Quicksilver (1986) Script

The market is higher with the Dow-Jones industrials up one and a half points.

On the commodities market, grain closed higher with November fixings at .03.

Three dollars and seventy-five cents.

That's down 25 cents from yesterday's close.

London silver is up one cent to 6.08 cents, and the dollar...

Hey, hey! See that guy up there?

Here's $50 if you can beat him past the station.

All right, let's go, let's go!

%% I've been watching as days go by %%

Look at this guy go! %% I'm counting the time %%

%% now I'm takin' another Chance %%

%% putting me on the line %%

%% but there's nothing at all %% all right, that's it.

%% nothing at all in my way %%

%% hey %%

%% nothing at all nothing at all %%

%% like I say %% hey, look out!

%% yeah, nothing at all nothing at all %%

Yo, look at this guy!

Damn! %% nothing at all %%

%% nothing at all in my way %%

%% nothing at all nothing at all %%

%% like I say %% we got him, we got him!

%% nothing at all %%

%% nothing at all %%

Thanks a lot. I'm gonna walk.

Listen, I've got an hour, m-maybe... maybe two.

I'm gonna sell every option I can get, steal or invent.

I don't know, Jack. I'm scared.

Yeah, I got it covered. Be sure, okay?

Okay. Relax, man. All right. I'll see you over there.


Hey, Jack, what are you doing?

I've got these 30s at three dollars!

I'll accept these 30s at two and three quarters.

Buy 250, two and three quarters.

Sold! Sold! Sold!

Sold at two and a half! Sold! Sold!

Three hundred fifty... three hundred seventy dollars.

We had it split for 300! Sold!

Don't worry! Hey, Jack, what are you doin'?

I know what I'm doin'. I know what I'm doin'.

Sold at a quarter. Cancel my bid!

Sold at a quarter!

Sold at a quarter. Hey, where is everybody?

Where are my buyers? This is it. This is it.

Sold at a quarter.

What's goin' on? quarter bid. Buy 20!

You got it. You got it.

What are you doin'? Too low. Too low. Cancel my stock.

Did you see the way they were buyin'?

Relax, Gabe. The market doesn't close for another hour. Excuse me, guys.

Say, Jack, if Semco moves one goddamn point up, It's four million in margin we're liable for.

It'll slide down. What about Bressler? Didn't they position with us?

No. No? Sullivan?

It's like we got the goddamn clap all of a sudden.

Whiskey, rocks and club soda. Jack.

Hi. How ya doin'? How are you?

Well, Marcus will stand by us if we lose a point or two.

He said he's thinking about it. Semco's still trading.

He said he didn't know. He said he didn't know?

Shhh. Geez, that son of a bitch!

We started him. He owes us.

Come on. Table.

So the guy says to me, "the horse was gelded late." what do I know?

He said the horse was gelded light. I'm thinking to myself... yes?

Mr. Casey, telephone call. Thank you.

Excuse me.


Thank you.



What about Marcus?

Okay. Thank you.

Jack. Oh, God. Oh, my God.

The buyout took place. Semco just closed at 30.



What is it, son?

Uh, dad, we've, um... We've had some trouble.

See, we... we had this deal that was goin', and, uh, We were sellin' very heavily on, on, on margin.

We didn't expect this buyout to happen, Which, unfortunately, it did, and...

How bad is it, son?


I lost it all.


And you and mom... your savings.

Oh, Jesus.

Hey! We're Caseys. We can take a punch, right?

There'll be other days, son.

I was just gonna make a sandwich.

Nice, nice roast beef. Salt and pepper, mayonnaise.

Join me? No. No, I can't, thanks.

Come on. Your mother'll be right back from the beauty parlor.

She'll be mad if you leave without seeing her.

No, no, I got a taxi waitin', and I got some other people I gotta...

I got some things... I can't.

Don't you worry about us, son.

You're gonna take a minute, catch your breath, get right back.

Right? Yeah. Yeah, sure. Sure.

Won't change your mind?

No, I gotta go.

Here you go. Thanks a lot.

falcons leading six to nothing, And it's the wildcats' ball now on their own 20-yard line...

As Norm Shutter, the quarterback, spinning and handing off to carnie foster.

He's loose at the 25, 30, 35... he may go all the way.

40, 45, midfield stripe, 45, 40, 35, 30...

Carnie foster. 25, 20, 15, 10, 5...

Touchdown, wildcats.

An 80-yard run by carnie foster, and this game is all tied up, Six and six, wildcats and falcons.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hey, watch it!

what are you doin'? Hey, easy!

Son of a bitch!


See over there? That's Apache.

Before he got here, he used to work for the mayor. That's right, the mayor.

Shortstop! Get over here. I got one for you.

Seventh avenue, two together. Go, shortstop. Yes, that's right, sir.

Over there, that's France... tour de France. You know what he does? he's a ballet dancer.

Really. That's Teddy bear and airborne.

Airborne over there was gonna be the middleweight champion.

Teddy bear's just saving up to go back to college.

Educated and dedicated. They used to be college professors.

The rest of 'em around here are just come and go's.

They come, try to ride a couple of days, They can't hack it, so they go.

Come and go's.

Don't worry, I'll hack it.


They harpooned you again, peewee.

Hey, Hector, a little present for you... new pen.

So where are you from? Different places.

Oh, yeah? Like where?

Uh, Chicago, Detroit, Denver. My family, we moved around a lot.

Hmm. Yeah, my father's in the air force.

He's a jet pilot.

Yeah? No kiddin'? Yeah. He won a medal once.

Yeah, for savin' his buddies in a plane crash. They went down in the war.

His arms were all burned, and his hair too.

That's why he doesn't have eyebrows. They never grew back.

Hey, look, I'm... I'm sorry.

So, if you're gonna work here, you're gonna need some wheels.

Tell you what. Have this beauty right here.

It's in perfect shape, brand-new tires.

And for 50 bucks, I'll throw in the bag.

I don't have 50 bucks.

What do you have?

I got ten. Ten?

Five down, five a week... Till you pay me 55.

You just said 50! Yeah, but on time payments, you pay interest.

I know that much.


Ooh, man, it's a mean machine. Yo, look, don't touch.

Okay, man. I won't touch your bike.

What you doin' with these chicken bones around your neck?

Hey, man, be more respectful of your African heritage.

Youngblood, I want coffee. I want it light.

I want it sweet. Now! What you still doin' here?

Okay, okay.

Money, money, money.

He makes all that money bein' a messenger?

Yeah, well, he's not too particular what he carries...

And for who.

it's gonna be a good day today.

Spider, do me a favor. See what Murray’s got for me. Yo. I'll check.

Thank you, man. Hey, Jack, how you doin', man?

How you doin', Hector? What's new? How's Maria?

Ah, very big. She's out to here.

Doctor says no twins, but I don't know.

Six on midtown. Okay, thank you. that's Terri.

She's new today. - How you doin'?

All right, look, I gotta make the number.

Okay. I'll see you later, Jack. See ya.


Hi there. Hi. I'm busy right now.

Busy right now? Oh, really?



%% out of control %%

%% 'cause you need so much from anyone who's there %%

%% lay on your pillow with dreams %%

%% thinkin' it's that someone really cares %%

%% every night a table is turned %%

%% every time another heart starts to burn %%

%% walk the line just tryin' to find %%

%% somethin' that's real you can feel %%

%% baby, do what you want %%

%% but you can't walk away forever %%

%% just take enough it's a casual thing %%

%% you can get what you need %%

%% 'cause we got something here together %%

%% can't get too much %%

Aw, poor baby. %% it's a casual thing %%

You think you're so tough.

%% don't say you love me until you know it's really what you mean %%

%% it's such a big waste of time makin' promises %%

%% that I don't really need %%

%% if you'd known a second thought %%

%% lettin' go a victim is never caught %%

%% take it slow maybe we won't go out %%

%% with sparks in our hearts %%

%% you can do what you want %%

%% but you can't walk away forever %%

%% just take enough it's a casual thing %%

%% got to get what you need %%

%% 'cause we got somethin' here together %%

%% can't get too much it's a casual thing %%

%% ahhhh %%

Can I get anything else for you, dearie?

I had five bucks, and I don't know what I did with it.

Hey, Joey. Yeah, what is it?

Another bum. No money.

No, I did have it. I swear to God. Yeah, I've heard that before.

Where the hell did I put it?

I gave him a five, I put five in my pocket...

Hey, Pete. What's your name?

What's it to you, huh?

I just want to know who I'm loaning five bucks to.


Where you from, Terri?



Thank you.

Three. Five.

That's too much.

Five... Or get out.

Okay, we'll take 'em. Five thousand.

Come on, come on, come on. Take it.

No, I haven't seen him for a while.

Yeah, I know. It's business before pleasure, baby.

I've gotta go now. Bye. I'll catch you later.

Hey, gypsy, what's happenin'?

What is this? Huh?

You deliver short, hustle my customers for yourself?

Wait a minute. What you talkin' about? You don't work for me no more.

Go back to bumpin' envelopes.


The street is free enterprise, gypsy.

You work your side.

I work mine.

Come on, come on... come on, man!


Emilio, let me have a hot dog with everything on it...

And a vegetarian for my friend here.

It's chevere, man. Beautiful!

Look at the wheels. They're new.

Yeah, well, almost new.

And dig, man, it's got two sections.

Got your hot dogs, got your ices.

The umbrella... I'd get rid of that.

I'd put my own, you know. Thank you.

"Hector's hot dogs." uh-huh. Uh-huh.

So what do you think, man? You know what I think?

I think you're gonna get flat feet standin' in one place.

Ah, there's no future on a bike.

You fall, you get hurt, can't work, no money.

Look, I want something to look forward to.

Can't stay on a bike forever, man.

Seventh avenue, two of 'em, shortstop. Go ahead.

I'm telling you, they would never kick a door down, not my guys.

Apache, midway. Go. I'm goin'.

Whoa. Excuse me.

You dropped something.

Thanks. Okay.

hey, all right!

All right!

%% I got the thunder %%

%% it's a wonder %%

%% but I don't mind the Storm %%

%% and even lightnin' %%

%% ain't so frightenin' %%

All right! - %% 'cause you keep me so warm %%

%% you are one sunny day %%

%% you're like a breath of fresh air %%

%% you just blow clouds away %%

%% like you blow my mind %%

%% I pray you're gonna stay %%

%% and shine on me %%

%% my sunny day %%

%% hey, hey %%

All right!

%% how could you find it %%

%% that silver lining %%

%% even when the skies are grey %%

%% yeah, yeah %%

%% you're the reason %%

%% that this season %%

%% is like the first of may %%

%% you are one sunny day %%

%% you're like a breath of fresh air %%

%% you just blow clouds away %%

%% like you blow my mind %%

%% I pray you're gonna stay %%

%% and shine on me %%

%% my sunny day %%

%% you are one sunny day %%

%% you're like a breath of fresh air %%

%% you just blow clouds away %%

%% like the way you blow my mind %%

%% I pray you're gonna stay %%

%% and shine on me %%

%% my sunny day %%

Come on, fellas. Back to work.

Anyway, I see interest rates going down.

The fed is expanding the money supply, So I would move to decrease our cash position, increase stock equity.

Yeah, but not yet.

Interest rates will bump a few more points first.

I'd buy high tech... IBM, Teledyne. What?

That's what old man Anderson said.

I wasn't sure. Now I am.

Listen, Jack.

I want to be straight with you. Anderson wants to back us.

But it's you they really want. I'm just part of the package.

I mean, not that I'm not good.

I make that jerk Anderson look like a hero.

But I don't have half of what you have.

You had the touch, Jack.

Anyway, he'll back us a hundred percent.

I spoke to the lawyers, Burke and Blum. They're the best.

Two years, three years tops, we buy out Anderson's interest.

And, Jack, we'd be back in business our way.

Gabe, I'm happy for you. I am. But... I can't.

What do you mean, can't? Look, you're my friend.

The best. And I know you want it to be like it was, but it's not for me.

Not now.

You're telling me that driving a bike, delivering junk, that's for you?

I don't believe it, Jack. I don't.

If not now, Jack, when?

Gabe, don't you understand? I don't have it anymore.

I don't have the nerve.

Okay, you see, that was my...

That's what drove me.

And it went that day.

I don't know where it went, you know, but it's gone.

And, you see, now all I'm responsible for is me.

Okay? I pick up here, I deliver there. It's simple.

Nobody worries. Nobody gets hurt.

I pay my rent.

I got a couple extra bucks. If I need more, I work a few more runs.

And when I'm on the street, I feel good, man.

I feel... Good. I feel... Exhilarated.

I go as fast as I like, faster than anyone.

A street sign says "one way, east," I go west. They can't touch me.

When I'm on a bike, I forget about...

Well, I don't know. I...

Hey, no, no, no, no. No, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it.

Thanks for the coffee.

Hey, what's that mean right there, Jack?

Collateral. Right. What's "collateral" mean?

What's this? "loan application." what are you doin'?

I'm borrowing some money. Well, you know, for the cart.



So what?

So what does "collateral" mean exactly?

It means you ain't gettin' no loan.

What it means is, you've gotta have capital goods.

Capital goods? Yeah.

Something that is worth the same amount or more than the principle.

The principle is the amount of money you want to borrow. Seven grand.

Yeah, right. You got something worth $7,000?

Oh, yeah. His pretty ass on the street. let me get this straight.

You mean I gotta have something worth seven Gs if I want to borrow seven Gs?

Right. Shit, if I had something worth seven grand, What the hell would I need to ask the bank for?

Well, it's a little more complicated than that.

Don't you understand, brother, that you's a spick, a beaner?

I mean, ain't gonna be no white shirt and tie for you.

It takes it to get it. The man says, "if you don't have it, then you ain't gonna get it."

It ain't the man that steals your future. It's your bitterness.

Oh! Oh, I guess I'm just a dumb ol' uptown nigger.

I don't know nothin' about what Jack here knows, right?


Well, if that's the case, and Jack is so smart, Then what's he doin' here?

Hey... hey, voodoo, you got somethin' to say to me?

I say you full of shit, Jack.

I say he'll beat your ass on any street, any day of the week.

Oh, yeah? Well, where did you hear this? I want to know how you knew that.

Because your big mouth would catch too much wind, that's why.

All right, flyboy. money talks...

And bullshit walks.

Hey, hey, hey. Check it out. It's on the table, man.

Hey, I'll take some of that. Yeah! hey, voodoo, we down.

Hey, where are you going, Jack? Look, Hector.

This is a job, okay? It's not a game. I got deliveries to make.

Hey, but the fellas, they got the money down on you.

I got a cheese sandwich and a coffee.

You can give the change to Bernadette, all right?


Hey, watch it!

Yo! One side!


what's the matter with you?

What are you doing riding on the sidewalk? Are you crazy?

Wait a second! I gotta get this stuff picked up!

%% lately I feel like I keep losing ground %%

%% every day, running in place %%

%% tearing around on this merry-go-round %%

%% same rat race %%

%% oh, but I get so hungry to break from the pack %%

%% I'm goin' far %%

%% oh, so far %%

%% lightnin' I am lightnin' %%

%% changin' %%

%% I am trading these chains for wings %%

%% for wings %%

%% lightnin' I am lightnin' %%

%% changin' %%

%% I am trading these chains for wings %%

%% for wings %%

%% lightnin' I am lightnin' %%

%% changin' %%

%% I am trading these chains %%

%% for wings, for wings %%


I'm tellin' you, Jack, forget about it.

You're messin' in something you don't know nothin' about.

All I'm sayin' is... He could've avoided him.

He could've. I was there, man. He ran him down for nothin'.

Not just for nothin'.

Voodoo was known to carry product for some people.

Yeah, to gypsy. I don't know who.

He doesn't know who.

The brothers know who.

I don't wanna know who.

Voodoo stepped into that meat grinder because he wanted the fast money.

He volunteered.

Just be happy it wasn't a closer race...

Or there would've been two funerals.


yeah. Quicksilver.

Oh, yeah. Sure. She's still with us.

Right. Uh-huh. You got it.

Terri? What?

Terri, you got a command performance.

2829 grand.

What's a command performance? That means you did a good job.

They asked for you by name.


Come here. I can't. I'm working.

Yeah, 2829 grand. That's me. Come here.

You know where this is?


Yeah? You didn't look at the address.

21 west 88th street. Know where that is?

Yeah, it's off the park. What do you need me for? You got a car.

You wanna conduct an interview, or do you wanna work?

I was just... look, Terri.

I'll find someone else. Give it back.

No, that's all right. I'll do it. I-I'm sorry.


I'll call you from time to time.

I call... You come.


Thank you, Maria.

So? So it's all there.

All right.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You don't have the money yet.

All you got there is a neatly typed loan application.

What I got here is a Chance... a Chance at somethin' better.

Yeah, we'll see. Friday, huh?


Hey, Jack, I'm telling you, this is just the beginning.

This cart is just number one.

I'm gonna work hard. I'm gonna watch the money.

Pretty soon two, then three, then four.

Who knows? Five, six.

You're gonna see "Hector."

That's my dream.

Well, you know, Hector, sometimes things don't work out the way you plan.

I mean, they can backfire on you...

Knock you lower than where you started.

Jack, when you come from around here, ain't no place to go but up.

Jesus, man, you are one optimistic Mexican.

Listen, Hec, uh... When you go to see the loan officer on Friday, Wear something nice, like a suit.

Dress like a winner... Be a winner.


Hi, Jack. Hello, pat. I got a pickup for Macy.

Thank you.


Five, four, three, two, one.

Hey, Terri!

Hey, what the hell are you doin'? Hey, you moron!

Whoa! Ohh!

You okay? Let me see that. Yeah.

No sweat. I'm okay. Let me see it. Come on, come on, come on.


All right, uh... here, look.

Put this around... yeah.

Ju-just hold it there, okay?

So, you all right? Yeah, I'm fine.

Who's gonna fix your bike? I'll take care of it.

You know how to reset a wheel? Yeah.


You don't have a bike, you don't work.

You know? You don't work, you don't get paid.

There's no workman's comp... yeah, I don't need a lecture, okay?

I told you I'll take care of it, I'll take care of it.

Thank you very much. I appreciate what you've done. Okay?

What are you doin'? I told you I'd take care of it.

Come on, tough guy.

How come it's so empty in here?

Less to miss.

Ah! Ah, this is you, isn't it?

Hector said you were some kind of big head honcho once.

No one knew what you were, but... is that what Hector said?

Well, you know Hector. He likes... he likes myths.

What he doesn't find, he invents.

Were you?

Was I what? Were you rich?

You look like you were.

Oh, yeah? What does rich look like? suntan at Christmastime.

Yeah, always smiling 'cause there's nothin' ever to worry about.

You know, like on TV on those commercials. They're always smiling.

What happened to all of it? To all of what?

To all that money.

Nothing happened to it. The money's still there. It just belongs to somebody else now.

If I had it, I'd never lose it. No way.

You can lose anything in life.

Well... There you go.


So, you makin' any money?

I'm doing all right.

Yeah, well, the reason I ask is...

Being a messenger isn't for everybody, you know.

I'm doin' fine.


It's just that, uh...

There are other jobs that'd be a little easier on the bones...

Say, waitressing.

I don't like waiting on people. I don't like touching their food.

Look, Terri, let me try to explain this, okay?

There are people out there who use messengers...

To do their dirty work.

You know? So it's our ass instead of theirs.

You know what I'm talkin' about? Yeah, I do. It's cool.


What are you doin'?

I'm oiling my chain. Why?

Make it go faster. It does?

Yeah. Hmm.

You livin' with your folks? No, I live with a friend...

A girlfriend of mine.

Your family here in the city?


No, actually, my parents like to travel a lot.

So they're in Vegas right now. Oh, yeah? Vacation?

Uh... No. They work there.

They're singers. Huh.

I don't know if you've heard of 'em. They're pretty famous.

They open for Frank Sinatra’s act. They're very close with Frank.

No kidding.

Yeah. A lot of people don't know this, but Frank is a profoundly religious man.

I should know. He's my godfather.

Of course, I don't remember a lot of him, because, you know, I was a baby and everything.

But he sends me birthday cards and Christmas cards. He's a good man.

I know a lot of famous people. Let's see. Who do I know?

Wayne Newton, Bobby Hackett... they're all friends of my dad.

Yeah. I-I think you mean buddy Hackett.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, buddy Hackett.

I get so confused sometimes. Bobby, buddy, you know.

Yeah, yeah.

Don't they worry about you?

No, they trust me. They know I'm okay.

How'd you do that? Oh, yeah, it's magic, you know?

Unbelievable. Ladies and gentlemen, For the first time ever, a full 360...

Hi, rand. Terri, this is my friend rand.

Rand, this is Terri. Hi.

Thanks. Okay.

See you later.

How's it goin'?

So now I'm your friend. What?

That's what you said. "this is my friend rand."

Gonna screw her?

Tough day in dance city?


I don't know, man. I don't know.

I use my lock on my rear wheel, you know? So...

Listen, Jack, you're always working on that bike.

Have a look at it. Quick release, huh?

Right. Make things a lot easier on yourself. yeah... well, it's nice.

Oh, shit. oh, Jesus.

I thought I'd come by for you guys to wish me luck.

Hey, Hector, you gonna audition for the four tops? Hey, funny.

Hec, what is this? What are you doing? What? What's the matter?

The tux. Why are you wearing a tux? You told me to.

No. I told you to wear a tux?

You said, "wear somethin' nice. A suit," you said. Yeah. A suit.

So I ain't got no suit. So buy one. Borrow one.

From who? What money?

Hey, Jack look... I blow a hundred bucks on a suit, and what do I got?

A crummy suit pee-wee Herman wouldn't wear to his own funeral.

But for 40 bucks, I got the best tux Hernando had. Hernando?

Hernando. Go ahead. Feel it.

Come on. Touch it. Feel the fabric. This is linen.

This is a 250 set of threads. So many ruffles.


Did I screw up? Jack, did I do somethin' wrong? No.

No. Uh, look...

Say you came from a wedding, okay?

Say you came straight from a wedding right to the bank. Yeah, but I...

Hector, just do it, okay?


Hey, Hec...

Good luck. yeah, knock 'em dead, Hector.

Thanks, Jack. mazel tov, Hector.

Hector! All right. Go get 'em.

Come on, you son of a bitch. Move!



Hi, dad. Jackie. Here you are.

I thought maybe you got held up. No, no.

You came all the way on that thing?

Yeah, yeah. So, what's the damage here? All the way from the city?

Yeah. Why didn't you call me? I would have picked you up.

It's okay. I like to ride.

Is the alternator shot? Plymouths are a pain. Everything is ass-backwards.

Let me give you a hand. You got grease on your hands right now.

It's okay. It's all right.

Dinner's ready. Hi, mom.

Hi, Jackie. We'll be in in a minute, all right?

Well, just don't make it too long.

Mar, where's the paper?

It's right there on the chair. Oh.

So, how do you like Notre Dame?

I like Notre Dame.

That's the wall street journal.

Yeah, I know what it is.

So aren't you gonna look?

I gotta go.

Where are you going? I don't want to start anything.

What am I supposed to do to make you realize... there's nothin' to talk about.

The hell there isn't anything to talk about. There's something.

I'm your father. I say there is, damn it. You wanna talk? Let's talk, huh?

Talk about you working a double shift at the garage.

Let's talk about you fixing these junk cars in the yards on weekends, huh?

Let's talk about you and mom not being able to take a vacation.

That's not the issue. We are talking about your future.

You are smart. You have brains.

You're throwin' it away on that goddamned bicycle. What about your future, dad?

You and ma.

What... mar, what am I supposed to do to get through to that thick skull of his?

What? Just tell me, please!

Remember that day, dad? What day?

I said to you, "dad, I lost it all"? Why are we bringing this up?

You know what he says to me? "we Caseys, we can take a punch."

Right. We can take a punch. And then you wanted to make me a sandwich!

I tell you I've lost everything you and mom have...

And you're worried if I'm hungry or not.

You know, I went out to the cab and, uh, I thought about what you said.

And I guess I really...

I really wanted to believe it.

You didn't hear me come back in, did you?

You were sitting right there all slumped over...

You know, in my whole life, I never saw you cry...

Not once... until that day.

I gotta go finish Sweeney’s car.

I don't understand you, son. You make me so damn mad.

You ever try eating one of these things?

They're Terrible.

You wanna try another bank?

Ah, wouldn't do no good.

Would it?


You know, I've been on both sides.

Being a messenger is not so bad.

I ain't going back to riding no bike, Jack.

Hey, and besides, We have our own lending institutions here in the neighborhood.

Se habla Español.

No. No, th-they'll bleed you. That's crazy, man. They... they break people's legs.

Jack, you been watching too many movies. Hey, they don't do that no more.

Not all the time.

Look, I gotta get out of here.

I gotta return this monkey suit or else they're gonna stick me for another day.


Thank you.

Um, excuse me.

Hi. You're dressed up. Hi.

Yeah. I'm glad you came. Yeah. Listen, can we go now? rand? Hello. beautiful. mmm. Thank you. Hi, sweetie.

Ax and Rolf, this is Jack Casey. Hi.

Jack is a stockbroker. Really?

I was... a very successful stockbroker.

I peeked at your clippings. clippings! My God, a celebrity.

In three years on the floor, Jack grossed $30 million.

My, my. - it was some kind of record, wasn't it, Jack?

Yeah, yeah, I set another record.

I lost it all in 24 hours, right down the toilet. Excuse me.

was it something I said?

you guys go ahead. Go on.

I want you to come with us.

Come on. I want you to be their friends too.

Come on. Come with us. I can't leave it.

Leave it. It'll get ripped off.

I need my bike, you know? I'm a bicycle messenger? It's just a job.

A job for kids.

It's my life.

It's a waste of life.

Leave it.

I don't want to.

All right!

Oh, shit.

Hey. Hey, what's goin', Jack?

I'll, uh... I forgot my...

I for... I'll be back. Okay.

That'll do it for you?


Look. Even here, they check references.

Look... Hector?

Um, you know, I-I've been thinkin', and, you know...

What'd you say?

You don't need him.

Jack, come on. What are you talkin' about?

Listen, I-I've been noticing a trend in the market... the stock market...

And I... I see some leverage.

See, I was a trader. Yeah, and?

I was one of the best, and...

I could take your money in for you.

And we could lose, huh?

We could, huh? Yeah.

Yeah, you're right. It's...


But we could win, too, huh?

Right? Yeah. We could.

All right.



Siempre no. Otro día.

Gracias. 'tá bueno.

We could win.

Jesus Christ.

dropped my stuff.

What are you doin' here? Uh, could you help me out?

I, uh... I would've called you, but... I don't have a phone.

You're right.

No, I... I don't need that.


Look, I need a place to crash tonight.

It's just for tonight. I don't wanna make any waves between you and your girlfriend.

I noticed you had a big place.

I was just gonna take a space in the corner. I'll be out before you wake up.

I got kicked out of my girlfriend's apartment, so I thought that...

Uh, I guess you can sleep on the couch.

You know, there's some blankets in the chest...

Oh, no, that's okay. I brought my sleeping bag.

Where's your girlfriend?



Look, there's a pay phone on the corner, okay?

Why don't you go downstairs and call your mother and father? What?

In Vegas... isn't that where you said they were?

I don't wanna bother them.

No, wait. Uh, I'm sure if you called them, Told them you were in a jam, they'd help you out.

Parents are like that.

So? So what?

So are you going to call them?

I told you, they're busy.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, yeah, they're... they're busy in Vegas singing with Frank, right?

They're not in Vegas, are they, Terri?

Who are you, dick Tracy?

If you don't want me to stay here, just say so. I got other friends.

Aw, cut the bullshit, would you, Terri?

I-I mean, you tell Hector that you're from Chicago, That your father is some kind of a jet pilot/war hero, Then you tell me they're singin' in Vegas with Frank Sinatra?

So what is it with you? Why did you lie to me?

What about you? What are you, some big man/stockbroker...

With millions on wall street...

And pictures of expensive vacation and fancy girlfriends, huh?

Or is it Jack the bicycle messenger...

Living in some... Warehouse like a stray cat?

What about that one, huh?

You don't know what you're talking about. So do me a favor...

Call up mommy and daddy and go back to wherever you ran away from.

I wish that I could, but, uh...

There isn't gonna be anyone there to take the call.

You're supposed to have all these brains, right?

You're supposed to be really smart, huh? You're dumb.

You see, you have all these choices that you can make.

I don't have any choices.

I'm sorry that I bothered you.

Hey, hey, hey, where are you goin', hothead, huh?

Look, um, I-I thought you needed a place to stay?

So stay, all right?

I want you to stay.



Come on.

Here. Watch my bike.

Good luck.

listen, I got this Guy on the phone...

Hey, Dave.

Look, uh, could you get chip for me?

Mr. Casey. Wonderful to see you again. Yeah, good to see you too.

It's been a long time, huh? Yeah.

What can I do for you? Yeah, look, I need to get on the floor. Can you help me out?


buy! Buy!

So, what do you like today?

I'm gonna spread out, I guess. Try to build up some momentum.

I'm looking for lightning to strike.

You can make that happen, Mr. Casey. I remember.

Look, if it's okay, I'd like to handle the phones for ya. Thank you, chip, but...

No, really. I'd like to. Like old times, huh? Okay. Okay, thanks. sold! Sold! Sold!

forty-five. go higher. Go!

Forty-five's a nine.

D's 30, 35.

I've got the market... 40s at three quarters. Buy! Buy! Buy!

Twenty-five, thirty. No, no...

%% okay. Okay, mama.

Si. Si... si, ya... iya comprendo! I love you, good-bye.

Hey, Jack, it's Maria. They got her at the hospital.

My mother, she's babblin', I don't know what.

Look, I'm sorry, I gotta leave you to do this alone. %%

Look, I'm having kind of a rough time... hey... hey, hey...

What do you think, boy or a girl?

I need you to float me. The market closes in three hours.

For chrisake, let's not jump before we look.

The market's a mess. Even Marcus is holding tight.

You said to me, "if not now, when?" I know what I said! but not now.

Besides, it'll take time to put this together. Listen to me, listen to me.

I-I'm in it already, okay? I used up what I had.

I'm down but I'm not out!

Why didn't you come talk to me?

I'm talkin' to you now.

I need 15 grand. What the hell are you gonna do with 15 grand?

That's not money. That's nothing.

You wanna get back in? Let's do it right, go for it.

Back in business, you and me. We'll make a plan. Not this way. Gabe...

I don't know how I got here, okay?

But I'm here and this is it.

Right now. This is the time.

This isn't about business, is it?



I guess I got 15 grand.

I think you should know, I have nothing, okay? Just a feeling.

What are you trying to do, talk me out of it?

Ceil, I want you to put me on the floor. Open an account for Jack Casey.

Yeah, that's right... smilin' Jack Casey.

Chip? Yes?


Six and a quarter, up three eighths. 29,000 traded. How about Belltech? four and a half, up a half. That's 40,000 traded.

What do you smell?

I like zenon.

Two and three quarters, holding. Only 15,000... Jack, Jack...

It's been weak all month, and it opened down this morning. Yeah.

It's a dog. Let's see. Let's see. zenon... I'm the seller at five and three quarters.

At three quarters.

I'll buy five. Sold! Sold!

Five, Jack. I'm out. I'm out.

I'll... I'll sell the 30s in zenon at two and a half.

I'll buy 15. sold! Sold!

Why is he buying that junk?

Five eighths! Five eighths!

I'm gonna sell 'em down to two. I'll buy 20.

Sold! Sold! Sold!

Jack, I'm sorry, man. This was not the day.

Get out. Take the loss while you still got something. I'm stayin' with it.

Down to one and a quarter, Mr. Kaplan.

Get out. It's a mistake. I'm stayin' with it!

Get me out. Get me out.

Out! Out! Out! Out! Out!

Jack, it's up two.

Two and a quarter.

All right. Here we go.

Two and a half. That's right. That's right, baby. That's right.

Now we got ten and a quarter. Come on, come on.

Buyers everywhere. Bid for a thousand!

Two and three quarters, Jack. My! Oh, my!

Three. All right.

Three and a quarter. All right.

Jack, it's up to four. Okay, sell it.

What? It's on a roll. Lightning is striking twice. Nah, it already has.

Sell it out at four. You got it.

Geez, I was having such a good time, I forgot to buy in.

That leaves 38 grand for you, pal.

Listen, take a vacation. Go down to the islands, do some marlin fishing.

And then you and me, we gotta talk.

So who should I make this one out to?

Him. My father.

I thought only Jews did guilt.

You do. We do shame.

Hey. Huh? Hey.

How's mama? Mama ain't mama yet, man.

She's been in there for, like, eight hours.

Like, what time you got?

There's a clock right there. It's 9:00. Come here. Oh.

Hey, hey, it's okay. Look, I know you did your best in there.

Look, why don't you just stick around and wait for the baby?

Open it. team blue. Team blue to radiology.

Look, there's a $170 broker's fee. I deducted it.

But I saw your face this morning and you... I had a better second half.

Mr. Rodriguez?

Yes? It's a boy. Eight pounds, six ounces.

It's a boy. It's a boy!

- wonderful. - God, it's a beautiful boy.



Come here.

%% do you think I could bum a cigarette from you?

Hey, Terri.

Not for nothin'.

But what's it gonna cost you?

Get in.

I ain't workin' for you no more. Get someone else. Whoa.

I don't... Talk business in the street. Get in.

Wanna go to a little party? What do you mean, "a party"? What kind of party?

What do you care? You'll get paid for your time.

Let me out. I said, let me outta the goddamn car.

Stop this goddamn car! What the hell are you doing to me?

Stop it!

Let me out of here!

What... Is this?

I carried your shit for you, and I don't say anything, But I'm no whore.

Don't mess with me.

Please... Don't mess with me.




Okay! okay. Okay. Okay. okay. I'll go.

Hold it. Cool it! Hold it.

It's okay. You're okay. It's okay. It's okay. Okay.

you okay?

You stay with us. We won't let him get to you.

I think Apache should tail him. Keep an eye on him.

What do you think, huh?


He's comin', man. Good work, Apache.


You don't mess with her no more!

Terri, no! Come back.

Get back here. Terri!



Oh, Jack. What happened? What happened? What happened to you?

He had a gun, and he shot airborne. Who shot airborne?

The gypsy. He shot him. He just...

All right. Okay.


Let's just get outta here, okay? I just wanna go away, please? Okay?

This is what I want you to do. Take the keys.

Go inside, lock the door and don't let anybody in. You hear me?

Don't let anybody in.

What are you gonna do, huh? What?

I don't know.

I don't know. Maybe he'll follow me. Maybe I can get him away from here.

Just stay here, all right? Just stay here. hey, I'm okay. I'm okay.

I can walk.

Hi. Boy, you look great. Hi.

Thanks. Uh, how did it go? Great.

Yeah, I got a couple of real good offers. Great. That's good.

You wanna get something to eat? Oh, yeah.

Okay. How'd it go for you?

Well, uh...

I'm gonna be a paramedic.

Yeah, it's this trainee program. It's for six months.

I get to learn how to save people and I drive an ambulance. Oh, yeah?

That sounds great. A paramedic. Well, you've had experience with accidents...

I'm very serious about this. No, I think it sounds great.

So, what do you say? Pizza, Chinese, what?

Pizza. Definitely pizza. Yeah? 'cause I was thinkin' that Chinese might be good.

Yeah, well, I really wanted pizza.

Okay, that sounds good. Pizza. No, really.

We'll go for Chinese. No, pizza sounds good.

I just have a little allergy... let's not fight. wait, wait, I know the perfect place.

%% you follow me through the night %%

%% from dark until it's light %%

%% you follow me through the night, oh %%

%% I need a place to hide, baby %%

%% you follow me through the night %%

%% it ain't easy when you tell me %%

%% you're gonna be lonely %%

%% can't you see the lead you own %%

%% would be wastin' your time %%

%% gotta break it to you gently %%

%% lovin' me's a waste of time %%

%% you follow me through the night %%

%% from dark until it's light %%

%% you follow me through the night, oh %%

%% I need a place to hide, baby %%

%% you follow me through the night %%

%% you follow me through the night %%

%% from dark until it's light %%

%% you follow me, baby %%

%% you follow me through the night %%

%% from dark until it's light %%


%% lately I feel like I keep losing ground %%

%% every day, running in place %%

%% tearing around on this merry-go-round %%

%% same rat race %%

%% oh, but I get so hungry to break from the pack %%

%% I'm goin' far %%

%% oh, so far %%

%% lightnin' %%

%% I am lightnin' %%

%% changin' %%

%% I am trading these chains for wings %%

%% for wings %%

%% lightnin' %%

%% I am lightnin' %%

%% changin' %%

%% I am trading these chains for wings %%

%% for wings %%


%% I've been watching as days go by %%

%% I'm counting the time %%

%% now I'm takin' another Chance %%

%% putting me on the line %%

%% but there's nothing at all %%

%% nothing at all in my way %%

%% hey %%

%% ooh, nothing at all %%

%% nothing at all like I say %%

%% nothing at all nothing at all %%

the end...

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