Quartier lointain (2010) Script

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I had no inkling of the strange adventure that awaited me.

It was a day like any other.

Where are you going? To the comics fair.

When will you be back?

Tomorrow. Not too late, I want a family dinner.

Yes? Hello… Yes, I see… Here. Bye, girls.

Bye. Dad.

Thanks. Hurry up.

Hello, sir. Hello.

Have you brought out a new album? No.

This is the last one, from 2 years ago.

Have you stopped? No. Well, yes.

I'm looking for a new story.

With Agatha Hayes? No… something more personal.

What will it be?

I don't know yet.

Pity. Agatha Hayes is great.

Ticket, please.


I forgot to punch it.

You should say so before you get on board.

You're on the wrong train.

Isn't this the Paris train? No.

Can I go back from the next station?

I think you'd better.

Excuse me.

When's the next train for Paris? 5:20 p.m.

This is Catherine Verniaz.

Leave me a kind message and I'll want to ring you back.

It was the town where I grew up.

I hadn't been back there in ages.

Thomas Verniaz?


What brings you here?

Pure chance. A problem with my train, so I thought…

How long has it been?

Since your mother's funeral.

You've hardly changed.

What do you do for a living?


So, you're a star?

That's going too far.

Even back in school you were always doodling.

I ended up taking over my father's garage.

I really messed up at school.

How's your father? Ups and downs.

You know what they're like at that age.

I'd like to see my house.

You'll be disappointed.

I warned you it was neglected.

After your father, there was a hi-fi shop, then I don't know what.

Did you see him again, in the end?

No, never.

Did you ever find out what happened?

He left on your birthday, didn't he?

No, it was his birthday.

I thought…

We were going to have a family dinner.

He went out to buy some bread and…

Strange, huh? Right.

Fancy a drink? No, thanks.

I'm going to the graveyard before my train leaves.


I'm glad I saw you. Me too.

Catch you next time… in 20 years!

My childhood neighbourhood had disappeared, lost in the far reaches of my memory.

"To our Mother"

I always wondered if it was disease or sorrow that killed my mother.

She never saw my father again.

He disappeared overnight, without a trace.

Verniaz, what's going on?

There you are. Where've you been? Dad?

Got something to ask me?

Come on, give me a hand.

Put that there.

What's wrong?

Another headache?

On top form.

Did you bring it? What?

The ham. I told you to go to the butcher's.

I forgot.

So where were you?

Where was I?

Never mind, I'll do mashed potatoes with eggs.

Give me a kiss? What for?

Imagine I disappeared tomorrow.

Are you crying? What's wrong?

Boys your age don't cry. Sit down.

Tomato looks all soft. It's just that… it looks so real, as if it wasn't a dream.

Don't be silly. Come and sit down.

Here. Thank you.

Protected by his team, Felice Gimondi only has to worry about a fall in this last section of the Tour of Italy…

"June 12, 1967"

Mum? Dad's birthday… his 40th, it was on June 5th, right? Yes, why?

But it's already the 12th. Really?

He didn't go. What?


I truly thought it was a dream. And I liked it.

I was fourteen again, but Dad hadn't left us this time.

You're wearing your old pyjamas. Yes, I like them.

Sleep tight.

Good night, my darling. Good night, Mum.

Tomato, tell me the end of the story? What story?

The one you started yesterday, with the rhino-ferocious.

No, not tonight, I'm tired, Ninine.

Go on, off to sleep.

I'm glad to see you, too.

But tomorrow, I'll wake up… in my bed.

Not this one, the other.

And you'll be gone.

Thomas… wake up.


You frightened me.

Did you forget your alarm? Hurry up or you'll be late.

For what? School!

I didn't get it. If it wasn't a dream, what was it?

Where's Dad? Where do you think?

In his workshop. Get up!

Wait, here's your dinner money. 500 francs.

You should say 5 francs, you're out of date.

Want to hold hands?

You said you didn't want to anymore.

Want to what? Hold my hand in public.

Ah, who cares? Yes, who cares!

Come on, it's not a film for kids.

Thanks! See you later.

Verniaz! Wait.

Rousseau! You haven't done your homework.

What homework? Latin.

You can copy mine. Great.

Bargemont? Present.

Bouillier? Present.

Chabrot? Present.

Godin? Present.

They were so young.

Much younger than my memory of them.

Even the teachers were younger than me.

Dreaming again, Verniaz?

I don't know.

Think it's funny, do you? No, sir.

Stand up!


Silence! Take out your essay books.

Write the date.

Chabrot! I didn't do anything, sir.

Seneca answers his detractors:

17 A.

Si quis itaque es istis, comma… qui philosofiam quolatrant, comma… quod solent dixerit…

Isn't that Sylvie Dumontel? As if you didn't know.

I never dared speak to her. No boy does.

Coming to my place?

Yes, let's go.

She had been my first love, from a distance and in secret.

Hello, Nelly. Hello.

Where's Mum? Upstairs.

Hello, Thomas. Had your hair cut?

I don't think so.

Really? You look different.

Would you like a drink? Schweppes, please.


Here. Thanks.

She's still asleep.

This late? She worked all night.

When I left for school, she was tidying up the crates.


This is a collector's item! A what?

Er, very rare. You can have it if you like.

Thanks. Not for me, thanks.

D'you think time travel is possible? Yeah, in books.

It's strange, but… since yesterday, I feel like I'm 14 again.

That's stupid.

How can you be 14 again, when you're 14 now?


It'd be a different time, parallel, or a different dimension.

You should write books.

Take a look at this.

See this chick? Yes. I've seen plenty.

Yeah, right. Virgin.

Shall we…?

I did that with you?

I'm going home. Already?

I want to see my parents. Nelly's right, you've changed.

And it's not your hair. No, it's my age.



That's where you were?

It happens to us all. What's wrong?


Imagine a saber slices a man in two: that's Berlin.

Each half realises it needs the other as if another wall, invisible, had cut through lovers, friendships, families.

Look at this mother and daughter… It's awful. All those families split up.

I can't forget what we owe the Russians.

You'll see, the Berlin Wall will fall and Germany will be reunited.

Could you go to Granny Yvette's?

She's alive?

I mean happy?

Granny Yvette?

I didn't expect to see you. Me neither.

It's been a while. Didn't I see you Sunday?

Here's your medicine. Thank you.

Shouldn't you be at school? No, it's Thursday.

Well, come and eat with me, I'll set an extra plate.

Is that you, the bride?

It was a long time ago.

Is that you in the canoe, too? No.

That's you.

Who's that? Your parents, don't you see?

Yes, but who's he?

Ah, him.

All that's ancient history.

Ever since he was tiny, your father had a friend, Robert, from round here. They were inseparable.

During the war, they joined the Resistance.

They took people across the mountain.

In Switzerland, Robert met his fiancée, Anna. Your mother… she who would become your mother.

Wasn't she engaged to Dad? Not at first.

You didn't know?

No, he never told me.

Returning from a mission one night, they met up with a patrol.

Your father got away, but Robert was caught, then shot.

It was hard on your father, at first.

He wondered: "Why him, not me?"

When the war ended, your father did the right thing.

He married his friend's fiancée.

Losing their friend brought them together.

Good night, Dad.

Good night.

Five minutes.


Do you do maths in your art class?

Not interested in my little algebra problem?

I don't remember how to do it.

It's the end of the year, wake up! Show me that.

It's personal. Give me that notebook.

Well, well. Looks like Miss Dumontel.

It's none of your business.

Don't be impertinent. Stand up!

You're the one making misplaced insinuations.

Enough! Go and see the headmaster.

Watch out, or you'll get expelled.


What's with you these days?

Wow, what a bike! From your Dad?

No, it's in for repairs. Jeez, you're lucky.

Hey, guys, she's watching us.

She always cuts us dead, we should open a mortician's.

Which of you is Thomas Verniaz?


Seems I'm a model for a great artist.

Not really a great artist.

Can I see it?


I had no idea how long this second childhood would last, but I felt good.

I should've given my girls a dog.

They'd have loved you.

If they actually exist.

No, stop, please.

I don't want to.

Let go of me! Corinne, calm down.

Corinne, stop it.

It's just a nightmare, a bad dream.

Go back to sleep.

There, go to sleep.

Since I had returned to my past here, maybe I could leave it the same way.

Bruno, telephone!

Who is it? A woman.

She didn't give her name.

Hello? Yes.

No, hold on a moment.

I'll take care of it. Don't worry.

I didn't know what I was looking for.

But that phone call aroused my anxiety.

Dad, can I come fishing with you?

You'll get bored sitting there, without making a noise.

No, I'll be good, I promise.

Go on, just this once.


Dad… are you happy?

Do you like your job?

You're not listening.

Yes, I am.

I didn't really choose my job.

Times were hard after the war. I took over your great uncle's shop.

Did you know about dressmaking?

I learned.

Actually, it's not bad.

Altering clothes is like giving them a new life.

Would you like a new life?

You're not very chatty.

Dad, imagine… What's with all the questions?

Did you never talk to your dad?


Why not?

I don't know, I didn't know him well.

He left too soon.

He left?

He died.

If you could see him again, what would you say?

Imagine that… Sh… … one day you could… You're scaring the fish.

You're not fishing right now. No.

You come here every Sunday.


Stop it.



I wanted to talk to you. Will you walk with me?

Sylvie Dumontel wanted to speak to me, I tingled like a teenager.

Would you teach me?

Teach you what?

How to draw because I want to become a stylist.

In fashion? Yes, in Paris or London.

In Carnaby Street? How do you know that?

Dad's involved in fashion. Really?

Just a little bit.

Will you go into fashion too?

No, I'm going to do comics.

I'll have a big hit with a character based on you.

On me? Yes.

But I'll only realise later.

Much later.

Three days ago, to be precise.

What's wrong?

I don't know. I feel like I've been here before.

OK then, goodbye. Bye.

Wanna dance? Come on.

I want to be a dancer when I grow up.

When you grow up, you'll be a teacher and you'll love it.

I'll be a dancer, for sure.

You're right, you'll be a great dancer. Thomas, tomorrow… Mum, d'you want to dance? Come on.

Where did you learn to dance like that? And you?

What's all the racket?

Come and dance with Mum.

I can't dance. Go on, Dad.




What's wrong? Are you OK?

I was having a scary dream.

I was falling and falling, high up in the sky.

Is it possible to go to the moon?

Tintin did!

But not for real.

It soon will be real.

I'll tell you a secret, but you mustn't tell anyone.

It'll be on July 20th, 1969.

Is this a joke, Tomato?

No, it'll even be on TV.

Mum will wake us up to watch the first man on the moon.

Dad'll never let us watch TV in the middle of the night.

He might not be there.

Where will he be?

He'll be… walking on the moon!

Good night.

Dad walks on the moon… Coming to my place? I can't.

Got a date with your girlfriend? She's not my girlfriend.

You're no fun since you fell in love.


They're so stupid. They're just young.

Goodbye, madam. Thank you, doctor.

Ah, young Verniaz. Did we have an appointment?

I'm waiting for your daughter.

Are you feeling better?

If you get more headaches, you should come and see me, OK?

Yes, doctor. Your friend's waiting, Sylvie.

Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks, Dad.

Make your line bolder.

It's lousy.

You can hardly make out it's a guitar.

Who cares about realism?

You have to find your style and impose your own vision.

Don't you fancy me?

Of course I do, but… But what?

You're fifteen! Am I too old for you?


Actually, I don't feel ready.

Will you tell me when you're ready?

I felt strangely guilty.

I let a teenager who could have been my daughter flirt with me… and I might cheat on my wife with her.

My wife grew up in Brittany, in St. Malo, and there couldn't be that many Barskis around.

- Hello? Is this Mrs. Barski?

Catherine's mother? - Yes.

Excuse me, could I talk to your daughter, please?

- Who's speaking? Thomas, Thomas Verniaz. - Are you a classmate?

No. - Who are you, then?

A friend. - I'll fetch her, but I'll be listening.

Hello? Catherine?

Yes. Who are you?

It's Thomas. - I don't know you.

But one day, we'll meet.

We'll be together, we'll get married.

We'll have two children, two daughters.

Good night, children.

See you tomorrow.

The reality of the adult I was, or thought I had been, was fading like a distant memory.

Wanna swim? Work on your drawing first.

I don't feel like drawing.

If you want to get qualified, you'll have to work at it.

You sound like my father.

Besides, I can't work when I'm in love.

Who are you in love with? Who?

I love you. Do you love me?

Yes. I really loved you.

You don't love me anymore? But we've only been together a week.

You're shy with girls, is that it?

Where have you been? I was at Rousseau's.

It hurts me when you lie. Philippe Rousseau rang.

He wanted to see you.

I was with a friend.

A friend? A girl.

So I gathered. Who?

I don't have to tell you my life. Besides, you wouldn't believe me.

And you?

What did you do today?

Nothing special, shopping, cleaning… Why didn't you go out for a walk?

It's not Sunday. So what?

You can go out anytime, make the most of life.

Come on, I'll take you out.

It's strange, you seem different these past few days.

Maybe you're just growing up.

Another ice cream?

I've had enough. Besides, I have to get your father's present.

Present? What present?

A telescopic fishing rod. D'you think he'll like that?

Yes, but what's it for?

For his birthday, on Sunday.

Wasn't it on June 5th? Yes.

We're celebrating again?

Thomas, you know very well… No, I don't understand.

You really don't remember? What?


Didn't we celebrate Dad's birthday?

No. Look at my present.

It's pretty. What are you getting him?

Why didn't we celebrate his birthday?

Because of your accident.

What accident?

You're joking, right? No.

Cross your heart? Yes, cross my heart.

The day before Dad's birthday, you had disappeared.

We didn't know where you were. Dad found you in the cemetery.

The cemetery? What was I doing there?

You fell off your bike and hurt your head.

Dad took you to Dr. Dumontel who said you had to rest.

And he said you could stay off school.

With all that, Dad's birthday… Poor thing, he still deserves to have his party.

I wondered if in this life, too, Dad would abandon us on his birthday.

… 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40.

You shouldn't be here.

Damn, I forgot the bread. I'll go.

No, Thomas will go.

I'll only be gone a minute.

That evening, Dad went straight to the station.

According to the police, he took the 8:45 express to Paris.

After that we lost track of him. No one ever saw him again.

Coming back to the past was no coincidence.

I was there to stop Dad from leaving.



I wanted to speak to you. Not now.

Can I come with you? No.

I really have to talk to you. Later.

Thanks. You're welcome.

Got a helmet? Yes.


You really won't tell me?

It's personal.

Whisky, please.

You're under age. No, I'm not.

Really? Go on, a whisky.

No one will know.

Thank you.

Same again, please.

Got a cigarette?

Same again.

That's it, you've had enough.


Thomas, it's time to go home, your mum will be worried.

My mother? No, my wife.

Is that so? You're married?

Married, with two kids.

Two girls.

I don't know if they love me but…

If we told him we love him, that we really care about him, perhaps he'd stay.

Where are you taking me?

I don't know yet.


He got a bit drunk, but he's better now.

Get up.

You get drunk now? Shame on you!

And you? Aren't you ashamed?

It's the first time.

You've got drunk?

That you've slapped me.

I didn't mean to.


Do you love Mum?

Of course.

Have you got problems?

What sort of problems?

Money… health, or… someone new.

Someone new?

A woman.

What're you talking about?

Are you going to leave us?

How many bottles did you drink?

Time to get up!

Feeling sick? It's just a headache.

Do you want me to ring the doctor? No. It's just a hangover.


Where's Dad? You ask me 10 times a day.

Where is he?

I don't know. With a customer.

You're Thomas.

I wanted to ask you a question.

You and er… my dad…

No, it's not that.

Your father's a friend.

I've known your father since I was a little girl.

I came to the mountains for treatment.

At the sanatorium, you know?

He lived on the neighbouring farm.

He delivered the milk.

It's amazing how much you look like him.

I'll tell him not to come anymore.

Besides, I won't be here long.


He must come.

Come here, you!

School rang. You've skipped the past 2 days.

What's happening with you?

I don't know.

I know.

Something amazing. It's normal at your age.

But you could wait for the holidays, to spend time with that girl.

Yes, Mum.

Back to school tomorrow. Promise? Promise.

You're beautiful, Mum.


I am, a little.

You must be careful.

You know what I mean?

I can't, I'm sorry.

You don't love me.

It's not that.

What, then?

You can't understand.

Don't treat me like a kid.

Listen… there's something more important.

More important? Yes!

I've got a few days to stop Dad ruining my life!

You and me can wait!

Talk to me. Aren't we friends?

'Course we are.

We don't talk like we used to. Used to?

She's all you think about.

Don't say that.

Has she left you?


No… whatever.

What's wrong then?

Nothing. Well… I think something's going to happen to me.

Something serious?

Dad's going to leave.

On a trip?

No. He'll never come back.

I know you're not asleep and that you've met her.

She's dead.

Know what she said before she died?

"I survived… but I didn't live.

Now it's too late."

… 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40!

What're you doing here?

I forgot the bread. I'll go.

No, Thomas will go.

I'll only be a minute.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you… Where's your son?

Thomas, where are you going?


What're you doing here? And you?

They're waiting for you.

How did you know I was here?

You're going to Paris.

How did you know?

I just do.

Tell your mother… What?

I've left money in the wardrobe. She knows where.

Mum'll never get over it.

After you left, it was very hard on her.

She tried to run the shop, but it didn't work.

She had to get little jobs, just to feed us.

She never stopped waiting for you.

She died so young.

What are you talking about?

We won't make it.

You can't do this.

I've always done the right thing, but I've never chosen anything in my life.

Aren't we your life?

I have to try before it's too late for me, too.

Perhaps you'll understand when you're my age.

You leave, just like that, without a word?

Do you realise that?

And where's your dad, on his birthday?

I was with him.


At the station, he's gone.


I tried to stop him, but…

I knew this would happen some day.

Don't worry, he'll be back.

Men sometimes need to… Mum, he won't come back.

Believe me.

How would you know?

Listen, don't let it get you down this time.

Think about your life.

You're young.

Promise me you won't wait for him.

Promise you won't wait for him!

Ticket, please.


There's been a mistake.

Isn't this the fast train to Paris? Wrong wagon.

It doesn't matter.

To My Father