dirty water monster!

I'll kill you!

Isn't it me you want?

I'm right here.

I'll kill you!


You'll always be... the only woman in my heart.

What a pity!

Look at you.

Do you know why I can easily kill you, the three most skillful fighters of Wuyin Clan?

It's because I'm the best!








Leader Huang Chang!

Wuyin was born when the First Emperor used Qimen co-ordinates to fight his foes.

But this enemy tribe is from beyond the sky.

So we used the power of Dunjia to fight them.

After that, though, we lost the key to access Dunjia.

The aliens launched more ruthless attacks.

The Wuyin Clan is in decline.

And the aliens have enormous power.

They're capable of resurrection.

They can live for centuries.

They've been dormant on our planet, waiting for us to slowly disappear.

They want to rule the Earth and change our world.

That's why the Wuyin Clan must find a way to survive, so lives on our planet can be saved.

We've spent our whole lives searching for Dunjia only to find it hidden inside this child.

I will access the aura of Dunjia and instill her with its vigor.

If she becomes Wuyin Clan's leader, the world will definitely be safe.

We can borrow her body to reinstate Dunjia's matchless power.

That mark on her arm, I made it so that you would recognize her.






Brother Zhuge.

We haven't hugged in ages.



I'm hugging you.

I'm hugging you.

I'm hugging you.

Circle has gone.

Who can lead us now?

She opened up the power of Dunjia.

And shared all her power with us.

CIRCLE The Wuyin Clan has been cornered.

The power Circle gave us will help us to change our fortune.

There's one other thing.

What do we do about him?

If you are willing, you are welcome to join our clan.

We'll formally enroll you.

Not more slapping?


Thank you.

Thank you, brothers.

Welcome to the clan.

Thanks, Second Brother.


Give me a fierce one.


Wow! Way too fierce!


Red Eye!

The Destroyer of Worlds!


Dragonfly, stay clear!


It's "Upstream at Qingming Festival" again.

You were right.

There was more to this painting.

The original painting is divided into "Yin" and "Yang" parts.

I found the other part in the artist's studio.

"Downstream at Qingming Festival".

Let's put the two paintings together.

Red Eye descends from the skies.

White Tiger emerges from the land.

The firmament opens.

The spiritual lord reappears.

Let's see what else there is.

The figure glowing red is Red Eye.

Her goal is to revive their spiritual lord.

Those aliens hiding on Earth want to pass the painting to Red Eye.

If their spiritual lord were to come back, we wouldn't have the power to fight them off.

Leader, can you ascertain where their spiritual lord is buried?

The painting tells us...

at Pangu Mausoleum.

Pangu Mausoleum?

I'll go there right now.

No, Big Brother, you must stay here to guard the base.

As the new leader, I should set an example and go there myself. No way!

It's a dangerous journey.

The leader shouldn't go alone.

Of course I won't go alone.

I need your knowledge of the jianghu.

You should accompany me.

One man and one woman, that's not appropriate.

Leader, I'll go too.

That will solve the problem.

That's right! Dragonfly has proven herself in the field.

If you go, I'll feel secure.

So Zhuge and I won't be overstressed.

We'll stay here.

Sister Dragonfly, please choose some brothers and lead this difficult expedition.


The others don't have magical skills.

It'll be too dangerous.

Leader, I strongly request that I be sent along with Sister.

That way, I can build up my combat skills as I go.

If just the two of you go, won't it be a little lightweight?

You won't be alert enough.

It's safer if I go.

Didn't you say you'd protect me?

That's right, no need for you to go.

Protect the leader.

You brothers and sisters with magical powers.

Could you please give a little chance to those of us with lesser powers?

This guy who lost an arm and a leg picked up magical powers after the leader healed him.

Not to mention Big Bro and Third Sister.

All we're asking for is one little chance to sustain a serious injury.


We can even die!